726: How to Detox Effectively Without Uncomfortable Symptoms With Sara Banta

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How to Detox Effectively Without Uncomfortable Symptoms with Sara Banta
Wellness Mama » Episode » 726: How to Detox Effectively Without Uncomfortable Symptoms With Sara Banta
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726: How to Detox Effectively Without Uncomfortable Symptoms With Sara Banta

This is part two in my series with Sara Banta and today we’re talking about the best ways to support our detox pathways. Sara has an incredible health story and through her research and education was able to overcome some serious health issues, including PCOS, Crohn’s, and her son’s leukemia diagnosis.

She now helps other people do the same with scalar frequency-based supplements, Chinese medicine, healing devices, and more. And our focus today is how to use tools like these to help with detox. Our bodies naturally have their own detox pathways, but certain foods and lifestyle choices can slow down or block these pathways.

Sara has some very specific and unique ways to help us have optimal detox. With EMFs, radiation, pesticides in food, and other toxins, the more we can do to support our liver and detox the better!

Episode Highlights With Sara Banta

  • Why detox is so important now
  • The reason our ancestors never had to think about detoxing 
  • How insulin resistance and toxicity are connected
  • The liver is responsible for detox, protein and fat metabolism, thyroid function, and much more
  • Diabetes is insulin resistance of the liver
  • PCOS is insulin resistance of the ovaries 
  • Signs you need to detox and how to do it
  • What happens when we detox without the right support and the toxins go back into the body
  • What the ascent diet cleanse is and how it works
  • Why we all likely have some amount of leaky gut
  • The reason she is anti-juicing

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Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

Hello and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com, and this episode is all about how to detox effectively without uncomfortable symptoms and why those uncomfortable symptoms sometimes happen. I’ll give you a hint, it all goes back to the liver, and we talk a lot about that today. I’m here with Sara Banta, who has an incredible story of resolving her own issues with Crohn’s, hormone issues, PCOS, IBS, heavy metal toxicity, and even leukemia in her son.

She now helps people with all kinds of different health issues, and she serves her clients and listeners with her protocols that combine scalar frequency-based supplements, DNA-based dietary protocols, Chinese medicine, healing devices, and so much more to support detox, reset, and rebuilding. And she has some fascinating and unconventional tips that you don’t often hear. She shares my focus that we are each our own primary healthcare provider, and we talk in a very specific way in this episode about detox because the body naturally wants to move toward a state of healing. It has beautiful built-in detox pathways already in, but there are some things we can do without realizing it that can actually slow down or block these detox pathways. And today she explains how to avoid doing that, how to support the body’s natural detox pathways, and by doing so, to have so much more energy and vibrant health. So, let’s join Sara Banta. Sara, welcome back. Our first episode was so awesome, and I’m super excited to be back with you to go deep on the subject of how to detox effectively and hopefully to do it without the uncomfortable symptoms that can sometimes happen if we don’t do it correctly or we do it too fast. So welcome back.

Sara: Thanks for having me. I always have so much fun with you. I’m so glad to be back.

Katie: Likewise. This will be fun. And I think to start, I’d love to start a little broad with why is detox so important, especially now. And maybe we can also touch on how the body naturally detoxes all the time. That’s actually, it wants to move toward healing. I think it’s an important nuance to get into versus it doesn’t need us to externally force it to detox. It wants to detox. So how do we support the detox?

Sara: Right. You know, when I found myself at my own rock bottom, and we didn’t even go into this, I am a mom of three. My kids now are 21, 19, and 17. And when I hit my rock bottom, I had PCOS, Crohn’s disease, heavy metal toxicity, insulin resistance, hair loss, acne, no energy, and it was like the wheels were coming off, right? Well, part of it was detox. When I met my mentor and the person that really brought me to my health, he said, Sara, we’re gonna peel you like an onion. We’re gonna take care of the top things, and then new things are gonna show up. Well, our ancestors never had to think about detoxing because they didn’t have everything that we have today in 2023, now going into 2024.

But as I was uncovering my health issues, I realized all the symptoms led back to the same two problems, toxins and insulin resistance. And I never had a weight issue. So, insulin resistance wasn’t something that I was really thinking about because you always thought, well, insulin resistance is for people with obesity, but that’s not necessarily the case. So, in order to build my body back up, I had to detox first. So, the great thing is, is now fast forward to where I am today, I’m helping people detox and build their bodies up at the same time.

So, what is detoxification? People hear the word detox, and do we need to detox? Well, maybe January 1st, we’ll all detox, but that’s not the case. We need to be detoxing on a daily basis. It’s a process aimed at removing those potentially harmful substances or toxins from the body that we’re not meant to have. And they think it’s, most people think it’s controversial because the body’s natural detox mechanisms primarily carried out by the liver, and the kidneys already work to eliminate these waste and toxins. But the amount of toxins and radiation that we’re facing today is exponentially higher than what our ancestors dealt with and is way too high for our natural detoxification organs to handle. And that’s why they simply say, I give up, I can’t do anymore. And then all of a sudden chronic disease happens, and people are coming out of the woodwork saying, Sara, I’ve never had any health issues. I’ve never had any weight issues. All of the sudden, I’m having skin rashes, my hair’s falling out, I’m gaining weight, and it’s coming out of nowhere. Well, let’s look at how insulin resistance and toxicity are connected at first.

The high levels of toxins in our environment are making insulin resistance worsen by inhibiting the function of the liver. The liver’s responsible not only for detoxification but for protein and fat metabolism, thyroid function, metabolism and fat burning, processing the fructose and the glucose that we’re taking in. So, if the liver’s backed up by the toxins, then insulin resistance is gonna get worse, and if insulin resistance is present, the liver function is compromised, and then it’s a vicious cycle.

And insulin resistance manifests into different metabolic diseases within the body, and all of these conditions stem from one root problem. Diabetes is insulin resistance of the liver. Heart disease, insulin resistance at the heart, PCOS, which is the number one reason for infertility. And Katie, I know you know that so many women are suffering from infertility now more than ever, and that is insulin resistance at the ovaries, and I had PCOS, and if I had known what I know now back then, I wouldn’t have needed to take Clomid and done some fertility things to get pregnant. As soon as I corrected my insulin resistance, my menstrual cycle was regular, and it’s really great now because I’m now helping my two daughters, who one has the propensity to have PCOS, the other has the propensity to have endometriosis, and I’m able to help both of them with that as they’re going to be going into childbearing age, hopefully not too soon. But at least they’ll be ready for it when the time comes. And then Alzheimer’s is insulin resistance of the brain.

So, what are the signs you need to detox? That unexplained weight gain, low energy, brain fog, headaches, unexplained lack of motivation, bloat, water retention, anger, depression, anxiety, hair loss. My mom had the thickest head of hair for so long, and all of a sudden, she was losing her hair. And so, it’s even the people that you would never think that are losing their hair now are starting to lose their hair. Skin breakouts, joint pain, insomnia, nausea, bumps on the back of your arm. Have you ever wondered what those are? Weakened immune system as we’re going into the fall and the winter seasons. The immune system is more important than ever. And then just systemic inflammation.

So why do we need to complete a detox? We went over a little bit of this on our first time together, Katie, but the toxins, the heavy metals, lead, mercury, aluminum, those are just a few of the toxins that are finding their way into our bodies through our water, our air, and our food. Things that we’re not in control of. I try to eat as much organic food and clean water as I can, but the shower heads are, you know, we’re showering with waters that aren’t totally clean, the air and what they’re spraying on us. And I live under the jet path for an airport. I’m getting toxins that I have no control over. Heavy metals can cause neurological effects, gastrointestinal issues, leaky gut, cardiovascular effects, kidney damage, liver damage, respiratory issues.

I know me ever since the spike protein has infiltrated its way into our bodies, I’ve had mornings where my lungs aren’t giving me the power they usually do when I work out. And I’ve been working out all my life. And now, all of a sudden, I’m suffering from something I’ve never had issues with. People are suffering from bone health issues, infertility, like I mentioned, immune system, cancer, chronic health conditions.

Then you’ve got the radiation. And that radiation is increasing insulin resistance in addition to altering the nervous system, the endocrine system, hormonal system. Radiation increases oxidative stress, free radical damage. And that’s coming from the 5G, the smart meters, the computers, or smartphones. These smartphones are like little computers, and they are appendages to our left hand, right? I mean, our kids and us, we’re holding them all day long, and we’re not thinking they’re doing anything to us. That’s crazy. You know, they’re known to cause cancer.

And to worsen the situation, no one’s talking about this, but the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant began releasing treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in August of this year. Now, that’s what they’re reporting. What were they doing before they were even reporting this? And even China was afraid of their seafood and the food coming from this area. So, if China’s worried about it, we better be worried about it and think thoroughly of what we’re eating and what we’re doing to protect ourselves against that radiation.

The dietary toxins, the GMOs, the glyphosate, they’re coming from our crops. There’s also dioxins that’s a highly toxic compound from industrial farming processes found in the conventionally raised animals like the beef and the chicken. And those are stored in the fat tissues and accumulate in the food chain. And you’ve got the halogens, which are the fluoride, bromide, and chlorine that’s in the water and the food supply. All of these clog the liver, clog the iodine receptor sites. That’s why I talk about iodine, iodine, iodine in all 100 trillion cells of the body, including the thyroid.

We talked a lot about processed foods last time we were together, but these foods manufactured by the big food corporations have negatively impacted the health of so many people and it’s the leading culprit of insulin resistance and toxicity. And you’ve got the extra fructose, the inflammatory seed oils, the GMOs, the artificial sweeteners, and taking the natural fiber out of the foods. These processed foods are accelerating the development of insulin resistance, clogging the detox pathways, and this is a total recipe for disaster. So, you’ve got the fructose, the lack of fiber, the seed oils, artificial sweeteners, then the hyper-palatable nature of these foods that are causing our taste buds to not even really taste real food. So, when we eat just a regular sweet potato, it doesn’t even taste normal, right? So, you’ve got all of these things that are in the processed foods that are causing a backup in our livers and our detox pathways.

So, this is where I have come up with cleanses that detox the body but without the detox flu symptoms. Because when you detox your body without some of these supplements that I’m going to talk about, you’re introducing these toxins back into the blood supply, coming out of the fat cells, getting into the blood supply to then get out of the body. Well, when these come into the blood supply, you’re going to get a headache. You might feel nauseous. You might feel lethargy. And then you’re going to say, this is not worth it. I’m going to go right back to doing what I was doing. I can’t detox because this feels horrible.

Well, my goal is to make you feel good energy, feeling great mental focus and feeling like, okay, I can do this. This feels great while your body is cleansing on a daily basis. So, I’ve put together some cleanses, and my most comprehensive cleanse is the Ascent Diet Cleanse. And it’s full of some supplements that synergistically work together to get rid of that detox flu symptoms. And you’re going to eliminate the toxins by opening up the detox pathways, minimizing the exposure to the toxins, removing the toxins from the body without having the detox flu symptoms. And then in addition to removing the toxins, the Acceleradine Iodine in the cleanse, which we touched on last time we were together, and there’s so many benefits to the Acceleradine Iodine, but one of it is filling up the receptor sites that future toxins would gravitate to, preventing future toxicity. So, then you’re getting yourself in a better position for moving on to preventing more toxins to take hold in the body. And then that’s also going to help with the elimination.

You’re going to eliminate that alcohol, the excess sugar, the processed foods, but that’s going to minimize the toxic burden in the body. You’re going to see a reduction in insulin resistance. So, with the combination of the Accelerated Keto, the Acceleradine Iodine, and the Accelerated Ancient Salt in the cleanse, then you’re going to have a blood sugar decrease, cravings for sugar decrease, the carbs, the cravings are suppressed, and the ability to intermittent fast is strengthened. So, when you’re intermittent fasting, like I mentioned, your body’s in the state like, oh my gosh, all of a sudden, I can intermittent fast when maybe I was starving when I woke up at 6 a.m., and I was eating at 9 p.m. right before going to bed because I’m constantly hungry. Well, this is going to give you that power to say, I feel great, my body is using my own fat stores for energy. Let’s get the kids ready to go. And by the way, they’re screaming at me, but my brain feels calm because the Accelerated Keto is increasing the GABA, the dopamine, the serotonin in the brain. So, the brain’s calm and my perceived stress is lower, and the kids are not stressing me out. And I feel like my problems are 10 feet away from me instead of smacking me in the face and you can handle them. And what’s great when you are able to handle the stress that the kids are putting on you is that the kids actually are less stressed, and they’re going to respond better to you. So, there’s this feedback loop, right? And so, as you’re less stressed, the kids are less stressed. So, all of these factors are going to maximize detoxification results, and you’re going to see an improvement in digestion. You know, most people, even if you don’t have bloats or constipation or diarrhea, you probably have leaky gut from all of the toxins that we are being hit with.

They did a study on college kids where they were athletes and they felt great. They were performing in a good way. Most of them had leaky gut. So, if those kids had leaky gut, you probably have leaky gut. Well, the supplements and the Ascent Diet Cleanse helps with digestion, helps with constipation, bloat, gas, nausea, but it actually gives the body time to heal the gut because you’re intermittent fasting, but then you’re using the supplements to go in there and actually heal that gut as well.

And you might see, most people see weight loss. We talked about unexplained weight loss last time and from all the factors, the toxins, the insulin resistance, the spike protein. You will see an increase in weight loss and not just weight loss but fat loss because it actually helps you maintain the important muscle mass while targeting the visceral fat and the liver fat. It actually goes after breaking down that fatty liver. And that fatty liver is the important liver or fat to get rid of.

Many detox programs restrict calorie intake and encourage juicing. I’m actually very against juicing for so many reasons. Makes you hangry. It makes you lose muscle mass, gives you headaches. It restricts those calories and then sets you up for a slower metabolism. We are actually going to set your body up for a higher metabolism. You’re not going to be in survival or starvation mode. And you’re actually going to get an increase in fat burn and metabolism and thyroid health. So, unlike any other cleanses, the combination of the Acceleradine Iodine, the Accelerated Thyroid, and the Accelerated Keto in the cleanse increase that metabolism, increase that ATP. ATP is what we’re going after. ATP is that true cellular energy. It increases fat burning without shifting you into survival or starvation mode.

And you’re going to have increased energy. So, by not eating the processed foods or potentially the harmful substances that we talked about, you’re going to increase that ATP in the mitochondria. And so, you’re going to have great mental energy, great physical energy. So, after you drop your kids off for school, you’re going to do your workout, and you’re actually going to be able to lift heavier weights or go walking longer or whatever it is, doing that HIIT training, and getting more out of your energy stores. Because you’ve got thousands of calories on your body to burn for energy. Your body just needs to know how to tap into it.

You also will see an improvement in your immune function. So, between the Acceleradine Iodine once again and the Accelerated Colloidal Silver. Now what I didn’t mention, Katie, is that Accelerated Colloidal Silver is the supplement that took my nine-year-old son from having leukemia to a thriving 21-year-old college student today who has been tested twice positive for the virus with no symptoms. So, everyone in our family has tested at least positive twice, no one has had symptoms. This supplement helps devitalize foreign pathogens, including bacteria. And I have to be very careful with how I talk about this supplement, viruses, parasites and more. But this is the supplement that brought him to health. And as a mom, you can only imagine my heart when I was told that my nine-year-old son had leukemia. And that son, at the age of 15, also had heart conditions that we have had to survive and get through. And he is an extremely healthy boy who skis, he runs, he bikes, he lifts weights. And a lot of times he’ll do at least three of them in a day. And he does it without skipping a beat.

My daughter, who could not get off the couch because she had anemia, asthma, and allergies as a young child, is now rowing at the college level at USC, which is one of the top schools. And if anyone’s gotten on a rowing machine, they know how demanding that workout is. That was a turnaround that has come from the silver, from the iodine, and from some of these other supplements we’re talking about. So, I just wanted to mention that, that some of these supplements are not just for you, but they’re also for your children.

And through the cleansing, you are going to trigger that autophagy. Autophagy occurs when cells use their own components for rebuilding new cells and cleaning up the junk. And that’s through the fasting, the exercising, the low-carb diet. Prioritizing that wild animal protein that I mentioned on our last episode and getting rid of some of the wrong foods, the wrong poisonous, but you think are healthy vegetables and proteins, you’re gonna see clear skin. A lot of adults are still having that acne or skin issues. This cleanse will actually help you clear up the skin. The skin is the largest detox organ. And when toxins are expelled from the skin, it will help clear that skin and make it more vibrant.

You’re gonna reduce inflammation throughout the body. You’re gonna have mental clarity. And at the end, because what I take you through is a liver flush. And I do, personally, I do a liver flush every four to five weeks, just because nowadays it’s so important. You’re actually gonna see liver stones and gall stones in the toilet. Hundreds to thousands of them. And when you see those, it’s shocking. You think to yourself, how did my liver function with these stones in them? And that liver is where your fat and your protein metabolism are, where your thyroid function actually resides. So, so many things are happening in the liver that we need to target.

And so the Ascent Diet Cleanse is my number one cleanse for the most comprehensive detox. There are smaller ones that people can start out with if they think that, okay, this is just a little too big for me or too overwhelming. But there’s ways that you can still detox while rebuilding your body at the same time and living your life as a mom, as a wife, as an employee or an employer, whatever it is, and keeping up with your life and feeling better. Day one.

Katie: Once again, so comprehensive with you. And I took a lot of notes as you were speaking, and I’ll make sure that all the things you mentioned are linked in the show notes for you guys listening on the go, that’s always at wellnessmama.com.

As a brief wrap-up, I would love to hear, I know in our two episodes combined, we’ve talked about so many different factors that come into play. And thankfully it does seem like changes in any of these areas create that sort of positive feedback loop that helped the body naturally move in a great direction. I would love to hear on a personal level with all these things you’ve talked about, what your own personal 80-20 looks like or your non-negotiables that you do every day, whether it be certain foods that you focus on or avoid, certain supplements you always take, or lifestyle factors that you feel like give you that 80-20 and make the biggest difference.

Sara: Yeah, I always tell my kids, I say, if I’m able to work out in the morning and do my infrared sauna, then anything can be thrown at me any day. So those two is on a physical or a lifestyle way. Those would be my hacks. My non-negotiables with my supplements, my Accelerated Silver for my immune system, my Acceleradine Iodine for my energy, my immune system, brain health, everything, my Accelerated Keto for my intermittent fasting, my energy. Those three get me through the day. And then my Accelerated Salt, because it gives me those electrolytes and that energy as well, especially as I’m intermittent fasting.

The food, wild animal protein. I can intermittent fast all day long very easily. And so, if I’m presented with a meal where it’s the wrong protein, or it just because I have suffered from gut issues so much in my life that it’s not worth it to me. And a gut issue or getting E. coli or the wrong food that trips up the bad bacteria, that can last for weeks with me if I don’t take care of it. So, I’d rather intermittent fast through a meal if it’s the wrong food, or even do a vegan meal if it’s the wrong protein versus taking that wrong protein and suffer the consequences. With, you know, I actually am able to do a meal of having maybe some gluten and a piece of chocolate cake better than I would be with a piece of chicken. And I just know that about me.

So, the one thing I would tell everybody, be your own doctor. Your body is a miracle. And it is telling you. It will tell you if a supplement’s not right for you. It will tell you if a food’s not right for you. So those would be, and then the last thing, sleep, as I mentioned in our first episode, sleep, sleep, sleep. I block out that sleep time. When my door is shut, my kids know not to come in, and I make sure that I give my time, my body that sleep.

Katie: I love it. And I love especially how you talk about not just dieting and restricting calories or carbs or any of those things, but it really is that focus on those really nutrient-dense superfoods that we can still get that nourish our body to tell it we’re not starving, we’re not in danger, we’re not in survival mode. And I love that you said that at the end. I always tell people at the end of the day, we are each our own primary healthcare provider, and the responsibility lies within us. And I feel like amazing resources like you help us to do that so much more and so much more effectively. So, thank you once again for your time, for your absolute wealth of knowledge. You are a joy to talk to, and I’m so glad we got to have this conversation.

Sara: Thank you, Katie.

Katie: And thanks as always to all of you for listening and sharing your most valuable resources, your time, your energy, and your attention with us today. We’re both so grateful that you did, and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of the Wellness Mama podcast.

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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    Barbara Washburn

    I just listened to:How to Detox Effectively Without Uncomfortable Symptoms With Sara Banta
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    I listened to the Sara Banta podcast. I thought it was just an overview of commonly known info. I thought if there was more time, she could have gotten into some specifics. I’m not sure I’m loving the shorter podcasts. I prefer detail.
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