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Make a natural labor and birth kit for hospital or home
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I’ve gotten several emails lately about resources and advice for natural labor and birth. Since I’ve been through that rodeo a few times now, I thought I’d share some of the best resources I’ve found and what goes with me during labor/delivery.

Some books that I read that were influential in my decision to go natural were:

I also highly recommend the documentary The Business of Being Born which breaks down modern maternity care in America and has some touching birth stories.

After delivering naturally, I wouldn’t want to give birth any other way, but it does take a little more preparation. Except for those women with 2 hour labors (and oh, how I envy you!) labor can often be a test of endurance. In my experience, the ability to relax and “let go” often has the biggest influence on an easy labor, and there are certainly things one can prepare ahead to help with relaxation.

This is my basic hospital list, and for a home birth, a midwife will often give you a list of additional items.

During Labor

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea
  • Homemade Gatorade or Labor Ade (here’s a great recipe)
  • Heating pad (I use a rice heating pad that can be heated in the microwave)
  • Birth Ball (large exercise ball… great for sitting on to help ease contractions)
  • Chamomile Tincture to help relax
  • Digestion Tincture for nausea in transition
  • Homemade Massage Oil (Coconut or almond oil with essential oils)
  • Lip Chap
  • Tennis balls tied up in a long sock for counter pressure on my back
  • Homemade healthy snacks and drinks since they won’t serve food to laboring women in hospitals
  • Peppermints and peppermint essential oil (for labor, I don’t use while nursing as this can reduce milk supply)
  • Ice packs
  • iPod with my “labor soundtrack” containing everything from the Rocky theme song to Gregorian chant
  • Copy of Birth Plan (You can download mine here to use as a sample)
  • Camera/videocamera
  • A robe and warm socks (I despise hospital gowns, even in labor)

Realistically, most of these things don’t get used, but I’d much rather have them ready and not need them. I do try to drink some of the Laborade and eat something nutritious before heading to the hospital (which I do during transition to minimize the possibility of interventions). Most of these items don’t go with me to the hospital either, since I’m usually in transition before I leave.

What to Bring to The Hospital

My Doula Bag/Home birth Kit

When I’m doula-ing or preparing for a home birth, I have some additional supplies on hand, along with the kit for the midwife/birth tub, etc…

What is your ideal way to give birth? If you’ve delivered naturally before, what is your best advice for others? Share below!

Labor and birth are wonderful but intense times, and having a natural labor and birth kit on hand can help make the journey to motherhood a lot easier.

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  1. JW Avatar

    Very helpful and supportive information 🙂 However, one thing I’d disagree with is your birth plan. You never know what will happen or what you/baby will need. The doc had to hook me up to monitors and IV because my baby’s heart rate kept dropping. They used a vacuum to get her out because she was in distress. Her cord was tied in a knot and so they couldn’t keep it attached immediately after birth, they had to make sure she was getting enough oxygen. Telling the doctors how to go about necessary actions for the health and safety of both you and the baby is not a good idea. I would not encourage it. Best to say that birth plans should be flexible, this gives mommas a realistic idea of what can happen during the birth. I just listened to the doctors because I trusted my team.

  2. Caitie Avatar

    Hi! I read through all the comments hop8ng to find an answer on what the Cayenne pepper pills are for and when you use them in labour and delivery but couldn’t find an answer! Would you share that info? Due in two weeks and trying to get my stuff together!

  3. Lorena Avatar

    Hello Wellness Mama. Thank you for all your wonderful articles. I’ll be having a c-section in 3 weeks and I’m a little concerned about blood loss since I have low platelets. They may put me under general anesthesia if I can’t get the spinal due to my low platelet count. I was wondering how much and when should I take the cayenne pepper? Is it okay to start a couple days before my c-section and how soon after the c-section? I’ve been trying to boost my platelet count naturally with beet juice, beet kvass and chlorophyll but I don’t know if it’s working. 🙁 Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Mandi Avatar

    Hi, ? Can u tell me what the cayenne pepper capsules for for? To stop excess bleeding??

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