Perfect Pâté Recipe

Perfect Pâté Recipe - Simple and delicious

This Pâté Recipe is one of my favorites. I must admit that learning how to prepare and consume organ meats has been a journey for me! It took me a while to learn to like most organ meats, but … [Read more...]

Review: The Cheat System Diet

The Cheat System Diet Review

If you've ever tried Weight Watchers or another structured weight loss plan and failed or relapsed, you need to read this book: The Cheat System Diet. I recently received an advance copy of The … [Read more...]

Eczema Relief Lotion Bars

Eczema Relief Lotion Bars Recipe

I get a lot of emails about eczema, and I know many people who struggle with it personally. I've talked before about how there is often a connection to a dietary problem for those struggling with … [Read more...]

Benefits of Astaxanthin

Benefits of Astaxanthin

I don't take many supplements every single day and the ones I do take, I am very selective about and take for specific reasons. One supplement I do take daily is Astaxanthin. I've taken it for years … [Read more...]

Herb Profile: Marshmallow Root

Herb Profile- Marshmallow Root Uses and Benefits

Marshmallow Root is an herb that has been around for centuries. In fact, it was mentioned in Homer's Iliad (written 2800 years ago). It was used in ancient Greek and Indian cultures for its healing … [Read more...]

Greek Meatballs

Greek Meatballs with Tzatziki Sauce- super simple and delicious kid appreoved recipe

When my husband and I first started dating (after walking across the country together... really), we had the chance to travel around Europe a little. We tried as many new cuisines as we could, and one … [Read more...]

How to Make Lotion Bar Sticks

How to Make Lotion Bar Stics - amazing moisturizer for skin and easy to use

What Are Lotion Bars? Lotion bars are a very moisturizing body lotion in solid form. They look like a bar of soap but are used on dry skin. My original lotion bars recipe is one of my more popular … [Read more...]

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

We love all things coconut at our house. We have 101 ways to use coconut oil (including in homemade toothpaste, coffee, homemade lotion bars and more). I use coconut oil in baking, roasting, … [Read more...]

9 Natural Remedies for Mastitis

9 Natural Remedies for Mastitis

A recent 18 hour car ride with all five children (yes, we might be crazy) left me with a case of mastitis. The baby was pretty happy in the car and when the kids are happy, we drive. The first … [Read more...]