5 Practical Natural Remedies

5 Practical Natural Remedies for Moms

As we enter flu season, I want to share five really practical natural remedies that I always keep on hand for illnesses or health problems at our house. I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet, so always check with a qualified health practitioner before using any remedy, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or are giving them to children.

1. Activated Charcoal

How we use it: Upset stomachs, food poisoning, whitening teeth (works really well).

2. Elderberry Syrup

How we use it: avoiding colds/flu in the winter or beating it faster if we catch something. Kids love the taste and I love the benefits. Here is my recipe.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

How we use it: Upset stomach relief, indigestion, detox baths, hair washing/conditioning, and bouncing back from illness. I just add a teaspoon to a glass of water and take as needed for illness or stomach upset.

4. Chamomile

How we use it: I make a homemade chamomile tincture that I use often with the kids, I use it to color my hair, in homemade cough syrup, in a tincture to help with sleep, and in baby care recipes. Chamomile is definitely one of my favorite herbs.

5. Magnesium

How we use it: For everything. To elaborate- I take magnesium as a supplement daily and give it to my kids, I make a homemade magnesium oil that I rub on my kids feet each night to help with sleep, use homemade magnesium body butter for softer skin, and magnesium was instrumental in avoiding morning sickness in my last pregnancy.

Here is an article with a full list of natural remedies that I keep in my herbal medicine cabinet.

What natural remedies do you always have on hand? Share below!

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  1. Nice list, Katie. I love activated charcoal. It works so well because it absorbs bacteria, allowing your body to toss it out effectively.

    It should be noted that if someone takes too much magnesium all at once that it can potentially cause some loosening of the bowels (since it relaxes the muscles).

  2. A pharmacist just told me that they’ve been trying to pull activated charcoal from the shelves because it’s recently known to cause seizures. Just FYI.

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