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Why I Don’t Only Use DIY Green Cleaners Anymore

Confession Why I Stopped Using DIY Cleaners 365x274

I have a confession to make... I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning. In fact, that is why I started using multipurpose homemade green cleaners in the first place... I could clean the majority of my … [Read more...]

Non-Toxic vs. Organic Mattress Review

Organic mattress what we chose and why 365x274

I've often read the statistic that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, or over 2,500 hours per year, but I have to laugh because those hours are obviously not during the time of life with new babies … [Read more...]

The Adrenal Reset Diet Book Review

The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr Alan Christianson Review 365x274

I'm so excited to be able to share an amazing resource that I've had the advantage of knowing and using for several months. My doctor, Dr. Alan Christianson NMD, is releasing his book The Adrenal … [Read more...]

Introducing The Wellness Mama Cookbook

The Wellness Mama Cookbook 365x274

I really feel like I birthed a baby today... My first book, the Wellness Mama Cookbook was officially released this morning. Just like the five days in the past eight years that I have given birth, … [Read more...]

Hydro Flask Review

hydro flask review 365x274

I usually review books because I am constantly reading and love to share books with you that I enjoy. This week, I'm sharing something I also use constantly: my water bottle. I drink water, … [Read more...]

So, I Cheated on My Vitamix

Blendtec Review Blendtec vs Vitamix 365x274

I've been a die-hard Vitamix fan for over 7 years. We use it daily to make veggie smoothies, sauces, and to chop up food. I didn't think I could ever be swayed from my loyalty to Vitamix so when … [Read more...]

Introducing Wellness Magazine

Screen Shot 2014 04 25 at 3.42.44 PM 356x274

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you about a project I've been helping with for months! It is called Wellness Magazine and it is a digital publication from Wellness Media created for the … [Read more...]

The Cheat System Diet Book Review

The Cheat System Diet Review 365x274

If you've ever tried Weight Watchers or another structured weight loss plan and failed or relapsed, you need to read this book: The Cheat System Diet. I recently received an advance copy of The … [Read more...]

Natural Toothbrush Review

I write a lot about oral health because it is an integral part of overall health and wellness. In my journey to find the best options for our family to improve oral health, I've created some DIY … [Read more...]

Pete’s Paleo Pre-Made Food Review

Petes Paleo Gourmet Paleo Meals Review Wellness Mama 365x274

I've gotten emails asking if I know of any pre-made food services (like the pre-made diet programs that you often see on TV) that are actually healthy and easy to order. Until recently, I didn't know … [Read more...]