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Looking back over the past decade, I realize that even after giving birth to six children (read all of my birth stories starting here), I’ve never had what would be considered a “normal” birth and this one was no exception as I had a complete breech water birth at home.

The Beauty of Birth

My labors and deliveries have run the gamut, as I’ve had the “typical” hospital birth with all of its interventions with my first, a 26-hour natural labor and hospital birth with my second, a life-saving c-section due to placenta previa with my third, a 25-hour hospital VBAC with my fourth, a 15-hour breech home birth with my fifth, and now a 3.5 hour breech water birth with my sixth.

Some of these birth experiences were not what I wanted them to be, but in hindsight, they were all exactly what I needed at the time, and I’ve learned to be grateful for what each one of them has taught me:

  • My first birth taught me the importance of having a truly supportive birth team and the importance of environment for achieving the birth you hope for.
  • My second labor taught me that I am stronger than I realized and the importance of endurance and relaxation during labor.
  • My third birth was my most difficult, as I never thought I’d have a c-section and it was the scariest experience of my life for me and for our son. It taught me that I am not in control, and that sometimes the best plan is not the one I wanted or expected.
  • My fourth birth was in some ways my easiest, but it taught me not to have expectations about labor and birth (I was hoping it would be shorter since she was our fourth).
  • My fifth labor taught me to trust my body and fight for my birth choices, and it was my shortest labor at the time (also a breech birth).
  • My sixth was my fastest and most intense and taught me that breech is a variation of normal (at least for my body) and that no two births are the same.

My Breech Water Birth

I really thought that after giving birth five times already that I kind of had this labor and birth thing figured out, and I was so sure of that I just “knew” how things would go. As all of our babies have been at least somewhat early (usually around 39 weeks), I fully expected to have this one at least a week or so before my due date and planned on this.

Turning things upside down…

At about 36 weeks, we found out that this baby was breech. I was disappointed but not entirely surprised, since two of our other kids had been breech at this point in pregnancy (one flipped and one was born breech). I started the protocol on to encourage her to flip, played music low down on my stomach, put a bag of frozen peas on the top of my stomach, tried acupuncture and all of the other methods that are often recommended to get a breech baby to turn heads-down.

For whatever reason, this little one wanted to enter the world bottom-first as my attempts to turn her were unsuccessful.

Contractions? Or not?

My husband had a week-long business trip when I was 37 weeks so of course I wondered if I would have the baby while he was away. Not surprisingly, I started having contractions three days after he left. They started at about midnight and were strong enough to keep me from sleeping. I timed them and they were 4-5 minutes apart, eventually getting as close as three minutes and lasting up to a minute long.

They were VERY uncomfortable, and I’d compare them to 4-5 cm contractions in previous labors. I called the midwife, she came to check on me, and at about 5 AM… the contractions completely stopped.

I’d never had a false alarm for labor before and felt quite embarrassed, thinking I’d only thought I was in labor. I was grateful, as I really wanted my husband to make it home before the baby came, but I couldn’t figure out why the contractions had just stopped and I felt bad for calling the midwives before it was time.

The next day, just as I was starting to fall asleep, the contractions started again. And lasted until 5 AM again. And stopped AGAIN.

I chalked it up to the stress of my husband being out of town and the fact that we had gotten 10+ inches of snow and ice and were essentially snowed in. This pattern repeated itself every night. Contractions from around 1 AM until 5 AM each night… not the best for sleep!

My husband finally got home… but the contractions continued each night 1-5 AM like clockwork. They weren’t “painful” but were intense and uncomfortable enough to make sleep close to impossible.

After a solid week of this, I realized that I was having prodromal labor. This is more common in moms who have had 3+ babies and when baby isn’t in the right position (breech) as the mom’s body attempts to move the baby into the correct position. Unfortunately, my body decided to do this work in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep, instead of normal business hours!

One week of prodromal labor each night and I was exhausted.

Two weeks and I was in tears each night, just wanting to sleep.

Three weeks of prodromal labor and I was doubting my sanity.

After four full weeks of prodromal labor and a full week past my due date, I resigned myself to the fact that obviously this baby was never going to come out and just started obsessively cleaning (not realizing I was nesting…)

Moving on up… or down?

That night, the contractions started like clockwork, just as they had for weeks. 5 AM came… and they didn’t stop. I figured that they had just decided to start lasting even longer to keep me from sleeping ever.

All day, the contractions continued at 4-5 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds. Uncomfortable but not painful as I could still talk through them. I just assumed that prodromal labor was going to be constant at this point and angrily cleaned, cooked, baked and organized (so obvious in hindsight that I was nesting and would soon go into labor!).

By late afternoon, I wondered if labor was starting as I was cooking dinner. When we finished eating at around 6:30 PM, I had the first contractions that were uncomfortable enough that I sent a text to my midwife:

Contractions are getting more like 4-5 mins at this point and more uncomfortable but still not bad. Think it is fiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaallllyyy labor for real but afraid I’ll stall if you guys come too soon. Long way of saying, I don’t need you yet but just wanted to keep you posted…

Still thinking that labor might just be getting started, I cleaned up from dinner and my husband and I got the kids ready for bed. We tucked in the kids at about 7:30 PM and the contractions immediately picked up. They were now about three minutes apart and definitely uncomfortable. Since the midwives were over an hour away, I texted them that it was definitely labor and was glad to get this reply:

Already left home. 🙂 Had a feeling it was time.

Since my previous labors tended to be 24+ hours, I figured I still had a long way to go, but I was also a little bit nervous because the contractions were getting increasingly difficult to work through and the idea of another 20+ hours of them was daunting to say the least.

The midwives arrived just before 9:00 PM I think (time got a little hazy at this point), and I remember saying things like “I can’t do this for another 20 hours” and “Why do I always think this is a good idea? Some of my friends love epidurals,” (note to self- this is usually a sign of transition!).

I also started needing my husband’s support during the contractions at this point, calling him when each one started and leaning on him while moaning through the intensity. I still had pretty good breaks between contractions (4-5 minutes, I think) and was able to talk and even joke between them so I was mentally preparing for the long haul and hoping I’d have the baby before noon the next day.

The contractions continually got tougher and sometime around 9:30 ish, the midwives suggested I try getting in the tub. I told them that I was afraid it would slow my labor down (laughable now) and they responded that they really didn’t think it would at this point.

Oh the Water…

The water definitely took the edge off the contractions or at least provided a welcome distraction. I tried to relax as much as possible and at about 9:45 PM, I felt a “pop” as my water broke (the fluid was clear). This is about the time that I started to have the “doula battle” with myself internally.

After being a doula for several years, labor has become an interesting internal conversation between my rational doula side and my not-so-logical laboring mom side. This time, the conversation in my head was going something like this:

Doula Me: “You water just broke and you are questioning why you don’t get pain medication… you are almost done.”

Pregnancy me: “No, I’m not. Stop trying to get my hopes up. My water broke before labor with my first baby. I still probably have hours of this left. Is food burning in the oven? How did I miss that spot on the grout of the tub when I was cleaning… Ugh… Another contraction.”

I didn’t feel pushy immediately after my water broke as I had with previous deliveries, which is normal when baby’s head isn’t pushing on the cervix. I was encouraged though, because I realized I was at least now in “real” labor but was still in denial about just how far along I was (despite the discomfort of definite transition contractions).

At this point, I also started feeling a LOT of pressure on my pubic bone and front right side. I had absolutely no back labor at all but had the equivalent in my lower abdomen because of her position. I could feel her move down and the pressure on my pubic bone continued to increase.

This was the point I somewhat remember saying something along the lines of “I don’t think I can do this,” (classic about-to-push sign for me).

The midwives suggested that I get in a forward-leaning hands and knees position, which I did with the help of my husband. The pressure intensified almost immediately and I felt baby move down quite a bit. I was simultaneously trying to relax but also having trouble relaxing (a friend who was planning to photograph the birth was still a few minutes away and I wasn’t exactly excited about the pushing phase…)

I also knew (from my previous breech delivery) that it is important to wait until I was completely dilated before attempting to push so even when I started feeling push-y, I tried to focus on calmly breathing (which externally looked more like a mixture of grunting, moaning and cursing… I was totally calm…or not)

My husband sat on the edge of the tub and I was able to lean on him for comfort and support at this point, which really helped me relax.

The urge to push…

I’ve always thought that the term “urge to push” was funny as I would more accurately describe it as” the-overwhelming-and-impossible-to-ignore-reflex-to-expel-a-baby.”

Whatever you want to call it, I felt it.

Having now vaginally delivered a breech baby twice, I can also say that while the desire to push is just as strong with a breech presentation, it also feels much different. Many women describe pushing as feeling like they are having a bowel movement and this isn’t the case (at least in my experience) with a breech. In fact, it felt much more like my public bone was being snapped in half and my hips being pushed out of their sockets.

At 9:55 PM I officially started pushing. I pushed somewhat slowly for a few minutes as I felt her slowly move down. Once the “ring of fire” started, I decided that I’d had enough of this and pushed a lot harder. This part is somewhat hazy, but I remember thinking that I had to actually work a lot harder in pushing her out than I had with my others.

This is the mentally toughest moment of labor for me, in realizing that I’m almost done and at the same time that the only way to make the pain stop is to push through it and create more pain in the short term. I always wished I was like some women (including my mom) who feel some relief during the pushing phase and actually think it is less intense than transition.

With a really hard push, the burning intensified and then I felt some relief as she “rumped” (the word used instead of “crowned” with a breech baby since they present bottom-first). At this point, the midwives were actively monitoring me and baby but not touching her (this hands-off method is often recommended for breech deliveries to avoid startling baby and causing her to raise her hands before they emerge).

Out came her bottom, legs and feet all at once. This is known as a complete breech presentation by definition, not a frank breech as my last had been. This also explained why I felt I had to push harder with her… I was pushing out abdomen, legs and feet at the same time!

Sweet relief…

With another strong push, her hands and head emerged and the midwife lifted her out of the water.

That moment of relief and joy right as she emerged immediately replaced the intensity and discomfort of the previous few hours and I leaned against my husband’s chest, saying “I did it! I can’t believe she is finally out!”

I turned over and was able to hold her for the first time… and 41 weeks of pregnancy, a month of prodromal labor and just over 3 hours of intense labor immediately became worth it in an instant as I stared into her eyes.

Her APGARs were 10 and 10, starting her trend of trying to beat her siblings at everything. (So far, she wins the awards for my longest pregnancy, shortest labor, biggest baby and highest APGARs).

Natural childbirth is definitely hard work, and this is the point at which the intensity and work are worth it. I was able to get out of the water and deliver the placenta and then sit in my own bed with my beautiful newborn.

I was shocked when I looked at the clock and realized that it was only just after 10 PM! I was used to REALLY long labors and was very surprised to realize that the tough part of my labor had only been just over 3 hours! Not only were our other kids still sleeping peacefully upstairs (shockingly after my not-so-quiet pushing phase), but my labor had been so fast that we were even going to get some sleep that night!

I was also extremely grateful for experienced and intuitive midwives who could tell even from my text when it was time, as they wouldn’t have made it if I had waited until I really thought I was in labor to call them. In some ways, this breech water birth was my easiest labor (based on time) and it some ways it was my toughest (intensity and pushing). It was without a doubt my favorite labor so far, as it was the first one where I’ve felt truly supported and completely trusted my birth team.

Shorter Labor… What Made the Difference?

In the days following her breech water birth, I’ve wondered what made the drastic difference in the length of my labor this time around (over 12 hours shorter than my previous shortest and over 20 hours shorter than most of my labors). I think these things all contributed:

  • A Birth Team I Trust– This is without a doubt the biggest factor in my shorter labor this time. Sadly, it took until my sixth birth to have a birth team that I completely trusted and felt safe with. With previous deliveries, I always had circumstances that made labor more difficult (and likely longer too), such as being told I “wasn’t allowed” to get out of bed, even with an uncomplicated natural labor, or being told by nurses that it would be easier on them if I’d just get an epidural and be quiet. This time, I was supported, encouraged, and told that my body was doing exactly what it was supposed to do… and it did.
  • Eating dates – I don’t have any proof of this, but I added dates to my protein smoothies for the last few weeks and there is some evidence that natural compounds in dates can shorten labor.
  • Prodromal labor– The one silver lining of my month of torture (I mean, prodromal labor) is that it may have sped up labor. I couldn’t find any statistics on this, but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence and women sharing their experience in forums who had prodromal labor but very short active labors. Midwives often say that not all contractions may dilate the cervix, but they are all accomplishing something, and all of those contractions during prodromal labor were likely helping my body prepare to labor effectively.

Did I Use the Peanut Ball?

Another question I’ve already gotten is if I used the peanut ball or not. I wrote about the fascinating research about peanut-shaped yoga balls and their potential to shorten the first stage of labor by opening the pelvis and encouraging baby’s descent, and said that I was planning to try this method and see if it would shorten labor for me this time.

Unfortunately, since she was breech, I was trying to give her time to flip and wasn’t trying to encourage her to engage or move further down until she did. She ended up being born breech so I never had time to give the peanut ball a try, but have had three friends try it over the last couple of months and they had their shortest labors to date.

Was my Birth Illegal?

Sadly, home birth is not a supported birth option in my state or in quite a few other states in the US. It wasn’t technically illegal for me to give birth at home, but Certified Professional Midwives are not licensed in our state (though many are in other sates) and have to work much harder to find access to important supplies, labs and testing for the women they serve. As our state has one of the highest c-section rates in the country (over 40% in our local area), home birth is one way we could work to reduce these statistics (as the World Health Organization has called for a reduction in any c-section rate over 15%).

This year, we are working to pass legislation that would support Kentucky midwives and make it possible for CPMs to be licensed in our state. If you live in Kentucky and are reading this, please consider following the KY Home Birth Coalition on FB here to check for updates and to find out ways you can help!

Other Pregnancy and Birth Resources

If you’re currently pregnant, here are some other resources that might be helpful to you:

I’d love to hear your birth stories! Please share them in the comments below! 

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153 responses to “My Breech Water Birth Story”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    I truly think dates helped shorten my labor as well! I ate them religiously during the last trimester of my second pregnancy and when I went into labor my son was born less then three hours after arriving at the hospital (compared to 10+ hours with my first).

  2. JEN Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your birth story. I am SO glad you were able to arrange an at home birth for breech. The art of breech birth is becoming a lost one. I was training as a midwife while I was pregnant with my first baby. I eventually gave it up due to lack of support but it is dear to my heart.

    One more resource I wanted to mention for turning Breech (though it sounds like yours was supposed to come out that way) is hypnosis. Hypnobabies makes a very nice CD but any hypnotherapist should be able to help. It is always good to know about options especially when you are in the birth business. AND when almost nobody “allows” breech birth anymore. 🙂

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Thank you so much for telling your birth story! You don’t know how comforting and healing it is to hear that you, someone who has had multiple children and is also a doula, also has moments of self-doubt giving birth. So many things you said I can relate so much with. Thank you for being real and open with us, this story has helped me more than you’ll ever know. I had my first baby in back in November, also a water birth at home. Although my birth was amazing, at times I can’t help but to think I was a huge wimp about it. I list my mucous plug at 5pm and had mild contractions for about 3 hours then they picked up in intensity and what I think was my water broke around 10pm, my midwife didn’t think it was my water and she told me to get some rest so I went all night moving around my house trying to get comfortable, rocking and moaning through contractions. By 3a.m. they calmed down a bit and were about 4-5 min apart (I have no idea how long they were I was in a daze) but I was so tired at this point I would doze off in between them. They picked up again around 5:30a.m. So I got in the shower and by 8 I couldn’t stand it so I called my midwife and told her to come. She arrived at 9, checked me and said she couldn’t feel my cervix only babies head, so I was allowed to get in the pool! Yay! I was certain she was going to say oh you’re a 7 or 8 so I was happy I was fully dialated..and then some. The next three hours are a blur, I just know towards the end I was saying I couldn’t do it, I never felt the “urge” to push and my contractions stalled for the last 45 min of labor. I was exhausted. I was almost falling asleep between pushing, which by the end was just me knowing I needed to get the baby out because my uterus had stopped contracting. my midwife had to help the head out with her fingers and it seemed like an eternity to birth just his head. After his head was finally out I told them I couldn’t push anymore and I seriously couldn’t. I tried but I had nothing left. They made me get out of the pool and had me kneel so they could help the baby out. I gave one last push which was barely anything but was enough to get his neck and tops of shoulders out so the midwives could guide the rest of him out. Finally at 12:19p.m. I got to meet him. I had to quickly lie on the bed and they rushed around to get my placenta out. I got a shot of pitocin and some blood clotting pills orally because I was bleeding more than normal. I guess my midwife knew that when I stopped contracting that I was going to bleed. So looking back I was so disappointed that I didn’t have a peaceful birth AT all. I was loud, I said I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t even push my baby out on my own. Then to top it all off I didn’t get to peacefully give birth to my placenta while sitting in the pool holding my baby. For a few months I was disappointed in myself for how I handled the whole birth, but now I am grateful I have a healthy baby and that I had an (mostly) uncomplicated home birth. Thank you again for your story, you are real and that is refreshing. Enjoy your new baby!

  4. Lorena Avatar

    I can’t help but think “Why does she still want to go thru this after 5 kids?!” Sorry, it just crossed my mind. Do you ever think that while in labor? 6 births!!! Wow! You are brave! My mom also had 6 kids and I am the eldest and I HAD to help her with the smaller ones and in the house. I sincerely hope you don’t make your older daughter help you. LOL. Maybe that is why I don’t want a large family myself. My daughter just turned 4 and I am still not ready for number 2.
    Congratulations on your 6th! 🙂

  5. Candice Avatar

    I had the same time every night of prodromal labor like you with my 3rd but after 2 weeks I was so tired, stressed and body was so exhausted that my blood pressure skyrocketed and had to be induced :/ I’m praying I won’t have that issue again with my 4th, I had pre-e with all three before but could never make it as long as you with the contractions and lack of sleep. Way to go mama! Can’t say I’m looking forward to my birth in June but praying for a faster one and that the dates help! And congrats on baby number 6!

  6. Cori Avatar

    So So Happy for you and you’re family! I am expecting our third in early September and isn’t is so weird how we as women read birth stories and actually DESIRE to have another birth story of our own! You’d think that after doing it once we’d say no way but when your still a while away from it, it seems so exciting!

  7. Heather Avatar

    Love it!! Congratulations! You are so amazing! It was so fun to read this story and know exactly how you were feeling, for the most part – no breech here. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Guey Avatar

    I haven’t read your other pregnancy stories but this sure was a nail biter for me! I am so happy that labor for you was shorter this time!
    How can I find out if home labor is legal in my state? It is so sad that home birth is illigal.
    I am not pregnant yet but I am reading up all I can so that I can feel less scared of having a baby. My hubby and I hope to start getting pregnant soon. The more I read the better I feel about it.
    I am a little concerned because I am 5’1″ and have a small figure and hubby is 5’11”. I want to avoid c section but I don’t know if I can lol.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I had my 8 pound baby vaginally and I am only 4 feet 11 inches. Usually your body will not grow a baby larger than you can handle. Of course there are acceptions to this, but don’t worry that just because you are small it will automatically be a problem. ALl the women in my family are short, some of us very short, and most of our combine births have been all natural, or vaginal.

    2. Hannah Avatar

      I had the same feelings as I am also 5’1″ and my husband is 6′. I naturally delivered my daughter just 2 days before her due date and she was under 8 pounds. I was blessed to have a wonderful hospital team and doctors. You can do it! Lol

  9. Kara Avatar

    Wellness mama… I started following you about 8 months ago when I found your article about castor oil. I have not found anyone out there with such the same beliefs as I have and am so thankful to have found you!
    I had an awful birthing experience a year and a half ago. It was supposed to be a completely natural birth but my water broke early and 3 days at home with contractions and another 24+ hours at the hospital with typical hospital interventions and threats and pushy “midwives” lead to a c section. The amount of fear they put in you is exactly the opposite of what a woman needs in labor and is no wonder so many births end in c section. Id like to one day write a book about it but it has been so long and the amount of mental and physical trauma I experienced Im not sure Id even remember it all.
    I am still dealing with problems physically from the pregnancy and birth and have had multiple surgeries and a new abdominal pain in my upper right that no doctor can seem to figure out.. It is dibilitating and at 26 I am living like an 80 yr old with a little boy to take care of… I know I also have diastasis recti thanks to your blog on that and after my last surgery they found it… I still have to heal that but is it too late?? Im not sure where to even begin with that due to physical therapists pretending they can help me but making it worse and if i were to do the videos Im not sure Id know if Im helping it /making progress!
    Also, I would like to one day have another baby after I figure out what is causing my pain but I am terrified. I dont ever want to relive what happened to me but I dont know how to find the right midwives as Id like to try for a homebirth.. Can you help direct me? Is there a way to email you and further discuss all of this?

    Anyway , thank you for your time and your blog. You have helped give me confidence that my natural ways are not crazy like the medical world will tell you! We are starting the GAPS diet for our son and his eczema thanks to you!

  10. Heather H Avatar

    Congratulations to you! I am no longer able to become pregnant and reading your experience had me on the edge of my seat cheering and brought back wonderful memories of my 2 children’s births~Happy Day to your family!!

  11. Jacey Avatar

    Love love love birth stories! All of them so beautiful and unique. My 5th baby was a week overdue. She wasn’t bree much but I also experienced the weeks of prodromal labor and the doubting and the intensity. Very different from my 4th labor! Big congratulations again. So blessed <3

  12. betsy Avatar

    What a wonderful, healthy story- Congrats! I agree with you the the moments during and after the Ring Of Fire are the hardest for me. I can handle all the pain and intensity of labor, but when it comes to pushing the fear really sets in and I realize the finish line is SO close, but over a giant *painful* hurdle.

  13. Charmaigne Avatar

    I feel certain that dates shorten labor. I ate 6 dates a day from 34 weeks on with my last pregnancy and had such an easy, natural labor. I was only in labor for 3 hours and was not rushing to the hospital at all because it wasn’t “that” bad and I figured that I had more time. As soon as I got to the hospital, I felt her coming out. I was rushed to the delivery room and she was born 8 minutes later without very much effort in pushing. My labor with my first baby was many hours longer and with given pitocin and even an epidural, it was a lot more painful. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with a surrogacy baby and I definitely plan on eating dates again! It works!!

  14. Julia Lee Avatar

    Your story makes me want another one! I had a home birth with my last baby, and even though he had a shoulder dystocia, I really enjoyed having him at home. The midwives made the experience amazing. I had a lot less pain than my hospital birth, where I was begging for an epidural at 4 cm. I did ask the midwives to take me to the hospital during my labor, but it was literally like 10 minutes before I started pushing lol. Congratulations on the new addition!

  15. Bree Meissner Avatar
    Bree Meissner

    So proud of you for keeping natural births eventhough they have never been easy for you at all!!!
    Question, as I was reading in my go to book, The Nourishing Traditions Baby Book, I was reading how 8.5-9 pound babies are healthiest. I had a really healthy 7 pound baby and was wondering what your take was on it. Did you notice that as you have become more healthy through the years that each baby has been heavier at delivery? Thanks!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      THis one was my healthiest and easiest pregnancy and she was the biggest. My others (other than my preemie) were pretty close to the same size though, even as I got healthier, and were all in the 7-7.5 range…

  16. Candace Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. I find pregnancy and giving birth so fascinating; both are true miracles. Much love to you and your family.

  17. Niki Avatar

    Do you find your recovery longer or harder from your quick delivery? My 4th child (born almost 1 year ago) was my quickest labor ever. From 1 cm to birth in four hours. I did not have prodromal labor. Labor literally started while I slept, waking every 5-7 minutes for an intense, but not painful contraction for an hour until I decided it was time to walk around and see if this was real or false labor (which I had with baby #3). I didn’t want to embarrass myself (again) with a trip into our hospital with #4. It became very apparent that this labor was the real deal and I transitioned while my husband loaded our children into the car for a quick Grandparent drop off. Let me just tell you how AWFUL active labor is in a car!!! Because this was my first all natural birth (mainly because I didn’t have time for an epidural at the hospital ?) I was extremely surprised at how quiet I was. When I did talk, I whispered. Odd. Anyhow, baby was born (largest baby by 2lbs too) just a half hour after making it to labor and delivery and that sweet amazing relief of delivering was quickly replaced with intense horrific pressure from my OB as she tried to stop me from hemorrhaging. Perhaps it was that after birth ridiculous beating of my uterus that caused such a tramatic recovery, but it took well over two weeks longer for my body to be pain free in recovery. I had read and talked with a friend who had the same experiences with a long recovery after such a quick transition and birth with no hemorrhage.
    Congratulations on your precious little girl!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      This recovery has been more difficult. I just feel more bruised and sore, though I was surprised because I didn’t tear and my pregnancy was so easy other than the prodromal labor…

      1. Niki Avatar

        That’s exactly how I felt, very bruised and sore! Hoping you feel much better now! Congrats again!

  18. Fran Cline Avatar
    Fran Cline

    I’ve had 4 natural births, and I could not agree more the pushing part is the worst. I can handle everything else but the last phase was always dreaded. The ring of fire killed me everytime.

  19. Meagan Avatar

    Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl! What a beautiful, strong and powerful story. Thank you for sharing. I’m 33 weeks and looking forward to our second home water birth here in Canada.

    All the best as you settle in with the new baby,

  20. Natalie Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your birth story and so much helpful info 🙂 I’m going to be 36 weeks on Friday and planning my 3rd home birth. My first was 9 hours of super intense labor, several hours of double peaked contractions and a water birth. He was 10 days late and when he decided he was coming he came fast. He ended up being 10 lb 3 oz and 23.5″. My second was 12 years later. I knew I was in labor at 8 pm and decided to try to sleep. Was shocked to wake up at 7:30 the next morning still having contractions and lost my mucus plug as soon as I got out of bed. My hubby and I went for a walk, played cards, watched a movie and made a birthday cake. I think finally about 5pm I started going into “the labor zone” and we called the midwives and the rest of my labor support team and photographer. I think about 8pm maybe my midwife suggested that hubby and I go rest and cuddle and I put my hypnobabies on my headphones. I remember waking up to my first REALLY painful contraction thinking “wtf hypnobabies! You were supposed to “create anesthesia”” lol I got in the labor pool which helped some, but I was still really hurting and felt like I was going to throw up (transition, duh) I had 2 hours of painful labor total. He had his cord wrapped 3 times and it was a short cord to begin with, which is why we think he came down so slowly, and she actually had to clamp and cut it with just his head out to be able to unwrap it. My husband had to pull me up to standing and they had to help me get him out which was a bit traumatic (likely some shoulder distocia). It took him a little bit to take a breath which was really scary, but my midwives were incredible and his heartbeat was strong the whole time. He was my “little” baby at 8 lbs 10 oz and 21.5″, 7 days late. Almost 3 years later I’m about to have my third boy. I know labor is different every time and I feel like I actually have more anxiety this time than I did with my first! I know I have a great team and that my body can do this, but that whole thing about forgetting how much it hurts is a whole lotta hooey 😉

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