About Wellness Mama

WellnessMama.com is an online resource for women and moms who want to live a healthier life. Our founder, Katie, along with a team of researchers and medical advisors, analyze a wide variety of topics and summarize the information in a clear and usable way. Our goal is to present practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and other information to make your life better.

The Wellness Mama Team

The team behind Wellness Mama is dedicated to providing up-to-date practical information and resources for moms. These resources are fact-checked by our editorial team and reviewed by our medical advisors for accuracy.

Katie Wells, Founder and Chief Wellness Mama

Katie Wells - Wellness MamaKatie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, who thinks most bios are pretty boring, wants to live in a world where laundry folds itself, moms get to wear the superhero costumes they’ve already earned, and our kids never have to deal with the health problems our world is currently facing.

A mom of six with a background in journalism, she took health into her own hands and started researching to find answers to her own health struggles. Her research turned into a blog and podcast that turned into an amazing community (starring you!). If Katie was writing this, she wouldn’t tell you that she’s written over 1,500 blog posts, 3 books, and was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness. Or that she’s been called a thought leader for the current generations of moms.

When she’s not reading medical journals, creating new recipes, or recording podcasts, you can find her somewhere outside in the sun with her husband (who she met walking across the country one summer in college) and six kids or undertaking some DIY remodeling project that inevitably takes twice as long as it was supposed to.

Obligatory additional unrelated randomness: doula, speed-reader, hates bananas, loves baseball, can’t sing, scuba-diver, INTJ, highly experienced in answering the question, “why.”

Wellness Mama Editorial Team

The Wellness Mama Editorial team fact checks each article before it is published. Our team is like family, and our goal is to make this website a welcoming place for community and support.

Shelly, Director of all Shenanigans

Shelly Director of Operations Wellness MamaShelly knew from a young age that she loved having order and organization and if she would admit it, she would tell you that she loved playing “office” as a child. This, coupled with her addiction to planners and calendars, has led her to her dream job of keeping all moving pieces in their place, and making sure that not a task is left undone.

When not working, you’ll most likely find Shelly at a good coffee shop with her husband, watching Greys Anatomy reruns (she has almost all episodes memorized) or spending weekends camped out at the baseball fields watching her teenage son play.

Some things that make Shelly smile are shiplap, green grass, cabinets full of Yeti’s, and when people know the difference between their, they’re and there. Things that don’t make Shelly smile are elevators and early mornings (the alarm clock is not her best friend).

Carrie, Word Wrangler & Content Curator

Carrie Managing Editor Wellness Mama TeamA long-time print editor, Carrie took the leap from classic lit to deodorant articles and never looked back. She’s been a Wellness Mama reader since the very first post and has been telling her family “Katie made me do it” for almost 10 years.

When not typing furiously on her laptop, Carrie can be found at the beach, in the garden, or traveling with her family. She is most gloriously happy in the garden and (not so secretly) hopes her husband quits his day job to be an organic farmer. She’s also been known to talk to her backyard chickens and call her detached garage “a barn.”

Writing her own book, living abroad, and homeschooling in an RV are on her bucket list (in no particular order). Until then, she promises to always be up for a moms’ night out and to never clean before friends stop by.

Olivia, Community Cheerleader and Social{media}ite

Olivia Community Manager Wellness Mama TeamIf you sat down with Olivia over a cup of coffee, she would ask you how your heart is doing while slipping you a piece of organic dark chocolate. You would discuss your families, your latest book or Netflix binge, what’s making you happy, and what’s challenging you. She would tell you that you’re doing a great job.

In the Wellness Mama family, she makes sure you never miss out on Wellness Mama posts or news via social media, answers your emails (say hi!), helps out creatively, and puts any com-box jerks in timeout.

Olivia would want you to know that her favorite season is fall, she loves exploring with her kids and husband, she doesn’t like fish (although she’s working on it), and she’s a Type-A ISFJ melancholic-choleric obliger (for you personality junkies).

Seth, Master of Tech and Optimizer of all the Things

Seth Technical Officer Wellness MamaAs the Chief Technical Officer, Seth is the ninja that keeps the site running and optimized (and fixes it when the rest of us accidentally break something). He also happens to be Katie’s husband and (usually) willing test subject for all of the weird biohacky things they test in the name of health.

We’re pretty sure he may be part fish, as when he’s not working, you’ll often find him in some type of water: ocean, river, pool, cold plunge tub, or attempting a new water sport. He infuses baseball references, movie quotes, and occasional four-letter words into our team culture.

Connoisseur of jeeps, natural wines, dark rum, and marketing advice, his preferred work uniform is a swimsuit (and he considers a neck tie a type of medieval torture device). All of his other hobbies and work experience are classified or NSFW.

Suzanne, Recipe Editor

Suzanne Wellness Mama Recipe EditorSuzanne received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics before becoming a mom. Now she uses all her skills and knowledge to teach her children how to choose healthy foods and drinks. She always chuckles quietly when she hears her toddlers tell people that they can’t drink pop because it has caffeine or that they have to eat some dinner before they can have dessert.

At Wellness Mama, Suzanne works on all the posts that have to do with food. She enjoys keeping the recipes and nutrition information in them organized, standardized, up-to-date, and easy to follow.

When Suzanne has free time she enjoys playing Euro-style board games and spending time outside with her family. She loves to camp, attempt to garden (through trial and error), and relax on the beach.

Wellness Mama Medical Advisors and Review Board

To make sure all of our articles are of the highest quality, referenced and fact-checked, we work with an amazing group of doctors and medical advisors. You’ll see a section indicating that a post has been medically reviewed at the bottom of many of our health related posts.

Dr. Scott Sorries, MD: Medical Director

Dr Scott Sorries Medical Advisor Wellness MamaA Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor with over 20 years experience, Dr. Scott Sorries is an invaluable part of the Wellness Mama team and is also the medical director at SteadyMD.

His vast experience includes:

  • Serving as the national Medical Director for Walgreens Healthcare Clinics where he’s supervised the care of hundreds of thousands of patients across the country
  • Working as an Emergency Medicine Physician and family doctor
  • Serving as the Medical Director for Total Access Urgent Care

Dr. Sorries approach strongly emphasizes helping patients achieve a healthy lifestyle that they can stick with long-term by treating them like a partner in developing and implementing changes in their day-to-day. He focuses on giving patients all the information they need, and helping them make an informed decision, instead of trying to make the decision for them.

As a dad of three, Dr. Sorries also shares in the Wellness Mama mission to create a healthier future for our children through education and small changes.

Dr. Jolene Brighten: Medical Advisor

Dr Jolene Brighten Wellness mama medical advisorDr. Jolene Brighten holds degrees in nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutrition with a doctorate in functional medicine and clinical nutrition and serves as the medical director for Rubus Health in Portland, Oregon. She founded 3 clinics before age 35 and has been involved in nutrition research exploring interventions for maintaining healthy hormones and body composition as we age. Jolene is the best-selling author of Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth and is considered a leading expert in women’s health and post birth control syndrome. View her work at her website or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Chris earned his PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut in the summer of 2012. He served as a postdoctoral research associate in the Comparative Biosciences department of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York. He now works independently, producing educational content about nutrition and you can find him here.

Dr. Anna Cabeca, MD: Medical Advisor

Dr Anna Cabeca Wellness Mama Medical AdvisorDr. Anna Cabeca is an Emory University trained gynecologist and obstetrician, a menopause and sexual health expert and international speaker and educator. She created the top selling products Julva® – an anti-aging feminine cream for women, MightyMaca™ Plus – a superfood hormone balancing health drink, and online programs Magic Menopause, Women’s Restorative Health and SexualCPR. She advises the Wellness Mama team on hormone and women’s health topics. See her extensive research and work at DrAnnaCabeca.com or learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD: Medical Advisor

Dr Madiha Saeed Medical Advisor to Wellness MamaDr. Madiha Saeed, MD is a practicing board certified family physician in Naperville and a traditionally published author of a best-selling book The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease. She is also a mother of 4 holistically raised boys (who also educate the world), on social media she is Holistic Mom, MD, is the director of education of Documenting Hope (a national organization dedicated to heal chronic disease in children), and speaks internationally igniting the world with my energy and passion to ignite a healing revolution! She has appeared in numerous prestigious conferences as their keynote speaker (audience of 12,000), on holistic online summits, radio, newspaper, TV including international Emmy winning medical talk shows. Find her on her website here or on LinkedIn.

Dr. Amy Shah, MD: Double Board-Certified Medical Reviewer

Dr Amy Shah Medical Advisor to Wellness MamaDr. Amy Shah, MD is a double board-certified MD with training from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard Universities. She serves as a medical advisor to Genexa in partnership with the Wellness Mama team. As an allergist and immunologist, she was named one of mindbodygreen’s Top 100 Women in Wellness to Watch in 2016. As an immunologist, she realizes the power of the microbiome to help digestion, natural hormone balance and food sensitivities. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Dr. Christie Drzewiecki: Medical Reviewer

Dr Christie
Dr. Christie Drzewiecki is a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition which she has studied now for over 12 years. She has earned hundreds of hours in extracurricular education studying Functional Medicine in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, chronic disease, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and thyroid conditions. Dr. Christie obtained her Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner certification through Functional Medicine University and continues to further her knowledge with educational seminars and classes. She is in the process of writing her first book with a focus on the foods to enjoy and the foods to avoid with an autoimmune condition. Learn more about Dr. Drzewiecki here.

Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD: Medical Advisor

Dr-Sheila-KilbaneDr. Sheila Kilbane, MD is a board-certified pediatrician, trained in integrative medicine. After realizing she didn’t fit into the “box” of conventional medicine, she broke free from big business medicine and disease management and sought additional training in nutrition and mind-body therapies with Andrew Weil, MD. Today, she uses the best of traditional and integrative medicine to find the root cause of illness. Using her seven-step process, along with natural and nutritional therapies, Dr. Kilbane helps families significantly improve or resolve altogether, illnesses such as colic, reflux, eczema, recurrent ear and sinus infections, asthma, allergies, and stomach and GI issues such as constipation and abdominal pain. Learn more about Dr. Kilbane here.

Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC: Medical Advisor

Dr Mariza Snyder Medical Advisor Wellness MamaDr. Mariza Snyder, DC is a functional practitioner and the author of six books: the bestselling Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook, as well as The Low Glycemic Index Slow Cooker, The Antioxidant Counter, The Water Infusion Detox Book and The Matcha Miracle. Dr. Mariza is currently working on her newest book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

Dr. Mariza is public speaker with 10 years of experience focusing on women’s hormone health. Dr. Mariza lectures regularly at wellness centers, hospitals, conferences and corporations. She graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2008. She has a background in biochemistry and nutrition. She is also the host of the Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health.

Check out her website, drmariza.com, for education on topics related to women’s hormone health and essential oils.

Wellness Mama Editorial Guidelines

WellnessMama.com adheres to strict editorial guidelines and every post is reviewed for accuracy by our editorial and medical review team as part of our commitment to creating the highest quality information for women and moms online. For over 10 years, WellnessMama.com has established itself as one of the most highly-trusted and evidenced-based health and wellness websites for women and moms. With over 6 million visitors per month, this is also one of the largest online communities for women.

Why the Name “Wellness Mama?”

It all started over a decade ago when Katie’s first son was born. Sitting in the doctors office at her follow-up visit, she read in a magazine that was sitting on the side table that:

…For the first time in centuries, the current generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents…

That was a pivotal moment for her as she was holding her perfect newborn and reading about how his generation would face higher rates of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and other many other health problems.

That day, her life changed and Katie decided to work to change that statistic. It’s been a long journey, through five more pregnancies, learning she had thyroid disease and working to find answers, and completely changing her family’s lifestyle from eating pasta and using chemical cleaners to real food and natural homemade products.

Her goal, and the goal of Wellness Mama, is to help make the transition to living naturally easier for you and to share the journey (since we’re all always learning and growing).

Note from Katie:

I’m not a doctor, a lawyer or a “health guru” (that’s why I have medical advisors!), I’m just a mom who is super passionate about creating a healthy life for my family, and I’m guessing you’re a lot like me. In fact, I compiled a checklist of the things I wish I’d known when I first started, the cliff notes of natural living, in a simple guide, and I’d love to give it to you. Just enter your email address here and I’ll send it your way. Don’t worry- I hate spam more than you, so you can unsubscribe at any time.

Are You Just a Mom?

Here’s the thing, I can’t change the health of the world alone, but I’m absolutely convinced that as a group, women and moms can. Here’s why- we, as women and mothers have tremendous power. Not only are we raising the next generation, feeding them, teaching them, etc but we control the majority of food dollars spent around the world. So my goal is to help every mom become a “Wellness Mama” so that together, we can create lasting change.

I often get asked, “Do you work or are you just a mom?” and this question frustrates me, because regardless of where we work or our official job descriptions, every woman, every mother, works incredibly hard. And because being “just a mom” is more than enough! I hope to make being a mom just a little easier for you.

At WellnessMama.com you’ll find all of my best real food recipes, natural living and cleaning tutorials, beauty recipes and health hacks with natural ingredients, natural remedies, and so much more.

Sometimes things get silly or really nerdy, but we’ll always keep things practical and usable. You’ll learn how to make the most effective lotion ever in bar form, how to infuse magnesium into your lotion for better sleep, 101 ways to use coconut oil and so much more.

Most of the time, I stick to real food, natural living, beauty products and natural remedies, but if we become friends on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll also hear occasionally about my life with six kids, what I do in my free time, the best sports team ever, and my totally normal hobbies like jujutsu, and reading medical journals.

But enough about me, I want to know about you! Come join the amazing community around here, say hi in the comments of a post that looks interesting to you and tell me about how you ended up here!