How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Natural Help for Infertility

Infertility is a rising problem in today’s society. I tried to find accurate info on how much is spent annually on infertility treatments, and I kept getting results for ways to finance treatments for infertility. The saddest part is that in many cases, the body can reverse infertility naturally if given the correct resources.

NOTE: It is important to check with a doctor or qualified specialist for problems like infertility and to address any potentially serious underlying health issues. Many women also benefit from working with a naturopathic doctor or specialist to address nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes that can help.

Why the Rise in Infertility?

Infertility, like any disease, is simply a sign that something is not right inside the body and must be fixed. It isn’t a deficiency in fertility drugs or due to a lack of IVF. Fertility is a natural process in the body, but one that the body can turn off if it doesn’t feel it can safely sustain a pregnancy.

I have many friends who have struggled to conceive and I’ve witnessed how painful it was for them to want to have a child and struggle to get pregnant. Thankfully, in almost every case, my friends were eventually able to conceive by focusing on supporting the body with proper diet, supplements and lifestyle.

There are so many confounding factors that can cause or contribute to infertility, which is why conventional treatment can vary so much in effectiveness… it simply can’t address all the possible causes. Fertility drugs and artificial hormones of any kind, including birth control, can make underlying problems better, but can also make them even worse and make future fertility more difficult (this is sad, because hormonal birth control is often prescribed for various hormonal imbalances and problems).

What Causes Infertility?

Infertility can be caused by a huge number of factors: hormone imbalance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, Anovulatory Cycles, physical blockage, inadequate hormone production, short luteal phase, lack of lutenizing hormone, high levels or prolactin,  and many others.

Poor nutrition often plays a major role, as does exposure to certain chemicals. Age plays less of a role before menopause than was originally thought. While there are many wonderful naturally minded fertility specialists out there, in many cases it is not possible for them to test for and address any of these possible underlying issues. Extreme fertility treatments do work for some, but can be very emotionally and physically exhausting, not to mention very expensive.

The great news is that dietary and lifestyle changes can make a tremendous difference in fertility, and often help with other issues like excess weight, lack of energy, blood sugar problems, skin issues, and insomnia in the process. Even those who choose to undergo conventional fertility treatments can help improve their chance of working by supporting their bodies in natural ways as well.

How to Reverse Infertility

This is the specific system I use when working with women on fertility, but it is also very useful for helping with PMS, cramping, fatigue, heavy periods and other hormone related problems. It is designed to address all issues that can contribute, and short of a physical inability to conceive, it will work.

Step 1: Nutrition

This is by far the most important step. In modern times, many people are undernourished, despite being overweight. The body simply will not allow conception to occur or a pregnancy to continue if it doesn’t have the basic foundation it needs to sustain a pregnancy. Many women turn to a low-fat, high fiber diet in an attempt to increase health and lose weight. Weight loss has been shown to increase fertility, but losing weight in this way is rarely effective for increasing fertility because it deprives the body of the necessary proteins and fats necessary for hormone production.

Some nutritional ways to help optimize fertility:

  • Remove processed grains, other processed foods, sugars and starches from the diet. Obtain more nutrient dense carbohydrates from vegetables, some fruits and starchy sources like sweet potatoes and squash.
  • Increase healthy fats in the diet especially from sources like coconuts, coconut oil, olives and olive oil, butter, grass-fed meats, eggs, avocado and nuts.
  • Get enough protein especially from grass fed meats, eggs, and nuts. This is also important during pregnancy as adequate protein can help minimize the risk of certain pregnancy complications.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables, especially green leafy varieties like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard, chard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and similar veggies.
  • Drink enough water- hydration is important for so many functions within the body, including fertility.
  • Get insulin levels under control- even if you don’t have Type II diabetes, a high carbohydrate diet often goes hand-in-hand with some level of insulin resistance. Optimizing dietary factors with the above methods will help make your body more sensitive to insulin, which will help production of other hormones and proper function of the body.

For some women, nutrition alone can be enough to support the body for fertility. It is very important to continue these things once pregnant, and not stop giving yourself proper nutrition, which is even more vital for the growth of an unborn child. Of course, pregnancy is not a license to revert to a bad diet!

Step 2: Lifestyle Factors

Any doctor, or even a Google search, should reveal that habits like smoking, drug use, and high caffeine intake can severely impair fertility. There are many other lifestyle factors that contribute as well:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Lack of exercise (or too much exercise)
  • High stress levels
  • Certain medications or supplements

Most lifestyle factors are also easy to fix with a little effort. The most common lifestyle factors that can increase fertility are:

  • Getting enough sleep– Sleep plays a vital role in production of many hormones. Studies have shown that women with low melatonin and serotonin levels have a shorter luteal phase (time between ovulation and menstruation) and consequently have a lower chance of conceiving. Lack of sleep also impairs the body’s ability to properly regulate adrenaline, cortisol and insulin, making conception very difficult. Make sleep a priority and get enough to feel rested, not just awake. This may mean taking a nap during the day or going to bed a few hours earlier. A completely dark sleep environment may also help melatonin levels and sleep.
  • Minimize exposure to harmful chemicals- this should be a book in itself, but most women notice improvement from limiting exposure to household chemicals, plastic water bottles and conventional cosmetic and beauty products.
  • Get the right amount of exercise– Getting adequate exercise is important for fertility, but too much can have the opposite effect. Most women do well with several hours of recreational activity a week (walking, fun sports, or swimming) and a few weight training sessions. Too much moderate/intensive exercise will keep the body from ovulation if done regularly. While weight loss can greatly help fertility, having too little body fat (below 15-18%) can make the body go into an anovulatory state.
  • Limit Stress- Easier said than done, especially for anyone who is going through the emotions of fertility difficulties. You’ve probably been told that if you can relax, you will get pregnant. While this is certainly not true for everyone, reducing stress is a good idea. Often, the ideas above will help with many of the physical causes of stress, leaving you more time to (hopefully) relax.
  • Check with your doctor to see if any medications you are taking could impair fertility. Steroids and antidepressants have been known to do so, as well as any other hormone containing or affecting medications.

Step 3: Supplements & Herbs

While diet and lifestyle alone often reverse infertility, some women notice better or faster results with the aid of natural supplements and herbs. The single most important supplement that I’ve seen help women increase fertility, is Cod Liver Oil, which is also excellent for a developing baby and a healthy pregnancy.

These herbs are also often recommended to help increase fertility:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf A well know fertility herb that is also good during pregnancy. It has a high nutrient profile and is especially high in calcium and is a uterine tonic. It is available in capsule form, but makes an excellent hot or cold tea.
  • Nettle Leaf– Has a very high mineral content. It contains lots of chlorophyll and is nourishing to the adrenals and kidneys. It helps reduce stress and is a powerful uterine tonic. Once pregnant, it is great for getting enough nutrients during pregnancy and has a high vitamin K content to prevent hemorrhage. I add nettle leaf to a tea that I drink before and during pregnancy.
  • Dandelion Contains vitamins A and C as well as trace minerals. The root is beneficial to the liver and the leaf is mildly diuretic. Can help cleanse the body and remove toxins.
  • Alfalfa- Has vitamins A, D, E and K and 8 digestive enzymes. Contains trace minerals and vitamin K and is often added to commercial vitamins because of its high vitamin profile.
  • Red Clover– Has a very high vitamin content and contains almost every trace mineral. It has been known to help balance hormones and restore fertility.
  • Maca– A hormone balancing herb that is known throughout the world for its fertility and vitality promoting properties. Good for both men and women to increase fertility, though women should only take between menses and ovulation and discontinue to make sure it is not taken during pregnancy. It is a very potent herb that often has very noticeable effects on fertility. It comes in powder form or capsule form.
  • Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry– Nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase. It lowers prolactin and raises progesterone. For some women, this alone will increase fertility.

IMPORTANT: Do not take any of these herbs in combination with fertility drugs, hormone treatments, or hormonal birth control! As with any herbs, supplements, or medication, consult a doctor or health care professional about your specific case and do your own research!

Vitamins that promote fertility:

  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D deficiency is very common in America, especially during the winter, and can be very detrimental to overall health. Recent studies link inadequate vitamin D with infertility and miscarriage. Have your levels checked to find out how much you need.
  • Vitamin C– A potent antioxidant, vitamin C is good for both male and female infertility. Aim for at least 2,000 mg a day pre-conception.
  • Folate– Folate (not folic acid) is well known as a necessary vitamin in early pregnancy to prevent complications, but it is most beneficial when taken for several month before the pregnancy as well as during. It helps cell division and promotes ovulation. Some natural doctors recommend taking up to 5,000 micrograms a day and women hoping to get pregnant should take at least 2,000 micrograms a day. It is important to note that many people have trouble using the synthetic form, folic acid, and do better with folate or methylfolate (this post explains more).
  • Zinc- Very important for cell division including sperm production and ovulation. Best when taken in combination with b-vitamins.
  • Selenium– Helps protect the body from free radicals and protects sperm and egg. Known to help cell division and might prevent miscarriage.
  • B-Vitamins– Deficiency of b-vitamins is common in anyone who consumes large amounts of processed foods, grains or sugars. Optimizing b vitamin levels can increase lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone to improve fertility.

Natural Progesterone Cream

Infertility struggles can often be linked to specific hormone imbalances. Especially for those with short cycles or short second phase of their cycle (ovulation through start of menses), progesterone can be the issue. I’ve seen people add only natural progesterone cream and conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy within a month or two. When using progesterone cream, it is important to do research, work with a specialist, make sure you have a good brand that is soy-free and only use for the second half of your cycle (ovulation through menses).

Some sources, including a midwife and a doctor I trust, suggest continuing the progesterone cream through the first three months of pregnancy and then tapering off to make sure the body has adequate progesterone to continue the pregnancy until the placenta takes over production in the second trimester. Again- do research and work with a specialist when using any hormone.

For couples, struggles with infertility can be agonizing. Proper diet and nutrition can greatly aid the body in conceiving and carrying a healthy baby, and are beneficial in overall health. While sometimes medical treatment is necessary, couples should at least consider dietary changes first to support the body. The above system is also helpful for women struggling with PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, heavy periods or other hormonal problems.

Have you struggled with infertility? Do you get pregnant just by washing your laundry with your husband? Please tell me about it below, and share how you have overcome infertility or what you still struggle with. 

Infertility can be reversed in many cases with simple and careful dietary and supplement changes that help support your body. Find out how.

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for this post. We’ve started doing lots of these things already, but I didn’t realize that maca was good for hormonal imbalances. Both my husband and I have issues with this (no wonder we can’t get pregnant!) so I’ve been trying to research natural ways to get hormones back in balance. Do you know of a good source for maca?

    • Hello Katie,

      I will be soon 35 and my husband is 47 years and he smokes.
      I have two kids, one is 14 and second is 10 and a half years old. We have been trying for the third baby since 10 years. Recently, we found that my husband has low sperm count and motility. I have one tube blocked and low ovarian reserve ( no idea what it means). The only solution doctors suggested is IVF.

      We both are taking fertility medicine. But I would like to know what you suggest. I would definitely try herbs and conceive naturally in short period of time. One more thing, my ovulation is very pain full but normal days are fine.
      I want to what you suggest to both of us. We don’t mind stopping fertility medicines. How long do we need to take those herbs and where do you suggest us to buy those herbs

      • Hey my name is marsha and i ave being trying to get pregnant for a long time and it seems its not working now i ave a new boyfriend and we are planning to start a family soon what if we try and try and i still cant concive what should u do?

      • started taking some herbs but dont really know the content

      • Great article. I have one quick question re: the natural progesterone cream. Is there a particular reason why you are recommending one that is soy-free? The product you linked is hard to find in Canada, and the all-natural ones I’ve found here seem to all contain soy isoflavone. So it’s making me curious as to why you’re avoiding the soy one.


        • Soy is genetically modified unless it is organic. I am guessing that is why. Also, soy contains some estrogen naturally which might interfere differently with hormones.

        • Soy is a phytoestrogen and can have reverse problems if you are trying to raise your Progesterone levels plus not all soy is non GMO and is linked to cancer.

          • Phytoestrogens are actually hormone balancing. It’s misinformation that it’s bad for you. It doesn’t function how estrogen would in our body at all.

    • Hello Katie,

      My name is Julia I’m 45 years old, I have 5 children. Oldest is 24, and my youngest is 8. I’m in a new relationship and we wanted to have a child. I had a miscarriage two years ago. I found your post and I started eating healthy, exercising, was taking maca, rasbberry red leaf, and nettel. I started early this year 2015. I found out I was pregnant on April 16. I went to see my doctor I was so excited with the news of still being able to get pregnant at my age. Unfortunately when he did the ultra sound he did not see a heartbeat. He said it stop growing I did some blood work, and schedule an appointment to see him in a week. I have no symptoms of a miscarriage.
      No pain no bleeding. I was so heartbreaking to go thru this again. The doctor did not give any hope he said I’m too old to have a healthy baby. That even if I do get pregnant again I’ll have a chance of having a baby with down syndrome. I’ll have to wait for my body to recognized the loss. Do you know of any herbs to take to induce a missed miscarriage.
      Again thank you for your post I do believe I got pregnant following your advice.

      • Hi Julia.
        You need to find another doctor. Your doctor has to believe in your goals or at least not be openly critical of your efforts.
        Find a more supportive doctor.

        • I strongly agree with Julia. These doctors are so quick to put you on artificial drugs! Where I’m from women in their forties are having baby easily. This system just sick me. I would find a new doctor myself.

          • True!! I am 42 and i’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year and 9 months now, you don’t know how dissapointed I am every months when I see my period is coming my husband and I went to the doctor and went trough all the test possible to see if there was something wrong from any of us, and it seems everything is just ok. On my last draw blood test assessment ovarian reserve for people over 38 the results was that I have low reserve eggs, They says related to my age, and that I have no many chances unless i do and IVF which is extremely expensive for us and we can not afford it, I found out about Coq10 micronized and Ubiquinol it might help to get healthier eggs hopefully that help! You may try too, they are suplements. My husband smoke a lot though however it seems that this didn’t affects his sperms much, but very depply on me I think that’s the cause why we are not being successful at getting pregnant I just hope this year happens no matter what because in octuber I’ll be 43 and I know the older i get the chances are lower too

      • I’m so sorry you’re dealing with the jaded, insensitive backlash of our modern medical community. Honestly, I’ve never struggled with infertility but I do know what it’s like to want something and feel completely discouraged or betrayed by your body. Diet, exercise and herbs are important but what’s happening in your heart? 2 miscarriages is a huge loss… Have you taken some time to really feel your emotions and give them a voice? The stress of wanting something so bad can sometimes be what causes the stress that prevents us from having it. I truly believe that part of why it’s easy for me to get pregnant regardless of my PCOS diagnosis is because we enjoy our sex life and just let it happens if it does. It’s like my midwife says, you’ve gotta be relaxed and open to let something like that in 😉 YOU matter- your feelings matter. Eat well, take care of yourself and if you’re blessed with a baby or not you’ll feel peace ???? Thinking of you tonight in my prayers

      • Sometimes u need to trust in God not what a doctor say

      • You are already blessed with five children, be grateful for that. Your doctor could be right. There’s no need to bring life into this world that may suffer greatly due to such a late in life birth. You should care about your children more than your own desires.

        • Wow Kat Kavran that was very rude and insensitive! It doesn’t matter if she has five or ten kids if she wants to have another that’s her God given right. We are here to multiply. And to say she should care more about her kids than her own desires is very disrespectful. I’m sure she does care for her children and she wants another to love. Who are you to tell someone what they should or should not do. I hope you find it in yourself to be a more positive person in the future

          • kids are the gift from God .u right sister its not for us to judge.bealeve in God hi will give you more kids darling

          • Thanks Deshawn for encouraging all the women with such lovely words. Children/kids/babies are from God and who are we humans to say what will happen to them in the future. We are here to multiply and trust in God for everything. Julia – dear you must go to another doctor and continue with your researches, but above all trust God for your baby. If Sarah can have a baby at 90…then you know what I mean to say. Take care.

          • No it was not. She already has 5 children. The only reason for why wants another one is to please the boyfriend! He is no even her husband. A husband will make more sense to me, but to get pregnant to give a child to a boyfriend. Life is making her a favor by not allowing her to get pregnant.

        • Mind your own, I’m sure s she’s an amazing mother! Why else would she want another child?! Some of you people out there in this world are just so ignorant, so outspoken and ridiculous. Maybe you should concentrate on your own life and your own children if you even have any!

      • Is this old ? But if not , um vitamin c , fried sesame seeds with honey , a lot of chamomile tea , parsley tea , laxatives .

    • My question is wellness mama. How do I pick the right herbs for me. The doctors gave me no hope. They just said my FSH levels were low and that it’s highly unlikely that I’ll conceive and because I’m Peri menopause. ( no period for 3 years now) etc….where do I go from here?

    • Im ,46,my second husband is 30 i have 3 kids from a former couple and in actually worried about my sudden infertility i got pregnant a year ago but i had a miscarriage at 3 months which was devastating i just cant get pregnant again what can i do pls help.

    • I had a pancreatic tumor (benign) removed almost 2 years ago and I was trying to conceive at the age of 19 and couldn’t. Now 23 I am married wanting to start a family and still cant . The doctors said I have polycystic ovary syndrome she put me on metformin and I still don’t seem to have any luck. What all should I do I’ve tryed many vitamins?

      • Hi Ashley
        Serrapeptase is a good enzyme to take, nattokinase and bromeline they shrink cysts. Apple cider vinegar with the mother can also shrink n dissolve cysts. There are other herbs good for your condition you can research info on polycystic ovary.

      • PCOS will often disappear with a diet of no gluten and that evens out blood sugar levels. Mine did. Lots of good fat, good protein and carbs mostly from good veggies.

    • Vega maca is very potant. I was told to purchase that one by the herb shop owner. I just start taking it so good so far.

      • Hi Ladies, I just joined and saw this thread. I am 43 and have been ttc for 3 moths which is not that long cause some people tell me it took them years. I had a daughter in my 20s ok but have left it too long for the next one. I went to my Doctor and she laughed when I told her I was trying natural over 40(silly cow!) Any way upon my insistence she sent me for some test & it turned out both my tubes are blocked, hence why we couldn’t get pregnant. They suggested I do IVF which costs around £5000, We haven’t got that so that’s out of the question. I have done some research and found some good natural stuff. I don’t know if these would help but am trying them anyway: To open blocked tubes; serrapeptase, wobenzyme, they are enzymes that break down unwanted protein in your body. I have been using these for the last 2 months I feel them working on my ovaries area. I am also doing acupuncture , castor oil packs& fertility massage, I do the massage myself or get hubby to do it but they say don’t do it during your period it makes it heavy & not during ovulation. For fertility
        & to increase egg quality I use: Maca( liquid form ,doesn’t really matter which one u get) Vitex(very good, I used to get clots but now my blood is bright red & a friend got pregnant just using it for 2 months @48 but she didn’t have same problems as I have), Ubiquinol ,Royal jelly(a must), kelp, wheat grass(put in your smoothie), lots of avocados,dim,alpha lipoid acid, evening primrose ,red raspberry leaf( what ever form), pre natal tabs, black cohosh & fish oils not cod liver. Because I am over 40 and running out of time have also ordered DHEA .Although some women swear by all these products, Please do your own research to make sure it’s for you first, I am happy to experiement .

        Hopeful will get my BFP soon

        Baby Dust to us all!!!

  2. You CAN get pregnant naturally regardless of how long you have been trying without success! There is a safe and natural method.

    • Markita? Can you share with us please, which is this safe and natural method? Thanks in advance, Phoebe.

    • Hi my na it’s Anna i m 36 i stopped having my period about a year now my doctor told me I’m in pre menopause .so she tells me i can’t get pregnant anymore. I used deposhort for 3 years after i had my 9year old son. Do you think any of this can help me? Pls help

      • Hey Anna! I’m 25 about to be 26 in June and I was on the depo shot for 8 years and I stopped this past October and still haven’t seen a period yet. My GYN sent me to a specialist and they said I could either have fragile x or early menopause but it’s still unsure. I’m blaming the depo for this since I’ve heard so many stories about how it causes damage. But all I can do is move forward.. I’m really curious if these method also helps reverse the effects.

        • Hello?, dId you ever get pregnant, just curious because my situation is similar

    • Hi I’m 31yrs old. It’s been 3 or 4 yrs trying for a baby and still no baby. I have a 9yr old daughter. When I went to the doctor they told me that my tubes are blocked…How do I unblock my tubes? What Herbal meds are good for that purpose? Help me out please.

      • I had a son 17yrs Ago without trying, he was via emergency c-section. When he was 4, we tried but no luck, 2yrs later and after numerous tests, I was told both tubes were blocked, one at proximal end and one at distal end. Heard about reflexolog . Had 2 sessions and she said left tube (blocked at proximal) was open again. 1 month later . I was pregnant.

        • Hi- My right tube is blocked in the proximal location. What type of reflexology did you do? Did you use Serrapeptase? I have my consultation with the fertility dr. tomorrow and I just know he’s going to suggest surgery and IVF. I’d rather conceive naturally. Any natural tips for clearing the blockage would be great!

          • I’ve been seeing a physical therapist. I’ve since had a big improvement from the adhesion pain and bowel dysfunction it caused (from a c-section last Feb). The physical therapist loosens the scar tissue that was causing persistent nausea from intestinal pain, and prevent tubal blockage. The fertility doctor didn’t suggest this but very much agreed with me pursuing this when I mentioned it. I basically had to find out on my own what was wrong and see the specialist (PT) out of pocket. The gastroenterologist none of the other four doctors I saw were taking me seriously that I needed PT, which I find utterly disgusting and despicable. I almost gave up, but I went to the PT and my quality of life has improved A LOT. Honestly it makes me pretty angry that those Dr’s don’t understand simple concepts of scar tissue release improving internal problems and pain. It’s a basic concept. Anyhow, I go to Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy in Orange County, CA. I highly recommend finding a highly rated PT, just beware not all are knowledgeable in the issue you have so be picky. I’ll watch for replies. Please share if you try PT and if it helps you. Best wishes.

          • I have been trying to conceive for ten years. My tubes were blocked. I took maca capsules, dong quai, and women’s best friend. Two months later, I was pregnant at age 39. Trust me, it works.

      • Hello,
        You have to check for infections or STDs Chlamydia, etc. Also a test no doctor really test anyone for is mycoplasma

      • Red clover leaf infusion is supposed to naturally help unblock tubes!

  3. Thanks for posting! I am set to get married in about a year, and we both want children. However, last year I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so now I’m really fearful about getting pregnant, or not being able to. I already follow the nutritional guidelines, and no one on this earth could make me forgo my 8-10 hours of sleep! So I feel a bit better about my chances now, even if the attempts for pregnancy are still a long way off. 

    • Did you ever have any luck conceiving!?

  4. I had lots of problems getting pregnant, plenty of treatment that didn’t work and then all of a sudden a natural pregnancy (and I am now blessed with a three year old daughter) – but I haven’t fallen pregnant since. 6 months ago I found out that the low calorie carbs I was eating were pointless for health and well-being but I am now reading more and more that suggests 25 years of being vegetarian (no meat or fish) might have contributed to my sub-fertility. I might miss out on a second baby, as I am radically changing my diet at 42, but it is a comfort to me to understand why we might have had so many problems.

  5. What are some good herbs to promote fertility in men?

  6. My husband is a Chiropractor and he seen couples come in that have tried everything and after a few weeks to a few months under care-they all got pregnant.  Your body is amazing and can do amazing things when there is no interference.

    • What did he have them do

      • I am not sure about chiro but I swear by acupuncture. 4 years trying nothing. After 2 months of accu I got pregnant. It was a failed pregnancy but at least I now know my body can get pregnant. I am now trying again. Possibly pregnant just waiting to find out. Accu and some natural supplements is all I changed. In the 4 years prior we had nothing not even a failed pregnancy. So I am now a believer of acupuncture and Chinese medicine

        • Hi- it’s nice to see a recent comment on here. I’m doing acupuncture as well. Have been for a while now but there are other issues that I’ve learned about recently that I need to address first. I know it’s improved my cycle’s regularity. I’m so sorry for your loss but admire your ability to see the silver lining. Sending good energy your way for a healthy happy pregnancy, birth, baby child, etc. 🙂

    • At 45 I was on my last hope. I went to chiropractic and acupuncture religiously, changed my diet dramatically, removing dairy, sugar and gluten, and within 3 months was pregnant! After almost 5 years of trying. My baby’s downs risk was that of a much younger person…1 in 10000 even! I’m 6.5 months pregnant, and never felt better! It can be done and the doctor who said I needed donor eggs, now boasts that I am her oldest spontaneously pregnancy! Ha! One other thing which is important, is knowing your cycle, knowing when you ovulate and timing BD’ing well! Of course also your partner’s health is equally important.

      • Hi, I’m looking for some help on getting pregnant at 43. I’ve read your post and I’m wondering if you could give me any tips on how a chiropractor and acupuncture can help. I had 3 children in my 20’s so I know I can get pregnant, I just think now that my age is 43, i’m going to have a hard time conceiving. I also started taking chasteberry , can you help me at all please?

        • Before we are born all of our organs and nerves are little buds or stems off of the spine. So if the spine is in the wrong position it can be pinching, amongst other things, the organs that we need. Hence the reproductive area may be totally blocked off from what it needs and/or in a position where its inflamed and over compensating. The Chiropractor aligns your spine to take the pressure off of your organs and make sure you whole body is working as a whole unit.

        • Have you tried conceiveeasy? Seems like a good option if you are looking to go a more natural route. Supposedly it works for several different causes of infertility within 2 or 3 cycles.

          • can you explain more I have never heard of this ?

        • im 42 was pregnant last june miscarried due to be married next oct my fiancee desperately wants childeren not happening i have 2 grown up sons any advice please

        • I also need help getting pregnant. My hormones are not back to normal after my 1st baby. Doc told me i have POF with 1% chance of getting pregnant. Im only 28 yrs old

        • Am same ive just had cyst drained I just need to get my egg count up I’ve been trying for 6 yrs and never fell now I’m going to see a gyno about ivf

      • I am a year late in this post stream, so not sure how that works. Found this blog and am hoping for…success! Been trying for nearly 8 years. 2 ectopics, 2 rounds of IVF, weight gain due to hormones, lost left fallopian in laparascopy. 3 weeks ago: eliminated ALL grain, eat grass fed/pastured meats and eggs, veggies and therapeutic fruits (squash, bananas, berries), limit grass fed dairy to splash of heavy cream a day and Kerrygold butter on food. I also eat a lot of cocnut oil, stopped drinking wine on the weekends (switched to tea), and am in bed by 8:30-9:00 and wake up at 5am feeling rested. I feel better than I have in ten years, lost 2 pants sizes (in 3 weeks!!!) and am truly hoping for a fertility breakthrough. Any advice is appreciated. I am 37 and want to be a Mama and happily married to my best friend who wishes for the same. Thanks!

        • Im 41 with a 2yr old. Certainly we can get pregnant at our allegedly advanced ages 😉

        • I got pregnant naturally at ages 39 and 41 (this was after having two early miscarriages). After the miscarriages, I started taking maca daily (along with my husband). I believe maca is what helped me get pregnant. It’s purported to improve egg and sperm quality, and I wholeheartedly believe it works in many cases.

          • Thank you! after a miscarriage and an ectopic it’s good to hear is possible 🙂

        • Hi I am also trying to get pregnant my period comes once a year and have decided to change my diet just like Mitchell and hoping for the best having trouble finding maca capsules in Botswana anyone know where i can get this

          • You can get the American and European brands of fertility herbs and supplements in South Africa.

      • Hi, I would like to know what help you got from the chiropractor

      • congratulations Rasha. did you use any vitamins to balance hormones?

      • Can I ask what type of “strategy” you used? I do ovulation testing. The week I know I will ovulate, We begin having sex every other day. When the test is positive, we have intercourse 3 days in a row. I am 43 years old. Have drastically changed my diet (and have list over 25bs) … Cut out sugars, starched, and have started utilizing a hormone regeneration cream.

        • what is the hormone regenerations cream

    • My husband and I are currently facing infertility obstacles. We have been trying now for 3 years for a baby with zero success, and as of last August started seeing a fertility specialist. I Just finished my second iui in which the results came back negative, about 2 weeks ago. My husband has been diagnosed with extreme low sperm count & motility. His results after wash was 1000 only, so extremely low.
      Both of us are of a healthy weight and for the most part do eat relatively healthy. I don’t eat meat, so I do sometimes struggle with lack of options and do eat my share of grains. My husband does smoke and is trying to quit, however it is a work in progress.
      I want to know if certain vitamins could help drastically improve my husbands count. He does presently take vitamin c, vitamin e, folic acid and selenium.
      We just as well both started doing acupuncture as we are getting desperate. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

      • My husband has a similar issue and was recently advised to take L-Carnitine to increase his count. He’s only been on it a week so I’m not sure if it works yet but it’s something to try.

      • Look at fertilaid for men. The reviews by men on doubling and tripling sperm count is overwhelming! They have products for women too. All natural. 🙂

        • I have read all the above and me and my partner have been trying to have a baby over 3 years and Dr’s have giving us both medicine to help but they dont seems to work… They suggest that we do IVF… What do you suggest ???

      • Hi iam 34 years old try to conceive since from last 4 years nn diagnose with one leftfellopian tube blocked. However endometrio cyst ws removed on last year tgrough laproscopy n still unable to conceive after 2 iui done. Please help me iam vry depress.

  7. I just discovered your blog today. It’s filled with so much valuable information! My husband and I just recently starting trying for our first baby. I’m 33 and he’s 40, and we are both considerably overweight. On top of that, I have some feminine health related challenges (fibroids, short cycles…). I’ve been on and off the primal lifestyle for a couple months, but your article has really given me the motivation to go at it 100%, for my own health and the health of our future child/children. Thank you!

  8. Well, this is a great site. But, I have to say, you can’t possibly say 100 percent success rate with fertility.  It borders on absurd, respectfully.  There is no possible way that women aged 40-45 will all get pregnant by following these recommendations.  It’s just not possible.  Sorry.

    • I don’t claim that it would work for every single person who ever tries it, rather just that with the clients I have worked with in the past, it has. And, I’ve had several in that age range who have gotten pregnant.

      • I started taking Vit D, folic acid, prenatal vitamins and the sperm friendly lubricant Pre-Seed along w an OPK kit and thankfully got pregnant on our first round. Good luck to everyone.

        • Wow! That’s awsome. I have some of the same stuff as you (vitamin D, prenatal, folic and Maca.) Hope i get the same results. Got some unwanted news from my Dr a couple of days ago. Tried to go to a fertility specialist and seems they’re not going to be of any help. So, hoping to be able to go and tell them i didn’t need their help anyway. I’m 37 and having been trying since May 2013. I have no children at all. Praying this works out for me as well!

      • Greetings Welness MAMA. My name is Deelu from South Africa.

        During the weekend I cam accross this powerful article. I used to take birth control only from Jan to July (7months). I stopped because we decided to start a family. My menstrual cycle from there I skipped mpnth of Aug and they started in Sep. Every two months they are consinstent and change after two months.February 2014 I skipped the whole month and had my periods the 07March, my nurse friend advises I take hormonsl bslsnce pills which I started on the day the 7th. I am concerned because I am 24 and my husband is 32 we have been trying since Aug 2013. I decide to get Maca powder yersteday and also Raspberry leaves, I am getting the Natula Progesterone Cream today. Will you please advise on the dosage of the Maca powder and the Raspbery leaf tea? and also should I stop immediately taking those hormonal/contraceptive balance pills?
        I would appreciate your immediate response.

        • I’m not familiar with the pills you are taking, so I can’t comment on those, but I take up to a teaspoon of Maca a day and drink Red Raspberry tea throughout the day. I use progesterone (when needed) for the second half of my cycle.

          • is progesterone cream any good im 42 cant conceive did 7 months ago had misscarriage

        • Lovely Deel, know that your cycle is longer days and not months. I used to think the same until I counted the DAYS between first day of bleeding. I am 35 days regular, every time. A woman’s normal cycle is from 28 days – 42 days. Because of the longer length between bleeding, you’ll have to adjust the calculation for longer days until ovulation. Secondly, track your discharge for an egg-white consistency. That will assist as times of high fertility. Stay persistent. Please try recalculation of days before going to hormone therapy. Wishing you success.

      • What a gift of hope you are giving to so many struggling with “impossible” fertility issues! I’m a first time visitor and am quite impressed with your site’s wealth of information. Keep up the great work!

      • I would really be intersted to see what u have to say about our situation…we actually started eating as well as what u mentioned 2 years ago..I eat better then hubby…we have gone to naturalpaths and accupunture and followed everything they told us to a T…but still no baby…I have unexplained infertility and hubby has lower to normal sperm numbers…we have had two unsuccessful IVF attempt just in the past couple of months…and we are puzzled as to why we can’t fall pregnant…please help:)

        • Anna…your story is similar to mine. We were ttc #1 for 2 1/2 years had to many iui’s to count and 2 failed ivf’s with fertility acupuncture. I went to a homeopathic Dr who put me on a strict diet…specific to my blood test results and began taking the supplements recommended by CCRM…you can easily find the supplements list through a Google search and finally got pregnant after 2 months! So there is still hope!! I am back on the same diet and have been ttc #2 for three months now! Baby dust to all!

          • Can you share what helped you hey pregnant? I’m 45, with hormonal issues and ttc. I’m seeing a fertility acupuncturist and will start taking Red Clover Blossoms infusions tonight. We do have children, but yearn to have one more. 🙂

          • Hi Yolanda…I stopped eating gluten and dairy and went on some supplements from my homeopathic Dr…I am 4 1/2 mo pregnant with TWINS!

      • Hi Katie I’m 41 years old and was told I have a low ovarian reserve. I’m seriously trying to conceive and I have started taking coq10, code liver oil and pregnacare conception. The question is can I add maca, vitex, Raspberry leaf with what I’ve been taking before. Tanx

        • I have very irregular periods.Forexamole i have been menstrauting for the last fifty (50) days. Iam finding it hard to conceive having tried for two years. my first results showed that i had PCOS. My tubes are open. My husband is well. Which herbs/suppliments would you recommend me to take. I badly need to have children. Iam 35 years old. Thank you.

          • Acupuncture has helped me regulate my period and Macca will do that too. PCOS can be helped through a whole 30 type diet. good luck!

      • I need your help…I am 41 years old and my husband is 10 yes younger… I had a myomectomy and also endometriosis. They keep saying I am “too old” for a child. I don’t really exercise but I am not overweight nor is my husband. We want a child so bad… I was pregnant before and had 1 miscarriage. Mt husband and I have only been married 1 year. I know I have scarring but they said this last surgery to clear my tube and some scarring was successful. They said now IVF is our only option…please please help

    • you are ignorant, and obviously uninformed or educated improperly on this subject. I just gave birth to a healthy, 8 pound baby boy. I am 53 years old. I am an herbologist as well as a mother of 7 others. What a blessing-and I have more energy and vitality than I did when I was 30! I did not have a cycle for 6 months-took and did what I should, and without any outside help, we conceived 2 months after we were married!!! Great, Huh?

      • wow good lord can u give me tips and advice im losing hope

      • I would like to know how you were able to conceive in 2 months. I have been trying for 9 years with my husband. We have a 11 year old daughter and have not been able to have another baby. I would love to know what you recommend. Thank you.

      • Hi Laura, do you provide consultation on your herbal services? A website or contact information would be great. Thanks!

      • Hi Laura, I am trying to get pregnant at an older age. Please help.

      • Can you please give me the website of the list of herbs I should try because I’m becoming so discouraged. I’m 41 and time is ticking.Thank you in advance.


      • Hello, i just got remarried in 2011, I have been trying to conceive, last year i went through major stress and my periods stopped coming, my husband is younger than me and we want to have a child, i will be 47 in and I am going through depression, I am taking a few vitamins that an herbalist recommended me to take to bring my period back, my doctor wanted to put me on birth control to bring my periods back but i got scared of taking anything unnatural , i have been taking vitamins that the naturalist recommended for 1.5 months already, I love my husband very much and he loves me to, that is why we want a child together.

      • Oh my God congrats , pls I desperately need to get pregnant too . Am 45

      • I need your help…I am 41 years old and my husband is 10 yes younger… I had a myomectomy and also endometriosis. They keep saying I am “too old” for a child. I don’t really exercise but I am not overweight nor is my husband. We want a child so bad… I was pregnant before and had 1 miscarriage. Mt husband and I have only been married 1 year. I know I have scarring but they said this last surgery to clear my tube and some scarring was successful. They said now IVF is our only option…please please help

      • Would you tell us which herbs you took? Ive been trying for two years, with accupuncture and chiro help and still dont get regular periods and two failed ivf attempts. Please advise.

      • Congrats! What herbs did you take? I am 45 and have been trying for 3 years without any luck. I still get my period but ovulation is not consistent. I welcome any advice.

        • Hello, I have just found out I am in the early stages of pregnancy. We had tried many many things over the last 4.5 years. The last two months I scrapped everything and started on PregPrep (we got the 3 month kit), Juice Plus (vitamin supplements) & seeing a Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist. Only two months into this, we discovered we were expecting. I have just had my 46th birthday and am very excited to welcome this little person into our world in October 2016.

      • Would you mind explaining what you did/took, etc to have been able to conceive so quickly? I am 44, have a large family but would love to have another child. Can you please give me any advice?

      • Hi Laura. Your story is fantastic. My name is Romina Ross. Can we talk? I’m up in age and want to conceive but never had help from my doctors. At age 35 my gyn doctor whom ive been seeing for years wanted to take out my uterus, but I wouldn’t let her. She said because I kept getting cysts and fibroids that I may as well have a hysterectomy. Other doctors have told me the same thing. And now look at me trying to conceive at 50. Can you help me?

  9. Thank you for this post! I am struggling right now with getting a period, and I truly believe it is from  not getting enough healthy fats in my diet!

    • Try Vitex

  10. I’m sorry, but I COMPLETELY disagree with this post. I changed EVERYTHING in my life: took supplements, gained weight (so that I was a healthy 19-20% body fat), stopped running, changed my diet and did not get pregnant naturally (and, yes, I was having sex when ovulating).  It took 4 rounds of IVF to conceive my 2nd child at the ripe old age of 32 (I started trying for #2 at 31; also had problems conceiving #1 at 28/29).  I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve meaning that I had the ovaries of someone 15 years older.  This post is VERY misleading and can cause women that have REAL infertility issues to waste precious time trying to “fix” their fertility problems homeopathically.  Blog posts like this only alienate healthy women like me and make us feel guilty for not being healthier.  Sometimes there are other factors at play that impact our fertility.  Changing our diet and taking supplements does not cure everything.

    • I’m sorry for all your difficulty, and congrats on your two children! I agree with you that diet and supplements are not the only thing that has to change for some people, but they are, at least, a very important start and an aspect that is not always addressed by fertility specialists. Even if women need more fertility help, these steps will help improve their chances with fertility aids. That being said, I have seen a lot of women have drastic improvements from diet and supplements alone. I’m sorry that you felt alienated. Thanks for reading and best of luck in the future!

    • I agree with this post, How can you say that you have 100 percent success rate compared to 20 percent with IVF ?

      Where I do agree that a change in life style COULD help some people to conceive

      you CANNOT compare your self to an IVF clinic treating people with medical issues that no matter what vitamin or mineral they take they will not conceive naturally

      • I’m just saying that in couples I’ve personally worked with, they have all conceived after addressing issues naturally. I’m certainly not claiming to be able to help with physical issues that actually make conception impossible, but I haven’t worked with any couples with these issues.

        • Any suggestions for someone with one tube only that is blocked? (And 40)

    • I was also diagnosed with diminished oviarian reserve but finally conceived after being on clomid for 8 mos and on the 4th IUI. Life was good until 7 mos after DS was born… then he was dx with a brain tumor. Without getting into the horror that is pediatric cancer…I called my fertility doctor several months after my son passed to ask about taking DHEA (supposedly it’s been found help women with low ovarian reserve and also in increasing success with IVF). I was shocked when my doctor told me that he wanted me to come in to do another US to see if I still had a low ovarian reserve because, according to him, this is something that your body can fix on it’s own. I see that it’s been a year since you posted this comment…I really, really hope you’re reading this with a LO snuggled in your arms or in your belly. ?

      • I am so sorry for your loss. It is the worst pain a mother can know. My baby girl is in heaven too.

    • I totally disagree with the lady with the problems that states supplements did not help her and the others that back her up . Did you actually consult Wellness Mama for the fertility issues you’d been diagnosed with by the fertility centre, no! Therefore you really do not know if she could have helped you or not. This post is free advice that can guide many couples to having a take home baby. As your issues were/are more serious you’d have been best to consult her as a paid client. I have read many posts where the fertility problem you were/are suffering from was reversed.

      Many Fertility specialists will NOT recognise food (nutrition) as medicine to help fertility because this means you may not even require the procedure of IVF in many cases if you simply eat right (this usually means no sugar), detox, exercise and use supplements etc. Fertility specialists including includes the scientists; who I proved wrong when he said “I don’t care what you did you will only get 30%”, at age 38 I had every single egg make it to day 5 except for 2 which were ambushed (fertilized twice) and this was because of the nutrition I fed my body and my partners as well as the exercise supplements and no sugar or coffee. At 28 I was not eating right I had 23 eggs picked up and only 3 fertilized, so for 10 years I researched and I had achieved brilliant success.

      You have 2 children, but you sound so bitter and angry in the post. Anger is often a problem associate with the liver, and is a sign that the liver needs help to remove toxins, especially after cycles of IVF whilst not carry a baby or after having given birth. All those drugs can be very harmful to the liver resulting in many issues like “anger”, depression, anxiety, etc., etc. and most likely an alternative specialist would advise that this is behind your fertility issues.

      I think this post is brilliant and thank Wellness Mama for the time free detail she has supplied.

      • Hmmm…I don’t know if things are different in Canada than in the US, but the first thing doctors tell you here is to be a healthy weight when you’re having trouble conceiving. Lose 5% -10% body weight if you’ve got some pounds to lose, and gain body fat if you have too little. Take Folic Acid when TTC and during pregnancy -thought it was the same every where, but I could be wrong.

        Anyhow, having trouble with fertility due to PCOS myself, I can understand why a woman can get upset about being strung along when the clock’s ticking. I’m huge believer in natural therapies but 2 years of maca, acupuncture (and whatever those black pills they give you are) soy isoflavones, spear mint tea, etc did not help me conceive naturally. I am thankful that the journey has made me more conscious about what I put into my body and that my body stronger and more able to carry a baby to term when and if we conceive. I finally found a store which carries FCLO and had a period within 3 weeks of starting it! Really excited about that since my cycle ranges 41 to 173 days so I’m going to stick to the FCLO for a bit and see where it goes. In the mean time, I’ll continue to eat healthy, exercise and watch my diet while I wait for a Fertility specialist to get back to me. Would love to do this naturally, but after 2 years of trying, I feel that I need to see what else is going on in this body of mine.

        Thanks for all the helpful posts Wellness Mama!

    • Why would you dis a post that is naturally trying to help women get pregnant? Wouldn’t you want other women to succeed? Obviously this has helped other women get pregnant. I know it must be tough on you not being able to conceive, but that doesn’t mean you should bash a web site that is geared to natural fertility. Lets try to build each other up, and not live in a world where we bring people down, just because something doesn’t go the way we planned it too. I pray that God will bless you with a healthy baby 🙂

      • I agree with you on this, the woman tha create this site is only trying to help us women who it’s hard on to conceived

  11. Don’t forget the other half of the equation: the men!  I feel that it really helped us when I started feeding my hubby more red meat, oysters, and liverwurst (and slipping brewer’s yeast into salad dressing)…for Vitamins A, D, and especially ZINC.  On top of a WAPF based diet, seemed to work for us!

  12. What do you suggest for men as far as supplements?  Also, what is your opinion of the over the counter fertility vitamins such as ProCreation or Michael’s Reproductive Factors?  By the way..Your website has changed me and my husband’s life!  I can’t imagaine eating any other way now.   We are desperately trying to get pregnant with no luck and are about to go see specialists.  I am fearful of the process being that I would prefer to get pregnant naturally.  We are at the point that we don’t know what else to do.  I wish we could be your patients! =)  Any advice on the men’s supplements and  OTC vitamins would be great.  Thanks for all you do.

    • Zinc and selenium are the big ones for the guys… Eating a few brazil nuts a day will be enough selenium, but the zinc is a little tougher to get from food and should often be supplemented. A good quality prenatal is good, but I’d say that magnesium, probiotics, and fermented cod liver oil are more important (the brands I take are in my “store” tab). I’d also make sure you are both getting liver, seafood and high quality fats in your diet. Those would all be higher priorities than a prenatal, but if you’re already doing that, a prenatal would be good too 🙂 Best of luck!

  13. Do you take all those natural herbs at the same time or just certain ones?  Which ones would work best for fertility? 

    • It would depend on how aggressively I was trying to reverse the infertility. They could be taken together but the progesterone cream, red raspberry and Maca together are the most potent.

      • Where can you find most of these herbs? Also, the progesterone cream wasn’t mention above, could you please speak more on that? Thanks

      • does it work i wonder

  14. I’m one of the “got pregnant by washing my clothes with my husband’s.”  We tried for only 1 month, after charting my cycles for 16 months and using FAM with a diaphragm during my fertile week.  I had been worried that between hypothyroidism and previously being overweight would hinder my fertility, but clearly I had gotten my health under control!

    • haha… I’m the same way… washing clothes, now I know what’s causing it 🙂

  15. Really enjoyed this article. My husband and I have been ting to conceive for 2 years. My daughter who’s going on 6 was conceived while on BC, but now that I’m trying to conceive I’ve been having complications. I’ve done the charting, fertility monitors, vitamins, etc. I vowed a few days ago to take care of my self more by having massages and mediate to help relax. I know weigh can be an issue with TTC, my issue is that I’m underweight. I’m 30 going on 31, 5’3, and I weigh under 100lbs. What do you recommend to help increase my weigh or do you feel that my weight is a major factor?

    • By the way, I just order the maca, raspberry leaf, and the progesterone cream online. What are your recommendations for using the cream and how to apply it?

      • There should be instructions on the package, but you rub on fatty areas of the body (buttocks, legs, stomach) 1-2 times a day, using only a small dime size amount and only for the second half of your cycle (after ovulation until menses).

        • My doctor recommended applying progesterone cream to areas of “thin skin” (to maximize absorption) such as the decolletage, breasts, inner wrist area. Are you sure you want to put it where it’s going to get the least amount of absorption (fatty areas)?

          • As a hormone, it is stored and metabolized with fat so that is why I put it there, but if your doc gave advice, I’d definitely follow it 🙂

          • I don’t like to disagree with people on message boards or prove them wrong because it can be embarrassing. I hope you aren’t offended that I’m sharing this link. You seem like an open person! You are providing “simple answers for healthier families” so this is something that you need to know:


            This information is just so everyone knows how to apply progesterone cream properly. Otherwise, you’re not going to get the full benefit of it.

            All the best to you,


  16. Thank you so much for your wonderful post.  I agree that nutrition and sleep can definitely play a vital role in fertility.  I am wondering if you have ever heard of NaProTECHNOLOGY?  It stands for Natural Reproductive Technology.  It’s a medical application to a fertility charting system called the Creighton Method.  It was through the help of the charting and MD who is trained in NaPro that we were finally able to concieve.  We use all bio-identical hormones and some of the same supplements you mentioned and a few others.  You can find out more at

    • I am familiar with them. I’m actually a certified NFP teacher… it’s so good to see things like NaPro gaining traction.

      • NaPro=Great. Probably a lot of NaPro trained doctors=great…but at all costs avoid going to the founder, Dr. Hilgers for treatment. Along with numerous other women who trusted him, I’m still living with the emotional scars from treatment with him…and still no babies. My intention is NOT to give him a bad name, but I definitely want to help other women avoid the pain and suffering he causes.

        • Wow… good to know and I’m so sorry for your suffering… if you want, feel free to email me and I’ll see if I have any resources that can help 🙂

        • Hi Maria, I am curious as to why you don’t suggest Dr. Hilgers. I recently moved to Nebraska and a friend here suggests him as he helped her conceive her two children. My husband and I have been trying for just over 3 years with two miscarriages and a recent diagnosis of “unexplained infertility.” I am pretty close to deciding to take my friend’s advice and making an appointment in Omaha, but it sounds like from what you say that I should probably stay away?

          • Dear Skye and Maria –
            Maria, I am so very sorry to hear about your experience with Dr. Hilgers in Omaha. Not to dimish your experience, but ours was quite the opposite. We felt that Dr. Hilgers and his associates helped treat the root causes of infertility without making promises about delivering a baby. From our perspective, they treat the whole person/couple (not just the infertility) and respect the dignity of the person in doing so. Again, Maria, I am very sorry you did not have this experience. After over 5 years of infertility, we were able to conceive after I had a laparotomy to remove stage 4 endometriosis. Our son just turned 3 yrs old. So, Skye, I do hope you have checked Pope Paul VI and Dr. Hilgers out for yourself, and I wish you both the very best!

  17. We have had fertility problems over the years.  I had been diagnosed with PCOS and told I would never conceive on my own.  Well I had 2 pregnancies without drugs to get them.  Then I had recurring problems with large cysts on one ovary and ended up having to have that ovary removed and told that it would be near impossible for me to get pregnant on my own now with my past history and now only 1 ovary.  Well, I went on to have 2 more pregnancies.  Now my children are pretty well spaced, and not of  my intentions.  I suffered a late miscarriage last summer and was determined for it not to be another 2 to 4 years before I was pregnant again.  I recently found out I was pregnant and this what I was taking and doing that month…
    Red Raspberry Leaf capsules
    Mega B complex
    Maca capsules (started at 800mg/day on cycle day 5 and increased it gradually up to 3000mg just before ovulation and then gradually decreased) make sure you get certified organic; I found mine on Amazon and through a natural health store.  You would also want to know when you ovulate in your cycle… I happen to ovulate between days 18 and 20 which is why I waited to start the maca until day 5.  If you ovulate on CD 14, you might want to start early.
    Chiropractic care… I had been in a serious accident the month before and started this at the beginning of my cycle as part of my therapy.  This was the one thing that had been different from the previous 3 cycles.

    I hope this might help someone. 

    • What Maca product did you buy on Amazon? trying to find which one is best?

    • That is amazing! It gives me hope! I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have not been able to conceive for eight years. Even after one year of fertility treatment. I am now looking for natural resources in hopes that they work!

  18. Have to be careful with what kind of Vitamin C you’re taking. Pills that have rose hips and bioflavinoids will assist with fertility, but if those ingredients are missing the opposite effect might be seen. 

  19. Hello, I am curious what the results of doing this would be ”
    Do not take any of these herbs in combination with fertility drugs, hormone treatments or hormonal birth control! “. Is there a bad reaction? What is the issue of taking these supplements while using the pill or any other hormonal treatment? 

    • These herbs are very powerful in their own right. The can impact hormones, and taking them with other drugs that also impact hormones can lead to dangerous effects. If you are going to attempt to take any of these while on hormone treatment of any kind, I’d definitely suggest talking to your doctor and finding a natural doctor and herbalist in your area to consult too.

      • I’m 20 years old and my boyfriend is 22 we just got married and it’s hard for us to have a baby we have been trying for the last 5 months?? I just started taking folic acid for a month now. Can you tell me what’s worng and we’re young?.

      • Is it ok to take maca and high blood pressure medications, please I need help.

  20. I have a question:. I have been ‘mostly paleo’ for a year and a half now. I do occasionally fall of the bandwagon completely though. This post is inspiring me to REALLY commit! I have been officially trying to conceive since last December. I was charting all my CM, and that all looked good. The problem was that there was no thermal shift. I confirmed with my midwife and she said that probably meant I wasn’t ovulating. 1) will the above supplements help fix that problem? 2) a lady at the natural food store suggested I take this tincture: Quantum: female fertility formula which has in it: false unicorn, wild yam, vitex, wild american ginseng, maca, astragalus, rhodiola rosea, and dong quai. + evening primrose oil

    your thoughts? If the supplements you mentioned help with someone who isn’t ovulating, is my tincture sufficient, or would I be better just taking red raspberry leaf tea and maca.

    I will be switching from my SFH fish oil in favor of the fermented CLO/butter oil soon. I crossfit between 2-5x weekly. I am overweight, but my a1c is 5.3% (non diabetic)

    • The herbs above should help with ovulation, but depending on how long your luteal phase is, I’d also use natural progesterone cream for the second half of each menstrual cycle (when ovulation should occur through start of menses) to help get progesterone levels up. Low progesterone is the most common cause of not ovulating, and the natural cream is usually an easy solution. Personally, I’ve also used the natural cream in early pregnancy too to guard against miscarriage until about three months when he placenta takes over progesterone production.

      • so is it better to use the herbs individually or is the blended tincture I bought ok? (the FCLO/butter oil and progesterone cream are on their way!)

        • The blend should be fine, but I’d discontinue as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

          • I’m sorry to have to ask so many questions. I decided to start buying the various components separately as independent reading said that some of the ingredients should be mixed. However, my reading has been giving conflicting advice: some say maca should be taken all month long, you say the first half. some say red raspberry leaf should not be taken when pregnant so its better only have if the first half of the cycle. Same with evening primrose oil. Is there a definitive guide somewhere?

          • Unfortunately, most of those fall into the category of not being adequately tested in pregnancy, so while they may be safe, they can’t be recommended. For Maca, it can me taken all month long, it just shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy, which is why if you’re actively TTC, I typically suggest just taking in the first half. Personally, I drink Red Raspberry leaf tea throughout pregnancy, and my midwife has said this is fine, but some people are more comfortable only doing that in the later half of pregnancy or not at all. I personally don’t use EPO while pregnant, but some people do. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a “definitive” guide anywhere so I’d just suggest doing your own research and finding a solution you are comfortable with… Good luck!

          • I just thought I would share that after only five weeks of using FCLO/high vitamin butter oil daily, maca (1st half of cycle) Vitex, evening primrose oil (first half of cycle) it looks like I ovulated last week for the first time since I began charting! My temperature dropped today (not below the coverline my app drew) so I may not have actually conceived. But I feel confident in my body’s ability to heal itself and conceive . If I didn’t, that just gives me more time to lean out some more, and further prepare for pregnancy. Thank You!

          • That’s wonderful! So happy for you and can’t wait to hear when you have a little on on the way!

          • sagira
            hi i had fsh high and iregular period i need to get pregnancy my age 40 which herbal i used i need your help please

  21. My husband and I have been TTC for 13 months. We did One cycle in June of clomid and IUI # 1 (BFN)
    Then in July/august we did IVF/ICSI #1 (BFN)
    We had 11 embryos, we transferred two and hoped to freeze the rest. Then we got the call that none of the 9 embryos made it to freeze.
    So now we are tryin to do all that we can to make out next IVF cycle as successful as we can. Because of money it will probably be our last.
    So I am trying to make sure my husband and myself are on the proper fertility supplements. Any advice is great. Right now DH is taking Coast Male Reproductive Fertility Supplement. I’m just taking a prenatal vitamin + dha.

    • I’ve never done IVF, so that is new territory for me, but if it were me, I’d use natural progesterone cream (and continue through first 3 months of pregnancy), about 2 teaspoons of fermented cod liver oil a day, and Maca up for both up until the implantation date… (but stop then!!)

  22. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years. We have been through all of the testing, and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We have worked to reduce stress, eat very healthy with lots of protein, fruits, and vegetables, and I have been on a regimen of Vitamin C, Vitamin B4, Prenatal, zinc. We did a round of IUI, but were not able to do another due to finances. I had a HTC, everything was clear, my husband had a sperm test, the doctor commented on how good of a sample he gave. I have had ultrasounds, and have never had an abnormal annual visit. We have charted, not charted, and we even went to visit a Indian Healer. I have been to the chiropractor, done yoga, tried meditation and daily affirmations. I feel like life is passing my by, and just about once a month I have a friend announcing that they are pregnant. I want nothing more than to be a mom. We rescued a dog a few months ago, which does help give me something to cuddle with, but I still want to be a mom. I already follow your diet, and would like to try out some of the vitamins and supplements that you have suggested. I was thinking I would start with the Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Red Clover and Vitamin D. Would you suggest anything else, or in addition to this? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Those would be a great first step. How long is your cycle usually? If it were me, I’d probably also add Maca (discontinue when you find out you are expecting) and natural progesterone cream during the second half of your cycle only (ovulation until start of your period). Keep us updated and I’m praying you get to hold a baby soon! *hugs*

      • Thanks for the suggestions! My cycle is on average 29 days and has always been very regular and on-time. I will go to the health food store and buy the Maca, and Progesterone Cream. I will keep you posted, thank you again!

  23. This is exactly the kind of information I’ve been looking for! My husband and i have been trying to conceive for six months (not very long, I know, but for us it seems like an eternity!) i heard about Soy Isoflavens and after doing more research I decided not to go that route due to the potential side effects. As someone who leads a healthy life style this is perfect for us! I have a list of the herbs I would like to try. Any recommendations?

    • The ones that seem to have the most immediate benefit are Maca, Red Clover and Natural Progesterone Cream (on skin, second half of cycle)… And make sure you are eating lots of healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, grassfed meat, etc to support hormone production…

  24. As a child I had pretty severe asthma, as a result I was put on steroid after steroid after steroid until I turned 18 and told the doctors/ my parents no more. I have struggled with my weight since then, I haven’t been under 200 lbs since I was 11 years old. I lost a little weight before I was married due to phentermine but went off and doubled back what I had lost. Now I did see a doctor to lose the 37lbs I have lost so far but became uncomfortable when he wanted to hyper excelerate my thyroid (which is perfectly normal). I am now doing it on my own, 3lbs so far without all that medication, 75 to go yet but I will try changing my diet as suggested above. My husband and I have been together 10 years and only used birth control once for a three months (it made me a bear to live with). We have never in that time been able to get pregnant in any way.I was diagnosed with PCOS and then undiagnosed because they couldn’t see any cyst on the ultra sound. I don’t ovulate but I do have a cycle almost every month. My husbands sperm count is great. We did do a year worth of fertility treatments but they never took. We could not afford to keep going. We gave up the dream of having children. Lucky for us though, we were blessed with our sweet little girl almost three years ago through private adoption. I would love to make her a big sister, she is an amazing little human being and I am blessed every day because of her. Truth be told I am terrified to open my heart up again it almost destroyed me last time (thankfully I have my sweet girl to remind me that even if we are not blessed with more, we are truly blessed with her).

  25. Thanks for this article! It has been really helpful! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months. I was on the pill for about 1 1/2 of our marriage. I have been tracking my temperatures thru NFP and it has been helpful to see when I ovulate. After a few months of tracking temperatures, I figured I out I ovulate around day 18. In July, I found out I was pregnant thru tracking my temperatures(remained high for 18 days). I took a pregnancy test a few times some came up negative and only 1 came thru being faintly positive. So, I missed my period by 8 days or so then I noticed my temperatures starting to fall after 18 days of high temperatures and I knew that wasn’t a good sign. I started my “period” the next day and I knew I had an early miscarriage. I have been telling my OBGYN that I’d like to get my hormones checked to make sure everything is okay after being on the pill. She keeps telling me it takes couples normally a year to get pregnant after being on the pill. I have read your article and I am planning to try taking Maca. I’ve thought about taking the natural progesterone cream but I’m afraid that I don’t need it. What do you suggest?

    • How long is your luteal phase? From people I’ve worked with, many benefit immensely from progesterone, especially after a miscarriage, which can be a sign of low progesterone. *Hugs* Hope things work out for you soon!

  26. Hi i have a question, im 28 with endometriosis. Do you think this system and herbs will work to help me conceive

    • Each person is different on what will or won’t help, but I have seen this same protocol help several people I know who had endometriosis.

  27. I have blocked tubes a d conceived my son through ivf. I’dove to conceive the next baby naturally. Any additional advice specific to blocked tubes?

  28. Hi, its me again, so over the weekend i went and purchased maca, FCLO, chaste berry extract, red raspberry leaf, evening primrose oil, and the progesterone cream. What dosage should i start with and when in my cycle should i start taking these supplements.My cycle is every 28 days and it started today. Sorry if thats T.m.i. 🙂

    • You can take all but the progesterone cream during your who cycle and I use progesterone cream for the second half of a cycle (ovulation until period starts). Start with the dosage on the bottles you got and then work up in your next cycle after you see how your body responds. Good luck!

      • Hello, I am 42 years old and trying to conceive. I’m engaged and my fiancé have no children. I’m new to the site and looking for remedies regarding infertility. I had my blood work done on CD 3 and my results are as follows:

        Luteinizing Hormone 10.3
        Progesterone <0.5
        FSH 20.8
        Prolactin 12.1
        Estradiol 19

        I have no idea what these numbers mean other than the doctor telling me that I will need the assistance of a fertility clinic to get pregnant. Please help me with any recommendations you may have. Thank you in advance.

  29. I recently had a positive home pregnancy test, but have been spotting for ten days. Which supplements would help?

    • If it were me, I’d check with a doctor to make sure my progesterone levels were good, and also start taking folate, probiotics and fermented cod liver oil. Congrats and best wishes for your pregnancy!

  30. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years… After the first 6vmonths to a year I was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus and blocked or incomplete left Fallopian tube, and also polycystic ovaries. I use to be a smoker, quit smoking, recently changing my diet completely for prevention of the insulin resistance often associated… I’m beginning a three week cleanse to eliminate toxins. My doctor has not been extremely helpful besides suggesting metformin and clomid which I have refused to take up to this point.. I came across this web site and wanted to know what, if anything you thought could help or if the medications he suggested are good.. Also, the above nutrients and supplements, how many can be taken together? I was thinking of taking the progesterone cream but a lot of the other supplements look as if they would be good for all over health as well but am scared to mix too many together. Thank you for your time and the information

    • If it were me, I’d do progesterone cream, Maca, Red Raspberry and Fermented Cod liver oil. I also take magnesium daily and consume lots of coconut oil. I continue the magnesium, fermented cod liver oil and and coconut oil during pregnancy but stop the macs and red raspberry at that point.

      • Thanks for the advice, it’s greatly appreciated… I’m new to taking supplements and am already on a couple and was also told to take pharmaceutical grade fish oil to regulate insulin levels.. Can most or all supplements be taken together in conjunction with the ones you’ve suggested?

  31. A friend sent me to your site it looks awesome! My husband and I have been TTC for over 3 years now. I am only 25, but I have been starting to get concerned. We just started the testing process, so we are still waiting on the results of my thyroid and his sperm count. I do have cyclical cysts on my right ovary, but the doctors said it shouldn’t affect us getting pregnant. I eat pretty well (except my coffee intake, which I will try to lower), take my vitamins (multi, folic acid, and C), and exercise regularly. It is nice to see I am on the right track, but maybe I’ll add in some supplements, reduce coffee, and reduce my grain intake. I started testing my LH and found that I can ovulate anywhere between Day 16 and Day 21 with a luteal phase of 14 days. It’s frustrating every time another one of my friends gets pregnant or pregnant for the 2nd time (My husband and I were the first of our friends to get married). They are all fertile Mertile’s getting pregnant from holding hands or something! But I am trying to trust that the Lord has a plan and when I have kids (natural or adopted) it will all be worth it. THANKS FOR THE HELP!

  32. I just started on this cycle (I am currently cycle day 13) and I have been charting bbt and taking Vitex twice a day and 2 red clover a day. It looks like I just ovulated on day 10. I am really confused by this because before this cycle I was having 34 day cycles. I am still new to tracking and thinking about my cycles. Does this mean that I should expect my cycle to start on Day 24? Also should I go ahead and start the progesterone cream now?

  33. I have 5 fibroids,one is 9cm. I’m getting ready to take Lupron to help decrease the size. Will taking the above supplements help me or would you recommend something else? Thanks

  34. I have just started taking maca and it works wonders with me and my husband I found it at the vitamin shoppe or you can get it at GNC or online im using that to help with fertility along with royal jelly and Bee propolis good luck

  35. Thanks for the post! I’m a type 1 diabetic who recently lost are first child when i was 5mths pregnant due to a blood clotting disorder. After being diagnosed with yet another thing my husband I started making some changes it our life. We have always been health minded people (mostly vegan) but we started getting rid of all the toxins in our life (thanks again for all the recipes). After reading this I want to get the getting pregnant and pregnancy thing as natural as I can. Of course I know the insulin is a most but my a1c has not been over 6 it 2 years. So Diabetes under control CHECK ;)! I’m also on low aspirin for the blood clotting and prenatal and vitamin D the dr prescribed. They also said I will need to put on heparin when I become pregnant. So I was wondering what would you suggests I take instead or to add to what I’m taking. I noticed that some of the supplements decrease bleeding which would no be good in my case. I feel like a hopeless case 🙁

    • Oh also I had long cycles before the pregnancy about 45-50 days, but the last few mths after appear to be normal, but I’m not sure if that will change and I was allergic to the insulin resistance they put me on for the first pregnancy so a natural alternative would be great.

    • Chelsea, I recently lost my baby at 36 weeks due to a blood clotting disorder. Hugs to you, it’s the worst thing in the world. Like you I will take asprin and heparin with any future pregnancies. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive again and I’m am doing everything I can to make sure that it happens quickly (it took over two years to conceive the first time). Which supplements above did you notice decrease bleeding? I want to make sure I avoid those! Or Wellness Mama, if you see this, are you aware of any supplements that decrease bleeding?

  36. Thanx for a great post. I am 39 and have been trying to conceive for the past 5 years. We are at the point of IVF now and it seem that I am not producing enough eggs. My question is about the diet. I am a lacto vegetarian and I have been trying really hard to do a low carb diet without grains, but am finding impossible. As a consequence I have upped my soya intake which I know is not good for fertility. Do you have any suggestions in this regard?

    • Honestly, it seems that it can be very difficult to conceive without some animal foods as many of the superfoods for pregnancy and fertility (fermented cod liver oil, liver, etc) are animal based… But soy is definitely not good for fertility!

      • This seems to be the general consensus, however, I have been a lacto vegetarian since birth and am unable to consume animals. I really don’t know what else to do.

  37. Hello, my husband and I have been TTC for two years now.
    We have always dreamed about having a large family (4-6 kids). As I am a BRCA1
    carrier it is essential for us to have children sooner than later as I feel
    like a ticking time bomb and detection is nearly impossible while pregnant and
    breast feeding. Me and my husband are 29
    and no luck. We have been primal for
    over a year now and very active crossfitters.
    We have seen a specialist for 8 months and just did our 6th IUI but its
    sad to say I’m not holding my breath. I
    gained weight so my body fat is at a good level. We did all the normal testing, I have no
    blockages, my hormone levels are good and apparently I have amazing ovulations
    (get tested 4 days after IUI). I do however have a very small cervix, actually
    so small it is hard to do the IUI but I grit my teeth and we get it done. My cycle is like clockwork. My husband also got tested and has a low
    sperm count and not the best mobility. That coupled with my small cervix it was
    concluded it would be hard for us to conceive naturally but IUI should be our
    answer. I am on prenatal, fish oil, and
    folic acid and CO Q10 and I eat a lot of macadamia nuts. My husband is on CO Q10, B complex, folic
    acid, multi vitamin, and vitamin C. I
    have also had surgery to remove some tubular cysts and scar tissue in my
    tubes. Still no pregnancy. Also with all the vitamins my husbands sperm
    count and mobility are not getting better. But after the sperm wash the numbers
    are where they should be. We have been very resistant to hormones because
    of the BRCA1 but I’m at the point where
    I will do anything. I am on my second
    cycle with letrozole and my husband on clomide.
    His sperm count did increase a bit but still no pregnancy. I don’t want to take hormones long term,
    really not anymore at all. I much prefer
    the natural route even though we may have to continue with IUI. What do you recommend for my husband to
    increase count and mobility. Also I feel
    like I’m in a good place health wise but I’m still not able to conceive. What
    do you recommend we add to our vitamin regimen and/or remove?

    • I’m not a doc, but if it were me, this is what I’d do:
      -Both start taking a teaspoon a day of fermented cod liver oil
      -Switch to folate instead of folic acid
      -Both start taking Maca (you discontinue when pregnant) -Consider/research using natural progesterone cream for the second half of your cycle and during early pregnancy to avoid miscarriage -Keep up the supplements but add in Zinc and selenium for hubby
      -Lots and lots of healthy fats, especially coconut oil and grass fed butter -Iron rich organ meats when possible…

      The book Deep Nutrition is also excellent to read pre-pregnancy…

  38. Wow this is a lot of good information. I have two children that came easily, in my young twenties but now I’m in my thirties, not so easy. My husband and I have been trying for more then 2 years. We have had a M/C and two chemicals. I’v tried so many things, but after reading this post, it gives me new things to try. I have endometriosis, this has been a long tough road.

    • Hi Tisha, I have a similar story and was wondering how you are doing now? Are you still trying to conceive?

      • Hello, we are still trying, for now, but I’m getting very frustrated and burned out from it all.

        • I’m so sorry to hear! My first two children happened without any planning in my 20’s and now it’s very overwhelming that it hasn’t happened when we are actually trying. Did you try some of the things she mentioned in this article? I’m just now to the point where I’m trying supplements and being on a strict paleo diet.

          • I’m taking fertility supplements but I will try some of the other things.

  39. I have two questions. The first one is I cut out all grains etc and now I am on CD 20 with no sign of ovulating. Any idea why that would happen? This happened the last time I adopted a whole foods diet as well. I have pcos but have had regular periods (abou32-35 days) since having surgery in 2009. Second question is do you recommend vitex and maca together? And at what point in the cycle do you take them? Thanks!

    • I’ve taken both together during the whole cycle and stopped when pregnant… It can be normal to see cycle changes with diet changes, but make sure you are consuming enough healthy fats and calories in general…

      • Thank you! I increased my calories quite a bit and started vitex and finally ovulated. We’ll see how the next cycle goes!

  40. Dear Wellness Mama, I have PCOS and it seems my biggest problem with fertility is staying pregnant which more than likely is due to my low Progesterone. I am 39 now and obviously more eager than ever to have a full term pregnancy. I am going to order the above items listed. I noticed it said to Maca day 1 of cycle to ovulation date. I also ordered the Raspberry tea and Vitex. They are out of the Nettle currenlty. How do you make a tea with the raspberry leaf and nettle? (Sorry – only used tea from tea bags before – so I am not sure how much to put in, etc). I am also working with a holistic doc to try to get my progesterone up and my liver cleansed. Do you work with people as well?

    • I usually use at least a cup of herb per gallon of boiling water to make the tea, or a tablespoon if making a single cup. Have you ever tried natural progesterone cream?

      • Thank you for the tea ratios :). I did purchase the progesterone cream from beeyoutiful. My chiropractor has me on ProgonB to try to help me bring my progesterone levels up. I don’t get the impression she wants me to do the cream for now. But, it has been 6 months and I do not feel like I am getting anywhere yet with just that. any thoughts on that?

        • Was trying to find where I read it, but cannot. Can you take Maca whole cycle or just day 1 to ovulation? (I thought I read “something” is just day 1 to ovulation – but cannot find it). I am now on progesterone cream 🙂 I asked her about Vitex. She said “let’s see how this works 1st”. My only concern is that Vitex takes several months to have an effect. I was planning on taking it so as to not lose time. I also bought Raspberry Leaf and Dandelion Leaf to make tea every morning (also – will that interfere with the hormones I am taking?). I am now taking progesterone cream and estrogen and progesterone sublingual to try to get my #’s where they need to be. Current #’s in case that influences what you may say:

          E1: 23.69

          E2: 1.52

          E3: 10.64

          EQ: .42

          Progesterone: 130.80

          Ratio of PG/E2: 86.05

          these #’s are all better from 3 months ago, but not quite where we need them to be with the progesterone for me to maintain a pregnancy.
          Thank you 🙂

  41. Thank you for this information. I have a question regarding what may be the best route for my husband and I as we are vegetarians (we do eat dairy and fish), and have been trying to get pregnant for one and a half years. After a year of trying, we conceived however, lost the baby at 7 weeks. I have not become pregnant since ( I know it hasn’t been that long, only been 3 months). I currently take PNV and B-complex vitamins. My doctor recommended that I don’t attempt any other supplements/herbs but he also didn’t ask much about my lifestyle and such…We just recently eliminated most soy products from our diet (which I think we were eating more than we realized). I don’t want to change too much at once but was wondering what would be a good plan for us? Should I start taking fermented cod liver oil and maca root (during the times you recommended)? Should he start taking maca root as well? We haven’t had any fertility testing done but I was thinking that maybe our hormones (particularly mine) were a bit out of balance with all the soy products…. Your advice would be very much appreciated 🙂 thank you.

    • If it were me, I’d take the FCLO and macs and also eat a lot of coconut oil and grassed dairy to support hormone production…

  42. Do you have any suggestions for men? My husband has low sperm count and motility.

    • Maca, zinc and selenium are usually suggested for that…

  43. I will try some of the suggestions above. I will buy the Maca supplement and some Red Rasberry leaf. I have been through 2 unsuccessful cycles of IVF. Nothing wrong has been found with me. I am 44 years of age and I have never been pregnant. My husband is 47. Maybe I am too old and should forget all about it. But I don’t look or feel 44, and I think it is unfair that I am being denied the pleasure of having my own child.

    • Hi, I only just found this super site.. Wow looked really good!
      I’m wondering if you could give me some hope please as my doctors weren’t that helpful.. I only just been told that I now on the change..menopause! Was told this day before my 44th birthday… They said my blood test was high! And just gave me info on menopause! I’m absolutely heartbroken as I so wanted to become a mother.. Am I too late? I’m from uk if that of any help and I will do anything to increase my chances. Thank you and I will look forward to hear any outcome. X

  44. Hi Mama I’ve had 2 miscarriage i never pass my 1st trimester it starts of with spotting then i miscarried…
    My 3 pregnancy i had an ectopic that first started out with light spotting…. i have asthma, i was diagnosed with Arthritis about 2 yrs im 25 yrs old and about 6 months ago my doctor did a test and doesn’t. See any signs of arthritis, i was told its a chronic pain ( fibromyalgia) back pain, discomfort… i want to have a baby…
    What kind a do to help make this pregnancy successful im not pregnant right now…please thank you

  45. Hello! I am 30 years old and have a child from my previous marriage who was conceived when I was 24. The pregnancy was unplanned, but I had no complications during pregnancy or birth. My partner and I have decided to extend our family, but we are trying to time conception (so we can try for a summertime birth because of the school year). My partner has never conceived a child before (or tried to). I have been tracking my ovulation for about a cycle and a half, and have pretty regular menstrual periods. My target cycle for conception should begin at the end of July, so we’ve got about 3 1/2 months to try and “optimize” ourselves for conception. We are the same age, generally eat as close to whole food as possible, and over the last year or so have eliminated artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives from our diets. I am going to start working on weaning myself off of grains. What supplements would you recommend we each start taking now, and what should we start taking during our target cycle(s)? Also, while I have summers off, he still has to get up early for work every day. He drinks about 2 cups of coffee per day. If he were to wean himself off of caffeine before we try to conceive, about how long should it take for his body to recover from its effects (in terms of fertility). Any other advice for couples with no evidence of infertility who are simply trying to time conception?

    • The coffee is probably fine if you don’t have any reason to expect infertility. What I take to optimize nutrition before conceiving is: -1 tsp Fermented cod liver oil daily (both)
      -Magnesium (mag oil on skin and natural calm)
      -Zinc and selenium (him especially)
      -Lots of good fats, especially butter, coconut oil, and grassed meats and wild caught fish -Maca for both of you daily before (you stop conceiving cycle)

  46. My hormones are totally imbalanced. i am suffering from secondary infertility. I have a severe problem of PCOS. I have undergone multiple treatments from past 5 yrs. But nothing works out. I am very depressed. Read the whole article. But do not know how to go with it. Plzzzz plzzz help.

  47. Thank you for posting this info! My question for exercise: is Insanity too much exercise? Thank you!

  48. Hi I have been trying to become a mum for 4 years and have had a late misscaradge at 23+ weeks and then two early misscaradges after each roughly one year apart, as it takes me a year to get pregnant again on average, myself and my husband have had all the relavent tests and they can not find any underline problems, what would u suggest to help speed up conception and help to see the pregnancy through,
    Thank you.

    • I’m not a doc, but if it were me, I’d try natural progesterone cream and continue it in early pregnancy. It is typically used in the seoncd half of each cycle (ovulation until menses) and in early pregnancy. Maca should be stopped during pregnancy…

  49. We’ve been trying to conceive for 5yrs. now. I have PCOS and he has low SC. We’ve had 4IUI’S and now we’ re on herbal supplements. We teach indoor cycling once a week. Is that a factor? He works on night shift while I went back to school for another college degree. He’s31, I’m 37. Any insights? Read your article. Hope it helps.

  50. It’s so great to see that natural ways really do help. We’ve been trying for two years with the last 4 months being on clomid. I know I have PCOS but clomid isn’t helping. I wish I would have known about this years ago… doctors don’t usually tell you this stuff. My progesterone is still at a 2 at ovulation, even on 150 mg of clomid. I am hoping to find a natural doctor nearby before taking any more expensive and extreme measures.

  51. Very very helpful….thanks so much for posting!! We have been trying for almost three years now! I didn’t want to do anything with fertility drugs…I had no idea that drinking water was so important…and I had no clue how many herbs were out there that help with fertility naturally…You are truely a saint for taking the time to post this 🙂

  52. Some of this is a little confusing to me just because of all of the conflicting information out there….I find other info that says whole grains should be a part of my diet to be healthy, including to conceive, but you said to get rid of grains… and is all sugar bad? My husband and I use sugar in the raw in some of our tea…is that ok? It’s hard to find food without SOME sugar in it….so are you saying mostly to just stay away from sweets since they are almost nothing but sugar, or somehow avoid sugar altogether? and if we can’t afford to go completely organic and avoid the processed foods, is it still ok that we do all of our produce organic? I mean, is that enough? Also, I just read something earlier that said to stop consuming low fat dairy and switch to whole….and it also said to never do raw…but you say to do raw…so I am confused… What advice do I follow?

  53. Hi! I am 27 and my husband is 29. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years.. We both have 2 children from prior marriages & can’t understand why we can’t conceive. (we have custody of all 4 children) My doctor put me on Clomid for 4 cycles & nothing happen, except the horrible side effects of the drug. I’ve changed almost everything about the way I live, but nothing seems to be helping. I’m not a drug user, I don’t drink alcohol, not over or under weight & I take daily vitamins. My stress level is still through the roof, but only because we want a child so badly together & I’m terrified my son (whom is 5 years old) was my last baby. I have a gift of mothering & I know I have so much more love for more children in my life. My heart breaks every month that I get my period & it aches when I use a OPK and see that I am not ovulating. I am starting Vitex asap & I’m hoping this is something that may be the secret for me. Thanks for listening to Mommy whine a bit!

  54. Great info! Trying to work on starting and regulating my cycle after being on birth control for 10 years, what a mistake! =/ Can you clarify when to take the maca? It should only be from the start of menses (day 1) to the day of ovulation and not during the luteal phase? Thanks! I’ve been using bioidentical hormones and lots of stress reduction/adrenal support for about 1 year and I finally had my period yay!

  55. Thank you for this encouragement. Do you suggest just choosing one of the herbs or can I take as many of them as I want in any combination? Thank you!

  56. My midwife practitioner had me start using Prolief hormone balancing cream by Arbonne, but I noticed on the bottle it says not to use it if you are planning on becoming pregnant. Should I discontinue it?

    Thanks, great motivating article!

    • All progesterone creams will say that but they can also help conception occur and help avoid miscarriage but I’d go with the advice of your doc or midwife…

  57. Thank you so much for this post! I’m really worried as I’ve had my period for 2 weeks today and I’ve never had this before! I’m now 40 and getting married in 2 weeks, but I really want children. I went to the dr but a month ago but I didn’t have this problem. I’m also very stressed out with wedding planning, and really worried about infertility. Dr told me I have a fibroid inside the uterus but very small in size, I will try better nutrition as u explained what else could I do to make sure I don’t have very long heavy periods and especially on my wedding day 🙁

  58. Stop using any kind of tampons. This has worked for many of my family and friends. In 3 months my sister in-law was expecting after 2 years of trying everything.

  59. I have learn so much from you post i earnestly appreciate your efforts and concerns towards humanity i have an issue i have had two missed abortion i need an advise on how to go about it so that it does not occur again

  60. My husband and I have been trying for 13 years to conceive. This has been a stressful and painful process. Both of us have gone through so many tests and each one comes back with great results, but yet still no conception. Reading this article has truly given us a “light bulb” moment, we were created to conceive naturally not that I am against any other alternative we just always wanted to do it the natural way but without the knowledge it was impossible now for the first time in 13 years it is possible!!!!!Thank You

  61. Hi Katie,
    Thanks so much for this article, really reassuring to know there is a natural way to beat fertility issues. I am 30 years old and unfortunately have lots of friends who are struggling with the heartbreak of finding it diffcult to conceive. Sad thing is that they are given bad advice re diet etc which makes things worse and here in the UK paleo/nutrient dense eating really hasnt got any coverage so when I speak about it peoiple think im loopy and preachy 🙁
    I wondered if you had any advice for me please? I came off microgynon Contraceptive pill back in May. Since then I have only had 2 periods – both 6 weeks to the day so seemingly regular. This is the first month we have tried to conceive, Im 5 days late according to a 28 day cycle but had a negative pregnancy test on the day period should have been due – looks like Im on a 6 week cycle again 🙁 good news is I suppose that means I could still be pregnant. However, I am worried about these long cycles. Do you think its bad news?
    Ive been following a primal/paleo diet since January. Since June I became more aware of the nutrition aspect and have started incorporating daily bone broth, lots of fats, organ meats, CLO etc. Is there anything else you would reccommend? Should I add in any more foods/supplements etc? I have an appt to see the doctor and check my hormone levels but my nutritionist says this just provides a snap shot and probably wont be that useful.
    Another thing – I track my temp and the first 2 weeks of my cycle it varies by 0.5-1c up and down each day – after the 2nd week it goes up and varies bu stays higher for 4 weeks.
    sorry for the long post – any advice would be hugely appreciated – i love your articles and think you are amazing!!! 🙂

    • A lot of that can be an adjustment while hormones normalize. If you aren’t pregnant, it sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things already, and another cycle will just be more time to build up your nutrients for pregnancy. Personally, I might also take Maca and or use natural progesterone cream in the second half of the cycle if needed…

      • Just saw this reply – thanks so much – I came on to write an update for anyone who has a similar issue – I actually just found out Im pregnant! After all that worry. Our first cycle of trying – I never tried to conceive before trying this diet so I cant say conclusively if the diet helped or not but either way Im keeping it up to hopefully have a happy healthy pregnancy and I will recommend it to all my friends who are TTC. Thanks again for the reply and for all your posts x

  62. I have implementaed a lot of this already. thou Im still curious which natural supplements would work best with me. I have no hormonal problems.. i have unexplained non ovulation. been doing ferility drugs right now but anything extra that i can do to help is great.

  63. What if you dont menstruate? Im 35 now but have never had a normal period! Its been about 4 years since my last period. I was told i was inferile due to hypothyroiditis. Can this work for me?

  64. Hi Katie. Thanks for the article. I hope I can get a reply from you as well. I seem to have low ovarian reserve and have irregular period since miscarriage 3 years back. I also had hydrosalpinx in one of my fallopian tubes which had to be closed. I really want to try natural approach to getting pregnant before I consider IVF. I v given myself 3 months. At the moment, I am taking Promise prenatal multivitamin ( mainly because high dose of folic acid and iron). I have also just started taking Maca ( one capsule per day – but planning to increase). I am planning to do accupuncture and cupping. I have fermented cod liver oil at home but am wondering if its okay to take together with my multivitamin which has 1500 IU of vitamin A already. What do you think? I also want to take DHEA for my ovarian reserve. Also am thinking to get Red Rasbery Leaf tea, Royal Jelly, Red Clover and am considering Vitex and progesterone cream. I read that wheat grass and spirulina is good as well.So many supplements! Its overwhelming. Can they be taken all at the same time? Please advise.

    • I’d be careful with the FCLO and the multivitamin. I won’t usually take a multi since it is usually a synthetic form. I’d feel comfortable taking the others but would stop the red clover, vitex, macs, etc once I conceived…

  65. Hi I am a 44 year old mom of a 2.5 year old. I didnt have that much trouble conceiving. But then the next time became tougher. I had a miscarriage last fall and have been trying to conceive again ever since. I tried accupuncture and herbs. And then I went to the fertility doctor. He did tests on my hubby and he is healthy and strong with lots of good swimmers. But my tests revealed I am OLD. geez. I could have told him that. hahaha. He says it will be nearly impossible because my eggs are old and I don’t ovulate regularly any more. So now I am wondering do I give up..or try these suggestions …no wheat and some of the natural remedies like the teas. Any other suggestions to stimulate ovulation?

  66. I have added magnesium lotion, progesterone cream, vitex, and DIM along with the dietary recommendations you made over the last couple of months and I have already noticed a huge difference in my fertility signs! Thank you for the concise breakdown of ways we can help ourselves naturally.

  67. Thank you for writing about this! I didn’t read through the comments to see if you already answered this, so I apologize in advance if you did. Should my husband also take the cod liver oil supplement while we are trying to get pregnant?

    • I finally had time to read through the comments and got the answer to my question. My husband and I are both taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Zinc, and Maca. I’ll start using the progesterone cream when I begin ovulating. Praying for baby #3! Thanks for all the helpful information on this thread!

  68. Have you written a post on male fertility? I am trying to gather trustworthy resources for men and women separately. Thank you so much!

  69. I see this post is rather old but I have some questions and hope you will respond. I see you have a list of vitamins supliments etc. to take, is it wise to take them all at the same time? And for the pergesterone cream that’s only administered during ovulation , am I doing that now? Even though my husband is deployed right now will it still be needed despite that fact he is gone? Especially because of the endometriosis I really want to try it! Please help!! And how can I directly get in contact with you aside from this post ?

    • Progesterone is usually taken for the entire second half of the cycle, and some women do notice help with endometriosis from using it. I’d check with a doc, but I personally would use it in that case.

  70. Is there a specific fertility tea blend that you could recommend? I already drink raspberry leaf tea but would like to add some of the other recommended herbs in as well? I have high prolactin levels so adding vitex in a tea blend would be great. Thanks for the great information!

  71. My husband and I have gone through 6 rounds of iui and still no luck. They can’t find anything wrong with either of us. I am now looking for a more natural way to conceive as I am done pumping all those hormones into me

  72. My husband has been taking Maca, I would like to know how many mg’s I should be taking. I noticed when shopping for this some say “for men” and “should not be taken by women” Is this because these specific ones have a higher mg per capsule? I noticed that the 1000 mg one say this but the 500 mg bottles do not? Confused about what I should be taking. Also, I have a bit of facial hair that I am always plucking, could this be because of low estrogen if so it there a natural way to fix this? Thanks

  73. I noticed you mentioned avoiding toxins. I work at a printing company. There is always a smell of ink or chemicals in the air, could this be contributing to my not getting pregnant and is there a way to counter this. I

  74. Ive had 6 live births and 7 miscarriages (mostly blighted ovums that just didnt implant). My youngest is now 8 and i really would love to try once more for a girl. Im 36 years old and while i could get pregnant with a look before, now my menses and my mucus cycles are short (maybe 2 – 3 days long each) and we’ve had no success. I plan to try some of these recommendations but im afraid my hormones are just too low.

  75. Wow, cool post. I’ve had “post-pill amenorrhea” for almost 16 months now, in spite of trying a progesterone challenge and then cycling natural progesterone cream. My doctor concluded that I wasn’t producing estrogen, either, and put me on a one-month challenge where I cycled estrogen and progesterone like my body would, and hopefully when I stopped, I would get a period. It worked. It makes me wonder, should I do something like that with natural estrogen and progesterone? Would that help my body “remember” how all this is supposed to work?

  76. I have pcos and i only uave my period once a year if i dont take pills or provera. I just bought provera and I would also like to use the progesterone cream but how do i know when use it if i have “very” irregular menses. Thanks wellness mama!

  77.  have pcos and i only uave my period once a year if i dont take pills or provera. I just bought VITEX and I would also like to use the progesterone cream but how do i know when to use it if i have “very” irregular menses. Thanks wellness mama!

  78. My wife has had 5 cycles of IVF but she doesn’t respond to meds very well, particularly Clomid as it messes up her hormones for months. The Dr. told us to try with donor eggs since her reproductive health is not improving. We have decided instead to try Inter Uterine Insemination (IUI) since I have some sperm banked (5 frozen vials). A lab tech told us that even with 5 vials there are probably less than 100 sperm so doing an at home insemination using a kit would never work. The problem with IUI is that most OB/GYNs do the procedure with the help of meds/drugs and that concerns my wife because she just doesn’t respond to meds. I’m wondering if anyone may know of a naturalist reproductive Dr. that could do IUI just following charts and without medications? We live near Boston, MA.

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  80. I have PCOS. Currently 32 years old & never had a regular period or a positive pregnancy test until April 25, 2013. Come to find out, I was 1/2 done with the pregnancy…I had no symptoms that I noticed. PCOS symptoms mimic some of of pregnancy ones. I wasnt trying to get pregnant. I thought it just wasn’t gonna happen for me. What I did different…I took out a huge stressor in my life, I enjoy my work which keeps me fit, started a new relationship & fell in love. Dr said we conceived around 2 months of dating…of course we didnt find out until almost 5 months later…Grayson was born Oct.4, 2013 & is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We are blessed! 🙂

  81. I have been struggling with PCOS for many years now…i dont like taking pills. i was wondering, could i take maca, vitex & natural progesterone cream all at the same time? you dont say anything about not mixing the list that you made. Also, i plan on going to the doctor to get some tests done on what is hormonally wrong with me….any suggestions on which types of tests to ask for specifically? thanks so much for your help & suggestions.

  82. Thank you for this post! I stumbled upon your site while looking at lotion bars on Pinterest! I saw this article and was immediately intrigued, as I had been TTC for 9 months. I was just past ovulation, so the next day I started taking cod liver oil. I also reduced my sugar and grain intake, I wasn’t able to cut them out completely. I didn’t conceive that cycle, but was excited to try with this new information. I started taking Maca Root on cd 2 through ovulation. I also had my husband take the Maca. It gave us both a lot more energy. Well, I think it did the trick because I’m pregnant! Just had my 8 week appointment and baby looks perfect with a strong heartbeat! Thanks again!

  83. folic acid or folate Katie? I’m currently taking a prenatal (New Chapter) it has 600 mcg of folate, I bought a 400 mcg supplement to reach 1000 mcg. I’m trying to get pregnant again after an ectopic cervical pregnancy. Any advice is welcome, I’m really scare! Thanks!

    • Would love to know how to treat yourself after an ectopic pregnancy as well. I have 3 chidren (all in 16 months! Twins and sing?gon). After the third child, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in a tubal litigation. About a year later we tried again and thought we were successful until I miscarried and it turned out to be a partial molar pregnancy. We just got the go-ahead to begin tryn again and so far have been unsuccessful. It’s frustrating as I was able to conceive so easily before but have now had 2 extreme miscarriages and difficulty getting pregnant. Do you have any experience/suggestions for me?

      • My experience is similar to yours. It was so easy to get pregnant the first time and had the healthiest and easiest pregnancy. My daughter was small but super healthy. My second pregnancy was a nightmare. I’m terrified of trying again. The only thing I have done is focusing on eating healthy, exercising and eliminating toxins from my body and environment. I don’t use anything that might cause hormonal disruption. I try to relax and keep a positive acttitute but that’s a real challenge for me since after the ectopic I developed PTSD. Since my ectopic was cervical (not tubal) it has to be treated chemically I got two doses of metrotrexate (chemotherapy) which caused severe bleeding. I needed two uterine artery embolizations and several blood transfusions. That was so scary. Thanks to all those wonderful doctors I didn’t lose my uterus and am very healthy again but I guess I can’t get over it completely. I do Chinese acupuncture and take some herbs that have helped with my blood deficiencies. I’m really scare and to be honest, same as you I’m also looking for some reassurance. All my tests are normal but the fear of trying again is there. I’m so sorry that cannot help you much, I guess I also need help coping with this and finding the courage to start trying again. You are very brave! and thank you for sharing your story with me. This is the first time I write about my experience. Wish there were more research and information about ectopic pregnancies out there. I’m tired of hering from all the doctors I’ve seen that it’s just bad luck 🙁

  84. I am 44, soon to 45 in feb.
    no periods for past 4 mos
    5 pregnancies (starting in early 30’s) one son 2 1/2 yrs old
    delivered via c-section
    overweight, hypothyroidism
    off med levothyroid for several months
    taking iodine/iodide supplement to help with the issue
    not a good sleeper, never feel as though I get to sleep
    stressed, unemployed and going to school
    taking apple cider vinegar to regulate insulin
    sugarholic and poor diet on average
    would like to have one more baby
    am going to try taking the cod liver oil supplement and cleaning up diet
    But given this info, do you think it’s pointless for me now?
    Does it sound as though I am menopausal?
    Not being of affluence, it’s either the natural way or no way, to get pregnant that is.
    occaisonally take maca, camu camu, lucuma, goji berry/flax seed, sacha inchi, bee pollen, spiralina, hymalayan salt, chia seed, sweetened with agave nectar smoothie. but not a regular thing due to expense.
    Oh and big issue, libido all but non existent. Truly have to force myself (my poor hubby).
    Sorry for the format, wrote it all out, pressed the wrong button and it all disappeared, no patience for technology.
    Would very much appreciate your thoughts and insights.
    Also, is there a way to take bee pollen that tastes good. It just kills the flavor of the smoothie for me? End up not putting it in most times.

  85. PS Thank you for the information and your blog!!!

  86. Hi there! Loved this article. Have been trying to get pregnant 2 years….went vegan for the last year (as well as long rounds of cardio) and am learning this is all the opposite of what I could’ve been doing.

    You mentioned you see clients. Are you currently accepting clients? I didn’t see anywhere on your blog for how to hire you, so just thought I’d ask. 🙂 Thanks so much, Katie!

  87. Thanks for this post! Reading stuff like this gives me hope that this past year and a half of ttc will eventually pay off. I was diagnosed with pcos and as of now refuse to take/do anything unnatural in order to get pregnant. I have a list of vitamins that I am currently taking and I would like to add Maca, red raspberry leaf, and progesterone cream to the mix. I have read so many articles on what stuff to take when ttc or helping with pcos that sometimes I get so overwhelmed! Could you tell me which vitamins that I’m taking are actually helping and which ones are not? If possible I would like to cut back.
    I take a multi vitamin for woman, Dong quai, vitex, hyponid, melatonin-mostly for my sleep aide, vitamin c, vitamin e, b-12, iron, calcium, zinc.

  88. Do these changes affect or improve egg quality? Docs can’t find a thing wrong w me besides my age (43). My first pregnancy, five years ago happened before I finished the sentence “I want to have a baby”. This year I’ve had one miscarriage(conceived naturally) two failed IUIs and a retrieval that ended with six embryos ,all abnormal. The Dr. says my organs are healthier than a lot of his patients fifteen years my junior. He attributes my problems to old eggs. (Sigh). I just wonder if anything can be done about that since we’re born with all the eggs we’re ever going to have.

  89. Can I take red raspberry leaf tea, and maca while ttc? I am waiting for my period to start if it will, tomorrow. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months, and want to try this if it’s safe.

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  91. Hi Katie,
    I am aware this post is old but would appreciate if you could take a few mins to reply to the below.
    I have had 2 recurrent miscarriages one at 7.5 weeks Dec 2012 and the other one at 8.5 weeks recently in Dec 2013. After the first mc, we tried for around 6 months to get pregnant with no luck. However after reading your posts, I changed my eating habits and started taking Maca and fell pregnant the same month! However this did not last very long which was heart breaking…
    We dont know the reason why this is happening and nor the doctors will do any tests unless we have another mc!
    I am now planning on adding the below to my daily diet along with my multi vitamins & Maca. Just to add – I am a vegetarian…
    -Red raspberry leaf tea
    -Fermented cod liver oil
    -Progesterone cream
    -Royal Jelly
    Can you please advice if these are all safe to be taken together along with a healthy diet? I am really looking forward to any advice as it can help me greatly..

  92. Thank you for this post! I have a 3 year old and have been now trying to conceive number 2 for 4 months now with no luck. My husband and I eat paleo but I suspect a short LP. I am now taking a bcomplex vitamin. Is this safe to take during pregnancy as well?

  93. I took vitex with no luck. It caused random bleeding. but my question
    is would it be beneficial to take it just after ovulation? I have a very
    short luteal phase and was curious if maybe this could help with just
    that. I also tend to bleed longer than normal while on my period like
    my body doesn’t know to shut off. I take maca on occasion from period
    to ovulation

    we have been trying for about three years with one
    miscarriage 3 years ago (i have a daughter from my previous marriage). I
    believe i have a hormone imbalance but not sure what to do as i have
    lost weight, started eating better, and taking my ‘greens’ daily. I have
    cervical ectropion(they say its caused by hormone imbalance) and it
    causes random bleeding from my cervix from intercourse or even staining
    with a bowl movement. Its very touchy! I hate it

    I have had an
    HSG(all clear), ive tried fertility meds which i don’t respond well to
    as i feel it wrecks havoc on my system. I have had a few blood tests
    done all was in “normal” range. I have had a couple ultrasounds before i
    did the femara and on 1 i had some cysts on my ovaries but the doctor
    didn’t think i had PCOS because I don’t have any other symptoms. I have
    also tried 2 1/2 cycles of birth control about 4 months ago via my
    gyno’s suggestion and that has caused a horrendous amount of spotting
    and long periods and short luteal phase…..just all around was not a
    good idea.

    I’m sorry this is so long and crazy I know you are
    not a doctor but I wish i would have found your blog before i tried the
    doctors stuff.

  94. Is there a big difference in the fermented cod liver oil and the royal butter/ fermented cod liver oil? There is about a $15 price difference on the website you suggested so I just wondered if I needed a particular one. We have been trying to have a baby for about 6 month and my sister suggested I take a look at your website.

    Thanks for all your research!!!

  95. Is there a big difference in the fermented cod liver oil and the royal butter/ fermented cod liver oil? There is about a $15 price difference on the website you suggested so I just wondered if I needed a particular one. We have been trying to have a baby for about 6 month and my sister suggested I take a look at your website.

    Thanks for all your research!!!

  96. I’m happy I found your site. I’m 29 and earlier this year we were trying to get pregnant for about 5 months. I’ve had a history of overian cyst. I have had a “feeling” that TTC would be difficult ever since my dr told me I had a tilted uterus at 17. That put it in my head back then but every pap since said all was fine. I know 5 months is nothing like years but the idea of not becoming a mother made me very very depressed. So bad that its all I could focus on. We decided to stop trying because I was so stressed out. We now have no plan to until we are both feeling up to it again. I have started a gluten free lifestyle for the past 3 months with limited sugar to deal with a reoccurring yeast infection. For the first time in a while I am feeling more positive about my chances. Great information. I’m interested in the fermented cod oil too. I’m wondering if these supplements could help with overian cysts as well. Much thanks.

  97. There is so much pressure for women to have children before 30. Maybe I’m crazy to wait if I know I want a family? But In my perfect world I thought we would just have an “oops” and problem solved… but trying to get pregnant with every month to make you feel like a failure is very hard. I got a puppy and honestly it saved my sanity. I hope that it will happen naturally when there is not so much pressure.

  98. Hi Wellness Mama,
    Thanks for this post! Although my hubby and I haven’t been trying for as long as most people we still are having trouble getting pregnant. I don’t think we have been trying long enough to actually say we are infertile but we have trouble.
    I was just wondering… do you still think there would be a dramatic improvement to our fertility if we continued to eat wild/brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa? I know absolutely no grains is best but my husband won’t give everything up 100%. I got him on board to give up wheat, dairy, and processed foods/sugars for sure but that’s it. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

    • It depends on your body, but it might be fine, especially if you are still consuming enough good fats.

  99. Hi Katie, I was wondering since with 5 kids you certainly must have a lock on your cycles ;-),
    If you have any insight for me-I have been TTC for 2 yrs, I have tracked ovulation x1 yr with no success. I have always had a very short cycle (23days, day 1-5 being menses PMS starts around day12-14), I seem to ovulate around day 10, and I can feel the cramping in the ovary for ovulation as well as checked via ovulation kit. What I am wondering is how I calculate timing on supplements and if I will get enough taking supplements only 5 days (from menses to ovulation)? Most fertility stuff considers 26 days to be a short cycle nothing calculates for 23…btw, we recently went paleo (your site has helped so much, I think you are awesome, so thank you). 5 yrs ago I was dx with hypothyroidism and started synthroid, within a month we were pregnant with our first, with the same cycle…My cycle is clock-work regular and Thyroid is “controlled”. I value your opinion & appreciate any insight, thank you so much for helping so many of us!

    • I’d start the supplements as soon as menses starts, not when it ends. also if you are doing progesterone, you can do that one from ovulation on (and continue through the first few months of pregnancy if using a high quality one). Have you ever thought of Armour or Nature Throid instead of Synthroid?

  100. Hi Katie, you give lots of great advice but there is so many supplements and herbs mentionned that I don’t know where to start, how long to try something before trying something else. It gets really confusing and I just want to make proper choices. I have stage 4 endometriosis and en route for IVF in a few months. I started taking maca, i eat as much coconut oil, grassfed butter and fermented food as I can. I have started to use progesterone cream also and nettle and rasberry leaf infusions. Should I continue with those for a few more months and then try something else or continue that way till I start the drugs for IVF?

      • Great, thanks!

  101. Thank you so much for all the great advice on this website. I read above that you suggested fermented cod liver oil and currently I am taking omega 3 1000mg so should I take both or switch to the one you mentioned?

  102. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years now with some help from our doctors and still nothing. He’s (my husband) has 3 children from his previous marriage and has had his sperm tested .. Everything’s good for him. I had an ovarian cyst they removed surgically and had to remove my left Fallopian tube. My doctor tested my right tube to make sure it’s open and it is, the doctor sees no reason I can’t have children. Although I’m starting loose hope. I know there are lots of women who try for years before they finally have a baby. I have never conceived. I would love to talk more with you to try your recommendation the fertility pills have not helped and at this point I’m will to try anything. We don’t really have the money to continue fertility and I would rather conceive naturally. I really appreciate your post. It has given me hope!

  103. I read your post with hope, though don’t know if I should. I’m an unrelated bone marrow transplant survivor (almost 10 yrs) and part of that process includes high doses of chemo and full body radiation to kill off the bone marrow that’s killing you. I haven’t had a normal cycle since and was very regular prior. I KNOW the chemo and radiation totally messed up my hormones, but I haven’t found any medical person to help me deal with it. Besides not having a (visible) cycle I have other symptoms (feeling of not in right mind, all over body acne, etc.), but no one seems to think it’s a big deal. It’s as if they can dismiss dealing with it because it’s a side effect of chemo and radiation. My only son was stillborn, likely because of the life threatening disease I was developing, and it just kills me not to ever have another baby. Am I doomed? Can any of this stuff not just reverse infertility, but reverse what caused it? My last hormone test showed I had virtually zero progesterone, but that didn’t seem to warrant any concern for my health “professionals”. Ugh. Wondering if any of this could possibly help me…

    • I’d try to find a naturopathic doctor if you can. I can’t give medical advice, but I do think the body has an amazing capability to heal itself when given the right tools… you’ll just have to figure out what those tools are for you. Best wishes and I hope you are able to find answers soon 🙂

      • Thank you so much for responding. I’m sorry if it sounded like I was asking for specific medical advice…I know you can’t do that. Do you have any recommendations for how to go about finding a naturopathic doctor? Are they actual doctors? I’ve been to several doctors and without exception they either so focused on the medical side that they disregard the natural approach, or just the opposite…so focused on the natural approach that they disregard the medical aspect. I need the balance of both “worlds”.

        • It can be tough to find a good one! I finally did (he is traditionally and naturally trained) and was able to run labs and prescribe the hormones I needed but also suggest specific supplements and natural protocols…Best of luck in finding one in your area…

  104. Hello! I am so overwhelmed with all this fantastic information. I would love some advice for my particular situation. I am 42 and have had one miscarriage. I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. We went through 3 IUI with no results. My husband has also slow moving sperm. (I call them lazy!). I will begin seeing a chiropractor but not sure what vitamins/supplements to take for both of us. Do you suggest prenatal vitamins plus extra vitamins? Thank you for your help!

  105. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for this great article, it really gives me hope. I’m wondering if you could help me decide what supplements to start out with? I don’t want to go overboard.
    I have had 2 miscarriages, one at 7 weeks and one at 13 weeks, 3 years apart. We have now been tryig for 18 months to get pregnant again, with no luck. I have regular periods that come at the exact same time each month. My husband has a child from ahis previous marriage and no sperm issues. I am healthy, exercise twice a week, don’t smoke or drink. I do eat processed foods sometimes. I also have a bicornuate uterus and a blood disorder called Latent Factor Five (it makes my blood clot easily) which increases infertility. What do you suggest? Thank you!

    • Especially with medical conditions, I’d ask a doc about anything before trying it. Personally, I would try progesterone cream in the second half of cycle and early pregnancy, along with Maca (stop when pregnant) and the other supplements (folate, FCLO, etc) to prepare your body for healthy pregnancy

  106. What a great blog. I just went out and bought Maca, Cod liver oil, and red raspberry leaf. Hubbie and I have 2 children, but have been trying for 2 years to get pregnant with another. I have been referred to a fertility dr. who hasn’t found much yet (hubbie found out to have hypothyroidism).. and he thinks I MAY be low on progesterone. I’ve been taking the progesterone for the past 2 months, from day 20 until I get my period.. and so far it hasn’t seemed to help… so I’m hoping these added supplements will.
    Are these supplements safe to take with the prescription progesterone, (or should I definitely look at getting the cream) and can you just let me know how much of each I should be taking? thanks so much for any advice.

    • Hey Christina,
      just wanted to let you know that I started with a natural Progesteron Cream in October and it took 3 months to show on my cycle – I now have 12-14 days between ovulation and period, before that it was 9-10 days. I´ve also read that depending on how low your progesteron level is, it can take 1-3 months to show, so keep going.

      I´ve now started with Maca and will make sure that I get more animal fats. I´ve been a lacto-vegetarian for years and started to eat poultry and fish about 10 months ago. As an animal lover this one is still a bit tough for me but I try to eat meat or fish 1-2 a week now, plus lots of eggs, grass-fed butter, raw cheese and coconut oil. Fingers crossed!

  107. I have had multiple m/c’s all in the leutal phase. I know I have a progesterone deficiency from the old birth control I was taking many years ago that did a lot of damage to my hormones. I also have ovarian cysts every now and then. I am going to do the Dandelion Root Tea Liver detox for a week. I have two important questions!

    1. After my next menstrual cycle, when is the best time for me to start the detox?

    2. How long after the detox should I try getting pregnant?

    Thank you so much.

  108. Also if the detox doesn’t work after 3 months and I get my hormone levels checked and am still low in progesterone, I plan to either use a natural progesterone cream or find an OBGYN who can prescribe it to me. Is this a good route of action?

  109. I am taking Maca, Red Raspberry leaf capsules (400mg), and Fermented Cod Liver Oil ttc. How much of each of these should I be taking every day? And I know to discontinue Maca after ovulation but what about the Red Raspberry?
    Thanks for all the info!!

  110. I found this very helpful. I was told I have PCOS and that it would be harder to conceive. I’ve been trying for over a year with diet and lifestyle changes & ultimately was reffered to a fertility Dr. Im 23 an i really want to conceive naturally & soon being I was successful 2 years ago with my 2 yr old. I was wondering if you have any specific suggestions just based off this brief reply.

  111. Okay right now I am taking a prenatal vitamin and fish oil (recently found out that Omega-3 can help and I can’t eat fish because of it’s texture). So I want to give some of the other herbs you mentioned a try, but how much is too much of any of these vitamins? I don’t want to take 2-3 of these at once and be taking in WAY too much of any specific vitamin.

  112. Hello, I just stumbled on this site and am so interested in all the info. I am 41, and have been trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years. I have been to a fertility clinic to tri IUI bit never got to the procedure because the meds. Did not work on me. Then I got pregnant on naturally but sadly miscarried at 9 weeks. I am not in the process of trying IVF, however the two cycles I tried, again the hormones did not work. My estrogen is low and my fsh was high. I am afraid I have a low egg reserve, and I do have hypothyroidism. I am not overweight and exercise regularly, I eat well and so does my husband. I am starting to lose hope and do not think I want to continue with the IVF. I have been havin accupuncture and am taking some chinese herbs. Of the herbs you suggest which do you think I should try! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  113. Does the cod liver oil have to be fermented?

  114. Hello, I didn’t have time to sift through all of the comments above and see if you already answered this question, so my apologies if you already did. I am wondering if you could tell me the exact progesterone cream that you use (or if you don’t currently use it now, what you used in the past). I am having a tough time deciding what will be my best bet. I am worried about the creams containing parabens, xenoestrogens, preservatives and anything else that might be considered harmful. Thanks.

  115. What is the difference between fermented cod liver oil and regular cod liver oil. I just started taking regular CLO, but is fermented better? And why? Can you take FCLO while pregnant? I am TTC and this is a great help. Also, if you could do only one, would you do Maca or Vitex? Thank you.

    • FCLO doesn’t go rancid as easily and is more potent. I take while pregnant and nursing. If I had to choose, I’d probably choose Maca.

  116. I have been taking fertility drugs now for 5 months (clomid initially and then letrozole). I know you suggest not adding in any herbs, but is it safe to take fermented cod liver oil or Maca?

  117. Hi Wellness Mama!!!
    I am 23 I have never been diagnosed with fertility problems but I suspect possible endometriosis since that is one thing I have not been checked for. I was TTC for 2 yearss with my ex husband and it never worked. I tried taking pre natal vitamins and I also did 3 rounds of Clomid along with a shot that helped ensure I ovulated as long as my eggs in that cycle were big enough. My ex husband had a low sperm count during one test then the next testing of the count was perfectly fine. I am now trying again with my boyfriend but have had no luck. I track my ovulation with a period tracker app on my phone but it is difficult to track as my cycle length varies each month. I also just stopped birth control back in december. Right now my cycle is usually between 31-33 days. I also am on Wellbutrin for depression but its only 100 mg that I take once a day. Will that stop be from becoming pregnant? Also, what supplements do you think would help me the most? I really want to try the Meca and the progesterone cream but which others should I try? And im worried about trying to figure out when to use the progesterone cream since my ovualtion day never seems certain and I have never been told I have low progesterone. Please help!

  118. Hello, I have been ttc going on 9months now. I am married and 21yrs old. I am looking for something natural to help us conceive. What would you recommend? Trying to conceive is becoming very frustrating right now. Thank you for your help!

  119. Hello I just found your site and LOVE it!! My husband and I have been struggling with getting pregnant… I have not had my period since I’ve been off birth control. It has been a year now and nothing. I have tried different herbs, increasing my good fats and taking herbal drops from Fertilica. What else would you recommend I try? All we want is to conceive so badly. It’s been hard this past year to be happy for close friends and family that are having babies. Thanks for your help!

  120. Hi Katie,
    I am looking at trying progesterone cream and I’ve taken synthetic progesterone pills in the past and I’d like to switch to something natural when trying to get pregnant. The soy free product you have a link to seems like a good one but do you know of anyone who has used it and had luck with getting pregnant and carrying to full term and the dosage they were taking? Is the 20mg daily an average dose most women take? The drugs I was on was 200mg but these were oral pills and I know the absorbtion rate is much lower. Could you let me know if you have any insight? I would greatly appreciate it.

  121. Hi Katie,

    I appreciated reading this, very informative! This was sent to me by a friend, I have started researching natural forms of health pre-pregnancy and living in general.

    We recently got married in October and planned to start trying after the honeymoon, I found out we were expecting on Thanksgiving. On our 12 week appointment we found out we lost the baby, after the pathology report confirmed it was a partial molar pregnancy I was being monitored. I was cleared from monitoring right now but I am still moving in a better direction health wise, personally and mentally. I am worried more than ever about my fertility as I never was concerned before this all happened. Not to say it this way but it seemed to easy… we weren’t trying than to having it turn our this way makes it even scarier to now know what to expect. I look forward to reading more of your posts and also any suggestions you may have for me, is much appreciated. Thank you, Mindy

  122. Hi Katie,

    I’ve been reading through the comments and I apologise if you have to repeat yourself but I just wanted to double check a couple of things. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for nearly two years. In that time I have had 2 early miscarriages. I have endometriosis and about three years ago had to have emergency surgery to remove my right ovary (it basically exploded, yikes!). My questions are:

    1) Should I be using progesterone cream? I spoke with a doctor briefly and they said that my miscarriages might be attributed to low progesterone levels (but they didn’t give me any pointers on how to fix that).

    2) I use Maca powder daily, should I stop taking it after I’ve ovulated just to make sure I am not taking it while pregnant?

    I love the blog, it’s been very helpful.

    • I’d research more on your own and check with a doc or midwife but progesterone can be extremely helpful in preventing miscarriage and if it is a natural cream, it can be used throughout the first trimester. BEst of luck!

      • Hello wellness Mama, i am almost 40 in July. i have 3 boys 21,16and 15 from a previous marriage. I will be getting married again soon and we wanted to have another child. I recently went to see a gyne who referred me to a fertility specialist and she immediately put me on CoQ10 Ubiquinol. My question is, is it ok for me to take maca with the CoQ10? Also i have several fibroids, they are very small and a cyst in one of my ovaries. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

  123. What would you suggest for someone who doesn’t get there period and hasn’t for most of their life? Also, if the progesterone cream isn’t enough, would you suggest pills?

  124. Hi Kate,

    I have PCOS (hardly ever get my period naturally) and have tried to get pregnant for 10 years. I had 2 successful pregnancies with IVF and gave birth to a single baby and twin boys. Unfortunately, I wasn’t diagnosed with an incompetent cervix until it was too late.. My three boys were born prematurely and past away. Of course our hearts are still broken 5 yrs later and I am hoping to be able to get pregnant again. I had a transabdominal cerclage put in so now I can carry to term but I no longer have the medical coverage for IVF treatments. I need a detailed day to day guide to follow so that I can conceive naturally. Any suggestions??

  125. I think I am “the perfect storm” for this post – I have PCOS, high prolactin levels, hypothyroidism, AND I think I would qualify as obese or clinically obese, something of the sort. DEFINITELY overweight for sure.

    I take synthetic hormones for all three of my “hormonal” issues (PCOS, prolactin, hypothyroidism), BUT I would love to wean myself off of them. My husband and I try to eat healthy (the green leafy veggies, the grass-fed red meats, organic-whatever-we-can-afford, coconut oil, lots of fruits and veggies, and I myself am a huge fan of cod liver and any kind of liver really so I would love to try the fermented one – hubs will laugh, and probably not try it). We definitely need more exercise, but I do try to do some kettlebell mini-workouts every day and take the dog on nice long-ish walks. Still overweight though, but bloodwork shows huge improvement in hormone levels.

    Now, the Dr. said not to stop my birth control (which I take for PCOS, supposedly it doesn’t allow more cysts to develop, and I have been taking it for 7.5 years now, straight) until we want to have kids, but that would be in about 2-3 years from now. Still, I want to see if it is the meds that I need, or if I can manage my hormones with good diet (I want to include maca in my daily food as well). Well, I am scared to drop any pill of fear of getting worse hormone-wise, or, well, getting pregnant (we’re both still in college/grad school – baby is in the 2-3 year timeline, not the 2-3 month one). Although I really doubt I would get pregnant quickly, it may just happen, and as much as it would be a blessing it would be tough…

    What do you think, Katie (or anyone), should I experiment without the birth control and other hormones and see how my body does without them, or wait until we’re REALLY trying to have a baby? Are there any natural and RELIABLE birth control methods that do not include condoms or pulling out?

    Thanks for the blog and the answers too.

  126. Hello wellness Mama, i just bought maca powder but it didn’t come with dosage because it’s the one they sale in bulk at bulk barn. i need to know how much to take.

    Thank you.

  127. How much maca powder should i take a day ?

    Thanks for your help

  128. Hi Katie-
    My husband and I are trying for what would be our fourth pregnancy. I had an early miscarriage a year ago, and this past February we lost our daughter at 22weeks due to early membrane rupture/placental abruption from a subchorionic hematoma. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea every day and taking chaste berry tree extract. My hormones seem to all of a sudden be out of wack; this past weekend I ended up in the ER because my period (which was on time and started off fine) became very heavy and I passed really large clots. This was my third cycle since my delivery in February and prior to this cycle, everything seemed normal. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to help regulate my hormones and try to get in optimal fertility health? I wanted to try Maca, but I wasn’t sure if I could take that at the same time as the Chaste Berry Tree? Thanks!

      • Thank you, I’ll give it a shot 🙂

  129. Hiya. Love your blog! I have a beautiful three year old daughter and we are TTC #2. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks prior to having my daughter and had another miscarriage about a month ago at 5 weeks. We are hoping to try again late in the summer and I am following some of your suggestions. I am 36 and still breastfeeding. Have you used the Natural Radiance progesterone cream while breastfeeding?

  130. So I have taken maca to regulate my cycle (i.e. my period doesn’t show up, so I take some maca and *poof* there it is.) I am now considering using it for fertility–I am 42 and just coming off 6 months of medical chemical fertility treatments which actually sped up menopause ( a sharp and swift drop in progesterone levels)–and the only cure, according to the doctor, is a different course of medication that is much, much more expensive.

    To do this, would you consider taking maca pre-ovulation, and then doing chasteberry or progesterone creams post-ovulation?

  131. Have you had any success with couples who can’t carry due to a chromosomal translocation in the mother? We’ve had five miscarriages and so far our only choice of treatment is IVF with PGD, but I hate the idea of taking hormones. I’m 39 and my husband is 42. No other health issues, except maybe just a bit overweight. Thank you.

    • Bio-Identical hormones are safe.

      • Hi, thanks for your response. What are bio-identical hormones and how do they treat chromosomal translocations? Thanks.

  132. Hi, I love your website. My hubby and I are in our early 40’s and have been TTC for 2 years. We are both healthy and have had our adrenals, hormones and blood tested and treated. We eat fairly well, no junk or processed foods and organic meats always & veggies when we can. I’ve read countless books on Bio-identical hormones and am using Estradiol & Progesterone during my cycle. I have always had a regular, but short cycle of 25-26 days, with an LP of 13. I do not have a doctor or specialist helping me, because they have told me that I am too old and I’ll never get pregnant. So, I read as much as I can, do my own hormone testing through ZRT Labs online and chart. My problem – I believe is implantation. Always around CD 6-9, I become very fatigued, warm, queasy, minor headache and feel a dull discomfort in my uterus … I know progesterone gives many of these symptoms – but I never got these symptoms before we were TTC. To me, it’s a failed implantation. Does anyone have any ideas, advice or recommendations? Thank you! 🙂

  133. I have been told that red raspberry leaf has been linked to miscarriage during the first trimester. While I have not researched it myself it came from someone who I believe had. Have you heard anything about this? It has made me a little paranoid.

  134. me and my husband have been TTC for over 10 years I’m now 30 and feel I’m getting too old we just started seeing a doctor for help my side is good but my husband has NO sperm have been told there is a block he went and got a ultra sound done but we are waiting on the results to see what they say. the guy told him IVF but I still don’t feel okay with it! I plan on taking the things you mentioned for women that’s great but what options are there for men? where he has NO Sperm ? my husband sees a good herbal doctor in St. George Utah 🙂 anything helps thanks!

    • Jennifer
      Donquai or angelica herb plants can help your husband to increase sperm count. For 6-12 months.

      Raspberry, chasteberry, oatstraw, stinging nettle, Red clover, molasses and apple cider may be able to help the lady. U will see the difference in a few weeks.

  135. Hello, I have turned 40. Have tried 2 rounds of IUI, and one IVF in 2012. I was told that my ovarian reserve is very low. No success, then in Jan 2013, I conceived naturally which turned out to be an ectopic. My left tube was removed. Since then, I have tried acupuncture and taking homeopathic medicines. I am taking folic acid, eat right, exercise a bit but don’t know what else to do. Am going to get DHEA as it can help low ovarian reserve. Should I start Maca n Red Raspberry leaf. I was diagnosed with a few cysts last month n I took EstroSense. Hormone balancing therapy. I got a better period after that. My cycle is very regular but getting shorter. 24 to 26 days now. Please any advice will be helpful. Am at my wit’s end.

  136. Hi, What is your recommended dose for maca?

  137. My progesterone is a bit low & we are TTC baby # 2 so my midwife has suggested the natural progesterone cream starting on day 10 of my cycle. You suggest the cream starting at ovulation & I’ve read elsewhere you need to start at ovulation because the cream can prevent ovulation. I spoke with the midwife’s nurse about this & they didn’t know anything about it preventing ovulation. Have you heard of this? Do you know if it could prevent ovulation? Since Im TTC I certainly don’t want to mess with my ovulation!

    • Everything I’ve seen says to start immediately after ovulation for that reason but I’d definitely do your own research

    • My OBGYN told me that too much progesterone before ovulation can prevent ovulation. I tracked my temps and as soon as I saw my temps spike from ovulation I started the progesterone cream. I followed Katie’s tips here and they must have worked- we’re expecting #2 🙂

  138. Hi katie, that is a wonderful article….i am married for 5 years, but we didn’t plan for kids until last year. As soon as i wanted to have kids, i purchase ovulation kits and started timing everything in the very first month of our trials and 3 months passed by, no success. i did tons of research and mind was all over fertility articles i felt so anxious, so i stopped everything, took a step back and we started fresh the old fashioned way, no charting, no OPK kits, next month i got pregnant. so sometimes, stress plays a damn role in getting pregnant, at least in my case. easier said than done, but we should always try to get relaxed and let the nature do its thing for at least a few months and then go for timing, OPK etc and that’s my experience.

  139. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 8 years now, with one loss. We have decided that now we are going to try a lifestyle change (ie: diet, exercise, etc) and then try again. i am so happy to see this posting here, and I will definitely go over this information with my husband! I suffer from PCOS, and I hope with some of this information and our new changes, that things will finally happen for us.

  140. Hi Katie,

    I’m 25. I have always been very normal, clockwork cycles, nothing out of place. My husband and I have been married for a year and half and 4 months before our wedding I went on birth control. Eventually, a year later, I hated the side effects so much that we decided to use other non hormonal methods. I had also packed on 50 lbs from the birth control. I went off of it and everything was normal for the first 5 months, then all of a sudden, no period. I was having crazy side effects, pelvic pain, and thought I was pregnant. Eventually after 3 months of negative tests and no period, I saw my GYN and he said he thought I had PCOS (my husband is an ultra sound tech and scanned me, I have no cysts). My DR ran some tests and my thyroid, pituitary, and ALL other things and everything is normal. I am overweight though, so he put me on metformin and a week of progesterone. I got a period, and have been taking the metformin for a month. I’m really working on eating better, weight loss, and trying to do things as natural as possible, especially since I believe the birth control is what caused some of this to begin with. My question is, can I take any of the supplements you mentioned with the metformin? If so, what would be most beneficial for me? My husband and I have just started TTC and of course, I’m worried with all of this happening. I like natural methods, I use essential oils a lot, but there aren’t many resources or medical professionals I know of that can verify what’s safe or effective…. I’m just feel this is all very daunting and don’t really know where to start. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have!

    • I wish I could help more but I can’t give any specific recommendations, as those would have to come from your doc. I do know people who were able to manage with diet and supplements alone but you’d have to see if that would work with your specific situation and I’d definitely research all essential oils before using if TTC. Best of luck and I hope you conceive naturally and easily soon 🙂

  141. Trying to get pregnant for months and not succeeding me and my husband to be are crazy to have a baby right now he adores kids but it’s so fustrating for us not being able to get pregnant i’m trying everything i can,this month i felt pregnant with movements in my tummy had sickness being tired hot flushes a lot of thing but my hpt came negative my blood test on hcg were 0.1 and i’m getting really sad cause i really want my baby i’m open for any advice thank you for reading

  142. Did anyone have acupuncture treatments done to help with fertility? We have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year now and no luck. I have been taking my temperature every morning for the past 4 months to know when I ovulate since I NEVER had regular cycles ( from age 12, and now 25) . I started exercising and eating healthy (lost 16 pounds), taking folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin E. I heard about seeing a chiropractor to help with fertility through acupuncture treatments and I made an appointment I just have to wait 2 weeks before ovulation to go for my first treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. The chiropractor told me it’s 50/50 but he had another client that had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and after only 2 weeks of acupuncture she got pregnant.

  143. Not sure why people are attacking Wellness Mama for the saying of “100% success” when in fact, there is so much useful information on here. We do not even know how many people she worked with but, the fact remains that IVF do NOT fix egg quality or endometriosis or PCOS, all it does is hyper stimulate you to retrieve as many eggs a possible as that gives the biggest chance at ONE baby. Fertility drugs do in fact impact hormones and thyroid and if you have endometriosis, IVF drugs will frame things up for you. Natural fetility may not give you a quick fix but, it does work and it does help with IVF. Vitamins and menerals do in fact help with endometriosis and fibroids as someone had posted. If you consume bitter foods, it will help with excess estrogen and if you consume cinnamon (as a supplement) it will help shrink fibroid. I’m a example of all these treatments and i have it all – endometriosis, fibroid, dimished ovarian reserve, MTHFR and immune issues and i have only been doing natural diet for 3 months and my FSH went from 24 down to 12!!! and my fibroid and endomentriomas are shrinking. It may not work for some if you do not want to put on effort but, it does work and helps with ART for others

  144. My husband and I never had a problem with fertility in the past. We have two healthy daughters , both conceived easily (one I was even on birth control at the time). We started trying for baby number 3 and after 3 months of negative pregnancy test, I knew something was wrong. I went to the doctor and they found I was pregnant with a blighted ovum. We had a dnc and proceeded to start trying again. Another 4 months went by. They began fertility treatments for short luteal phase. The first round of treatments, turns out it worked, but we had a delayed positive pregnancy test and the next round of fertility treatments were started. This terminated the pregnancy. Another year went by of month after month of pills all the while I complained that my period had gone to being two days long. No one seemed interested. Finally convinced them to give me estrace in combination with clomid and progesterone. Finally, after the first try, I had lining thick enough and we are now pregnant with baby number 3. I would definitely urge trying vitex before clomid/progesterone. Doctors were just throwing pills at me while my poor husband put up with mood swings from the clomid and depression from another failed round month after month.

  145. You say not to drink from plastic water bottles – are the BPA-free ones ok though?

  146. I’d love to see a post on PMS and PCOS for those of us not trying to get pregnant yet.

  147. Hi wellness mama,
    I have been up all night struggling with my infertility. I honestly need all the help I can get and was wondering if there was a way to contact you directly?!?

  148. Hello Katie,

    I have questions about the timing of taking supplements. I have decided to take spirulina tabs (only 1 a day), garlic supplement (not for conceiving), FCLO, BioKult probiotics, and Vitamin Code Prenatals (need to take 3 a day). Currently, I take 1 probiotic, 1 prenatal, and 1 FCLO at lunch time. Then at bedtime, take garlic, 1 probiotic, spirulina, and 2 prenatals. I do not have a particular reason for doing it this way, but I think it’s best not to take all at once. Do you have any recommendations as to how I can alter how I take them in order to maximize their benefits?

    Also, are you familiar with Vitamin Code brand? What are your feelings on them? I chose them because they contain folate rather than folic acid.

    I understand you do not possibly have time to answer all the questions that are posted here, so if I am lucky enough, I would like to thank you in advance! You are an inspiration and were the first stepping stone in my family’s path to a healthier lifestyle.

  149. Thanks for the info – glad i have come across this thread and wondering if you have any info about trying to get fertility back after chemo…I had breast cancer 6 years ago. Periods come and go and last one was middle April 2014 ago and before that was about November 2013…before that I cannot remember at all…So I am now taking Seven Seas Trying for a Baby, Agnus Castus 1000mg, and Pregnacare Conceive (hubby takes the mens version too). I am so scared to go to doctor to have tests done so for now we have decided that we are just going to keep trying and if it happens it happens and if it doesnt then well…doctors we will have to see… I have only just turned 34. Hubby is 36. We have one 11 year old son but would love another.

  150. I am 28 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS. Instead of taking the suggested hormone treatment I decided to take herbal supplements to balance my hormones. At the time I was having my cycle twice a month. After about 3 months of taking the vitamins and herbal supplements I am down to once normal cycle a month. It has been about six months and I still haven’t gotten pregnant. Any suggestions?

    • It would be hard to know without knowing exactly what you were taking and how much of each one. Have you tried progesterone cream? Also, what kind of feminine hygiene products are you using? Sometimes those can be very irritating.

      • Hi Katie!
        Your posts have been so helpful to me! Thank you so much!
        I am writing because my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 1/2 years and we did some fertility medications and IUI over the last year or so along with a lot of lifestyle changes. We just found out that we are pregnant! It is still very early on and I have one particular concern I was hoping you could provide some advice on. One of the medications I was taking during fertility treatments is a corticosteriod called dexamethasone. I was under the impression that I would stop taking it as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but now I am being advised to continue taking at least until we hear a heartbeat (around 7 weeks). Based on what I have read, there a lot of risks involved in taking it while pregnant, so I feel like I should stop taking it. I was told it was a “precautionary” measure to help prevent miscarriage by decreasing immune response and inflammation. Now I am scared to stop taking it because a miscarriage would be so devastating. I know you are not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice in that manner, but any information you could provide would be so much appreciated.

        Thank you!

    • I am also in same boat. I am 28 and having pcos trying to conceive from past 4 years

  151. I am 41 and have been paleo for about 4 years. I have a 4 year old daughter and am desperate for a sibling for her. I had a miscarriage at 3 months in April and have been trying ever since but took long time to get cycle back due to retained tissue that was missed by doctors. Anyway, am taking FCLO (8 capsules daily), EPO, zinc, magnesium, nettle and rasp leaf tea, brazil nut for selenium, raw liver for folate, lots of vegies, bio identical progesterone cream, maca, gentle exercise and still no pregnancy! I there anything else I could be doing to increase my chances? Should I add Vitex to the mix and if so how much and when in cycle? Is it ok to take vitex and progesterone at same time?

  152. Sorry forgot to add that I drink bone broth every day also and eat fermented veg and raw kefir.

  153. And lots of healthy fats, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, lard, tallow, goose fat and apple cider vinegar. Starches sweet potato, small amount basmati rice, tapioca, swede pumpkin and some potato starch. Oysters, salmon and grass fed meat. Getting lots of sleep as well so not sure where I’m going wrong!

  154. I have been wirh my husband for 16 years. I am not able to get pregnant .I am on metformin and take 1500 mg a day. I don’t know what to do. I have looked and looked for solutions and help and never seem to find the right one. I have been eating healthy. I am on a nrw diet called beyond diet and it is pretty much the same thing as well. I don’t have a lot of money or insurace right now so that makes ut even harder to get the help I need to get pregnant. I have PCOS and I know thats not good either but I just have to stay positive and that gets hard at times. So if u can help that would b great.

  155. I just want to be an encouragement for anyone reading this because a couple of months ago, that was me…and I was needing encouragement. This post was so helpful.

    I was in my 24th month of infertility due to what we believe to be endometriosis. I had spotting, missed cycles…nothing was regular. I started on natural progesterone and began removing xenoestrogens, but I was still not having any luck.

    Adding to that, I took this post to heart. I began taking completely organic supplements…Magnesium, Cod Liver Oil, Maca Root (opposite my progesterone oil), organic prenatal vitamins, and Calcium. The difference was made with the Maca Root! I took the vitamins in a staggering time frame, so I feel confident this was the thing that put it over the top, but I’m sure the other vitamins helped as well! Make sure you take the Progesterone AFTER ovulation so it doesn’t prevent pregnancy, and if you do get preggo…make sure you don’t stop it immediately…get with your doctor to taper off of it because if your levels drop, it can cause miscarriage.

    Good luck Mama’s! Trust in God! Head toward going natural. If you’re having trouble conceiving there is a reason! Most women I know who have endo all had to have surgery and it all came back! It’s going to take a lifestyle change. I got preggo within two months of doing this regimen (adding the Maca Root last).

    God is so good! I’m so thankful for a wonderful group of ladies who look for natural ways to get their reproductive system back on track! To God be the Glory!

  156. Can folate be obtained from beets, liver and greens or do you recommend a supplement before and during pregnancy?

    • I’d check with a doctor but I personally take folate and L-MTHF before and during pregnancy.

  157. Hi! Thank you for your site. I am a struggling mom to be. Both my husband and I are late bloomers. He being 48 and I being 33. Step 1 & 2 are clear with nutrition and healthier lifestyle changes. I wanted to see if you could speak more on Step 3. Where do you begin with supplements?? Fermented Cod Live Oil, Maca, Krill Oil, teas, and others mentioned every day?? How do you decide where a client should start?? I am very leery of taking anything by mouth. I hate having to take Tylenol even. Where do you recommend I obtain more professional guidance in helping me create a roadmap. I just want to be comfortable, not guessing, and know that I am doing the right thing. PLEASE HELP me continue the journey…or allow me to rephrase start over. I recently paid $200 for a 1.5 hour session with a nutritionist although a lot of information nothing specific I felt I walked away with. I bought a nutribullet with hopes of utilizing every day. My husband and I plan to join a gym together to start our workouts again this time formally and not on a whim. We really are reaching….signing off wannabe mama looking for a simple answer! I look forward to hearing from you.

    • I’m not a doc, but if I had to only pick one, I’d try the progesterone cream externally (second half of cycle) and the Maca, but check with a doctor to be sure 🙂

  158. Hi,
    I have just turned 35, my husband is almost 36. We’ve been ttc for 2 years now and this past September (on our wedding anniversary) I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. My right ovary is small with zero follicles, my left had 2 at the time. The doctor at the fertility center told us we will never get pregnant. My FSH levels read at 34, Estradiol at 20 and AMH at 0.003. Since October I have attended acupuncture once a week. Daily I take pre ovulatory/post ovulatory Chinese herbs, I take chaste tree berry, maca, wheatgrass, vit D, prenatal vitamins, a tincture to lower my prolactin, royal jelly and cod liver oil. I exercise regularly and have cut out coffee and alcohol. I also cook healthy meals for us. I refuse to believe the diagnosis western medicine has given me. During my next cycle, a couple weeks from now, I am getting all of my blood tests re-done and having another ultra sound.

    Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and gone one to have a baby? If so, what did you do to have your little miracle? Thanks so much for any help you can give.

    • Hi Katy,

      I am 32 years old was recently diagnosed with with Diminished Ovarian Reserve, My AMH is 0.03 and FSH was 37. However the doctor have yet to do the three day cycle test to check my FSH level. In my opinion fertility specialist are only out to get money. I am going to Hershey medical center to get a second opinion and in addition I plan to doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

      Here is a website for someone story who had the same level AMH as mine and she was able to get pregnant with herbs. Hope this helps and positive thinking coming your way.

      Good Luck and let me know how thinks workout for you!!

      • hi i was preg back in june last yr misscarried have not fallen pregnant since had 21 day bloods done 35.1 result must have it repeated next month along with day 2 3 or 4 and 21

    • Hi I have the same diagnosis and I am taking almost all the natural herbs you mentioned and was wondering if it is working for you?

  159. Hi there! I know this article was posted forever ago but I’m hoping I can still get some feedback. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. When we first started trying to get pregnant we went through blood testing and found out that I have PCOS. I’m having trouble with irregularity and I’m not ovulating (as far as temping and cervical mucus tell me) I recently found this article and ordered Cod Liver Oil, Red Clover, Red Raspberry, Vitex, Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Nettles. Previously on a daily basis I take a Multi Vitamin, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D. Will all of these new supplements be ok to take with what I already am? I just worry about getting to much of something. Any info would be more than appreciated I’m just wanting to make sure I do this the right way. Also I forgot to mention that all of the supplements I just ordered are capsules.
    Thank you!

  160. I had someone recommend this blog post to me on Monday, its now Friday and I’ve referenced back to this everyday! I loved the information! Im 30, have an 8 year old and ttc my second baby! Weve been actively trying for 5 months just hoping that it will happen and it hasn’t. So I’ve got us on supplements now and taking them religiously. Im excited for this month and the following months, practice makes perfect right?

  161. Hello Wellness Mama,
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 months ago, fortunately surgery was a success and a tumor of 6 cm was removed from my right ovary without complications. After that, my gynecologist recommends a hormonal treatment with lucrin depot for 6 months which have passed 3 months already. Now my doctor recommends IFV after finishing the hormonal treatment. My husband and I haven’t tried before to conceive naturally so I disagree with my doctor about IFV is our only possibility to conceive, according to him endometriosis is like a fire that once appears it spreads quickly so I have no time to lose. However I’m determined to try to conceive naturally with all these tips you provide on your post. Is there any suplements you recommend specifically for endometriosis? I need to avoid the reappearance of endo in order to get pregnant. Thanks and Regards.

  162. Thank you SO for this article. I just found out I have a low ovarian reserve. Dr told me about all the meds, embryo adoption, blah, blah, blah. I even went and purchased the suggested “treatment” to help increase egg quality. After reading this article and knowing who I know God to be, I’m going to do this the natural way. I’m encouraged. Thank you!

    • if a person has low ovarian reserve what can be done to help one become pregnant

      • Ann Marie, I’m not sure yet. The article has given me some better ideas than the conventional meds the Dr prescribes. I’m definitely going to take a supplement called Folliculinum, but I first have to figure out the correct dosage. Some fermented cod liver oil, chaste tree berry and maca. Once I figure out the proper way to take it I’ll make another post.

  163. Hi Katie,

    Is FCLO safe during pregnancy? I have PCOS and finally conceived naturally after taking FCLO for 2 months and improving my diet and exercise. Just found out I’m 7 weeks along and now am watching everything I do to make sure Baby#1 is healthy. I was on FCLO for 2 months before running out a month ago. I’d like to start it up again for baby’s sake but have been reading different things on it. Some say all organ products are too high in Vitamin A for baby while others like this or Mark’s Daily Apple recommend it for fertility and pregnancy.

    People have also been telling me that PCOS pregnancies are riskier and have placenta issues etc. Is there anything I can take to help ensure this is a healthy pregnancy for the baby?


  164. Can you help me reversing my infertility? I am married for ten years with no live issues, I am 37 really want to have at least one baby of my own. My follicles aren’t growing on their own, tests were fine but what I interpreted is that estrogen does not function well when it has to help the follicle grow. The only treatment left is ivf according to doctors, but I am overaged so chances are low. Can you help me????

  165. I have been trying nearly everything imaginable and can’t get my period to even stop! So far it’s lasted 6 months and counting. I had decided to give up and have a hysterectomy. But I’m second guessing myself! Any suggestions for what to do to stop the bleeding? I try walking and exercising but I’m bleeding so bad I end up hurting and losing too much blood. I was told recently I have pcos, adenomyosis and high blood pressure.

    • Are there any good naturopathic or functional medicine doctors in your area? They might be able to help find some specific answers for you.

  166. hi Wellness Mama

    I am a lady of 25 years. My husband and i have been trying for a baby for a year now. I have never knowingly miscarried.Doctors say i have hormone imbalances. I don’t see my periods regularly. some months i do not even get my period at all. Doctors want me to take birth control pills to regulate my hormones but i am not comfortable with them. i would prefer a natural approach to this problem. please assist me. i need something that can help me to get normal periods and also increase my chances of getting pregnant.


  167. hi, I know you specified with maca and progesterone cream, but is there also a specific time in your cycle you are supposed to take the other herbs listed, and which ones are safe/not safe to continue through pregnancy? Thank you so much for your help.

  168. I am looking for women to share their hard win fertility success stories…no matter the modality they used, though ideally natural and holistic changes helped them. I’m leading a program this Spring in using Ayurveda and Mayan medicine to naturally support conception. I know it’s so important to hear other women’s stories. Think you could help me? Any one email me if you want to share your journey!

  169. Do you have a recommendation for a B vitamin? I see it listed above, but I don’t see a link or a post about it.

    Also, if I have seasonal allergies to dandelion, do you think the tea will bother me?


  170. Hi! I am planning to do IVF in June/July. I am currently taking vitex and using YLs progessence plus. How soon before I begin the fertility meds do you recommend I stop using these? Thanks!

  171. Rasberry leaves are good to take to bring on labour, if you wish to have a swift birth. Rasberry leaves tone to womb ready for contracts. NEVER take this herb at any other time!

  172. I notice that I have been gaining weight easily and that my period is only approximaely one day instead of four. I am only 33 years, does that mean Im menopausal?

  173. Hello – This article is great, exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have a question. Trying to get pregnant for a year. Everything is normal, stress is the cause. I was thinking about drinking the teas – rasberry, nettle and dandorlain leaf, and also take Maca, cod oil and royal jelly, as well as vitex. Will I be ok if I take all, or are few of these ok to start with and which once?

    Thank you in advance!

  174. If you have a problem to conceive a baby, you have to discover the causes of it. There are so many causes such as infertility (for woman and man), PCOS, and much more, but don’t judge yourself about your illness. You have to take some test or learn some symptoms that you have lately.

  175. I really want to know what is best with my situation. Here is the deal, I am 21 years old. I had an abortion at 15 years old. Luckily I have been having unprotected sex with me boyfriend for years and nothing happened, however in July of last year (2014) I missed my period and found out that I was pregnant at age 20. That pregnant ended in a stillbirth at 7 months. Now we are trying to get pregnant but nothing is happening. Do you think I am infertile or do I just need some help with getting pregnant?

    • I am so sorry for your struggle and your losses. If you conceived last year, you probably aren’t infertile but your body may just need some extra support or nutrition to build back up.

  176. Hello, I am 33 and trying to have my first baby. I have gotten pregnant before twice, once was an ectopic. One was years ago and the ectopic was about 2 years ago. I want to be a mam more than anything. In the past 6 months to a year my periods have gotten lighter, which worries me. I want to try some or a combination of these herbal suggestions. I ordered fermented cod liver oil (since it seems to be good for our body anyway) and want to include the teas and may the Chaste Tea Berry. I do not want to go overboard, so I’m wondering what you might suggest?
    Thank you!

  177. Hi, I’m curies to know about Cod liver oil as it contains a lot of vitamin A and its not recommended to take any supplements with vitamin A during pregnancy as may harm baby. That’s what it all over Internet so I’m confused if it safe to take it… And Kelly are you taking 8 tablets before conception? Is it not overdose? Thanks

  178. Hi Katie,
    I read your article and was really hopeful that progesterone cream would help me. I have a lot of the symptoms of low progesterone and also got a slightly below medium range on my blood test. After 2 years of trying, the closest I’ve gotten is really early miscarriages 🙁

    I’m not sure what to do because I came across a lot of articles saying not to use creams.

    Chris Kesser says not to use creams and that he prefers sublinguals:

    Now I’m thoroughly confused and I would really appreciate some feedback from you.

  179. Hi Katie,
    I am hoping you might be able to help.
    I was on birth control for 10 years, after coming off birth control in fall 2012 and we “tried” off and on for a few months, but it ended up taking nearly a year for my period to return to normal 28-30days, and we took a break from trying and started preventing until fall 2013 when decided we were going to start trying again. Well then life happened and we went down to 1 income 2 months later. It was a stressful time and we decided to put plans on hold until early fall 2014. My cycles had been pretty normal since then, but between 2012 and 2014 I gained about 20 lbs to my already overweight frame. We have been trying since September 2014 and nothing has happened, we are having more sex then ever before, take supplements – zinc, vitamin D, a multivitamin for my husband, fish oil, and I have been taking DHA and a prenatal. I don’t eat gluten, haven’t since 2012. We have tried maca off and on.
    I tried progesterone cream (the one you recommended) for one cycle but nothing happened. Should we try it again?

    I was running last summer, but stopped in the fall. I had been working out more, but that has dropped off the last few months, I have a really stressful job so I go to acupuncture and have had my acupuncturist do fertility points for the last couple years already in preparation for starting a family. I am taking up exercising again as stress relief and am trying to lose weight. I try and eat well for the most part, but over the last few months have gotten less strict because I don’t feel like anything is helping. I have given up wine, sugar, caffeine. Neither of us have ever smoked, do drugs, and are very minimal drinkers. I have given it up completely over the last couple months.

    My husband could stand to lose 30lbs, I probably should lose 50 lbs. Do you think our weight is preventing us from conceiving? I don’t temp but I track my cycle using my cervix and ovulation kits. I seem to be ovulating normally, a little later in my cycle, but I seem to have a short luteal phase. I tried adding in vitex this month, I am going to continue to take it until the bottles I ordered run out.

    I am at my wits end. We cannot afford IVF or fertility treatments or even adoption. We have had some minimal testing done, his sperm seems to be ok, and my FSH level is ok, but that’s the extent. I am trying to lose weight in the meantime and go back to a mostly plant based diet and be more active. I’m 32 and my husband is 39. We never thought it would take this long. Should we just give up? It’s just too far out of our budget to do anything else. We are desperate to have a family but at this point I feel like giving up. I don’t feel like anything we do helps. I read your success rates and maybe there is something I am missing that we could be doing? any thoughts?

    • SO sorry to hear of your struggle. It can take a while for progesterone levels to rise. If possible, I”d find a functional medicine doctor near you for a consult. If not, I’d personally focus on real food, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and give it a few more months 🙂

  180. Hi Katie,
    I just wanted to write and say thank you for this blog post! My husband and I have been trying for almost 3 years to get pregnant with no success. We visited a fertility clinic and they ran a ton of different tests only to find out we were in the “unexplained infertility” category. After finding this news, we decided to give it a little more time since the fertility place made everything feel like a transaction. We found this blog post and both started taking Maca and I took Vitex and Raspberry Leaf Extract and about a month and a half later we found out we were pregnant. A couple weeks ago I had my first sonogram and we found out that we are having spontaneous triplets, each in their own sac which we heard is the best case scenario for multiples. We are not sure if the herbs are what did the trick, the reduced stress or all the prayers we received from family and friends. The triplets have definitely sent us into a tailspin but we feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant with our 3 little ones. I wish everyone on this page who is having difficulties getting pregnant all the very best!!
    Thanks again,

  181. Hi Katie,
    Well I just wanted to say, thank you for this article. I was trying to get pregnant for some time. Have tried just tracking ovulation and even undergone fertility treatment (stopped short of IVF). They didn’t work out for me. I was frustrated, anxious, and depressed. So I googled natural remedies and your website came up.

    I read your article and decided to try a few of your recommended supplements (vitex, dandelion, red raspberry and maca) along with prenatal vitamins. Well I decided that I was going to try for 2 months only and if I didn’t get pregnant I was just going to live my life and enjoy it without kids. Well after the first month I got pregnant with my now beautiful 8 month old daughter. I definitely couldn’t be happier. I just wanted to say, thank you. We are currently trying again for a second and probably our last. I have just started to take the supplements again.

  182. Hi Katie, I love your blog! This post is really helpful thanks for posting. I have a question I purchased the ovacue mobile to help charting my ovulation to help conceive. I am also taking the mighty Maca greens fermented cod liver oil and various other supplements I found here. I was wondering about fertilaid? Do you suggest it? I saw the ad for it when I purchased the ovacue and am curious what your thoughts on it are? Any advice woul be great thanks so much!

    • I am not familiar with fertilaid. Anyone else?

  183. Hi Katie, Have you had any success with couples who can’t carry due to a chromosomal translocation in the mother? We’ve had five miscarriages and so far our only choice of treatment is IVF with PGD, but I’m not ready to go down that road yet. I’m 40 and my husband is 43. No other health issues, except maybe just a bit overweight. Thank you.

  184. I just recently got your cook book and started reading your blog, and I love it! Thanks for all the wisdom you pass on. My husband and I are not trying to have kids yet, but I want my body to be in optimal health when we do. Like you said, and important factor to naturally balancing hormones is sleep. I was just wondering if you have any sleep tips for a night shift nurse and other shift workers. When I am not working I always switch back to a day shift schedule or I would never see my husband and loved ones. At this point there is no day shift option, and I love what I do (who wouldn’t love working in maternity?) so I am not interested in switching jobs. However my menstrual cycle is all out of whack, and my sleeping patterns are bizarre to say the least… I often drink raspberry leaf tea, and I drink a “Mother’s Tea” from that has red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, and dandelion leaf; I use an organic progesterone cream, and I have been using some essential oils as well.

    Do you have any tips for balancing hormones and getting regular/enough sleep for someone that does not have a “normal” job? Thanks!

  185. what about elevated fsh in men? Have you ever seen a natural protocol improve that? I am talking about a level of around 15 (the upper end of normal).

  186. hi im new on this group im married from three years and having problem to concieve.. After tests dctrs said i have policystic ovaries both side ovaries.. Been on clomophir but no success than let all mefication n fall pregnant but unfortunatly had a mc at 8 weeks.. Now been over two months after mc but i dont have period n no pregnant.. Can u please suggest any help.. Herbal or medicin please help me.. My husband s ok sper count is good

  187. Hi, I just started taking Green Pastures Fermented Cod liver Oil with the Butter Oil (Blue Ice Royal) per your recommendations.

    I read that it is made from Raw Milk (the butter oil) and I am wondering if this is safe to take when you become pregnant since the raw milk is used. Is there a listeria risk?

    Thanks so much for your response.

    • From what I’ve read, I’m not at all concerned about the risk of Listeria, but definitely do your own research and talk to a professional about anything you are considering taking while pregnant

  188. Hello I am new on this group…I am 35 years old and will be married 12 years in August. I was married for four years previously. I have been trying for almost 16 years to have a baby. I don’t have any problems getting pregnant. If I blink I’m pregnant. But somewhere between 5 to 8 weeks it’s like the fetus stops growing and dies. I have been to numerous doctors and none can find anything wrong and it is very upsetting. I have had 10 miscarriages with 3 of those being twins and 3 DNC’s. So there is definitely a problem somewhere. Has anyone ever had a problem like this that can give me some answers please. Could it be a vitamin deficiency or something?

    • I am so sorry about your struggle. I ‘ve had five miscarriages and finally went to an RE who diagnosed me with a balanced chromosomal translocation. Their course of treatment is IVF with PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), but I have chosen the natural path and let that be my last resort.

  189. Hi Katie, I was so happy to stumble across your website 2 months ago as I was looking for natural ways to get pregnant. Thank you for helping out so many of us struggling with infertility. I am 45 years old and have a 9 year old daughter. My pregnancy with her was spontaneous and went smoothly. However I’ve tried for the last 7 years to get pregnant with no success. I have had 2 unsuccessful IVF procedures (in 2011 and 2013) and my right kidney removed 8 years ago after early cancer detection, but did not go through chemo or radiotherapy and have lead a very normal and active life since. In 2013 I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve but remain hopeful that i can still conceive. My husband has had a sperm check and his results have always turned out normal. For 2 months I have followed your diet and seen very great improvements. The mid cycle heavy bleeding and sometimes spotting has stopped and my periods are a lot lighter than they have been. I also had bloody mucuos discharge which has completely stopped. This makes me hopeful that i am on the right path and want to thank you for your advice. I have a few questions regarding the supplements. I have been taking red raspberry leaf tea ( bags) X2 a day as the powder is not available locally. I also recently started taking progesterone ( Cyclogest 400mg) suppositories as i have been unsuccessful in finding the cream locally (I am from Kenya) and they make feel so sick I am not sure whether it’s an overdose. There is also no fermented cod liver oil in our health stores. Should I just go ahead with the unfermented one? The supplements I am currently taking are multi vitamins, red raspberry leaf tea (bags), maca ( I increased to 2000 mg a day before ovulation) and fish Omega 3 capsules. ( 3200 mg a day. I increased from 1600 a day last cycle) and Evening primrose oil before ovulation. My periods have always come like clockwork (21 days…. I got my first pregnancy on this) however after I started the diet, this increased to 26 days.. Please advise on whether there’s anything more I could do to improve my chances and whether I should stop or adjust the Cyclogest suppository dosage. I started taking this on day 12 of my cycle, and as I write, this is my second day of having it. I will greatly appreciate any advice you may have to give. Thank you so much.

  190. I have done all that several years ago…and the pregnancy was going so good the specialist released me @ 8 weeks which was on a Friday to go see regular doctor on Monday and I went in on Monday doctor done a vaginal sonogram and no heart beat…went back to specialist same day and he does sonogram and says he is very sorry just goes to show you man don’t know everything…I’ve took progesterone and last pregnancy doctor put me Helprin shots twice a day and still all has been same out come

  191. Thanks Rosana and I’m sorry for your loses as well. I have had IVF, took progesterone and with last pregnancy the doctor put me on Helprin shots twice a day but all ends with the same out come ?

  192. This is the blog that I am looking for. I waited for about 6 years now and nothing happened, no baby conceived in my tummy. As I read thoroughly your post, I was struck on how to reverse infertility because I failed to practice all of those. My husband been travelling and return atleast twice a month because of his work. Since, he makes the living, I stayed at home and pasta/processed foods are more than a staple in my meals. I think, this explains why I don’t get pregnant. However, there is no confirmation if, I am the problem because stress could also be a reason for not conceiving. I have known that my husband been taking l carnitine from amazaon (, as I have research it is good in normalizing the motility and sperm production. I really do not know who has the infertility problem.

  193. I was just told that my Tubes are completely gone. I’m not sure how. I have a 9yr old daughter and I’ve been trying to conceive for 3ys now…..went to the doctor a couple of times in between, I got 2 HSG exam and the first one just said my tubes were blocked and for the second one they said they do t see any tubes at all. My heart is so broken…..and my relationship is over. I’m already going into depression. Good luck to everyone else I hope all over you can have healthy happy babies.


  194. Hey everybody, I just read the article and decide to follow it. Me with my husband try to conceive since 2 years with no result. I have endometriosis problem which I know, but rest of the things as doctors say is fine.
    Just wanted to ask what can be the best in my case, there are couple if vitamins mentioned above, I can’t take them altogether I guess. What can be best possible diet I can follow to, or can I just pick some things from the above article.


  195. Is there a Pre Natal vitamin you would recommend for someone TTC with past miscarriages and an ovary removed due to cancer?

  196. How do I get this herbs?

    • I link to each of the herbs in the post. Click on the name of each one to go to the website where you can purchase them.

  197. Thank you so much for all the brilliant information. I am just interested to know why you suggest that Maca should be stopped in the second half of a cycle? I thought it was safe to take all of the time, regardless of a pregnancy. I would appreciate your comment. thanks again 🙂

    • There are definitely varying opinions on this. Some sources say it isn’t safe during pregnancy, others say it is fine. I’d check with your individual doctor or midwife to make sure you are comfortable with however you decide to use it.

  198. Peace and greetings!

    I am 39 and my husband 44. We had a bitter sweet experience of giving birth to a still born March 2013. Bitter for obvious reasons and sweet because if she kept growing we both could have lost our lives. Four months after our daughters passing I went to see my doctor and she ordered me to have a test done only to find out that I had a major birth defect. All though the doctor did not say it but he alluded to that it was a miracle that I got pregnant. October 2013 I had my uterus rebuilt from the inside out and after waiting the allotted healing time and given the green light we have been trying for a little one to no avail. Since our daughters passing (because at first we did not know what took her life and then more after my reconstructive surgery) I have been on so many different medications and hormones that my hair started falling out! We tried for a few months medication(famara) to plump up my eggs and then if they were plump enough and my uterus wall was thick enough then I would get a shot to release the egg. Needless to say my husband had to be in town. Timing was difficult so after a few months of this we had to stop.

    By the grace of God My husband and I have not dwelt on this subject. We have a strong relationship with each other and even stronger faith in Christ. If the good Lord had it planned for us to have children then it will happen. We also know that the good Lord placed good doctors in our path to use. With that said, out of the blue this evening my husband said that we need to see Dr. P. and see what we need to do. I just wanted to cry because I just know he is going to want to put me on more medications. It has been since November 2015 since I had any added hormones and or chemicals and it has been wonderful! All except no pregnancy. Feeling down and could not sleep. I came into my study and jumped on line only to find your article about infertility and how to reverse it.

    Katie, Thank you for your article! I have taken notes and will head to my favorite natural vitamin store in the morning. I will also call my doctor to set up an appointment with him. When I got on the computer 30 min. ago I was feeling discouraged and then I read your article as well as some of the posts. I am feeling much better now. I feel like I have a little hope again. Please send more information on infertility if you can!!

    Many Blessings,
    Shannon H

    • Shannon
      Try donquai or angelica, red clover, raspberry, chasteberry, oatstraw, stinging nettle herbs and blackstrap molasses and apple cider. Read instructions carefully please especially in donquai and angelica root/herb. Your husband can drink donquai or angelica for healthy sperm. God bless you

  199. Hello, thank you for the information and this blog. Can you please tell me why you say women should only take Maca between menses and ovulation and discontinue to make sure it is not taken during pregnancy? I have read that Maca is good to take at all stages, before, during and after pregnancy. I would be grateful for your comment.

    • Maca is a somewhat controversial herb, especially during pregnancy. The research indicates that it can help fertility, and because of the way it promotes hormone balance, it is most beneficial during the second half of the cycle. I have seen some sources that indicate that maca is ok for pregnancy, though my midwife advised against it. I’d definitely talk to your own doctor or midwife to be sure either way.

  200. Hi!

    I am currently trying to get pregnant but am also breastfeeding. Any suggestions?

  201. Hi I’ve been trying to fall pregnant for 4 years I’m 22 years old this month,I have my periods for 6days .I’m not fat I’m a size 32 and drink occasionally please tell me what should I eat or try taking cos its been years trying to have a baby.Pls help I feel like I won’t ever fall pregnant cause they say its easy to Falk pregnant on your twenties.Pls help!!!!

  202. I have been married for the past eleven years, my only son will be 9 years old this year. What do you suggest I do?

  203. Hello,
    I have been trying to conceiving from 1 year and our doctor said everything is normal. I’m 30 yrs old and my husband is of 31 yrs old, but we are not understanding what is the problem. Actually after intercourse some discharge comes outside when I go for cleaning does it mean that intercourse is not getting successful? what should i do.

  204. Hi could u tell me what maca is good to take for fertility? I found so many today at health store. Didn’t know what to buy.

  205. We tried to conceive for 1 year before being diagnosed with unexplained infertility. 5 unsuccessful iii’so and successful first ivf. Our son is 3.5 and the cost of ivf after 2 failed cycles last year is not an option. My GP isn’t helpful as after tracking my cycle I know my literal phase is 9-10 days and I’ve always had problems with getting a thicker uterine lining and my prolactin levels are higher than normal. I therefore have come to the conclusion that my oestrogen levels are too high and progesterone too low. Would love a recommendation on where to go from here re natural drugs. I’m fit, healthy, normal weight range and 32.

    • I know people with similar hormone imbalances that really benefitted from progesterone cream… is there a naturopathic doctor in your area that you could consult?

  206. Hi, im 25 years old and 6years ago I was given the news I was 3 months pregnant but was having a miscarriage. Shortly after I went and got tested as my periods were very irregular, I was only having around 5/6 periods per year. I was told I had polysistic ovaries and there was a high chance I couldnt concieve or if I could I was unable to carry. I was devistated! I have type1 Diabetes and I dont know what I can take or what is safe for me. I exercise and it makes my sugars go low and I have the same effect if I diet. Is there anything you can recommend or any helpful tips you could share with me. I have been trying for the past 5 years to get pregnant with no results and im beginning to loose all hope.

  207. Hello-

    I am 34 years old, my husband and I have a sweet and wild 18 month old son and have been trying to get pregnant for 4 months now. I am 5’3″ and weigh 138 pounds, am relatively healthy and do not smoke. I had some hormone blood testing done last month and everything came back normal. Is there anything I should be doing to help increase my chances of getting pregnant? Thanks!

  208. Which is better maca or vitex for concieving faster ? Along with progestrone cream for sure . 37 years old please advise and which maca powder . There are many different forms . Thanks

  209. Hi, my name is Carrie and I have taken a drastic steps to help with infertility. After two failed IVF treatments, I read, it starts with the egg. For the last month and a half, I have gotten rid of all chemicals in my life, incorporated Ubiquinol and DHEA, changed my diet to a high omega-3, protein, fruits and vegetable diet. Basically I’m following the Mediterranean diet plan. My question is you said to avoid grains? I may have to disagree with this. As long as you’re using low glycemic grains, they do supply a lot of nutrients. I incorporate oatmeal, quinoa, Ezekiel bread and Ezekiel spaghetti which is loaded with protein and has no sugar. Isn’t The goal to keep blood sugar even keel and to avoid spikes.
    Thanks, Carrie

  210. Hi Carrie…I too had two failed IVF I gave up gluten along with all other things you mentioned and got pregnant two months later so I am a firm believer that you should give up gluten! I also gave up Korn! I would suggest going to a holistic doctor who may be able to tell you if gluten affects your body or not! I went back on the same diet 6 months ago and just found out I am pregnant with baby number two! 🙂 good luck!

    • Thanks Stacy, I did some research and decided to switch to authentic sourdough as even people with celiacs are supposed to be able to tolerate it. Apparently it’s supposed to be a super fertility food as it aids in nutrient absorption as well as being a low GI food. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Apparently store bought bread is really hard on the digestive system because of the sped up process in which it’s made.

    • Hi Staci,
      Question for you-so I gave up gluten and dairy, a month and a half later I got pregnant. I just found out it’s non viable. During week 5-8 I was super nauseated/morning sickness and only was able to eat pasta, bread ext. I’m wondering if you give up gluten through your whole pregnancy? Or once you get pregnant do you relax on your diet.

      • Hi Carrie…I am so sorry for your loss…with my first I was very rigid and stayed on it my entire pregnancy. I remember calling my nutritionist crying cuz I was always starving…I literally ate tons of beans and nuts. I went back on the diet and got pregnant with twins in August. After my anatomy scan at 19 weeks…about 2 weeks ago I have started eating gluten and dairy! I also went to fertility acupuncture that is supposed to help with miscarriage rate with both pregnancies threw the 1st trimester. Hope that helps!

  211. Hello my name is Ashley I have recently went to my OBGYN thinking I was pregnant found out I wasn’t my doctor told me that I am NOT ovulating on my own and told me that I need to lose weight she put me on birth control and weight loss medication and told me that if or when I wanted to try to have a baby that I would have to be put on fertility medication my periods have not been regular since I started at nine years old looking for ways to try to conceive naturally any ideas

    • Hi Ashley, I’m so sorry to hear that. Please read It starts with the Egg, by Rebecca Fett, she has some really good insights. I myself have been through 2 IVF cycles so for my next one I’m doing everything I can to get my body ready. First, check out juice plus, I have heard a lot of women say it helps them with PC OS and ovulation problems. I am currently taking Juice Plus, fish oil, ginger, ubiquinol, DHEA, and a prenatal . One of the biggest problems for reproductive health is insulin spikes. I have a cut refined sugar completely out of my life. women are supposed to have no more than 30 g of sugar a day, and a banana contains 14 g. I eat fresh berries, lots of olive oil, avocados sour dough bread only(fermented and low GI food, very good for you) mostly tons of vegetables and fruits with fish, chicken and occasionally I eat red meat. Sticking to the Mediterranean diet can help you drastically. I also exercise five times a week. I got rid of all plastic in my house, switched to non-toxic cleaners and detergents and changed all my beauty products to BPA free. I know it sounds drastic, but after going through fertility treatments and the devastation of them failing, i will do anything to make the next one work. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

  212. Hello everyone!! I am 31 yrs old and I have a 9yr old daughter. I’ve been trying to conceive for 3yrs now, I was told by the doctors that my tubes are blocked. Is there a away to unblock my tubes. Please please please help me out. I would love to give birth again, I’m so desperate at this point. I can’t afford IVF.

  213. I have an 18 month old who is still nursing a lot. I’m trying to let him wean himself. I have not had a period, not even spotting since I got pregnant with him. I would really like to conceive again. Do you have any suggestions to helping my body ovulate again without having to force my son to stop nursing?

    • That’s a tough one… You might want to talk about it with your doctor.

  214. Hello I am a 32 year old with endometriosis that has struggled with getting pregnant for very long now. My husband and I tried for years and we never got pregnant. He since has passed away. My new guy and I would like to have a baby soon. I just had surgery for my endometriosis which the doctor said was under control and didnt see much of it. My uterus was pulled more to the right than centered so she centered it and removed some scared tissue. I am currently on birth control that is called 777. Please help I feel I am getting older and will never get to experience the love of having my own baby. I am unable to go to a fertility clinic due to how expensive they are. Anything help and is so very much appreciated. Thank you.

  215. Thanks for the post. It’s helpful but a little misleading. For example, I have done most of if not all the things you’ve recommended above as well as tried many supplements over the past 9 years, only to end up with five miscarriages and no live births – and it is not my age since I just turned 36. Maybe some of these things can ‘help’ some cases of infertility, but there are still many things that ‘natural’ remedies cannot solve (ie: chromosomal abnormalities, genetic factors, uterine abnormalities, etc..). Do not lessen the importance of medical advancement and IVF for certain cases that cannot be solved by natural methods and lifestyle changes alone. Please don’t say that these remedies you speak of will solve your infertility. This gives a false hope to women that struggle with infertility whose cases cannot be solved by nutritional/natural remedies alone. I understand the importance of pre-conception nutrition, but a one size fits all approach as you discuss here is a bit misleading and short-sighted. Also, the rate of infertility is not on the rise – it’s actually on the decline…check out the U.S. CDC website for more info.

  216. I had 2 kids on chlomid, I don’t ovulate or have regular periods. I want to have another child but chlomid really messed me up. I want to do it naturally. Do you suggest vitex and progesterone cream together or just one? Also does Maca help with that as well?

  217. Hi! I am currently trying to conceive while breastfeeding (my angel is 15 months.) However, my luteal phase is, I believe, too short – consistently 6 days. I used the progesterone cream you suggest during my first pregnancy, but have read conflicting things regarding using it while breastfeeding to get pregnant. Does anyone here have any experience with this or any insight they can share? Weaning is not an option although I am aware that could potentially take care of my issue. Thanks in advance for the help!

  218. Hello,
    I am 40 years old, almost 41 (in January) and have been trying to conceive baby #2. First baby we got pregnant one try and I was 37. This time around we tried for about 7 months then did clomid and IUI for 3 and that did not work. I read this article and decided to try eating clean and taking the supplements recommended. How much longer do you think we should try? I was very intrigued when you mentioned 100% of women you worked with got pregnant following your regimen. I do believe it will work, but any other advice would help as we are approaching a year of trying.

    thanks for giving me hope!

    • I behave pregnant for the first time in 2007 which was an eptopic pregnancy. The doctor told me that he did not have to remove my tube. I became pregnant again in 2009 and miscarried. After the second miscarriage I went to an OB/GYN that my mom’s friend recommended. About 2 years later I was ready to try again. My doctor ran tests on me and after all the tests he told me that my right tude was partially removed and my left tube wasn’t healthy and I only have a 10% chance of conceiving naturally and my best bet is to have an IVF treatment. I am a hard working broke American so I can not afford to get IVF. I must say when I did get pregnant the first time I was talking fertility blend I got from GNC. I was taking it again the second time only because there were a few pills left and I wanted to finish the bottle being as though I paid for it. I have already started eating healthy and exercising for weight loss purposes. Do you think your method will help me with me only having a 10% chance or do you think I have screwed myself more by taking those supplements? I have not become pregnant again since 2009 and I’m getting a little bit worried as I am getting older and do not want to be high risk. I have faith that it can happen again being that I obviously my tubes were in the condition they are in when I got pregnant the 2nd time. I just don’t know what to do

      Thank you for your help!

  219. Dear Wellness Mama,
    Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for two years now and we found out that my husband has a very low count. In your post it says that you have a 100% success rate with all women you have worked with. Could this diet work for my husband or is it only for women??


    • While I’m not Wellness Mama, I just want to encourage you that at the least, the diet changes she recommends WILL help tremendously. This article is the most thorough and honest one I’ve found anywhere. That says a lot about WM! When you guys make a diet change like she says, cutting out grains, sugars and such, your body could experience a hard detox like many people do. Avoid getting pregnant until a month after you recover (and feel better) from detox because your body will be freeing toxins trying to release them. Organic foods are important. If cost is an issue at least buy those listed on the dirty dozen list organic only. See the EWG website. The herbs may not all be okay for male hormones. I’d like to see what herbs she recommends. Also, certain common medications can make men convert testosterone to estrogen, so research his meds like she says. My husband was on one that does that so he switched.

  220. I am 41 one we have been trying for over a year.. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. I take maca root vitex and pre nat vit. drink water. what else should i try?

  221. Hi, I am 28 years old. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 but I now know I had it since the very young age of 10-11. Because around that age is when my body turned for the worst! Instead of experiencing normal female puberty, I felt like I was going through male puberty! I had horrible facial (and body) hair! I would literally have to shave my beard and mustache every morning before going to school. I end up very overweight aswell. The sad part is that I have NEVER EVER in my life had a natural menstrual cycle, only induced ones! I am desperately looking for a natural remedy that can make me ovulate and have natural periods on my own for the first time. Should Vitex or Dong Quai be a good choice for my situation or is there some other herb more suitable for me? And what would be the right dosage? I am already taking DCI + Prenatal vitamins.. Thank you so much in advance!

  222. Hi, Katie 🙂 I stumbled across your webpage searching “butter for fertility.” In the spirit of brevity, I have been informed by doctors (yes, more than one) that the likelihood of getting naturally pregnant is extremely low – and I am only 31! I am not entirely opposed to IVF if that is the only way for me to get pregnant, but I’m not keen on it either, and I don’t feel that can be the only solution, on which I believe you’d agree. Do you do any consulting work? I am interesting in giving you more details about my health profile and receiving in return some sort of plan for getting pregnant. THANK YOU!

    • I don’t do private nutrition/health coaching any more due to time constraints. But all the resources I used to recommend when I did can be found on the blog. Just use the search box to find topics you’re looking for. Best wishes!

  223. I’m 27 years old, have extra weight and I just want to know if you think I should try this. I’ve had surgery for Ovarian Cyst and I’m currently still taking the Depo Shot because of adnormal bleeding, extremely bleeding. I’ve been on the shot for that reason for years after my surgery. I’m trying to get pregnant but cant afford the doctor much less a specialist. Any and all comments will be helpful…. Please help….

  224. I’m hoping to get thoughts of the follicular phase- I have had 36 day cycles ever since I weaned about 5 months ago, and I don’t ovulate until CD 23 or so. I have a 12 day luetel phase. I’ve read that ovulating too late can lead to decreased egg quality. Do you agree with that theory? I’ve had two chemical pregnancies and a late miscarriage before giving birth to my son.

  225. hi my name is natali i was diagnosed with menorrhagia on a regular menstrual cycle so i decided to search it up and found out that the cause of it is because i have low progesterone levels and its not letting me ovulate during my periods. my question is can i take one a day womans prenatal vitamins to get the right amount of vitamins i need in my body so then i can start getting the right amount of progesteron i need and get my levels of hormones straight?

  226. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 9 years now, I am 32 he will be 40. We’re in Canada and the doctors where we live all push IVF when there are fertility issues. We’ve gone through several tests, tried fertility drugs, etc. We fall into the category of “Unexplained Fertility”, which I interpret as “I’m too lazy of a doctor to try other options so go home”. We have been told that IVF is our only option, but yet they can’t give us an explanation so how do they know? We have asked for alternative options, is there something we can do with diet, but honestly, since we’re not interested in doing IVF, we have been quickly dismissed by every doctor we’ve seen except ONE. He recommended us to another doctor who he thought could help us, only to have her push IVF also and then dismiss us when we said we didn’t want to go that route. She looked at us and said “then why are you even here?” We are so frustrated with doctors here, I am tired of them treating me like I’m stupid because we won’t to do IVF. I am looking into going to see a Naturopath as we don’t really have any other options here.

  227. Hi I’ve been trying ti get pregnant for over a year now I. A diabetic and over weight can you was help!!!!! Its to the point I think all homie is lost for me getting pregnant….

  228. Hi there,
    So I followed this plan as well as the plan in It Starts with the Egg which is very similar. I started in August by replacing all of my makeup, hair, personal and cleaning products with non toxic, BPA free and Pthlate free products. I ate a low carbohydrate, low glycemic, high vegetable and protein diet (organic and grassfed). The last month and a half, I gave up all grain and dairy. I took CoQ10, DHEA, and antioxidants. I ended up pregnant. Today I went in for my eighth week ultrasound to find out I have no baby. A gestational sac and a yolk sac are present but no baby. Needless to say, I’m devastated. I feel that I did everything right and then this happens. The frustrating part is, the last three weeks I’ve been so nauseous and throwing up with morning sickness, I couldn’t stick to my healthy diet of the last three months before my pregnancy. I could only tolerate pasta, bread and potatoes. Now I feel like I’ve undone all my hard work and I still have no baby. Any sound advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  229. Katie! I’m so thrilled I found your blog! I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis about four years ago and have had 2 surgeries and loads of medications in the form of birth control and Lupron to try and “fix” my problem. After taking depot provera my hormones basically shut off. For 18 months we tried everything to get my period back including more medications. (I’m now married and trying to conceive) I kept thinking.. Something must be wrong, my body should naturally be in a fertile state. Then I came across your blog. 6 weeks of cutting out all processed foods and drinks, increasing my healthy fats and taking fermented cod liver oil and maca my period came back! I’m now having my second cycle right on schedule! (With very little cramping too!) On a side note I’ve dropped 10 lbs of excess weight! I feel amazing and I’m so thankful! Thank you Katie! Food is medicine! I’m so happy my body is now doing what it should be doing naturally! You’ve given me a hope at conceiving naturally in all of this! Thank you thank you!

    • Congratulations, that’s fantastic! Thanks for reading and best wishes for continued health improvements!

  230. Me and my fiance have been trying to conceive for a year now. i’m 27 he’s 29. I have a child from a previous relationship she is 6. we really want to have a child. He’s been to the Dr his sperm count is great and my Dr said i have some blockage but i don’t want to do the surgery if i can correct it naturally. any suggestions?

  231. Great blog. Thank you. Nutrition is so impotant to our vitality. We take our health for granted, until you try to conceive. I’m 43, 23 years infertility- endometriosis (& anym), fibromyalgia, 1mc @ 9wks (no heartbeat), 2009. Spontaneous natural pregnancy, w/ live birth 2013 (lived 39 days- heart defect. Pediatrician refused to investigate: though I brought my suspisions to his attention). No drinking, and eating super healthy, since Sept 2015, Periods cycling longer, as I drift thru perimenopause – figure I have about five years left. Our vitality and energy, have seen much improvement, with the boost in nutrition. Issues seems to be my eggo, not popping 🙁 . About to order maca, vitex, progesterone cream, and L-carninie (hubby). Thanks for all of your collective wisdom. Seeing RE, on Jan 11, for additional options. Whether we get preggars naturally, or with artificial assistance, nutrition is the key, that has opened my womb to the opportunity. I will update.

  232. Hello! I started taking Maca about 2 months ago and have noticed two things. First of all, it definitely irritates my stomach – even the gelatanized version I switched to still irritates my stomach to a degree. Secondly, has anyone had a late period when starting maca? Is this normal or even ok?


  233. Hi!
    I am a recent convert to all things Wellness Mama. It took 2 years and a round of clomid for us to conceive our little guy. This time around I want to be more natural about it. I am still breastfeeding though and am wondering which of these do you recommend the most or not at all while trying to conceive and still nursing? Thanks!

  234. I am 49, want to get pregnant. I miss several monthly periods. I would like an advice for waking up my ovaries. I am just asking for an advice regarding nutrition, additives etc Every advice will be held respectfully and not as a therapy, I am aware that you are not a doctor

  235. I had a question about what you use for lubricant. My husband and I have always used organic coconut oil, but we’ve been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now with no luck and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on whether coconut oil will help or hinder pregnancy. It seems like everything I find is based on opinion. Has anyone had pregnancy success while using coconut oil or is there another natural option that would be better?

  236. I have been trying for about 12 year me and my husband. I have infertility I been seen n done clomid and still didn’t get pregnant. I gave up for awhile and I finally got pregnant on my own. I was very happy and excited after all these years of trying. Then one morning I wake up I was 12 weeks pregnant. N I was miscarriage my baby. That’s what my obgyn told me. They check my hcg levels and I was having a tubal pregnancy. I lost the baby. So I’m now going back Friday to see my infertility doc. To try again. It wa so heart broken for me cause I though I’ll never be able to get pregnant and when I finally do after 10 years I lost my 1st pregnancy. Good luck on everyone wish you all best wishes

  237. For the last 5 1/2year my husband and I have been trying to have another baby and in April of 2015 I had found out that I was pregnant and having a miscarriage that was cause by a tubal pregnancy. I have changed my diet and started exercising but I am still unable to get pregnant again , Any suggestion on what is natural way to become more fertile?

  238. Hi
    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now. I have been to the Dr and been prescribed Clomid which I have taken for 4 months (still not pregnant). I am looking into acupuncture and anything else that could be helpful. Can you help?


  239. Katie,

    You and I both have MTHFR. That being said, Folic Acid is severely toxic to us. Read more about it on Search Folic Acid.

  240. Hi, I love your blog!
    I had a question for you. After reading your post I purchased maca, chaste berry, evening primrose oil, and I also picked up some Royal jelly. I have elevated prolactin levels and have been unable to conceive. I also have hyperpigmentation across both cheeks which they tell me is due to my hormones levels. I also decided to pick up black heads and adult acne across my chin but that’s the least of of my worries. My question is to ask if it is safe to take the maca, chaste berry, and EPO together??

    • I have personally taken them all at once, but I’d check with a doc to make sure it is ok for you.

      • In 2013 I found out I was pregnant I was 38 and had problems from the start of the pregnancy with bleeding and vomiting then when I got to 20 weeks and had a scan they found that the baby wasn’t growing properly due to placenta problems so by time I got to 28 weeks I had to have the baby by c section then they discoverd that the baby had a birth defect with her oesophagus, she was rushed for emergency op which she died during which was 28/09/13 then in march 2014 I missed a period to discover that my fsh level was 90 and that I had gone through menopause and the dr told me I wont have another baby so I went to a specialist he told me I had a low ovarian reserve, the next month my periods went back to normal, have tried every thing from herbal medicines and tonics, accuputure, homeopathy, I have even had a my fallopian tubes flushed but I have not been able to get pregnant, I really don’t have the money to try ivf.
        I have researched all natural remedies I take vitex, false unicorn root, shatvari, maca, royal jelly, coq10, asprin, seven seas trying for a baby what else can I do I have taken clomid and its not giving good results im hanging on my a thin thread any advice please

        • I do ovulations tests they all say I ovulate but nothing shows on the scans

  241. Great article! As long as there are eggs, there is hope. Ovarian pool declines at much faster rate than we’d like to admit. Today, most women are overestimating their fertility chances. Also, there are many things women could do in months before conception in order to improve egg quality: quit smoking, bring your BMI to recommended level, eat organic, nutritious, and fresh food in addition to living a generally healthy, stress-reduced lifestyle, adapt to supplementation strategy specifically targeting egg health, and most of all allow enough time to achieve results.

  242. Women should also be tested for MTHFR. It’s what has lead me to a natural lifestyle instead of the toxins I was constantly exposed to. Infertility can be so lonely, reading these posts make me feel less so. Best of luck to everyone

  243. What about kombucha? Should women trying to conceive stop drinking it?

  244. Hi guys,

    There are some great comments and stories about this article. Its a very familiar story for my wife and I.

    Anyway, I thought I would just reach out to everyone whose husband/man is having trouble in the motility or count area. I have been using a product called icejocks for the last few months and they have made a big difference. My count and motility went up markedly. I just found them on a whim, and asked our specialist about them. He basically said it couldn’t hurt. We went back to the specialist last week and he was literally amazed at the improvement.

    They have a website which is pretty informative (I won’t post it but you can find it if you need to). Its all based around cooling the man’s parts to increase the quality and quantity. There seems to be some real science behind it reading their site as well.

  245. I have a question. If you are having regular periods (usually 5 days) does it mean that you are ovulating?

  246. Wellness mama,

    I follow your post very closely and listen to what you suggest. However, you should not write about this particular subject because you have no idea what it is. You wrote all the right things but it’s very dry and you can find them on a million other websites.

    I suffered from recurrent miscarriages for 5 years. After 6 pregnancies, I finally have my daughter. I tried all those things that you listed with almost all pregnancies that ended up in loss except with my successful one.

    I respect your opinions but please do not write about infertility because it confuses and brings anxiety to women that go through it. They would try anything.

    • Hey there,
      I’ve also recently suffered from miscarriages. I’ve changed my diet immensely. Along withCan you tell me what you did for the sixth one to be successful? Supplements? Diet? Thank you. Carrie

  247. Hi, my name is Kerri. I have had 4 children (between 04 and 08) and as you can see never had any fertility problems before. Now I am 30 yrs old and have very very recently had to under go a laprascopic cystectomy. They removed a >10 cm cyst and also had to take my right ovary as well as my fallopian tube. My husband and I would like to try for one more child and we were wondering if you or anyone had any further suggestions.

  248. We are newly married and have been to 5 different IVF specialists. Each one said a totally different thing. And I did not feel like any of them had our interests at heart. they were quick to push ivf after us only trying for 6 months. My best friend gave me the number of a wholistic Dr who prescribed a pill form of fertility herbs. These herbs drastically changed my cycle so that my cycle increased to a healthy 28 days (previously was 24). All pain and cramping completely stopped and I got pregnant on the first month. Women get pregnant into their fifties in other countries and I think it is because God wants that, and here in the west we are trained to believe in the limitations that the M.D.’s place upon us. This is simply wrong. Know in your heart that you are meant to be a mother, and have trust that He will make it happen. Of course, you still have to do your part. Eat whole foods, excercise, keep your thoughts in a trusting positive light and keep all negative people and their opinions completely off your radar. I also work with my homeopath who prescribed a natural substance that also helped me tremendously. You just have to seek out those who are rooting for you, and leave all the rest. Good luck to you all, and know that we are all praying for you, it also helps to pray for others too. This helps you to think about something other than yourself, which opens you up to feel gratitude for each day. Build faith and treat yourself well, that’s what worked for me in a nutshell.

    • Thank you for this post. My name is Romina Ross. Do you live in the NYC area?

      • Because I am looking for an holistic doctor also.

    • Hi there, can you share the information of your holistic doctor? Thanks

  249. Hi, I am joining the conversation rather late. Maybe I haven’t searched well enough, but I couldn’t find any information about how much to apply daily. I know every woman is different and all I get are some standard suggestions. I really would love for some personal experiences!! At the moment I am taking between a quarter and half a tsp twice daily from day 15 to 26 of my cycle. I sleep very well but am horribly tired. The problem is, my doctor has my back but no experience with it (it’s not that popular here in Europe). Thanks for your input!

  250. Hello my name is melanie i am 29 and have a 5 years old daughter, i try since around 4 years to get pregnant again unfortunately it worked out, i went to several doctors, and they made test of my blood and also made pictuers of my ovaries and did a test for my ovaries ( i dont know the name of the test in english) and everything is just fine my doctor told me i am very healthy and my ovaries are open so there shouldnt be a prb to get pregnant again ( my husband also did a test and he is healthy as well) she said to me that my period is not regualy is a prb and make it hard to get pregnat, i got many hormon medicince and everytime they told me within 3 month i shall be pregnant when they take them, well it didnt work, im kinda tired of doctors and medicine and than i found ur blog and i would like to try out what u suggested just i am kinda confused which of the herbs i shall try and how to take them, can i drink every day a tea with a differen herb? i would be very thankfull if u can help me

    thank you so much

    I am sorry for my poor english i am from germany

  251. Hey try this combination find a good homeopathy that can give you medicine and try this false unicorn root is a tonic for the womb to strengthen, shatvari tonic for womb lining, 75mg baby aspirin, maca, Royal jelly capsules, coq10, Vitex is good for your pertuity gland to help hormones, space it all out in the day this is what I take with the maca stop taking after ovulation day

  252. Oh well back to square 1 my fertility treatments didn’t work I tried Clomid 100mg got 1 good follicle was given the gonal injection I had terrible pain in the ovulation took the cyclogest and nothing I don’t get it I’m so disappointed and I’m feeling down I have tried everything now wish I could go back 5 years when my life was happy and try instead of waiting I don’t know where my path is meant to go I’m so lost

  253. Me and my fiance’ haven’t been able to conceive within the 2 1/2 years we’ve been together. I believe its because I have cysts on both my ovaries. I’m afraid I will never have a chance to be a mom…and it hurts! everyone around me is getting pregnant and I’m just sitting here like….When will my time be God?

  254. My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. I was on birth control to get regular periods but I came off of it to get pregnant now I don’t have periods at all. What could be the cause of this? We don’t know how to tract my ovulation if I’m not even getting periods anymore. I’m on no medication at all either. What do you suggest?

  255. After two years of infertility, chemical pregnancies, and very high FSH readings (34) the doctors said I would never conceive with my own eggs. They were wrong! I followed a plan sort of similar to the one in this post with additional acupuncture and mind-body work. I was pregnant in two months and my perfect little boy just turned one. Miracles can happen! Heal your body and soul and fertility will follow naturally

    • Thank you Anna for this post.

    • This is absolutely beautiful…. Thank you so much for sharing.

  256. Hey Lovely Mommies to be,

    I started reading this website around December 2015 after my husband and I had a miscarriage on Christmas Day 2014 and we wanted to try again. The only issue at hand was my period’s was irregular after the miscarriage so my doctor placed me on prenatal pills on August 2015. After several month of not having my period I found this website. And decided to order so of the recommended pill to get my period. After several months of research in December 2015 I order Nature’s Way Maca Root, Red Raspberry and Vitex. I received my pills in January and started taking them on January 5, 2016 to get my period back regular. Well then on February 25, 2016 I got my first period and was so excited but wanted to make sure that it was regular. Then in March 26, 2016 I got my second period and third period on April 28, 2016. I was thrilled according to my ovulation calendar I was suppose to get my period on May 28, 2016 the week of our 2nd wedding anniversary and I took a pregnant test and it came back positive. I honestly want to thank God, this website and the comments because this really helped me get through the confusion and understand my body more. With that being said I’m 8 weeks pregnant with TWINS. I know I supposed to want to announce the pregnant but I wanted to give women some hope and encouragement that anything is possible with God, prayed and Wellness Mama.

  257. Hai to all the wonderfull ladies out there,
    I am ana 27 years old trying to conceive since 4 years of marriage.
    Due to pcod(polycystic ovarian syndrome) and hypothyroid may be i dint get conceived naturally.
    I took medicines(thyronorm 25mcg and Metphormin 500mg) and continued yoga and exercise to reverse the problem and it worked in December 2015 i got tests done surprisingly no cysts and ovarian reverse is so good with no tubal blocks,But i still have some acne on my shoulders and my periods are irregular with no ovulation in each cycle and immature follicles on both ovaries as im not able to conceive only my tears with days passage can explain better than me how the problem becoming worse on me.
    Now I am in USA as a dependent visa having some difficulty to get treatment due to insurance problem(they cant cover infertility treatment).
    Any suggestions and ideas are much helpful
    Thanks in advance

  258. Dear Wellness Mama, can you still conceive even though you haven’t had a period in 3 years?

    • I am not an expert but I believe you have to be ovulating to conceive and to get that you need to have a regular period. You might want to get that checked by a doctor first to see what’s going on? Also try Vitex , it works wonders.

      • Hi Thandie,
        Thanks for your reply. How and when should I use vitex? And can I get it without prescription?

        • Hi Ana,
          No problem, we are here to support each other. I take it once every day but some ladies take it twice on an empty stomach .Before I took it , my period was known to go for at least 7 days, & was heavy with clots ,now it’s 5 days with clear red blood. It’s worth a try, I would say. Good luck!

          • Hi Thandie,
            I just ordered in Amazon,I will get by tomarrow(15th day of my cycle) probably.
            Can i start taking daily
            Do i need to stop once i get ovulation/periods?.

        • Sorry Ana, forgot to tell you, I get mine from amazon or eBay, you might want to ask Wellness Mama if there are other places she recommends.

        • Ana, I take mine through out my cycle, I intend to do this until I get my BFP. In fact am doing that with most of my supplements , apart from black cohosh and evening prime rose .??

  259. Ladies, have you heard about how the environment of your VG can determine whether you get pregnant or not. Apparently if the environment is too acidic it can kill off sperm. You can avoid this effect by drinking a lot of water and not eating too many acidic fruits. Wheat grass can also help to alkalise it. Some women can be sensitive to sperm as well, this was happening to me, every time I had sex I got a burning sensation after, thinking I had an infection I went to my doctors & they did some test which came back negative , my doctor then mentioned this. I did a bit of research and found a video on tube on using egg whites. You may think No way! But yes I tried it and behold my little problem went away and I now enjoy sex. It also acts as a natural lubricant . My husband asks for it every session we have now. Mama, have you come across anything like this before?

  260. Hi Ana, I wondered how you are getting on with Vitex? I am in 2WW for this cycle. Fingers crossed!

    • hai Thandie,
      All the Good luck to you dear.
      Im using vitex since one week and Still waiting for ovulation of this month(@22day of cyce) using Onedaypredictionkit @ home.
      I guess PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) obstructing me to ovulate.

      • Hiya Ana, Thanks, I do need luck coming my way. Getting pregnant is not easy, sometimes I want to quit but then I think how nice it would be to have a baby in my arms, that seems to keep me going. Sorry to hear about your PCOS. I have heard some women got pregnant after using serrapeptase, bromelain & nattokinase( enzymes to clear away cysts) I am not familia with this condition so you might need to do research on these if you are interested.

        We seem to be the only ones chatting , it would nice if we could keep each posted

        Good luck, keep trying & baby dust!!

        • Yes Thandie,
          I completely agree with your point, Only hope to have a baby in arms is driving this frustrated period of infertility of mine.
          Yes matter of fact I really cant understand my body, why sometimes thyroid level fluctuates,vitamin D defeciency, PCOD, hormonal imbalance @ age of 27.
          Sure loved to share more and good to hear from you back.
          Thank you,

          • Ana, I know this does not help but at least you are still young & you can look into other options if this fails. I am sure it will happen for you, just don’t give up. I tried 3 cycles of IVF @ 35 with no joy, then was afraid to try again for a while, now might be too late. AF turned up this morning but am going to keep going until the doc tells me am no longer ovulating. I hope we all get our miracles soon.x

          • Oh Thandie,
            If you dont mind
            Can you please share with me about your experience in fertility treatments and how the medical insurance supported your way.

  261. Hi Ana, not sure where to start & how much info you need. I don’t know what rules they have in the USA regarding assisted pregnancy but here in the U.K it’s free for under 40s.

    Basically , after trying for a year &1/2 I found out I had endometriosis via laparoscopy surgery. They recommended IVF which involves taking hormonal meds that stimulates your ovaries to produce eggs. When they are ready they retrieve them out of you. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt cause your under Anaesthesia so you don’t feel it or remember( I didn’t ). Eggs & sperm are put together in a lab, if fertilised embryo is transfered to uterus & hopeful , it stick, they didn’t for me. My docs think it could have been stress, I was under at the time. No one really knows why things don’t work.

    My father and brother died in a car accident and I was going through a bitter divorce that took 4 years to end so it was the wrong year for me. However I would do it again if I had the money because of my age & now that I found out I also have blocked tubes probably from surgery. Wow! that was long winded & sorry if it’s TMI.

    Please do ask if you have specific questions, I will try & answer if I can. Baby Dust to us!!!

    • Hai Thandie,
      Am so sorry to hear that dear,But your determination definitely will give you positive results very soon.
      Yes here in USA insurance covers consultation and some medicines. For surgeries and any infertility treatments for that matter may be we have to pay from our hands. I am much worried about this situation of future treatment,Otherwise my life is so happy going without any other issues.

      • Hai Everyone,
        I am so excited for the first IUI treatment (no insurance coverage though) this month. As a pcod and hypothyroid patient I am ttc from almost 5 years. In today’s Ultrasound shown the cysts are in normal size and doctor prescribed letrozole-2.5mg for 5 days and asked to come for ultrasound after finishing letrozole.
        Touchwood and fingers crossed everything should turn fruitful this time.

        Please share your experiences on IUI and IVF treatments(and tips to follow)
        Anyone know about home remedies and some tips on “How to Stimulate FSH,LH levels on ovulation and to improve egg health”to share is a big help to me.
        A big cheers to all the future and present moms

  262. Can anyone tell me specific reasons why one shouldn’t take maca root when pregnant? I’ve been trying to research why and all I find is that because it hasn’t been tested, we can’t say for sure it’s safe. But is there a specific reason why Wellness Mama says on many of her blog posts to not take it while pregnant? Because Ive read testimonials of women who HAVE taken it during pregnancy and claim it helped.
    Also, I bought some yellow maca root today. I read it’s good for women, while black is good for men. Is the yellow still ok for men? I don’t have access to the black maca yet, and I’m wondering if my husband can still take the yellow.

  263. Hi I’m hoping someone can give me an idea on what I might be able to use. I have two children the last one born back in 2011. I was pregnant for the third time and lost it in the third month. I havent been able to carry a pregnancy past 4 weeks. And have miscarried a total of 7 times now. My husband and I are wanting to have two more children but my body for some reason will not allow it. And its a struggle for me to get pregnant and stay pregnant. When I was 26 I went through pre menopause. And my periods ceased after I passed what looked like a blockage. It was a size of a small bouncy ball. I told my ob And he put me on a fertility treatment to restart my periods but I still have had no successful pregnancies since. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly apperciated.

    • Krystal, I am so sorry. have you seen a fertility specialist? You need a full miscarriage workup by a reproductive endocrinologist or a maternal fetal medicine doctor. It might be something simple like a clotting issue that they can address simply. However, at 4 weeks it is most likely an issue with embryo viability, so the best natural thing you can do is everything possible for egg and sperm health. That includes the thing in this post and other natural healing. Read Rebecca Fetts’ It All Starts with the Egg. A great book that addresses reoccurring early loss among other issues and tells you everything you can do to heal yourself. If you’ve already done all the things suggested and have had a full miscarriage work up and nothing is showing up, it might be immunological. Go on a macrobiotic diet, eliminate dairy and gluten, and get your immune system under control! Best wishes!

      • I have had the work up done and they couldn’t find anything and I’m only able to handle nonlactose foods. So staying away from dairy has been fairly easy for me and I’ve been doing a glutton free diet for a few months now. So hopefully I’ll see some improvement. But I’m truly thinking the problem is with me and my hormones being just slightly off balance. I’m doing some research and speaking with my Ob about herbal treatments to balance out my system.

        • My two other thoughts are about cleansing your home of fertility harming toxins (phthalates, parabens, SLS, BPA, etc) and implementing a mind-body routine. I used Circle and Bloom and the Fertile Heart program and I think they are both amazing. Also, make sure your acupuncturist is good. She should give you different treatment and herbs for the different parts of your cycle, let you know what your diagnosis is, and give you dietc and lifestyle adevice based on your diagnosis. Best wishes Krystal!!!

          • Ok thankyou. I’m going to check into the acupuncturist near where I live and see what they tell me.

  264. How come you’ve posted all of this holistic stuff on here but I see that you failed to mention anything about the removal of belly button rings which Blocks Your Chi in order to get pregnant? It really does in a lot of people. Belly button ring removal- bam – pregnant…. hmmmmm…..

  265. Am sarah, 3yr ttc, I did a pelvic scan and was told I av minor uterine myoma. presently am on pregnacare conception. I want to know if I can add maca n red raspberry leaf to it?….am desperate please

  266. I used vitex(chaste tree capsules) and maca root for one month. Now My periods are two months late and showing Negative Home pregnancy test.Yes I do have pcos, Hypothyroid, Hormonal imbalance but, im taking medication for that too..What could be the reason I dont know yet.

    • Hi Ana, sorry to hear you are having problems with the herbs. Have you tried reducing your dosage? When I first started taking Vitex, I felt nauseous but better when I reduced the dose, allowing my body to get used to it. Have u also checked with your doctor to see if you are not pregnant ? Hope things improves for you.x

  267. So far i am the only one of 51 who still want to have a baby ,but it didn’t start now it is coming long way . I know some of you on this page will attack me with your insensitive comments but for your info if you cant say something supportive keep it to your self ..I just want to encourage all the women who want to have a baby don’t surrender don’t listen to the people around you who are telling you that you are all to old to have a baby they forgot about Sara of the bible who was very old but she fall pregnant and that we are blessed already to have a child was a commandment from God ..”Multiply and fill the earth ” Keep on trying and have faith it will happen

    • Good luck dear!. Keep positive

    • Hi im 50 and want another baby my husband don’t have any children so i want to give him one. Im encouraged and healthy and im glad you are encouraged also not minding what anyone else thinks . I can not wait to he pregnant again!

  268. I’m 28 years old and have been trying to conceive for 1 year. If I ovulate the week before I have my period, is it still okay to use progesterone cream? I believe I have low P and a short luteal phase seeing as I ovulate late. Any guidance is much appreciated.

  269. HI- in your link for Cod liver oil….which do you use of the ones listed or does it matter? Thanks

  270. Great post!! I overcame my fertility struggles by addressing toxicity and also emotional healing. I ate healthy and exercised but after becoming an NTP I learned so much about addressing my adrenals and detoxing. I also realized how important the sperm health is!! I think a lot of people aren’t aware of how much they can do themselves to improve sperm and egg quality. Getting this information out there is so important!

  271. Hi
    I 45, and I have 4 children, eldest is 27, youngest 3, who I had after I turned 42, I breast fed her for 2 and a bit years but during that time my periods did return only to stop when she was about 18 months.
    My Fsh was 120!
    I felt devastated, how could I be through the menopause that quickly not long after giving birth?? I really wanted another brother or sister for my todeler who was quite lonley as other kids were much older, remaining sibling 12 year age gap.
    I thought that stress had brought it on as I was in a horribly stressful job, and was depressed and really unhappy.
    I eventually tried progesterone cream last year that did bring on about 3 periods but they were very fresh light coloured blood.
    Now no periods since then although my fsh tested at 50, still very high but I just cant accept this happened to me so young.
    I know it can do but straight after having a child, and no real symptoms apart from loss of period and the fsh which can vary.
    I’m going to give it one last shot of trying to re start my periods with progesterone cream which Ive just been taking and vitex.
    Any advice would be most welcome, I feel so gutted, I really want another baby, I just cant explain it.

  272. Hello! I am 26 and happily married to my husband. We both really want to have children, but I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure in may and it has completely taken the wind out of our sail for haveing children. I just recently found your post and I am looking forward to trying some of the suggested methods. Has anyone else faced this issue and tried alternative methods and did it work for you?

  273. These are all such helpful suggestions! There is so much you can do on your own to restore healthy fertility. Sometimes medical support is needed, but finding someone who truly understands the process of evaluating and treating infertility can be a challenge. Thankfully, NaPro doctors are specially trained to create an ideal environment for conception, a good pregnancy, and a healthy baby.