6 Lotion Bar Recipes

Six Ways to Make Homemade Lotion Bars 6 Lotion Bar Recipes

At our house, we love lotion bars. In fact, I rarely use regular lotion anymore since lotion bars are so much easier to make and so much more nourishing. They are also mess-free so the kids can use them too.

If you are new to lotion bars, they are a nourishing skin bars that are used on dry skin (not in the shower! This makes a mess!)

Over the last few years, I’ve found ways to make a lot of variations of homemade lotion bars. These are our favorites:

1. Basic Lotion Bars

Basic Lotion bars combine coconut oil, natural shea or cocoa butter and beeswax for a simple but nourishing recipe. This is my kids’ favorite and we add favorite essential oils for scent.

Here is the recipe for basic lotion bars.

2. Sensitive Skin Lotion Bars

These lotion bars use an unconventional ingredient in place of coconut oil for those with an allergy or aversion to coconut oil. These are especially helpful for those with eczema or skin dryness and they are equally simple to make.

Click here for the sensitive skin lotion bar recipe.

3. Bronzing Lotion Bars

Being of Irish descent, I have naturally fair skin. I’ve actually darkened naturally quite a bit since changing my diet, but in the winter especially, I often feel very fair skinned. These lotion bars were my solution. They infuse coffee and cocoa for a (great smelling) and lightly bronzing lotion bar.

Here is the recipe.

4. Pain Relief Lotion Bars

When our family started taking martial arts, these bars came in handy. They use natural ingredients like arnica, menthol and mint to help sooth sore muscles (just not while pregnant or nursing!). They are a natural cool/heat bar that helps ease muscle stiffness and pain.

Here is the recipe.

5. Bug Off Lotion Bars

We don’t have nearly enough bats in our area for the number of mosquitos we have. In the summer months, mosquitos are really bad at our house, especially since we have so much shade around our house. These lotion bars have been a huge help! They protect the skin with natural oils and moisturize at the same time.

Here are the directions for bug repellent lotion bars.

6. Sunscreen Bars

We don’t use sunscreen often (back to the diet for skin heath and avoiding sunburn) but when we will be outside for longer than usual, these are a great natural solution. They use zinc oxide with the basic lotion bar recipe ingredients for a low SPF lotion bar.

Details here.

Don’t Want To Make Them?

If you want to use lotion bars but don’t have the time/ingredients to make them yourself, I found a great small business, Made On, that makes all kinds of lotion bars, soaps, natural baby products and hair products that are up to my standards. Their website is HardLotion.com and they have agreed to give Wellness Mama readers a 15% discount on all orders with the code “wellnessmama” at this link. (Note: Affiliate link… the price is discounted for you and I get a small commission to support my blog!)

Have you ever made lotion bars? What is your favorite herb or add-in? Thought of a variation I missed? Share it below in the comments!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    My favorite herbal product is raspberry leaf tea!
    I have both newsletters subscribed
    I shared the contest on facebook, and liked both Wellness Mama’s and Mountain Rose Herb’s facebook pages.
    Thank you!

  2. Rianrenee77 says

    My favorite herb would be mint, any type, I love the smell.
    I have both newsletters already subscribed and like both of your pages already.

  3. Prudence says

    My favorite herb is Oregano! I really want to get into growing herbs myself.
    I subscribe to both newsletters.

  4. Shelly B says

    How can I pick a favorite herb??  I use basil, thyme, cilantro, and rosemary the most when I cook, but I use lavender for all kinds of body-care and cleaning solutions.  I love drinking raspberry leaf tea. . . I love them all!  I would love to know more about natural healing from herbs.   I am subscribed to your mailing list and to mountain Rose Herb’s newsletter.

  5. EricaM says

    I love Rosemary.  It is calming and uplifting at the same time.  
    I already subscribe to both newsletters!

  6. kristin says

    I really want to start using coconut oil to it’s full potential. I have been reading so much about it, but have yet to start using it.
    – I have subscribed to both newsletters – I have liked both wellness mama and MRH on Facebook – I am following both wellness mama and MRH on Twitter, and Pinterest- shared the contest on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and Pinned t to Pinterest – 

  7. Michellelopez2012 says

    My favorite herb is Rosemary!! Its my daughters middle name :) I have i t planted all over the yard! I just love love love it!

  8. Maranda B says

    I have subscribed to your newsletter and the Mountain Rose Herbs newsletter!!  I love getting your updates each week!!  Thanks so much.

  9. Reemsy48 says

    I love lavender! I use it when making my cleaning products and all my bath products have lavender in them. I also love, love, love rose.

  10. says

     I recently discovered both you and Crunchy Betty via Pinterest.  I have always enjoyed lavender and I’m very interested in making my own products. Since both of you highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs this would be an excellent opportunity for me to get started using their products and your recipes. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. patrick113 says

    I can’t wait to try nettle.  I remember being terrified of it when my friend first told me about it as a kid.  But now, I am excited to try it.  

  12. says

    I  am subscribed to both newsletters :). I am just beginning the natural way. I am wanting to try so many things but def the essentials oils. Thank you so much for the opportunity on all the wonderful giveaways

  13. Mtkeliher says

    I love all the mountain rose products. I order their organic glycerin to make my own tinctures. I’d love to make my own lotions and skin care products too!

  14. Azurenoon says

    Yipee so glad you mentioned Mountain Rose, just what I have been search for to make those lotion bars.
    love Lavender.

  15. Siobhan says

    My favorite herb is Lavender! I LOVE the smell and all its medicinal benefits.  I have subscribed to both mailing lists. I have shared this contests with friends on Facebook. I have also liked both pages on Facebook.

  16. Heather says

    I’m just learning about herbs for health really, so I’m not sure I have a favorite!  I have been using Maca Powder and trying lots of different herb blends in teas.  Now that I’ll be getting both newsletters I hope to learn more!

  17. Jessica says

    I am very excited to try making your bug spray, so I got a variety of essential oils for that.  I’m looking forward to buying the natural hair coloring herbs as well.  Thanks for changing my outlook on so many things!
    -signed up for the newsletters
    -followed both on Facebook (already followed you)
    -shared the giveaway on Facebook
    -followed you both on Twitter
    -pinned the giveaway
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!  Where will we see the winner posted?


  18. Laceygoeringer says

    My Favorite herb/oil is LAVENDER it works on everything and smells sooo good!!! Its feminine and strong enough to heal almost everything… two things I strive to achieve in my own life!

  19. Tracy says

    Not sure how to pick just one herb… probably lavender. Lavender peach jam in the mornings, lavender sachets to keep the moths away from my wool yarn, watching the bees work the lavender plants.

  20. Lnmcabel says

    Love coconut oil and can’t even list all of it advantages. The main thing I’m currently using it for is to sooth my daughters eczema.

  21. Paula says

    Right now I think I will say that my favorite  herbs I am excited to use are those that keep bugs off my baby!   Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Lavendar, and Tea tree!  Can’t wait to try a bug spray! 

  22. JustTheFlax says

    I’m new to the coconut oil revolution and am awaiting my first order to arrive. I bought the ones based on your link for free shipping and BOGO pint size. My favorite herb is rosemary!

  23. Harmonynicole says

    my favorite herb is definitely rosemary…smell, taste, everything.  Liked you and MRH on Facebook. Shared this giveaway on FB and pinned it on Pinterest.  Great giveaway. Thank you.

  24. Kbleblond says

    I am horrible at picking favorites.  One herb I want to use more of is chamomile.  Planted some seeds this spring!

  25. Stephanie Newton says

    My favorite herb is…oh, this is so hard!  At the moment, I think it’s crampbark.  I cook the most with basil (I know…boring, but delicious!)

  26. Kbleblond says

    I liked Wellness Mama and Mtn. Rose Herbs on facebook.  I have been so fortunate to stumble onto your recipes for natural, homemade skin and household products.  Thank you!

  27. Stephanie Newton says

    I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Wellness Mama on Facebook.  Thanks for doing this giveaway!  I make my own lotion just for fun and can’t keep up with the demand from my teenage daughter’s friends.  I would love to have the supplies to make lotion bars for everyone!

  28. Wendyschlensker says

    I would to try Mountain Rose herbs dried herbsand essentuals. A must if I win or not! I love their site and all of the amazing organics they have!!!

  29. Marcie Cheshire says

    I’m subscribed to both emails.  I really want to try red raspberry leaf!  I want to make your tea.

    I also liked Mountain Rose Herbs on facebook and shared this giveaway.

    I also pinned the giveaway post.

  30. Kortney Bewley says

    Liked both on facebook and subscribed to both newsletters :)   This is a whole new world to me so does it count if I say I want to try them all?! One of my classes for my degree is on herbs and supplements, I can’t wait to take it and learn more about them and their uses.

  31. Karen says

    I get both newsletters!  I love cooking with fresh herbs, but don’t really use herbs in other ways.  I’m thinking about trying the raspberry leaf that you mentioned in a recent post!

  32. Littrell says

    My favorite herb is lavender. I love to use it in cooking (extra yummy when paired with something tart like lemon or cranberry), body care products, and even first aid — it’s the best for burns, especially sunburn!

  33. Angela says

    My favorite herbal product (at the moment) is a tincture from Wise Woman Herbals called lactaflow that supports breastfeeding.  Super important for a full-time working mama and it really works! 

  34. Holly r says

    I like and subscribe to both newsletters. I love herbs, and cook with a variety of them. My fave herbal product from MRH is the Moon Ease Tea. It’s very soothing for that time of the month. :)

  35. Saar says

    I love lavender!  I use it neat on burns I get in the kitchen, put it in my homemade bug spray, a dot on pillows when the kids have trouble sleeping, I use it in just about everything!!!!

  36. says

    my favourite herb lately has been the raspberry tea leaf, it’s been helping so much with all of my female stuff :)
    (i’ve signed up for both your newsletter and mountain rose herbs’)

  37. Ghada629 says

    My favorite is Henna & hibiscus for coloring hair red, but would like to try hibiscus as an herbal drink. I also love lavender for cosmatic but would like to try it in cooking or making drinks with it. Thank you so much for this giveaway :)

  38. Dbd3099 says

    My Favorite herb is peppermint. I add the oil to baking soda and castle soap when cleaning the bathrooms and to my steamer when I steam the kitchen floor. It’s just something about the smell that makes me feel clean.

  39. Kelly says

    My favorite is lavender as well.  I love it in all forms from essential oils in lotions, candles and deodorant to cooking with it!

  40. says

    I want to try the lotion bars on my 2 yr old daughter since she has bad eczema on her arms and legs.  I have tried a variety of lotions but nothing works for her :( i’m hoping this will help clear her skin up some!

    I signed up for the mountain rose newsletters (all 3) and liked them on facebook!

  41. ilikeyou says

    I love rose in all forms!  I use the essential oil on my wrists and spray rose water on my body.  I also mix it into coconut oil and use it on my body as a moisturizer.  Rose opens the heart and is has a soothing, calming scent.  

  42. says

    I shared your contest on FB, liked both Wellness Mama and MRH FB pages. I have subscribed to MRH’s newsletter too!

    My favorite herbal product is always lavender in the bath. Epsom Salt and Lavender is a must have!

  43. Leah says

    Thanks for hosting the Mountain Rose Herbs giveaway!

    1) I have signed up for both mailing lists.

    2) My favorite herbal products right now are two I found recipes for online and made with success… peppermint lip balm and a gentle insect repellent, both of which I could find ingredients for from Mountain Rose.

    3) I also liked both Mountain Rose and Wellness Mama on Facebook and,
    4)Shared the giveaway on FB and
    5)Pinned the giveaway on Pinterest

    Looking forward to trying the lotion bars – whether or not I win the giveaway!  Thanks, again! :)

  44. disfordelicate says

    I am subscribed to both newsletters! Does coconut oil count as an herbal product? I use it on my skin and hair, plus its in my toothpaste (your recipe!), and cook with it daily.

  45. Dori M. says

    I have no “favorite” right now, as I am trying many different things.  I will be making the Elderberry syrup this week for my family.

  46. says

    I love love lavender… boring I know, but I can use it almost everywhere, for everything & on everyone!  It is just so very versatile!  Now, if I could keep the plants alive for more than a month! I do so love your site & Mountain Rose Herbs! I’ve pinned both of you on Pinterest too!

  47. Christine says

    My favorite herb is red raspberry leaf. It has been a Godsend especially near the end of pregnancy.

  48. Kendra says

    I have subscribed to both newsletters. :) And I love the lavender oil, it has so many uses in bath/body and house products in my home! 

  49. Nikcon says

    I just placed my first order a few weeks ago but I can’t wait to try more of your products. I’m planning on trying the arrowroot and raspberry leaves.

  50. Meg says

    I love essential oils, they always make me feel better and they’re worth every penny to create smells that are non-toxic!

  51. Amya says

    Already subscribed to your newsletter, and just subscribed to MRH.

    I think lavender has to be my favorite. We have two giant bushes of it growing beside our house, and I love going out there to admire it. And the bees love it too, so bonus!

  52. Lindakump says

    Right now my favorite is oregano.  
    I would love to make your lotion bars and have all I need to make it from Mountain Rose Herbs!!

  53. Brooke_redfern says

    Since I’m already signed up for both I am so excited about the giveaway. I just put in an order to Mountain Rose herbs last week to make the lotion bars and shave cream. I still need a few more items though:)

    My favorite herb right now is chamomile and lavender. I would love to stock up on  the essential oils. For my next order I really want to get the chia seeds and raspberry leaf after reading all the nutritional values that you have discussed in the past. I have been obsessed with tea and now that its summer I’ve already started brewing lots of sun tea:)

  54. Ewetel3 says

    I really enjoy the many uses I have for the organic lavender essential oil.  It has made my life splendid!

  55. Jess says

    My favorite is thai basil, as I like to eat it in everything, and use it in drinks! :)

    I also liked appropriate pages on facebook, and subscribed to appropriate lists. 

  56. Karyn says

    I’m already signed up with you and I just signed up with Mountain Rose. I love their stuff – almost makes me want to reactivate my facebook account so I can have more chances to win – almost, but I hate facebook. Anyway, my favorite product is elderberries for making syrup to keep the “winter bugs” away. Thanks for the contest!

  57. C.Guin says

    I liked Mountain Rose Herbs and Wellness Mama on Facebook, pinned it on Pinterest and shared it on Facebook.  Thanks!

  58. Katherina says

    I signed up for your newsletter and receive mrh’s as well! My favorite herbal products are herbs haha. I love making essential oils, powders, teas, and herb balls.

  59. Courtney says

    I’m going to try catnip soon for bug repellant. It will by my first all natural product I’m making myself. :)

  60. Steffani Ray says

    Awesome giveaway! I signed up for both newsletters. I have been drinking a lot of red raspberry leaf tea, at your suggestion, for fertility…and now pregnancy :)

  61. Howell13827 says

    Rosemary, cooking and also as a fragrant from an essential oil. already liked FB pages and shared

  62. J Magnant says

    I have many favorites. The mOst fave being lavender! I’m going to make tea right now! I’d like to try nettle & spirulina. I am subscribed to both newsletters!

  63. Dlharmon says

    Coconut oil is amazing! I use it to clear up a variety of skin conditions . . . and you can cook with it!

  64. Crosbywonder says

    I make this lotion with ylang ylang and it is super yummy. It has quickly become one of our favorite lotions ever.
    Am signed up for both newsletters

  65. says

    I just started learning the benefits of herbs and essential oils a few months ago.  I just started an herb garden so I am unsure my favorite, but I want to try many.  Lemon grass, tyme, mint, lavender, jasmine….. are just a few that I have on my wish list.

  66. Sarah B. says

    I subscribe to Wellness Mamma and Mountain Rose Herb’s newsletter.  Favorite herb would have to be Lavender.

  67. Princess_156 says

    My favourite is either lavendar or sweet orange essential oil. I love using these in baby wipes and in homemade laundry detergent! : )

  68. Laurajayne425 says

    Love, love, love lavender!!! I love the essential oil and I grow my own for the beauty and having the fresh herb to use to freshen my home or throw a little but in a chocolate cake 😉

  69. Robinp4059 says

    I am sooooo excited that I found your pin on Pinterest!  I am new to the “organic” and nautralist world and I am learning so much and am very excited about it all!   I just recently purchased some Essential Oils to make a natural mosquito spray with.  I would really like to try everything all at once but unfortunately they can be a bit pricey.    I love the peppermint oil that I purchased and am looking for everything I can find to use it in.  Thanks!

  70. carli says

    I’m pretty new to herbs and am still learning about them.  My favorite so far is raspberry leaf.  We dried a bunch from our garden last summer and I’ve been making tea with it all winter :)  

  71. Sammy60 says

    I’ve been ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs since I discovered them through your website. My favorite herb is the Raspberry Leaf for teas. The difference during that time of the month is amazing. No cramps this last month at all which meant no need for ibuprofen. Yep, I am officially hooked!

  72. Rebeccaosland says

    Currently, rosemary.   It helped increase circulation to a problematic post-surgery area when I added the essential oil to an externally applied castor oil compress and consumed its tincture.  I use it in shampoo for scalp stimulation and medicinal salves for its healing properties.

    I already like both you and MRH on facebook.  Thank you!

  73. COri says

    My current herbal alley would have to be mother wort… Specifically mother wort tincture. She has so much to offer for women from cramps to hot flashes, as well as an amazing heart tonic, wonderful for people who are battling anxiety… She is truly a wonder herb! I am in love with her!

  74. Rachael Ochoa says

    Coconut oil is my new go-to for EVERYTHING!  I also love lavender oil all the time but this time of year, I’ve been using it to make sunburn relief spray for my fair-skinned family.

  75. Christina Heddell says

    I have been meaning to try these lotion bars! I’m also ready to try Nettle Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs for a magnesium boost.

  76. Blaire says

    Tonight I went to a local herbal cleanser class.  We learned how to make our own cleansers for around the house.  Although I took in a lot of new information, lavender still seems to steal my heart.  There are so many great qualities about it, but it’s simple beauty is my favorite.

  77. Marie says

    Love chamomile, helps me relax… I shared this on facebook, liked you on facebook and liked mountain rose herbs and liked this post on pinterest… :)

  78. Tila says

    Lavender–so yummy and healing.  Use in beverages, on meat and sweet treats.  Beautiful in my garden and in my kitchen.  Soothing to irritated skin and tired bodies.

  79. Tilapiaperch says

    I found Wellness Momma on face book when someone in a group shared your blog about home made lotions & sunscreen.  I am know a fan on  facebook and a follower of your blog.

  80. Carrie h. says

    As a massage therapist I love and use lavender essential oil ALL the time. I can’t find much that it’s not good for, if anything. :)

  81. Hopefrees says

    OMgoodness I hope I win. I have a MRH catalog and have been coveting many of the products they have. I have referred your website to about 5 of my friends. What is my favorite herb? That’s a hard one! Garlic would be my all time fave, it tastes great and has a plethora of health and TASTE bennies. I have been wanting to get all of the ingredients to make my own “Thieves” blend. I also grow 3 types of mints, a rosemary, basil, oregano, and a couple of aloes. When I return to my home next month I plan on planting Echinacea in my yard and alot of garlic! I love herbs and hope to get into growing and making my own herbal preparations. Food as medicine, what could be better? :0)

  82. Ifitsfiber says

    I am signed up for both newsletters and the herb I use the most right now is turmeric. It helps out with so many ailments I’ve been facing lately.

  83. Kfeierab says

    I just pinned this on Pinterest.  I’m still figuring out my favorite herbs, but currently I like mint, so I’m also thinking of trying the chocolate mint plant.  Besides liking the smell and taste, I feel like it alerts me.  I still try to use it on headaches, even though I haven’t had much success.

  84. M Matlage says

    It’s really hard to name a favorite herb since they are all so useful!!! I’m a big user of essential oils and I have to say peppermint is one of my favorites since it helps with digestion, headaches and so much more! But licorice tea is also nice, and I would love to try more or lavender. I use coconut oil everyday so this would be amazing to win! I’ve told a few of my friends about wellness mama, and I liked both pages on Facebook:)

  85. Amber menard says

    I have been reading your blog and I am ordering some rasberry leaf tea, lavender, chamomile, and some dr bonners baby wash. I am interested in using herbs for many reasons. Fertility is one! I have been trying to concieve for the past year so Im hoping with help of all the wonderful things I will be purchasing from Mountain Rose Herbs, and your knowledge in herbal use I can kickstart a healthier life for me and my family. SO MY HERB IS CHAMOMILE. I read on here that it has so many amazing uses! And the smell is great. So thank you for sharing and im keeping my fingers crossed that I win! :)

  86. Joyfulsong34 says

    What’s an herb? (: Just kidding? I just found your website, very cool. Is vanilla an herb? If not, I choose Geranium or Rosemary. I like using fancy natural soaps and products (: and I hope to learn to make my own (:

  87. laurlaur says

    my favorite is lavender which is a very recent discovery. i never liked the fake perfumey lavender scents but i recently took an aromatherapy class and was exposed to two of the 60 something types of lavender and fell in love! it’s heaven to me now and i use it in all the homemade bath/body products i make (thanks to your inspiration!!)

    i love mountain rose herbs (thank you again for introducing me to them) and think you are an amazing woman! i liked you and mountain rose herbs on facebook, i follow you both on twitter, and i follow you on pinterest too! i also posted this contest on my facebook page!

    thank you!

  88. Mattandbrianna says

    My favorite herbal product is definitely garlic. Especially the wild garlic out in my garden!

  89. Ang says

     I love oregano! I’ve already subscribed to both newsletters and liked them both on facebook. Love your blog!

  90. says

    I feel bad for leaving out rosemary now! After reading other users comments I do have to make mention of my favorite culinary herb, I can never get enough of it’s smell  or flavor and it’s antmicrobial and antiviral properties make it a staple in my herbal first aide kit.
     Keep up the great work, Wellness Mama and Mountain Rose Herbs!

  91. Melissa jean Shirley says

    I’d really like to try calendula for my hair, and cat nip and rose hips….oh there’s sooooo many! Do I have to pick just one? :)

    Also I shared this contest with my Facebook friends. :)

  92. melissa says

    favorite herbs would be~cooking~savory, ~healing~lavendar is just one of the tops of many that we use and love.

  93. Flowingfairy says

    favorite herb is Lavander because of its calming properties and all the ways you can use it in different things! I use Lavender all the time but never used Mountain Rose.  Very excited about this giveaway!
    I have already subscribed to both newsletters for some time now :)
    I shared this giveaway on my facebook page
    I also pinned this giveaway on pinterest!
    And, I already like you and Mountain Rose on Facebook!! :)))
    Thank you for such a WONDERFUL giveaway!

  94. Lisag says

    I love Rosemary…it is a bush in my yard…I used it for tea, baking, and just to make my kitchen smell delicious. I love herbs!!! Hard to choose just one. 
    I was already subscribed to Wellnessmama newsletter, but signed up for Rose Mountain Herbs…I liked both on FaceBook, Twitter, and pinned this giveaway on Pinterest.

  95. Christi says

    I haven’t gotten into using herbs too much yet but I haven fallen in love with coconut oil for cooking and health and beauty!  And essential oils.  I am excited to harvest herbs from my garden and learn to use them!

  96. says

    My favorite herbal product is Rosemary Essential Oil.  It speaks to my soul.
    I have subscribed to both newsletters.
    I have shared the contest on both Facebook.
    I have pinned the contest link on Pinterest.
    I have “liked” both Wellness Mama and Mountain Rose Herb’s Facebook pages.
    Thank you for my entries.

  97. Danette says

    my favorite items are lavender and sweet orange essential oils. they make the perfect addition to an all purpose cleanser and face wash.

  98. DauphineOT says

    My favorite herb is Lavender. It smells great and I’m learning lots of ways to use it. I put it in the dried herb bug spray I tried from one of your other posts. :)  

  99. Stacey_M says

    I love all herbs.  I simply have such a hard time deciding which one!!!  But, if I had to choose I would pick LAVENDER.  I use it in everything, from my homemade lotions to my shortbread cookies.  Not to mention straight-up in my oil diffuser :)

  100. Stacey_M says

    Oh, I forgot to mention that  I signed up for both newsletters, liked both Facebook pages, and shared the link for the giveaway! :)

  101. fictionista says

    I use Feverfew more than any other herb. Nothing better for getting rid of or preventing migraines.

  102. JennS says

    Pinned giveaway on Pinterest. I hope I’m suppose to leave a separate comment for each. If not forgive me for loading the comments! LOL

  103. Angie says

    Gosh, hard to pick just one…

    Rosemary because of the smell and benefits.

    I was subscribed to WM, subscribed to MRH.
    I already liked WM on FB, liked MRH on FB.
    I followed WM and MRH on twitter.
    Pinned this to pinterest.
    Shared giveaway on FB.

  104. Nicole Lavarias says

    My favorite herb is lavender!!! The smell is so relaxing!! I shared the giveaway, pinterest-ed (it’s a word ;)) the giveaway and had already liked you both on FB!! WOOHOO!! 

  105. Jdspahr says

    I liked Wellness Mama and Mountain Rose Herbs on Facebook, and followed both on twitter and shared the contest on Facebook.

  106. Erin says

    My favorite herb, right now, is calendula.  I love making lip balm, infused almond oil and lotion  with it.  I’m subscribed to both newsletters.  Thanks!

  107. Carrie Yandell says

    My favorite herb for cooking is Thyme  :) I use lavendar and tea tree oil a lot too for medicinal purposes. I’ve been wanting to try that raspberry leaf tea though!

  108. says

    I am VERY new to all of this, just got my first shipment the other day and have already made your baby wipes, lotion and all-purpose cleaner! So my favorite herb is limited… It would have to be chamomillle because I have very high anxiety, but drinking it in tea has helped TREMENDOUSLY!

  109. Kelseykcarey says

    my favorite is coconut oil,  I use it in a number of ways but especially to moisturize my hair and skin

  110. Gblavere says

    my new favorite is calendula! just had a baby and starting making all the natural baby products with calendula

  111. Thevo says

    I like the elderberries…to make they elderberry syrup.  I love all their products.  They are fanastic!

  112. amy says

    Oops, I didnt finish my comment ….i love using rosemary, oregano and basil in all my cooking. I have added mint, lemon balm, bee balm, dill and thyme to my herb garden this year. I would LOVE to try the red raspberry leaf!!

  113. kg says

    I am subscribed for both newsletters. I love lavendar – it is useful for so many things with younger children!

  114. Vivian Ruble says

    My favorite herb is oil of oregano which when placed under the tongue boosts the immune system and has keep me free from many viruses, etc. through the years!

  115. kwilson says

    I am entering the giveaway!! I love your site, and how informative all of your stuff is. You aren’t just one of those bloggers who posts things and then can’t answer questions about it–you seem to REALLY know what you’re talking about, and I love it! I shared the contest on Facebook and Pinterest (don’t do Twitter), and have “liked” Mountain Rose Herbs and Wellness Mama. I am now a follower, and am glad to be one! Thanks for your all of your great information.

  116. Vivian Ruble says

    I pinned this giveaway on Pinterest under my Natural Recipe Board!  Yes, I have a BOARD of great recipes using Mountain Rose Herbs! :)  I just made a wonderful insect repellant! 

  117. steeljd says

    My favorite herbs are rosemary and lavender.  Just the smells alone are heavenly!! Subscribed to both newsletters!

  118. Molly Rockwell says

    I have signed up for the newsletter. I think I’d just like to use more herbs so I can have a favorite.  I have liked Mountain Rose Herbs  and Wellness Mama  on Facebook and shared the giveaway on my timeline. I am 
    following  Mountain Rose Herbs  and Wellness Mama  on Twitter and retweeted the giveaway. I have also pinned the giveaway on pinterest.

  119. yvette says

    i love way too many herb and oils, etc. .  favorites are basil and oregano. wanting to learn how to make my own lotions and serums, etc.

  120. Jill says

    I use basil and oregano pretty often. Also drink herbal teas every day. I feel so much better after drinking herbal tea. I am on both mailing lists

  121. Levi and Allison Johnson says

    And I am already receiving emails from you. Hmmm my favorite herb? I love chamomile. I learned about it from you, actually, and it’s been amazing. I also love lavender oil! 

  122. Brittney Gmeiner says

    My favorite herbal product is homemade bug spray. I learned how to make it a year ago and have loved sharing it with friends and family. It also makes a great body spray :) I already receive your newsletter and subscibed to Mountain Rose Herb’s newsletter.

  123. Brittney Gmeiner says

    I liked Mountain Rose Herbs on facebook. Hadn’t even thought about doing it before. Glad for the idea.

  124. Lisa b says

    After all the talking up you’ve done of the raspberry leaf tea I’ve gotta try it!
    I gave up perfume awhile ago but miss really miss it. I haven’t been able to successfully make my own. MRH’s Aroma Oils look promising….. Any thoughts of trying perfume or body spray ideas on our end (hint hint)? 😉

  125. Michelle S. says

    My favorite product is tea tree oil… I love the smell and use it for cleaning products a lot.

    • Audra says

      Forgot to add the why – I love using lavender because of the smell and relaxation properties.  It is a beautiful plant, and my daughter’s middle name (probably the best reason to love it!)

  126. Sehcud says

    What an exciting giveaway, I love your site & Mountain Rose Herbs has the best selection around. Love anything floral scented, wish there was a way to bottle orange blossoms, that has to be my all-time favorite scent. I’ve liked both on facebook, Pinned you on pinkest, told all my friends…:)Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  127. Paige says

    I made your sunscreen bars and the family loved them.  I made some for my 2 yr. old grandson from Seattle and they worked wonderfully for him here in FL.  As pale as he was he got a bit tan and no burn.  Thank you and I also make the moisture bars.  

  128. Danni Eisert says

    With super dry skin, and kids that don’t like spray near their eyes, this looks like a great option to keeping the bugs away. As far as herbs, my fav is mint…any kind.

  129. Mary Minturn says

    I love the lotion bars! I invited my sisters and nieces over for a make-it-yourself lotion bar and sugar scrub party! I wanted to spread the money savings ideas I get from your site! Lavender is always good, but I also like the clary sage & rosemary!
    Thank you!

  130. Micheala says

    Could one make a magnesium lotion bar? I am not sure how to adjust the recipe from your magnesium body butter recipe to make it into a bar, or if it would even work. Thank you so much for your helpful recipes!

  131. Mari @ Lavender-and-Honey says

    We also only use lotion bars in our home. I always make sure to use shea butter in the recipe since it seems to help my son’s eczema the most.

  132. Alexis Bloom says

    I was wondering if this could be done utilizing magnesium a la the magnesium lotion/body butter? My father is in great health distress due to a deficiency and is suffering from gastroparesis, so he is not absorbing much through food or supplements right now. Any thoughts?

  133. antigoni says

    i ordered some really cute molds but they haven’t arrived yet and i can’t wait any longer. can i use a regular cupcake pan? if yes, do i need to line it in some way? thanks for any tips!

  134. Diane says

    Love the lotion bar recipes! Can goat milk successfully be added to any of the recipes? The only ones I’ve found use lye- ideas??

  135. Allison says

    I plan to make these this weekend! Do they get your hands messy as you are rubbing on the rest of your body? What do you think of using a deodorant container?

  136. Jill says

    Love the lotion bars, really easy to make and great to use, we are going to use Lime Essential oil next time, I adore Coconut Lime, my absolute favourite.

    I have had a lot of problems using ‘conventional’ cosmetics etc, my face has been burned more times than I care to mention, using these natural recipes has done absolute wonders for my skin, thanks very much Katie :-)

  137. Stacy says

    If I wanted to ship these, given the current temp, would it be safe to freeze them maybe in double wrapped and then ship or would the condensation be a problem? I’m just afraid of them getting too soft and damaged in shipment.

  138. Jennifer says

    I am getting all the supplies to make lotion bars and I have a question. The one I purchased used rosemary seed extract towards the end. I have researched and cannot find “seed” extract. What is the best source of rosemary to add in, how much, when do you add it, and I have seen this is used as a preservative. Also, will it change the scent of the lotion bars? Thank you in advance 😉

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