Homemade Lip Chap Recipe

Homemade Lip Chap Recipe- simple and inexpensive to make

Lip chap is a very simple item to make at home and it saves a lot of money over buying organic brands at the store. These also make a great gift item, stocking stuffer or a safe play make up for kids. I keep a lot on hand when doula-ing to give to laboring moms as hospital air can really dry out skin and lips.

Homemade lip chap uses all natural ingredients that can also be used to make dozens of other natural skin and body care recipes.

Since lip products are applied right next to the mouth and nose, I find it especially important to make sure they contain all natural ingredients, especially if children use them also. Lip chap is an incredibly easy recipe that can be customized to your preferences. I pour them in to these inexpensive lip chap containers for easy application, but re-using little jars or tins works really well too. (I had a bunch of tiny sample size jam jars that were in our room at a hotel one time and they are perfect for this as well).

If you haven’t made your own beauty products before, I’d encourage you to try it! With a lot of the same ingredients, you can make a natural lip salve, tinted lip balm or even homemade lipstick.

The basic Lip Chap recipe is below, but have fun experimenting with the oils an flavors to get the scent and flavor you like. Mint is my favorite, especially in the winter!

Homemade natural Lip Chap recipe

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Homemade Lip Chap Recipe
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An easy and completely natural homemade lip chap that you can customize to your own preferences.
Recipe type: Beauty
  • 1 part beeswax (example- 1 tablespoon)
  • 2 parts shea, cocoa or mango butter (example-2 tablespoons)
  • 2 parts coconut oil (example-2 tablespoons)
  • 20 drops of essential oil of choice (or more or less to your preference) I use 20+ drops of peppermint essential oil for a cooling and refreshing lip chap.
  1. Put about an inch of water in the bottom of a small pan and turn on medium heat.
  2. Place a small (pint size or smaller) jar in the water, being careful not to get in water inside the jar.
  3. Place all ingredients except the essential oils inside the glass jar and slowly melt, making sure not to get any water in jar. I use 2 tablespoons each of the butter(s) and coconut oil and 1 tablespoons of beeswax. This fills about 18 tubes.
  4. When all ingredients are melted, stir well and turn off heat, but leave jar in the water to keep warm.
  5. Stir in the essential oils.
  6. Use a glass dropper to quickly fill the containers. I leave the jar in the water but turn off the heat to keep the ingredients liquid while I do this.
  7. The mixture will settle slightly as it cools, so I also re-top the containers after about 2 minutes as they start to harden.
  8. Let sit without touching for several hours or until completely hardened.
  9. Store in a cool dry place (they will last for at least a year if stored correctly).
  10. Enjoy!
This will make a medium firm lip chap. If you prefer a firmer and longer lasting lip chap, you can add more beeswax, up to double the recommended amount. If you prefer a smoother and more oily lip chap, you can reduce the amount of beeswax.

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Do you make any of your own beauty products? What recipes would you like to try? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    I love that you call it “lip chap.” That is what i called it growing up but then people began making fun of me saying that it’s chapstick. I forgot I even used to call it that so I’m glad i wasn’t the only one. My in-laws now make fun of me for saying “cupboard” instead of cabinet. Maybe I’m just an easy target?!?! LOL

    • Kesha says

      I grew up with those two terms– “lip chap” and “cupboard”–as well, and was also ridiculed! That’s very funny. :-)

    • Melissa says

      Awww, I have never heard Lip Chap before, but it makes sense. I mean we say Lip Balm and Chapstick is just a brand really. I think that since it is in a tube it’s like “Lip Chap-Stick form”. :) I use Cupboard though, for me Cupboards are where dishes go or under sinks. And cabinets are like armoires, but I rarely if ever use cabinet. If makes me feel like I am talking about politics. lol.

    • Jen says

      Wow, the memory of getting made fun of in high school for saying lip chap just hit me out of the foggy past when I read your comment. Glad to be in good company :P

  2. Jessica Ferraro says

    if you can’t find beeswax, up the cocoa butter: it melts at right around body temperature, which makes it right around perfect for lips in my book. cocoa butter smells better than beeswax, too!

  3. says

    I make my own lip balm – my favourite at the moment (here in the Australian summer!) is beeswax, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter with some grapefruit and lavender essentail oils :)

  4. Jade says

    I have beeswax pellets, cocoa butter disks and solid shea butter from mountain rose. How can I measure the ingredients considering I dont have a scale? Do you recommend grating the cocoa disks?

  5. Dawn says

    Can I use flavor oil in these to make them fun for my daughter? I haven’t done any research on them so I wasn’t sure if they were safe to use or if you only recommend using essential oils.

    • Fanny says

      i was going to make this recipe and add some flavor oil instead of essential oil, im sure its fine. theres two companys i know of that sell good flavor oils, newdirectionsaromatics.ca and saffireblue.ca. i bought chai flavor oil, and strawberry flavor oil they are both really nice in lip balms and lip glosses :)

  6. Lizelle says

    Can I use Carnauba Wax instead of Beeswax? Hubby is deathly allergic to honey (Which seriously sucks), so I do not want to take any chances

  7. Bridget Mae says

    love this stuff. butbut my daughterwanted make it for her classroom,an y idea if a kid with a bee allergy can use beeswax? or should i stick to some other wax?

      • Vanessa says

        I have a bee allergy and cannot use bee by-product such as beeswax or bee pollen (causes blisters, rash, and swelling in area of use)

    • Elizabeth says

      Nope. Not safe.

      I have a coworker whose lips developed a red ring after using some of my lip balm. She said earlier that a lotion bar had irritated her skin. I said it was an allergic reaction. She replied she had no allergies. I did not know at the time that she is allergic to bees and wasps. Good thing to know for next time.

  8. Pam says

    When making thing like this or the lotion bars do you melt the coconut oil first or measure it out hardened from the jar?

    • Flora says

      You don’t have to melt it to measure it. I usually use a spoon to scoop it from the jar and into a measuring cup.

  9. Michelle says

    Thank you for the great recipes. Do you think that almond oil could be used in place of the coconut oil for the lip chap? I have a mild allergy to coconut, and wondered what would make a good substitution to try your recipes out?

  10. Melissa says

    This recipe is AMAZING thank you so much!
    For those who may not have or want to use shea or cocoa butter, my shea butter had gone bad and I looked around for a substitute. I had lanolin (pure, not mixed with anything) replaced the Shea Butter with it and it feels simply wonderful! I also added an additional “part” one half of that part vitamin E and the other half split between Almond and Jojoba oil. Best chapstick I have ever had. I used to buy the organic chapstick from Whole Foods but at $2 a piece at the amount I use it was getting ridiculous, SO glad I found your website. I am going to make deodorant and possibly lotion tomorrow!! :D

    P.S. This is also nice for extra dry “spots” if you have eczema patches.

    • Melissa says

      6 months later and I just ran out, and I didn’t do tablespoons as my “parts”, amazing how long this lasts. I came back for the recipe again. Before I forgot to mention I do not use any essential oils, as they irritate my lips.

  11. Andrea Meyer says

    Has anyone else used the Beet Powder to color? I did today and it didn’t totally dissolve so mine is part red and rest original color. Aside from that, I love how it turned out but I’d really like to have a nice red tint next round so if anyone has any advice, please let me know!

    • Kat says

      I’m late with my reply but if you want, you can infuse the oils with any herb of your choice (either for color or for the properties of the herb in question), strain the herb after a couple of hours in the stove on its lowest setting and you’ll have the color without issues.

  12. Jenna says

    Do you reuse the containers when you need to make more? Any tips for cleaning them if you do? Also, how do you recommend storing the lip chap? Thanks!

  13. Karen says

    Do you have a recipe to make your own mango butter for the lip chap? Maybe like Mango and Unsalted Butter?

    • Sheena says

      Mango butter is nothing like regular butter. As far as I understand, it’s extracted from the mango seed, and you can’t really make your own. Should be available on Amazon, though.

  14. Sara says

    I tried making the Lip Balm yesterday-and it works well,but it´s kind of grainy?I used more beeswax than the recipe says-to make it more firm,but besides from that i followed it :-/ I´ll give it another try in a couple of days:-)
    Thanks for all the great recipes :-)

    • Flora says

      Yes, I agree with Vanessa. I read somewhere that Shea might have particles in it and you might have to melt it and strain it to keep your final product from being grainy. They recommended using a muslin cloth.

  15. says

    1. Is there a preference between the white or yellow Beeswax?

    2. Do you have a specific process to clean used containers?

    3. With the above recipe, how many containers will that fill?

    Thank you in advance:) I love your site and I’m always on trying to find new DIY material.

  16. Laura says

    Does you have a good recipe for face cream? I have been using Nivea for years, but after reading “The Dirty Dozen” on chemicals in our cosmetics, I am trying to go “natural”.

    • Sarah Waters says

      You should be able to substitute carnauba wax for the beeswax. Carnauba wax is also known as Brazil wax or palm wax. It is literally palm leaf wax that is harvested by drying the palm leaves and beating the wax off of them. It is often used in beauty products, especially vegan beauty products. It’s a good wax substitute if you are allergic to beeswax.

  17. Michelle Cobbs says

    Love your site, so glad I found it..I do have questions…

    1. where do you buy your tubes
    2. tin or mold for the lotion bars

    I am looking forward to trying both recipes in the coming week or so when on vacation I will post how it goes. thanks

    • Michelle Cobbs says

      I found the tubes at a decent price still looking for the rectangular tins anyone have a good site to get them;

  18. Julia Miller says

    Love your site! You mentioned how much money you save by buying in bulk – can I ask where you buy from for personal care items like body butters, lip chap, etc?

  19. Christine Mellick-Miller says

    This is a wonderful lip balm. I love the sweet honey smell that it lets off while it cooks. As long as you fully melt the wax, this makes a wonderfully smooth and moisterizing balm. I made a bunch for Christmas presents, but I’m also keeping a bunch for myself. This was easy, and so much better and cheaper than store-bought beeswax lip balm!

  20. leanne says

    i just have to say LOVE THIS RECIPE!! my four year old slightly dehydrated already had chapped lips, then picked at them, by the time nap was over she looked like she had been in a fight, swollen and bloody lips! four applications of this lip chap and her lips looked like new! Thank You!!!!

  21. ashley says

    I just made this and it turned out grrrreat! I love this site thanks so much for all the tips and tricks I have recommended your site to many people!!

  22. Lindsay says

    I am a true hippie/home maker at heart, so I always use your site as a reference for anything!! I am a HUGE fan for your site and 9 times outta ten they turn out perfect.. But I have to admint…. This was my LEAST favorite recipe. I don’t know if it’s missing an ingredient or what, But if I put it in my pocket (I’m not a purse girl) for more than 5 mins, it gets all over my pants!!! Any sugustions? I was thinking to add way more beeswax, what do u think?

  23. says

    I made the Homemade Lip Chap Recipe about 1 1/2 weeks ago with peppermint and I love it. When I used it this morning it felt gritty. It became smothe after it was on my lips for approximately 30 seconds, but I didn’t like the way it felt when putting it on my lips. Do you have any idea why it became gritty? It wasn’t like that when I first started using it 1 1/2 week ago.

  24. Maura Shahar says

    Hi there!
    I finally got around to make the lip chap. I had a problem melting the beeswax. I think that next time I will melt the beeswax first and only then I will add the coconut oil and the shea butter because both melt at a low heat but beeswas doesn’t. The lip chap came out with a nice texture but the beeswax did not combine with the other ingredients.

  25. Katie says

    I made this last night. Its winter here and I let it harden over night but its very soft and oily. I’m afraid come summer it will just melt. Anyways, I was wondering if i can re-melt it down and add more beeswax or do I need to start over?

    • Crystal Roode says

      I added equal volumes of beeswax to the butter and coconut oil and it had a nice solid constancy. I like a waxy chapstick (like Chapstick brand) so it was perfect!

    • Maura says

      I had the same problem, as in the car it got hotter and the lip chap got oily. It is possible to remelt them and I may try Crystal’s solution and add more beeswax. Anyway it?s a great product and I am glad I got to make it.

    • Kor says

      Hello, just in case anyone still has this question, Yes. Melting it down and readjusting the recipe is perfectly fine, I have done so to adjust the amount of essential oils.

  26. Scott Diefenbach says

    Thanks very much for your lip chap recipe. I made it today and found out the biggest job is cleaning the pans and glass flask I used. Cocoa was what I used in the recipe.

    Thanks again,

  27. Crystal Roode says

    I tried to add honey to this recipe as a natural flavoring but it never went into the mixture and separated out as it cooled. Has anyone added raw honey or has any recommendations?

    • Nicole says

      I’m going to make a batch of this and try to incorporate zinc oxide powder so it has a little SPF in it. I will keep track of how much I use and the resulting lip chap and post my results.

  28. kelly says

    My daughter and I made some lip balm but it came ou a bit dry how can I fix it. Do I have to redo the whole mix or can I add more oil. Weplace the mix in the container and result was very dry.

  29. Evelyne says

    A wonderful recipe! Did one yesterday – yet the colour is far from being as strong as I would like it :) and I used quite a few drops of red food colour. Probably have to add 1 tsp at least. Love all your “stuff”. Thank you!

    • Kor says

      Hello, I have tried using water based food dye, thinking the beeswax would emulsify it, but it simply will not combine with the oils. I have heard mica pigments or other powder pigments are good for lip balms, or you could try an oil based food dye.

  30. Ash says

    Made this about 30 mins ago with spearmint eo. I used a little already and it looks solid but it was a little greasy when I ran my fingers across it. But the feel of it on my lips is perfect! Very excited to have found a good lip balm recipe!

  31. Cici says

    I hope you respond to this post. I made this recipe a couple of months ago using beeswax and Shea butter from my local health food store. It came out fantastic! I then ordered a big tub
    of Shea butter from amazon. This week I made my 2nd batch and it came out super grainy. From what I’ve read, it’s my Shea butter :(( So my twofold question is can I rescue my batch of lip chap? And can I do anything to the Shea butter to prevent it from happening again? I realize this isn’t a new post, but please, please, please respond!

    • Nicole says

      The first time I made this recipe, the lip chap I had was also super grainy. I am not sure if it was something I did or one of the ingredients I used. I tried again and the next time came out super smooth. I’d suggest trying different shea butter or bee’s wax pellets the next time and melt it a little longer. That is what I did with the second batch.

  32. Rachel says

    Hi, Katie! I have an allergy to beeswax and have carnauba wax to use in its place. Would I substitute carnauba wax for the same amount of beeswax that the recipe calls for?

  33. Ginger says

    I just made this recipe and it feels amazing on. I used sweet orange oil and lavender, and several without essential oils.
    I was wondering if this can be stored in the refrigerator in the summertime as I live in Las Vegas..Thank you:)

    • Nicole says

      If you love the orange/lavender combination I highly suggest you try orange and vanilla (or even better blood orange!). It’s heavenly. Out of this world!

      • Deanna says

        I want to make a vanilla flavor, is there a vanilla essential oil recommended or just use vanilla flavoring? What works best? Thank you!

  34. Madalena says

    I made this lip balm on the weekend and followed the recipe exactly. I find when it goes on, it instantly melts. It’s like I’m putting oil on my lips. It’ doesn’t feel anything like store-bought lip balm like Burt’s Bees. Any ideas why it turned out so oily?

    • says

      The recipe will make a medium firm balm. For you, this may just too soft… different people have different preferences. It might also have to do with the weather where you live… heat and humidity can affect the stick. I suggest adding more beeswax (up to twice the baseline) for a firmer stick. You might like that finished texture better.

  35. Nicole says

    This is the ONLY “lip chap” I use now and the only kind my husband will use as well. He hates the greasy feeling of generic chap sticks but I made him try this when his lips were super chapped and he’s a convert now.

    I use blood orange and vanilla essential oil in this and it has the most amazing scent ever. Everyone I have ever given a tube of this to, loves it and asks for more :-)

    I plan on making a new batch of this and I am going to incorporate some zinc oxide powder to it in an attempt to make a summer batch that has some sun protection. I will post a comment and let everyone know how that turns out!

    • Jenni says

      Just curious to see how much zinc oxide you ended up trying? I haven’t tried yet and am still researching the ratio amounts about. Thanks

  36. Blythe says

    Hi Katie! How can I tweak this recipe if I am allergic to coconut oil? What would make a good substitute for that? Vitamin E?

  37. Illy says

    I found this tip on some website, cant remember sorry. I take my liptubes and secure them with a rubberband, maybe 10 and then I directly pour the contents into the tubes. I use a pyrex measuring cup and the lip is perfect to fill the tubes. Just an idea, it goes faster than piping.

  38. Eleisha says

    Does it matter what kind of coconut oil you use? I have Spectrum expeller pressed organic refined coconut oil. Will that work?

  39. Lucy S says

    Hi, I made this chapstick last night and I loved it! But this morning it was a little grainier. Now it’s so weird and grainy that a couple minutes after I put it on it turns into a powdery layer. I used beeswax, (they were little white beads not the yellow beeswax) coconut oil, and coconut butter. I really am wondering if I did something wrong or if you could give me some tips on what to try next time. Thank you

  40. Jessica Chapman says

    Hi! I made this recipe with sweet orange oil. I know that citrus oils are photosynthesizers and can cause burns. Is there any way around this? Because I love citrus lip balms!

  41. Tony says

    Has anyone tried the zinc? I need an opaque, firm (chapstick like) balm to combat sun. I’ve surfed all my life and rock climb regularly so reflection is bad. Nothing clear works. All UV’s need to be blocked. Most stuff available is too runny so I have high hopes that I can make something that won’t come off on my hands.

  42. Kat says

    Thanks so much for this recipe, I made this today and it was so easy. It feels nice on the lips and is not drying like most commercial lip balms. I am trying to wean off lip balms as I have developed a bit of addiction (it happens) so fingers crossed this helps!!

    • Kor says

      Order some labels that fit your tubes. On Amazon, they have printable labels that wrap around the tube and stick on (Or you could get any small stickers and write on them). You can get a template online and create a label on Microsoft Word. I chose the labels with perforations around the lid, so that they know the tube is “fresh,” but that is not necessary if you are giving them to friends.

  43. maria concilio says

    Very nice recipe but be aware of the containers you use. Using plastic is bad for the environment and we are all trying hard to make this a better place for our kids. Try the new cardboard lip balm containers or the ones from ecovision. You can also always use little glass pots which are reusable and recyclable.

  44. sarah says

    Omg, it drives me unreasonably crazy that you call it “lip chap”! The generic term is lip balm. Calling non-chapstick brand lip balm “ChapStick” also drives me crazy though. Chap means dry, so if you call it lip chap, that implies that it dries your lips out.

  45. Terri says

    Hi there, I am looking for a good all purpose butter. Can anyone tell me a good summary and what’s butter better? Cocoa, Shea or mango? Thanks

  46. Gabbrielle says

    Hi Kate! I love your blog! Anyway… I’ve been looking for a natural lip balm/chap stick forever now but I’m always allergic to at least half of the main ingredients! I need like a bare minimum… Is there anything you’d recommend for someone who’s allergic to coconut, shea, and cocoa??? Please Help!!

  47. sally says

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried this yesterday, but tried adding a vanilla extract. The vanilla seperated as it cooled. What can I do to remedy this? Is there some vanilla oil that I should use instead? I really like the vanilla scent and flavor in chapstick products. Thanks again.

  48. Rudy says

    Hi, I really love this recipe but I don’t have any butter on hand, and I was wondering if there is a good substitute or if not using butter would be okay?

  49. Cat says

    How many tubes of chap stick did you make, and what were the quantities of each ingredient you used to make that quantity?

  50. Kimber says

    Hey there, I’ve made two batches of this lip balm and was wondering if anyone else has had problems with it drying out your lips? All of the recipients have commented that, while the smooth texture of the lip balm stays put, the top layer of their lips dries and cracks. I would really like to produce a product that actually improves the quality of one’s lips!

  51. Cait says

    I made some “lip chap” and I added double the beeswax and also added lanolin. I however, am now finding I want a more oily chap so have you ever melted the chap out of the containers to remake? I only made 10 tubes, so its not a big deal but I wasnt sure how much of a pain/messy it would be. Thanks!

  52. Andrea says

    As I get to the end of a tube there are little hard beads in the lip balm. Is this because I am not heating it long enough to melt everything fully? I’m guessing it might be the beeswax because I bought a chunk of it instead of the small beads.

  53. Ashley gray says

    Did this recipe with Shea butter and it turned out great! I added about another half tbsp of beeswax and I also used flavor oils. I also added some vitamin e oil to help preserve it and get additional moisture. I love how it turned out thanks!!

  54. Amanda says

    This was my first attempt at making my own chapstick. All in all it went okay, I am waiting for it to cool. I used solid beeswax from a block opposed to pastilles and it seemed to take a long time to melt. I bought a pound of it and don’t want it to go to waste. Is this okay to use, should I just chop off smaller pieces? All input is appreciated. Thanks

  55. Olive says

    What would you think about using linolin instead of the beeswax? I’ve heard linolin can be great for chapped lips and it is also solid at room temperature.

    • Pavlos says

      That sounds like a good recipe Jessica. Since you only list butters and solid oils, I would keep the butter’s total same as Katie’s recipe here. Simply use 1 part of each butter for the total of 2 parts called for. Remember not to up the beeswax either, since this already makes a firm lip balm, and the Cocoa butter is harder than Shea. But that all depends on what you’re going for. Good luck!

      1 part Beeswax
      1 part Shea Butter
      1 part Cocoa Butter
      2 parts Coconut oil

  56. Lisa says

    Made a batch of this recipe tonight and I’m happy with the results. I will definitely make again, tho’ next time I’ll add either add extra beeswax as this recipe tends to make a somewhat soft, almost ‘glossy’ balm, or cut back about 1/2 of the coconut oil. I added beetroot to 1/2 the mixture for a tinted balm, which turned out quite well. Alkanet root or red iron oxide would probably work also – or a reddish mica if you want a bit of shimmer.

  57. Dawn says

    I would like to try this lip balm but am wondering…after reading your “risks of essential oils” article if adding peppermint in the lip balm will be safe for my 4 and 6 year old?

  58. Manuela says

    i just made my first lipbalm with coconut oil and beeswax and i added a little piece of my lipstick to make it nicely colourful. i am so happy that my very first try already had me amazed at the outcome!!! :)

  59. Amy says

    Any ideas on how I can “tweak” this recipe to make a shea butter stick (with beeswax so it doesn’t melt) for scar applications?

  60. Marcy says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I saved it a while ago when I was first looking for lip chap DIYs, but I finally made my first batch and it’s luxurious and lovely (who would’ve thought it was also so easy!?!?). I made this batch with shea butter, coconut oil and yellow beeswax – in the parts that you mentioned exactly, and I love the consistency. Again, can’t thank you enough! :)

  61. Amanda says

    I am wondering about the 20 drops of Essential Oils. I buy Young Living oils and think that 20 drops would be way over powering. I’m newer to Young Living and do not know anything about other brands. Looking forward to making some lipchap and other products! Thanks!

  62. Domingo says

    What can I use if there is no shea butter available?
    What kind of coconut oil did you use, can I use the bottled ones?
    For how many months can I use this before it get expired?
    I’ll be making this stuff for my school project so I hope you could help meee! Thanksies

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