101 Best Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

101 Uses for Coconut Oil Wellness Mama

I’ve said before that I am with coconut oil like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is with windex:

I use it for everything because it is one of the most versatile and healthiest substances on the planet!

In fact, it has a wide array of health benefits, hair and skin uses, and uses around the home. I was using it a decade ago before it became popular and widely available in grocery stores. If you want to try it, grab a free jar of fair-trade organic coconut oil from Thrive here.

Here’s why I love it:

Coconut Oil Benefits

This tropical oil is rich in beneficial fats like lauric acid and medium chain triglycerides that benefit the body.

Here are some of the many benefits of coconut oil:

  • Coconut Oil for Hair– This nourishing oil has been used for centuries in hair and its unique fat composition makes it especially beneficial for certain hair types. It can be used as a hair mask, oil treatment, or in homemade hair products.
  • To Moisturize and Nourish Skin– The same properties make coconut oil great for skin as well. Many people find that it is an effective natural moisturizer. Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation.
  • Digestive Help– The high concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil make it helpful for digestion. Its antimicrobial properties can help fight irritation and infection in the gut from Candida.
  • Great Source of Healthy Fats– Over 50% of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid- the same substance present in breast milk. In fact, coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid after breastmilk.
  • Metal Boost– MCTs are also well known for their ability to contribute to focus and mental performance. Adding coconut oil to a drink in the morning can help improve mental performance all day.
  • Hormone Support– Getting the wrong kinds of fats can create havoc on hormones. Coconut oil contains specific fats that support the body’s natural hormone production.
  • Immune Support– The MCTs (including lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid) have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it beneficial for immune support.

These beneficial properties of coconut oil make it a superfood and a powerhouse of uses in cooking, beauty recipes, natural remedies and around the home.

Such as:

Coconut Oil Uses

There are really endless ways to use coconut oil in your cooking, your home and on your body, but these are some of the many ways we use it:

Uses for Coconut Oil in Cooking and Recipes

  1. A great cooking oil with a high smoke point. Great for baking, stir-frys or as a dairy free replacement to butter.
  2. Added to foods or smoothies daily for energy
  3. As a coffee creamer when emulsified into coffee (The only way I’ll drink coffee)
  4. In homemade Mayo without the high PUFA vegetable oils
  5. To season cast iron skillets
  6. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism when used in foods
  7. In healthy brain boosting snack for kids like Coconut Clusters
  8. In a filling and energy boosting Brain Power Smoothie
  9. Mix a tablespoon with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an all-day energy boost (do NOT take this at night!)
  10. As a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe or in cooking
  11. In coconut based grain free granola recipes
  12. In homemade meltaways (like candy)
  13. Many use it as an anti-aging facial moisturizer
  14. Use to make coconut cream concentrate for a brain boosting snack
Bonus: Download a complimentary copy of my Coconut Oil Handbook digital guide with dozens of ways to use coconut oil in your home. Click Here to Download!

Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Uses

  1. It has been shown to increase absorption of calcium and magnesium
  2. Internally as part of the protocol to help remineralize teeth
  3. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat
  4. Can help speed weight loss when consumed daily
  5. Can help improve sleep when taken daily
  6. When used in food, it may support healthy thyroid function
  7. Some studies show that it can help improve insulin levels when consumed regularly
  8. Topically, it help skin heal faster after injury or infection because of its beneficial fats
  9. When used consistently on skin it can help get rid of cellulite
  10.  Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
  11. When taken regularly, it can boost hormone production
  12. Can relieve the pain of hemorrhoids when used topically
  13. Can boost circulation and help those who often feel cold
  14. Internally during pregnancy to help provide baby necessary fats for development (especially when taken with Fermented Cod Liver Oil)
  15. There are entire books dedicated to the potential of saturated fats like coconut oil to help avoid Alzheimer’s

Coconut Oil Beauty Uses

The same properties that make it beneficial in cooking and recipes make coconut oil beneficial for hair and skin:

  1. On the skin as a basic lotion
  2. With other oils as part of an oil cleansing regimen for beautiful skin
  3. Whipped with shea butter for a soothing body balm
  4. In homemade lotion bars with other beneficial ingredients like shea butter
  5. In homemade deodorant– its natural antibacterial properties make it helpful in fighting odor.
  6. Coconut oil makes an excellent eye-makeup remover on its own
  7. It may help lighten age spots when rubbed directly on the skin
  8. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning when used internally
  9. As a naturally low SPF sunscreen on its own when used topically
  10. In basic homemade lotion recipes
  11. Add a couple drops of a favorite essential oil to make a delicious massage oil
  12. Mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub (use in the shower)
  13. Rubbed on lips as a natural lip balm or used in lip balm recipes
  14. In homemade slow cooker soap
  15. In natural Homemade Sunscreen recipes with other protective ingredients
  16. As a natural personal lubricant that won’t disturb vaginal flora
  17. As a natural shave cream and after shave lotion
  18. By itself as a great tanning oil
  19. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet
  20. In natural homemade diaper cream
  21. By itself as a natural deodorant
  22. By itself or with baking soda as a naturally whitening toothpaste
  23. In homemade peppermint lip balm
  24. In magnesium body butter
  25. On cuticles to help nails grow
  26. Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky elbows
  27. To help avoid chlorine exposure when swimming
  28. As a completely natural baby lotion

Coconut Oil For Hair

  1. Can be rubbed into scalp daily to stimulate hair growth
  2. In homemade shampoo bars
  3. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair makes a great anti-frizz treatment
  4. As an incredibly intensive natural conditioner- Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours before washing out with several rounds of shampoo

Coconut Oil Uses Around the Home

  1. In homemade soap for laundry
  2. In Homemade Natural Bug-Off Lotion Bars
  3. To make a simple homemade soap
  4. In clay and charcoal soothing soap
  5. A small amount can be rubbed into real leather to soften and condition (shiny leather only… test a small area first)
  6. To dilute essential oils for use on skin
  7. For pets struggling with skin issues when used externally
  8. In coconut oil dog treats
  9. On hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin
  10. Mixed with catnip, rosemary, or mint essential oils as a natural bug repellent

Coconut Oil Natural Remedies

  1. In coconut oil pulling chews and oil pulling for oral health
  2. Rubbed on the inside of your nose it may help alleviate allergy symptoms
  3. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it helpful topically to kill yeast or yeast infections
  4. The antimicrobial properties and beneficial fats make coconut oil a powerhouse in Remineralizing Toothpaste
  5. Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema
  6. Oil pulling with coconut oil and a drop of oregano oil helps improve gum health
  7. Can help improve cholesterol ratios
  8. Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins when used topically
  9. After initial heat is gone, can help speed healing of sunburn
  10. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from cold or flu
  11. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen arthritis
  12. Can reduce the itch of mosquito bites
  13. Can help resolve acne when used regularly
  14. A tablespoon melted into a cup of warm tea can help sooth a sore throat
  15. In homemade vapor rub
  16. Can be used internally and externally to speed recovery from UTIs
  17. In a salve for cracked heels
  18. One reader swears by using coconut oil to treat yeast infection. She suggests soaking a tampon in it and inserting the tampon for a few hours.
  19. Naturally clears up cold sores
  20. Ingesting coconut oil daily can help with allergy symptoms
  21. Ingesting coconut oil daily can increase mental alertness

Coconut Oil for Pregnancies, Babies and Children

  1. As a cloth diaper safe diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom)
  2. I’ve used in kids ears to help speed ear infection healing
  3. In place of Lanolin cream on nursing nipples to sooth irritation (also great for baby!)
  4. Nursing moms often take 3-4 tablespoons a day (and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients
  5. To help sooth the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy
  6. To help avoid stretch marks during pregnancy
  7. Used directly on the perineum to help heal after birth
  8. To get rid of cradle cap on baby- just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth
  9. With apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for lice that actually works

You can also check out my recipe list for many more recipes that use coconut oil!

Types of Coconut Oil

There are several choices when it comes to using this healthful fat.

You’ll find:

Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil

Considered the gold standard. This type of oil offers the most of the benefits listed above. It is extracted from fresh coconut using a wet-milled fermentation process that protects the beneficial properties of the coconut. This type of coconut oil has been found to have the highest antioxidant levels. This process does use heat but studies show that it does not harm the oil or reduce nutrient levels. In fact, the heat may be beneficial and create a higher quality oil.

“Extra Virgin” Oil

The gold standard for olive oil but not coconut oil. This is produced by cold-pressing the oil and does not preserve the antioxidants as well:

In 2013, a study that compared “cold extracted virgin coconut oil” (CEVCO) with “hot extracted virgin coconut oil” (HEVCO) and standard refined coconut oil (CCO) was conducted in India, and published in the journal Food Science and Biotechnology. This study, like many others, showed that virgin coconut oils actually lower LDL cholesterol, while raising the “good” HDL cholesterol.

This study also confirmed that virgin coconut oil produced with heat produced the highest amounts of antioxidants: “The antioxidant activity in the HEVCO group was 80-87%, 65-70% in CEVCO, and 35-45% in CCO.” The researchers went on to comment why heat is necessary to produce the highest amounts of antioxidants in virgin coconut oil. (source)

Refined Coconut Oils

Refined coconut oil is often tasteless and has no coconut smell. It is usually heated, bleached and deodorized. Healthy options are available but many refined coconut oils do not have the benefits of unrefined.

Fractionated Oil or MCT Oil

Fractionated oil or MCT oil is a liquid oil that does not get solid below 76 degrees like unrefined oil does. It doesn’t contain all of the beneficial properties of unrefined coconut oil but is higher in brain-boosting fats.

What Type to Use?

Coconut 300x224For external uses, expeller pressed, fractionated or other types of refined coconut oil will work, but for internal use, an unrefined organic oil is best.

Want to try it out? I love this organic virgin and fair-trade coconut oil from Thrive Market (which is like Costco online but for healthy products). Their coconut oil is 40% off retail. (And Thrive sells many other of my favorite healthy products at 30-50% off normal prices!)

A Great Coconut Oil Resource

Featured Download: Download a complimentary copy of my Coconut Oil Handbook digital guide with dozens of ways to use coconut oil in your home. Click Here to Download!

Nutritional Profile of Coconut Oil

Part of the reason coconut oil is such a powerhouse superfood is its unique nutritional profile. It was avoided and shunned for years because of its 92% saturated fat content but recent research is showing this stigma was unwarranted.

Here’s why:

Most of the fats in coconut oil are saturated but they are in the form of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides, also called MCFAs), which affect the body differently than short and long chain fats. The MCTs are composed of:

  • Lauric Acid– This beneficial fat makes up 40% of the total fat composition, making it one of nature’s highest natural sources. The body converts lauric acid to monolaurin, which is beneficial for immune function.
  • Caprylic Acid– Another healthy fat with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  • Capric Acid– This converts to monocaprin in the body and has immune boosting and antimicrobial properties.

Benefits of MCTs

All of these MCTs are beneficial to the body. They are metabolized differently than longer chain fats, going straight from the digestive system to the liver. This provides a quick source of energy and brain fuel.

These rare oils are naturally free of cholesterol and hard to find in nature.

This may be part of the reason that coconut oil is so beneficial to the brain and for weight loss. It isn’t digested or stored in the same was as other fats and is more quickly available for use.

Coconut oil is also a decent source of several fat soluble vitamins (mainly A and K) as well as healthy polyphenols.

Allergic to Coconut?

So coconut is great, but many people are allergic or intolerant to it.

I’m often asked what alternatives there are to coconut products for those who are allergic. Those who can’t tolerate coconut may find these alternatives helpful:

  • Oils: Instead of coconut, try using palm shortening or oil or animal based fats like lard, butter or tallow. These fats are solid at room temperature like coconut oil is and substitute well in recipes. In recipes calling for a liquid oil, avocado oil and sesame oil substitute well.
  • Flour: Coconut Flour is a great grain-free high-fiber flour, but those who can’t tolerate it can experiment with almond flour, cassava flour or oat fiber.
  • Milk: Coconut milk is a common alternative for those who can’t tolerate dairy products but pecan milk, cashew milk, and almond milk are good alternatives. Rice milk is also an option for those with nut allergies.

What other coconut oil uses have I forgotten? Share your favorites below!

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Be Healthy…

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Reader Comments

    • How did you eat it? I have dry chia seeds. Did you grind them up with coconut oil? I want to try it but I’m not sure how to get it down without feeling gross.

      • I just mixed whole seeds with the oil. I may try grinding them up next time, because it was a bit… crunchy. And a little gross. There’s a mention above about freezing it in pill-sized pieces and swallowing it; I may try that as well.

      • you can add it to smoothies, coffee, on a salad, replace vegetable oil with coconut oil … Its good in a smoothie, and in coffee, if you imulsify it first its just like creamer. Thats how I ingest it. Good Luck on finding new uses for it

        • The first coconut oil I bought had no flavor at all, saving that for cooking. The next I got was Betterbody Extra Virgin and tasted like eating a Mounds candy bar. I got to where I could tolerate eating a spoonful of it. I have a bad oil gag reflex. The only thing I can stand to stick in something oily or have oily is bread sticks…can dunk them in garlic butter all day long! But seafood in butter…yuck…oil & vinegar on a salad…yuck. If I buy a viniagrette dressing I let it separate and pour off the oil!! I tried putting it in tea and nearly barfed. Then I read about the difference in how the oils were processed and realize the unrefined is the best for internal use. I ordered 2 gallons of Tropical Traditions Gold on sale. It has a totally different smell and not so great taste. The only way I have been able to get it chocked down is to get it warm and pour it over sweetened coconut flakes and let them sit & soak until it solidifies again. Then I can get it down and it’s almost enjoyable. I really want to get to where I am taking a couple of spoonfuls before each meal. Any other suggestions on how I can get it down that might be a bit more healthy than the sweetened coconut flakes?

          • I’ve just bought a bottle of 100% virgin coconut oil only because my friend did and told me its multi-purpose.
            – never purposely consumed coconut oil, but I’m just thking of putting it in the clear capsules which you can get from pharmacies. (if you feel sick of swallow oil but still wanna take it without other food/drink)
            – Mix it into your cup of coffee or smoothies;
            – Use it when baking cookies; or
            – I’ve seen ppl mentioning freezing it, but I’m not sure whether it will start melting before it gets down your throat.
            but yea, let’s try.

          • What I do is whip it with a few tablespoons of peanut butter and honey and eat it as a fruit dip. It tastes like a fluffy, nutty, coconuty caramel. It is SO delicious and that’s how I get my toddler to eat it too!

          • I put the coconut oil on toast just as I would butter and I sprinkle cinnamon on top. I also have started the oil pulling and my mouth feels great just like after a teeth cleaning. Love it! I’ve been told not to do this for more than 20 mins, not sure why. I use organic, extra virgin coconut oil.

          • I eat it with yogurt every morning. I use a fork to scrape the cold oil into shavings the size of oats and measure out how much I want. After I add it I then add some sort of whole grain granola-type crunchy goodness and whatever fruit. I have a scrambled egg and coffee and I am good to go!

          • I warm it up and add it to homemade granola which is pretty much oats nuts dried fruits and seeds(whatever I gave on hand) then I put this on my morning yogurt yum

          • I wondered about the oral ingestion too….wondering if I can take a teaspoon or 2 without gagging! Need suggestions!

          • Have you tried to make chololate with it??, or use it to cook food.. that may be helpful. Like in no bake cookies..

          • Try it in bulletproof coffee, froths up like a fancy latte. You have to do it in a blender or immersion blender though.

            Anyplace I would use butter, I now use coconut oil. I also use it very liberally topically, haven’t tried the oil pulling though.

            Best of all is the berry fudge idea from petra8paleo – I make the “ketotastic fudge” with organic strawberries & have one at every meal (sometimes 2!). Scrumptious!

          • Have u tried coconut oil capsules I got mine from Walmart ..100 pills for .$10,

        • I would like to drink it in my coffee but I’m not sure how to emulsify it with anything else liquid based. I tried melting it, adding it to the creamer and shaking it vigorously, but it still separated. Same with the butter in coffee. I also tried in oatmeal.

          • I have one of those mini electric whisks used to froth hot chocolate, which I bought online. Don’t fill your coffee mug to the top, add the CO and whisk; it makes it really frothy. I like a dash of cream too.

          • Has anyone cut the soft gel coconut oil and used it for lotion? Can you squeeze contents into coffee?

          • Just put it in your last swig of coffee. Bring that it is oil it will never mix…..BUT this is better way, for me, to take than to take a tablespoon alone.

      • i found it disgusting when i started eating it too.. i know oil pull for 30mins a day as often as i can.. you could start by oil puling and spitting it out, and work up to swallowing it or just try to swallow it quickly and have something tasty after.. you can also put it in a smoothie so you dont taste it at all.. your taste buds will become accustomed to it.

        • Sabiah’s comment about swallowing coconut out after pulling defeats the purpose of the act.

          Oil Pulling is meant to remove toxins from the body – if you swallow it, you have just ingested all that
          was meant to be spat out.

          • What utter nonsense! Toxins are removed by your liver. Swilling oil around the mouth might conceivably affect the flora, but will do nothing to these “toxins” whatever they may be.

          • Not nonsense at all. Research and find out about the long history of the ancient ayurvedic practice of oil pulling.

          • An ancient practise does not mean it is efficatious. Oil of any kind will not pull “toxins” out your body through mouth use. Get a grip. I use the oil for several things but not for my bad back.

          • Duffy and Jeff are right… other than for oral hygiene, there is no verifiable, documented health benefit to ‘oil pulling’. No reputable medical research has documented that ‘oil pulling is of any medical benefit whatsoever. Logic should tell you that swishing oil around in your mouth is not going to ‘draw the toxins out of your body’. The function of the kidneys and liver is to filter blood and detoxify the body – and this IS verifiable through numerous, robust medical journals respected around the world. However, if you want to believe there is some benefit, so be it. There is also no documented, reliable research that I am aware of that establishes ‘oil pulling’ as a harmful practice. Unless of course, you neglect seeing a licensed physician for a medical condition, in favor of ‘self treating’ the condition with the nonsensical ‘oil pulling’.

          • DUFFY: Using oil in the mouth is just so foreign to most of us. The term ‘Oil Pulling’ is mis-leading. Maybe calling it oil cleansing would be more acceptable. Would suggest you research the practice…someone has grossly misinformed you!

        • I would not recommend you to swallow the oil pull at all. Because you basically swallowed all the toxins and bacteria that the oil pull got out. You don’t want that stuff in your body at all.

          • Just spit it out.
            No biggie.
            Why even question it when it’s just as easy to spit lol.
            Haven’t done this procedure with the cleansing ,
            but even a plane has a sink lol
            No Biggie lol

        • I have been researching oil pulling and came across advice to NOT swallow it because it pulls toxins from your mouth and body. Do you have any concerns about swallowing it?

        • I’ve heard that after 5-10 minutes, spit out the oil from pulling or one will reabsorb toxins that just got pulled out of the body into the oil/saliva. So, I do oil pulling 5 minutes at a time and it works best for me. I can do that a few times if I think I need to do so. These days, the 5 minutes is plenty. My dogs love it – I do their teeth with it and it removed/dissolved the bad calculus from their teeth. I also made the Wellness Mama toothpaste that remineralizes my teeth.

        • You definitely should not swallow it when oil pulling. It’s extracting the bacteria, which you want to be sure to expel into the trash or toilet (not your sink, it could clog your drains as it cools)

      • You can make chocolate using coconut oil … I made it today using cocoa, maple syrup and I added some sesame seeds and chia seeds for a bit of texture. Delicious!

      • i chopped up a small portion of fruit ie nectrine or blueberries and mixed this through the coco ut oil and chia seeds

      • 1 Tbsp coconut oil and 1 Tbsp of chia seeds? Instantly induces vomiting, I just tried it ~ I usually eat Q’ia. Its a blend of many different seeds (chia, hemp, etc) in my yogurt, my cereal, etc. much easier on the stomach, but also provides energy.

      • I have several questions. Can you put coconut oil all around the eye area, including upper and lower lids??? Will the brands at the grocery store do just as well??? Can you please send me some recipes for smoothies??? If the solid melts is it okay to put on your face in the liquid form??? Also, is this what you use, because looking at your picture you have beautiful skin??? What is your secret??? Thanks for your replies!!! Need fast answers, please.

        • You could buy Coconut oil at stores but i would not recommend. In order for the best flavor you want something that says Unrefined pure and organic on label. Personally i love the natures way organic coconut oil. It tastes and smells the same every bottle! Store brands a lot of times have been refined and thats a no no.

        • Yes, you can put coconut oil on your upper and lower eyelids, and yes, it is perfectly fine to use melted coconut oil on your face.

        • I use the expelled, pressed, organic coconut oil on my face i heat it slightly to liquid form and use it as a makeup remover including eye makeup and I have extremely sensitive skin I can’t even use certain soaps but this has been amazing it cleared up my acne, moisturizes my skin and I don’t have any irritation around my eyes like I do with any other products on another note it’s great to treat athletes foot too been trying it out on my hubby’s feet and its helping immensely I was skeptical at first too but now…. I’m hooked lol I drink coconut water throughout the day and I’ve lost 10lbs so far nothing but great results in everyday I’ve ventured with it!! I’ve also replaced my cooking oils with it too good stuff!!!

          • What type of coconut water do you drink. The one I find on the selves are quite nasty in my opinion. Please help

          • I found out its great for athletes foot too…. it is even good to treat nail fungus. Been using it for about a month and my nails are finally starting to look normal, I’ve tried different things to treat them and nothing really worked until now. I use it on my hair, it’s growing much faster and healthier, my stretch marks are noticeably better, and it’s pretty good as a deodorant, I use it by itself for everything.

        • DO NOT PUT AROUND YOUR EYE AREA, atleast not during the day. I use as a night cream but ran out of day cream and decided to use my coconut oil this morning as an alternative. My eyes have been blurry and teary all day! On the plus side the skin around my eyes looks phenominal!

      • Try coconut oil, chia seeds, powdered peanut butter and/or cocoa power, lil stevia and a lil salt. Awesome. Dip apple in it or just eat it like that. So good

      • I make a smoothie with chocolate organic vegetable protein powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut milk and 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I also add berries sometimes. It’s like a treat.

      • Folks, there is an easier way to ingest the oils!

        I take an amount of solid oils and put it in a small glass jar (big enough to put a spoon in) and let it sit in HOT WATER in the sink. It will melt “NATURALLY” and you can take a spoon full without burning yourselves. Drink it down and the process is complete…
        You can do the same with frozen foods… Just fill up a sink with hot water and presto, the item is thawed in minutes without taking any nutrients from the food or coconut oil… just an opinion and what I use…. Johnny b

        • This is what I have also found to be the easiest. I take the hot water from my Kurig and melt 1-2 TBSP’s of cocunut oil in it. Tastes yummy!!

      • OK, I’m all into this virgin coconut oil.
        1st, I have been using the virgin coconut oil for 10 days and this is what I know. I use the CHIA SEEDS each morning (I soak them in orange juice) just a little OJ then it makes a pudding base that is easily eaten,,, I have a tablespoon of Chia Seeds pudding and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (melted in hot water) before I drink or eat anything to start my day… I feel like I’m 20 again!
        2nd, I had a rash on my lower leg for about two months and have used DMSO, Cortizone 10 and vitamin E cream with no results had gotten worse. On 11/18/14 I started putting on virgin coconut oil on my leg and feet. Today is 11/29/14 and my rash is GONE! All I can see is pink spots where red, itchy blister looking rash used to be…
        I won’t even address what it has done for me in the bedroom… Like I said, I feel like I’m 20 again… I’m 60… and an hour is simple pleasures… just saying… Johnny b

        • I have foliculitis basically infected follicles on my legs 2 days of solidified coconut oil rubbed on and its gone I have been on many antibiotics for but coconut oil did way better. No more antibiotics. I also buyI in capsules at vitamin store has helped with osteoarthritis also. So far so good I also have my diabetic husband whohad 4 heart attacks in 4yrs taking it seems to be helping so were staying with it.

      • I am going to add it to my protein smoothie so probably won’t be able to taste it. I have been having a fruit & veggie smoothie everyday but am adding a protein one in there as well, a lot of the juicing recipes show chia seeds being added to them so I am sure coconut oil won’t make much difference. I plan on giving it a try. Good Luck!

      • I melt it, and put it into my morning smoothie for my on-the-go breakfast.

        No oily taste, and its so yummy. Almond Milk, Banana, Chocolate protein powder, Strawberries, TBSP. of just melted coconut oil.

      • I don’t like coconut, but I would like to get the benefits from the coconut oil. Suggestions on how I can use it and disguise the taste? Thanks!

          • I found Coconut oil soft gels at SAMs club. They are by nu source, Organic Extra Virgin 1000mg per soft gel. You get 240 soft gels and I think it was $20 a bottle.

          • Thanks for that information. My boyfriend doesn’t like coconut either so this will help in getting him to reap the benefits!! 🙂

    • Okay, so taking it straight (slightly melted into liquid) was really gross. So if I put it into something like eggnog it will still work, correct?

      • I put it on my bagel in the morning along with cream cheese. It makes it so much more flavorful!
        I am also going to try it in smoothies, I make green smoothies and think coconut oil in it will make it taste better and make it even more healthy! Yum!

          • Hi can you use coconut oil for a Lubicant . We heard Dr. Oz said you could. Hope you can help me out. Thanks Janie

          • Hello, please tell more about the hot water coconut oil raisins… how do you make it?

          • Coconut is mainly used for cooking as it gives a good taste especially frying fish with that oil is very tasteful and healthy.All other uses mentioned in your article are true.In country like India it’s uses are enormous.It is used like hair oil by all for a better hair growth.It is used for massaging the body.It’uses in the Herbal medicines are common in India.Thank you for the information.

      • I’m glad you responded to this. We use it as well and love it. I use it in personal grooming as suggested here and also for razor burn in the summer. It is an oil so it will show up on some sheets so test it on an inconspicuous place first then wash it and see how your sheet comes out. It melts *very* quickly on the fingers so be sure to have a towel handy until you get familiar with however you want to use it.

        I could not see a way to answer her. Can a moderator tell why this happens? I also can’t see which threads are off of what comments.

      • I’m trying this on a New neck scar, so far after 10min. Stopped the itching, hoping it will reduce the scar, will keep you updated!

    • I have to comment on No 75. We have an Akita that has sebaceous adenitis – a skin disorder common in certain breeds. She had almost complete hair loss and itching. We soak her in coconut oil (she LOVES it) let it sit on her for an hour and shampoo. It’s a miracle the difference in her fur, skin and happiness ( she was so uncomfortable – some owners put their dogs down with this condition). one side effect of this disease is infection from no oil in skin and I believe the antiseptic properties of the coconut oil helped with this also.

      • Karen, that’s cool abt your dog. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of organic flax oil to his feed every day and watch what happens! Results will be miraculous!. I’ve used organic coconut oil for months for a multitude of issues. A week ago the daughter in law called (knowing I use the oil for a lot of things) and said the pug had a nasty oozing sore about an inch in diameter that nothing was working on. Told her to use coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree. 3 days went by. She called and told me the sore had almost healed up completely! I use it on my blood sugar issues along with organic ACV. Keeps my blood sugars under control and also got rid of the constant infections I was having with my sugar issues! Amen to that! There is another one u can add to your list Mama! I have lots of other stories too. But not enough room to share.

      • Thank you for your comment. I have a Yorkie mix (with what I’m not exactly sure, as he was sold to me, by a greedy liar, as a purebred Teacup size and is 15lbs with curly-ish poodle type hair) and he itches almost constantly. I recently switched to a coal tar shampoo, but he still has dry, itchy skin. I am going to start saturating his hair with coconut oil on bath day a.m. and let it soak in, until the afternoon. (I already give it to him orally).

  1. I can’t wait to read through this list!…Slowly. 🙂 I’m fairly new to coconut oil so I’m excited to find other uses for it beyond cooking.  Thanks!

  2. Holy. Moly. 

    You are an angel! I’ve already emailed this list to three people and I too will be hanging it up in a cabinet in my kitchen (should probably hang it in the bathroom and baby’s nursery too!).

  3. Katie
    How timely, I just asked on my last post if any readers knew of more benefits of coconut oil.
    Anyhow we’ve been using coconut oil on our teens’ acne and it is definetly helping to clear it up, we’re also using it in the hope that it will improve/cure acne scars, we ‘think’ it could be but just not certain yet.  A friend had a burn scar and the c oil took it away so we’re hoping.  Have you heard of c oil or anything else as successful for acne scars?

      • Do you think putting coconut oil on your c-section scar is what made it disappear? I have a c-section scar, as well, and although it looks really good for it only being 7 months later, I would love to see it fade more! I’m new to coconut oil and just ordered a 16oz jar from tropical traditions. I am SO excited to start using it!

        • Coconut oil does great things for skin. I suggest using on scars, and as an after shower skin conditioner daily. I have lupus, and my skin is a wreck. Coconut oil makes an incredible difference immediately after use, and over time as a long term solution to chronic dryness, inflamed patches etc…. I also use it as an overnight hair treatment, and on very dry winter days….I use a tiny bit on the ends of my hair as a leave in conditioner! Oh..almost forgot….after a facial treatment, like a peel, or laser treatment, coconut oil is much better, and free of nasty chemicals, as an after procedure ointment. I have personal and professional experience with this one. I recommend it to all of my clients.

          • You’re using coconut oil for acne internally or externally? I’ve heard it can clog pores so I’m nervous about using it on my face (I am VERY acne prone, and have a lot of whiteheads), but it’s also very dry and windy in Chicago, which my wimpy skin isn’t appreciating.

            I think I will try a little on my nose and cheeks where the dryness and windburn is worse, since I don’t usual get acne there, and see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

          • Hello! I noticed you said you have Lupus, my husband has skin Lupus and scarring on his face, how do you use the oil for this? and how often? I’d really like some advice 🙂

        • I know this is a bit late but a big yes to using it on the c-section scar. I used it on mine and my scar is barely visible now. Plus it felt and smelled nice. My masseuse told me to wait until I had had my 6-8 week check with my doctor before she would do any proper massage on it. As soon as my 6 week check was done away we went.

        • It comes from cows or pigs (will usually say bovine or pork gelatin on the label). I don’t use it because I’m a vegetarian, and if you Google a detailed explanation, you may not want to use it because it’s pretty disgusting.

        • You can use a plain gelatin like Knox, or make a bone broth if you eat meat (aka chicken or beef stock). I like to roast a chicken, then the next day I will put the bones in a stock pot with plenty of water, a little salt, and a glug of vinegar. The acid helps to pull calcium out of the bones, as an added benefit. If you cook it low and slow on the stove, the broth will congeal once you have cooled it in the fridge. The fact that it congealed will tell you that you have dissolved much of the collagen (gelatin) in the chicken bones / joints. I just made stock with some beef bones, to great congealing effect! (Young animal bones will have more collagen, but you should get plenty out of any bones you want to use). You can reference this post from Mark Sisson for more tips on bone broth:


          As far as plain gelatin, my mom adds a packet to her smoothie in the morning and even stored in the fridge for a day or two, doesn’t seem to change the overall texture very much.

          Good luck!

          • I make wonderful bone broth using oxtail. I heard it is better for you than leg bones. Be sure to use the bones several times – chicken is good for only about 3 batches, but beef will give you more. Free-range/grass-fed only , please. Buying Supermarket meat is playing Russian Roulette.

    • Try massaging warm honey into skin and smooth over face. Let sit 20 minutes to an hour. Dr. Mercola raw honey or manuka honey is best! Rinse off with an equal mix of water and Bragg apple cider vinegar. Wait another 20 mins and rinse vinegar off! Then before bed apply fresh lemon juice to face and rinse with cold water the next morning! Honey can be applied everyday and lemon only 2-3 times a week! This will get rid of acne scars and acne! Works wonders! Be sure to clean and exfoliate skin!

      • Thank you for the information. I had a hysterectomy and my hormones has been acting up . I’ve had very bad acne scars and I’ve tried everything including yhe dermatologist and nothing seems to work. I really appreciate the info.

    • Hi Katie I have 2 teenage boys suffering with Acne
      How do I use coconut oil for this purpose and does this really work?

      • I’ve seen it help when using it internally (up to 1/4 cup per day in food or smoothies) and topically. I personally use oil cleansing on my skin and have good results with it.

        • I just started cleansing my face nightly with a oil blend. It’s been about two weeks now and WOW can you see a difference. I’m 53 and got tired of paying out all my monies searching for the right facial creams. Who knew? That #1 it has been around for centuries, #2 it is so darn cheap, #3 it vanished nearly all my wrinkles ( All my friends are eagerly wanting to try this), #4 It is so healthy for your skin and lips, #5 it covers all of my beauty needs. Cleans &moisturizers. I now have my grandson using it (different types of oil) to wash his face and help with his acne. Imagine cleaning your face with oil to clear up acne, again who knew. You should do a article on oil cleaning for the face!

        • What I need to know is some jars actually mention having 62% MCT’s or Acids while others do not. Is there a difference? I am using it for a bunch of stuff but mostly internal and OP. It melts body fat like crazy! But does my oil HAVE to ‘say’ xx-MCT’s to be useful?

      • I have been using it all over my face and neck, I get acne on my chin and checks, but the coconut oil works great. After a shower put it over face and neck, give it some time it works.

          • if you think of coconut oil like i lotion that will give you a better understanding. So if you use coconut oil on your face etc.. .it will absorb. If its cool or room temp coconut oil is thick but as soon as you rub between your hands to put on your face it will turn to oil. Hope that helps! 🙂

          • What I just started last night is to make sure my face is wet first. The oil seems to penetrate better as opposed to just feeling slick.

          • Hello, I know it’s weird that a guy is on here, but a friend of mine told me I should go here and check all the uses for coconut oil. Anyway, I handling a lot of pine wood and branches up in the Adirondacks this morning and I couldn’t get the sap off my hands so I stuck my hand in a jar of coconut oil I found in the kitchen. All the sap came off within 30 seconds. I am now a believer and wanted everyone to know there is now 102 uses.


    • Yellow dock capsules have really worked for a friends daughter who had it real bad and steroids did nothing but make it worse. She took capsules, I’ve found it works better for me in warm tea but I’m accustomed to the “rooty taste” so probably teenagers would want capsules. Also works for roseacea as well.

      • I take it right from the jar with a spoon whether it solid or liquid depending on the room temp. I don’t find it to be to bad swallow quickly.

        • I’ve found people talk about putting it in their coffee or tea with some milk, and then putting it through a blender – it’s supposed to make a pleasant and frothy hot drink. Of course if you’re pulling out the blender anyway you might prefer the smoothie route.

          • i use cco in my coffee the hot water melts the cco even with milk in the cup…you 1st notice your lips alot softer, i have a slow thyroid and am trying out cco to help me with this problem..only early days….the amount to take each day well its a matter of building up each day or you will have tummy pains and need to stay close to the loo so to speak great to put on your skin at bed time…..

    • I do, but I also use it in every day cooking and food prep. It’s great in salads with vinegar, and makes a great oil for baking. I use a brand that does not have a coconutty flavor for baking, as it can overpower. For my skin and hair, I use one that has a full coconutty smell. Reminds me of Hawaii.

  4. Just ordered the expeller-pressed organic coconut oil and I am trying it out in my tea. I know you said above that I should take the virgin one but I dont like the taste of coconuts. Can I still benefit?

      • What about the Trader Joe’s virgin organic coconut oil? It says they produce it without heat or chemicals or bleach.

    • I got the organic expeller for the same reasons.  If I’m cooking with it,  I don’t want to be tasting coconut.  Great idea about freezing little pieces to take as pills and I still have a problem with “eating/drinking”  oil.  LOL

      • I cook with the extra virgin you don’t need a lot it is not bad really I barely taste the coconut.

      • I put it in my yogurt with some Bear Naked granola. I skim the oil with a knife to get thin pieces. Since the yogurt is cold the oil becomes solid. I mash it up/stir it in, breaking up clumps then add the granola. I barely notice it!

    •  That’s why I ordered the expeller organic … don’t like the taste of coconuts in my veggies or coffee.  And they had a special of order 1 and get 1 free so now I can take some to my daughter and get her started on it.

  5. I’ve been thinking of adding 1/4 cup of coconut oil to my daily regime, but to be honest, I’m a little nervous about weight gain. I’m gluten-free, but not paleo and still believe we DO have to consider calories (I know some people don’t). There are a lot of added calories in a 1/4 cup – what’s been your experience – or others, anyone had similar concerns? Thanks!

    • Coconut oil is actually unique in its high lauric acid and MCFA content so it is in a form that is readily absorbed as energy and not easily stored as fat. In the past, they attempted to give it to animals to make them gain weight (especially livestock) and they actually lost weight instead. You’ll probably notice if you start taking it, that you feel warm and your heart rate goes up at first as your metabolism increases. So long answer, but it shouldn’t cause any weight gain.

      • I agree with this. I have s very strict diet that I maintain to keep myself in top shape for boxing. I started eating this regularly. No weight gain, in fact have lost weight, have more energy, and I feel like my appetite is smaller. I have noticed some affects on my body temperature as I tend to always be very cold due to poor circulation. I only expect this to improve with prolonged regular use. This stuff is nothing short of a miracle. It has also cleared my acne and other skin issues. Amazing!

      • i’m a hot natured person, so how warm does it make you feel? don’t like to be hot! are you supposed to take unrefined virgin coconut oil for weight loss? thanks.

      • Thank you I wondered why my usual low heart rate had increased, I hav been using c.oil for quite some months now jeannie

      • Hello
        my 16 year old son has acne and I hear coconut oil is good to help it clear up. Do I buy him the liquid or compressed one, please help !!! And does he rub it and remove it or leave it on over night?

    • Coconut oil will not cause weight gain. Carbs cause weight gain. I have a very under active thyroid, which causes weight gain among other health issues. I started using coconut oil originally to lose weight and it works. There are many studies out there that will give you the details, but suffice it to say, that fat does not cause fat. Coconut oil will supercharge your metabolism by way of supercharging your thyroid. My personal trainer (years ago) was the one who introduced me to coconut oil. She was a figure competitor. Her body fat was around 9%, and she used coconut oil to lose any added fat before competition. How? She ate minimal/ to no carbs other than green, raw veggies, and her body used the coconut oil as fuel. When your body burns oils from the outside, it quickly starts to burn fat from the inside (your thighs etc). They myth of eating oils and fats and gaining weight from them need to be put to rest. Do some research on the history of low carb/health fat diets, and ketogenic eating for health, and you will get an idea of how far fetched the idea of low fat eating for health and weight really is. Sugar is the devil. Oil (good oil like coconut and olive) will make you healthy and gorgeous…..all skinny girls know that.

      • I hate low fat/fat free products!!! And then they are even sweetened!! I rather use full cream not sweetened and lose weight!!!

      • lol. I’m a “skinny girl”.. I’m a personal trainer, certified in weight management and love my carbs! Carbs don’t make you gain weight. Eating more than calories than you are burning makes you gain weight.

    • Dr. Fife,who wrote The Coconut Oil Miracle book said that when the coconut oil industry slowed way down, the natives started giving the coconut to their pigs to fatten them up…because fat sholud fatten up things. but the pigs lost weight!
      His books are great. Check them out on amazon.com. The Coconut Cures book talks about a coconut cleanse. I tried it and lost 10 lbs in 5 days…I’m obese, so losing that much weight at one time isn’t unusual. I’m still working on how to do the cleanse 100% because the texture of the oil bothers me some. I’m new at working coconut oil into my diet and life.,

  6. I have been using coconut oil for many years now.
     It makes your popcorn taste like it used to in the movie theater.
     I also noticed that if you are frying something in coconut oil and if it splatters on your hand it may burn at first but it doesn’t leave a blister.  So from that I decided that is the best thing for using on all kinds of burns.  Especially works good on sunburn.
    I am so glad you did this.  I also buy it by the 5 gal. bucket.  I tell ever one to use it.  It is awesome stuff. 
    Works if you have an itch somewhere it will take care of it.
    Remember it is anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-bacterial.

  7. Wow Katie- this is awesome. Thanks so much! I’m going to Bookmark it, FB it, tweet it, and pin it. 🙂

    I’m only about 6 months into coconut oil and a OBSESSSED, so this will help fuel my obsession:)

    Can you elaborate on #47- varicose veins? Do you just rub it on? How does it work topically? I’m only 27 and already have a spot. Hoping to find a natural way to get rid of it!!

  8. I used it as a furniture polish/cleaner for my expected baby’s crib.  I got my old crib after almost 30 years in an attic and it needed some love.  My dad told me to use furniture wax, but I wasn’t comfortable with that since it’s likely that my little girl will at some point explore it with her mouth.  It worked wonderfully!

    • I would be very careful if you are using a crib that is that old, they have found a lot of designs are dangerous even fatal, please use with caution or reconsider

      • A lot of cribs didn’t have drop side railing back then. Most accidents with cribs happen from neglect from the parents and bad design from the Chinese. I bet that bed is made better than almost every crib on the market today.

    • I agree with Linda a lot of old cribs may be dangerous, check online about crib safety standards, the slats on older cribs are more likely to be wider spread apart and the little one can get their head stuck. I know I am just reading this now as you wrote 9 months ago and probably deffinatly have a little cutie now.

  9. This is a great handy list! Oh all the reasons to love coconut oil! I find that I can hardly live without it. It’s an AMAZING weight loss aid. I did a one day fast with mostly coconut oil (and was not hungry) and felt so good and lost a lot of weight. After using so much coconut oil the doctor told me to gain weight! Love it, Love it . . . 

    • Could you please explain more about your coconut oil fast and also how much you take daily in order to see weight loss results..

        • One last question if you don’t mind. I have used coconut oil in the past when I did I used

          Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.. I was wondering which brand you use? Again thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly I appreciate it very much!! 🙂

        • I just bought unrefined (in a jar) from Target. I initially wanted to swish it in mouth to help with my gums. It melted after a few seconds and the 20 minutes passed quickly. Just lodge your tounge back towards your throat and you should be okay! I dipped q tips in it and lined the inside of my nose and used it on my lips. (I have severe allergies and dry lips.). I used it as lotion, too! Each time, I used a clean spoon to get the amount I wanted from the jar. I ate a teaspoon to top off my uses for the day lol I plan on using it on my face after the shower tonight.

    • What was your one day fast method used? I saw at GNC that they are selling VCO is it the same as the product you use? So many products out there? Which one should I use and
      where to purchased? Does this come in pill form?

    • Nope she didn’t forget it. Number 50 is personal lubricant. Some of the things on the list are duplicates though, but still a great and helpful list of uses.

      • God help you if you get any on fabric: clothing, sheets, pillowcases, towels. The oil, awesome as it is, turns rancid alarmingly quickly once in fabric and is impossible to remove and the smell will be in your nostrils forever.

  10. Unrelated to this post, I have not received the meal plans for  a while. Please tell me what to do to start receiving them again.
    Thank you.

    • Elena, they switched to a newer system and you were grandfathered in. You should have gotten an email with your new login and password, and from there, you can access all the meal plans and generate your own. If you didn’t get it, email me at: katie (at) wellnessmama (dot) com and I’ll see if I can resend it manually.

      • I do not know if anyone has said this but coconut oil is a great ring worm healer….I tried all sorts of prescriptions and it still didn’t heal after 3 months….. Then my grandmother told me to use coconut oil and it healed in just a week!!

  11. You said that refined oil will work for external use. But will unrefined work best for both? I ordered some Tropical Traditions coconut oil and am wondering if that would be best to use for everything or if I should get refined oil for external use.

  12. I knew of Katie’s recommendation for using coconut oil topically – as a lotion – but hadn’t ever tried it until a few weeks ago I was scooping it out with my hands to grease up a muffin pan. After I was done, I rubbed the leftovers all over my arms… and I have been hooked ever since! The longevity of its moisturizing effects really amazes me – and my skin feels so cleanly moist! I love it!

      • Please elaborate for those/like myself whom is/has read every single comment on this blog to getan cure for the ugly stretch marks

    • Not only does it reduce wrinkles but it evens skin tone and tightens the baggy chin….I love it and use it every day.

  13. hi!
    I am SO HAPPY i discovered your blog, congrats and thank you for taking the time do share your wonderful knowledge with all of us
    : D

    I have a Q about using coconut oil as a night face wash, is this ok instead of using any other face washes, I kinda want to stop using Cetaphil facewash.
    I think it would be a better option for removing face makeup too not just eye-makeup, yes?

  14. I was completely skeptical about the coffee, but just whipped up a big cup in my vitamix blender…WOW! So awesome and I didn’t need any sweetener (as a vegan, I skipped the butter). I also put some in a smoothie (pineapple, kale, carrot and apple) for my kids and they loved it too. Thanks so much!

  15. I have been hearing about the benefits of coconut oil and how fat does NOT make you fat but I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. Do you have any research, or know where I can get it, about why fat is good for us and what types of fat? I have been sick for a while and I am trying to eat better so I am going grain, legumes and dairy free to see how my body reacts. I would still like to read more research on how this is good for me. Thanks for any help!

    • The book “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes addresses this in depth. In short, go for fats found in nature (coconut oil, grassfed meats, grassfed butter, grassfed tallow, avocado, olive oil, etc) and avoid the ones created in labs (margarine, vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil, and anything that comes in a box or bag…)

    • It’s all about balance. Your body turns carbohydrates into glucose (sugar) and when you do not use the glucose, it’s stored as fat. There are carbohydrates in fruit, bread, and even small to moderate amounts in vegetables. A balanced diet is key. Your body uses fat in a variety of ways. Even the outer lining of your cells (aka cell membranes) are compsed of phospolipids which is phosphate and lipids (aka fat) so its necessary for your body. As with any food type, as long as you use the energy it gives you, it will not be stored as fat. I hope this helps some.

    • Try reading David Gillespie’s book “Sweet Poison” for more well researched info on why there is an obesity epidemic.

  16. Anytime I burn myself with an iron or hair straightener I apply coconut oil immediately and it takes away that initial hot burning feeling. I also had to put it on my poor cats paws when he stepped in something corrosive outside, which healed them right up.
    PS cats also love the taste of C-oil and it is very good for their coats!

  17. Thanks for Tropical Traditions: They are having a a great two fer sale on 32 oz of their coconut oil, with free shipping…this is a far lower price for far higher quality than I can get at my local grocery..and you can’t beat free shipping, which I see they do occasionally!!

    • I just got a foot tattoo and thought of using co to moisturizer and heal, but then I thought since it pulls toxins, ioght pull the ink out. This was not your experience?

      • I have used it on 3 tattoos now with great results and last 2 artists say their girls swear by it. I us it for my skin, my dogs all get a spoonful at night for a treat and it is also great for intimate moments!

  18. Your blog is amazing! Was wondering whether you get the same benefits of eating it raw as you do when you cook/fry with it?

  19. I spread some coconut oil and Nuetella on some graham crackers for a tasty snack and sometimes add some bananas

  20. Of the 90% saturated fat, about 2/3 of it is lauric acid. Big deal.
    About 1/3 of it is myrristic acid and pamitic acid, which are the two
    worst sat fats for you and it is more than what is in lard.

    It fails on all accounts except one out of like 20.

    • Shame Spence, perhaps you should do some research. You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that Saturated fat is NOT bad for you. We all believe or at some stage believed that saturated fat is the worst stuff ever, however the science does not back that view.

      • Given that no scientific data is actually provided in the article list to support any claims, I remain skeptical.

    • Palmitic acid is good. Lung surfactant is made up of palmitic acid. Asthma results when you don’t have enough lung surfactant and bronchi(oles) get inflamed.

  21. How do you prepare #39? Mix a tablespoon with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an all-day energy boost..do you grind the chia seeds? do you mix melted oil w/ chia seeds and just drink / eat?

    • I saw u didn’t have a response to ur question so I thought I’d chime in as I’ve been making a similar concoction for years. I put the coconut oil in a glass and add an ounce or so of hot water and let it melt. Then add the chia and about an ounce of juice, stirring as you drink it. Then drink a cup of water. The water is important to help flush the chia thru ur system. Otherwise it can gum up. And, yes you do need to grind the chia seeds. I grind them up very finely in a coffee grinder. Hope this helps!

  22. I don’t have any human children yet, but my dogs and cats are my stand-ins for now. We all get a bit of coconut oil in the morning, and the furries have the most beautifully shiny coats! They love it so much, that the moment they hear the jar opening, they all come running!

  23. Is there a certain kind? I think I got the wrong stuff. I love coconut , so I’m not worried about taste or anything. But I got pure coconut oil by louana … That’s the only kind I could find at my local store.

      • I have a jar of spectrum organic coconut oil tht is REFINED expeller pressed. its a reddish color and pure liquid at room temp. what are the best uses for this and what things should I not use this for?

  24. I ordered a five gallon pain through your link and did not receive a free book. Can you let me know what I need to do to get it? Thanks!

  25. I use coconut oil (both flavored and unflavored) for cooking, deep conditioner, as a hand cream, as a lip butter, as eye makeup remover, and on cuts. (I once cut my hand on a knife while washing the dishes and I put coconut oil on the cut and it healed within two days!)

    • Rub some onto your toy, your hands, or your man. Only use what you need, don’t go crazy with it- although it probably wouldn’t hurt.

  26. I get yeast infections once a month. Not severe or anything, but like clockwork after or before that time of the month. I’ve started using coconut oil and it works miracles. It’s also really good for shaving cream (not sure if that was mentioned?). Super smooth! I’ve also recently found it helps with razor bumps if applied after shaving. I’ve recently become an addict! Great list, thanks!

  27. I loved this and found it just plain fun and informative. I even linked it to my blog on my website Fit to be Trained. I hope that is ok.

  28. I’ve been cooking with coconut oil for the last 2 years now and loved the taste it would add to my sautes! After doing some research and coming across a myriad ways to use the oil, i’ve started using it topically for skin health over the last 6 months. I made a sugar body scrub: brown sugar, coconut oil,vitamin e, and lavendar essential oil. It helped almost instantly with the “chicken skin” on the back of my legs and left my skin smooth after showering! I use the coconut oil as a makeup remover, then use the scrub on my face about 3 times a week, and after washing my face, then moisturize with coconut oil. I’m wondering if this coconut oil routine (removing makeup, scrubbing with it, and then moisturizing) might be over kill for my face?

  29. Hello!! I have heard that coconut oil will also aid in passing a hair strand test. Not sure??? Wondered if there were any facts on that?????????????????????

  30. I can’t wait to get started on some of these. I’m still new to going all natural, adding one or two alternatives at a time. My journey actually began with cco. I got it while I was pregnant to fight dry skin and avoid any new stretch marks (unfortunately I never made it far enough to get that big ‘ol baby bump anyway). But it kept me hydrated through the nasty dry hospital bed rest. When I returned home I used it as a cloth diaper safe rash cream, but soon got the suspicion she was sensitive to it because her rash Got worse and worse. So I use grapeseed oil or olive oil in her wipes now. But I still love cco and use it as nipple cream for breastfeeding (but luckily she doesn’t tear my nipples up). And I slather it on my skin constantly. I also use it for infant massage (not sure if that was on the list but maybe you should add It to the massage oil tip). It really helps to massage her when she has trapped gas. I need to start ingesting it, but I’m not really sure where to start. I may start with my coffee. I just fear I won’t like the taste because I almost puked when I tried coconut water. Maybe ill try the frozen chunks and take a s a pill like it was suggested. I just don’t know how to make perfect pill shapes, would a tsp scoop it good into a shape without melting it?

    • If the coconut oil made your daughter’s diaper rash worse, I’d be concerned that she is sensitive or allergic to it in any form; for massage, nipple cream, or coming through your breast milk. I have lots of allergies, and something you use externally, can give you internal symptoms, also…for me, I can’t wear regular makeup, because it makes my face feel yucky, and makes other allergy symptoms (wheezing, stuffy nose, etc) worse. And makes my ADD and Depression symptoms worse. Allergies also can cause constipation and diarrhea. I suppose since it’s been a year since your post, you have probably found out if she is sensitive to it or not. 🙂

  31. Hello! Just purchased some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because of a woman at Trader Joe’s. Her skin was so unbelievably soft! She told me that she washed her face with it, but I didn’t think to ask how or how much. Any suggestions?

    Oh, and does this really help with the thyroid? If so, how would I take this? A tsp a day?

    Thank you! 🙂

  32. OIl Pulling is a terrific way to detox your mouth and body using coconut oil. I learned all about it by reading a book titled “Oil Pulling Therapy” by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D. My teeth are whiter, my gums are healthy. There are so many other health benefits as well.

  33. It’s rare for me to spend so much time reading a blog post, but these uses for coconut oil are just what I was looking for, so very helpful! I read lots of places about benefits of coconut oil, but wanted to know how – get ideas for using it. You provided that SO well, thanks.

  34. Any chance they have an unscented or low scented kind of coconut oil? I’ve been hearing/reading tons about it, but I’m not crazy about the smell or taste of coconuts.

  35. I prefer Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Not only it is good for you as a food, it’s also good for you on your body.

  36. I’m highly allergic to coconut, a gift from my mother who is as well, is there ANY alternative that is close to the benefits from c oil?

  37. I put a spoon of coconut oil on my porridge it melts in and gives a lovely flavour. I also make cacoa balls made with almonds coconut oil, shreded coconut. dates and cacao powder wized in a thermo mix or food processor. My friend also puts chia seeds in (bit crunchy for my liking) They taste devine and you only need one or two to satisfy your sweet tooth and all the ingrediants are good for you.

  38. I want to find out if one can drink coconut oil with milk . ie put a teaspoon of oil or more in the milk which i would like to drink.. – thanks

  39. I was going to suggest using coconut oil directly onto acne and continue until skin is completely clear, then I saw it was listed here. And I thought I had found a perfect acne healer on my own LOL seriously tho I just thought one day to try it, and it’s the ONLY thing that has helped my breakouts!! I love coconut oil!!

  40. Reading thru comments I see people using different kinds, and that it has taste… I buy mine in the grocery store, cooking oil aisle 5.99 for a huge jar, no taste what so ever, and it seems to work just as well as all the “expensive” others I am seeing. Am I missing something?

  41. PLEASE tell me more about #39. Do you just mix the whole seeds with the coconut oil and swallow? Could this be used as a quick breakfast/snack, and does it really give you a lot of energy??

    • I’ve heard that Chia seeds (like flax seeds) need to be ground for the body to use them, otherwise you just poop them out with zero effect. Kind of a waste of money.

      • Chia seeds do NOT have to be ground up in order to be used by the body. Flax seeds do need to be ground.

        • Chia seeds absorb a bunch of water and then turn into a jelly like substance so they don’t have to be ground. The Aztec people had runners that ran fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico City and used these seeds to sustain them. Sort of an early pony express except they used Tarahumara Indians to do the running as ponies had long since died out in the Americas besides being dog sized. I imagine that is where the term “Aztec Gold” came from.

  42. What about the dangers of phytic acid in coconuts? Is phytic acid not present in the oil? I would like to
    try it internally but do not want to worry about it becoming counterproductive. Thanks

  43. Amazing website! I just love all the information and thankful for all your hard work putting it together for us! I learned new ways to use coconut and cant wait to try!

    • Could you tell me. i saw. Large white container of coconut cream or oil at Costco for $16.00. Is that what your refering to as coconut oil. My friend bought it as doctor recommended it for using on his very very dry hands. Thank you

  44. For anyone wanting to try #50 with a partner, be warned: any oil will reduce the efficacy of latex barriers.

  45. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!! I was looking for information on how to use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer and this 101 uses list popped up. I recently gave up all the super expensive and chemical-laden potions I had been using in favor of Argan oil. That has worked well, but I am told coconut oil works even better. Anyway, I am so completely dazzled by your site. So much great information here!!! Can’t wait to make lotion and deodorant bars! I am off now to do more exploring here. Thanks for this. I have already shared the link with my mother and daughter.

  46. We have used it on our hair overnite for lice. the eggs comb out really easy and the buggers prrtty much hate it and try to leave.BUT it us really hard to wash out. It takes 3 washes and still the hair is heavy but not all greasy. Super soft though. Lol.

    • Try using vinegar after using the coconut oil on the hair….that takes out any residue that is left in your hair and makes it soft.

  47. Wow. That’s quite a list. It’s definitely worth keeping on hand. Thank you for sharing those things with us.

  48. Hello everyone, I have a question: does anyone know if coconut oil intake helps people with food allergies, such as peach allergy ?

  49. after being biten by mossies during a walk in the woods i can confirm that it does a great job at reducing itch. normally i use a cream bought from my local chinese medicine centre. will have to get some oils and try out the bug off bars. 🙂

  50. Hi Katie, would you use it on chicken pox spots on the vulva? My three year old has quite a lot and they are making her miserable! It’s the middle of the night here, or I’d put her in a bath (may have to do that anyway!).

  51. Hi love this new web site new for me.Can you email me the list of uses for cocnut oil so i can email it my friends? Thaxs Carla Pauls

  52. I have been using pure unrefined coconut oil on my skin for about a month. It removed moles off my face.with iwo days and I use it to shave my legs and it nourishes the skin. I also put a couple teaspoons in my bath my skin is so refreshed and much healthier looking it leaves my skin with a glow as if I went to beauty salon and got a facial. I swear by it and use it not only for my skin but my children skin too. I only by organic.

  53. hi! i just wanna ask.. to remove cellulite, do i need to apply on my skin or drink it? in terms of losing weight, do i need to drink it? will 1 tablespoon a day work? thanks so much! 🙂 great great info by the way! thanks for sharing!

      • I have a question. Will consuming a 1/4 of coconut oil daily cause you to loose weight? On average, how much (lbs) weekly? How is the best way to take it? Can you put anything with it to make it go down better?

      • Does the “1/4 cup a day” for weigh loss have to be consumed by itself or can it be added to food? I used coconut oil for the first time today and added 2 tablespoons to a cup of beans while heating them. The jar I got was Spectrum Expeller Pressed Organic but I’m not sure now if it will work after reading the comments that it needs to be Virgin/Organic/Unrefined. I will order the Tropical Traditions that you recommend but will this one be ok to use as a lotion?

  54. Hi! My face is super oily and I can not seem to find any thing that works to keep it oil free throughout the day. If I use cco on it for acne will it make the problem worse?

    • Hi Ginger 🙂 Contrary to what you may think, putting oil on the skin actually reduces your skins oil production. The skin produces oil as a natural reaction to being stripped of oils via washing your face. With someone who is oily, your skin does not know when to “stop” producing the oil. I am both oily & acne prone. Using CCO has DRASTICALLY reduced my oiliness (as in, it’s non existent) and it does not break me out, while new breakouts are few & far between. I use Nutiva Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Applying a very small amount (just enough to cover the skin, don’t over apply or you’ll be greasy!) immediately after cleansing your face (in whatever way you choose) will work perfectly for you 🙂

  55. I’m new to all of this. I would love to start consuming more coconut oil as I’ve now seen all the benefits. But isn’t coconut a natural laxative? I tried the coffee recipe this morning and LOVED it. But I was also in the bathroom more than I’d like to be for the few hours following…

    Am I missing something? Is nobody else dealing with this? This just wouldn’t be acceptable everyday while I’m at work! 🙁 Suggestions?

    • That happens to some people when they first start consuming it especially if they aren’t used to large amounts of fats. Start with a little less and work up and you should be fine 🙂

  56. When I came down with a yeast infection a while ago I did the soaking a tampon thing, and it worked magic! Within two days I felt much better, I kept doing it for a week to stay on top of it so it didn’t come back, but it worked miracles, without the embarrassment of a Dr’s visit or a trip to the store for cream. 🙂

  57. What’s the storage life of coconut oil? Worst-case scenario: no refrigeration, sealed, 90% humidity and 90 degrees?

    • No problem according to Dr Fife who wrote The Coconut Miracle book. Can be be reheated over and over, smoke point is pretty high…I fry corn tortillas in it. Shelf live was….I don’t remember….years and years and years, but everything has to have an experation date on it these days.

      • Normally coconut oil doesn’t have any expiry… Back home v use fresh coconut oil for internal/cooking purpose… Oil which is year+ old used for external uses… In my place v grind our own nuts every year to get the oil & use it for the coming year, any previous year left over would be used for external uses…
        Coconut oil would be part of Maximum of our native granny medicines…

  58. I’m currently watching what I eat and record everything I eat in a diary. If I somehow take 4 tbls in a day, that’s 400 calories, that takes up a lot of calories, or do I not count those since its good fats

  59. I gag on coconut oil. I have difficulty swallowing it. The smell doesn’t stink, but even smelling it makes me want to gag. Why? I want to be healthier. It seems I can only use it for hair & skin & mixed in oatmeal, or beans & rice.

    • Candy, I would try the frozen method that has been mentioned and see if that works for you. Just put in it something to make it a small type thing so that you can just swallow it.

      • I made POPCICLES with it yesterday! FUN! I mixed yogurt…etc with it, be creative. It’s easier to eat that way..I’m not fond of the texture either.

  60. Youre a referrer paid when people order from the link on your site and i never trust people that do that because i know you cant be honest when youre being paid to promote a product.

    • I don’t actually get paid… I get coupons for discounts on their products, many of which I turn around and give to readers. Also, I use almost all of their products and would even if I didn’t get any kind of referral at all. I understand where you are coming from, but these are products I do personally use and like…

      • That’s generally my first gut reaction, too, but after Googling the website and company and all the wonderful testimonials, I am going to purposely click her link before I buy. In this case, she should get a kickback because she is promoting a particular product that she uses/likes and turned me on to. I’m grateful to have found it because of her. She doesn’t have to do this blog, spend a ton of time sharing all this awesome information and you don’t have to click on the link if you don’t want to.

  61. I just wanted to say Thank You w/ an explanation. I’ve used coconut oil for several years now, for my lip balms and body butters and yet I just never could remember to work it into my cooking. It just seemed to slip my mind. I’ve always had an issue w/ eating, I could goes days w/out touching a morsel except for when I’m cooking for the family I sometimes eat (more not than often). However I drink coffee every morning. Before this week I could barley drink a cup due to the phlegm drainage and sinus issues (then I learned about OP and I’ve been doing that 9 days now and I’m back up to my two cups a day. OP is Amazing!!!) So what’s my point right? lol. Thanks be to you after OP in the morning I’ll make my coffee….yes….you guessed it….w/ a spoonful of coconut oil in it and my normal sugar and milk. I love love love it! You don’t even know it’s there except for the fact that I don’t need my lip balm till all my coffee is gone, lol. So how awesome is that? All the benefits of eating the coconut oil PLUS smooth luscious (not dry and cracked) morning lips. Also because it has become a daily routine of handling the oil I actually remember to use it in my cooking. So thank you, You Rock!!!

  62. You did address that it fights yeast infections… I just wanted to add that that includes thrush in your mouth & also on your nipples when breastfeeding! This a little off topic, but if you breastfeed, wiping your nipples w/ white vinegar followed by coconut or olive oil is great for treating/preventing thrush. =)

  63. I don’t know if this is really 101 ways for coconut oil use. A good amount of them just tend to “repeat” themselves. I could have sworn the “as a replacement for vegetable oils” was used twice.

    All together, I’m really liking the homemade tooth paste recipe and will try it! THanks!

  64. This list deserves to be hanged in every kitchen! You are such an inspiration Katie. You inspired me to go DIY and to live by the code of natural living. You even inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you for your help,advice and everything! Much love from the Philippines! wearepracticalmoms.blogspot.com

  65. Fabulous post thanks, I use coconut oil in many of the moisturizers and serums and facemasks in my natural skin care book(s). Its good for skin and body on so many levels 🙂 really enjoyed reading this thanks

  66. Hmmm…”50. As a natural personal lubricant”? And I’ve been using olive oil all this time like a sucker.

  67. This is a great post I love making my natural skin care recipes and yummy body butters with coconut oil. I have over 200 natural skin care recipes to repair skin and one of my favourite ingredients is coconut oil, we keen a jar in our kitchen, a BIG one as we use it for so many things from cooking to furniture polish. I also make divine body scrubs that leave your skin glowing 🙂

  68. Hi! i heard coconut oil is good for chicken skin i just wanna know if whe is the proper time to put it is before or aftet the shower?
    And it says it will help you reduce weight can you tell me in what way? Thank you:)

  69. would love to buy some ASAP! but tropical trad is $100 postage to where i am in Aus, what would be another good brand?

  70. My 2 year old is allergic to coconut and dairy. What oils do you suggest, most other oils make me sick.

    • what kind of dairy, may I ask? Raw grass fed goat’s milk is different than raw or store bought cow’s milk. By far, goat’s is better, especially raw.

  71. It has helped my bumps on the back of my arms tremendously! I rub it in after showering & noticed fewer bumps in only a few days!

    • Those bumps are called Keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin). I also have it and I am currently using organic expeller pressed coconut oil on my skin. I have only been using it for 1 week and still have not noticed a reduction in the bumps. However, I did notice it makes my skin feel less dry and smooth!

      • Those bumps are caused by gluten in your diet. If you go gluten-free they will go away. Try it and see!

        • I just found this site and am quite impressed. In response to Carol who says that those bumps (chicken skin) are caused by gluten. I’m glad you had that experience, that it worked for you. I have no research to back me up only personal experience. I have been gluten-free for 3 and a half years, very strict about it since I am highly allergic. I have those bumps and going gluten free has not made them go away. Going gluten free has, however, cleared up my acne which I’d been plagued with all my life, but no difference in the bumps.
          I love this website and this post for coconut oil. I tried oil pulling about a year ago and gave up, didn’t have the patience for it, plus I don’t like the coconut taste. However, I have recently started again. The research seems to back it up and I love all the different uses for coconut oil. I have to get over the taste and just do it. I’ve been using olive oil on my skin, still no fine lines or wrinkles (I’m in my 50’s), but I’m going to try coconut oil for a while and see how it goes. Thanks for this great site and the wonderful comments.

  72. I read this to keep myself entertained as I enjoy a hair mask of coconut oil & honey; this list is an absolute treasure! Thank you

  73. Great list, quite helpful, but there are some repeats (45, 46 & 96 seem basically the same)… Also, seems like you could just say, if you have a skin issue, try coconut oil. 😉 That said, i’m off to make some tea and will be adding some for my sore throat and sickness i’m getting over. Thanks for posting.

  74. I’m guessing that it has been asked, but… where on earth do you get a 5gal. bucket of coconut oil??? I’ve been using it more and more, and want to use it even MORE STILL!!! But… I find it both irritating, and not cost effective to buy it @ the grocery store in only 36oz containers for such a price tag of at least $20 a pop (I haven’t priced it in a while actually…) So… please PLEASE!! Help a mamma out! <3

  75. I ordered coconut oil through this page a few months ago, got the free book (THANKS, love it) and use it now daily. A funny story… was using it instead of sunscreen and my dog went NUTS==> was licking me like crazy! Funny but also kind of bizarre. So I began putting some on her dry dog food and she loves it! Sometimes I spread some on her paws and she goes into a licking frenzy. She smells the stuff the second I open the jar and comes running. Hey, it’s also healthy for our canine companions, so if you are owned by a canine…TRY it.

  76. If I rub it on my scalp to try to help with eczema, how difficult will it be to wash it out of my hair completely so it’s not still greasy after washing? Any ideas?

    • its not difficult at all i put it on at night and put my hair up and in the morning i take a shower with shampoo and conditioner and it comes out just fine

  77. I recently read an article that suggested making your own coconut oil to save money. Now I can’t find the article. I remember it only had 2 ingredients…. a store bought bag of frozen flaked coconut, and 1 other ingredient that I cannot remember. I’m thinking it was just a Tbsp spring water? Put in food processor and emulsify til creamy. Does anyone know anything about this? Could it possibly provide all the same benefits? I love Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut oil, but the price prevents 1/4 c. per day consumption, which I would like to try for acne scars and overall health. Help?

  78. i love coconut oil, thanks for the ideas. i used to be disgusted by eating it or even the idea of putting it in my mouth… as often as i can i use it to oil pull.. oil pulling; a tablespoon, swish around your mouth for 10-30 mins (30mins is more successful) and it whitens your teeth.. also takes the toxins out, make sure you rinse your mouth afterward.. i brush mine afterwards. you can build up to 30 if you dont feel comfortable at first!

  79. I found for me it worked best on my hair. I tried using this as a facial moisturizer and it left about 4 large pimples on my face. Its been a couple weeks and they haven’t gone away. I will be getting a glycolic peel this afternoon due to putting coconut oil on my face. I didn’t notice any difference in the skin on the rest of my body so I will just stick to olive oil on my body. Bottom Line: this worked perfect for my hair when left in and when used as a primer before shampooing. BUT I will never use this on my face again.

  80. I read a comment on another blog post about coconut oil that said it (coconut oil) is very drying…that just doesn’t make sense to me since we use it in lotion, as a conditioner, and facial moisturizer. The reason I ask about it is my baby’s skin has been very dry lately even though I use straight coconut oil on him after most baths. At first I thought is was because of the winter weather, but now I wonder if its the oil. Could you address this?

  81. I want to get some ……but I want to get the best kind,it’s very expensive in our little town. Whats the best kind to buy ????

  82. I put 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil with a bit of cocoa mix in my coffee and it makes it taste like a Mounds candy bar.

  83. I found out I am pregnet with my lucky number 8 baby its my 7 time being prgenet I have had twins I used coconut oil on my tummy and on all of my kids when they wore born we all have soft skin. Thank you for the other ways I can use coconut oil 🙂

    But how do I get the free coconut oil book, I need more instructions on that.

  84. 102. Having a teaspoon a day will prevent migraines or lessen their frequency and intensity. A spoonful will also work as a treatment to one that’s already started.

    I’m going into 4 months with virtually no migraines. I used to get them chronically, 8-10 times a month… I have not had one full-blown migraine in nearly 4 months. Last week, I had a migraine aura start up on my way out of the market, I came straight home and had an extra teaspoon of coconut oil and it dissipated within about 20 minutes. It never even spiked up to the intensity I have always suffered. Coconut oil is AMAZING!

  85. I use it for #50: Natural lubricant without disturbing vaginal flora… and I love it! Tasty, long lasting, not sticky and no chemicals! Highly recommend…and so does my hubby 😉

  86. I tend to have trouble with conjunctivitis. To relieve the itchiness
    and burning, I started using it every night and morning. I just rub on a
    small amount on and around my eyelids. After about 30 days I have
    noticed less itching and that sand paper feeling under my eyelids is
    completely gone!

  87. so it says you can use it as a facial mask AND for hair growth ! has anyne noticed facial hair growth !?!?!?! i would like to try this butt i sure dont wait facial hair

    • I have been using coconut oil as a nighttime facial moisturizer for several months now, and not only has it not increased my facial hair growth, it seems to have reduced it….

  88. I heard that you can use it on your dog’s skin and internally for your dog as well. Deals with all kinds of issues – yeast, inflammation, etc. AND apparently, fleas and ticks. Anything about pets in the book?

  89. We rescued a little Shitzu who had a bad yeast infection all over her body…she was sore from itching. I rubbed her sore spots and bald spots with coconut oil and gave her a small amount on a spoon…she’s all better (also had a bunch of meds) but I still give her a little coconut oil…and I’ve started cooking with it…

  90. I’m an inexperienced and (so far) kind of horrible cook – I’m really not up for the challenge of incorporating coconut oil into the recipes my lovely friends are kind enough to share, at least not just yet. But I definitely want all these great benefits! So I’ve been integrating it into my breakfast routine, one tablespoon now, but hopefully moving up to two.

    So far I’ve had great luck mixing it with smoothies, and tea of all things – if you stick it in your tea with a little (soy, coconut or cow) milk and blend it, it makes for a foamy hot drink. (This also works for coffee.) Personally I’m such a child I will still order a cappuccino, eat the foam, and then give the rest to my friend, so I’m very enamored with this development.

    My next challenge will be adding it to oatmeal. Some people add butter, right?

  91. I purchased coconut oil long time ago when I read how good it is I when to my kitchen cabinet and got the jar of coconut oil but it is expire expire July 2013 can I still use it I already took a spoon full of it

    • It’s good for years and years and years. Expiration dates are a new part of our lives…and some only to protect businesses from lawsuites (just my opinion).

  92. 3:30 am woke up heartburn use over the counter meds no real help for 30 mins 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 3 mins its gone it work for me try lt

  93. Hello world and coconut lovers!!!
    YES! YES! YES! This history of coconut use really works!
    If any of you have membership at Costco… Get it FAST; well they have a $3 off coupon wich makes it only $13. It’s a generous size for the price. It’s organic and from the island of Philippines; where we all know a lot of coconuts grow there!
    Enjoy! The only question I have is the intake part. I understand adding it to food. I’m taking about just taking it as is. How? And pulling?
    Thank God for coconuts!!!!

    • To ingest, just put a spoonful in your mouth and swallow.
      For oil pulling, swish a Tbsp for 10-30 mins; spit into the trash can. DO NOT SWALLOW (toxins are drawn out.)
      Both are very easy.

  94. I’ve been doing some research on making my own shampoo and conditioner and like this post says I’ve read that you can use coconut oil as a deep conditioner. I was wondering what thoughts are on using small amounts of C.O. mixed in with a homemade conditioner for daily use. I’m thinking of trying the Apple Cider Vinegar/H2O mixture. What are thoughts on this? Also, since I don’t know a lot about C.O., is it a liquid or a solid and how long will it last if I don’t use a lot of it up at once?


  95. Okay article. Thanks to this I will be ordering and using coconut oil. It was a little too long, though. You re-listed the same things constantly, and it made me not feel like reading all the way through. I think you could have easily condensed it to 50.

  96. I don’t know if it’s just the placebo effect but I have recently started oil pulling using coconut oil and I think my teeth feel better already.

  97. I just started making my own local beeswax balms & lotions recently. I use a good portion of coconut oil as well as extra virgin olive oil as the base. Both my wife and I have stopped using any other moisturizer because of the noticable improvement of our skin (head to foot). After reading this list I’m more convinced than ever of coconut oil’s contribution to the effectiveness of the lotions.
    I also gave some to a friend who had long standing foot fungal issue and he was raving about it. He used some expensive over the counter cream and this apparently out does it.

    Viva La Coconut!

  98. Question about using it after birth. . . could I just swipe it on a maxi pad and wear it? Or could I do the natural wipe recipe and add it to the squirt bottle?

  99. I was using it for acne as a moisturizer and I stopped. Needless to say my acne came back. I also use a goat milk soap from a local farmer for my face wash.

  100. I recently started using CCO, I keep a small cup with lid in my shower, use for shaving my legs and all the dry areas when I get out of the shower. I also keep a mixture with epson salt and use when washing my hands. When I fix grilled cheese sandwiches, I use a coat the pan before grilling ..yummy~

  101. Coconut oil can be a great addition to snack time! I spread a little bit of both coconut oil and almond butter on a dried date for a sweet yet energy-boosting snack.

  102. I’ve read all the fantastic things about coconut oil and have used it quite a lot in cooking and baking, but for some reason when I use it frequently on my face as a moisturiser I break out in spots, when I use it on my hands they seem very dry afterwards and it seems to negatively effect my hormones as well. I am so upset as I’ve read so many positive things about Coconut oil being good for Hormones & skin & would love to be able to benefit from its goodness.
    I am using raw, unrefined, organic – the good stuff so it can’t be the make – does any one have any ideas???

  103. I love how you enumerate all the benefits of coconut oil. This is such a helpful post. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil ever since, simply because it does a lot—from kitchen use to overall wellness. I believe coconut oil really makes a difference. By the way, I totally believe in #78. Coconut oil is really safe for deep frying. I know lots of mums use coconut oil when cooking dinner foods (yea, including me). And I love it ‘coz it doesn’t even affect the taste of the food. I can even cook a lot of my favorite foods, including popcorn!

  104. Which Tropical Traditions coconut oil do you use? They have several and would like to know which one is the most beneficial. Thanks 🙂

  105. I was just wondering, when using just coconut oil as toothpaste do you just put a bit onto your toothbrush and brush like you normally would?

  106. Claire, (and I have ALWAYS loved that name!)

    Don’t give up on it after one not-so-good experience. I received my first batch of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and immediately started on the suggestion of a tablespoon four times a day. I got so sick I had to lie down and had horrible gas the next day. Then I realized it was the coconut oil “cleaning me” for lack of a better phrase. The second day, I had SO much energy, I felt as if I could climb Mt Everest! I have maintained the 4xday regimen and I highly recommend you do so as well. The initial “reaction” of your body is to say, “Oh HECK no!” but trust me. take a nap and restart the next day. You won’t be sorry. Try a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon – that made a bit of difference for me. My morning regimen starts with 8 ounces of water which I have waiting for me by my bedside before I even get up. Coffee and newspaper, small breakfast varies, but I take my now-tablespoon of VCO and then a walk around the block. (You get the idea.)

    Hair: 1/4 cup VCO spread on my hair (you may need more if hair is longer – mine is to my shoulder blades). Shower cap over the hair and a good night’s rest. Next morning, wash hair with coconut oil shampoo (you can find this at Target) and condition with a tiny bit of VCO on the tips of hair. You can continue with your regular hairstyling regimen. I am 47 and my hair looks and feels like hair of a 16 year old!

    Once a week, rub a small amount on your face. I have zero pores visibility since I started and I also use Pond’s.

    I wish you the best of luck!

    • Yes and yes! It’s excellent!

      Not for use with latex condoms – it’ll break ’em down.

      If that’s not an issue, then enjoy 😉

  107. How did you use the coconut oil in the ears for infection? Did you just dropped in some drops of the oil? For how many days.

  108. Can I use LouAna’s Coconut Oil for the same results? I am new to this and am wanting to try, but I only have the LouAna’s brand.

  109. I am drinking a delicious smoothie as I type this:

    1 medium banana
    8-ounces unsweetened almond milk
    2 handfuls organic spinach
    1 tablespoons organic raw almond butter
    2 tablespoon chia seeds
    1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

    The coconut oil makes the smoothie creamier and gives it just the slightest hint of coconut flavor. You could easily add two tablespoons to this to get your daily allowance into one meal.

  110. #75 – For pets struggling with skin issues when used externally.

    Both myself and my sister have pets with skin issues. Can we give our pets some of the oil from a gel cap on their food?

  111. Thanks for sharing useful tips to use coconut oil in many ways. Adding coconut oil to your coffee is a delicious way to start your day with a huge energy boost! I daily apply the same, its really worth for me.

  112. I love all the information on this sight. I am new to using coconut oil and so far my use consist of using at as a body lotion, foot cream, which seems to be clearing up athletes foot, and i mix 2 teaspoons turmeric, 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar with mother, 2 teaspoons coconut oil, 1/4 teaspoon pepper,and stevia [which i grew and ground myself. Very Exciting],or raw honey to taste mixed with 16oz warm water. I try to drink this 2 or 3 times a day monday through friday. I am wondering if the ingredients are compatible with each other?

  113. I wonder if anyone can suggest how I can use coconut oil in a spray bottle for cooking without it solidifying? Is there anything I can mix with it to keep it liquid? I live in Scotland and its not very warm here so it would be solid.

    • I would just set the jar in a small pot with some water and warm it gently on the stove, just until enough of it liquefies for you to pour out. It melts quickly, and this method will damage the oil less than microwaving. Other posters also suggest keeping the container on the stovetop so the oil stays more liquid. If you’re using it in cooking anyway, you can just melt it in your sauté pan before adding other ingredients, or spoon it to soups, stews, rice (before you start to cook it; I sometimes dry-fry the rice a little before adding water or stock), &c.

    • Probably olive oil…but I haven’t had time to play with a recipe yet. Check it out on the Internet.

    • Yes You Can : One teaspoon Drink it in a glass of water or as a suppository Cold from the refrigerator and insert to the rectum as it melts very fast and is safer than store laxatives.

  114. Is there any advantage or help with IBS. Since my gall bladder surgery I can’t eat fried anything, onions or peppers. It flares up the IBS something terrible. So I am hoping this can help with it cause I am so tired of this pain all of the time. Thanks

  115. I used organic coconut oil to clear up bacteriavaginosis caused by my IUD. I froze a layer in a bowl, broke off a piece and inserted it. Odor cleared up within about a hour and lasted for the entire day. After about 5 days of self treatment, it was gone. It was the only thing I got to work after trying numerous other treatments!!

  116. For the personal lubricant, it works amazing, it doesn’t foam, stick, or stay around after ‘alone time’ with your sig. other like store bought ones. If It wasn’t for the fact that you really should pee and shower after intercourse, you could walk away from it feeling smooth and smelling awesome with this stuff!

  117. I had a operation and skin graft on my foot for skin cancer just over a year ago, part of it has not heeled properly. Would it be safe to try coconut oil on it?

  118. I have been dealing with a small bowel bacteria infection for months. I have taken 3 different antibiotics and only feel a little better. I wake up bloated and swell throughout the day no matter what I eat. Have you ever heard if it helping with these issues?

  119. Hello,

    Thank you for this great resource, as I researched more on it, seems like trusted sources are saying the same…

    I am using coconut oil to treat my teeth and didn’t go to a dentist for last 20 years. Just visit them for check-ups)). I would advice anyone to use it, it really helps!

    Thank you

    • Can you leave the coconut oil on your teeth all night or do you need to brush it off? I see some use it with bking soda for toothpaste.

  120. WOW lots of info read it all. I used to use it years ago for my skin had no idea of all the other things this amazing stuff does, and the health benefits it has… I am hoping that using it internally will help with my health…Thank You all so much for your info and questions that I and others may have wondered about again Thank You

  121. Please respond to me in email, was wondering i have the coconut oil but it is the refined would that work just as well it is in a jar and it is organic, would it still have the same affect.?
    On the jar it is made by Spectrum / expeller pressed Organic Cocnut Oil and at the bottom it says refined for medium high heat.

  122. I love coconut oil for many things (body moisturizer, hydrates my hair, for nursing moms, as a personal lubricant, cooking, etc…) but I have tried using it on my face multiple times and it has always made me break out pretty badly. Doing the oil cleansing method was the worst! I got large, deep acne that took a long time to clear. I have wondered if this was some sort of purging effect but I gave it quite a bit of time before deciding I just had to stop using it on my face. I know many people swear by using it on their face. And I do have sensitive, very acne-prone skin, so maybe this is just me, but I wanted to put it out there as a caution to others.

  123. Loved this article! I have been using CO as a moisturizer/make-up remover/personal lubricant and now I have 70+ more uses to add. I have shared this with all my friends. Thank you!!

  124. What do I need to do for the thyroid, metabolism, and weight loss help, using coconut oil. I would really like to know please help me out

  125. Question about ingesting it for weight loss: I’m guessing in a smoothie is best, but can you just eat a tablespoon full in the hard form? I’m so very new to the coconut oil craze so I’m lost! I did make parsley potatoes the other night and substituted the coconut oil for the butter. Turned out well, same with making rice. Is it equal parts for substituting for vegetable oil?

  126. This is such an extensive list! I’m so excited to find a site that is so ripe with information as yours! Thank you for this list and some very interesting uses ;).

  127. Loving this article! I just recently started using coconut oil for practically EVERYTHING. I frequently get heartburn and decided to try just eating some coconut oil and see if it worked. If it didn’t, what could it hurt, right? So I took one spoonful, let it melt in my mouth completely (as if to Oil Pull) then swallowed it as slowly as possible. After about five minutes I did it again. After two spoonfuls I have noticed my heartburn has somewhat subsided. Lets see if this continues to work!

  128. Hi Katie,

    I am trying to do better health wise and want to incorporate coconut oil. Due to your recommendation, as well as others, I ordered Tropical Traditions. It is supposed to be the best yet it has a funny taste and smell. It also burns my throat. At the bottom it had some discoloration and black spots. Is that normal? I have enough health issues, I don’t need to add any more by taking rancid/inferior oil.

    Has anyone else had a problem with Tropical Traditions?

  129. My bulldog has itching issues, To the point they bleed. Would i be able to rub the oil into her whole body? I dont know if i am to rinse it out or just leave it in.

  130. I was just curious what type of coconut oil you ordered from this company you suggested. There were a couple of different options. Gold label, green label, organic expeller, etc. I have tried it in the little containers, but I would like to get a large one like you do with your family.


  131. In southern India coconut oil has been used from generations as new born baby massage oil , in hair n skin care, cooking.

  132. So,will mixing a teaspoon with a cup of hot chocolate everyday work for energy? I am just not a coffee/smoothie type

  133. Hi, I’m getting a lot of mixed info on coconut oil right now. Maybe you could help clear the air? Some say it is safe to use for absolutely everything, while others say never heat it over 350f. Which is right? Can I used it for pan frying? How about on baked sweet potato fries cooked at 450f?
    BTW your blog is awesome! 🙂

  134. My mom has Alzheimer’s, my father had it also. I feel positive I will also inherit alz. I want to use it in my diet, however, honestly, I feel I won’t be able to. Can I take it in softgel form? I see many available. How many milligrams should I take?

  135. I have a “unrefined expeller pressed virgin coconut oil” from wholefoods. Is this recommended for taking internally?

  136. Hello was wondering if its okay to take internally the coconut oil that says “unrefined expeller pressed virgin coconut oil”?

  137. Do you refrigerate the 5 pound container that you buy? f you order by mail, are you concerned about the heat during shipping because the oil is heated but also because the oil is in a plastic container? Thanks so much!

  138. Do you refrigerate the 5 pound container that you buy? f you order by mail, are you concerned about the heat during shipping because the oil is heated but also because the oil is in a plastic container? Thanks so much!

  139. I use raw,virgin coconut oil for everything and itchy eyes have always been a problem for me during allergy season. I put coconut skin on my body and face daily but stay away from my eye area,one day while I was applying the coconut oil to my face my eyes began to itch and I used my pinky finger to rub the tears from my eyes and the second the coconut oil touched the skin around my eyes the itching stopped. Also everyday my 11 year old daughter and myself do oil pulling and I add a few drops of peppermint oil to a tblsp of coconut oil and it is amazing and refreshing,we have had nothing but compliments even from the dentist. Good luck everybody.

  140. I have been trying to research which coconut oil is best to use as a nipple cream. All the post I have read say its great but no one recommends a specific one. I also wanted to use it for #37 (to increase milk supply). Do i need Expeller pressed or refined for my nipples and unrefined to take for milk production, or can I use Unrefined for both? There seems to be many different kinds and I’m feeling lost and a bit overwhelmed.

  141. I see you say its good for hemorrhoids, any recommendation as how to treat? ive been smearing directly on it which is definitely helping because its a great lubricant but should I be taking internally or is there any way to actually get the hemorrhoid to shrink

    • Hello Connie, It is a wicked problem you have but usually quite easy to get rid of with a little patience. Fist you have to look at your diet and start eating a lot more veges and fruit. Forget about the Grains as Wellness Mama says Better still go and see a good Naturopath as I did 58 years ago when i was 16 years old and got rid of these things in less than 3 months and have never had them since. In my experience it is your liver that needs help so plenty of Milk Thistle, Tumeric and anything that will help your liver in the Natural Fields. Once you have got rid of them and it is no use going back to the old ways again simply because this is what has caused them. To start with it might be good to not mix your Proteins with your Starches but a Naturopath will help you I am sure. All the best, Walter.

  142. Wow!!! this is so unbelievable knowing the benefits of using coconut oil.Welldone wellness mama you doing a great job.please can coconut oil be used to remove purple like stretch marks from the inner thighs because I never use to have it till I started gaining weight and it’s so embarrassing having tried so many products it’s still not working.please how can I possibly get it across to nigeria because I don’t think we have it in any of the local stores.am anxiously waiting on your response.thanks

  143. How can I use the coconut oil for asthma?
    My son is 7 years old and I am looking for more remedies for him and his asthma.

    • To help cure your son’s asthma you need to read the book “You’re not sick,
      you’re thirsty” by F. Batmanghelidj You can get it on the net or at your local library. Nearly all our common ills are caused by dehydration. I’m glad that I didn’t stay up so late for nothing. At least I can help some one in particular and perhaps many bystanders along the way. Best of health in the future guaranteed when you’re properly hydrated. Good night.

  144. So excited… I read about the benefits of Coconut Oil last year and started taking it daily. I told my mother about it and she bought some as well. My mom has been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Acid Reflux. Well she went to the Dr. last month and he lowered the amount of medication for the Diabetes. She went last week and he told her she no longer needed to take the medication for Diabetes and lowered the amount she takes for her Cholesterol and High Blood. I’m so happy for her because all of these drugs were causing other issues. I don’t believe in taking medication, so this has been a great option.

  145. You might consider adding #102 for ringworm – or add it to the one where you mention athlete’s foot (since they are both a fungal infection). I found coconut oil as a result of searching for a ringworm home remedy. I applied it to a ringworm I discovered on my arm and the next day (seriously, the very next day), it was barely visible. My husband could not believe it.

    I’m going to go through this list and see what other uses we’ve been missing out on! I’ve already purchased the ingredients for the sunscreen. We can’t find a single on at the store that doesn’t break him out.

  146. I have just started adding coconut oil to my diet and I LOVE IT! I am loving it so much that I just eat a spoonful straight from the jar! Delish! Thanks for your great info!

  147. i use a natural coconut oil from Honduras, its bottled right when you ask for it. but they put it in clean soda bottles or even alcohol bottles, i get a new bottle every 2 months, the best thing i use it for is my hair, use it once a month and your hair will grow inches! no joke! i also use it instead of shaving gel. and for a healthy mouth i put a blob in my mouth for 60 seconds then spit out.

  148. Not sure if it was mentioned in another post, but I’ve used coconut oil for pink eye. It works great!

  149. I started putting coconut oil under my eyes to help lighten my dark circles. I noticed so far it has lightened them up some. But what surprised me is that since about 2006, I’ve had this white bump on my lower eyelid under my right eye. Well, since I’ve been putting the coconut oil under my eyes, that bump has mostly gone away! I thought that thing would never go away. Not even what I intended to use the coconut oil for, so I was amazed. I just started oil pulling, too, and I have a few questions. Do you brush your teeth before or after you pull? And I’ve read where some people say you should rinse your mouth out with salt water after. Is that necessary?

    • oil pull before anything, dont drink water or brush teeth, do the oil pull, yes a seasalt rinse is good then brush your teeth and good to go

  150. Same in my family! We are caribbean. All I ever heard was use coconut oil. I swear by and just l LOVE it! Thanks for this reference

  151. living in the desert, i get really dry chapped lips, even when i know im hydrated, been using the oil, no more chapped lips they are even super soft, no other lip balms have helped , im happy.

  152. Hi Katie, Im wondering how and where can i get the 5 gallon pail? how much does it cost, more or less? im a new coconut oil believer 😉 and i absolutely want to do it all. help please!

  153. THANK YOU for compiling this amazing list!!! Right after I read this I went to my local health food store and bought a jar of virgin coconut oil! Can’t wait to see all of its incredible uses for myself! 🙂

  154. Does it matter which coconut oil is best to use on your skin topically for eczema? I have purchased virgin coconut oil, or would pure or refined coconut oil be better for this?

  155. For a healthy snack, put 1/4 cup organic popcorn in a paper bag and microwave on high for 3 minutes, then transfer to a bowl. Drizzle warmed coconut oil over the top and toss with a little salt. It’s great!

  156. Great info! I am a bit overwhelmed by all the different kinds of Coconut Oil! The one I bought seems to be just for cooking (since it is called “coconut cooking oil”) and it is liquid. Is liquid best or solid? And should it definitely be virgin? Exactly which kind should I get? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  157. I’ve suffered with a really bad case of leaky bladdar for 4 months after a kidney stent was removed. I had lost hope of ever being normal again. Then recently on The Jim Bakker Show, an author was touting his new book about the many things that coconut oil will cure. I thought he was a shuckster because he named so many things. However, my new precious kitten suddenly became deathly ill and nearly died. She was extremely lethargic and wouldn’t eat, becoming nothing more than fur & bones. She had fleas real bad too, and since coconut oil supposed to be so good for that i ran to the store and bought a jar of LOUANN oil. I gave kitty some daily with her food and within a week she had bounced back to perfect health. I put some in my coffee, and poured some on my salad. I was pleasantly shocked the day after starting the coconut oil that i was dry all day long, no leaky bladder at all! I’m on my 8th dry day (& night) and am absolutely ecstatic about it!

  158. I really wanted to download the book, but when I click on the link it takes me to a page to pay $14.99 for the book. Did I miss some kind of discount code?


      • I have a question regarding COCONUT OIL – which I also use for EVERYTHING….

        These days EVERYONE says it is THE best oil you can use – cures alzheimers, tones the skin, cures acne, and grows hair (not sure about the last 2) – – but I just read that coconut oil contains ONLY Omega 6 – – and NO Omega 3 – – so how can this be healthy???

        I await your reply with anticipation…

  159. When I use coconut oil on my lips, hands and feet they seem to get dried out. Do you know what would cause this. I have also tried avocado oil on my lips and get the same result.

  160. Hi! New to all of this, but interested in trying coconut oil for face/skin benefits. I’m a little concerned though, do you smell like coconut all day if you apply after the shower, etc? While I love the smell of that at the beach, probably not so much every day, all day. Thanks!

    • First of all, you wipe away most of it, so it’s not caked on all day. Behind that, the odor depends a bit on what kind of coconut oil you use. Unrefined has the most beneficial nutrients in it, but frequently also has the most potent coconut scent. Refined will frequently smell less strongly of coconut, but is also not as good for you. Try to find a good balance that works for you!

  161. I am really interested in using it as a personal lubricant, but feel alarmed by the one post that it is impossible to wash out of the sheets! Is this true Katie?
    Also, how does one make it liquid enough to use for this purpose if it is solid? Please help.

    • Staining is not something I have encountered. Usually normal body heat from your hands is sufficient to liquefy the oil. If you want to start with liquid oil, you can spoon out the amount you want into a small bowl or ramekin, then immerse the bottom of the container is hot water. This should melt the oil quickly.

    • Coca-Cola gets oil stains out of fabric. Just pour some on, let it sit a few hours (I let mine sit overnight) then toss in the washer. If you do get it on something that stains, try the Coca-Cola method. I was very impressed.

  162. I bought British Class brand, it is 100% pure coconut oil, no trans fats and non-hydrogenated, everyone has an opinion on all types, is this one a good type/brand? I was told that virgin and organic did not matter. I can’t see spending like $30 for a small jar of oil. Don’t have that kind of cash. What do you think? Thank you

    • My COSTCO has been stocking for more than a year 74 oz. of Nutiva coconut oil for $21.00!!!
      The next best price I have found is from Vitacost.com (54 oz for $21) I slather it on everything!
      I am a healthy 80, drink and use only Structured Water, and am grateful for my blissful life.

      Thank you for your expert information, Katie. For the people who question it, remember that healthy skepticism is a good quality. My policy is to believe everything I hear so it is accepted and goes in — and then I check it out! Experience of course is the best proof of anything.

  163. I am reading Kris Kresser’s book, Your Personal Paleo Code. He was saying it is better to cook with expeller pressed coconut oil than extra virgin. He stated that expeller pressed has a smoke point of 450 degrees F. and extra virgin only has a smoke point of 350 degrees F. What are your thoughts on this? I just don’t want to be denaturing my oils and causing oxidizing damage in my body. Would your recommend using expeller pressed for cooking and extra virgin for low temp cooking, supplementing, and homemade product. Thank you for your help!

  164. I would have to say, natural products are the best, but you have to experiment to see which ones your hair likes. I used olive oil and coconut oil for a while but I only got results after I started using argan oil on my hair after my shower. Everyone’s using MoroccanOil (the brand) but it has silicones so nooo way. I’m using the Pro Naturals brand of moroccan argan oil, no silicones so no greasiness. Been great and my hair is looking good! 😀

  165. I did not see any mention of Avacado Oil. I have heard it is very good for skin, but wondering
    if you or any of your readers have used it in scrubs in place of olive oil.

  166. You suggest it has natural SPF properties which incorrect and is NOT responsible to suggest, but then you suggest it to be used as a tanning oil….very contradictory.

  167. add craddle cap treatment to the list! i recently used a tbsp of coconut oil with a 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch massaged into babies scalp let sit for a few minutes brushed and combed right out and was completely gone (she had it pretty bad) no chemicals or anything just those two simple ingredients

  168. I have just used as a face moisturiser and it is amazing!!!!!
    I have pure oregano oil and wonder How do you use #41? For gums & teeth?

  169. I was extremely excited to try this coconut oil regimen, and it has only been a week, but, so far, I am really disappointed. I have probably gained weight, my complexion looks worse. None of the good results I have read in these comments have happened for me. I know it’s only been a week, but I’m wondering if maybe I should stop now, or if it could turn around for me if I keep it up a while longer. Are there some people who just aren’t positively affected by using coconut oil?

    • Well. Just checked for the last time. Apparently, “Wellness Mama” only responds to compliments, but if you have valid health questions or issues, you are ignored. That tells me all I need to know. After almost 3 weeks of this regimen, I have gained weight, my face broke out, my brown spots are still there, and, after a health fair at work, apparently my cholesterol went up. This comment probably won’t show up, but, anyway, bye.

      • I’m sorry you have such a dim view of me… I try to respond to everyone, but there are a lot of comments to get to. Your question is a vague one, but the answer is yes. People sometimes don’t respond positively to coconut. You may have a mild allergy, which is not at all uncommon.

  170. I am interested in trying some of the amazing uses for coconut oil for face and skin use, but am concerned about how you use coconut oil according to some of the recommendations without getting it on your clothes or your sheets and pillowcase and having to deal with rancid and unremovable stains. Any answers to that ?

  171. Its actually only around 30 uses as you listed almost every use two to four times each….just worded slightly different.

  172. I am kind of new to the benefits of coconut oil and I am loving it. Here’s an application that I did not see in your list: I used it to silence my shower curtain as it slides back and forth on the rod! Sounds strange I know but it works.

    • I have to laugh – research, data, charts and graphs can all be skewed to the outcome desired by the researcher (or the one paying for the results). Everyday results – now those are where to find value. I can tell you all of the letters after my name and then the next question from those with your attitude is; where did you earn your doctorate; doctorate of what? blah blah blah — please do yourself a favor and listen to those you would look down your nose as the “unlearned”. Your attitude is preventing you from learning some of life’s richest lessons. There are some folks with wisdom that far surpasses anything you will find in a classroom.

      It is clear that you are not currently seeking knowledge or information but are more interested in trying to participate in a verbal bantering session for which you are not prepared.

      This is boring and I shall not be participating. Good luck to you

  173. Thanks for the uses Katie. Coconut oil is very easy to make at home, it makes it all the more organic and natural. Just blend small coconut or dried coconut pieces in a blender with some water. Strain and remove the milk. Put it in the refrigerator overnight. Morning you will see a top layer with cream and water below. carefully separate the cream and heat it on a pan on low heat. Keep stiring in between for about an hour and you can see the oil separating out. Just pour it into a container. Hoping to see the process on your blog.

  174. hello mama . what an amzaingly fab website u have created its awesome full of fab advice . can u please tell me i use coconut oil on my face every night but i have read that sumone metioned above in a comment that u can get facial hair by using CCO .. can u please help ? also how are u supposed to lose weight would 1 tablespoon of CCO 4x a day b ok . would really appreciate if anyone replies . kind regards

  175. Hi Mama,
    I’ve just joined your posts and love them.
    Could you tell me please. I have used coconut oil as a moisturiser and my skin feels tight and gets red. Should I be mixing it with something else or washing it off ?
    I love the initial feel of it and really want to use it.
    Thanks for your advise

  176. I love the guide of all the different oils to use. It is important to make sure the skin is moisturizing during drastic weight changes because the skin needs to be elastic to bend with the body instead of tear and create stretch marks. What do you prefer? use this during pregnancy or after giving birth? Looking forward to your response. Thanks

  177. Sorry guys, but reality check here. Coconut oil MAY be the greatest thing ever and revolultionize medicine as we know it. BUT – the actual science – beyond anecdotal reports of “this is the best stuff ever for” are seriously lacking. So far it looks like there is no reason NOT to use coconut oil for whatever you like both inside and out, but claims of major health benefit really should be tempered with statements like “there is only anecdotal evidence” or “no true studies have been performed” for MOST of these claims. Hopefully that will change and some good research will be done but to date, only studies on the effect of coconut oil on cholesterol levels have been performed (and those results are subject to interpretation). So by all means share all you want of what you think it is good for, but keep in mind that you may have the same results with a variety of other oils or any other “placebo”. Sorry

  178. It is understandable when one is new to a product or a method to be hesitant. Centuries of information has established the benefits of coconut oil. I mean seriously, the FDA may be one’s “go to” authority but these are the same folks who tell us that aspartame is safe. I’ll take centuries proof over those who condone ingesting poison any day.

    Take your time and when proof wins out over and over you can be your own authority.

  179. Someone suggested using coconut oil to whiten teeth. My 16-year old daughter’s teeth are discolored from taking antibiotics for chronic ear infections as a baby. After one use there was a noticeable difference. Now, not only am I a believer, she is hooked and trying its many other uses.

  180. I need an answer quick!!! Overall what is the BEST coconut oil to use??? For skin and injesting??? I have read so many comments and am confused as to what is best for each??? Where can I get it??? I went to the grocery store and they don’t have the virgin kind??? Please respond as quickly as possible!!!

  181. I am new getting into the coconut oil thing, but am willing to give it a try. I just purchased a 30 oz jar at my local grocery store (LouAna brand). Have been suffering with arthritis, loss of vision (eyesight problems), acne, weight problems, gum and teeth problems, heartburn, itchy skin and scalp, and anything else you can imagine. What harm can it do? I am going to try it in my coffee, smoothies, cooking with it, making salad dressings with it, put in on my skin and any other way possible mentioned in this blog. I will post my results as I try the many uses. I have heard and read that doctors are giving good reviews of coconut – whether in oil or eating the coconut alone – that it is good for you, so all you doubters can do what you want, but for me, I am willing to try anything to see if it works. It can’t hurt.

    I don’t like taking any drugs whatsoever and have read many good things here and some not so good — but what the heck? I will never know until I try, right? Don’t criticize if you haven’t tried it. Don’t believe all you have heard or read.

    I recently discovered that I have type 2 diabetes and found a book that promised to reverse diabetes and you know what? it actually does by eating the proper nutrition. My glucose was 527 when a relative checked my level and thought I should go to the hospital right away but I did not want the trip or the drugs that would follow. So I found a book by Joel Furhman, MD (The End of Diabetes) (you doubters would call this a hoax as well, no doubt) and it helped me change my bad food habits for life and I was able to reverse the diabetes without drugs – and within 4 months – and lost 28 pounds while eating all I wanted of the right things and never feeling hungry. My glucose levels are now great every time I check without any drugs. I did not get my eyesight back, but I am looking into surgery for that.

    Now for the other conditions, I am willing to give coconut oil a try. Anyone want to join me? I will be in touch to let everyone know how it works. I am going to start now!!!!

  182. Yeah…Completely justify. Now a days coconut oil has been used as fuel, medicine, water and in many ways. Used as glucose as well in world war 2. Not only for that but in India it is used as cooking oil. and if you visit south Indian you will see that many of the dishes are depending on coconut oil.

  183. Hello Wellness Mother :),

    There are a few types of coconut oil out there but does it matter what kind you use? I have a jar of ‘raw virgin coconut oil’ that is now getting low. I have recently ordered a case of 6 more jars but these jars are a different kind. It is ‘Biona organic coconut oil cuisine’. I ordered it because it was a little cheaper than my first jar. Does it matter if it is cuisine or would it only be used for cooking or baking? To be honest, I did not notice the word ‘cuisine’ until I ordered.

  184. 4 tablespoons of coconut oil is a bit excessive. Thats a whopping 600 calories, more than 1/4 of the needed calorie requirement. One tablespoon is enough.

    • Yes, but if you take coconut oil 1/2 hr before your meals you’ll consume fewer calories then you would otherwise.
      It keeps you feel fool.
      It should be included in your calories count.
      It is how you eventually loose weight.
      Other thing is, if you are larger person your calorie requirement is greater so you may need 2 tbsp of coconut oil pre meal time.
      I started using it for health benefit and for weight reduction.
      For my current weight I should use 1 1/2 tbsp but I decided to go for 1 tbsp for now three times/day.
      I also take cod liver oil.
      With coconut oil I consume between 1500 to under 2000 calories.
      NOT hungry.
      Book that I read and recommend, explains goodness and facts of coconut oil is “Eat Fat to Loose Fat” by Mary Enig & Sally Falon.
      For all those people who want to improve health and weight reduction GO FOR IT.

  185. Started using Barleans coconut oil about a week ago. First thing I noticed was the ringing and buzzing in by ears almost completely went away ( not kidding in three hours and have had it for four years not stop). Second thing was my joint and muscle pain started backing off ( had been down on back for three months). Third thing was I started getting energy back. At the time I started the coconut oil I also started keeping track of my blood pressure and body temp. I only did this because I had been hurting with tight muscles, joint pain and fatigue for about three months and was trying to figure out what was going on. I know I have costochondritis (from a bad fall off steps} that flares up has for eight years but this was a worse episode. I read everything I could about symptoms on the internet (not a good thing to do). I am very active 59 year old female so this really sucked. I do not like meds in fact don’t take any except ibuprofen which is rare. With taking coconut oil my blood pressure in the evening was going high for about three to four hours then back down.The first night had ems come out because it scared me. All was good they thought it was because I hadn’t been able to do anything for three months and I had been doing more than I could do before (which I was ) and my muscles just tighten back up when I started to rest. I couldn’t find anything about coconut oil raising blood pressure. My blood pressure normal and still did in the day. So I stopped coconut oil. Four nights it went up and during those four days I was way more active than had been because the coconut oil had helped so much. The fifth day (Sunday) I decided not to do anything all day and since I didn’t no high blood pressure. I really believe I just felt so much better and did way to much to soon and my muscles just weren’t ready yet after being couch ridden for three months (much pain and tons of stress). Started back on coconut oil this morning and will just take it slower with the healing. Sorry I got all over the place. I am happy I started getting relief ( Doctors just wanted to give me a pain pill) I will take the coconut oil! That’s when I started getting relief!

  186. I plan to make some of the beauty products from your website like lotion bars, etc- Should I buy the pure coconut oil from tropical traditions or the extra virgin?


  187. It is traditional in India to use coconut oil on their hair routinely, they say it keeps their hair dark and thick and is probably what allows the women to grow such long hair. My Sri Lankan granda thought that was really weird and funny because he said coconut in Sri Lanka was just for food

  188. I’m battling horrible eczema on my face and eyelids. I just can’t take using the steroid creams anymore and all other creams I’ve tried burn my face even more. I look like I have a Frankenface and I’ve always had beautiful skin. I just bought coconut oil last night since I’m trying a candida diet to help with my face. I just tried putting coconut oil on my rash after reading all the great comments. This is the first thing that has actually soothed my skin. I’m hoping I wake up tomorrow with improved conditions. Is it bad if the oil gets in my eyes a bit? I will also have both my teenage boys try it for their mild acne. Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas!

  189. Hi Wellness Mama!

    I’ve been reading a few of your coconut oil articles and am getting excited to try some of the recipes. I have a couple of questions about your experiences or what you’ve heard from others:

    -Does coconut oil stain fabric? I’m worried about my sheets and clothes if I use it as a moisturizer or deodorant
    -Do you recommend coconut oil for use on the face in the daytime, or is it too greasy to work under makeup, etc.? (I have combination skin and occasional acne flare-ups)
    -Have you found it to have any anti-aging properties? I’m concerned about forsaking my anti-wrinkle cream for coconut oil in case it doesn’t perform as well (I’m only 26, but I know it’s easier to prevent wrinkles than erase them! But unfortunately my age means I won’t see immediate results with either product, so I won’t know which works better until I’m older and it’s too late)

    Thank you!!

  190. Very impressed with the real information on your site — very useful. However (not seeing a contact form available to contact you more privately), we would like to point out that “Brain Powder Smoothie” in #35 might be a typo. Or it could be an intentional typo, in which case please know that we enjoyed the subtle humor, and were most pleased that the smoothie is not based on a processed protein powder. Best of luck with that book you are writing!!

  191. I just started using a derma roller (contains hundreds of small needles which puncture the skin) on my thighs and stomach to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and to tighten the skin and stimulate new collagen growth. One of the recommendations immediately after using the derma roller is to apply a moisturizer or cellulite-reduction cream on the area, which is more easily absorbed due to the small punctures in the skin. I once found a recipe online for coconut oil mixed with other natural ingredients such as caffeine, which helped reduce cellulite. Unfortunately, I cannot find that recipe anywhere, so wanted to know if you have a recipe that might work?

    As a supplement to using the derma roller, I will introduce the intake of coconut oil to help boost the effects of fat reduction from the inside. I’m excited about the possibility of not having to cover my thighs with long shorts or skirts next summer due to the embarrassment of cellulite. Fingers, toes, eyes, arms, and legs crossed that it works!!! 🙂