9: Leaky Gut, Heartburn, & Digestion

9: Leaky Gut, Heartburn, & Digestion

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Leaky Gut, Heartburn and Digestion with Steve Wright

In this episode, I welcome special guest Steve Wright from SCDLifestyle.com to talk about all things digestion.

Steve is the co-creator of SCD Lifestyle and the Solving Leaky Gut System. He is a featured contributor for Wellness Media, and has worked with hundreds of people to help them improve digestive health. SCDLifestyle.com helps readers find answers to problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Indigestion, Heartburn, Ulcerative Colitis, and other digestive problems.

How Leaky Gut Effects Digestion

In this episode we talk about finding real solutions for digestive problems and how to know what your body needs to improve digestion. Steve shares why conventional treatments often don’t work and how sometimes the “cure” can be like throwing fuel on the fire.

He shares the two supplements that often make a night and day difference for digestive health and tells his own story of recovery.

Steve talks about three things you must do everyday for optimal health and gives practical tips that you can do to give your family better health everyday.

Notes From This Episode

2:02- Steve’s own health problems
2:52- Why his family called him “the gas man”
4:07- Why Steve got in trouble with his boxx
4:37- The pivotal moment for him
5:37- How he got in to health education
6:35- The Leaky Gut- Is Poop Leaking in to the body
6:52- The small intestine is only one cell thick
7:55- How food and toxins can escape into the body
8:52- What causes heartburn and indigestion
11:22- Why antacids and PPIs are dangerous
12:37- The underlying causes of stomach problems and how to find your cause
13:22- Two Supplements to help increase stomach acid
14:31- The supplement turned his life around.
15:33- Other symptoms that can be caused by digestive problems (skin problems, fatigue, etc)
16:00- How every disease can be traced back to the gut
16:16- How intestinal permeability (leaky gut) leads to disease
18:22- How gut problems manifest differently in different people
19:22- What causes diarrhea
20:00- The fastest way to stop diarrhea
20:42- Why you might not be absorbing your food
21:10- What causes constipation
21:20- How gut infections lead to constipation and diarrhea
22:02- How to poop more easily
22:32- The hormonal component of digestion
23:22- Three things you MUST do everyday
24:03- The major factors that harm gut health
24:32- Why stress is so important
24:30- The triggers of leaky gut
25:02- Head injuries and gut health
25:32- SIBO
25:52- Two things to improve gut health fast
26:52- Things to do to help your gut- paleo autoimmune diet
27:22- One reason to binge on gluten
29:22- Another reason to eat healthy fats
30:07- Tips to help kids with digestive issues
30:52- Interesting study about feeding kids candy
32:37- The advice he wishes he’d gotten
33:22- One action step to take now
24:55- Resources he likes

Resources We Mentioned

Book: Why Stomach Acid is Good for You by Jonathan Wright
Supplement: Betaine HCL with herbal bitters
Supplement: Natural Calm
Supplement: Vitamin C
Article: The triggers that can cause leaky gut
Supplement: Prescript Assist Probiotics
Article: Health Benefits of fermented foods
Blog: ChrisKresser.com
Blog: Dr. Kalish
Blog: Tim Ferriss
Solving Leaky Gut System

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Reader Comments

  1. My primary care doctor put me on a PPI (Prilosec) for a suspected stomach ulcer. I won’t see a GI doctor for another month. Does anyone know if a PPI is safe to take for that long? And does this seem appropriate treatment for an ulcer?

    (I was put on a very strong antibiotic a couple months ago that seems to have wrecked my gut. I’m doing much better now, likely thanks to probiotics and cleaning up my diet. The specific antibiotic I was on does not kill H.Pylori and I’m wondering if that’s the cause of my ulcer.)

    • My naturopath
      suggested cabbage juice raw 3X/day 1/2 cup
      Licorish and plantain pills.
      SOLVED ME IN 3 weeks

    • Hi Bethany, have you tried Manuka Honey? A family member had H.Pylori and treated it with a high UMF rated Manuka Honey. I have also taken it for stomach issues.

      I think it’s recommend to use Manuka Honey with a minimum UMF rating of 18 (preferably stronger) to help with ulcers etc, but I guess everyone has different needs and tolerance levels 🙂

      I have been able to get Manuka Honey from my local health food store. They stocked the stronger honey (higher UMF). Just thought this might help!

    • I was diagnosed once with H PYLORI. after having to buy the kit $500 once I started taking it I did not stop vomiting for 2 days. The pharmacist said continue is normal. My doctor said stop immediately. The two antibiotics did not agree with me. I met another doctor who gave me the name of other antibiotics to replace the ones in the box. I’ve been living with this ulcera all my life and when I take probiotics seems to cease. Also I learn not to eat or drink that cause the pain. To piece the pain, you put milk to freeze, and suck the ice of this milk slowly and is like a miracle.

  2. Wow! I learned so much by listening to this podcast yesterday! I recently started experiencing heartburn and a chronic glob of mucus in my throat which I’ve learned is caused from GERD. I plan to try some of these natural solutions that Steve discussed.

    Thanks for the post show notes!

  3. Thanks for the info! I have been struggling with chronic heartburn for a very long time, and I have gotten fed up with doctors who pull out one pill after another, but never try to find the underlying cause. I have experimented and researched a lot on possible causes and natural remedies, etc. but nothing I have found has really made any difference. I did the Whole 30 for the second time this summer, and realized that I need to make the paleo diet a habit in my life. Not only was my heartburn a million times better, but I made the connection that both times I have gotten pregnant (after trying for some time) I was on a dairy free and grain free diet. Coincidence? My instincts tell me no. I haven’t found much on my own that addresses the specifics of heartburn causes, etc. in a way that makes sense to me, so I’m excited about the things I’ve learned in this podcast. I am struggling through the process of becoming a fully grain free and dairy free family, but I’m getting there with awesome resources like Wellness Mama! Thanks!

  4. How can a friend listen to this in a format other than iTunes? She NEEDS this podcast, but she doesn’t have iTunes. I tried Stitcher, but this particular episode isn’t loaded there. She has a PC, and I don’t think she has a smartphone. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I have been struggling with reflux disorder for about two years so I am excited to try the Betaine HCL.

  6. I was diagnosed with GERD last spring. I’m in the middle of an IVF cycle and want to know if Betaine HCL is safe for me to take. I’ll need to stop using the omeprazole once I’ve conceived. And besides that I have been on these meds for much longer than I wanted to be on it.

  7. Is there a link or recommendation for the digestive enzymes? I am very interested in trying them. I’m just starting the GAPS diet. Thank you for being so informative and thorough in your research and recommendations!

  8. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey? It’s actually what gives honey its antibiotic quality and it’s also found in Manuka honey. The flowers of the Manuka plant actually contains dihydroxyacetone. Additionally, this honey also contains methylglyoxal.

    Because Manuka contains methylglyoxal, there’s the Unique Manuka Factor, which is used to determine the quality of all brands of Manuka honey.

    The Unique Manuka factor is often used to measure the potency of the honey by measuring the compounds. In order for this type of honey to be potent enough for medicinal purposes, it should have a Unique Manuka Factor of five, which is adequate, while ten is the best. A rating of ten or high will label the honey as active Manuka honey or UMF Manuka honey.

  9. I know this is an old podcast, but I just read the transcript and loved the info. However, I suffer from chronic gastritis and cannot tolerate HCL. I have tried many times and it always makes the burning in my stomach worse. I already eat very clean and avoid dairy, gluten, and sugar. The gastritis seems to flare up for no apparent reason. Suggestions? I am really tired of this and am starting to be very concerned about developing gastic cancer from all the inflamation.

  10. I had loose really loose stool, steatorrhea, skin issues, ear infections, poor fat absorption for about a decade. My poop was a pity. It started getting worse. I went to a western med doc, what a complete joke. I went to a homeopathic doc, did a candida cleanse, went on bile acids, went on digestive enzymes. They worked kind of. I tried a couple candida cleanses, with appropriate diet, did the whole exclusion diet. Nothing really worked till I started eating sauerkraut and drank about a couple gallons of red cabbage juice over a month or so. I make my own kraut now with purple cabbage. Its super easy and really makes a lot of meals taste better. I also drank a couple gallons of fresh cabbage juice over a month or so. It can kill off bad bacteria because it has a natural sulfur and chlorine in it. It has L-Glutamine, an amino acid, that can heal the stomach and intestinal lining. Leaky gut can cause a host of issues. Anyway, my digestive system is fantastic now and I straight up give credit to sauerkraut. It worked in about a month and a half. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy planned to see if I had some crazy stuff going on, but as the appointments got nearer my digestion got better. I went ahead with the procedure anyway, and everything looked good. What a relief that was. God bless the purple kraut!! MAKE YOUR OWN RED CABBAGE SAUERKRAUT!!!!!! LOTS OF BAD TO BONE PROBIOTICS THAT OVER THE COUNTER PROBIOTICS CANT REPLICATE!! let food be your medicine. I also drank a lot of bone broth.

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