14 Homemade Spice Blends

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homemade herb and spice mixes
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Many store bought herb and spice blends can be expensive, and a lot of them contain additives, anti-caking agents, or MSG.

Homemade Herb and Spice Blends

Fortunately, most are very easy to make, and if you order your ingredients in bulk, you can make 14 (or more) different spice blends using under 30 herbs. You’ll be able to eat the cuisine of another country every night for two weeks, and quality spice blends can make even plain meat and vegetables exciting.

Personally, I order all the herbs necessary to make these herb and spice blends in 1 pound quantities from reputable sources on Amazon. It is so much cheaper to buy herbs and spices in bulk, and shopping online makes it a breeze to find good organic spices. I freeze any that I’m not using right away, or keep them in a cool, dry place and they last for at least a year. I use many of the herbs in other herbal recipes like my Vinegar of the Four Thieves Health Tonic, so they don’t go to waste.

If you’ve never made your own spice blends, I’d encourage you to try it! It’s simple, saves money, and you avoid the chemical additives that are in most spice blends.

If you have a dehydrator and the time, you can also make your own garlic powder, onion powder and chili powder to save money.

Taco Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

Homemade DIY Taco Seasoning Blend Recipe

Taco Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Put all in jar and shake well or mix in a food processor until mixed. Store in an airtight jar for up to six months. Makes approximately ¾ cup. To use: sprinkle on ground beef or chicken as you would any store bought taco seasoning. 3 tablespoons is the same as 1 packet of store bought taco seasoning. Great for lettuce tacos.

Print the recipe here.

Homemade Curry Powder Recipe Ingredients

Homemade curry powder seasoning recipe

Homemade Curry Powder Recipe Instructions

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, jar, or food processor and store in an airtight container until ready to use. Can be used on meats, vegetables, or in soups. Especially good in with chicken, shrimp or vegetables.

Print this recipe here.

Homemade Italian Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

Homemade Italian Seasoning Mix Recipe with Dried Herbs

Homemade Italian Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Place all herbs in a jar and shake well. Great in any Italian recipes such as eggplant Parmesan, chicken Parmesan, Meatza, grain-free spaghetti, zucchini lasagna, etc.

Print this recipe here.

Homemade Rajin’ Cajun Seasoning Ingredients

Rajin Cajun Sesoning Blend Recipe

Homemade Rajin’ Cajun Seasoning Instructions

Mix all ingredients in jar or food processor and store in an airtight container. Good on stir frys, eggs, casseroles, and poultry. Can add more or less cayenne pepper for preferred level of spiciness.

Print this Cajun seasoning recipe here.

Healthy Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe Ingredients

Real Food Ranch Dressing Powder Mix Recipe - Wellness Mama

Healthy Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe Instructions

Mix all ingredients together in jar or food processor. To make into ranch dressing, mix 1 tablespoon of this mix with 1/3 cup homemade mayonnaise or Greek yogurt and ¼ cup coconut milk.

Print the recipe here.

Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning Mix

  • zest from 4-6 organic lemons OR ½ cup dried lemon zest
  • 6 TBSP ground black pepper OR whole peppercorns if you are using fresh lemon
  • 5 TBSP Himalayan salt or sea salt

Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipe Instructions

If using fresh lemon zest, thoroughly zest the lemons and spread the fresh lemon out on a baking sheet. Put into the oven on the lowest setting and leave until completely dried. Mine took about 70 minutes, but yours make take more or less time. When completely dried, mix with the peppercorns and salt in a food processor until well mixed. If making with pre-dried lemon peel, just mix all ingredients in a food processor until blended.

Print this recipe here.

Seasoned Salt Recipe Ingredients

Homemade Seasoned Salt Recipe

Seasoned Salt Recipe Instructions

Combine all ingredients and mix well by shaking in a jar. Store in an airtight container.

Print the recipe here.

Fajita Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

DIY Fajita Seasoning

Fajita Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Mix well in bowl or jar and store in airtight container until use. Use about 1 teaspoon per chicken breast or steak when making fajitas. I use for making fajitas and fajita salad.

Print this recipe here.

French Onion Soup Mix Ingredients

Wellness Mama French Onion Soup Mix copy

French Onion Soup Mix Instructions

Use approximately ¼ cup of the French onion soup mix per 2 cups of beef stock (or bone broth) to make French onion soup (add 3-4 onions that have been very thinly sliced and slowly caramelized). To use as a mix, you can add ½ cup soy-free and MSG free beef bouillon powder to the recipe and then use as you would a packet of French onion soup mix (¼ cup=1 package). Excellent on roasts or for making French onion soup. I also use as the seasoning for the meat in shepherd/cottage pie.

Print the recipe here.

Chili Seasoning Mix Ingredients

Wellness Mama Chili Seasoning Mix

Chili Seasoning Mix Instructions

Mix all ingredients and store in an airtight container. ¼ cup of mix=1 package of store bought chili seasoning. Great for all types of chili (this one is my favorite).

Print the recipe here.

Herbs de Provence Ingredients

Wellness Mama Herbs de Provence

Herbs de Provence Instructions

If you are zesting the orange yourself, remove the zest of one organic orange and dry in an oven on lowest setting or a dehydrator until completely dry. Place in a food processor with the lavender flowers and lightly pulse. Remove and mix all ingredients in a jar or bowl until mixed (do not grind up the herbs!). Excellent in soups, on chicken or on roasted vegetables.

Print the recipe here.

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Recipe Ingredients

Wellness Mama Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Mix all ingredients together and store in airtight container. When using, it is especially good if mixed with honey and painted on the meat.

Print the Jamaican jerk seasoning recipe here.

Asian 5-Spice Seasoning Ingredients

Asian 5-Spice Seasoning Mix Recipe

Asian 5-Spice Seasoning Instructions

Mix all ingredients and store in airtight container. Great for recipes like beef and broccoli stir fry and other Asian themed cuisine.

Print the recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Ingredients

Wellness Mama Pumpkin Pie Seasoning

Pumpkin Pie Spice Instructions

Mix all ingredients and store in airtight container. Use as you would regular pumpkin pie spice. Great in pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, spiced pumpkin lattes or coconut flour pumpkin muffins.

Print the recipe here.

herb jarsI store all of my homemade spice blends in glass jars or glass bottles and keep them in my spice cabinet.

Ever made your own seasoning spice blends? What’s your favorite? Share below!

Save money while making these high quality herb and spice blends at home without additives or chemicals!

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81 responses to “14 Homemade Spice Blends”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Just built my dream spice cupboard (floor to ceiling) because I love being adventurous w/seasonings, vinegars, etc. Wish I could post a pic here to show you. Can’t say how tickled I am now when I go to cook and every flavoring, oil and vinegar is all in one spot!

  2. Nina Avatar

    I just made Rosemary Gladstar’s heart sprinkle, with toasted coconut and heart healthy herbs <3 it's delicious!

    1. Orisha Avatar

      A las her site is closed down at the moment…I would love to see this recipe! Sounds like an intriguing recipe!

  3. Jenny Avatar

    On several recipes you say to use “chili powder.” What type of chili powder do you use? Cayenne or something else? I used Cayenne for chili powder in the fajita mix, but it is almost so hot I can’t use it. Any clarification would be great! Thank you!!!

    1. Emily Garrison Avatar
      Emily Garrison

      Cayenne and chili powder are not the same thing. Chili powder isn’t that spicy, our 3 year old will eat it. Cayenne however is really spicy, I wouldn’t substitute it for chili powder. I get my chili powder in a very large shaker from Sam’s Club. Kroger grocery store also carries it. It’s just called chili powder.

      1. Cindy Avatar

        If you are trying to watch your salt intake (thus making your own mixes to avoid the unneeded/added salt) be very careful which Chili Powder you purchase. If you look at the ingredients 90% of them have added salt.

        We looked at all of the brands available at our local store (including the bulk bin) and only found one that does not have any added salt.

        1. Michelle Avatar

          I don’t buy “chili powder” because it usually is its own mix of ground chile and other spices including salt.

          While in I lived in California I would use ground California Chile and Ground New Mexico chile’s in a 50/50 mix. One has a bit of heat, the other flavor. Then I would use that in my taco seasoning recipe.

          Now that I live in Indiana, I cannot find New Mexico or California chiles. I have been using ground Arbole and ground ancho.

          I can’t really tell a taste difference in my mix with the new chile’s

    2. Mike J Avatar

      Chili Powder is mostly used as a coloring agent and although it does have a certain taste to it, it has virtually no spice (heat) to it at all. Gerbhardt is one of the best but you can get chili powder in the Mexican Spice section in most stores for alot cheaper. We call it “Chile de Color”. Do not get it confused with Ground Red Pepper because this one is spicy.

      1. Larry H Avatar
        Larry H

        Mike you are sooo right!! The store bought Chili, with an i, doesn’t have much spice or aroma. I make my own with a couple of different peppers, the hottest is the Chile de Arbol. I buy some at the Mexican market, already dried, deseed them, and grind them into a powder. I add garlic, cumin, but you can add others as well. If you want some hotter peppers, you can remove half, or more, of the seeds and membrane to lessen the heat. Habanero’s have a fruity flavor once the heat is removed. You will use less of your homemade mix because it will have more flavor..

  4. Alison Avatar

    Thank you so much for this! The Cajun has been my favorite, but all have a great flavor. I’m not sold on the Asian though, any tips for that one? I like a good ginger, garlic, salt mix for Asian usually.

  5. lynda thompson Avatar
    lynda thompson

    I make my own Italian seasoning blend, after I realized I was buying it too often. I made a huge container of it. I use it all the time. I have been against buying packaged spice blends and packets to make chili etc. because those add chemicals. I haven’t used those packets in years. I’m trying to get people to understand you can do this on your own, both for health and to save money.

  6. Shane Webb Avatar
    Shane Webb

    Can you add how much salt we need in the (currently salt-less) seasoned salt recipe please? Thanks!!!

  7. Michelle Avatar

    Ok, having a dopey day…my first message never did post and now I see that one of your mixes is a chilli seasoning, so I will assume it is that one and not bother the busy pregnant lady!!

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Ps to my earlier question…I do see you have a link to chilli powder, but most chilli powders are not just dried peppers, but other spices too. Any idea which of the above mixes would be comparable to a chilli powder? Thanks so much

  9. Lila Avatar

    Wow! Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Ranch and taco seasoning.

  10. Traven Avatar

    What a great selection of spice blends! And MANY thanks for the PDF! Happy Trails-

  11. Dan Avatar

    Hey Wellness mama,

    you don’t list a salt amount for your seasoned salt mix. How much salt should be used in this recipe?


  12. Cranie Avatar

    So stoked you had this!  I can’t wait to start throwing these together.

  13. Michaela Avatar

    I love homemade spice mixes. Funny story…. I made a batch of taco seasoning one day & asked my oldest (14 at the time) to make a 2nd batch. We poured them into a container & that evening I decided to make some taco style chicken. I tasted it after cooking for a bit, and it BURNED my mouth!! I was trying to figure out how I could have put too much seasoning in. Come to find out, he had switched the measurements for cayenne & chili powder!!! I had to rinse the chicken in water & it was STILL super spicy!

    He didn’t mean to. He just wasn’t paying attention, but we still pick on him about it now!

  14. Suzanne Avatar

    I would LOVE to find a good Tandoori spice mix I could make. Any suggestions?

  15. Jennifer Avatar

    Thanks for all the great recipes! I shared it on my facebook page for The Unrefined Kitchen!

  16. Bean Avatar

    Great recipes, thanks, I have a question though, does anyone know what “cut and sifted rosemary leaf” is?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      It just means that it isn’t the whole leaf. Some places send the whole leaf, and you can “cut” it yourself by just pulsing in a food processor or using a mortar and pestle.

  17. Dawn Avatar

    THANK YOU!!   Not just for the recipes but for showing me how I can make ranch dressing for my daughter who can’t have vinegar!  Now she can have dip just like the rest of the family (and be healthier for it but don’t tell that to the extended fam).

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