How to Make Lotion Bars

how to make homemade lotion bars

I’ve finally reached a point where I make all of our toiletry products by hand. I’ve saved a lot of money doing this with bulk ingredients, and I love that I’m not putting any chemicals on my family’s skin. (Finally even replaced my make-up with homemade versions)

What is a Lotion Bar?

I’ve made lotion in the past, but was excited to stumble on this great variation, which is solid at room temperature and looks like a bar of soap. It is also even easier to make than lotion because it doesn’t require any emulsifying with water, which is the tough step. These are solid at room temperature like a bar of soap, but when rubbed on the skin, a tiny amount melts and is transferred to the skin, leaving a highly moisturizing and very thin layer.

ingredientsThere are endless variations on this lotion bar recipe too. You could add any mixture of essential oils, or add zinc oxide to make a diaper rash bar. I’ve also modified for a deodorant bar that is more like stick deodorant (that recipe coming soon) and travels well. I’m infusing oil for a Neosporin imitation bar and my homemade sunscreen bars are drying now (I’ll post those too!).

These are fun presents, and could be made for baby shower gifts, birthdays, Christmas gifts, or for pregnant moms to use to prevent stretch marks. Did I mention it is super easy?

Lotion Bars Ingredients

Lotion Bars Instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients (except essential oils if using) in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a smaller saucepan with 1 inch of water in it. UPDATE: Combine in a quart size glass mason jar with a lid instead and place this in a small saucepan of water until melted. This will save your bowl and you can just designate this jar for these type of projects and not even need to wash it out…
  2. Turn the burner on and bring water to a boil. Stir ingredients constantly until they are melted and smooth:
  3. Remove from heat and add the essential oils.
  4. Gently stir by hand until essential oils are incorporated.
  5. Carefully pour into molds or whatever you will be allowing the lotion bars to harden in. I used these silicone baking cups, though any mold would work.
  6. Allow the lotion bars to cool completely before attempting to pop out of molds. These could be made in different shaped molds for different holiday gifts (hearts for valentines, flowers for Mother’s day, etc.) or made in a square baking pan and then cut into actual bars.

Note: This recipe can be adjusted to make any quantity that you’d like. I made with equal 1 cup measurements. The recipe I used made exactly 12 lotion bars with my molds. For a small batch, this recipe could be cut in half or even one fourth.

Lotion Bar Variations

Don’t Want To Make Them?

If you want to use lotion bars but don’t have the time/ingredients to make them yourself, I found a great small business, Made On, that makes all kinds of lotion bars, soaps, natural baby products and hair products that are up to my standards. If you use the code “wellnessmama”, you’ll get a 10% discount off your order.

Ever used a lotion bars? Ready to make your own? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I made these this winter, and I LOVE them.  The hardest part for me was waiting for the beeswax to melt (took forever, it seemed) and then finding something to pour them into.  I love the way this feels on my skin… 

      • It would seem fantastic to make these but i don’t know how much to put in because the recipe says 1 part beeswax 1 part that 1 part this. I don’t know how much 1 part is. Can you please change the recipe to show all of us how much?

          • is the bees wax measured grated or solid. i’m wondering if i used a scale to measure weights if that would be most accurate? i usually grate the beeswax my when i make face cream so it melts faster, but grated less beeswax takes up more room…

          • I made a batch with shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and beeswax and it seems like there are wax flakes in the cream. Is there any way to salvage?


          • Hi, I recently made these bars. Thank you for this treat! For those inclined- I got carried away with my essential oils & poured bar size portions into a little measuring jug so I could mix different oils into each bar. Much stronger fragrance, divine. Beware yummy cocoa butter because it steals the fragrance. But cocoa by itself is delicious too isn’t it. Thank you wellnessmama legend! Xx

        • I made these and have three questions. First, I made it unscented and used 1/2 cup each coconut oil, Shea butter and beeswax. I poured into cupcake liners. Some of the finished ones have this pattern of white disks beneath surface and some don’t. What is that and why? On a second batch I reused one of the finished ones and melted it again and added proper amounts of additional ingredients including mango butter, in the end equaling 1/3 cup of each of the three ingredient categories. Then I added 20 drops of grapefruit essence oil. After they were done there was no scent at all. I remelted all of it and added an additional 40 drops. Very little scent. (And yes it’s good oil.)

          So three questions: 1. What are the white imperfections I see in some of the finished product? 2. How do I know how much essence oil to add? 3. Does it do anything to the product if I have remelted it, with or without essence oil that may already be in it?

          Thank you!

          • I had the exact same problem! I thought I added a lot of essence but can smell anything and I don’t like the raw Shea smell ?

          • Hello everyone,

            I’m going to try and make the lotion bars. Can anyone give me any suggestions about a good essential fragrance and how much to add!!!!!

        • Hi…..usually when all is done, I take my mixer and whip the lotion, of course, I have never added Beeswax before, maybe a person can’t whip with the Beewax. The whipping would take care of any imperfections. In any case, I’m going to try your lotion bars…..sounds like fun. Do you have an easy soap recipe you could show us on “YouTube?”
          Thank you for sharing.

      • I got these strong smelling fragrences and I dont want them too overwhelming in svent, how much should I used if im doing the 1cup each recipe?

        • I find that the beeswax masks a LOT of the fragrance until you actually rub it on your skin and the oils are all disturbed, even then, I use 12-15 drops of essential oils and the smell is very light.

      • Amy suggestions on getting them a little less mushy? I have just wasted a ton of money making these because they’re too soft to come out of the molds. They’ve now crumbled and they’re stuck in the molds.

        • I just made them this morning, and had the same problem. I’m hoping to put it all back in the jar, re-melt, and add more beeswax. Let me know if you have any success!

        • You could melt them down and add a bit more beeswax. That would make them a little more solid. Don’t add too much though, just a little should help.

        • Coconut oil will be liquid during the summer in many climates. So I would suggest looking up the melting temperatures of the oils you decide to put in to make sure that you have enough substance that doesn’t melt at the temperature you plan to store these bars at.

        • I live in the South and my lotion bars are a little on the soft side here. Try melting more beeswax over very low heat (if you have added EOs to your first mix) and then adding your bars to the melted beeswax one at a time until they are remelted. Then repour.
          I also store my lotion bars in the fridge. Just be sure to make their container well as they sometimes look good enough to eat!

        • Add more beeswax. Can’t say how much, just experiment. Warm up original batch that is too soft, add beeswax, let it cool in pan. Feel the end product, if to soft again, heat again and add more. Once desired thickness is achieved, reheat and then pour into whatever molds you desire.

      • I have just made these and added orange essential oil to them and then poured them into pudding trays! Guess I need to buy a new tray but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The bars are great thanks

      • WOW I have had acne since I was 9 years old and my skin only got better now since using Coconut oil on it. Now the beeswax is what I would be concerned with possibly clogging pores.

        • That’s awesome that it works for you, but I don’t seem to have much luck with it. I was also concerned about the beeswax, but didn’t have any issues there. With the help of Wellness Mama I’ve found the best thing for my acne-prone skin is oil cleansing followed by pure hemp oil. My skin has never looked better! The dark spots from past acne scars are disappearing and my skin has a healthy glow. The best part is that I don’t feel like I need makeup anymore, and that is very exciting to me! I’m glad this works for you 🙂 We all have different skin with different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all for skin care, is there?

      • Actually coconut oil is very good for the skin. It has healing compounds. Just be careful with certain essential oils though if pregnant. And you if are able to add probiotic then that would be great for the face as well

        • I’m not going to say I am old just have” mature” skin ( closer 80 then 79) haha but by probiotic would you just add like yogurt? I have put plain cocont oil on my skin as a night moisturizer.

          • I realize ur question is quite past tense – but I would like to address it for you. I think she was referring to probios taken internally for helping skin externally. We now know that there can be a real connection to our overall health through our gut “biome” of beneficial bacterias. (They are even finding links to anxiety with internal probio imbalances. Its an interesting google topic.) Although the benefits of lactic acids in milk products has been an age old beauty trick to try. I’m not sure how you would do a facial mask for it but I know there are references out there to it. Perhaps plain homemade yogurt applied to facial skin would be a good mask, idk. Something to research. Regardless I’d only use homemade yogurt bc unless you can be sure the product is absolutely organic – then for sure its inferior. There are a ton of fillers in store bought unorganic yogurts. I was surprised what I found when I researched that topic!

        • Agreed. I’ve been using coconut oil on my face for a year and haven’t had a single blemish since. It does AMAZING things for my skin! Strangely enough, my face hates jojoba oil which is supposed to act the most like sebum. I’ll never stop using coconut oil on my face!

          • Agreed, pure organic virgin coconut oil will help acne, age spots, moisturize etc., and if you have essential oils for acne or geranium for added moisture that would be great to add! I’ve got to get some pure shea and beeswax to try this!!

    • next time either get the pastille or beads saves so much time i hated the idea of getting a block.
      i got to 1 lb bags for 16 off amazon.

        • Yes, you can. I wish I knew someone nearby who kept bees. you can Google filtering beeswax at home to see how to get out the impurities. HTH…

          • Hi Janet, look up search for your local beekeeping club and you can get not only pure beeswax but raw honey (not heat treated) and that supports your local community too.

      • I agree. I bought a 1 lb block of beeswax and cutting/shaving/chopping/grumbling at it is the pits. BUT, it works. Unfortunately I have plenty left.

        Also, this recipe is great, I’ve been using it for a couple of days on my hands and have not needed to moisturize until after rinsing my hands a couple of times. Usually, I’d wash and moisturize immediately. FWIW I used just shea butter (smells funky, will buy cocoa butter next round) and tea tree oil.

        • Just a tip for the beeswax: I get the big blocks and then melt it down into a giant glass measuring cup. Then I pour it in small drips and bits onto silicone mats and wait until they harden. It’s my own way of making the pastilles since the blocks are cheaper and my local honey store really just cuts off a hunk and I use that. I actually broke a knife trying to cut off bits and it was something I was starting to dread. The house also smells great that day!

          • Awesome idea! I HATE shaving the block of beeswax and I have a silicone mold so I will try that! Thank you!

    • I just made my first batch today, and made them from 100% pure cocoa butter, since I love the fragrance of chocolate so much! I used a silicone mold of pretty shapes and they came out beautifully. I even took a pic and posted on FaceBook, giving credit to, of course ~

      • hey,
        could you tell me, does using 100% cocoa butter mean you only used cocoa butter instead of using all ingredients or you used 100% pure cocoa butter with other ingredients?

        trying to make vegan lotion bars and beeswax isn’t vegan hence the question.


        • You can substitute candela or carnauba wax for th bewax, they are vegan. But their hardness differs from beeswax so you may have to play around to get the proportions right.

    • I was thinking why couldn’t one melt the bee’s wax in a little hands melter thing. Throw it on melt the night before on low .I see these melter all the time at yard sales and Thrift store’s

  2. Love this!  My girls (5 & 2) love to put on lotion, but it’s always such a mess!  This would be great for them without having lotion “pumped” out all over my bathroom.  I also bought some princess & wand shaped chocolate molds today on clearance.  What a cute gift to give a little girl her own set of princess & wand shaped lotion.  THANKS!

  3. I most definately will make these.  A great idea for that little gift you want to give to someone when you have no money !!!!    🙂

  4. THANK YOU!  I am so excited to make these.  I have a question: while I use tropical traditions coconut oil to cook with/internally, would it be ok to use less expensive (expeller pressed) oil for things like lotion? 

  5. I love lotion bars!  I order my handmade toiletries from LUSH online, but it can be spendy, and since my income is limited, I cannot order as often as I like, so- I believe I will give it a go once I have all of the ingredients.  Where would one go to get the beeswax pastilles??  I live in St. George, UT.  It is a small and “narrow” town.  Though it is not as “narrow” as it once was…
    It is good to know I can make these now all on my own!  Thank you!  Sugar scrub recipe?

  6. What an awesome idea.  I use straight coconut oil right now, which is similarly solid that turns to liquid on skin, but I might try this in order to encorporate scents.

    And I can’t wait to hear about the cosmetics.  I’ve been wanting to make lipgloss.

  7. I make this same recipe and gave them as teacher’s gifts this past Christmas.  They were a big hit!  Excited to read about your homemade makeup adventures, haven’t tried that yet.

  8. Fun! I’ve been buying lotion bars from MadeOn and love them– I would like to try making them myself soon.

  9. with this lotion, can you use it on your face as a moisturiser before putting on makeup?

  10. I want to hear about your all natural make up! I’ve been looking everywhere! I don’t wear alot of make up, just mainly eyeshadow and mascara and want something more natural to replace it with!

  11. Hello,  
    I could not find beeswax pastilles, if I melted beeswax pucks down would that work instead?

  12. giving only hand made gifts this year and i made a batch for mom for mother’s day.  so easy and so quick!  thank you for sharing 😀

  13. I have made lotion bars, deoderant bars, and other care product bars forever and love them! My husband always chuckles when he walks in the door after work and sees the muffin pan out. He nevers knows if I have baked something to eat or something to use. 😉

  14. Just made these last night.  Awesome project with my four year old niece (who ended up just playing in the coconut oil, but that was to be expected.)  In the end, not sure if I like the final product or not.  Next time I will probably add more beeswax just because I’d like them to be harder. Great recipe and lots of fun though ! Thanks. (:

  15. Any chance that you know the weight of each ingredient per cup?  I am trying to decide how much of each to order for a trial 🙂 Thanks!

  16. How long  is the shelf life of these bars. I am for sure going to make these for a moisturizer for my face!

  17. I love these and would definitely make them again.  Just a few notes for newbies like me – 1st, for quality I ordered from the supplier recommended (and Loved the products!) – 2nd, I would recommend getting the beeswax  pellets esp if you are making a small quantity.  The lg chunks of beeswax was kind of hard to cut thru without an electric knife and 3rd – comments on the butters – the mango butter was practically unscented, the shea butter was kind of strong/unpleasant smelling and the cocoa butter smelled like..well cocoa haha!  Not a bad thing but not sure if the essential oils really covered it.  WHEN I make these again (if I want to smell like something other than a giant brownie) I would prob go with all mango for an “unscented” version.  Thanks again for posting!

    • THANK you so much for this mango and pellets suggestion! I bought pellets (great idea) and I bought 8oz of mango and only 4oz of cocoa butter… I tried a little more mango than cocoa in my coconut oil/mango/cocoa/beeswax concoction…and even with what felt like a lot of essential oil… didn’t quite mask the chocolate smell… BUT still likable, and others kinda liked it too 🙂

    • Thank you for the pointers!!! I’m making this for the first time and this is VERY helpful!! I don’t want to smell like a brownie!! 🙂

  18. I have been looking for natural recipes for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I am so excited to find your blog! I do have one question: I am allergic to Mango, do you have any recommendations for a substitute?

  19. I make a quick and.. well, not dirty… but quick and easy, if a bit sloppy, moisturizer with just coconut oil and a bit of MCT Oil. (or jojoba oil).  (Warm it for 4-5 seconds in the microwave to mix, then let reharden, if it will.) It doesn’t solidify at all when it’s at all warm in the house, but I keep a towel specifically for wiping off excess oil. I spread oil on my face, and esp. neck and chest, then brush my teeth, the wipe off the excess oil and go get dressed. My skin is great!  Thanks for the idea of beeswax — it would be nice to NOT have it be almost-liquid!

  20. I’ve bought this exact product from a natural body care store. Loved them and they came in a deodorant like container, so it was super easy to use. I used an unscented one for my boys eczema and the lavender one for myself. I would love to try and make these – I’ll try using the deodorant container from the bought ones and see how it works 🙂

  21. LOVE the idea of making my own lotion! I have severe excema and have a really hard time finding something that is natural but gives enough moisture to my face.
    If I wanted to gift these, how would I package them? What is the shelf life?

  22. Do you have a body butter recipe? This one sounds great but I’m looking for something with a softer consistancy–yet non-greasy? Also, my baby has eczema and I was told I could add Calendula or Chamomille and I currently have tons on dried Chamomille flowers. Do I as for too much? Thanks in advance!

  23. Do you have any information on the approximate cost per bar? I am wanting to make a big batch of these to put in goody bags for a retreat, but I am on a strict budget.

  24. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful reciepes. I have a couple of questions about the lotion bar. Now that it’s summer time do I need to keep the bars in the fridge? Also can I use fhe preservative optithen instead of vit. E or is vit. E sufficient? Thanks in advance for your response.

    • I’m not familiar with that preservative, but if it is approved for cosmetic use, I would think you could. Depending on where you live, they should still be fine outside of the fridge, they just don’t handle the beach very well!

  25. Wow! I love this! I made them last night and I was rubbing the cocoa butter on my legs as I worked. Smells amazing! I probably could have upped the beeswax a little, but at least I don’t live in FL anymore! Thanks so much for the giveaway again.

  26. Made this this morning 🙂 I agree with an above poster that the shea butter doesn’t exactly have a pleasant smell, lol. Anyway I wasn’t sure how practical bars would be  for me so I poured it into a mason jar instead. A little definitely goes a looooong way! I think I like it in the jar, even for could tie a little cute spoon to the lid for scooping.. 🙂 Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  27. I guess I’m clueless… how exactly do you use them once you’ve made the bars?  Do they melt in your hand and you spread them around… do you add water, do you use them in place of soap.   It’s just not obvious to me.  (maybe they are so soft you just rub them onto your skin? ) 

    • Sorry… should have specified this. You use them as you would a bar soap, but on dry skin after showering. The heat of the skin melts a tiny bit of the bar and it transfers to the skin when you smooth over your skin. Basically, a less messy and much more moisturizing way to use lotion…

  28. Hi is there any way to not use beeswax ? I myself do not have beeswax or the other subsitutes that I know of candelilla wax and the other one. I would love to make this it looks really cool. I really hope that there is a way that I don’t have to buy beeswax but may use something more common?

  29. I would like to try these, since my husband keeps beehives, we actually have spare beeswax lying around (normally he makes candles). I have a question about cleaning up afterwards, I have found it to be very difficult to clean melted beeswax off a pan, did you find that to be a problem with these?

    • I actually just make it in a glass jar that I use only for this. That way, all the oils and beeswax are in there and don’t touch the pan. I just put some water in a small pan, set the jar in there and keep over medium heat until everything in the jar melts, stirring the whole time. Easy clean up…

    • If you wipe your pan down using a dry paper towel while the pan is still warm and the last of the oil/bees that was left on the pan is still melted, it cleans right off. After you have cleaned all the oil/bees wax off the pan that you can see, the residual oil film that you can feel washes off great with Dawn dish washing soap.


  30. Re cleanup, I’ve had a lot of luck using baking soda to clean up from any of my recipes using beeswax. I put all of my implements (spoons, wisk, beaters) in the bowl and wait until the mixture has cooled but is still just a bit soft. I sprinkle baking soda over everything and use a paper towel to scrub everything with the baking soda. The baking soda will absorb and contain the mixture. You may need to add more baking soda as you go, but eventually I end up with something with the consistency of wet sand that I can shake out into the garbage. Everything can then be washed normally without fear of causing a huge kitchen sink clog. This is one of the few times I use paper towels, since I also don’t want to have to clean wax out of my kitchen towels, but usually only end up using one or two.  I use them to cover the counter and as spoon rests during the process and then use the same ones for the cleanup.

  31. This is the same recipe I have been using for a year now. I live in the high desert where it is super dry. This recipe is wonderful. I gave some as gifts and now I get calls from people wanting to buy them. I use a variety of essential oils from DoTerra and have made lotion bars for people needing soothing relief from soreness and Fibromialgia. Good stuff. And yes, fabulous gifts.

  32. I followed your link to order beeswax, but it is sold by weight, not volume, so idea how much to buy. What would you suggest in order to make a batch or two of lotion bars? Also for the assorted butters?

  33. I made these for the first time last spring. My family and friends all love them! My grandson’s feet get terrible cracks in them from wearing flip flops and this is like miracle lotion on them! Thanks for such useful and easy recipes!

  34. Very cool! I actually have made something very similar, sort of by accident. My dog had a bad allergic skin reaction, causing him to lose a lot of his hair. I was thinking about what would be good to treat him with, so I mixed up something very similar, and added essential oils that would soothe and heal his skin. I stuck it in the fridge for a few minutes, and then thought how cool would it be to just break the solid piece into squares so I could quickly grab and go. That’s how I accidentally started using these. Now I use them for myself. Currently, I keep in the fridge during the hot summer because my house is warmer than room temp. It feels so good on your skin. Right now, I add oils that are natural insect repellents – which also smell good. So, I get a two for one!

  35. First off, Id like to say thank you for the recipe! I could not be more excited to try.
    I just bought all the ingredients that I could on Amazon, but I couldn’t find a good bottle of the Vitamin E oil to add…I know it says that it is optional, but it also says that it is the preservative. Is the vitamin E oil truly optional, or will my lotion bars go bad in a week without it? Thank you for your help 🙂

  36. Quick question about diluting essential oils- for example, if you are diluting 2%, do you use the volume of the carrier oils only or the carrier oils + beeswax + butters?
    This is confusing to me:)

  37. Do you know if substituting palm wax for the beeswax would work? I have palm wax pellets on hand already and am looking for a good way to use them up. Excited to try out your recipe!

    • I make them in a muffin tin or smaller size bar mold, and it makes at least 12 with 1 cup of each ingredient, so I’d guess that it would make at least 6-8 full 4 ounce soap size bars in bigger molds.

  38. Just made these, and they smell wonderful! My question is, how soft should they be?
    I can easily dent them by pushing my finger against the bar, and find that I don’t need to “warm it up in my hands” it’s quite oily right away. I used equal 1/2 c. measurements. 🙂 Thanks!
    – Jenny

    • How long have they set? They can actually take up to a couple of days at room temp to fully harden, or you can put them in the fridge to speed them up. It seems that there might also be some variation among ingredients. If you’d prefer, you can re-melt and add more beeswax to harden them up.

      • Goodness. I just had this problem last night. I used 1/2 cup as well- so disapointed that it didn’t work!! They’re like goo in the silicone cups this am and I bought all the stuff from Mountain Rose Herbs- will remelt and add more beeswax for sure! Thanks.

  39. Woot! I just ordered some mango & shea butter, pellets, baking soda, and some almond oil. Super stoked to make some lotion bars for my deployment!

  40. I made these and they are wonderful. My 2-year-old loves to use his own bar and help Mama after bath. :-). Thank you so much!

  41. I just made a batch and I’m finding my creations to be pretty greasy, any suggestions? I chose to use just shea butter–should I try a combination? I’ve read and heard that jojoba oil is the best for your skin (similar qualities)–should I try to reduce the amount of coconut oil I use and substitute some of that with jojoba oil? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    • If you want less of the oil to transfer to your skin, you can add more beeswax, or reduce the amount of oil. The butter shouldn’t be oily, so it is likely an issue with being too much oil for your preference.

  42. Silly question, when you use like muffin tins and stuff, is it easy to get it out of the tins? I’m using a muffin tin and it getting stuck 🙂

      • Thank you! Sorry my typing/grammar was off.. was kinda recovering from surgery, so I blame some pain meds for making my thinking a little cloudy. I put my muffin pan in the freezer (because I was impatient and wanted to make sure they hardened before the morning…) and they popped right out!

  43. So I made these today. Came out great. I used it on me once, my two little ones and my husband used it on his arms and one is almost gone. Is this normal or do you think it’s not hard enough and needs to set longer?

  44. I made these today (finally!). I used mango and cocoa butter and omitted the shea butter to avoid the smell some people found unappealing. These came out just wonderfully. It was so easy to make and they smell awesome, and the consistency of the bars is just perfect! I let mine cool in the fridge. They were just firm enough, but still smoothed onto the skin very nicely. I live in an extremely dry climate and these lotion bars are the best! By far the most moisturizing and skin softening product I have ever used, and I feel so good knowing they are all natural and made from simple, good ingredients. Sorry for the long review, but I cannot recommend these highly enough. 🙂 Thank you SO much for this recipe!!

  45. Excited to give this recipe a try. Wondering how long each bar should last if made with the silicon baking cups you used? And what you do with the bar in between uses? Do you just keep it in some kind of plastic wrap? Just trying to get ideas to make it neat in between applications.

  46. I love these! They were so simple to make and do an excellent job keeping my VERY sensitive skin from drying out. That being said, I have one suggestion. I used a small old crockpot to melt the ingredients in. It makes clean up so easy I don’t mind walking away from it for a moment while the bees wax is taking its dear, sweet time to melt. lol

  47. made my 2nd batch just now. I found some cute flower and shell molds recently and I am going to make them up for holiday gifts for the women at work. My husband loves this also and uses it daily. I like the recent additions of using jelly jars to melt and mix. I use a glass measure cup. Makes it easier to pour in to molds for me. I was thinking of asking people if they have baby food jars around so I can but some of the whipped lotion in them.

  48. I made this yesterday- I used 1/2 cup of coconut oil, mango butter, and beeswax pellets and this morning (after sitting overnight in silicone cups), they won’t pop out of the cups as easy as the recipe says.. They actually are stuck in there, all gooey, and they squish together when I try and get them out. I wanted to make these as gifts to distribute at a meeting today.. doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Followed directions to a T and got all the supplies at Mountain rose Herbs because I wanted to get the same things you did in the recipe. I am SO disappointed- will not be making these again- I can’t afford to just throw $ away. I love your blog and obviously tons of people have had good luck with these but I’m so upset they didn’t work for me. The mixture doesn’t look like it will ever harden to a bar. It’s just a lump of goo.

    • You should weigh the ingredients for something like this. Or melt all before measuring. That is the only way to get ‘equal parts’. Those beeswax pellets have a lot of air in between them.

      • So when I go to measure I shouldn’t just spoon out a cup of Shea butter etc ? I should measure out equal parts, such as four oz for example? I will be using beeswax beads (look like beeswax finely ground up) as this is all the local health food store had. Thx for the help.

  49. I have a quick question. I’ve tried making a batch of these with Shea butter and another batch with cocoa butter but both smelled kind of weird. I’m wondering if it’s the beeswax that has the weird scent? I am using a big block of yellow beeswax that I cut up, is there a different kind of beeswax?

    • It could be the beeswax. The only one I’ve used is from Mountain Rose Herbs (beeswax pastilles) but others have mentioned there can be a weird scent with some brands of beeswax… Is it a strong scent or could essential oils cover it up?

      • The essential oils definitely didn’t cover it 🙁 I haven’t tried mango butter yet but maybe I should try a different brand of beeswax first. The kind I got was from Jo-Ann I think and they had yellow or white but I don’t know what the difference is.

        Do you know another place I could purchase beeswax, other than online? Thanks for your help! I’m almost glad to hear I’m not the only one who grabbed stinky beeswax 😉

  50. Thankyou for this recipe. Tried a test just using a tablespoon each of coconut oil, Shea butter and beeswax (which I grated) but forgot the vitamin E (even though it was sat right there… I get too excited…lol) and it worked a treat – made 1 small bar and its worked perfectly. I have sensitive skin and am worried about using essential oils so went with clementine food flavouring for this one… Will have to experiment with the oils now as I love these bars.

    Am thinking that the next one might have some green tea in it and a few of the tea leaves on the top… Should look nice 😀

  51. Hi I was wondering if I could add a little bit of straight aloe vera to this recipe or if you think that might ruin it?

  52. I made lotions bars yesterday in the crock pot with the mess free liner. Worked great ! Used bees wax, coconut oil , almond oil , vitiman e, & lemongrass essential oil. Poured into silicon baking molds. The bars don’t seem to be oily enough, not a lot comes off. Can I remelt and add more oil?

  53. Hi! I love the idea of these – and the way my test runs feel. I have been planning to give them as gifts for Christmas. I bought everything from Mountain Rose Herbs, but the beeswax smells TERRIBLE. I’ve tried a few oils to mask the scent, but it is just too powerful. 🙁 What other waxes can I use? Anything I might find at a local grocery store?

  54. What kind of vitamin E oil do you use and where can it be purchased? I have just been using the oil from some vitamin E capsules I have, but I don’t think they are organic or all natural.

      • That’s what I was wondering too. I’m going to make these in tiki head molds as a favor for my niece’s wedding (in Hawaii) and was wanting them to look a little stone like without adding anything that would be coarse. Guess I need to keep trying to figure that part out.

  55. So I make soap and have a wood soap mold that I stupidly thought would work for this so I could have perfect bars….I’m such an idiot! As soon as I poured the concoction into the lined mold, it started leaking! Duh! Anyway I quickly lined a baking pan. I’ll melt and try again later…but aside from the fiasco I think it’s going to be nice!

  56. Do you use these lotion bars in place of soap? I have very dry skin and my daughter has eczema terribly bad. I am looking for something to help. Thanks

  57. Hi,

    First off, love your blog. Quick question; do you have to cool these in silicon cups, or can you use muffin tins? Or would they stick? I like the shape of yours, but don’t have silicon bake ware. As option b, I can just use parchment and a cookie sheet, but I prefer a round shape.


  58. Thank u for sharing your recipe. Im sorry if sounds silly but im new to this and Im worried if there is an alergic reaction to a essential oil if sun exposure?

  59. Note that you can buy cocoa butter that has been deodorized if the mild cocoa smell is not a trait you want in your bar.

  60. I bought all the supplies to make this (unfortunately before reading the beeswax pellets recommendation) and I’m just wondering how to measure everything since it’s all solid… any suggestions?

    • 1 c cocoa butter = 218 g
      1 c coconut oil = 216.1 g
      1 c beeswax = 227.3 g
      (^^ from googling.)

      i find it much easier to measure stuff if you convert your recipe to grams. i also figure, more likely to duplicate a good recipe. i suck at measuring things in cups…sometimes i pack it in there, other times i might be light handed on filling them. so i feel much more confident weighing out my materials.

  61. Thanks for sharing. I made mine last night and this morning they were hard to get out of my cupcake tins. I used a spoon and was able to scoop them up, but they are a little soft. Do you think I may have added a little too much shea and cocoa butter? I used up all the beeswax I had and plan on ordering more today. Do you think I can melt them again when my beeswax arrives to firm them up a bit? Thanks!

  62. These look great! My first thought was silicone ice cube trays. They’re smaller and come in different shapes and would be more manageable for facial application. Can’t wait to try them!

  63. This sounds like a great recipe, but since shea butter can be expensive and I’m having a hard time finding pure cocoa butter, I’ve been able to make lotion bars without cocoa butter, shea, or mango butter….

  64. I used the one part recipie and it seems threre is too much beeswax…. The bars are very hard and do not rub off onto the skin easily. Then my skin feels sticky afterward…. Any suggestions on possibly melting them back down an what should I add to make them more creamy or oily? Thank you!

      • I measured the ingredients dry.
        I used one cup beeswax, one cup coconut oil, one third cup mango butter, third cup shae, third cup cocoa and then 50 drops of lavender oil.
        I tried melting it back down and adding another third cup of coconut oil and had the same result. Sticky, waxy consistency when applied to the skin. Thank you for replying to me!

  65. Just tried this and it worked great! However, I realize I HATE the smell of coconut oil. Do you have any suggestions for substitutes? Or ways to mask the coconut smell? Thanks!

  66. Thanks for all the recipe.
    I try this one. I combine butter and oil in a glass jar in double boiler. But after 3 h i still have a fluffy white thing. Have to strain before putting in the mold. Can somebody guide me ?

  67. Making these now! I am SO excited!! Going to add lavender and vanilla and call them “Sleepy Princess Lotion Bars” for my 5 year old niece 😉

  68. I tried these and they are AMZING! I used them once and my hands were immediately softer and stayed so all day!

  69. Hi,
    I tried the above lotion bars loved it so much and I can see my kids skin is so smooth and lovely.. But I have only one question, the bar are a little hard and I have to really rub a lot of times between my palm before I can get any amount of it on the skin..I live in Washington, northwest..How can I make them a little softer but yet retain their soap like consistency..Thanks and looking forward to trying the others as well.

    • As I understaqnd, Cocoa Butter is harder than Shea butter and Coconut butter. I would say reduce or take Cocoa butter out. I was also told to rub the lotion bar in your palms several times then apply the lotion from your palms to your skin. The heat from your palms helps the lotion bar to melt. Especially do so to people who have more body hair. 😀 Hope it helps.

  70. I made these last night and they are AMAZING. I will definitely make them again. Followed your recipe exactly and the texture is perfect. I had purchased lotion bars before in the past for much more than it cost me to make a dozen bars. Thanks! I will definitely be making these as presents.

  71. Hi, just wondering-and I haven’t been able to find ANYthing online about this….can you add, say, regular kitchen spices to a body bar? I mean like just a dash of cinnamon, or something? Or does it have to be the regular oils?

    • I have added spices before, but only to make it look interesting. The ammount you would need to make it have a strong smell might make the bar a little gritty.

  72. They sell coconut oil in a liquid and solid form, just curious if youve used both? Or are you referring to the solid form in this recipie?

  73. I made this a couple of months ago and have been using it daily. It works better than the best stuff I could find before–Weleda Skin Food. It is the only thing that keeps my otherwise dry scaly hands moist and supple. This is the first winter I have not had deep bleeding cracks on the ends of my fingers–thanks!

  74. I use a similar recipe for my face moisturizer, except that I leave out the beeswax. The last time I made it, I think I overheated the shea butter and coconut oil while I was melting them together–I heard a popping sound in the pan, and when they cooled, the texture was different–softer.
    I am concerned that I’ve damaged some of the nutrients in the shea butter, and maybe shouldn’t even use this batch. What do you think?
    Next time I won’t heat them on the stove, but in a jar like you recommend.

  75. This sounds wonderful! How much zinc oxide would you add if wanting to make a diaper rash bar?
    Thank you!

  76. My daughter in law made the lotion bars & they are awesome. I was wondering if it could be made also with coconut butter along with Shea or the other butters?

  77. DO I have to put the lid on the mason jar as it is all melting??? Oops…making now…..but without the lid… :{

  78. I just made my first batch of lotion and it has set…I used a bit of it, and its feeling just a bit sticky. I used equal parts (weighed) of my butters, the coconut oil and beeswax. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to alleviate this?

    • I was just reading more about lotion bars on the MadeOn website. Since everyone’s climate is different, it can mean that proportions need to be slightly adjusted, it seems…But she writes on her site, “Increase the amount of beeswax to make a bar more firm, or more coconut oil to make a softer bar. Greasy lotion bars have too much coconut oil and sticky bars have too much shea butter. Adapt accordingly.”

      I know my bars are leaving a sticky residue on my hands. I was using a liquid almond oil, solid shea butter, and solid beeswax. I tried to do a guesstimate of weight (by taking a 16oz container and eye-balling 1/4 of it for 4 oz, etc), but I think I just added too much shea butter…still a great product. My hands look beautiful, but I will try making again with less shea butter.

  79. so can i add liquid castille soap to this after all the ingrediants are melted down? or would i have to add a diffrent prosses?

  80. Hello, I just made the lotion bars, the sore muscle bars and the sunscreen bars. I really like how they turned out, except that at room temp, they are WAY to soft to pick up and use as a bar. They are more like a paste/thick balm. Which honestly is fine. I will just keep them in Jars, but i was wondering(mainly forr the lotion bars.) If i could add a little almond oil or something like that, in order to make it a little thinner, and stretch a little more.
    Thank you! I look forward to making more of your recipes!

  81. I made some tonight, I just had coconut oil and shea butter on hand. But they turned out great! I love them!

  82. I found this site/recipe via pinterest and I wanted to share some thoughts. I made this recipe with equal parts of 1/4 c. bee’s wax, emulsifying wax, coconut oil & shea butter. I also added a few drops of Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil & Lavender Essential Oil and even a few freshly ground lavender buds. I heated the oils and added the essential oil, etc–then I poured them into a tiny, individually lined muffin pan and put them into the fridge for approximately an hour or so. It was a huge success! It produced 8 bars, and I have them in a large mouth jar on my bathroom counter. These are amazing. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, and thanks to the commenters and Wellness Mama for answering all of their questions- it was very instructive. 🙂

  83. I love the peanut butter cup look…I would use that shape for the sunscreen bars and a regular shape for the lotion bars. I wonder if that was an actual mold?

  84. I made this recipe yesterday and while I love the smell, I wish that it didn’t leave an oily residue on my skin. I used 1 cup beeswax, 1 cup shea butter, and 1 cup Organic Refined Coconut Oil (for medium-high heat). Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?

    • Hi Jackie, I do find it a little too rich myself – just saw your post, I also asked the same thing. Would be ok in winter but presently in summer it’s a little too sticky. Not sure which of the ingredients is making it rich/oily

  85. Hello Katie,

    I stumbled on your blog a few days ago and made the lotion bars today. Oh gosh, they are terrific to use, a little richer than expected (perhaps the weather is partly to be blamed, it’s a little hot and humid today). I added rose geranium essential oil it. Very lovely indeed!

    May I ask what I ought to reduce to make it less rich (fatty) – I am new to making homemade lotions. Appreciate your advice and thank you for sharing your ideas!! Love your blog!!

  86. Would carnauba wax work as a substitute for beeswax? I am vegan would love to try this recipe but do not use beeswax.

  87. I was going to try to make these today, but I, unfortunately, bought some unfiltered beeswax. I already opened the bag it came in, so can’t take it back. Any suggestions?

  88. I have all the ingredients to make these, except the shea/mango/cocoa butter! my mom and i can’t find any around where we live. Is there anything else i can use, what should i do???

  89. I have everything to make these but no shea/mango/cocoa butter? is there anything else i can use, what should i do? 🙁

  90. I just made this, and the shea butter I got is raw and unrefined, and has this really strong smell to it. I added some lavender essential oil, but all I smell is shea, any suggestions?

  91. This looks great!!! I have a couple of questions though. I’m going to be hiking/camping soon and it’s probably going to be quite hot. Will these bars melt a lot? I’m wondering if I should add more beeswax to keep them as solid as possible. Also, do these bars leave the skin feeling oily/greasy? Thanks a lot 🙂

  92. I have made this recipe twice now and love it!! I first bought a lotion bar at our farmers market a couple of months ago. I kept it on my nightstand and used it on my hands, cuticles, and feet every morning and night. It has helped 100%! I was so glad to find this recipe so I can now make my own lotion bars. I use foil baking cups in my muffin tins to hold my lotion mixture. It makes for easy removal and virtually no clean up. The foil cups are also great to keep the bars in so the oils don’t transfer to unprotected surfaces.

  93. Would these melt in the summer? Or do they retain their shape pretty well? Love your blog! Thanks:)

  94. How long does it generally take for them to cool down completely? Just want to know what time frame I am in for! Thank you kindly!!! Can’t wait to try!

  95. WooHoo!!! I made this. It was so easy and we love how it feels on our skin. I will be writing this one down. We live in a very hot climate so I added a little more bee wax but it is still very silky. Thank you so much for this post!!!!

  96. i made these just now, but they came out with lotion at the bottom and then the rest of the bars seem fine. It didn’t seem like the mixture liked “mixing” all that well. I could see lotion “bubbles” floating in the oils. I mixed as well as i could, but they didn’t turn out so great. what did i do wrong?

  97. Hi…I just made these for the first time and am pretty excited about the outcome, though in retrospect I wish I had added more essential oils, because I find the coconut oil fragrance almost overpowers the intended scent. My question, would it be possible to re-melt the bars to add more oils to the liquid form? Would this affect the quality of the bars to be melted then reset to harden?

  98. Thanks for the recipe! They were fun & easy to make. However, they turned out too soft for me. I will add more beeswax next time, but is it possible to melt down this batch and add more beeswax to it? Just wondering. Thanks!

  99. I love this recipe but have a friend who is vegan and will not use anything with beeswax in it. Is there something that I could substitute for the beeswax? Thanks and love the website!

  100. Are you using white beeswax? I didn’t see any at MRH. Could you tell me a good source to purchase that? Thank you.

  101. How long did it take for you to get to the point that you are now making all toiletry products by hand?

  102. My mason jar broke in the hot water and I wasted a lot of ingredients. I finally used a heat safe measuring cup.

  103. We made the lotion bars tonight with beeswax, coconut oil and doubl butter glycerin soap from the craft store. It is separating as it cools. Clear on top and milky white on the bottom. Did we do something wrong? Will we be able to still use it as a lotion bar?
    It is cool now and looks fine, but does not feel like a lotion or a soap? HELP! What did we do wrong? Can we fix this?

    • Why did you put double butter glycerin soap in a lotion bar? A lotion bar is a leave on product and soap is a wash off product. I don’t understand:(

  104. Can these go bad? As in if i make a dozen or so and keep them lying around while i finish using one? Also, how long does each one last? And Should i keep them in the fridge while not in use??

  105. I live in India and I just CAN’T find beeswax. Can I do the bars without it since coconut oil is solid below 24C. If not then do you ship internationally?

  106. These are fabulous! So, so easy to make and I love that there is no packaging to have to dispose of or even recycle. I added lavender and sweet orange and put them in a teddy bear mold from the dollar store. Heavenly!

  107. Can’t wait to try them! Do you ever have a problem with your shea butter or cocoa butter crystalizing?

  108. Thinking of making these as gifts. How would you suggest packaging them to give away? Also, how long do these last before going bad? Thank you!!

  109. Hi nice lady! Can jojoba be used instead of the coconut oil? Just because I’ll be using it for a scrub and I’m trying to limit the amount of stuff to order =)

  110. I had a 4 cup glass measuring cup, (with a spout). I used that to melt down the ingredients in a pot of water and was able to pour without making a mess 🙂
    My daughter has eczema so this was a no-brainer to try…it’s GREAT!! Thank you <3

  111. Katie,,,can you use paper cup cake liners in cup cake tins to make the lotion bars? and…have you heard of doTERRA essential oils?

  112. Hi- I have never made this before, and was wondering if I can just use any essential oil for the scent? Do I also have to use coconut oil if I use another one?

  113. Hi Katie,
    Just wondering if you have ever substituted the vitamin E oil with green tea extract for preserving?

  114. I made these last night, let sit over night and couldn’t wait to try them today! Awesome results. They are a little soft but then I added extra oils. Sweet almond oil, castor oil and LOTS of essential oils. When I apply the product it melts in my hand so next time I think I will use the wrappers for making cupcakes and a bit more beeswax. But totally LOVE THE PRODUCT!!

  115. 5852372446063585


    Love all of Therese recipes.. I just ordered molds and plan on trying this one as soon as they arrive in the mail. Question– I’ve read a lot about the benefits of oatmeal ground down to a flour, especially for eczema (which I have). I thought these bars would be a great thing for the eczema since there’s Shea butter in it– my question is, have you ever added oatmeal to a lotion, and if so, would it go bad? Is there a way to keep it from going bad? I was thinking I would add the powder to this recipe and increase the liquids to balance it out.

  116. I purchased my ingredients today and just realized that I purchased Shea Butter Soap. I am assuming I cannot use?

  117. Hi wanted to try this, but can you help me understand what you mean with 1 part? what measurement should I use? I am new to this kind of stuff and I am eager to learn to make my own all natural made products..pls help me out! thank you very much! 🙂

    • One part is anything you want to make it, but you have to use the same amount for the rest of the ingredients. For example, if you use one cup as one part of coconut oil, you have to use one cup as one part of shea butter, etc.

  118. Is this recipe only for bars, I have never used bar lotion so I have no clue how it works. Is there a recipe where they can be cream based? I would like to have some jarred.

  119. I just added vanilla extract to this recipe, but it separated after much stirring. Will essential oils work better? What’s the best oil for people of all ages and sexes? Thanks so much for all your recipes and resources!

  120. These lotion bars are awesome! I just made them with mango butter, white beeswax, and coconut oil with a touch of lavender essential oil. These turned out beautifully; they will make great Christmas presents! Thank you for this recipe!

  121. looking forward to making these once i get all the ingredients! the 1lb bag of beeswax pastilles is currently out of stock on mountain rose herbs- can you recommend one of the brands available on amazon? there are some very mixed reviews and it’s not quite clear if they’re organic, unrefined, etc. thanks!

  122. Hi Wellness Mama (and readers),

    I am very excited to use this recipe to guide me in making Christmas gifts. In fact, I am making them right now! I’d like to share some tips/cheats and advice/thoughts (mostly for other readers, based off many comments below):

    •if you live anywhere near a co-op market, a Whole Foods, a natural remedies store, or an apiary, you can easily find beeswax there- just Google what’s around you! Ordering in bulk online is also a nice option- for me, I prefer to support my co-op (and not wait for ingredients!)

    •shea butter has a very unique smell; some hate it, some don’t care. For myself, I do not mind. If you are using essential oils in your bars, find oils that compliment the shea smell! Black pepper, sandalwood, vetiver, and cedarwood will work nicely. If you prefer unscented/won’t be blending, use mango butter

    •beeswax also has a light honeyish smell, which may be pleasant for your desired effect. Again, you may find unscented beeswax if you ask someone at your local market/apiary, or online

    •weighing ingredients: at first I lamented because I don’t have a scale! I was reading through many of the comments below, and a kind poster posted the conversions of the ingredients weighed out (liquid state), and I improvised due to not having a scale. Rather than weigh out a dry cup each of ingredient, I individually melted them slowly in a measuring cup submerged halfway in a pot of warming (not boiling) water to get the liquid equivalent (right now I am melting the shea butter). It takes more dry ingredients than you might think to equate a cup. Beeswax pastilles have some air, and a cup of unmelted shea butter is a different weight than a cup of melted. If you don’t have a scale, try melting the ingredients individually in a glass measuring cup, and then add to your mixing device

    •I am using an old milk jar to mix so I don’t taint my kitchenware. If you have a glass juice jar, milk bottle, or anything else, that will work perfectly! Set it in a pot of boiling water, it’s like an upright double boiler

    •I upped the beeswax amount by an extra 1/3 cup (1 1/3 cup total) and used 2/3 oil (jojoba)

    •allow yourself plenty of time. This take a while

    REALLY excited to have the final result. I am making two batches each with different essential oil blends. Thank you so much Wellness Mama, for posting a clear tutorial, and to other commentators for asking great questions.


    • Thank you so much for the information about the shea butter. I don’t find the scent unpleasant but just wanted to create a bar with a little less earthiness. I look forward to trying it out with sandalwood, vetiver or the cedarwood.
      I tried vanilla extract to see if that might work but alas the shea smell won out.

  123. How do you use a mason jar in a hot pan of water without it breaking? I’ve had bad luck with that before and lost some lovely broth..

    • A true mason/ ball jar should not break in boiling water, if extremely old and I mean old they could. A madon jar can with stand the high temps of pressure cooker (which is way higher then boiling water), they can also with stand freezing temps. Make sure you are not just using a quart jar. They are not the same. Sorry just my in put

  124. I made these this year for a couple people for Christmas. I used Shea butter and the smell of it with the beeswax is so nice! Even before the essential oils were added. I followed the instructions exactly and they turned out so well!

  125. This may be a silly question, but here goes. When you measure the coconut oil and the cocoa butter, are they solid or liquid?

  126. Having a great time making lots of products from your website as holiday gifts – lip balm, lotion bars (poured into tins so it’s more of a salve) and whipped body butter! I think I’m addicted. I think I’m going to make the tinted lip balm next!

  127. I made two batches of these tonight … one lavender, and one sweet orange. They smell heavenly with the honey scent of the beeswax combined with these two essential oils :). I also made 2 double batches of the body butter in grapefruit and lavender. I ended up with 18 2 oz containers of body butter that I plan to give to friends at work as late Christmas gifts. When I get the Calcium/Magnesium powder that I ordered, I will be making the squeezable toothpaste. My kids keep asking me if it has arrived, because they want to help make it 🙂 Thank you for the recipes!!!

  128. I’ve never made my own lotion before, I just made this one. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but mine is much less of a lotion and seems more like the consistency of maybe a lotion bar…but it’s in a small mason jar. It works, but I’d rather it be more like lotion. What might I have done wrong?

  129. Is there a way to store the bars in something so you can take it with
    you say, in your purse or backpack? Any suggestions on traveling with
    I am so looking forward to trying these out, and if it goes well,
    I will probably make them for gifts… I have a lot of “lotion obsessed” friends, and I know they would love these bars on the go.

  130. I’m wanting to make something to put on scars/stretch marks, do you have any recipes? I will probably just try this one with cocoa butter and add some vitamin e Oil.

  131. How should I store these? Will they travel well I mail them to a pregnant friend across country? What essential oils would you recommend for mamma / baby? Thanks for the idea!

  132. Am I able to mail these? Would they last? I want to send them to some pregnant friends scattered around the country 🙂

  133. So, is all this necessary for an anti-aging alternative or is just plain coconut oil for cleansing and moisture all one needs? I am 35 and starting to see lots of wrinkles )-: I want to do all I can to fight this (-: Thank you!

  134. I just got a WHOLE bunch of coconut oil, and I spend a LOT of money on soap bars cause I have SUPER sensistive skin (the only kinda scent that DOESN’T irriatate me are coconut and vanilla) and those always cost a lot. But I will try this and let you know what happens! 🙂

  135. I am wondering for anyone who has made these, how long would you say one lotion bar will last, if you use it every day? Thanks!

  136. My daughter has a newborn, a 15 month old daughter who does not sleep well and she suffers from eczema. I made these tonight for her and am so excited to give them to her! We are slowly trying to change the way we live and treat our bodies. Thank you so much for this.

  137. What suggestions for coloring blocks? I used another recipe with 1/3 each beeswax (weighed), sweet almond oil, shea butter. Excellent end product, but when I put food coloring (as suggested) it wouldn’t mix. Luckily, it floated to bottom and sides and I didn’t mess up the whole batch. I thought a nice pink or lavender would go with my lavender/ yiang yiang essential oil blend scent.

  138. Hello! I am going to make these to use on my 6 month old baby (& myself) so I was going to use calendula as you suggested. Approximately how much calendula extract would you use if making the 1 part=1 cup recipe? Thanks in advance!

  139. If you make the bars in cupcake tins or something that is not contained, how do you wrap them or store them when not in use? Does that make sense? thanks so much for sharing these recipes. I have had fun making small quantities to see what I like..

  140. I live in India and I’m not sure of sourcing organic or good quality shea, mango or cocoa butter. Can I make it without? Or is there any other substitute?
    These look great and I’d really like to make them – esp the mosquito version! We have a huge dengue problem here
    Thanks and I love your site! X

  141. I just made these, waiting for them to harden so I can try :). I saw this months ago but forgot about it until my 11 year olds hands have gotten so chapped they’re bleeding and he’s crying, of course regular lotions burn. I put coconut oil on them last night. Hoping these encourage him to keep his hands moisturized as he can carry them in his backpack, etc. Will post back later on how they’re working for him.

  142. Okay, so I made a small batch, one tablespoon of each, blended mango buter and shea butter and put them in mini muffin papers. So cute! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  143. Hi! I am so happy I recently stumbled onto your website. I spent most of my evening yesterday poking around and booked marked so many recipes and DIY projects. I am also taking some of the advice listed in your cold remedies post. Thank you again as a fellow blogger just getting started, I am very excited to make and review your soap bars.

  144. I made the lotion bars this morning and they turned out great. Thank you so much for the idea. I used clary sage in some, lavender in others, and a special blend of sandalwood, bergamot, clove, and peppermint in the other. I put some of the clary sage bar in a small jar to use as lip balm and lotion on the run. That way, I could put it in my purse and not worry about it melting. Also, I noticed that you get your organic oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love their oils and get mine there too. They are great!

  145. Can I add both tea tree oil and lavender oil for purifying and calming effects? Also, can I use it on my face for acne prone skin? And what’s the best way to store them (paper box or tins? where can I get empty tins?)?

  146. im having the issue that no matter how much mango extract i use i cant get the lotion bar to smell like like mango (im using the recepie of bees wax,almond oil, and shea butter)can anyone help?

  147. I made these today, and they seem awesome! I had a ton of soy wax lying around, and not so much bees wax, so I used a combination of soy and bees wax as the 1/3 wax measurement. I hope that will be okay! They seem fine thus far. Has anyone tried with soy wax? It’s cheaper and easier to use, I think.

    • I just made a batch of lotion bars with soy wax. I have made these before and we do not like the natural honey smell of beeswax. I am finding out that soy seems to have a lower melting point than beeswax, so I had to reduce the coconut oil amount to offset it. The original recipe with soy wax resulted in a bar that was super greasy and couldn’t stay as a bar in room temp. It ended up like the consistency of playdough. I re-melted it and it’s better, but I think it’s still a little soft for living in Texas, lol.

  148. Love it, love it, love it. I made them for gifts & for myself. Kind of sorry about the gifts, I’m getting requests (ha,ha).
    I am handicapped, and can’t stand at the stove , so tried the microwave at 50%, it works fine.
    Can you recommend a bug repellent bar I could make. It’ s really difficult, when
    One is allergic to most odors?.
    Thanks for being here for us,

  149. These sound wonderful with a lot less mess than the lotion. I need magnesium and wondered if I could add the flakes to this recipe or if I have to make the lotion?

  150. Hi! I am trying to make these bars and I had a question. Does the the 1/3 Cup Shea Butter and 1 Cup Beeswax added in this amount when it’s hardened of melted? I only ask because melted would make a lot more of the product. Thank you so much!

  151. I made these, I LOVE THE IDEA OF THEM, but I’m not a big fan of how they pull at my skin when I rub them over my body after a shower and leave a greasy residue even if I wait a while to get dressed. Is there something I can do with these like melt them down and add something to make them more creamy like a lotion? Something that will absorb faster and not leave the residue? I have VERY DRY skin and this may be my personal issue but I’d take any suggestions you can give 🙂 I’ve tried your other DIY tips and love them!! Thank you!

  152. Hi! nice website!! I have a question , I like the solid butters but I don’t like to add beewax, can it be replaced by coconut buter or another harder butter or do you think they’ll easily melt being outside the fridge? Thanks 🙂

  153. Hi… I made these today. I used doTerra Essential Oils and I put about 14 drops per batch of 12 oz total weight of ingredients. They feel amazing but I can not smell the lovely oils I added. Hmmmm… what did I do wrong?

  154. Love this lotion! Do you measure the ingredients when they are hard in a measuring cup? Or do you melt them and then measure in a cup? I am making a large batch and have the oils melting in pints as my one part of each. Then I will mix them together. So, measure in hardened form or liquefied form? Thanks!

  155. Hello, thank you for this and all other great recipes – I’ve read a few and can’t wait t try them. About the lotion bars I’d like to know if I can make them without the shea or other butter? Would I need to add more coconut oil and/or beeswax?

  156. I thought that the coconut smell wouldn’t be so strong, is there anything else I can use? Smell aversion from my ex.

  157. How long do you typically wait for them to harden? Mine are still soft. Do you think it is because I didn’t fully melt the beeswax pellets? If so, how long did it take you to slowly melt that batch? I split mine into 1/2 cup portions & melted for 10mins in a quart mason jar. thanks

  158. I just made 1 bar (used a tablespoon of each) and it came out perfect. I didn’t add any oils yet, wanted to see if the previous comments about smell would bother me (nope, not at all, and I’m very sensitive). I only used the Shea butter. It didn’t have any smell at all and neither did the yellow beeswax. Can’t wait to start experimenting with oils. Thanks so much for this recipe. I’m always looking for things that don’t bother all my many allergies. This certainly did the trick!

  159. I adore this recipe for my whole family. I pour mine into used deodorant containers to make it easy to apply. Bar lotion is the ONLY way I can get my 21 month old to let me lotion his face!

  160. I have all these ingredients ready to make my lotion bars today but I have a question. Can I add oatmeal either ground to a powder or whole pieces? I have never made anything like this before and wanted to check.
    My daughter has eczema, allergies and just diagnosed with asthma ;( She has these little spots all around her hair line, left side of her face and now under her arm pit and on her rib cage. The doctor said it may be chicken pox! She isn’t itching but says they hurt 🙁 TIA

  161. Can this recipe be done in a microwave? Maybe using small increments of time and stirring between each?

  162. I did a search through the conversation to learn about possibly adding Magnesium to the lotion bars. Sadly, I was not able to locate any comments re: Mag-Chloride. Can we make a Magnesium Lotion Bar or are we limited to Magnesium Body Butter?

  163. Hi,

    Does putting it into the fridge introduce water (and bacteria) to the bar? Want to try making some tomorrow and I’m somewhere on the equator so am worried if the bars would harden in our hot climate…

  164. I also added jojoba oil, and lanolin. Just got done making them. I am so excited for them to set! Great idea! I tried what dried to the spoon I am using and it is amazing!

  165. Just Loved this recipe, can I make this recipe into a shower scrub bar by adding some natural exfoliants, would love your suggestions on this, thanks a lot …….

  166. Katie,
    I’ve noticed that when I sometimes make this, it gets a little gritty. I’ve done both the lotion bar recipe and just your lotion recipes, and with the latter I noticed it comes out a little gritty. Of course, when rubbed on the skin, it dissolves very quickly, but do you have any tips on how to avoid this? Thank you,

  167. Hi. I’m a little late to the game here, but wondering where you buy the Vitamin E oil and which one you buy? Thank you!

  168. I love these and make them for myself, family and friends – perfect for the extra moisture needed in the cold Canberra (Australia) winter that has just started. I vary the type of essential oil as needed and have just made a bubblegum fragrance for a young niece who has very dry skin – she loves it!

  169. I don’t like overly scented lotions & things on my skin. How do these smell if I don’t use any essential oils..? Do they need a few drops of something..?

  170. I’ve made these and love them! Do you have a coconut oil alternative for someone allergic to coconut? Thank you!

    • I have asked her the same question, but haven’t got a response yet. I am going to make these for my birthday with some friends and i am using jojoba oil…

  171. My skin is very oily, what should I change in the recipe to get an ideal bar for my face complexion? Thank you!

  172. I’m just curious as to whether or not the bar melts when you hold it to rub on your skin? If you are holding it and it melts where your hands are it would become a mess and very slippery so I imagine this doesn’t happen? Thanks! First time user BTW and love your site very much – have made some great things using your recipes! Carlotta

  173. I just made this and they are wonderful!! I was going to use a quart jar like you suggested but I found a 1 quart glass measuring cup for $5 and used that instead and it worked like a charm!! It made it super easy to pore into the molds! My only concern with my bars is I used vanilla essential oil and my fiancé informed me they smell like butter which is not what I was going for but oh well!

  174. Hello Katie, I’m a complete novice in this DIY natural products area. I live in Northern Ireland and natural ingredients aren’t so easy to come by; I can only find solid coconut oil to order online. Would this recipe work if the oil was solid as well (hoping this isn’t a completely stupid question)? Thank you. 🙂

  175. Love how great my house is smelling right now. I don’t think I used enough bee’s (bees’?) wax.. Is this something I can melt down again and add more wax to it? It’s perfect for lotion right before bed, but not something that is terribly portable. It’s a little too.. lotion-y. I started adding oil and realized I went a little overboard.

  176. Hey Katie! This is a little random but have you ever made lotion bars using citronella essential oil to keep bugs away? I am considering making some but was curious if you had tried it before and how effective they are..

  177. I had never used a lotion bar before trying this recipe so i don’t really know what to expect. I did this recipe and what i got seemed to me like a big lip balm for the body. Same oily type of texture. Is that how it’s suppose to be normally? if so, can i use emulsifying wax instead of beeswax to get a less oily bar?

  178. I stay home with my kids and my husband works. I want to try to supplement our income by selling some things at the local farmer’s market. Would it be ok to use this recipe as a base for my own lotion bars to sell. I plan on having a very large herbal garden and researching on your site and others all the benefits of the herbs to use for lotions. I want to make my own essential oils and I plan on making mini bars by putting the mix into the tiny gummy size gelatin molds for a one time use type of thing. I just wanted permission before using another person’s recipe to make money. If you don’t feel comfortable with that than say the word. If not, any tips for creating my own would be helpful.

    • Hi Cassie, you asked what I was going to ask. I am wanting to make my own ‘green’ products (cleaning and beauty products) to sell. We live in farming/Hutterite country so I think a business like this would do great here! Looking forward to the answer!

  179. I’m going to make these this weekend and use a mini-muffin pan…I have really enjoyed the beauty recipes that I’ve tried so far and have no doubt that these will be just as great!

  180. Hi! Have you ever experienced little white dots forming on the lotion bars after about a week of making? I’m totally stumped as to why this happened with a batch i made. Any advice? Thank you! Your blog is amazing!

    • I have not experienced that, but it could be the coconut oil crystallizing. It can do that sometimes, but is totally normal and does not mean it is bad or anything.

  181. I don’t usually comment on things like this, but I love these lotion bars so much that I just have to! I made them about six months ago, and have been loving them! They kept my hands from cracking in the winter, and relieved the dry, itchy skin, too. And they did not clog pores! (I don’t use it on my face, though). Now in summer they’re keeping my feet soft (esp heels) and relieved my itchy skin from my ever expanding tummy! (I’m currently 9 months prego). Could be total coincidence, but I have no new stretch marks this go round, unlike with my first son. They also last forever! I love them! Thanks, Wellness Mama!!

  182. My 1st batch is cooling now. Poured some in metal tins as well as molds. Curious if this can be used for lip balm? I assumed so which is why I used some metal tins. I used coco oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, vit E & tangerine oil. Excited!!

  183. This looks like your lip balm recipe! Slightly different proportions, same concepts I’m guess? Could you also suggest a lotion that can be applied right after a shower? (One that doesn’t go bad or mushy at the first sign of water)

  184. I added essential oils to mine, but I didn’t end up adding enough beeswax, so they are rather goopy. Is it OK to take the bars I made and re-heat them to add more beeswax? I’m asking this due to the essential oil addition, since typically I have found that you don’t add EO’s into hot liquids. Any advise would be awesome!!! Love your site, too 🙂

  185. I absolutely love this recipe for myself and my family!! However, my sister-in-law is allergic to honey, beeswax and bees in general. Is there another kind of wax, that won’t clog pores, I can use for her?

  186. Hi, I am from Germany and am looking for the right ingredients to buy here. Do you use refined or unrefined shea butter? I guess this makes a difference concerning the texture? Thanks

  187. 100% unrefined/organic Ghanian Black Soap, which can be purchased on Amazon is also great for the skin and hair. I’ve been using it on my face along with a coco-shea lotion (unrefined/organic of each) I created and It cleared and brightened my skin. The Black soap can be easily liquefied by cutting chunks of it and adding water to a container and letting it sit until it dissolves. I reused a hand soap container to house the liquefied soap. Note that it will easily melt like Dove soap when over exposed to water, so it needs to be kept in away from direct water contact.

  188. I love this recipe for the lotion bars. I have been making homemade gifts, including bath and body products since I was very very young (I am a young 53 now ha!). I have now started selling my products (Baubles Bath and Beauty) and found that everyone from the young girls to the seniors (my mom’s young age of 85) love these lotion bars. Thank you so much for sharing ! By the way, its great to be healthy for your dogs too … I make homemade dog treats (Bone Appetit’ Biloxi), including treats for dogs that have allergies.

  189. I made these yesterday. I love the idea of lotion bars. The bars feel great against my skin and I will try and make more to correct a few problems I had. Mine are a bit too soft because maybe I didn’t use enough beeswax. I bought it in a big cake and had trouble cutting a quarter of a cup off it. It was really hard! I think I will melt the whole thing down and mold it into smaller pieces. The other problems are the molds. I didn’t have silicone moulds, so I had trouble getting them to ‘pop’ out of the metal muffin tins. So they don’t look pretty. Also they are coloured like pale honey, I was hoping they would be white, but of course that’s the beeswax. I wonder if there is any natural way to change their colour. Finally my bars smell very strongly of chocolate. It’s a nice smell, but not what I wanted. It’s not surprising though, as my whole house is scented with the bag of raw cacao butter I used. I couldn’t find any mango butter, and my twelve drops of jasmine essential oil that I used can’t be smelled at all. Still, those are small issues. I love these, and will definitely experiment again.

  190. I got a small plastic tub of cocoa butter from Whole Foods, but was having a really hard time getting it out. Is there an easier way to do this, or do I have to keep scraping it out?

  191. I love the lotion bar recipe. Is it possible to make a Magnesium Lotion bar? I see the Magnesium body butter, but I want it more rigid like the lotion bars. Also, is this safe for cuts on the skin?(broken skin?)

  192. Hi, these are wonderful lotion bars! Thank you!

    Shouldn’t all the ingredients be measured by weight.
    Someone posted:
    1 c cocoa butter = 218 g
    1 c coconut oil = 216.1 g
    1 c beeswax = 227.3 g

    These are not equal parts. Shouldn’t they all equal the same number of grams or ounces (weighed)?

    For example:
    weigh 4 ounces butter
    weigh 4 ounces oil
    weigh 4 ounces beeswax

    Also if I want my lotion bars to be Vegan, I would keep my wax to only half of beeswax; so only 2 ounces & the rest of ingredients would stay the same?

    Thank you 🙂

  193. I’m looking to make these for my family for the holidays this year, and I was just wondering if it mattered if I used unrefined coconut oil rather than refined coconut oil?
    Thank you!

  194. I made these and I love them!! I used a little extra beeswax to make sure they were not too soft. I also used more mango butter because I’m personally a little tired of smelling like coconuts. They came out great!!!!! Thank you for such a great recipe!!! I look forward to experimenting more with everything on this site. I really enjoy it!!

  195. I made these and it did not work out too well. I made one batch in an 8oz mason jar. I had a 3oz bar of beeswax, so I used that and added about 2.5oz each of coconut oil and shea butter, then added the lavender essential oil in the end.

    First, it is SO hard, I cannot just rub it and it melts into my hands. I tried scraping it and rubbing it, but it leaves this sticky residue and is not really moisturizing. I am thinking of remelting it and adding more coconut oil.

    Second, it smells nothing like lavender and I put like 30 drops in for that small amount. It’s way less than what the recipe calls for and she used 50 drops. What am I doing wrong?

  196. I made these and they are absolutely WONDERFUL!

    I weighed all the ingredients and made them into the shape of pumpkins with Pumpkin Spice fragrance! I used Candellia Wax (half the amount of beeswax) so they would be Vegan.

    I used:

    weigh 8 ounces Mango Butter

    weigh 4 ounces Jojoba Oil
    weigh 4 ounces Coconut Oi

    weigh 4 ounces Candellia Wax (in place of beeswax)

    I have eczema and these work the best of anything I have ever used and I have tried a lot!

    Thank you so much!

  197. I was looking at your recipes for different lotions and lotion bars. I would prefer a lotion or cream type of product, but I wanted to know what is it in the bars that makes them hold a solid form. Is it a different measurement of beeswax?

  198. Hi! I know you must have been asked this question over and over again but I was wondering if you can use palm oil instead of shea butter? Thanking you in advance.


    • If you are using 1 cup as your 1 part of each of the main ingredients,
      then that would be 8 oz x 3 = 24 oz total, divide that by 12 bars,
      and that’s 2 oz each.

  199. Can I pour them into paper cupcake liners so they pop out easily and they could be “wrapped” in an appropriate themed liner for gifts? ….even if I peeled them out of one dirty spilled-on liner and popped them into another liner for decorative purposes?

  200. I made these some time ago, but I don’t like the bar as much as I thought I would. I’m melting them down as I speak and will add some sweet almond oil. Hopefully it won’t be so solid but more creamy. Any suggestion as to how much to add?

    Also, in your ultra moisturizer recipe, you responded to someone that there really aren’t any subs for the oils you mentioned. I think if you did a general search for skin benefiting essential oils, you’d find many. For example, frankincense, cypress, rose, lavender, neroli, and others.

    Love your site!

  201. I am looking to make smaller size bars….small hearts or maybe round bars…using a mini muffin tin or heart shaped silicone mold that is about 1 1/2 inches. I need to make about 25-30 of these. I am unsure of the quantities I should purchase for this size of a batch. You mention your recipe makes 12 bars….someone else said that 1 lb of each ingredient makes about 40 small bars…not sure what size that is. Thanks….just do not want to over order if I do not need to.

  202. Thank you so much for the recipe! This was my first lotion bar attempt, and it turned out beautifully using one part cocoa butter (instead of shea or mango butters). I think I’ll tweak the recipe a bit so that it works well for my skin, but this is an excellent starting point.

    To respond to another commenter, I did a test batch using paper cupcake liners and they worked like a charm! Right after pouring I put them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and that was enough time for them to harden and come right out of the liners, retaining their round/ridged shape.

  203. I just made these lotion bars! Love, Love, Love! Can’t wait to give as gifts.

    One question- as far as keeping them fresh for as long as possible, can I refrigerate or freeze them ? I would think refrigeration would be better. Thoughts?

  204. Have you ever tried melting/dissolving the Magnesium Flakes into the bars? Any reason not to in attempt to save a daily step? Thanks!

  205. Hi
    has anyone used less beeswax? I just tested mine and find the beeswax feels a bit heavy/sticky on my skin. will they stay together as a bar if I use less?
    I’m so used to the body butter recipe which I absolutley love. Any thoughts appreciated.

  206. What can I use instead of the coconut oil? I want to use it as a gift but I have two people who are allergic to everything with coconut.

  207. Okay, sorry if this has already been asked…but i see that some store this in the fridge, or in a cool place. I had the thought of making them in tins, but is it recommended to carry in a purse or pocket? I’m afraid it could leak out of the tin. Thoughts? Experience with this? Is this only supposed to be for use after shower and not throughout the day? Thanks for feedback!

  208. This recipe sounds wonderful and I would love to try it! However, I am very sensitive to coconut oil (which frustrates me to no end, as I know that it is very healthy for many purposes). Do you have any suggestions of what would work well as a substitute ingredient for the coconut oil? Thanks very much!!!

  209. I make this recipe for my lotion bars. I use one part beeswax, 1 part of butter (shea/cocoa combo that adds up to one part) and 1 part CO. However, I was in a hurry this morning to make more and I accidentally used: 1.5 cups of beeswax (to make them just a little harder), 1 cup of Cocoa butter, 1 cup of Shea Butter and 1 cup of Coconut Oil….which means there is more of the butter than of beeswax or even coconut. They aren’t in equal amounts anymore. I put them in the fridge to harden but now I’m thinking I might have to melt again and add beeswax because they might be too soft? What are your thoughts? Do I need to redo my batch? I live in Arizona which is a hot state but we are in cooler weather, if I leave as they are will they melt?

  210. I am new in this natural world and I would love to know if I can use this recipes for my baby too or if I should omit the essential oils. Thanks!

  211. Can I put these in some sort of twist up tube to put in my purse? It would be much more convenient than my glass mason jar of whipped body butter.

  212. Hi, I am glad i found your website as it inspired me to make my own creams..
    please keep up the great work your doing..
    Also would you advice me to use emulsifying wax?
    Appreciate your advice Thanks

  213. It would be nice to know if this is by weight or volume. I made it assuming weight and weighed every ingredient, but then later in the comments read that 1 cup of beeswax is 4 oz. They are in the fridge now, but I think that are going to be too beeswax heavy ……

  214. Hello, I just discovered this site and am having a blast with all these wonderful ideas! I did this recipe today and it turned out amazing. I did do a few tweaks. I used 1 cup Beeswax, 1/2 cup Mango Butter, 1/2 cup Coconut Oil, 1/2 cup Shea Butter and 1/2 cup Cocoa Butter with 1 tsp Vit E. Couldn’t be happier with the result, thanks so much for sharing this! I did find the mason jar trick did not work for me. I had a hard time finding something to stir with and it was impossible to clean. I was using different EOs for different batches so not cleaning it wouldn’t work. I ended up just tossing it. Instead I have a four cup glass pyrex measuring cup and that worked great! I just popped it in the microwave (checking and stirring about every 45 secs), the pour spout was handy and clean up was a breeze. I will definitely be making more of these. Thanks again and I can’t wait to try out some of the other wonders you have on here! Blessings!

  215. These are just poured into throw-away muffin papers, right? They make a mess in pans (wonderful recipe, though) so I want to go that route this time around if I can! Do they peel right off? I would assume so since there are a lot of oils in there, but who knows!

  216. Hello! Thank you *so* much for this recipe – I made some for my baby daughter’s awful eczema and… it’s IMPROVED so much!!!!

    I tried using slightly less beeswax so it would be more of a balm than a bar, but it was very ‘bitty’ (even though the ‘bits’ melted on contact with the skin as I rubbed it in). Do you have any idea how to reduce any ‘bitty-ness’??

  217. This seems like a silly question, but I can’t seem to figure… where do you store the lotion bars, lotion has its own container, obviously, do you keep them exposed on a soap dish? Thank you.

  218. Is there an easy way to measure the cocoa/mango butter since it comes it chunks? Also, about how long does it take to melt to a smooth consistency when putting all ingredients in a mason jar?

  219. Hi, I substituted soy wax for beeswax, add shea butter and ended up with a very liquid lotion. I measured the coconut butter by weight and 8 oz seemed like a lot. Eventually, I added way more wax and now have a very nice bar, but it crumbles if I make it very large. Any suggestions?

  220. I’ve made these bars and read somewhere that Shea butter has a lower melting point than Cocoa butter so will appear greasier if you don’t reduce the amount of coconut oil. I made with 4ounce of beeswax,coconut oil and cocoa butter with warming essential oils and it’s worked fine. Don’t be tempted to pop out of moulds too soon though and don’t handle them too much

  221. Hi,
    I just want to answer the question about how to measure solid chunks of oils in order to get an accurate measurement that allows for possible air bubbles. I learned for measuring a block of butter, that if I want 1/2c of butter, I use a liquid measuring cup and fill with 1/2c of filtered water. I then add the chunks of butter until the water line rises to the 1c line of measure. The water easily drains away while holding the butter inside of the cup with a spoon and the cleaning of the cup is much easier than it would have been if I had tried to pack out all of the air bubbles from the butter. Perhaps the other solid oils and wax in this recipe can be measured in the same manner?

  222. I use a household scales to measure chunks of cocoa butter. Usually pierce in a few places with a sharp knife and it’ll start cracking so I can put chunks onto the scales.

  223. I have been making somthing similar for years! Never used beeswax before now. I must say the wax makes them last longer. Love them. I added 2 parts coconut oil to one part everything else. Deposits more on the skin. A needed thing at this time of year! I’m from canada and it is COLD and DRY at the moment!
    Thank you for your natural body care recipes. I use your deodorant ,body wash and lip balm as well. It all works great!!! Thanks again!

  224. Do you know if “Cocoa butter formula” will work instead of Cocoa butter? That’s all I can find where I’m at without ordering online.
    Also can I add an essential oil for fragrance or will that be a bad idea?

  225. I ordered my cocoa butter online. I think Cocoa butter formula may have all sorts of nasties in it. As soon as my lotion bars were set after a few hours then they could be used

  226. I made lotion bars this weekend gave one to my Pastor’s wife and then brought one to a friend at work. We all love, love, love them! My friend at work has dry skin problems. Her hands after 2 days of use are soft as a new borns. I’m 49 yrs old and I’m seeing baby soft skin as well! P.S. They aren’t hard to make and the benefits of making them give added softness to your hands. lol

  227. I just made them with the shay/coco/mango butter as suggested. Being unfarmiliar with any of this I didnt realize how much I dislike the odor of, well, all the butters. I did add lavendar and rosemary oils, but wondering your thoughts on re-melting it down and adding more oil drops? Im making them for my babies so I dont want to add too much, but dont want to waste the batch just because of the smell I cant stomach… Thanks!

  228. I have a friend save the little boxy containers that baby food comes in and use them as my molds. I then have a prepackaged lotion bar for gifting. These little containers with the lid are a nice size. Tie with twine and you have a cute little add-on gift.

  229. How do the bars hold up in warm weather? Say 80 degrees? So do they need to be kept in a cool room? thanks!!

  230. Hello-
    I need recommendations on beeswax. I’ve made a few lotion bars now with sweet orange essential oil, once they are hardened all I can smell is the beeswax. I have made 2 batches now; one with 30 drops of the essential oil and a second batch with 40-50 drops. Any advice on finding odor free or less odor beeswax ?
    thanks 🙂

    *I am currently using unfiltered pellets of beeswax

  231. Could these be used for shaving? My boyfriend has been looking for an alternative to traditional shaving creams

  232. I got a little ahead of myself and added a little over 1/3 cup of vitamin E oil when I was using 1 cup of each ingredient (because I thought it was 1 part of that as well). Will this be alright?

  233. Hi Katie…I made a batch of exfoliating moisturizing bars today….argh!! It all went wrong…have done before and . Last batch were great. I melted everything waited for it to go a little thicker but it kept solidifying on the sides of the glass jug…I put my exfoliaters in …poured out into molds and there was a big lump..grrr! I just carried on…not sure if all the molds are equal…I think the jug might be too big as when it reaches the’s the spout it solidified quick…what other container should I use instead of a jug? Help!

  234. Hi thank you so much for this recipe! To be honest I’ve never really thought about using lotion in bar form, but this is really great – and you’re right, no more mess indeed! I’d always hated how it felt especially in between my fingers after applying lotion – I feel like washing them, which defeats the purpose of lotion! I feel like now I’m really giving it a chance to be absorbed! Anyway, I just wanted to ask, since a lot of people have tried essential oils and the scent doesn’t really come through, has anyone tried food essences, like vanilla or peppermint extract? Just wondering, since they are natural essences too and so should be safe, but just curious about the chemistry of it all and also if the scent does come through. If anyone’s tried that, please do share! Thanks again so much for this lovely recipe! 🙂

  235. Hi, id like to try making lotion bars.They look awesome! However in my country we dont seem to have cocoa butter,shea butter or mango butter.However we do have coconut oil and plenty of it.But again the problem i have is that all of the coconut oil here is in liquid form because it is very hot and humid.Can the lotion bars be made with liquid oil,beeswax and essential oils?if so what quantities should i use?

  236. I wish I would have read all the comments about the smell of shea butter and beeswax before I made this. I found the shea butter smell overpowering and couldn’t even smell the essential oil I put into the bar. I bought unscented shea butter (but it still smells unpleasant) and beeswax from Joann’s – which I should have probably purchased locally. But I love the texture and how it melts – the actual consistency is great and I’ll need to try and make another batch.

  237. Hello!

    Thanks for this lotion bar recipe! I want to try this asap but I just have a bit of an issue with coconut oil. Im from the Philippines and here, coconut oil is everywhere. However, ours is in a liquid form at room temperature unlike yours which is solid/buttery at room temp. How do i use my liquid coconut oil? No need for me to melt it, right? Should I just mix it when the beeswax and shea butter are both melted? Thanks!

  238. I have tried something like this, using olive oil instead of coconut oil and i tried to add colouring liquid. I tried mixing it after the oils had melted but it being oil it didn’t mix so i tried melting it with the oils but this resulted in burnt colouring on the bottom… any suggestions??

  239. I used your recipe (1/3 avocado butter and 2/3 cocoa butter for the butter portion) and instead of just using straight coconut oil, I decided to infuse it with coffee! I simmered some coffee grounds in the coconut oil for a few hours then strained. The result was beautiful, coffee – flavored/scented coconut oil, and a mocha massage bar. Strained oily grounds make a great scrub, too. Coffee scent really comes through in the finished bar. Thought I’d share!

  240. I made these with coconut oil, mango butter and beeswax, plus the Vitamin E oil. Then I made another batch using palm oil in place of mango butter. I love the results, and I can’t tell the difference between the two batches. I was wondering, is there some really good reason for using mango butter instead of palm oil? The cost difference is huge.

  241. Hi!

    Thank you so much for your DIY recipes and tips.

    I’m wondering if making a massage bar with only shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils — no beeswax or any other kind of wax — will work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  242. Hi, im ummi from Malaysia.just started to make my own natural lotion.Malaysia wheather are hot and wet..are your recepi can suit to this wheather? I mean it will not to oily in my skin?

    Bye, then

  243. I’m planning on making these for Christmas gifts. How have you packaged them? What type of packaging to you use. I hate to just put in cellophane bags, in case they soften in the summer heat. What do you suggest using?

  244. I love this blog/site….I have made some of the products here and they worked like a charm! I made the lotion bars today for a friend. I used a mini mold, but I think next time I will use a bigger ones. Thanks so much for the recipes!

  245. Cool. I have a lotion bar my mum gave me (she bought it somewhere) and I like the concept. They’d be great for travel–no bottles or mess and wouldn’t have to go in the quart bag. I’m going to give these a try!

  246. I just made a batch of these in a silicone muffin pan, using a quart mason jar, and added frankincense eo. I took one bar to the wellness center where I work, and everyone LOVED it. They were so easy and came out perfect. One question. How do I wrap individual ones for gifts? I used some tissue paper, but it went oily the longer the bar stays in it. I understand about the plastic roll-on containers, but would rather not mold them that way.
    Thanks for this site. I am new at doing all this, and look forward to this new journey at 60 years of age.

  247. I made a softer lotion using a 1\2 cup oilve oil, 1\4 mango butter, and 1\4 cup beeswax. I found a recipe similar to that, but it called for shea butter. I have a hard time finding recipes I can use because my husband has a severe nut allergy, so I subsituted mango butter in place of shea. I put all the ingrediance in a mason jar and put the jar into a pot of water to melt the ingredance over low heat. Then once it’s melted I stir it ever 5-10 minutes till its room temperature. A few batches have come out great, but in others the beeswax is turning into hardend pellets inside the lotion a few days later. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks for your help!

  248. Hi! I am from India, I discovered your site recently. I really love the way how effortlessly you have explained all your DIYs. I tried making this lotion bar last night but since i live in hot and humid city(Mumbai), the bars are quiet soft. Can u please suggest what I can do to keep them hard at room temperature? (PS: it is 94 degrees right now and it is supposed be winters here lol)

  249. I am going to try making these lotions bars, but am concerned with the texture. Is it actually hard to the touch or soft? Should I store them at room temperature?

  250. Is it using 1 cup coconut oil (melted) and 1 cup shea butter (melted)?

    I used 1 cup for all 3 ingredients (coconut oil and shea in solidified form) and mine came really yellow and only 6 molds of cupcake?

    Where did I do wrong?

  251. Exciting to try making it but I have exactly the same questions as above: how to storage it and how to put it in face? As the photo, it looked hard like a soap.

    Many thanks! ^ ^

  252. Tried to read all of the comments to find the answer but I didn’t see it. Can I pour this into a push up deodorant/chapstick tube? Would be wonderful to apply as a stick instead of a bar.

  253. I cant find beeswax at my local grocery store and dont really wanna drive everywhere to find it… Can I leave it out? Or is there an easy-to-find substitute?

  254. I”ve made these twice, once with coconut oil and once with olive oil, with each of the butters. The coconut oil was very soft, and coconut oil melts at a certain temperature, but with the olive oil, my bars stayed solid. As for scent , I add drops until I get the scent I want, but if the oils/butters are slightly cooled and then add scent, you can smell the bars.

  255. Wow, stumbled across this site last week when i was having a total eczema related meltdown! After sourcing my cocoa butter and wax this week, already had the coconut oil, i have just made my first batch. Think i added slightly more butter and oil than the recipe, so we will see how i get on. Excited to try them!

  256. Loving this site ! I was wondering if there is a way to make this recipe into a cream instead of a bar? I am ordering some more beeswax, some molds and wanted to add whatever i needed to make it creamy and not solid. maybe just not adding the wax?

  257. My dad is highly allergic to coconut, but i wanna make a small batch for me, my mom, and my dad, is there anything i can use in place of coconut oil? Same with lip balm.

  258. 1. Any advice on adding lanolin to the recipe?
    2. How much less bees wax can be added, so that it still hardens and stays together, but so less can be used?
    3. Does anyone find the bees wax builds up on their tub and sink from using a bees wax soap?
    4. Advice on the best way to clean the bees wax from the soap off the sink and tub?
    5. Any advice on changing up the recipe with Cacao Butter and/or Apricot Kernel Oil and/or Argan Oil?

  259. I just made a batch for the first time and they are really greasy. I don’t know if this is similar to the softness some people are experiencing. When I rub it on, it is greasy on my skin as well. Any solutions to this or is just adding more beeswax the cure?

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