120+ Natural & DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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DIY Christmas Gifts
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This year, I’ve decided to keep things simple, natural, and sustainable with natural and DIY Christmas gift ideas. That includes a few select wooden toys for the younger kids that will (hopefully) last for generations. We also focus more on experiences than material gifts (for the most part).

There are so many great gift options for DIY homemade gifts, and I hope that others will consider joining me in gift-giving this way. Below are a few of my favorite handmade gift ideas and some suggestions for some simple gift baskets. Whether it’s under the Christmas tree or as a stocking stuffer, handmade Christmas gifts are an easy way to love on your friends and family.

Why Make DIY Christmas Gifts?

Modern society is flooded with stuff everywhere. We’ve been told that piles of toys, jewelry, and other goodies from Santa are what make the holidays. Thoughtful gifts, like easy DIY projects, not only save money but are a simple way to make Christmas more special.

And if you don’t have time for homemade gifts, it’s nothing to beat yourself up over. Spending quality time with loved ones is the important thing. If you’re looking for some last-minute gifts to buy, then check out my gift-giving guide for the whole family. I’ve also got a ton of great ideas for gifts for women in this post.

I’ve divided some of the homemade Christmas gift ideas by type of person (grandparents, kids, men, etc.), so you can easily find something for everyone on your list. There’s a lot of crossover though, and some DIY projects in one category may be perfect for someone else on your list.

Christmas Decorations

While you’re making some homemade gifts, why not make your own Christmas decorations too? You can find inexpensive home decor at the local thrift store or make your own. This DIY garland is made from natural materials like pine, cranberries, and dried oranges. Or try this tutorial for a burlap garland with ribbon and twine. I’ve also made some of these burlap wreaths to decorate our front door.

And we can’t forget the Christmas cards! Every year I bribe the kids into matching outfits for our Christmas photo that goes on our annual Christmas cards. If you’re a crafter then some homemade Christmas cards are also a nice touch.

Now onto the DIY Christmas gift ideas!

DIY Gift Ideas For Men

Treat your man with holiday gifts he’ll love, from food gifts to homemade body care. The perfect gift doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or complicated. Whether it’s for grandpa, dad, or your significant other, these easy DIY Christmas gifts are just the thing.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Many of these Christmas crafts are simple enough for the kids to make for grandma and grandpa. There are also some DIY beauty recipes that are great for mature or drier skin types.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Women

Your child’s teacher, your mom, your best friend… here are gifts that women will enjoy this holiday season. While you’re at it, don’t forget to make some extra for yourself!

DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids

It depends on your child’s age and gender, but in general, here are some fun DIY gifts for the kids. The little items also make great stocking stuffer ideas!

Gifts for a Healthy Home

Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Instead of sugar-filled candy canes and drink mixes, gift your loved ones some homemade food items. Who wouldn’t want a cute hand-packed box of homemade truffles?

Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are great for family members, co-workers, or friends. They’re simple enough to put together but look impressive. Be sure to choose a cute basket or tote for your assorted items and arrange them as desired! Browse through the categories above for options to put in your customized gift basket, or choose from the ideas below.

Herbal Teas Basket

Give an assortment of homemade herbal tea blends with a glass teapot. You could even throw in some organic tea towels.

Spa Gift Basket

Create your own spa experience with a DIY spa gift basket. There are tons of ideas above for what to put in it. I like adding some bulkier items like sugar scrubs, lotions, and foot scrubs to help fill the basket out.

Natural Baby Basket

Mom-to-be or New Mom Basket

Do you make any homemade gifts? Any ideas to add to the list? Share below!

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38 responses to “120+ Natural & DIY Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. Jane Avatar

    I really like to make DIY gifts for Christmas. Hopefully my friends will love them. They’re both healthy and yummy.

  2. Rebecca Avatar

    Hi there, the gift ideas are awesome and would love to gift. Thanks sister!

  3. Raine Avatar

    Thank you very much for this post, I am making a few of these for family this year. But I was wondering if you have anything for men? I need to make something for a teenage boy & im totally stumped, he’s a good kid & would be grateful for anything I make him but I know none of the above is really for him. Any ideas would be fantastic. Btw I tried your turmeric tea (golden milk) & the switchel drink (sorry if spelling wrong) & they are wonderful & im trying to make my first apple cider vinegar thanks to your posts & bought my asthmatic sister a himilayan salt lamp. Thanks from me & my little boy x

  4. Jeff Avatar

    Wow, I love so many of these! Great list and so many of them are perfect for quick but thoughtful gifts. We’re moving in a couple of weeks and the holidays are sneaking up on me! I’m excited to try a few of these!

  5. Leslie Avatar

    Christmas 2015 gifts for everyone were nice recycle bags ($1.00 at Walmart) to which we added a thin wooden bottom on the inside. We cut wood the thickness of paneling and sanded it smooth, then placed it in the bottom of the bags which made them more sturdy and helps them stand up on their own. I have been using mine regularly for five months and my friends are demanding more. No more floppy bags that collapse in on themselves when filled with canned goods. Wrap up three in decorated Kraft paper, tie with sisal and garnish with a sprig of white pine for a great gift you will see used again and again.

  6. Amanda Simon Avatar
    Amanda Simon

    I liked your blog because i also recommend natural remedies to everyone as in my opinion this is more usefull than artificial stuff and home made remedies also don’t have any harmfull effects on the skin. love to hear from you more… Keep writing 🙂

  7. Dana Avatar

    Hi Katie, my 17 year old daughter’s friends know I make everything and they said they wanted ‘homemade’ for Christmas, so we made lotion bars (patchouli, vanilla and eucalyptus), frankincense gold and myrrh bars, peppermint and vanilla lip balm, pumpkin pie brown sugar scrub, and the bath fizzles and menthol shower melts. All your recipes, which were perfect. Thank you 🙂

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