Adobo Seasoning Recipe

How to make adobo seasoning

When I shared my Sriracha Mayo recipe and mentioned that another great flavor variation for homemade mayo is to add adobo seasoning, I realized that I’d never shared my adobo recipe before, even though it is a spice I use almost daily.

What is Adobo Seasoning?

Adobo seasoning is a mixture of garlic and other spices that is often used to season meats, beans, soups and other dishes in Latin American, Caribbean, and Filipino cuisines. In my kitchen, it is a general all-purpose seasoning that I add to meats, soups, seafood, eggs, roasted vegetables and many other dishes.

The word Adobo stems from the Spanish word “Adobar,” meaning “to marinate,” and there are many variations of this seasoning, including liquid versions that often include vinegar. The base ingredients are garlic, black pepper, turmeric and oregano, though other spices can be added (and I add several others to my variation).

How to Use Adobo Seasoning

This combination of spices adds great depth to dishes without overpowering them, and is versatile enough to be used on practically everything. Some suggestions for how to use Adobo Seasoning:

  • In marinades for meats or chicken
  • As an all-purpose seasoning on seafood
  • On grilled meats and vegetables
  • In soups of all kinds
  • In omelets, quiches or other egg dishes
  • In guacamole
  • To give flavor variation to homemade mayonnaise
How to make adobo seasoning

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Adobo Seasoning Recipe



Yield 2 cups

Versatile adobo seasoning is great with meats, seafood, guacamole, soups, roasted vegetables and practically any other dish. I keep this delicious spice blend on hand and use it almost daily.



  1. Make sure that all ingredients are finely ground/powdered.
  2. Combine ingredients and mix well.
  3. Store in an air-tight glass jar and use as desired on dishes.


If you prefer, you can omit the salt from this recipe and just add it as desired when using this spice.

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Other Homemade Spices to Try

Like this recipe? I recommend ordering herbs and spices in bulk and making your own spice blends at home as a great way to avoid additives found in most commercial spices, and an easy way to save money. I order most of my herbs and spices in bulk (from here) and make all of my own blends, including:

What is your favorite type of seasoning? 

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  5. I am interested in gluten free recipes. Natural supplements.n any info with the thyroid(Hashimoto) and Adrenal Fatigue. Thank you n God Bless. Val

  6. Thank you for this, I love adobo. So great to find a healthy version!

  7. I have converted to using coconut oil for a lot of my cooking now…thanks to your 101 uses of coconut oil, I have learned to use it for many other things. My household is transitioning slowly, but we are doing it! Thanks for your dedication to your mission!

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  9. Hello,

    Thanks for coming up with a healthy adobo recipe that can be made at home! I’m saving that one! I was wondering, could you find out how to make a healthy sazon seasoning too please? I haven’t seen any without MSG.

    • I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for reading!

  10. Hi Wellness Mama,

    Thank you for all the hard work you do! I came across with your site just now, and looking for home made Curry powder, and it looks great. This Adobo seasoning it’s well put together. I’m from Philippines sometimes I used adobo seasoning. I have been making my own seasoning from scratch for the last couple of years and it’s way better than store bought and much cheaper. Btw, I make great Chicken Curry (:

    Thank you again for sharing!
    xoxo Leah Manipol