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How to make a simple backyard burlap tent that folds up for backyard storage 365x274 DIY Kids Burlap Tent Tutorial

DIY Kids Burlap Tent Tutorial

I remember a little pop-up backyard tent I had as a child. My brother and I spent hours making it a fort, a castle, a post office and so many other things. Unfortunately, all that survived of that … [Read more...]

How to render tallow at home for cooking and soap making 365x274 How to Render Tallow

How to Render Tallow

Note from Katie: Please welcome my friend Elizabeth (also a mom of five) to share her tutorial for how to render tallow (beef fat) at home. If you missed it, also check out her recipe for solid … [Read more...]

The Importance of Vitamin K2 Uses and Benefits 365x274 Vitamin K2: 9 Uses and Benefits

Vitamin K2: 9 Uses and Benefits

Vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin that many people never hear of until they have their first child and the nurse administers a Vitamin K injection. Sadly, this essential nutrient is often … [Read more...]

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