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The 30 Day Reset Autoimmune Diet
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For many years I suspected that I had some form of thyroid problem based on my own research and symptoms like dry skin, occasional fatigue, trouble losing weight after having a baby, and hair thinning. Even with all those symptoms, I was never able to get answers from conventional tests which showed that my T3 and T4 thyroid hormones were in the normal range.

Thankfully, I found an amazing doctor who specializes in hormones and endocrine problems and with additional blood testing and a thyroid ultrasound, he was able to finally figure out what I was struggling with: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune condition where the body creates antibodies to the thyroid).

Why Autoimmune Problems Begin

Many different disorders and diseases that we experience are autoimmune in nature. In fact, there are more than 100 autoimmune disorders! While Hashimoto’s is common, so are Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), rheumatoid arthritis, and so many more.

Autoimmune disease happens when the immune system mistakenly targets your own body cells as the enemy, resulting in damage. Not all autoimmune diseases present the same symptoms, but they are all caused in the same way.

The immune system is an intricate defense network designed to destroy bacteria and viruses before they can harm the way that our cells work. When the immune system gets its wires crossed and targets proteins of its own body—instead of foreign, attacking proteins—autoimmune disease is the result.

Most autoimmune disorders don’t cause immediate symptoms. Over time, as the damage is slowly done, symptoms may build up. You can be genetically prone to certain autoimmune problems, and usually genetics can cause anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of your odds of getting an autoimmune disease.

The other risk factors come from lifestyle, your diet, the environment you live in, hormones, infections, and stress. You can’t always control these, just like you can’t control your genetics, but you can definitely influence your lifestyle, environment, and diet.

How an Autoimmune Diet Works

Diet is especially helpful for both preventing and addressing autoimmune disease. You can eat to help reverse leaky gut, a condition where the barrier function of the intestines doesn’t act as it should. This can let particles into your bloodstream, which can put your immune system on high alert.

The autoimmune protocol is a dietary system that is designed to remove foods that worsen leaky gut, disrupt gut bacterial balance, cause inflammation, and mess with your hormones. It’s a modified paleo diet to support optimal gut health and help your body start healing. It’s nutrient-dense so that you can rebuild nutrient stores, giving your body the building blocks it needs to get your immune system back in order.

Research from 2017 proved that this type of diet can help improve symptoms and inflammation in patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Even though the study was small, many functional medicine practitioners swear by this diet with their autoimmune patients.

Why Some Diets May Not Work for Autoimmunity

Once you have an autoimmune reaction, you may need to remove many food triggers to cut down on inflammation. You may not have to eliminate them forever, but even without being allergic to foods, some can get in the way of the healing process.

The GAPS diet was designed on the theory that some foods might need to be eliminated and then gradually reintroduced over time. The AIP, or autoimmune protocol diet, was designed with the same thought in mind, specifically for autoimmune disease.

While autoimmune diseases cannot be cured, they can be put into remission by making changes that reduce the number of antibodies the immune system is producing against your own body.

Not all diets will work to support autoimmunity. While many eliminate foods that might be triggers, diet plans like keto, gluten-free, and even traditional paleo do not focus specifically on inflammation and gut health. The AIP diet was designed to help those with autoimmune problems.

Lots of healthy foods are temporarily eliminated on an AIP diet. This does not mean that they’re not healthy, it just means they’re working against you for now. These foods can include nightshades (like tomatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers), grains, eggs, seeds, and nuts.

My Experience With the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP Diet)

I switched to an autoimmune protocol diet after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in hopes of giving my immune system a little time to recover. I was hopeful that it would be beneficial, but I was AMAZED at how quickly it helped.

Within the first week, I saw my bloating go away and I had more energy. My thyroid nodule also felt noticeably smaller. My skin even improved. Talk about progress!

For two months, I followed the protocol strictly. I lost some of my stubborn weight and felt so much better. It also helped me identify foods that I was not responding to very well, but that I hadn’t noticed before were problematic. Eggs were one thing I realized I couldn’t eat, which was confirmed by a blood test later.

After a while longer, I was able to reintroduce most foods without a problem and I felt continually better. I did, however, have a few flares (like from not sleeping and stressing about finishing my book). It just goes to show how tied to stress and lifestyle our autoimmune diseases really are!

Sleep and stress are both huge factors in overall health and are especially important for those with any kind of health condition. The AIP diet is a great tool for working toward recovering from autoimmunity, but you need the lifestyle to support the diet.

Autoimmune Diet Resources & How to Start

The general idea of the autoimmune diet is that you are removing any potentially inflammatory foods, but the specifics are a bit more difficult. Some sources consider foods like fruit and sweet potatoes OK, while others do not. For reference, some sources that I find most helpful are:

Below you will find autoimmune friendly recipes. You can also download the complete food list I used by clicking here (PDF). When you know the foods and recipes to work from, it’s easy to set your own meal plan, even if you’re just getting started!

What to Eat

It can seem overwhelming, but this way of eating is actually relatively simple if you follow a template. My typical day on the autoimmune diet was:

  • Breakfast: A scramble of meat and cooked vegetables, a cup of homemade bone broth, some fermented vegetables, and supplements.
  • Lunch: A huge salad with leftover protein (meat, offal, or fish) and a small piece of fruit, a cup of bone broth, fermented water kefir or kombucha and olives.
  • Dinner: A stir-fry with some type of protein (meat, offal, seafood) with a lot of vegetables and allowed spices, evening supplements, and at least 1 cup of healthy starch like cooked winter squash, pumpkin, etc. I also made a lot of stuffed squashes and soups.

I rely heavily on big salads, stir-frys, and casseroles while on the autoimmune diet. When I first started, it seemed like I couldn’t eat anything and I was depriving myself of everything, but it is important to remember that many times the body is deficient in certain nutrients because of an autoimmune disease.

During the course of the 30-day reset, I focused on extensively nourishing my body with as many high quality proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats as I could consume. I may have been tired of my food choices at times, but I certainly never went hungry.

I also focused on consuming a TON of vegetables during this time, after talking to Dr. Terry Wahls and reading her book, The Wahls Protocol. Dr. Wahls emphasizes the importance of consuming at least 9 cups of vegetables a day, including 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of brightly colored veggies or fruit, and 3 cups of sulfur-containing produce such as onion, garlic, cauliflower, or cabbage.

Other Things to Support Your AIP Meal Plan

Diet is hugely important for all aspects of health, and for me, it became even more important after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease. It is by no means the only factor though. Personally, I found that these other things were equally important to recovery for me:

  • Sleep. It is my nemesis! I love to stay up late and skimp on sleep so I can get more done. My body does not love this. I’ve found that when I sleep at least 8-8.5 hours per night, I see my health markers improve (blood tests, fasting blood sugar, etc). Here are some tips for improving sleep (even as a mom!).
  • Stress reduction. Also a tough one for me, but stress can have as much of an impact as diet on gut health and hormone levels. I found that even with a good diet, I started to notice symptoms creeping back in while under the stress of finishing my book. Use these ways to control stress and calm the body.
  • Supplements. I hesitated to include this part because if diet, stress, and sleep aren’t under control, this won’t help at all! I found certain supplements helped tremendously once I had optimized other factors. I personally take WP-Thyroid thyroid medication (under the care of my doctor), Betaine HCL with protein meals, 5-MTHF and Methyl-B12, Probiotics, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Cortisol support, Omega-3s, Vitamin D (and sunshine daily in the morning), Magnesium, L-glutamine, Gelatin, and Vitamin C. I would highly recommend seeing a good functional medicine doctor and finding out what you personally need before taking any supplements.
  • Gentle Movement. You don’t have to exercise vigorously, and it’s actually probably difficult when you’re just getting started, but some gentle exercise a few times a week can help with joint stiffness, digestion, and overall mood. A slow-paced walk, some yoga, or even a gentle swim can go a long way in helping your body bounce back.
  • Gratitude. You can’t get healthy without healthy thoughts. (Ask me how I know.) Try keeping a gratitude journal to retrain your brain, ease stress, and make peace with your body. It does wonders!

Autoimmune Diet Encouragement

This diet is difficult. So is pregnancy. Sometimes the best things in life require some work and denial of self. The elimination phase is temporary and it gives you a window into your own body and what you need to eat for optimal health.

Don’t let it cause you extra stress. Don’t let this keep you up at night. Try to focus on nourishing and loving your body and providing it with the building blocks it needs to function optimally. If you can, encourage a friend or family member to be on the journey with you for support.

The initial phase is just 30 days. Below I’ve included some resources that will make planning and going through those days far easier than it was for me! I’ve included my favorite autoimmune diet recipes (with some modifications), a foods list, and the best food tips I used to succeed on this elimination diet. The success I experienced as a result made all of it more than worth it.

Getting Started with Autoimmune Diet Recipes

There are some core principles that are beneficial to everyone when it comes to health (like avoiding processed sugars, oils, and grains), but the rest is truly a matter of personalization. That is why the 30-Day Reset is so beneficial. It gives your body a temporary break from potentially inflammatory foods and then lets you reintroduce them later to determine what works best for you.

These are the recipes I used when going through my own 30-Day Reset. If you have your own recipes and want to check to see if they are autoimmune diet friendly, you can download this PDF food list guide.

Autoimmune Diet Recipes

You may not be able to eat all the foods you’re used to, but you’re still in for a delicious meal plan. Avocado, coconut milk, ghee, and grass-fed meat make this a diet rich in healthy fats, and you’ll also get plenty of other nutrient-dense foods like leafy green vegetables, sweet potatoes, squashes, berries, and more.

Core Recipes:

Main Meal Recipes:

Snack Recipes:

Sticking to a diet can be hard, and having AIP-friendly snacks on hand really helps! These are some that keep me going:

Tips for Success on an AIP Diet

Cooking 100 percent of your food from scratch from a limited list of foods can be pretty overwhelming. I use this meal planning app to help me, and I also make sure I have a stash of pre-cooked approved foods in the freezer during the 30-day diet.

Most of the smoothies from Daily Harvest are autoimmune-friendly, and so are many meals from the Good Kitchen. I use both of these for emergency snacks and meals to keep me from getting off track. My health is worth the extra expense and like I said, conveniences like these keep me from spending money eating out or eating off-plan foods.

This article was medically reviewed by Madiha Saeed, MD, a board certified family physician and Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Have you ever tried the autoimmune diet? Do you have any autoimmune diet-friendly recipes? Please share them below!

Do it with me! Are you in? Let me know below what your struggle is and the results you see!

I used this 30-day reset autoimmune diet plan to help manage my Hashimotos Thyroiditis and get my autoimmune disease into remission.
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Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, Founder of Wellness Mama and Co-founder of Wellnesse, has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition. As a mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems. is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and all posts are medically reviewed and verified by the Wellness Mama research team. Katie is also the author of the bestselling books The Wellness Mama Cookbook and The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.


670 responses to “My 30-Day Reset Autoimmune Diet Plan & Recipes”

  1. Deanna Avatar

    I’m wondering if you would share what cortisol support you take and what type of magnesium you use as well. Thank you!

  2. Stacey Avatar

    I drink a protein smoothie every am with an organic, vegan protein powder plus fruit, ground flax and hemp – would I need to exclude it? Thanks!

  3. Victoria Avatar

    I see coconut under the ‘eat instead’ column.
    For those with the O+ blood group where coconut is not advised, what do they do?

  4. Lauren Avatar

    I have numerous allergies and battle sinus attacks which I believe stem from the allergic reactions to environmental stimulants as well as food. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but then told by the same physician that I don’t have it. I have changed my diet after doing some research on my own. You suggested seeing a functional medical doctor, please explain that term for me. Here in Louisiana it is hard to find doctors that practice alternative medicine or other alternative practices outside of traditional medicine. A response is greatly appreciated!

    1. Audry Avatar

      I’ve seen this sort of diet work for psoriasis. It’s worth a shot…nothing to loose but bad health 🙂

    2. Tara Avatar

      I have psoriasis and am always researching new elimination diets. I want to get to the root of the problem which I believe to be leaky gut. There is no one solution for every body. So it is definitely a trial and error process. I just got a book off of amazon by Dr. Pagano, I think that is the name. Healing Psoriasis without drugs, using natural alternatives. I believe the only way to heal these ai conditions is to heal the gut and know which foods give you flare-ups and have the self control to stay away from them. Unfortunately, I am all over the night shades, our family had some type of nightshade every meal. I have started doing without white potatoes and now I will add tomato products to that list, in about two weeks I will add peppers and so on until I figure out where the flare- ups are being triggered. I honestly believe I can manage this without a dr, but sometimes when I am so inflamed, I must go get some relief from the dr. This post is two years late, but hopefully I can help someone who is going through this, like me.

  5. Lisa Avatar

    Thanks for the post! I’m going to try to follow this for the month I Septembe along with you. My sister has a couple of autoimmune diseases and is going to be trying to follow Mickey Trescotts diet beginning today. I would like to support her efforts as well. Although I have not been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I do have a lot of the symptoms that you mentioned, and am sure that I could benefit from the diet regardless. Thanks for all that you do to help everybody find better health! You are awesome!!!

  6. Sherry Hammett Avatar
    Sherry Hammett

    Would love to do this. Diagnosed in ’95 with FM and later with CFS. Work as nurse in Rehab facility and stress, physical and mental, is ridiculous. Just diagnosed with severe arthritis in L4-5, no wonder back is killing me, along with radiculopathy in right leg. Have medial block scheduled in few weeks.
    Recently lost over 40 pounds with HCG, I know, not the best but it worked for me. Now I’d love to focus on healthy eating.
    My labs are great, except D and B12 deficient. My thyroid test normal so why my hair constantly fall out, my feet hands freezing and skin feels like alligator (little exaggeration but not much!) My hormones are so crazy, will be 56 in few months and technically could still get pregnant 🙁 carb cravings, mood swings, mental lag, fatigue….no one would beeline me if I told it all!
    Would love to stop taking hormone meds (I’ve been through six already) and pain meds.
    I’ve followed your blog for several years and implemented many ideas.
    Sign me up, Katie …right after one last chocolate bar.

    1. monica Avatar

      Underlying all of those issues could be Borrelia Burgdorferi. Google it and if you need any information on how to treat it I can get you that. It is the same bacteria present in Lyme disease and does so much damage to your body but a lot of Doctor’s will not suspect it. The remedy is quite simple and whatever you do, do not allow anyone to treat it with antibiotics.

      1. Karen Avatar

        Please tell me how you would treat it? I’m still having issues after Lyme, horrible anxiety 🙁 I never had it before and I’m really suffering. I had antibiotics initially and then homeopathics and garlic, nosodes. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Some days I can’t handle the over stimulated feeling.

        1. Monica Avatar

          My naturopath treated it with plant stem cells.
          6 weeks of a very inexpensive formula and the bacteria is gone.
          His website is
          He could at the very least refer you to another naturopath that uses the same protocol depending on where you live. These bacteria are tricky to treat because they take on different forms. I wish you all the best.

      2. maria starr Avatar
        maria starr

        Hi Monica,

        Read your post about the borrelia and would be very interested in the info you were talking about.


    2. Pat Avatar

      Hi Sherry, For hair loss try a B complex plus extra Biotin and Flax Seed Oil. Was going bald. A doc suggested this and if I do this at the first sign of shedding I’m fine. I haven’t lost any hair for 20 years with this protocol.

  7. Amy Avatar

    Hi Katie, I want to let you know that I appreciate the timing of your protocol in a deeply!

    I know that something in my diet is causing some joint stiffness in the mornings, and as I’m 1 37yo mother of 4, I want to avoid anything that restricts movement and further autoimmune disease.

    I have been eating rather healthy things, but combining them with spurges of high-sugar/caffeine/wheaten food, so I welcome the timing and confines (health!) of your protocol wholeheartedly. It is the comradery that I welcome the most. I wish us well. Thanks for being upfront and welcoming others to join you.


  8. Lauren Avatar

    Thanks for this post 🙂
    What advice would you give to someone who is Vegetarian?

    1. Audry Avatar

      I’ll just answer you here…I am actually helping my daughter with this same issue right now, so I hope my input helps…

      It would depend on what your goals are? Do you eat seafood?
      I guess in your case if you don’t eat seafood, you would be doing more of a vegan cleanse and I guess if that works for you, you could look at it that way and follow all the other recommendations, except you really need your protein from a food source.

      If you eat fish/seafood, that would be a great protein source. Just make sure the seafood is wild-caught, not farm raised, quality very important to get the most from foods nutrition wise.

      One of the main things here is to remove any foods that potentially cause inflammation amongst other issues to the body. The foods you need to remove are (as the list says) all forms of gluten and any grains, legumes, and beans, seeds, nuts, eggs, and dairy.

      If you try it as a “vegan cleanse/fast” and fail, and you eat eggs and do well with them (no allergies or digestive issues), it would be a logical to follow as close as possible to this “diet” with the addition of eggs…that would be better than nothing in my opinion, however, it’s just my opinion…your body 🙂

      If you eat eggs, there are 1000 ways + to make them and load them with veggies. When doing a recipe search, always type “Paleo” before a recipe so you (should) be on the safe side.

      If all else fails, this is probably not the right cleanse for you and there are plenty other cleanses that you could tweak to fit your needs, or you could re-think being vegetarian by including only grass-fed/pasture-raised meats, poultry and eggs.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Carol Avatar

    Hi Katie,
    I had gone to a new doctor just last week, who is an intergrated medical practioner. I have the same problems that you mentioned Plus a goiter. She said that my thyriod functions are fine. I went for blood tests this morning to test for Iron, Vit D and T3. THANK YOU SO MUCH I am going to follow you on the Autoimmune diet because I have the feeling that she will not come up with the correct diagnosis. Oh by the way I am also allergic to Iodine.


    1. Marla Avatar

      Hi Carol,

      Wow – I have the same issues… including the goiter. What struck me was that you said that you are allergic to iodine. I strongly believe that I am also. What symptoms do you have with the iodine allergy? I experience terrible pain in my stomach, to the point of wanting to go to the hospital.

      Thanks, Marla

      1. Carol Jones Avatar
        Carol Jones

        Hi Marla,

        I have found that I cannot eat fish. Had two bad reactions to Salmon and Yellow tail. I ballooned up and ran a high temperature. My husband rushed me to the doctor, who put me on a drip and medication for a couple of days. The only fish I can eat is tinned tuna. Not that healthy. Now I steer clear of all fresh fish. Best wishes with the auto-immune diet. Stay strong and healthy. Carol

      2. Catherine Womack Avatar
        Catherine Womack

        I read a really good website regarding autoimmune thyroid, in the section on dosing, the Dr explains why you cannot be allergic to iodine and why people have thought they were. Hope this helps. .

        1. Margarita Hinojosa Avatar
          Margarita Hinojosa

          That is interesting about not being allergic…. what I have come across in the past is that people with this reaction are not allergic but that they have a deficiency in iodine. The problem is also being deficient in other things like selenium and a few other things. Here is a very good link to some information on this:
          Thank you Katie for all you do here on this great website! All the best health to everyone!

    2. Mandi Avatar

      I would also have them check your thyroid antibodies. All my thyroid test came back normal but my antibodies were abnormal that’s how they found I have Hashimotos.

    3. karen hoffman Avatar
      karen hoffman

      Make sure you are having your Ferritin level checked, this is the most important test to check for iron. Ferritin must be above 80 at all times for proper iron levels and for thyroid function. It’s the number one cause of Hoshmotis. B12 should be 1000, d3 80. Get all these levels.

  10. Heather Avatar

    I have AIH type 2, I’ve already been told I will suffer from this till my end of days, combined with a weird on again/off again Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis. Both stop, and then come raging back..I have been struggling with my weight and not feeling well for 4 years now and am pretty much at wits end, so yes.

    Count me in.

  11. Megan Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    I’m definitely in! I just purchased the Paleo Approach and waiting for Sarah’s cookbook as well to be delivered.

    Written whilst eating the last of my giant Haigh’s giant dark chocolate frog and knowing I’ll be paying for this later on……hey, I had to get rid of it!

  12. Zoe Gale Avatar

    Thank you so much for all you’re doing, this is perfect timing, I fell off the GAPS wagon in April and my finger joints are getting more and more inflamed. Very interesting about the 9 cups of veggies per day. And the sleep…yep that’s a big one for me, too…

  13. Rawat Avatar

    Thanks wellness mama. Wish to be motivated like you
    I am horribly underweight. Height is 1.73 & weight is 45kg. Breastfeeding mum.
    I have been to numerous doctors but with no success in diagnosing the problem. I have no energy.
    Will this be able to help me and what kind of a doctor would you suggest to see

    1. Audry Avatar

      I’m reading all these comments and I want to answer everyone 🙂 I’ve been on a detox for a week now, so I was excited to find out Katie posted a (world-wide) cleanse/diet!

      As an student of Chinese medicine, I would highly suggest that you seek the help of an acupuncturist, I have see first hand many “miracles” as the western doctors would call it, but it’s just a matter of a good practitioner who really cares and is trained to get to the root of the problem rather than put a band-aid on the symptoms.

      I hope that helps and I hope you get well, as a breast-feeding mom, that is truly a difficult situation. The good news is that you are seeking help, so this means you are willing to make that change 🙂

      Good luck on your cleanse!

      Feel free to PM me.

      1. Kenda Avatar

        I am also a BIG fan of acupunture, for MANY different disfunctions of the body or injures. With a chronic condition, such as an Auto Immune Issue, is is beneficial to help with symptom management, but in my experience can not TRUMP the illness and overwhelming relentlessness of your immune system bent on killing its opposition. I have also taken the tinctures and still, my body doesn’t respond long term. I have been sick for seven years, and have become a professional lab rat!

        1. Audry Avatar


          I should add here that along with acupuncture, a “diet”/lifestyle such as Paleo, Ancestral (Traditional foods/WAPF) or Primal are best of course with the best natural quality and adjustments such as food intolerance, allergies and so on….along with the right temperature and flavors…yeah, that’s where it gets confusing.

          Fortunately, my background in nutrition is in traditional foods and proper preparation, allergies/food intolerance, along with western herbs and natural medicine. So, when I started studying Chinese medicine I started to incorporate the principles into nutrition.
          For example, my youngest son who is 3 1/2 (mind you raised on a WAPF diet) has always gotten “strange” ailments that I didn’t even know how to research them, plus teeth decay (doesn’t eat sweets, white flour or processed anything) and he was catching a cold every 6 weeks or so that would last a few days.

          Come to find out, he had a cold temperature naturally so when he ate cold foods such as a piece of cold fruit from the fridge or cooling foods such as dairy (even raw grass-fed) it would lower his body temperature (or immune system) and he would become susceptible to colds.
          When I figured this out, I made sure I ran the fruit under hot water or he could only have fruit at room temp. As far as dairy, I simply cut it out with a little bit here and there as long as it’s not cold. And if he happens to eat something cold, or he gets too cold, I give him some warming ginger and clove syrup. Through my studies, I learned to “read” tongues, so I just monitor his health by looking at his tongue daily to make sure he is healthy.
          On top of everything, once I took gluten out of his diet, his teeth stopped decaying…go figure.

          So my point here is that there is so much more to health than just balancing qi (energy) in the body which can have some major benefits but the acupuncturist should also be able to advise on temperatures and flavors of foods and herbs that are best for the patient. Unfortunately, the texts that are still used are from ancient China and do not mention modern day allergies or intolerance’s such as gluten, dairy, eggs and so on….or the quality.

          WOW, I wrote so much here I hope this info helps any readers out there who may have any of the same issues, please feel free to PM me, I’m always glad to help where I can 🙂

          1. Kenda Avatar

            I couldn’t agree more, and I LOVE CTM and all the Nutritional asp[ects that incorperate a WHOLE approach. “Healing w/ Whole foods” FAB BOOK!!! 😉 My acupuncturist moved. OH HOW I MISS HER, and I havn’t come to trust any one else ;( Sorry I have no Idea how to Private Message you;)

          2. Michele Avatar

            I just recently heard about the whole temperature thing! I’m very intrigued and confused.Honestly I haven’t had much time to research it, but I would love suggestions as to where to start!
            And the tongue reading??? Really? I like to know more about that! I don’t know if mine would even be possible as I have what is called “geographical mouth”, and it affects my tongue.
            I’m going to do something I never do, but I am just that desparate for help!

        2. Audry Avatar

          Sorry, I just saw your message, please email me and I can send you some of my work on temperatures and tongue reading. It’s almost complete! I’d love the feedback 🙂

          1. Miriam Avatar

            Hi! Thank you so much for this awesome post. I was wondering about coconut products; coconut yogurt, coconut milk, coconut flakes etc… are these ok to eat during an autoimmune diet?

        3. Naoma Avatar

          How could u possibly eat 9 cups of veggies
          Plus meat..fruit
          Is there recipes available

    2. Marisa Avatar

      I just wanted to let you know you are not alone!! I am a BF mom, too, and underweight. It happens to me with every baby. You may want to look into adrenal fatigue.


  14. Selin Avatar

    I’ve not been eating meat and poultry for 17 years. ( I eat eggs and fish) do you think this diet would work with fish only? or if I can eat meat after all these years my digestion system will mess up?

    1. Audry Avatar


      The best thing to do is listen to your body!
      Fish and eggs would be just fine as your main protein source (there are SOOO many ways to cook eggs). If you would like to try introducing some nice grass-fed meat (little by little), go for it, but take note of how you feel. If it’s not good, simply don’t eat it.

      I should also include that you should try the meat on it’s own, otherwise if you do get a digestive issue after eating meat mixed with something else, you might not know what is causing the upset…after all…sometimes a super healthy food like kale or other dark leafy greens can cause gas and bloating.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      Good luck on trying!! 🙂

      1. Audry Avatar

        OMG, I just realized that EGGS are NOT allowed, oops, my bad…sorry. Seafood would be fine as your main protein as well 🙂 Just change it up if you get bored.

        1. Erin Avatar

          Eggs are not allowed on this diet BUT I wanted to put it out there that often people have reactions to the eggs if the chickens were fed SOY but will be fine with non-soy/corn eggs.

          1. Stephanie Avatar

            That’s me! I can’t eat anything that was fed soy. I’ve been (mostly) soy-free for 6 years and truly soy-free (animals that ate it) for about 3 years. It’s tough to get started because it’s in EVERYTHING but I’d never go back. (I’ve also been gluten-free for about 2 years.)

          2. Kenda Avatar

            QUESTION about Eggs. Katie, is it what they eat or can we be reactant to the BEST EGGS? I have my own chickens/total free range/ fed organic, non soy, non corn chicken feed. I even feed them kombucha cultures and ACV in water (yes they are spoiled;) Would I still potentially react to eggs? (Hashimoto’s) Thank You again!

          1. Angela Avatar

            Kenda, I was wondering the same thing. Eggs are my favorite food. I would be devastated if I couldn’t eat them.

    2. Erika Avatar

      Selin, after all these years eating no meat at all, your body might very well react towards meat with much nausea, since your body is probably overloaded with chromium from veggies that have not had red meat to combat the chromium. Just a heads up that it might take awhile to detox the chromium, and you might feel badly at first.

  15. Michelle Avatar

    Looking forward to doing the 30 day protocol with the support of a group. Thanks for the inspiration, I needed it!

  16. Jenessa Avatar

    I am in for the 30 days! I just found out I have Hashimotos as well and am in serious need of a reset. My body has been going haywire between the hashimotos and allergies, so I’m hoping this helps me!

    1. Lynée Avatar

      I have suffered from most of the symptoms on the Hashimotos disease and allergies for most of my life, however I have not had a formal diagnosis. What is the procedure for this? What type of specialist would I see, if any?

      1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

        I had to see a functional medicine doctor to finally get a diagnosis. He did a blood test and a thyroid ultrasound to make the diagnosis. I found the autoimmune plan was helpful even before then though.

        1. Jacquiline Avatar

          I will be moving to Arizona in 3.5 weeks and I’m currently on Medicaid. I am suffering from some kind of ongoing fatigue which I believe might be thyroid related…although initial thyroid test came back normal so doc didn’t want a follow-up. I am always cold and uncomfortable, lower body temp always on thermometer at home and at doc, TERRIBLE PMS symptoms (hormonal flushes, extreme fatigue, pain in legs, emotional). I have a history of arthritis, dry skin, thinning hair (stopped thinning though), foggy memory, anxiety, depression. I can’t even exercise anymore without feeling like it’s making me sick. Does any of this strike a chord with anyone? Can anyone give me any advice or direct me to a doc in AZ that can help once I get back on Medicaid when I move there? Please. Thanks.

          1. Carly Avatar

            I have had hypothyroid for years but was diagnosed with hashimotos in march and celiac this past Friday. I have every one of those symptoms. If I were you I’d get the celiac test at an allergist and get thyroid levels checked by an endocrinologist. Ask for the full thyroid panel. 🙂 good luck!!

          2. Natalie Avatar

            I had terrible PMS cramping and the thing that helped me most was supplementing with calcium and magnesium. Try taking a liquid, I did the blue bonnet brand.

          3. MaryEllen Avatar

            Check out the book Why Isn’t My Brain Working? by Datis Kharrazian. He covers all these symptoms. Very eye opening book. Excellent.

          4. Georgia Avatar

            Jacqueline, do you know the website ‘stopthethryroidmadness’? Worth a look. I was told for about 20 years that my thyroid function was normal, then a private doc tested and found me to be quite badly hypothyroid…for what it’s worth it sounds to me as if you are hypothyroid too. x

          5. Mike Avatar

            Yes I can give you some good advice. Stop believing in mans franken food and start believing in God’s Goodies. When a wild buck gets up in the morning he eats raw organic vegetation. When a wild tiger gets up in the morning he eats raw grass fed herbivores. Ten years ago I had so many diseases even my diseases had diseases. Meds gave me nasty side effects. A folk medicine practitioner cured me in just 3 days drinking green smoothies made from organic baby leaves, the 50/50 mixture and the super babies. To these he added raw organic berries and celtic sea salt. I drank one every 2 hours. When I had to go to the bathroom during the night I drank another one. I ate over ripe bananas including the peels and raw pastured eggs. The supplements he gave me were colostrum, my community 17 mushroom blend, 5000 units d3/day, 25,000 units vitamin a from fish liver oil/day, unrefined red palm oil and black chia seeds, For inspiration watch raw food videos and study high ormus sole.

      2. Carol Avatar

        Lynne, were you able to find a Functional Medicine doctor? If you haven’t and don’t know how to find one in your area, or close to your area, google “the insistute of functional medicine”. (This is my first post here and don’t know if they allow first timers to post links….). Their site has a search platform for finding a functional medicine doctor in your area. It’s best to go to someone on the list since anyone can advertise that they practice functional medicine. Good luck!

        1. Sara Avatar

          You can also obtain a Hashimoto’s diagnosis by visiting an endocrinologist. Their knowledge of the disease and the role of gluten in exacerbating/causing it varies; however, I went to an endo who caught mine almost by accident. They do the antibodies test as part of their standard blood workup – unlike Primary Care Physicians, who simply test your level of thyroid functioning. This is why mine was not caught till I went to see an endo who tested me, ironically, for Vitamin D deficiency, which often correlates with Hashimoto’s. Aside from providing the initial diagnosis – which was huge! – my first endo was highly unhelpful and dismissive when it came to gluten intolerance. However, I have now found an endo who gets it. I am suggesting an endocrinologist, because they often accept insurance, which is often preferrable to the exhorbitant intake fees frequently charged by Functional Medicine Doctors ($600 for 3 hr intake, $350 for 2 hr intake, etc). Endocrinologists can be much more affordable. However, I have now located an affordable Functional Medicine Doctor as well and will hopefully be followed by both.

          1. MaryEllen Avatar

            My functional Medicinr doc takes insurance and my first appointment, 1.5 hoirs long was a $30 copay. Very happy!

      3. Toni Avatar

        I saw a naturopath that did a complete blood workup for me. She wasn’t actually the one who diagnosed me though. I took those results to a naturopath/MD who finally diagnosed me. I haven’t seen her in a while because on the 5 stages of grief, I’ve been stuck in denial for a while. My nutritionist had me on a fairly strict diet and I felt much better on that, and lost a bunch of weight. I then slipped back into denial and started eating anything I wanted. Now I’m in the acceptance stage and am ready to do the work. What is the saying? “Nothing tastes as good as being thin?” For us, sadly there is so much more at stake than just weight control.

  17. Jill Avatar

    Love this, thank you for posting!

    I noticed tea is allowed but not coffee…not even decaf?

      1. patte Avatar

        Hey Katie & Jill,
        I quit decaf by using Dandy Blend, which is just dandelion and chicory root and I don’t miss the coffee at all. Just wondering what your thoughts are on Dandy Blend and if you have ever tried it? thanks!

        1. marcy Avatar

          i’m having a terrible time quitting coffee as it’s also like an antidepressant for me..for a time rena tea helped… but where do you get the dandy tea and does it give you energy? but check out rena tea online it’s great…

          my problem is mucus… i wonder if this diet decreases mucus… iused have bronchitis and upper respiratory infections far too often.. i’m wondering if slippery elm bark has been by tried..

          1. Kim Avatar

            I have learned that when I do not eat dairy then I have less mucus. Hope that helps 🙂

          2. Allison Avatar

            Kali bich 30, Kali sulph 30, Kali Mir 30 for mucus problems. Use all three! I have the same problem. I think it is the milk.?

          3. Alissa Avatar

            Try an alkaline diet . Keeping PH above a certain level helps expel mucus . Dr. Sebi is a huge ambassador.

          4. Liz Avatar

            Swish oil in your mouth for 20mins. It cleans the mucus out. Best to use coconut oil or veggie oil. Try to do it everyday. It’s called oil pulling, it is detoxifying.

      2. Corrine Avatar

        I was curious what you meant by cross reactive to gluten? I have celiac disease and am gluten free but I usually have coffee so that peaked my curiosity.

          1. Lu Avatar

            this is going to extremely difficult since I don’t eat red meat and most of my protein comes from beans and I drink almond milk but I am excited to try

          2. Emilie Avatar

            I have found this to be true with certain coffee beans. Don’t have an issue with most, but there are certain places that I simply cannot go and enjoy a coffee because I have severe gut pains (like a terrible gluten attack) if I do. Thank you for the wonderful website!

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar

          It means that you will also react (that is, have or develop an allergy) to it. For example, people who are allergic may be or become allergic to avocado as well. They are cross reactive.

          1. Ashley Avatar

            Wow, that makes total sense about avocados. I get violently ill when I eat them. I have not had testing done to confirm gluten intolerance but I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at age 11. (I just turned 32). My endo said he would assume I am gluten intolerant due to symptoms and said scoping me and testing is pretty pointless. When I was 21 they removed my thyroid because it was so enlarged I couldn’t swallow. I sure wish I knew then what I know now and would have never had the surgery. I have asked my endocrinologist if I still have have Hasimotos even though I don’t have a thyroid and he had no answer for me….but I would think I would still have some sort of autoimmunity since the root cause was not dealt with. I have a 2.5 year old and ever since I had him I have not felt well. Tired all the time, thinning hair, major anxiety, some depression and just not myself at all. I am going to give this diet a shot. I think it might be just what I need and will also read more on the Paleo Mom. Thanks so much for all you do- I DEVOUR your blog quite often :).

          2. Melissa Avatar

            Ashley, I too have Hashimoto’s and felt terrible beginning with the birth of my son. Ask to see if you are positive for the MTHFR gene mutation. It can be determined through a simple blood test. If so, your ability to process folic acid (synthethtic form of folate) is significantly reduced so it builds up in your system. My doctor, unaware of this, gave me a prescription for folic acid, which I took for the first three months of pregnancy. Folic Acid can be very good for you and especially pregnant gals, unless you have this gene mutation.

          3. Wellness Mama Avatar

            Basically, some proteins in other foods can resemble the proteins in gluten to the body and create an inflammation response. Science is still learning about this, and there is definitely debate about which foods may be problematic, but this might be why some people experience problems even after eliminating the main problem food. This post explains more:

          4. Regina Cummings Avatar
            Regina Cummings

            How do I know if I am allergic to coffee?

      3. Miriam Avatar

        Can you explain what “cross reactive with gluten” means? Thank you so much!

      4. Ashley Avatar

        I feel so frustrated because no matter what i eat I have horrible stomach pains afterwards. I just ate bone broth and an avocado and my stomach already hurts. I took an ALCAT food sensitivity test and I am positive for MTFHR gene and my top severe foods are salmon and chicken which what I was trying to eat for the autoimmune protocall. Any suggestions? Please let me know. I feel so lost 🙁

        1. LB Avatar

          if these are okay Beef is super and another choice of fish try swapping avocado incase your allergy to it like Katie says can happen above
          please don’t lose hope
          there’s a lot of options out there
          you’ll soon find what will work for you and your body

        2. Maria Avatar

          Bone broth is high in Free Glutamate. Something people with MTHFR gene mutations should avoid. Look up Amy Yasko and her list of excitotoxins. You will find that gelatin, which comes from bones, is on there. I too cannot handle Chicken. I found out during my elimination diet process. Amy Yasko has been a wonderful resource for me.

          1. Angela Avatar

            You’re kidding! Everything I love is a no no, either for autoimmune issues or because I’m homozygous for MTHFR. I’m doomed.

        3. Robert F Swaart II Avatar
          Robert F Swaart II

          When doing your test and being found positive what was the end result or let us look at what might not have happened. Let us go back to the starting point before the test. What did you eat? Was it just the food you listed (2 things I believe you mentioned). I grew up in the 50’s. Got sick doc came to the home and gave a shot of penicillin and on your way to better health. Yet the best part is the only way we could get out of school was to put 2 pennies in your shoe and be sent home from school with a fever. Mom always cleaned the counters with Peroxide after preparing meats. I was amazed as a child to see the many bubbles and the red blood would always rise to the top of the counter with 99.9 percent clean.Well, back then not everything was put in throw away itemed products, such as Potato Chips before they were packaged in TIN CAN’s, Cereals in Boxes not in Wax paper. Oh and Milk in Wax Carton’s. Yes environment has a lot to do with the Autoimmune Problem’s that exist today.

          The best part is that I never had stomach issues till they stopped putting milk in GLASS BOTTLE’s. Then we have an epidemic of on our hands. I wont bore you with listing all with a list I am sure you read.
          Who am I, I am into Natural Cures and have done many Friends who want to get away from conventional medicines. It is not conventional medicine’s you have to turn away yet make yourself aware for the needs maybe just not one item as it could be multiple conditions within the Autoimmune System where the Problem needs to be corrected. Time to feed the Brain the Fuel it need’s to bring on a better balance and in a very short period of time you will start feeling better. Be Well Start with Loving you Today! Mddoc13 Robert F Sawart II ND

      5. Ashley Avatar

        so is no lemons allowed on the autoimmune protocall? I normally have warm water with lemon everyday .. thanks!

      6. Theresa Avatar

        Is lemon tea water okay on autoimmune reset diet? I usually squeeze a small lemon in the morning, before eating, with hot water to cleanse my liver (to cleanse gallbladder sludge out) and increase acid production in stomach. Should I give up for the 30 day reset?
        And is dandy blend okay on reset diet?
        Thank you

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar

          Generally, it means if you react to one, you react to the other. So people allergic to latex often also react to bananas, and vice versa… Or in this case, if you are sensitive to gluten, then coffee can set you off too.

      7. Alexander C. Frank Avatar
        Alexander C. Frank

        Instant coffee is cross reactive. Check out Cyrex Lab Array 4.

        1. Ana Avatar

          I have noticed instant stomach bloat from Instant coffee. I tried different brands, with no luck.

      8. Mirka Avatar

        Hi katie- trying to figure out what to do- I’ve been a little stressed trying not to be -have lost a lot of sleep over 3 years going on 4 from a back injury (2012). Gained some weight and trying to loose it now learning more about helping my own body and cleansing it after watching the truth about cancer. Since I had my little girl (2011) I have always had a pain on right button abs by hip area. I get it off and on and now i have noticed- just after dealing with stress dealing with workers comp case – financial change due to case, physical activity decreased tremendously due to injury… – I noticed that my throat hurts under my chin top of throat area but I’m not sick. I’m thinking maybe thyroid problem with everything I’m dealing with or autoimmune. Been trying to do Bone Broth, Kefir, Coconut oil detox teas and more veges and good protien when I feel like eating it. Wondering if this diet would be good to follow? Would love to hear what you have to say – of course I know need to follow up with dr. Have an appt coming up soon with DO – so I will also be going over this with her too. Would really like to see what you think – thank you

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar

          Glad you are seeing a doc to hopefully get some tests and answers. I personally do think this 30-day reset is helpful, as it seems to help reduce inflammation and I noticed a drastic difference. Also, since it really just focuses on eating really clean whole foods, it can help nourish the body. I hope you are able to find answers soon and resolve your issues… I’ve been there too and it is so frustrating to know something is wrong but not have a diagnosis yet. Hugs!

          1. Mirka Avatar

            TY Katie for responding – Yes this week we will see wat doctor says 🙂 thanks for your response and will look at this cleanse 🙂

          2. Kayla Avatar

            Hi Katie,
            I have a question regarding the supplements. (I am unable to see a naturopathic doctor at the moment) while on the 30-day reset, is it crucial to find out what nutrients your body is deficient in or is it okay to by pass the supplements all together during the reset? Thank you!

      9. Mirka Avatar

        Hi Katie left a message earlier – been reviewing autoimmune – I am now thinking I don’t have this but something going on- this is xoxoM and have had a few things happening the last 3-4 yrs – after having a baby 2011 and getting back injury in 2012. I been trying to get back to as healthy as I was before injury and feeling a little bit achy and throat hurting even though it’s not cold or flu. I have been trying to eat more clean even though I ate healthy but combined some American diet in it- and now doing gaps diet and trying to getting used to eating more real foods than American diet. So I’m wondering if my throat hurting may be from the change in diet? I’m also taking coconut oil and acv with honey and turmeric hoping to keep sickness at bay … Cleansing my body seems like to be taking a toll on it – would love to hear what you suggest . Ty in advance

        1. Carly Avatar

          Hi mirka, I saw your post and was just wondering if you found any answers?? I’ve had similar issues since the birth of my daughter (pain in lower abdomen, pain/swelling in throat, some achy joints, fatigue), and I feel like I’ve been through every test known to man! Colonoscopy, d&c, ultrasounds, CT scan, blood work. Nothing shows up as being wrong other than testing positive for some inflammation, but that’s a very non specific test. So if you’ve made any discoveries I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

          1. Kate Avatar

            Hi Carly,
            I’ve had similar symptoms you mentioned since giving birth to my son, but my worst was skin inflammation (eczema) on my face, and allergy type symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, lump in throat. I am hypothyroid and I’m thinking it’s Hashimoto’s but haven’t been diagnosed. I’m thinking the stress of pregnancy triggered more antibodies and lowered my thyoid level because even on thyroid medication my levels are low. You should look into checking your thyroid levels or for Hashimoto’s, some standard blood tests aren’t accurate so I would see a naturopath for this. I started eating mostly Paleo/AIP (other than some quinoa/amaranth and seeds) and noticed HUGE difference, especially going off of dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, corn, potatoes, and processed sugar. I recently had food sensitivity testing (IgG) and getting the foods I’m sensitive out of my diet has also really, really helped with inflammation. I would definitely recommend that! I’m planning on doing a candida cleanse once I’m done breastfeeding because I think that also may be affecting me. Best wishes with your healing process!

          2. Mirka Avatar

            Hi Carly will find out more on the 1st of July soon … will let you know. Just FYI – Ive been doing my own cleansing trying to wean of traditional diet and my social drinking – have to have my treats and unwind ..
            bone broth is addicting and eating or drinking healthy is so good… have been doing smoothies in the morning mixed with kefir and salads for lunch and dinner or veggies …really it feels good…lost about 15 lbs… still worried about digestive stuff and healing and detoxing… we will see how it goes in the few weeks.
            the pain isn’t so bad because of my diet ..but heard from a call i got from my doctor that it may be hypothyroidism …but don’t have tails yet.. will keep you posted 🙂 ty for asking. If your trying to find out whats going on – Get a complete work up blood work and everything and change doc to a DO Osteopathic doctor or holistic. It will change your life . Keep learning and researching so much to learn.

        2. Cally Avatar

          I find my throat aches when there is over production of stomach acid that pushes upwards – feels like a strep throat. I use to treat it with Altosec. I have all the same symptoms as you including a back injury pain all day. I have been back and forth for 4 years to doctors to no avail. I also have hypothyroidism. Two days ago the chronic pain was unbearable, and I was at my lowest point ever after leaving my neurologist office where prognosis for back pain was so poor. . I did some research found the AIP reset diet, stopped all meds started the diet. Wow what a difference – no morning stiffness, back pain is calming down, no joint pain, no ulcer pain. I am not as tired. A little bit headachy from the sinuses draining which I believe is to be expected.

      10. Kayla Avatar

        I am on day 5 of the reset. I have been having about 5 servings of fresh fruit a day. Is that okay? I feel like I would be in the candy store ASAP without fruit!

    1. Ann Avatar

      Hi there. I’m not sure if Teechino is allowed or not but if it is they now have a gluten free coffee substitute!

      1. Lynn Louise Wonders Avatar
        Lynn Louise Wonders

        I’m fairly sure Techino is grain based although it has chicory root – that may be probelmatic…. Katie?

          1. Karis Avatar

            Teecino’s Roasted Dandelion and Dandelion Caramel Nut are both gluten-free (and grain-free), but of course the latter has nuts in it (almonds).

      2. Duchess Avatar

        I have created some DELICIOUS herbal coffees:

        Love yourself herbal “coffee”
        3 parts roasted chicory root
        2 parts roasted dandelion root
        1 part licorice root
        1 part cinnamon (chips)
        1 part rose petals

        Ginger ZING herbal “coffee”
        4 parts roasted chicory root
        2 parts dried ginger root
        1 part roasted dandelion root
        1 part licorice root

        Mint-a-licious herbal coffee
        2 parts roasted chicory root
        2 parts peppermint
        1 part licorice root
        1 part roasted dandelion root

        If I can quit coffee and caffeine, ANYONE can!

        Enjoy, loves!

        1. Ryder Avatar

          Hi Duchess
          I made your first coffee recipe and I love it. Delicious! I have been off coffee for 3 months. I was out with a friend n had chamomile tea while she was getting refills of coffee. I was so ready to cheat!! So I remembered your recipe and got the ingredients. The only thing is I’m not supposed to have licorice root (I did include it anyway) on the AIP diet. Any suggestions in replacing it? Thanks

    2. veena Avatar

      hi i’m Veena recently diganosed with hypothyroid… question is need to take mutlivitamin can you please let me know which multivitamins are good…I read lot of supplements contain soy….I think soy is not good for thyroid…please let me know…

      you are awesome 🙂

    3. Ann Avatar

      I am so interested in the auto immune reset diet. I don’t understand why night vegetables are not included, also nuts, seeds and spices that come from seeds. I have hashimoto’s. Tomorrow I begin GAPS protocol for leaky gut. On occasion I have muscle aches, but no problems with joints. Would that mean that night vegetables would be ok for me?

      1. Elizabeth Avatar

        I did AIP for a year for my Hashimoto’s. I also had quite severe muscle (not joint) pain that went with it. It is quite common for people with Hashimoto’s to also show symptoms of or be diagnosed with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue.

        Nightshade vegetables have high levels of certain alkaloids that can be quite problematic and inflammatory for some people. Sensitivity to nightshades often shows up in the joints, but not exclusively. To give your body the best shot at healing, it would be best to eliminate nightshades for a while and then reintroduce them and see what happens. Peppers are my kryptonite. Even just trace amounts and I can feel the pain returning to my muscles within hours and the flare will last for a few days.

        Nuts and seeds are eliminated because they are very common allergens. People with autoimmune diseases have a compromised gut and are more susceptible to developing allergies/sensitivities as a result. If you continue to eat them and they are an irritant for you, it can prevent your gut from healing. As a result, it is best to eliminate them for a while and then reintroduce to see if you notice any changes. For most people, it will be a “just in case” measure, but for some people, it can make a big difference to their healing.

    4. Amy Winnell Avatar
      Amy Winnell

      Hi there 🙂
      I’m wondering if you ladies can tell me, does this process help with Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
      It has not been confirmed to be a auto immune disorder, though I have noticed certain foods cause me to flare.
      I am desperate to find a way to regain control over my body and my health!!

      1. Tina Avatar

        Hi Amy
        Did any one answer you on this? I also have HS and it has gotten SO bad. I’m at wits end and. I idea what to try. Do you have anythings that help you? I also have MS (auto immune) and wonder if there is spent in else going on. I’m horrified of modifying my diet because I don’t know where to start. Anything you can suggest would help!

        1. Marie Avatar

          I have HS, too. It got so bad, I started doing my own research and diagnosed myself bc no doctor could help me. I gave up gluten, all nightshades, nuts and seeds, eggs and legumes. Giving up these things has helped SO much with my flares, but I still have alcohol about 1-2x’s a week and I haven’t given up dairy yet. It is very difficult, but I am trying to take healing to the next level. Although my breakout’s have diminished SO much, I still break out and am not even close to being healed. I eat too many empty gluten free calories that aren’t helping. I think it is imperative to completely avoid ALL food sensitivities, eat lots of vegetables as well as supplementing to heal the gut with some determined patience!

    5. sarah Avatar

      Hi there I was diagnosed a month ago I was feeling in perfect health just joint pain in my hip which was becoming chronic and stubborn weight gain despite being vegan andhiking daily .My doct find my tpos in the hundreds.So now am on a paleo diet I hate it I want to be vegan again !I have not lost any weight only half a kilo which I think is just muscle because I didnt exercise for the last 3 weeks because I felt so depressed.synthyroid maked me dizzy so I dont take it I am 46 year old mum of 6 lively kids !I am dedperate to lose weight whats the secret .

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