Benefits of Vinegar Baths

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Benefits of Vinegar Baths
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There are many types of baths that can be used for detoxification and relaxation, but none that benefit the skin with a single ingredient as much as vinegar baths.

I’m not a fan of the smell of vinegar, but I’m a huge fan of vinegar baths because they leave my skin and hair looking and feeling amazing.

Why Vinegar Baths?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a versatile natural remedy and natural home product. It can be infused with herbs to be a natural cold remedy and health tonic, or sipped to relieve heartburn.

Sprayed on skin, it takes the sting out of sunburn and as a foot soak it helps alleviate athlete’s foot.

It is also a beneficial natural beauty ingredient in several ways:

For Its Vitamin and Mineral Content

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a natural source of B-vitamins, Vitamin C and trace minerals, making it nourishing to skin. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it is possible to obtain these nutrients from soaking and to nourish the skin. It is naturally nourishing and moisturizing and can soften skin and hair.

Beneficial Acids

Vinegar is naturally acidic so it helps restore balance to the skin’s pH which should be slightly acidic (here’s why). Though it helps restore the skin’s pH it has an alkalizing effect internally and can also help aid digestion for this reason.

Also, many people with joint problems notice improvement from soaking in apple cider vinegar baths, and these beneficial acids and vitamins may be part of the reason.

Soothes Skin Problems

ACV can help naturally kill fungus and bacteria on the skin and offers relief for many with eczema and other skin conditions. Vinegar is often recommended for skin problems like eczema, dandruff and dry skin. These same antibacterial properties and beneficial acids make vinegar effective against zits. A tiny dab of ACV can often help reverse a zit overnight.

For this reason, AVC baths are also sometimes recommended for urinary tract infections as the vinegar can help kill the yeast or fungus and create an environment where it is difficult for infection to thrive. ACV is also a potential remedy for warts and athlete’s foot for this reason.

Reduce Body Odor

Body odor occurs when bacteria mixes with sweat or moisture from the body and thrives in the warm moist environment, especially in places like the underarms. Vinegar can help kill this bacteria, reducing odor. It also creates an environment where odor is less likely to thrive.

I haven’t personally tried it, but many people who can’t tolerate deodorants containing baking soda claim that using diluted apple cider vinegar works wonderfully as a deodorant. I would think that an armpit detox would also be helpful for those with body odor or skin irritation in the underarms.

How to Take a Vinegar Bath

Once or twice a week, I fill a tub with warm to hot water and add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar.

I soak for 20-30 minutes, using a washcloth to clean my face and making sure to get my hair wet as well.

After bathing, I rinse off in a cool shower, though some sources recommend letting the vinegar water dry on the skin.

Other Skin Uses for ACV

  • As I mentioned, a tiny dab of ACV can often remedy a zit overnight
  • I also use a diluted spray of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water) as a soothing facial toner
  • This same spray can be used on the underarms for a natural deodorant, though some people find that they need to increase the concentration of vinegar for this use
  • Dab undiluted vinegar on toenail fungus or soak in a strong (50:50) solution of white or apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Dab ACV on warts
  • Rinse hair with 1/4 cup ACV in 1 cup water for shiny hair.

How do you use vinegar? Ever taken a vinegar bath?

There are many benefits to taking vinegar baths. Vinegar helps naturally balance the skins pH, softens skin and helps kill any yeast.

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114 responses to “Benefits of Vinegar Baths”

  1. Jess Avatar

    Coconut Cider Vinegar, from pure fermented coconut blossom nectar, in my opinion is far superior to ACV… and I used to love ACV!! I recommend researching your brand (although I’ve never had a bad one, I have been tricked on the source). I’m now very happy with a 2.5L Handmade and organic CCV. I recommend everyone who loves ACV to try it!!

      1. Jess Avatar

        I buy Nuilife in 2.5L and highly recommended them. I do not recommended coconut magic (although the product itself is not bad). I have contacted this company to clarify the source of their vinegar, as their website claims in its sales pitch it is from blossom, but upon the product page it says it is made by a byproduct of coconut oil production. I have reached out to the company for clarification with no response.
        Some health food stores hold nuilife ccv, but I recommended going for the 2.5L online.

  2. Anna Avatar

    I banged my toe so hard I wasn’t able to walk. Absolutely no shoes allowed. Soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar for 2hours,Wow!the swelling and pain almost entirely gone.walking normal the next love love acv.

  3. Sherell Avatar

    I was wondering after a vinigar bath can I use oil if my skin is feeling a dry?

  4. Allie Avatar

    I’m using ACV to help a bad yeast infection. How often can I take an ACV bath? Is it ok to do it everyday until symptoms subside?

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