9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Health

nine easy ways to boost your child's health

As parents we know how tough it is when little ones are suffering from illness or discomfort (or when they don’t sleep well!).

Fortunately, there are some (rather unexpected) things you can do to boost your child’s health (and they are easy to do!).

1. Throw Some Salt in the Tub

Due to depleted soil and water levels, many people (including children) are magnesium deficient. If your kids are eating a healthy diet, you probably don’t need to supplement Magnesium, handful of Epsom Salts and a tablespoon or two of Sea Salt to their bath is a great way to gently boost their magnesium levels, and it will also help them relax and wind down before bedtime (so they sleep better!).

Especially for kids with allergies, eczema or asthma, this small step can often make a big difference (and in some cases, these children may need additional supplementation as well- this article explains how to look for symptoms of low magnesium and why blood tests are not a good indicator…)

The natural Sea Salt or Himalayan salt contains a lot of trace minerals and is soothing and naturally cleansing to the skin.

2. Ditch the Nightlight

To paraphrase Robb Wolf… “Your kids will be peeved when they find out you are trying to give them cancer.”

In short, exposure to artificial lights has been linked to cancer and a host of other problems. Artificial light completely halts normal melatonin production and interrupts the sleep cycle. The time during sleep is vital for tissue repair and cell growth, and interrupting the delicate hormone cycle during sleep has lasting effects.

In fact, one night of lost sleep or interrupted sleep has been shown to give a healthy person the insulin levels of a pre-diabetic. Loss of sleep or bad sleep also interferes with the pituitary gland’s proper function and the leptin cycle, both which can have tremendous consequences on a growing child.

While lack of sleep or artificial light during sleep isn’t single-handedly causing the rise of childhood illnesses and obesity, it certainly isn’t helping either!

At our house, I’ve removed the night lights and all other devices that have blue, green or red light at night (digital clocks, etc.) and just put motion activated regular light bulbs in the bathroom and hallway. Our room has blackout curtains because a light outside our window is constantly being motion activated by our animals, but I’ve just left natural curtains on their windows to let in the natural light of the moon and the sun as it comes up. We also have a rule of no TV or computer for them after dinner time so their natural hormone cycles can start kicking in.

I’ve personally noticed that the children sleep much better this way and are up much less to get water or use the bathroom. Here are some other tips for improving sleep quality.

3. Let Them Play Barefoot… in the Mud

In an age where we have the means to keep our kids clean and their feet protected by “safe” rubber soles, it’s hard to think that perhaps these methods might not always be in the best interests of our kids.

As counter-intuitive as it might sound to us as parents (and as completely intuitive as it will sound to most kids) there are naturally occurring compounds in dirt that boost Serotonin levels, which will also contribute to healthy sleep (see above). On top of that, by interacting with dirt, kids are naturally exposed to a host of  natural bacteria and pathogens that actually help strengthen the immune system. There is even some evidence that regular play time in the dirt helps keep kids from developing allergies and asthma.

Additionally, exposure to dirt can help babies’ natural iron and zinc production, even before they start solid foods.

On a separate note, some recently emerging information has shown that barefoot contact with the dirt, grass, or sand can help reduce the overly positive charge that our bodies electrons can get from being indoors and exposed to EMF and other forms of electricity all day. The earth’s negatively charged electrons can help balance this out and (surprise) also improve sleep!

4. Have Fun in the Sun

As I’ve said before (and here) we often shelter our kids from the sun and slather them with sunscreen to their own detriment.

From a previous post:

Wearing any sunscreen blocks the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D, which is vital for hundreds of reactions in the body (including cancer prevention).

Most sunscreens also contain toxic chemicals that can be more dangerous than moderate sun exposure. As I mentioned in a previous post:

Despite the push for more awareness about sun exposure, and the advice to use sunscreen whenever we go outside, incidence of skin cancer, especially melanoma, is rising dramatically.

In fact, skin cancer rates are rising by 4.2% annually, despite the fact that we  spend less time outdoors and wear more sunscreen.

On top of that, kids especially have a need for enough Vitamin D, which is important for their immune function, proper hormone development and bone and muscle growth. Even a low SPF sunscreen blocks the body’s natural ability to produce Vitamin D and often exposes kids to a host of chemicals.

As long as your kids are eating a healthy diet that won’t pre-dispose them to inflammation and burning, healthy sun exposure is important! For the times you’ll be out longer than their sun tolerance allows, just cover them up with a hat and layers, or use a homemade natural sunscreen.

5. Let them Eat Cake Fat

Conventional wisdom says that we should limit our intake (and our children’s intake) of saturated fats and instead give them “healthy” fats like vegetable oil. As children as young as nine are getting heart disease, this seems direly important, except that the research doesn’t support it (and those kids probably aren’t sleeping in darkness, eating real food, and playing in the dirt…). Sadly, limiting saturated fats, especially in kids, is likely to do much more harm than good, as there isn’t even a proven link between these fats and heart disease and kids need them for proper growth!

Personally, I don’t let my kids consume any franken-fats like vegetable oils, margarine, etc. (or eat them myself!) because they are chemically created, oxidize quickly, and have no place in the human body! At the same time, I give them as much (healthy) saturated fat as they like (and eat it myself) in the forms of raw organic butter, coconut oil, grass-fed meat, etc.

While it is important to get saturated fats from healthy sources, these fats are not the enemy, and we need them for proper body function. They also are great at keeping kids satisfied after meals, improving hormone levels and for supporting brain and bone health.

Here is one of my kids’ favorite recipes and they are loaded with healthy fats: Chocolate Coconut Clusters. You can also just let them snack on wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, and hard boiled eggs to boost healthy fat levels.

6. Make Some Real Soup

Another highly beneficial food that has almost completely disappeared in modern diets is quality homemade soup with real broth and stock.

There’s a reason that chicken soup is the common food during illness… our mothers and grandmothers knew something that many of us have forgotten. Broth contains tons of minerals in easy to assimilate form, and are wonderful for immune health, skin, bone and muscle growth! Real broth (i.e. not the stuff in the BPA lined can or carton) is also very simple and inexpensive to make and there tons of different variations!

Broth can be consumed on its own as a liquid (especially wonderful during illness) or as the base for soups, stews, casseroles or other foods. Broth also contains high amounts of gelatin, which is great for muscle growth, skin health and brain development, and which is one of the supplements/foods I take every day. Gelatin is a precursor for collagen production and is especially helpful for those with skin issues or thinning hair. It balances out the high amounts of muscle meats that most of us consume and gives the immune system a boost.

Most kids naturally like homemade soups and stews, and when cooked soft enough, these are also great first foods for baby, especially since babies are naturally born with a leaky gut, which allows some particles and antibodies to transfer through the gut lining and help develop their immune systems. The gelatin in homemade broth helps naturally close the gut and prevent food sensitivities.

7. Balance Their Gut Bacteria

Babies are born with a sterile gut and (hopefully) pick up some beneficial gut bacteria from mom during the birthing process which allows them to begin culturing the billions of gut bacteria that make up the micro-system of their intestines.

Unfortunately, being born via c-section (or vaginally to a mom with less than ideal gut bacteria), taking antibiotics during childhood, or a poor diet during the early years can put little ones at a disadvantage when it comes to good bugs in their bellies.

Even though (all but one of) my kids were born naturally and I took steps to make sure my gut bacteria was optimal, quality probiotics are one of the supplements that my kids get every day. As healthy gut bacteria has been linked to stronger immune function, better digestion, and fewer allergies, it is one thing I’m not willing to skimp on.

My kids also consume lots of probiotic lemonade, water kefir “soda”, kombucha “soda” and fermented foods to help naturally boost gut bacteria (no constipation around here… TMI?).

I’ve also seen probiotics (along with Gelatin- see step 6) greatly improve eczema and allergies in several children.

8. Stop Pouring Chemicals On Them

There’s been a lot of press lately about cancer causing chemicals found in baby products, but this problem isn’t limited to baby lotion!

Many products that we use on our kids from sunscreen to bug spray to shampoo, to bubble bath, to toothpaste have harmful chemicals that can be easily avoided by using natural options. To get you started, here are recipes for:

9. Get a Move On It

Kids have a natural tendency to move and get the right kind of exercise, and sometimes we ruin this natural drive by putting them in organized sports too early (my opinion anyway).

Most kids naturally love to sprint, do pull-ups (monkey-bars), climb things, and lift heavy things. They don’t necessarily need sports or exercise regimens to do the types of movement that naturally develops their muscles. Give them access to trees, monkey bars, ropes to climb, and heavy things to play with, and they will develop great muscle tone!

Personally, our backyard is “cluttered” with a treehouse with climbing wall, trampoline, mud pit, jungle gym, climbing ladder and rope, big containers that can be filled with dirt or sand for moving, and a huge sandbox.

So, I realize that I suggested that you let your kids get dirty while barefoot… in the sun… and feed them lots of fat… and even take away their comforting night light. Many of these things might be counter intuitive or counter cultural, but I’m confident they’ll contribute to good health for your little ones.

Do you already do any of these things? Think I’m crazy for suggesting them? Weigh in below!

These easy tips can help you boost your child's health with little or no expense! Epsom salts, sunshine and being barefoot...

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Reader Comments

  1. Okay, so I’d love to see photos of your backyard. Would you share, please? 

    • Yep… I’ve actually got a virtual tour of my house/day in the life post in the works… just been hesitant to publish b/c not sure anyone would be interested…

      • I sure would!

      • If you do, please include where you bought/how you built items as much as possible. 🙂

      • Can you recommend a way to detox my little one after she’s received her vaccines. Im concerned about the poisons in the shots that are injected into her bloodstream.Thank you for helping my family and I lead a healthy lifestyle!

        • Hi Sahar ! Well ,Most of the time shots do more bad than good. My cousin has autism due to vaccines and lead paint… If you have control over what shots your kids get, do whatever you can to get rid of as many as you can!!! My baby brother and sister have never had shots in there lives, and they a of the healthiest kids ive seen! So, only give your kids the necessary shots. But, if the deed is done lay bath will do the trick! Check out gutsy for details.

          • That’s great advice! Thank you so much! 🙂

          • What’s a “Lay Bath”? And where is the Gutsy article?

          • Ooops, I meant clay bath…haha ! Look it up, just, ‘clay bath’. It will say caroline lunger on the site info…. or just look up gutsy. Enjoy!

          • Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid shots that are usually required by law for a child to enter school? I hate that we have laws forcing us to poison our children…

          • My youngest son got chicken pox from a child who wasn’t vaccinated. It was very dangerous for him. I spent a week terrified, watching him like a hawk. Even more terrifying, his finger and toenails fell off. Did you know that is a rare side effect of chicken pox? All because someone didn’t trust the vaccination. I did research into vaccinations, and though there are risks, there is NO EVIDENCE to support a link between vaccines and autism. I get why people think that. My oldest son started showing telltale signs at about 15 months, which lined up with his vaccination schedule. However, looking back I could remember behaviors that should’ve sent up little red flags. Telling people that vaccines are poisonous and cause autism is immoral in my opinion, unless those claims can be backed up. It also puts kids like mine, who have medical conditions that can make something as seemingly simple as chicken pox a horrifying experience, at risk. I know my child isn’t your problem, and I don’t expect you to change your opinion to protect him, but I beg you to do some real research. Find unbiased information. Make an educated decision for your own child. And please PLEASE, don’t try to scare other people into seeing things your way.

        • I’ve Hurd chlorella & cilantro are great for detoxing out the heavy metals from the vaccine. The trick is getting your little one to take it. My only thought is to hide it in a berry smoothy.

      • I was reading this and thought, I sure would love to see that backyard!!

      • Yes! Please do! 🙂

    • Lol me too would loce to see the backyard as my patio has started to become a jungle gym and I want lots of cool thinngs in the yard too.


  3. Great post! All of those things are in-progress or on my to-do list. Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  4. Awesome!! We try to do all of these here! I didn’t think about organized sports confining and not great but maybe I’ll think twice about it. I shared this on my fb!

  5. I love this post – great ideas! I’m curious how you handle a few things. Do you have a suggestion for clocks; I need an alarm clock so my husband can get to work but I agree about the irritating light? Yet I haven’t seen any non-glowing clocks. Second, did you co-sleep with the baby and how did you handle nighttime feedings and/or just wanting a nightlight on to see the baby? Third, my kids run barefoot but I worry about pinworms. Any thoughts on the parasite issue? Your blog is a great resource; thanks for your work!

    • Great questions… I found an old school alarm clock at target for $10- it even has the bells on the top! There are also ones that only light up if you tap the button, but they are more expensive. I usually co-sleep with the baby, so I don’t even wake up when she nurses, but when she sleeps in her own bed, my hubby gets up and gets her and brings her to me to nurse and the hallway lights come on for him to see that. As far as pinworms… diatomaceous earth takes care of them in a couple of weeks, so I’ve never worried about it too much, and I occasionally give the kids a dose of diatomaceous earth anyway to get any eggs they might pick up…

      • I had never heard about the diatomaceous earth before! Thanks for the tips!

      • What dosage of DE do you give your kids? I have a 9 and 4 year old. Also, what are good ways to get them to eat it?

        • Yes, I would love to know dosages as well. I bought DE but haven’t started using yet. Please share dosages for different ages, including adults. I have a5 month old, who I probably wouldn’t dose yet, and a 4 year old.

          • I also need to know recommended dosages for a 3, 5, 7 years old’s…Been doing 1/4 tsp…doesn’t seem like enough. On the verge of getting pin x….

          • Did you ever get an answer for the 5 month old? We have a 5 month old who I think may have them… 🙁 Her 4 year old sister got them from preschool or somewhere and so we treated her anomy husband and with the prescribed medicine but would rather use DE on the baby if she has them… 🙁 thanks! 🙂

      • My 2 year old picked up either roundworms or pinworms and I was wondering if it safe to give someone so little DE? If it is, how much?

      • My friend hates any light while sleeping and just turns her digital clock on its face. It works great!

  6. Such a timely post! we have been foster parents for 3 months to a 3yo and 4yo. Unfortunately, they go to a pediatric daycare that feeds them SAD junk for breakfast and lunch. We don’t have a choice in the matter. But, they only get healthy food for dinners and on weekends and I give them the supplements you suggest for kids. I send them outside to play in the sunshine and dirt almost every day. And they haven’t been sick since we’ve had them. From what i gather from others, most kids get sick a lot. So i’m assuming its the healthy fats, plenteous proteins, vegetables and fruit and the cod liver oil that i give them daily. P.S. we had your smothered pork chops for dinner last night—so delicious! Oh, and I’ve got pumpkin cheesecake (your recipe) in the oven right now! 🙂
    oh, what are your thoughts on giving kids melatonin?

    • That’s wonderful! How blessed they are to have such great foster parents!!! Unless suggested by a doc, I typically shy away from giving the kids any type of hormones since their bodies are almost always able to get back to the point of making them if given the correct nutritional foundation.

      • Great article, thanks!  Just a comment on the melatonin.  Tart cherry is a great source of natural melatonin that we use all the time with great results – it usually comes in the form of a concentrate (with no added anythings) which you dilute with water to make up – or dried in capsules – but these are usually better for adults as children often can’t swallow the caps (though mine like the powder straight off a spoon).  So this is a completely natural source of melatonin and definitely helps to regulate sleep cycles.  I also hear it helps prevent/treat gout 🙂

    • I’m a foster parent to a three month old little girl and I am dealing with the same thing! I have to give my baby commercial formula, which kills me. I did get a court order to supplement with breast milk, so that helps, but at $4 an ounce, I can only do so much. @wellnessmama Can you give my some guidelines on probiotics/supplements for infants who are formula fed? Bear in mind, I have to get permission for everything I give her, but arming myself with good info will help.

      • Bio Kult has a baby probiotic brand that is well-established… perhaps they’d be ok with giving her that?

  7. I’m proud to say we are on the right track on everything except the night light. My 4yo is so afraid of the dark she sleeps with a small lamp on in her room. Do you have any suggestions for breaking that habit? We never started the night light thing with my 2yo and I am so happy about it!

    • Whenever we’ve had to make changes like this, we just announce to the kids in a matter-of-fact way and then don’t give on it. We had one that was afraid of the dark, and I realized later that in our case, our constant re-assurance and providing nighttime light was reinforcing his idea that there was something to be afraid of. We simply said “You are four now, which means we can’t put a night light in your room anymore because it isn’t good for your health. It’s fine if you are still scared of the dark, but we aren’t going to turn your light on and you aren’t going to be allowed to come out of your room just because you are afraid of the dark. Do you have any questions?” Surprisingly, it only took a couple of days for him to adjust, but I’m not sure if it would work with every child, or just with his type personality. Good luck with it!

      • It won’t work with every child, until they are ready. The high anxiety level this approach would provoke for some children can be highly detrimental to their physical & mental health.

        • I’m so glad someone gets this. I hope you’re willing to pay for your child’s therapy bills later on in life.

          • Pam said “some”. My kids were not upset by the darkness and participated in the switch we made, which we did over a period of time, working them up so that it would not be a shock. I talk more about it in this article here: https://wellnessmama.com/13010/kids-night-light/. I’m certainly not going to scar my kids mentally over it.

      • I agree that this won’t work with every child. I always let me kids come into my room if they are scared. I just let them lay on a blanket next to my bed. And why not? I’d rather have a secure child sans nightlight (in my room) then have a scared child sleeping alone in the dark or with a nightlight.

  8. Those were all things I am familar with, but it was so nice to see it all in one place.  I think will be really helpful to a lot of people.  However, I think we’d have a serious problem at our house if I tried to take away the night lights.  They were okay with losing the grains, but the lights?  Not so much.  They’re a strange kind of people, my people. 

    PS.  I also love that our fair skin family doesn’t need sunscreen now like we did when we ate grains.  It’s an amazing feeling to not be worried that in 10 minutes we’re all gonna fry.  🙂

  9. All these seem like sensible, normal parenting to me.  To realise they may well be counter culture today is just too sad:(  

  10. Thank you Katie for a FANTASTIC article!

  11. I too would like to see pics of your backyard since we have half an acre we’d like to outfit properly and have been looking for ideas!

  12. What a great post, packed with information!  Thanks!

  13. So excited to have found your site! I am currently learning more about magnesium deficiency and the effects of EMFs as I am having extreme sensitivity right now to my home’s WiFi. Scary to think what it could be doing to my kids. Lots of outdoor barefoot playing is on my kids’ and my agenda.

    • My wifi is only on when we are using the computer.  It gets turned off as soon as we’re finished and never stays on gthrough the night.  Every little step we take towards a healthier life is a plus!

  14. Thanks! Love love love this post and list! I’m going to start doing those we haven’t been and can’t wait to start making the products in #9. 

  15. Regarding bone broths – how do you “take” it?  Do you do like a cup a day yourself?  And when is a good age to introduce bone broths to children?  And would you also give them lika a 1/2 a cup or so a day unless you’re planning on having soup?  I have an 8 month old who’s still breastfed and still learning to eat (pretty much not eating many solids yet.)

    • It’s actually a great first “food” as it helps gut bacteria and is full of minerals. I try to take daily and give to the kids about 1@ cup to a cup a day. Sometimes, I’ll make a quick egg drop soup with it and some fresh green onions.

      • ok, great!  He takes a bottle at daycare so I wonder if I could try a sippy cup on him with some bone broth.  We’ll see how that goes.  Thank you!

  16. Love this post!!!

  17. Yes, I do some of these! Great tips! I also let my kids run barefoot in the grass as much as possible, its good for ALL of us!

  18. Loved this post! Awesome part is, I’ve been either always doing these things or working on incorporating (like good fats and broths) Thanks for such an informative post! Yay for dirty, tan, playing kids!

  19. Where do you get your Epsom salt? Thanks!

    • I get epsom salt from the grocery store and the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes on Amazon.

      • Thank you Katie. Your blog is absolutely wonderful! I discovered it last week and have been on it several times everyday since then.

        • One more thing, well for now anyway 😉 How often do you do an Epsom salt baths and and how often do you use the flakes?

          • I throw them in every bath if I remember 🙂

  20. This is, by far, my favorite blog!

    My oldest two boys do showers instead of baths. Do you recommend using the magnesium oil spray on kids?

    • Yep… magnesium oil is great for them, especially on the feet with socks when sleeping…

      • I have been spraying the oil on my kid’s feet. Do you think most of it is being absorbed by their socks? Their feet is the only location that doesn’t tingle on them.

  21. I do a lot of these at different times to different degrees. Although my 9 yr. old thinks she needs a light on at night to keep the boogy things away. My in-laws think I’m crazy at times except when they do it ’cause it’s “hip to be all natural”. My girls think the epsom salt in the bath is awesome, “Like a spa!” What ever works, right? 🙂

  22. Thanks! Never thought to put salts in the kids’ baths (not sure why), but the others are all pretty normal parenting around here. As another commenter said, it’s a bit discouraging to think that some of these things are counter-cultural. Especially bare feet. Really, it’s not obvious that shoes are not a natural part of life, especially in warm weather?

  23. I like it! I wish I could convince most of my friends to do the same! It is always a process. My kids are about to lose their nightlight… Thanks for sharing!

  24. Some of this is a good idea, but “barefoot contact with the dirt, grass, or sand can help reduce the overly positive charge that our bodies electrons can get from being indoors and exposed to EMF and other forms of electricity all day. The earth’s negatively charged electrons can help balance this out and (surprise) also improve sleep!” is complete nonsense. Electrons can’t have a positive charge. You don’t pick up any more electrons from walking barefoot on dirt than you do from sitting on a couch. The statements here are just complete physics nonsense.

    And unless you are in a far more toxic home than most, then regular exercise and a lot of fruit and veg in the diet takes care of any issue with any free radicals.

    • I’d agree that my working was poor, our bodies build up a positive charge, not the electrons specifically. I’d suggest the book “Earthing” if you are truly interested in understanding the science behind that suggestion…

      • Thank you for suggesting this book. I have to say, you have made my “wish list” on amazon grow exponentially, love all your suggestions and links 🙂

  25. Your such an inspiration .. would love to see the virtual day in the life! Thank you for all you do to bring me closer to my healthiest happiest self!!

  26. When i was a kid, i would have loved your backyard

    • If you have the room in your own backyard, build an adult version for yourself! It’ll just be bigger! I plan on building (slowly, over time) an obstacle course through the woods on my farm with varying levels of difficulty for the different ages/abilities of my kids and I guarantee you I will be joining in!

  27. Where do.you get motion sensing light bulbs?

  28. Hi Katie, I need to treat my under 2 year old for pinworms and would like to try diatomaceous earth. Is he too young? Do you have an easy way of getting it in them and how long should I give it for?

  29. “At our house, I’ve removed the night lights and all other devices that
    have blue, green or red light at night (digital clocks, etc.)”
    Note to author – ALL visible light, no matter what the source, is a combination of red, green, and blue. So this statement doesn’t make any sense. This is REAL science.

    • Color is actually based on which wavelengths of light are hitting your eye. So no, every light does not have every color because only light we perceive as white contains every wavelength perceptible by the human eyes.

  30. Excellent tips here to boost your child’s health. I’ve shared this on Facebook, StumbleUpon.com, and Scoop.it. Keep up the good work!

  31. I would love to know what brand and doses you would advise for the DE. I just ordered nature’s wisdom brand. I have an 8 month old, 5 year old, 7 year old, and 8 year old. I noticed a live pinworm on baby’s anus and we’ve all taken Pinx 3 times on the last 6 weeks, repeating every 2 weeks per doctors order. But I don’t feel confident in this treatment method after research. Although I need help on DE dosing for them. Thank you! Great article!

  32. Hi, Katie!

    Thanks again for being such an amazing resource! Your blog has really helped my family and me in a number of ways.

    Specifically, I’ve recently taken up the practice of grounding (I prefer that term over “Earthing,” since it sounds less “New Age-y” and points to the physics concept of being electrically grounded) and found that it immediately improved my sleep. My willingness to try it out was, in large part, due to your summary of the research surrounding the practice in another post. Thanks!

    Anyway, one thing that I see missing from your list above is using something like a grounding sheet for your kids while they sleep. Of course, I see grounding generally included in the section on playing in the dirt; however, I was wondering about grounding while sleeping specifically. Have you thought about doing that, or have you tried it? I’ve shared the idea with my wife, but she’s understandably worried about the cord. If you haven’t tried it for your kids, is that your worry too? If you have tried it, do you have any tips for keeping it safe, despite the cord? The only idea I have is to tape down the cord or to eventually put the cord into some kind of temporary or permanent conduit.

    Anyway, thanks for your blogging, time, and feedback; I really appreciate it!

    • I need to update that post! We do have grounding sheets on the beds now, but we had to save for them for a while. We did notice the kids sleeping better, and the cord on the sheet is completely under the mattress and isn’t above the sheet at all so I haven’t been concerned about it.

      • Thanks, Katie! Good to know how you’re doing it.

  33. Is a salt lamp OK for a night light? We sleep in the same bed so the light is more for me. Its got a dimmer on it.

  34. Hi, my kids tend to drink or put their bath water in their mouths (I am constantly trying to tell them how dirty the water is and not to do it). Anyway, by putting the salt in their baths, would it make the water harmful if they did ingest some of it?

  35. I can attest to the truth of most of this personally! Since moving from the city to the country a little more than a year ago, my kids have been outside, barefoot, and muddy much of the time, as well as breathing fresh, clean air and getting plenty of sunshine. I removed all the synthetic body care products from our regimen and started making my own. We’ve been finding locally grown meat and fruit as well as growing some of our own too. My kids have been set free from numerous food allergies and sensitivities, asthma, and eczema. Now I need to try removing the bedtime lights!

  36. I love this post! I came across it when I was researching natural remedies for pinworms. The only thing I saw was in the comments people asking you about the DE (can’t spell it. 🙂 what doses do you give your kids and for how long? I have twin 2 year olds, 6 year old and an 8 year old. I have researched so much about it Online and there is a lot of info, but I am a little confused what to do. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  37. I sleep with my tv on all night. It’s a habit I can’t seem to break & it helps drown out the outside noise. My 6 year old sleeps with me & I’m afraid he’s going to do the same thing whenever he decides to sleep in his room. Any suggestions on breaking the habit?

    • Could you maybe try switching to a noise machine? That would at least cut down on light pollution. You could gradually decrease the volume to slowly ease your self off of it, but I get wanting to drown out outside noise.

    • What about having music playing instead. Something restful.

    • How about ear plugs?

  38. I have a 13 year old boy and the doctors diagnosed him with IBS constipation and I give him culturelle over the counter probiotic it has 10 billion active cultures . I give him one every night. I do not want to put him on any prescription medicine for this. He still has stomach issues. Stomach hurts still and doesn’t go to the bathroom but may be once a week for bowl movement. And when he goes to the bathroom he hurts after in his stomach. frustrated mom don’t know what to do.

    • Curious if Katie will reply to your comment. I know someone who’s daughter was diagnosed with IBS. The GAPS approach with paleo foods straightened things out of her.

    • I myself have been diagnosed with IBD, which is a disorder not just symptoms, and after I started to do the SCD/GAPS diet I feel much better.been on it for 10 months now. For constipation he needs to take magnesium, buy a powder form and dissolve it in water( maybe add natural juice). Best before bed. Buy from a health store, I personally like the Lorna Vanderhaeghe brand. Made in Canada with toxin free ingredients. Best of luck!

  39. great reading thanks for the article..

  40. Katie, my family eats Juice Plus. I am really curious as to what you think about the capsules and gummies?

  41. Hello, new to your page but spending hours on it daily getting recipes for… Everything! Just wondering what you give the kids for body wash? Do you just use the homemade shampoo?? Also, since my son was 2, he had extreme armpit odor. We thought there may be something wrong since he had this SO EARLY and we asked our pediatrician about it but she said everything was normal. He’s been using an all natural aluminum-free deodorant ever since (he’s 7 now and smells immediately like cooked onions if he doesn’t wear any!) but I am going to try this homemade one on him. Just want to make sure It’s safe and non-irritating on kids?

  42. I’ve wanted to put some epsom salt in my toddler’s bath but on the package it says do not use on children. Is this not the same thing as the salt you are recommending? My toddler is 2.5 years old. Thanks!

    • That warning may be referring to internal use as a laxative, but if you are concerned, you can ask your child’s doctor.

  43. As for the night light—I’ve read that Amber lights do not interfere with melatonin production. What are your thoughts on that?

  44. My 2 year old prefers to be barefoot outside than wear shoes. Her little feet are black on the bottom right up till her bath at night, and that’s ok. She comes outside to garden with her dad and me, bare feet and all. We don’t always wear gloves when planting either. When I walk outside barefooted with her, I can easily see why she enjoys it so much. The soft grass feels so cool and nice under my feet. We could all use a little of these childhood joys in our lives.

  45. Amazing! It feels great to know these ”activities” we do daily impact on our children’s health. For me, I use shea butter instead of creams and lotions. It is good to let them eat saturated fats( good cholesterol called HDL) eggs and oily fish are rich sources.

  46. Thank you Katie for a Great article!

  47. Do you put salt in the bath for your babies too? Or what age do you start adding salts?

  48. Hello! I’m Shina, from Japan. I like your blogs a lot. They are very helpful! And I want to recommend other people in Japan to read them too! So if you don’t mind, I want to translate some of your blogs to Japanese and share with Japanese people who may want to know these things but are not good at English.

    I’m waiting for your reply! Thank you!

    • Hi Shina. Thanks so much for reading. I don’t allow reposting of full articles, even in other languages.

  49. What are your thoughts on EarthCalm for the home & personal devices like cell phones and tablets?

  50. Wondering also on the Diotomaceous earth. Is it safe to take while nursing? Would it send detox toxins to the milk? And what about dosages for 3,5and 7 y old?

    • I have taken it while nursing, but check with your OB or midwife…

  51. I APPLAUD you!!! So many moms today just stuff chemicals on or in their kids!! I’m a Nana to 5 grandsons, and the biggest proponent and learner of natural, healthy ways!! I wish I had learned all this when my own kids were growing up!!

  52. I just want to come over and play in your backyard. That sounds FUN! ?

  53. Question: Do you have any information about keeping a young athlete as healthy as possible?

    My 12-year-old daughter plays volleyball pretty much year round and she’s now running track, as well. We’ve been living this lifestyle since she was born, so we’re a really healthy household. But regardless, as her body continues taking more “hits,” I’d like to know what we can do to help her body recover every night after a full day of school and practices.

  54. I just recently started reading things on wellness mama and I just am so grateful to you for doing all the study you have and sharing it. It is such a blessing! : )

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