DIY Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub Recipe (Great Gift Idea!)

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While we all know that the sugar in traditional sugar cookies is detrimental to our health, you can still get all of the flavor of homemade cookies with this fun lip scrub recipe. It tastes and smells just like a sugar cookie. Even better though, it will exfoliate and nourish your lips, without putting a dent in your healthy lifestyle.

I never used to pay much attention to lip scrubs. During the winter when dry lips would hit I’d reach for some homemade lip balm, like this peppermint one. However, lip scrubs really help to exfoliate the build up of dead skin that gives lips that crusty, gummy feel. Not only are you getting rid of the gunk on your lips, but the oils and honey in this help to nourish the delicate skin on this facial area. I still like to follow it up with some homemade lip balm for extra moisture during the winter months.

How to Make Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub

The first ingredient in this lip scrub recipe is virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has lots of uses for skin and hair, and it’s also a healthy addition to your diet. In this lip scrub it provides moisture, antioxidants, and helps thicken the product. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate this superfood into your life, then try making some tooth remineralizing chews.

Sweet almond oil is the liquid carrier oil here, as it helps to smooth everything out. You can substitute another liquid carrier oil of your choice, however the sweet, nutty smell of sweet almond really adds to the sugar cookie vibe. The fatty acids, and vitamins A and E make sweet almond oil the perfect choice to nourish lips.

Like the carrier oils, raw honey helps to add moisture to the lips. It also has healing properties to restore and rejuvenate damaged lips. It’s so powerful that naturally antibacterial raw honey is even used to speed healing of wounds and burns. Raw honey is also slightly emulsifying, so it helps to bind the ingredients in this lip scrub recipe together. You can read more about the healing uses of raw honey here.

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Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub Recipe

A vanilla-scented sugar lip scrub that's good enough (and natural enough) to eat!
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small glass bowl combine all of the ingredients. Mash and stir them together with a spoon or rubber spatula until well combined and a little creamy.
  • Store your lip balm recipe in a ½ ounce glass jar.


  • Use your finger to scoop a small amount of lip scrub out and gently rub it on your lips to exfoliate, then rinse off with a wash cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Make sure you’re leaning over a sink when you use this, since it’s fairly messy to use.

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A Note About Vanilla…

Vanilla extract gives this lip scrub recipe a true sugar cookie smell and taste. I like making my own homemade vanilla extract (get the recipe here), but for this it’s best to use a glycerin based vanilla extract. If you only have access to alcohol based vanilla extract, you can still use it since there is enough moisture in the other ingredients to make up for it.

Glycerin acts as a humectant to add moisture to the lips, while alcohol is more drying. It is a common ingredient in even many natural toothpastes, but I purposefully avoid it in my homemade toothpaste. While glycerin is thought to coat the enamel and promote tooth decay, it’s actually very soothing to skin and lips so it’s great for skincare.

What is your favorite lip product? Do you struggle with dry lips in the winter?

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44 responses to “DIY Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub Recipe (Great Gift Idea!)”

  1. Angi Avatar

    5 stars
    Thank you for posting this, I love this recipe for a holiday lip scrub! I use a majority of the ingredients religiously, so never thought to put them together for a lip scrub treat! My toddler daughter also loves to get into mama’s makeup, so if she got into this, this wouldn’t be something I mind her getting all over herself (or tasting)! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jen Avatar

    Could you use vanilla EO instead of extract? If so, how many drops would you suggest?

  3. Teresa Avatar

    How long will the Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub with honey and sugar last? Does it need to be stored in the refrigerator?

  4. Jennifer Duke Avatar
    Jennifer Duke

    This looks like a great variation. I liked your tips too on each ingredient. My favorite recipe is cherry based, and now you’ve got me thinking of concocting a combination for an almond/cherry/vanilla flavor. Mmmm.

  5. Omma Mira Avatar
    Omma Mira

    My Son has chapped lips problem. He is 10 years old. After reading this lip scrub I made it myself for him and me. But he doesn’t like the vanilla essence. Can you suggest me to use an alternative?

  6. liarda Avatar

    hi Kate ! i want to make this scrub but i want to know how much cane sugar to use? 1 tablespoon or more ? thank you lovely

  7. Renee Avatar

    Maple syrup is what I use for my cousin who is allergic to honey.

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