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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins natural living and other health advice to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s health.

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Natural Remedies for Back to School | Podcast Episode 41

Natural Remedies for Back to School

School is starting again in many places... Whether we are sending our children to a traditional school or beginning school in our own schoolrooms, this time of year tends to bring with it more time … [Read more...]

Is Microalgae a Superfood? Podcast Episode 40

Is Microalgae a superfood

Did you know that there are single-celled organisms that produce up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen, help purify the ocean, are the food source for some of the longest-living species on the planet and … [Read more...]

Is ADHD Under Diagnosed? Podcast Episode 39

Is ADHD Under-Diagnosed

In natural health circles, it is common to hear that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is over-diagnosed and that too many children are being medicated for "just being kids." John … [Read more...]

The Reality of Real Food – Podcast Episode 38

The Reality of Real Food with Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Have you ever met a friend online and had an instant connection? And then met in real life and realized that you could chat for hours over some healthy real food coffee? That is how I feel about … [Read more...]

How to Get Glowing Skin at Any Age – Podcast Episode 37

How to get glowing skin naturally at any age

In episode 37, Dr. Trevor Holly Cates addresses many common skin problems like acne, aging, eczema and other and provides actionable tips to improve your skin. Dr. Trevor Cates was the first woman … [Read more...]

Getting Started With Homemade Kombucha – Podcast Episode 36

Getting Started with Homemade Kombucha

I really enjoyed this podcast episode because I got to chat with one of my dear friends, Hannah Crum. Even though I've been making Kombucha and Kefir for years, I learned some new tips and tricks for … [Read more...]

GMOs & How to Test for Glyphosate – Podcast Episode 35

The real problem with GMOs and how to test for phyphosate

In this episode Leah Segedie of Mamavation.com and I talk about motherhood, problems in our food supply, GMOs and how to test for glyphosate. GMOs & How to Test for Glyphosate Leah Segedie is … [Read more...]

The One Where I Talk About Topical Magnesium – Podcast Episode 34

The importance of topical magnesium

Do you feel like I am a broken record about magnesium lately? I am, but with good reason... The more I research, the more I am convinced that magnesium deficiency is going to be one of the … [Read more...]

Creating a Natural Home – Podcast Episode 33

Creating a natural and sustainable home with ben greenfield

Elite athlete and author of Beyond Training, Ben Greenfield, joins me in this podcast to talk about fitness for women, creating a truly natural home from the ground up and providing tips for raising … [Read more...]

7 Tips for a Healthy Summer – Podcast Episode 32

Seven Tips for a Healthy Summer

I am beyond glad that summer is almost here... so glad, in fact, that I talk to myself about it in this short podcast episode. Listen as I answer questions and share by best tips for preparing for a … [Read more...]