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I’ve gotten emails asking if I know of any pre-made food services (like the pre-made diet programs that you often see on TV) that are actually healthy and easy to order. Until recently, I didn’t know of any and I always suggested finding a local service or chef who could prepare foods in advance.

A few months ago, I heard about a service of this type and decided to try it when I had a crazy travel schedule for a few weeks and wouldn’t have as much time as I normally do to cook.

Please note, this service won’t be a fit for everyone, but for some, it will be perfect!

Pete’s Real Food

I met the owners of Pete’s Paleo (now called Pete’s Real Food) Pete and Sarah, last fall and was really impressed with them. Pete is a gourmet chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, and Sarah is the founder of a completely natural skin care line.

I ordered a few weeks of pre-made food from them (check out the menus… it was a step up from what I was cooking!) and it came in vacuum sealed pouches in a specially refrigerated bag (it stays fresh and is never frozen).

I put the bags in the fridge and heated one up for lunch the next day. I must admit that my hopes were not super high for vacuum sealed food. I picked the roasted pork and mashed parsnips.

Pete’s wife jokes (or maybe not) that she married him after trying one bite of his food, and after tasting it, I can see why.

I don’t mind pork or parsnips but neither one was on my favorite food list… until I tasted Pete’s. I have no idea how he made parsnips taste so amazing, but they were up there with the best foods I’ve ever eaten (maybe he can guest post that recipe… hint hint?).

Every other food I tried was equally amazing and my husband and kids agreed. Ordering pre-made meals all the time isn’t in our budget, but if it was, I probably would. If I were still single and traveling a lot, these would also be a great way to have healthy food ready to go.

Bottom line: If you want 5-star restaurant food without the restaurant, Pete’s Real Food is a great option.

The Bacon

Another thing that Pete offers is uncured slow-smoked bacon. Do not order it! Once you eat this bacon you will not ever be able to eat regular bacon again!

From Pete: “Pete’s Bacon contains no sugars, nitrates or nitrites. It’s dry cured with salt, herbs and spices and cold smoked for two days.”

We ordered some of this bacon because I’d heard it was good, and it far surpassed its reputation. The only problem is that I now find other store-bought bacon tastes awful in comparison.

Bottom Line

Pete’s Real Food won’t be something that is in the budget for many people, but for those who are looking for gourmet pre-made meals or gourmet bacon, I can’t recommend it enough!

Have you ever ordered healthy, pre-made meals? Want to give Pete’s Real Food a try? Share below!

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5 responses to “Pete’s Real Food Review”

  1. Sevy Gambs Avatar
    Sevy Gambs

    I ordered my first shipment and did not realize the meals would be delivered not froze. One meal was partially frozen. I threw all meals away and asked my account be cancelled. I did not ask for a refund, as I threw the meals in the trash without first calling and speaking with someone. I accept full responsibility for that mistake. However, I sent a total of 8 emails and three instant messages requesting cancellation of my account over a 3 day period without a response. I received an email letting me know my new order is being processed and my account has been charged. As a consumer Pete’s Paleo website make it impossible to cancel ones account or stop shipment of an order without having to take additional time to submit an email or call. I can’t speak to the quality of the meals, but do not recommend engaging their service unless you have time to dispute charges and take time out of your busy day to continuously follow-up with requests.

  2. Megan Avatar

    I am sorry for all the questions.. I just admire your post so much. I have bad receding and swollen gums and they hurttt! I don’t want to go to the dentist because there is honestly little they can do.. if not make it worse. I do have a metal permanent retainer on my bottom teeth I would like your thoughts on that too.. I want it removed. But what could cause this and what are some practical things I could do to heal my gums? I switched to Toms no flouride toothpaste, but my teeth are still getting worse. I am not really the DIY type so if your could suggest things that I could purchase or habit I could start to put into effect. I just don’t want to lose my teeth. I am only 20 years old

    1. Katie - Wellness Mama Avatar

      I personally won’t use TOMS because it contains glycerin which can prevent teeth from healing. Try contacting the people at They have more experience with gum problems and might be able to help

  3. Wendy Avatar

    Really enjoy your blog and have made many of your DIY projects. Wanted to let you know that Pete’s bacon probably does contain nitrites. I contacted them about the ingredients and they use celery powder which, according to BulletProof, is how you get nitrites to form without having to add them. So they should probably market the bacon similarly to how Trader Joe’s does: “no nitrates or nitrites added” with an asterisk “except that which is naturally occurring in celery powder.” Here’s more info:

    Thanks again!

  4. Mikhaila Avatar

    Love your blog! This is very helpful. We just bought a house and are moving at the end of March. I think I just found a way to eat healthy, when my kitchen is packed up and inaccessible. Thank you! (Probably a bit cheaper than a week of take-out anyway since it is just two of us, and definitely healthier!)

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