180: How Hidden Elements in Your Home Affect Your Mood & Health With Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson

180: How Hidden Elements in Your Home Affect Your Mood & Health With Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson

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The Hidden Elements In Your Home That Affect Your Mood & Health with Branch Basics Founder Marilee NelsonIf you’ve ever wondered if your efforts to make a more natural home environment are worth it, this episode should convince you! Marilee Nelson is an expert on chemical sensitivity and the founder of The House Doctors, a consulting firm dedicated to cleaner, more natural homes.

Due to her long struggle to heal own son’s chemical sensitivities, Marilee sees it as her personal mission to get the word out about the common household materials and foods that may be poisoning our health. She even co-founded a natural line of cleaners I use and love called Branch Basics.

On top of all that, Marilee is a medicinal cook, a board-certified nutritionist, a certified Bau-Biologist and Inspector (which is a building biologist), and a building materials specialist for healthy homes. She has spent nearly 30 years as a Dietary and Environmental Consultant for clients across the country who are chemically-sensitive or chronically ill… not to mention those who are just plain smart and want to have a natural home!

Episode Highlights With Branch Basics

  • How Marilee’s own health struggles started her search
  • The gripping story of her son’s recovery after a severe chemical overexposure, and what it took to heal him
  • Some hidden elements in your home that may be causing major health and behavioral problems
  • Cases when conventional products may be better than “green” materials
  • The surprising reasons you might want to avoid low- and no-VOC paint (hint: SVOC)
  • Why to throw away your CFL bulbs
  • The lingering effects of pesticides even inside the home
  • Simple steps to purify the air in your home and reduce chemical exposures
  • And more!

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The average person is exposed to between 134 and 200 chemicals… before they even leave their homes in the morning!

Sometimes we have something that happens to us that has the capacity to wake us up to important truths that are maybe hidden, misunderstood, or not well understood.

Our natural healing process has been hijacked by the established norms of the day.

Have you or a loved one ever struggled with chemical sensitivity? What did you do? I’d also really appreciate if you took two minutes to leave me a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well!

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Reader Comments

  1. I loved this podcast. Marilee is so inspirational and the work she’s done to heal herself and her child is just beyond. I have chemical sensitivities and I often have trouble telling others about my issues without them rolling their eyes or not believing me. I just felt so hopeful and not alone after listening to this episode.

    • I get it. I have chemical sensitivities too, and while I generally don’t talk about it with people outside of my family, even in my own home I get the kind of reaction you mention. The kind that says, could you please just get over it already.

      When I have mentioned to others about reacting to chemicals and about how it’s hard to travel because of it, I’ve had responses something like, “Yeah, my issue is broccoli. I just don’t like it and people keep feeding it to me.” They obviously don’t understand. Liking broccoli is not quite the same thing as feeling (and being) poisoned by chemicals. It makes me crazy.

      You’re not alone. There are others out there — they just don’t really come out of the woodwork much.

  2. Please Please let us know your thoughts on the new formulation!

  3. I thought you stopped using branch basics because of the new formula. I remember you blogging about that.

  4. Would you recommend this product, Branch Basics, or Norwex? Thank you

    • I’m a huge fan of Branch Basics and Norwex makes good products as well…

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