My Natural Remedies Shopping List

How to make natural remedies in bulk- with my personal bulk shopping list

This is the time of year when I re-organize, reevaluate, and stock up on our needed supplies for the year. Right now, my regular organizational efforts are turbo-charged thanks to nesting and I’m taking advantage of the extra energy to order the items on my natural remedies shopping list and pre-make many remedies/beauty products before the baby comes.

A reader recently asked me what supplies I stock up on and always keep on hand for natural remedies and DIY projects and since I just re-organized my remedies cabinet and restocked, I figured I’d share.

I’ve divided this into sections based on bulk ingredients and supplies I keep on hand, herbs and spices, and other ingredients and linked to the specific ingredients I use:

Ingredients and Supplies

These are the ingredients I use most often for natural remedies and DIY projects and that I order in bulk to save money over the long-term. I’ve listed two sources for each ingredient so you can choose which source is a better deal for you. Mountain Rose Herbs often has better prices but their shipping is slow and can be expensive so those with Amazon Prime may find better deals there (though if you are ordering bulk herbs as well, I’d recommend MRH as they give bulk discounts on herbs and it makes the shipping worth it).

Please note that I have acquired these ingredients over time and didn’t purchase them all at once, but now that I have them all, they help me save money while using natural products.

My Mountain Rose Herbs Natural Remedies Shopping List

My Amazon Natural Remedies Shopping List

Other Supplies

Bulk Herbs and Spices

Mountain Rose Herbs offers discounts of up to 25% of bulk orders of herbs and spices so I typically order in bulk once a year to qualify for the discounts. In these cases, MRH is much more budget-friendly, even with shipping. If you prefer, you can often also find these bulk herbs on Amazon. I’ve ordered organic herbs from Frontier and Starwest Botanicals in the past.

Remedies I Make In Bulk

This is also the time of year when I make many of my natural remedies in bulk and re-stock any that I’ve run out of in the past year. As most infused oils, salves and lotions that I make are exclusively oil based, they last for years if kept cool and dry, so I don’t have to re-make all of these each year. The beauty of doing this all at once (besides saving money ordering the ingredients in bulk) is that many can be made in the same pans and containers so it also reduces cleaning quite a bit.

Bulk Remedy Recipes

These are the infused oils, salves, lotions and syrups and remedies I’m making this week with the ingredients I ordered above (click each one for the full recipe):

Tinctures, Vinegars and Liniments

I also pre-make most tinctures in bulk so I have them on hand when needed. Tinctures last years and years if properly made so I often still have some of these left over, but still make new batches as a good tincture takes weeks or months to prepare properly.

These are the tinctures, liniments and infused vinegars I am making this week- note that any of the tinctures below can be made alcohol-free by following these instructions.

Note: Any herb can be made into a tincture with this process, just make sure that you’ve consulted a qualified professional or herbalist before using any herb as a remedy.

Beauty Recipes

In a few hours, I can pre-make our lotions, lip balms, soaps, and beauty ingredients for the year with minimal mess (and save money over the course of the year).

I also typically pre-make big batches of laundry detergent on my bulk-prep days to have it on hand for at least a few months.

Learn how to make these and hundreds of other natural remedies from home in my exclusive Natural Home Remedies Course, which includes 31 videos, recipes, handbooks, and bonuses! Click here to learn more!

Do you have a natural remedies shopping list so you can pre-make healthy DIY items?

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Reader Comments

  1. How old are your babies when you start using lotions/balms on them that include essential oils?

    • It depends on the oil, but I used really gentle oils in very high dilutions after they were over 3 months old. In most cases, unless an oil is beneficial, I leave it unscented…

      • Thanks! Which oils did you find gentle enough and beneficial enough, to use? I feel like I read a lot of conflicting information on which oils (if any) I can use on a baby.

  2. This. Is. Awesome!

  3. My head is spinning! Amazing! With a 2 year old and a newborn arriving in the spring, do you have any recommendations of “must have’s”? Definitely no way we could afford to purchase everything on the list, as you said – it takes a while to build up a supply. Any help would be appreciated! We’re trying to be nicer to our bodies one step at a time!

    • I keep three essential oils at all times. Lavender oil is the one I use consistently. It is safe for pets too. Then eucalyptus and some type of citrus oil and I am covered for my housecleaning,health,and beauty needs. Buy lots of vinegar, I use cheap white vinegar for laundry and general housecleaning save the good applecider vineagar for all the internal uses. Once you start you will find you can cover most needs with these items and a few common items already in your home such as baking soda and salt..

    • If you want to expand on Teresa L’s suggestions, I’d add unrefined coconut oil, beeswax (I prefer the small pastilles), and shea or coco butter. A small amount, like 1/2 lb. each, plus a few essential oils can produce enough lip balm, lotion bars, and deodorant to keep you stocked up for over a year. These are also very quick and easy recipes to learn if you’re new to DIY and don’t have a lot of time, space, or equipment.

  4. You are awesome and this is awesome. Thank u! ??

  5. This is awesome! What items would you consider absolutely necessary? I’m a college student and I currently make my own deodorant, hand soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, and shampoo. (Thanks in large part to your website and podcasts! Huge fan here…) So what would you recommend are absolutely necessary for a college student? I can’t afford a lot of this stuff. Thank you…

  6. I was under the impression that you used Branch Basics for your laundry. No? Why not?

    • I do at times and for stains, but I also still make homemade detergent at times.

  7. Katie,
    This has been one of my favorite posts of yours. Thank you so much for this! The girls and I are going to be busy this weekend 🙂

  8. I just love your blog! Your generosity in sharing is so wonderful!
    Now, along with this great post, how about a follow-up about how you store all this, etc? As in a photographical tour of your kitchen and pantry? 🙂

    Thanks for EVERYTHING, Katie!

  9. Perfect time of year to tackle a project like this! Loved all the details here and how you organized it all for us. Thank you so very much! Sharing with plenty!

  10. how do you do it all? im 29 have 5 kids and pregnant with #6. ages 7 1/2, 6, 5, 3, 1. and due june 2016. i enjoy reading your advises and follow some. but i just dont understand how you find time to do all of it. plus honeschooling. please share with me. im just overloaded with daily life and cant see where ican fit making tinctures, vitamins, chest rubs, and healing salves, lotions, makeup and beauty stuff. i can barely find time to brush my tangled hair. lol. i enjoy my kids and buzy life that i have but would love to do at least 10% of what your doing cuz i love it and always strived for healthy lifestyle. please share how you manage your time. any advises for buzy mama will help!

    • Planning to start writing a lot more about my schedule and routines and checklists. Congrats on your pregnancy!

      • Thanks for the article! It’s a great list to look for ideas of more thing to make! I recently started making my own lotion, shampoo, cleaners, etc., but with three little ones it’s hard to find the time. I’m really looking forward to your articles about scheduling!

      • Yes! Please do share your routines!
        This list is awesome. I do prefer Mt. Rose Herbs when I can afford it, as the herbs seem fresher or stronger to me. But I have also had good success w/Frontier as you mention here … and Azure Standard has some at good prices (for readers who are on their route). If I’m only restocking one or two items, I compare Amazon, Azure Standard, and iHerb and just make sure it’s organic, to avoid irradiated herbs.

        • Hello I was wondering if you grow or have considered growing your own herbs and stuff? Making essential oils? Would it be better to make your own or just buy organic in bulk?

        • Texas natural supply has good prices as well.

  11. This is so amazing and helpful! Thank you for sharing!! <3

  12. Love this post! I am bookmarking and will re-visit through the year. I have been making several of your recipes (homeschooling mother of 3 boys in MO!), and my very favorites are the homemade lipstick, children’s vapo-rub, and the elderberry syrup. Thanks for this!

  13. Hi Katie,

    For those of us who have not time nor space for DIY, I have learned, from you, how to do more with less. Branch Basics covers cleaning, including hand soap, body wash, and shampoo. Coconut Oil takes care of face and teeth cleaning, and skin moisturizer, including intimate skin. Ease Magnesium Spray helps with sleep, achiness, and is my deodorant. I live in a teeny tiny apartment and it’s so much easier with so few products.
    Thank you for trustworthy advice.

  14. Thank you so much Katie! This is amazing! I wish I was half as organized as you, but it’s a real learning process for me! At least I have you and some of my good friends for inspiration!

  15. This is a great post!! Would you be able to make a similar list/post for house & home supplies (I.e. Cleaners, sprays, soaps etc.)?

    Thank you!!!!

  16. Huge money saving tip…grow or forage for your own herbs folks, that’s what I do.

  17. Hi! I’m loving all of these ‘old school’ recipes and ideas. It’s great to go back to basics. I just started making some of these things and I have a quick question…
    How long do items like lotion sticks, arnica salve, elderberry syrup, etc. last? Meaning, how long can I make them in advance? And should I store these things in the fridge to make them last longer?

    Thank you so much!!!

  18. Thanks so much for such a helpful post! One thing I have not run across but would love to find is a calendar of what to do when, thru the year. I see you infuse your oils in the summer sun…I love that! I have a book I picked up called My Herbal Year, so I can begin organizing what to do when. I would love some help! A pro like you would probably be able to give an outline that would benefit us newbies! I can see by the comments that making all these things yourself seems overwhelming, but I don’t think it has to be! Thanks so much for all you contribute that increases the quality of life for many!?????

  19. Hello, what do you recommend using as a teething gel for babies. I have a 4 month old and have been told benzocaine is dangerous and clove oil can cause an allergic reaction, do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks so much

  20. Thanks so much. This is a great resource I will definitely use.
    Can you offer suggestions on where to buy the cute tins in different shapes and sizes for the hard lotion bars?
    Thanks again do much. Your recipes and advice are awesome!!!

  21. Are star west botanical essential oils okay to use for lip balms? Are they food grade?

  22. WOW buddy, this is a fabulous list!!!! Your so amazing!! <3