13: Vitality & Healthy Children

13: Vitality & Healthy Children

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In this episode of the Wellness Mama Podcast, I talk to my friend Dr. Pedram Shojai (founder of Well.org) about ways to improve the future for our children and how to create vitality in our lives.

In This Episode We Discuss

1:30- The problems that future generations will face
2:04- Pedram’s new goals for future generations
3:30- The problem with conventional medicine
4:20- Why he felt trapped
4:30- The “sick care” problem
5:15- One of the flaws of the existing health care model
6:05- What inspired him to create “Vitality”
6:40- The wheel of vitality
7:00- Sleep, mindset, diet and exercise
7:50- Why kids have so much energy
10:28- Changes to make to improve health
10:45- The first stop
10:50- Breakfast: say no to cereal
11:00- Why cereal is a big deal
11:30- Why our kids are disconnected from food
12:01- How to make positive changes for your family
12:47- The flaw with our method of teaching children
13:40- The epidemic of kids not moving
14:01- The mindset for kids- how to fix it
14:25- What we have to teach our kids
14:50- Your child’s future job hasn’t even been invented yet
15:40- Victory gardens revisited
16:30- How Big Ag messed everything up
18:00- Pedram’s adventures and why his wife lost sleep
19:12- Is organic food too expensive?
19:30- Why we aren’t prioritizing health
22:28- How you are wasting energy
23:10- Subtle changes to start making
24:06- Hope for adults
25:16- Vitality screening
26:15- Hang out with me and Pedram
28:00- Advice he wishes he’d gotten earlier in life
29:01- Let your kids blossom

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

More about Vitality

I recently got a chance to watch Vitality. Dr. Pedram talks about many of the things I’ve been talking about around health and lifestyle, succinctly said in a punchy, fun, informative, and short feature film.

What is Vitality about?

To start off, that the “sick care” model in the West is designed to make money off of illness and that’s why people are getting worse every year. Why drugs can’t actually “fix” anything…

The solution?

Pedram teaches us how to increase the vital energy in our lives so we can thrive instead of merely survive and stumble along. It breaks lifestyle down into the “wheel” of Vitality and gives a great structure for us to understand health in a simple yet powerful way. It is a sane look at an insane problem…very refreshing.

Who is this movie for?

EVERYONE. Whether you’re a physician who knows most of this already or someone who’s ailing and needs all the help they can get, Vitality’s message will move you. The country of Namibia is sharing this movie with school-aged children in order to help them thrive. There are governors of a couple US states in discussion to have this movie shown to families in need and foster children. It is endorsed by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM).

Long story short- doctors love it. Teachers use it. People are raving about it…and I recommend it. The movie is available on amazon, iTunes, and various stores to buy/rent but I’ve got a gift for you.

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What steps have you taken to improve the vitality of your children? Share below!

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