I often get asked where I get ingredients for recipes or how to find specific products I mention in a post. I thought it would be helpful to create a resource of my most recommended resources. Please note: many of these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, I make a small commission that is used to help keep Wellness Mama running. I only link to products I personally use and support and if you purchase through my links, you have my sincere thanks! You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Most Recommended (I Use These Daily)

Bone broth is a staple in our house for use in recipes and to drink for the many benefits. Here’s the one we get.

I love making my own beauty products, but when I don’t have time, I order these handmade products from Crunchy Betty on Etsy. (The deodorant and oil cleansing blends are Ah-Mazing!)

Coconut oil is one of the most-used items in our home. I use it for cooking, making homemade lotions & beauty products, for our pets and more. I get it and many other pantry staples here. .

I order superfoods and supplements like fermented cod liver oil, probiotics and more from Radiant Life Catalog. Click here.

I use magnesium oil on my skin daily and use magnesium flakes in my children’s bath water. I get both here.

I noticed a big difference in my oral health when I switched to natural oral health products and gentle brushes. Learn more here.

I traded out my teflon non-stick cookware for non-toxic, no scratch, easy to clean ceramic cookware. Use the code WMX10 to get 10% off by clicking here.

Maca is great for hormone health and fertility. I take it daily in a superfood greens blend called Mighty Maca. Click here.

I’ve found two high quality essential oil brands that are reasonably priced and have kid-safe lines. Check out Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy.

We use a Crown Berkey Water filter daily to filter our drinking water and shower filters to filter bath and shower water. Get them both here.

My favorite items for a natural home: salt lamps, mosu bags, beeswax candles, natural cleaners and more. See the list here.

There are so many wonderful health, nutrition and cookbooks available now. See my favorites under “books” at this link.

I use natural fertility monitors like the OvaCue, Fertile Focus and iBasal to naturally space or avoid pregnancy without hormones. Learn more about them here.

We consume kombucha daily and I love making our own at home. An inexpensive way to get probiotics, enzymes and b-vitamins. Get the cultures here.

We love our organic mattress and sleep on it every night. Use the code WELLNESSMAMA for 10% off at this link.

One of my favorite supplements- A natural greens powder that is a nutritional insurance policy- click here for 50% off!

Special Deals For You

Non Toxic No Scratch Cookware

Save 10% on Ceramic Cookware

Save 10% on Xtrema Ceramic Non-Scratch Cookware, bakeware, silicon safe refrigerator storage containers and more with the code “WMX10” See all options here.

greens powder

Save 50% on My Daily Greens Powder from Athletic Greens

Save 50% on the awesome greens powder that I take daily for an added boost and nutritional insurance. Discount here.

Organic Mattress

Save 10% on Organic Mattresses:

Save 10% on my favorite organic mattress with the code WELLNESSMAMA.

Intellibed makes all-natural and organic memory foam mattresses and we love ours!

Specific Products and Supplements I Use:

Natural Beauty Products and Ingredients

Supplements I Take...

Bulk Herbs & Spices

Natural Home Goods

Foods and Kitchen

Blogging Resources

  • ConvertKit – email autoresponder & newsletter service
  • Google Apps – email, documents, backups, & more
  • Dropbox – document management, sharing, & backups
  • Gravity Forms – WordPress form creation plugin
  • WP 101 – WordPress training videos
  • Authority – online marketing course from
  • Evernote – desktop & mobile app to manage blog post ideas