Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

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lip balm recipe
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I started making my own DIY lip balm years ago after my favorite healthy brand of chapstick added soy and canola oil. Yuck! This natural lip balm recipe is easy to make with just a few ingredients. Plus it’s moisturizing to help fight dry lips all year long.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe

Making your own lip balm at home is simple and a lot less than buying organic brands at the store. These also make a great gift item, stocking stuffer, or safe play makeup for kids. I keep a lot on hand when doula-ing to give to laboring moms as hospital air can really dry out skin and lips.

And lip balm uses all-natural ingredients that can also be used to make dozens of other natural skin and body care recipes. You can find coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter in my other DIY projects like lotion and body butter.

Buying Organic Lip Balm

Too short on time or don’t feel like making your own? Here’s where to get healthy, natural lip balm!

How to Make Lip Balm

Since lip products are applied right next to the mouth and nose, it’s important to me that they have safe, natural ingredients. Especially if my kids are using them! While I used coconut oil, there are a lot of different carrier oil options. Coconut oil is solid at cooler temperatures so it creates a firmer lip balm. It also has some mild SPF properties.

If you want something a little softer you can use less beeswax, or sub up to half of the coconut oil with another liquid oil. Using just liquid oil will make for a softer lip balm though. Here are a few lip nourishing options:

Castor oil leaves a nice shine on the lips and is a popular ingredient in homemade lip gloss recipes. It won’t replace the coconut oil 1 to 1 in this recipe. But you can replace about 1 teaspoon of the coconut oil for a shinier look and smooth feel.

Essential Oils for Lip Balm

Aromatherapy is big these days, but not all of the products on store shelves use real essential oils. While kids (and some adults) may love the smell, strawberry bubble gum-scented lip balm isn’t exactly natural. But not every essential oil is safe to use on the lips either.

Certain oils, like cinnamon bark and lemongrass, can be really irritating. Especially on more sensitive areas like the lips. Many essential oils can be safe on the lips up to 5% dilution, which is about 60 drops here. However, I prefer to use much less than that.

Here are a few lip safe options:

There are a few that smell really yummy that didn’t make the list. Lime, bergamot and a few other oils can cause photosensitivity if too much is used before sun exposure. Translation: think swelling, redness, and lip damage.

Something like lemon is safe to use at a 1% dilution max, but going over safe levels can cause sun damage. You may still not want to use lemon lip balm and then go sunbathing for an hour though.

For the most part, though, you can mix and match any lip-safe essential oil to your preference.

Choosing a Container

I usually use these lip balm tubes for easy application but repurposed little jars or tins work really well too. I had a bunch of tiny sample-size jam jars that were in our room at a hotel one time and they are perfect for this as well.

A Note on Wax

I typically use beeswax pastilles when making lip balm. It helps harden the lip balm and provides a protective coating on the lips. For various reasons, some people prefer to make a vegan lip balm and candelilla wax works as a sub. It’s harder than beeswax though so less is needed.

If you haven’t made your own beauty products before, I’d encourage you to try it! The basic recipe is below, but have fun experimenting with the oils and flavors to get the scent and flavor you like. Mint is my favorite, especially in the winter!

lip balm recipe
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Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

Easily make and customize your own homemade chapstick with all natural ingredients.
Prep Time3 minutes
Active Time10 minutes
Cooling Time2 hours
Total Time2 hours 13 minutes
Yield: 18 lip balm tubes
Author: Katie Wells



  • Add about an inch of water to the bottom of a small pan and heat over medium heat.
  • Place a small heat-safe jar (pint size or smaller) in the water, being careful not to get any water inside the jar. You can also use a double boiler or a glass bowl perched on top of a small pot of water if preferred.
  • Add the cocoa butter, coconut oil, and tablespoon of beeswax to the jar and slowly melt, stirring occasionally. Make sure not to get any water in the jar.
  • When all the ingredients are melted, stir well and turn off the heat, but leave jar in the water to keep warm.
  • Stir in the essential oils.
  • Use a glass dropper to quickly fill the lip balm containers, like tubes or lip balm tins.
  • The mixture will settle slightly as it cools, so I top off the containers after about 2 minutes as they start to harden.
  • Let sit without touching for several hours or until completely hardened.


  • Shelf life and storage: Keep in a cool, dry place for up to a year. The optional vitamin E oil helps extend the shelf life even further. 
  • This will make a medium firm lip balm. If you prefer a firmer version, you can add more beeswax, up to double the recommended amount. If you prefer a smoother and more oily lip chap, you can reduce the amount of beeswax.

More DIY Lip Recipes

Want to branch out and try more DIY skincare recipes? Here are some more I’ve created over the years:

Do you make any of your own lip balm? What recipes would you like to try? Share below!

This lip chap is easy to make and completely natural. There are endless variations and you can use the same ingredients to make many other recipes!
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239 responses to “Homemade Lip Balm Recipe”

  1. Lindsey Avatar

    Can you use another container other than the standard chap stick tube? I have small round plastic containers that have an attached lid – similar to chap stick where you use your finger. I have everything to make the lip chap and hope that the lip chap can be used with your finger too.

  2. Leon Avatar

    Must say, by far the best lip balm DIY recipe on the internet. Most others do not compare and the ratio gives you a harder lip balm. Wellness Mama’s 4:1 ratio is exactly the right texture for soft luxurious, one-pass lip balm. While I’m at it, must say that I’ve found your recipes to be the best out there. Thank you for taking the time and care that you do. It’s really appreciated.

  3. Julia Avatar

    Great idea! Question— Any idea how much Coconut Oil I can use without compromising the texture. Don’t want it to be too soft or to melt in heat

    Thanks so very much

    1. Leon Avatar

      Wellnes Mama’s ratio of 4:1 will give you a soft texture. However, in heat it will soften so be careful.

  4. Meiyeen Avatar

    Hi, may I know why are my Lip balm got a little waxy feeling when I applied it. I used only 3 main ingredients in my lip balm, 2 tbsp Shea Butter, 2 tbsp beeswax, 4 tbsp sweet almond oil. Can anybody tell me what is the problem?

    1. Leon Avatar

      The correct ratio, as perscribed by Wellness Mama is 4:1, you are using a ratio of 3:1 (6 T oil to 2 T beeswax). Also, I use coconut oil because it hardens, like shea butter, whereas almond oil is a liquid and doesn’t harden like coconut oil. If you try the 4:1 ratio of coconut oil/shea butter to beeswax, you’ll have a beautiful soft texture. Good luck with it.

  5. JENNY Avatar

    What type of beeswax did you use? I have the beeswax beads, but they seem to not melt well. :/

    1. Leon Avatar

      Beeswax takes far longer to melt than the coconut oil, and it will also harden quickly, even at the 4:1 ratio.

  6. Ulrika Avatar

    wondering which olive oil to use in beauty products, for example when doing the oil cleansing. Any brand that you like?

  7. Ulrika Avatar

    Hi, wanted to flavor the lip balm with vanilla. Any suggestestion on how to do that.? Can I add vanilla extract or do I need to buy vanilla essential oil?

    1. Leon Avatar

      Vanilla extract will not emulsify with the coconut oil and beeswax, so use organic grade vanilla essential oil.

  8. Scott Brady Avatar
    Scott Brady

    I’m going to try this. I remember one day walking by my grape vines covered in gas and oil from my chainsaw and stopped and said “I’m going to learn how to make jelly” and I did, but I cheated and called a woman from church who led me in the right direction. So……. I do have a question. Is there a way to make the lip balm a little chalky white ?? Sincerely scott

    1. Leon Avatar

      If you want it to be whiter, use a white beeswax, instead of the usual honey colored one.

  9. Nejla Avatar

    Hi, Will this work in little tins to be applied with a finger, rather than the tube? Also, any suggestions for essential oil to use if I am making these for a little gift for my daughter’s classmates (kindergarten)? Thanks!

  10. Mandy Avatar

    I love this site, I’ve tried many of the recipes and enjoyed them, however my lip balm broke while or during the pouring/hardening process, how so I pervent this?

  11. wendy w Avatar

    I have tried so many lip balms I couldn’t begin to list them all. The Somaluxe Lip Rescue beats every one hands down and I purchase this regularly – I am never without it. It is long lasting, smells good, is full of natural ingredients, your lips are left feeling smooth, moisturised and healthy for hours after application.

  12. Maddie Avatar

    What essential oils do you recommend to put in it? Would it be ok to use grapefruit, anise, orange, or lavender?

  13. cristy Avatar

    You can make a simple lip chap with 4 tablespoons coconut oil to 2 tablespoons beeswax. This makes 10-12 lip chap tubes. I also like to add 1/4teaspoon castor oil to mine..it lends a smooth glide application and a but of shine:)

    1. Leon Avatar

      At your ratio or 2:1, the balm would turn out quite hard and waxy, Wellness Mama’s recommendation, which I’ve found to be perfect, is 4:1. But I suppose some like it hard, no pun intended.

  14. Hali Avatar

    Is there anything that I can use to sub for the shea butter or mango butter? Could I use 1 extra part of beeswax and coconut oil in place of the 2 parts shea or mango butter?

    1. Leon Avatar

      I use only coconut oil and beeswax at the Wellness Mama’s recommended ratio of 4:1 for a soft one-pass texture that hardens nicely, yet glides easily without a waxy texture. Good luck with it.

  15. Rachell Avatar

    Curious..what would be a good way to incorporate vitamin E oil into this recipe?

    1. cristy Avatar

      I add vitamin E to my carrier oils, I count it in with those. 🙂 Hope that helps:)

  16. Amanda Avatar

    I bought everything for this recipe and I already have Peppermint essential oil. I wanted to make it mostly peppermint, but with an spf. I bought carrot seed essential oil to add to it and it smells so bad! LOL! Do you have any ideas and how much carrot seed do I need to add to make it spf 15? I know the other oils in the recipe have a little spf of their own. Thank you so much!

  17. Laura Avatar

    My youngest is allergic to coconut what I can use as a substitute for it?

  18. retta Avatar

    5 stars
    What’s the best way to clean the lip chap out of the glass dropper?

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