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Please read this before contacting me:

I’m a busy wife and mom of five…my first priority is my family so I don’t have time to respond to most emails.

The Wellness Mama community is incredibly active and helpful and you can ask questions on my Facebook PageGoogle+ Wellness Community, or via Twitter. I’ll be more likely to respond, plus you’ll get support from the great community there!

I Am Not A Doctor…

And I don’t play one on the internet. If your question relates to a specific medical problem or symptom, than I am not able to help as I cannot provide any medical or other advice in these areas.

Question on Post or Recipe:

If you have questions on a specific blog post or recipe, please leave your question as a comment below the post so that other readers can benefit from the dialogue as well.

If you have general questions related to nutrition or wellness, I’d recommend checking out my Wellness 101 Page or doing a simple Google search with the words “Wellness Mama _____” with the blank being whatever you are looking for information on.  That will bring up any information that I’ve written on the topic.

If you are new to natural health or healthy eating, I’d also recommend my free Wellness Challenge which provides a 30-day step by step guide delivered via email each day. You can sign up at any time here.

If you have an immediate question, check out the list of Resources, and Wellness 101 pages.

Blog Post Suggestion:

If you have a suggestion for a topic that you’d like me to post about, or if you have a question I haven’t answered in the past, please feel free to leave it as a suggestion below. I may not be able to email back, but will definitely consider posting on the topic!

Guest Posts:

Currently, I am not accepting unsolicited guest posts, but thank you for your interest!

Promotions: does not allow any of the following:

  • Paid advertisement of any kind (including on my site, in emails or on social media)
  • Paid promotions of any kind (including paid emails, social media posts or other promotions)
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Free Products for Review (I buy all products that I review)
  • Any kind of joint venture promotion

Emails regarding any of the above will not be answered.

Katie “The Wellness Mama”

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