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A guide to organic and natural mattresses
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I’ve often read the statistic that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping (or over 2,500 hours per year) but I have to laugh because those hours are obviously not during the time of life with new babies or potty-training toddlers.

Of course, those statistics are meant to highlight the importance of sleep environment since such a substantial part of our life is spent in our beds. I think sleep environment is even more important when we aren’t able to get enough of the best kind of sleep since we have to make the best use of the sleep time we do get. Read on to learn the biggest factors to consider when choosing a high-quality organic mattress including price, chemicals used, EMF exposure, and flame retardants.

The Problems With Regular Mattresses

I’ve written before about how to optimize your bedroom environment for the best sleep and even mentioned the importance of an organic mattress, but it took us years to finally decide on our own mattress and actually get it.

What seems like an inert and harmless thing, a soft pillowtop mattress, is often a source of exposure to flame retardants, EMFs amplified by innersprings, and millions of mites.

Flame Retardants & Other Harmful Chemicals

Mattresses can be a major source of chemical exposure. Mattress companies are not required to disclose all of the chemicals they use and have to withstand an open flame from a blowtorch for over a minute. To accomplish this, many companies (over 90% in a recent survey) douse mattresses in flame-retardant chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ether, better known as PBDE. These chemicals are highly toxic and do not have to be disclosed!

PCBEs are banned in Canada, Europe, and even parts of the US. They can accumulate in the body through skin and inhalation exposure and are associated with hormone, brain, and reproductive damage, especially in children.

Mattresses can also contain harmful compounds like:

  • Formaldehyde – Commonly used in mattresses, especially as an adhesive in mattresses made from polyurethane foam (a toxic petroleum-based material).
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) – Can cause lung and skin irritation and are often found in the glue in many mattresses.
  • Decabromodiphenyl Oxide and other Brominated Flame Retardants – These are linked to hair and memory loss and are listed as possible carcinogens.

Chemical flame retardants aren’t the only problem with conventional mattresses, however.

EMF Exposure

Coil spring mattresses have the added danger of being high in electromagnetic frequencies. Sound crazy? Maybe not.

This controversial article from Scientific American explains how rising rates of breast cancer and melanoma in the Western world provide a possible explanation:

As we sleep on our coil-spring mattresses, we are in effect sleeping on an antenna that amplifies the intensity of the broadcast FM/TV radiation. Asleep on these antennas, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation for a third of our life spans. As we slumber on a metal coil-spring mattress, a wave of electromagnetic radiation envelops our bodies so that the maximum strength of the field develops 75 centimeters above the mattress in the middle of our bodies. When sleeping on the right side, the body’s left side will thereby be exposed to field strength about twice as strong as what the right side absorbs.

I recently had my home professionally evaluated for EMFs so that I could address any issues. He tested our mattresses and found EMF activity and magnetism related to our mattress springs (and this was not present in the coil-free organic mattress our kids use). You can listen to my podcast with him here.

This is still a really controversial topic and I think we need more data before we can reach any type of official conclusion, but it is a factor to consider.

Millions of Mites, Oh My!

I didn’t realize how much of a problem dust mites could be until I sat down to do the research. These unsavory critters feed off human and animal dander (excess skin shed from the body). After ingesting this dead skin, mites then defecate and their feces accumulate inside the mattress. A single mite can produce up to 2000 units of fecal matter in a period of 10 weeks. A harmful allergen, mite fecal matter has been proven to impact sleep quality and other aspects of health. Female dust mites live about two months and can lay 100 eggs a month during this time.

I’ve read that mattresses doubled their weight every 10 years due to dead skin, dust mites, and mildew. I couldn’t actually find a study to back this large weight gain, but there is a lot of evidence about mildew, mold, and mite buildup over time. Sleep conditions lead to this, and the mattress and cover we choose makes a big difference.

Research did reveal, however, that a used mattress can have up to 10 million mites inside (eww!).

So while our mattresses may not be doubling in weight, the real risk is exposure to the feces of these mites.

How to Find an Organic Mattress

Just knowing the problem does not unfortunately lead to a solution. Even after I’d researched the problem with conventional mattresses, I still had trouble finding a mattress brand that was a good alternative for us.

An organic mattress often contains cotton, wool, latex, or a combination of the three. On their own, these ingredients are generally considered safe but some of them can still be problematic in mattresses. Additionally, there is a lot of green-washing and mislabeling in the mattress industry and it is important to check for undisclosed added flame retardants.

Organic Certifications in Mattresses

Terms like “natural” and “eco-friendly” are unregulated for mattresses. They also don’t mean that the mattress is made of natural materials. A mattress must be 95% organic to meet USDA organic mattress standards and be labeled as organic. Some mattresses may use organic cotton or organic wool for the top layer, but check before assuming an organic label means an entirely natural mattress.

If a mattress is certified organic, it is certified by a third party. Look for terms like:

  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard. Mattresses with this certification must use at least 95% certified organic fibers for all fabric used.
  • GOLS – This stands for Global Organic Latex Standard and is the first third party standard for organic latex. It specifies that the latex used must be at least 95% organic latex.
  • GREENGUARD – An independent certification that requires environmental chamber tests for over 360 chemicals. This certification specifies that a mattress is low in VOCs, phthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals and that it is safe for children and the elderly.

If you’re buying a mattress that contains both cotton/wool and latex, it is good for it to have all of these certifications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Organic Mattress

Finding a safe and organic mattress was the first priority but comfort was also really important to us. We also didn’t want to break the bank (since there are eight of us)! When choosing mattresses, we considered and ranked mattresses based on:


Based on the criteria above, we looked for organic and non-toxic mattresses that had been third-party tested. We also looked at potential EMF risk from coils. See my recommendations and what we chose below with specific notes on safety factors below. We also use mattress covers that can be easily washed to reduce the build-up of mites over time.


My husband and I take jujutsu together several times a week. It is a very physical form of martial arts that often involves throws, rolls, and flying through the air. We admittedly often get a little sore from these workouts, so a rejuvenating sleep with as much pressure relief as possible was a priority.

Many organic mattresses I’d tried tended to be very firm and I wanted to find one that was supportive, but not overly firm.

On the other end of the spectrum, many organic memory foam mattresses can be too soft. Memory foam was developed my NASA to support astronauts as they adjusted to the force of gravity after being in space. Unfortunately, many memory foam mattresses are chemical-based and contain flame retardants. They can also be too soft for many people.


Of course, most of us don’t have an unlimited budget for a mattress. Especially in families, budget matters a lot and while safety was a top priority, budget was a big factor for us as well. (See budget notes on my top picks below.)

Organic mattress- what we chose and why

Organic Mattress Reviews & My Picks

With ten beds (including guest rooms) plus a crib in our home, we’ve had the chance to try out many natural and organic mattresses over the years. We tried many options for our king mattress and it has been quite the saga over the years.

To hopefully make your choice easier than ours was, I’ve ranked all the ones we’ve tried that meet my criteria below. I also included notes about chemicals, EMF exposure, price, and comfort under each listing. If a discount was available, I included that as well.

The mattress we picked may not end up being your top pick but I hope that my reviews (and fails) help you make an informed decision. I think that all of the mattresses below are great options and list my concerns with any of them as well as the things we love.

Please note that I am now an affiliate for several of these companies. We purchased our mattresses to try them and only signed up after purchasing a mattress so all reviews could be objective. This also means that if you should purchase a mattress based on my recommendation, I may make a small commission and I am grateful for your support.

My Green Mattress Review & Rating

We have one of these mattresses in our guest room as well as our kids room. These are GOLS, GOTS, and GREENGUARD certified. I slept on it one night to test it and found it comfortable. My Green Mattress mattresses are some of the most budget friendly and we have several team members who also use this mattress. We recommend their Hope Latex Mattress that is coil free.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Safety:  Latex and cotton/wool are certified organic and safe. To avoid EMF concerns, just choose an option like their Hope Latex mattress that is coil free.

Price: Range from $649 to $1,594 so very budget friendly for an organic mattress. Even the top of the line coil-free Hope is only about $1,500 for a king size.

Discount: Discounts and sales are available at this link.

Comfort: Seemed comfortable when I slept on it and guests have said it was comfortable as well.

Obasan Mattress Review & Rating

Obasan makes high quality GOTS and GOLS certified mattresses without inner springs. EMFs can be more problematic for children, so I wanted to avoid springs for the kids. Several of our kids have an Obasan Child’s mattress and we also have an Obasan crib mattress.

I really like the price point of the baby and child mattresses from Obasan as they are some of the most budget friendly on this list with no real downsides. We’ve recently started trying their king size spring-free mattress as well, and its super comfy. They ship to the US and Canada and we’ve always had good experiences with them.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Safety: Great ratings for safety. GOLS and GOTS certifications mean that 95% of materials used are organic and they don’t contain springs so there are no EMF concerns. Another benefit if you have bunk beds — the Child mattress is a thin mattress so it is great for top bunks. Several twin mattresses we’ve tried have been too tall and met the top of the guard rail, making it easier for kids to roll off. The Obasan Child mattress is just right.

Price: Range from about $1,100 for the Child basic twin (what we have on kids’ beds) up to $6,000 for a top-of-the-line king ($7,100 with frame), with many options in between. Top pick for kids for this reason.

Comfort: The kids love how comfortable their mattresses are. It is important to note that the Child Mattress is recommended for up to 150 pounds for maximum comfort. That said, visiting friends have slept in our kids’ bunk beds at times and said that the mattresses were comfortable. Our crib mattress has lasted through several babies and is still going strong. We’re still testing out the king size mattress, but it has been great so far!

If you are also searching for a good pillow recommendation, we love our Obasan pillows. I am currently using their Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow and what I like most about this pillow is that it is completely customizable to you. Simply unzip the inner shell of the pillow and you can remove (or add back in!) the rubber filling to make it as soft or as full as you want. Use code WMPillow for $70 off a Queen size. If you need a different size, simply reach out to them and let them know you are a Wellness Mama customer and they will be happy to help with a discount.

Naturepedic Mattress Review & Rating

Naturepedic is also a great natural option! They have many organic options, some without springs. Prices range from $1,100 to $4,800+. Available in some stores and online. Naturepedic options are all GOTS, GOLS, Non-GMO, Greenguard and Green America certified. They use absolutely no flame retardant chemicals (even the more “natural” ones) and still meet all state and federal standards for safety.

We recently ordered one of their mattresses for our house. It came in several boxes and was easy to assemble. The outer cover holds several layers of organic foam and then easily zips closed (making it easier to move if we ever needed to).

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (5 out of 5 for non-spring versions if EMFs are a concern for you)

Safety: Top of the line on safety with every certification available. They’ve also received awards for their environmental impact and were even recognized by the EWG. Vegan options are also available.

Price: Range from about $250 for crib mattresses up to around $5,000 for really high end king size options with many good options in between.

Comfort: So far, this mattress has been really comfortable. It’s still one of the newer ones we’ve tried so I’ll update if that ever changes, but we’ve been impressed with the comfort.

Happsy Mattress Review & Rating

Happsy is a really solid budget-friendly option. Prices range from $900 to about $1,600. All of their mattresses do seem to have springs… so if you consider EMFs an issue, this could be problematic.They are all GOTS, Made Safe and Green Guard certified and Happsy participates in 1% for the planet.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Safety:  Happsy has all of the main certifications and use safe materials. EMFs would be the only safety concern due to the springs.

Price: Scores high for price… $900-$1600 is one of the more budget friendly options.

Comfort: I haven’t personally slept on a Happsy but my kids and guests who have didn’t have any comfort complaints.

Essentia Mattress Review & Rating

Essentia is another high quality GOTS and GOLS certified mattress with several other independent lab tests. We had an Essentia for a couple of years but it ended up being too soft for my athletic husband. (I do think it would be an awesome choice for anyone who likes a soft memory foam type mattresses.) Of course we didn’t try every mattress they have, so there may be one that we would have loved. We tried the Dormeuse Fior, so if you are athletic and looking at an Essentia, consider one of their more firm choices.

I have their Comfort pillow and absolutely love it and still use it every night (and miss it when I travel).

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Safety:  These top the list for safety. GOLS and GOTS mean that 95% of materials used are organic and they don’t contain springs so there are no EMF concerns.

Price: Range from about $2,100 for a basic twin up to $7,656 for a top-of-the-line king with many options in between. They are more pricey than some other options but are very high quality.

Discount: Use the code wellnessmama15 for 15% off any Essentia product. In addition, occasional discounts and sales are available at this link.

Comfort: I found their mattress comfortable but it was too soft for my husband and made his back hurt over time. That said, they have many options we did not try that may have been more comfortable. We passed along our mattress to a friend and it worked great for them.

Eight Sleep Mattress Review & Rating

I ordered the Eight Sleep Pod mattress and give it rave reviews for quality and comfort. It is the first high-tech mattress to combine temperature regulation, biometric tracking, and sleep coaching to improve sleep performance. Yes, this mattress has it all. You can cool and heat each side of the bed (and schedule on/off times) directly from the Eight Sleep app.

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Safety: This mattress has low EMF, made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants. There is no mercury, lead or other heavy metals and is made without formaldehyde or phthalates. This mattress is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Price: Ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on mattress size and options.

Comfort: Eight Sleep does very well in this category, exceeding all expectations. This looks like a mattress that will hold up well over the years and feels like a luxury traditional mattress.

White Lotus Mattress Review & Rating

White Lotus makes wide range of mattresses and pillows that are especially great for those with very specific criteria. For instance, they make 100% cotton and wool mattresses with no latex, which is a great choice for those with sensitivities to latex. They have flame-retardant free cotton/wool mattresses which are very difficult to find. We have one of these on a trundle bed in our girls’ room and they love how comfortable it is. Their mattresses do not have coils so EMFs are not a concern.

Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Safety:  Their mattresses are GOTS and GOLS certified. They specify that they use no chemical flame retardants, carcinogens, petroleum fillers, fungicides or other harmful compounds.

Price: Range from about $1,500-$4,000+ depending on size, type and if they have a sale.

Discount: White Lotus offers a 15% discount exclusively to Wellness Mama Readers with the code “wellnessmama” at this link.

Comfort: Was really comfortable when I slept there one night and gets good reviews from our guests.

Birch by Helix Mattress Review & Rating

These mattresses are handmade in the USA and use wool sustainably sheared from New Zealand sheep or Talalay tapped from trees. They also use 100% all-natural and organic wool batting. Unlike some other natural mattresses that come in layers (see Plush Beds review above) Birch mattresses come as one core mattress. They are GreenGuard Gold certified and their natural latex also received the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, which is an independent testing certification system for textile products at all processing levels. This ensures the products are free from a long list of chemicals.

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Safety: Non-toxic with zero polyurethane-based foams. This means no off-gassing. This mattress does contain coils which may be a concern from an EMF perspective.

Price: Cheaper than other organic mattresses. They offer a 100-Night Sleep test and have a 25-year warranty. Prices range from $1049-$1799.

Discount: Free Shipping in the US through this link. Use the code WELLNESS200 for $200 off any mattress.

Comfort: This mattress was designed with a medium-firm feel. One of our Wellness Mama team members has one and loves it. She did add the Plush Pillow Top to add some softness, but found it didn’t lose the firmness with the topper. (She also says the mattress helped with her lower back pain and that her husband who is notoriously picky about mattresses also approves!

PlushBeds Mattress Review & Rating

We have a PlushBeds mattress on a guest bed and it is a less-expensive choice with options for firmness. (Also, I’m realizing just how many beds we have!) Don’t be afraid to go on the firmer side, especially if buying for an adult. One of our team members ordered a Botanical Bliss model in medium firmness and found the mattress lives up to its name (very plush) but was lacking in support even for a child. She was able to use their free exchange program to adjust the foundation layers for a better result.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Safety: All of their mattresses are GreenGuard Gold, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS and GOLS certified. The latex and cotton/wool are certified organic and safe. They use no chemical flame retardants, carcinogens, petroleum fillers, fungicides or other harmful compounds.

Price: Range from about $1,000-$3,000 depending on size, firmness, and sales, making them a good budget-friendly option.

Discount: Check this page for discounts and sales, as they often have specials running. In addition, Wellness Mama readers can take an additional $50 off with the code WELLNESS50.

Comfort: Our guests sleep well on this mattress. Our team member found the support lacking but was able to adjust the firmness by exchanging layers. As I said, this is a very individualized decision and different mattresses feel more or less comfortable for different people. If you want to be able to adjust the firmness of the bed without sending the whole mattress back, you may want to consider Plush Beds.

Organix by Intellibed Mattress Review & Rating

OrganixBed uses a Gel Matrix in their mattresses that is made in America and doesn’t off-gas harmful chemicals. (If you have some time, check out my full review and notes here).

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Safety:  OrganixBed is tested to be non-off-gassing and inert. It does contain coils so if EMFs are a concern, this is a factor to consider. Their high-end model has three coil zones so EMFs may be of more concern with this one. We have their basic model and comfort was the main factor in our choice since my husband had back pain from other mattresses we tried.

Price: Range from about $2,700 for a basic twin up to $6,400 for a high-end king.

Comfort: Organix is really comfortable and gets my husbands highest comfort rating. Their “gel matrix” is what seems to provide the right mix of firm and soft and this same technology is used in burn units and hospitals to help avoid pressure sores.


We recently ordered a Wakewell pillow and have enjoyed the ability to customize it to my specific needs. I tend to be a side sleeper and I was able to adjust the stuffing inside the pillow to give my head and neck different amounts of support and find a much more comfortable way to sleep. The pillow is made with all safe and natural ingredients and has a 120-night sleep satisfaction guarantee to give you time to find your perfect setting! Another great option is the Coop Pillow that we use in a guest room and everyone has slept well with it.

Final Thoughts

Organic mattresses certainly aren’t cheap, but since we spend so much time in bed, investing in a high quality and safe mattress can have a big impact on health. If you are working toward purchasing an organic mattress, but can’t swing it quite yet, I discuss several options that may help make your current sleep environment healthier in this post. As with any aspect of health, I’d encourage you to do your own thorough research before making a decision. Hopefully, my experience can be a helpful part of your research!

Have you switched to an organic mattress? If not, will you?

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    Hi. Just curious- why didn’t you include Newton mattresses? They are GreenGuard Gold certified, so I’m wondering– do you see something harmful in them that I’m not noticing? Are they “greenwashing?” Hoping to get a new mattress for one of my children on Black Friday, trying to do my research now! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the great article! Have you ever looked into Savvy Rest organic mattresses? They have been around for a while and have all of the organic certifications. Their main focus is latex mattress, which is what I am looking for.

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    Your article just saved my time for research! My husband and I were looking for an organic mattress for a long time…I was stuck in one article about the same topic but YOUR ARTICLE made everything so clear from a different perspective. Thank you!
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    Hey Katie… just wanted to mention that fiberglass in mattresses is a BIG deal… people have had to move out of their homes because the fiberglass particles got into their HVAC systems and was spread through their entire house and caused eye irritation, skin rashes, and breathing complications. It’s for the reasons that I thoroughly researched memory foam mattresses that don’t contain fiberglass before buying mattress for my kid.

    I hate wasting good research so I put my findings in a table and posted it on my personal blog for others to use, however.. according to your comment policy I won’t add a link… just google JSnowCreations or “Which Mattresses Do NOT Contain Fiberglass” and my blog should be on the first page of results (hopefully haha). I hope you’ll add a link to my blog or at least take some of the info from it and add it to this article! Have a good day!

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