Spinach Artichoke Chicken Salad Recipe

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I love spinach artichoke dip at restaurants. However, like many other restaurant favorites, I’m not too crazy about some of the ingredients used (like corn chips made with vegetable oils).

Luckily, one of my favorite hobbies is to figure out how to make these recipes at home using ingredients that are more wholesome. I love my version so much I decided to turn it into a salad as well! This spinach artichoke chicken salad has all of the flavors of the dip but is so much lighter and healthier.

Turning Spinach Artichoke Dip Into a Salad

For the salad version, I use fresh leafy spinach instead of the frozen spinach I use for the dip. If you’re feeling sad that you didn’t get around to planting anything this year, it may not be too late! Spinach loves cooler weather and can be planted in late summer for a nice fall crop. If you’d like to give it a try, but don’t want to dig up your backyard, try building a planter box.

After getting the spinach ready, I chop up leftover pre-cooked chicken (grilling extra when cooking for another meal is always a great strategy). Since it’s leftover, it’s already cold, which is perfect for this meal. Then I toss in artichoke hearts, feta, and cubed mozzarella cheese. I drizzle it with nice, creamy, Caesar dressing and it’s done.

If I already have cooked chicken on hand this salad only takes me ten minutes to make!

Spinach Artichoke Chicken Salad Recipe

A protein-filled take on the classic spinach and artichoke dip over salad. Dairy optional. A quick lunch idea!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Calories 560kcal
Author Katie Wells





  • Divide spinach evenly between four plates.
  • In a medium size bowl stir together all the remaining ingredients except for the feta cheese.
  • Divide the chicken mixture evenly between the plates of spinach.
  • Sprinkle with feta and serve.


Nutrition Facts
Spinach Artichoke Chicken Salad Recipe
Amount Per Serving (1 salad)
Calories 560 Calories from Fat 279
% Daily Value*
Fat 31g48%
Saturated Fat 8g50%
Cholesterol 179mg60%
Sodium 1189mg52%
Potassium 1196mg34%
Carbohydrates 9g3%
Fiber 4g17%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 57g114%
Vitamin A 6931IU139%
Vitamin C 42mg51%
Calcium 262mg26%
Iron 4mg22%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Layer ingredients in a mason jar with the spinach on top and store in the refrigerator for easy lunches. 

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32 responses to “Spinach Artichoke Chicken Salad Recipe”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Oooh yes please! My mouth is watering for the crockpot version. ..any luck with it yet? Even tried looking it up on your pinterest page …no luck?

      1. Janice Avatar

        5 stars
        I got it fine and wow is this good…made it tonight just for little ole me…I halfed the recipe…I can’t wait ’til my children try it…It’s a keeper!!!
        Thank you so much.

  2. Tracy Avatar

    I wanted to make the crock pot version one night over the holidays since we have family coming in but the recipe only leads back to the salad. Can you please repost the crock pot version? Does anyone have it that could share it?

  3. Patti Avatar

    I’m no longer able to find the slow cooker spinach artichoke chicken recipe. All the links go to the salad recipe. My family loved it and is very disappointed. Will you re-post that recipe?
    Thank you

      1. Patti Avatar

        This is the salad recipe and seems to have some of the slow cooker directions and comments mixed in. Seems like a lot of your regular followers would really appreciate having the complete slow cooker recipe to enjoy again.
        Thank you for all that you do.

        1. Wellness Mama Avatar

          Woops! I am sorry… I am working on a website refresh and it may have redirected the recipe as a result. I’ll look into it… I didn’t intend to remove it.

        2. Jessica Avatar

          Me too! I was just bragging about the slow cooker recipe to a friend and would like to share it. It’s a staple in our house!

  4. Morgan Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    Wanted to give you a heads up that the crock pot link just leads straight back to the salad link. Excited to try the crock pot recipe so going to try to wing it from the salad ingredients (minus the dressing 😉

    Thank you so much for all that you do! Love your site and am grateful for the awesome recipes and product tips that you share!

  5. Meribeth Avatar

    I am really confused about this recipe. Ingredients list cooked and chopped chicken. It gives directions to layer ingredients and no cooking instructions other than note if you do NOT wish to use a crock pot. So is this dish cooked or not? And why do some comments reference cream cheese?

  6. Layla Avatar

    5 stars
    Never mind:-) I never make it in the crock pot, so I totally forgot that is how it was labelled. Thanks:)

  7. Layla Avatar

    I really wish that when you changed this one so dramatically, you would have made it a new recipe altogether. We love the other way, but I can’t remember all the ingredients.

  8. rebecca Avatar

    5 stars
    I tried this recipe last week and made it dairy free. I thought I would share with all of you what I did and how it turned out…
    I used 1 can full fat coconut milk and no cheese. The sauce was way to thin since coconut milk is a liquid and cream cheese is a solid so I added a slurry of arrowroot and water. I am new to this and was not sure if the arrowroot is permissable, but figgured it was ok in such a small amount anyway. turned out great! my husband (no a fan of my “weired new diet”) and his dad liked it. their only complaint was it needed more cheese. I don’t know if they knew it had none till I told them I used coconut milk!!! will eat again and again and again!!! thanks wellness mama!

  9. rebecca Avatar

    how could I make this without the dairy? could I use canned coconut milk instead of the cream cheese?

  10. Elizabeth Avatar

    5 stars
    My husband really enjoyed this… We had it over quinoa noodles and it was a hit. Also very easy in the oven. 🙂

  11. Karen Howard Avatar
    Karen Howard

    Do you let the spinach thaw out first or do you put it in still frozen?

  12. Cassie Oglesby Avatar
    Cassie Oglesby

    what temp if i’m using oven instead of crock pot?

  13. Andrea Avatar

    Can you specify the size of package of spinach? Also you can get artichoke hearts in the freezer section at the grocery store!
    I have everything I need for this recipe. Hello, lunch!

  14. Laine Avatar

    Can you substitute something else for cream cheese? ie. cottage cheese?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      You probably could without a problem or even just leave it out.

  15. Krissa jeldy Avatar
    Krissa jeldy

    This sounds delicious…and I always love a new crock pot recipe!

  16. Kristina Greene Avatar
    Kristina Greene

    You had me at the title.  Crock pot just put this over the top!  can’t wait to try.

  17. maria Avatar

    I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner tonight, until now! Thanks for the recipe!

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