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Confessions of a Natural Mom Quiz- How Many of these do you do?
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A friend and I had a conversation the other day about how many things that we do that are against the norm (or “weird”). Most of these things I’ve been doing for so long, I don’t even remember that they aren’t normal, so I decided to compile a list. It’s a “How weird are you” quiz of sorts… just for fun…

Here’s my list… Not all of them are “weird” but if they aren’t the statistic norm, I listed them. How many of these things do you do? What would be on your list that I missed?


Birthed a child without any kind of pain medication. More than once. (But then was super grateful for mainstream medicine when it saved my life with placenta previa… whole story here)

Birthed a child at home (breech and v-bac too- here’s the story).

Consumed a placenta (mine was in capsules…)

Have a placenta in your freezer (check, but not as bad as the one I accidentally left in the guest fridge at the hospital a few births ago… sorry cleaning staff!)

Cloth diapering (Not you? It’s easier than you’d expect! Here’s why we do it)

Not circumcising (this might not be the minority anymore and definitely a controversial one, but here are my reasons)

Making homemade natural baby products instead of using store bought versions.

Sleeping with babies in bed until they are 6 months, or a year, or two, or three..

Wear baby around in a sling. all. the. time.

Kids don’t get medication for minor illness or teething (but they do get warm baths, chamomile tincture, soup, lots of care and careful monitoring, etc)

Let/Make the kids play barefoot because it is good for them and in the sun because it is good for them.


Want the kids to get chickenpox but can’t because no one gets it anymore (do your kids have it? Want to come visit?)

Sick? Infection? Rash? Put breast milk on it… or coconut oil 🙂

Kids don’t know who Big Bird, Bugs Bunny or Dora are but they do know Tom Sawyer, Moses and Aslan…

Make homemade vitamins

and gummy vitamins

and marshmallows

Suck out babies’ snot if congested… with my mouth (dont freak out- I use this…)


Let things rot on my counter on purpose (mainly Kombucha, Water Kefir, Sauerkraut and other fermented veggies)

Let milk sour on purpose.

Drink raw milk.

Don’t have a microwave.

Add saturated fat to coffee. A lot of it… (This recipe- so delicious!)

Don’t consume grains

or beans….

or processed sugar..

or food dye…

or soy

Consume organ meats on purpose.

and fermented fish livers daily

Have a big pot of bones on the stove. All. The. Time.

Eat “weeds” from the backyard.(Like Dandelion)

Use “weeds” for medicine. (Like Plantain)

Use a water filter.

Drink jello…and use it many other ways too


Have enough mason jars in your house to stock a factory.

And drink out of them…

and decorate with them…

Clean my face with oil. (and not soap…)

Squat to poo

Have animals in the backyard that produce or can be food (not cats and dogs… unless you eat them, in which case, please don’t tell me!)

Don’t wear sunscreen (but eat it instead).

Swish oil in my mouth… for twenty minutes… on purpose.

Use a reusable cup or reusable pad instead of regular menstrual pads.

Sleep on a grounded mat.

Don’t wear shoes (or wear minimalist/barefoot ones)

Use a standing desk (because sitting will kill ya).

Make my own laundry soap.

and deodorant

and shampoo

and toothpaste

and bug spray

and lotion

and lotion bars

and magnesium oil

and magnesium body butter

and make-up

Replaced the coffee table with a trampoline for exercise/rebounding.

Brush teeth with charcoal

Don’t consume artificial hormones to space children.

Soak in mud.

What did I miss? How many of these do you do? Are you as “weird” as me? Share below!

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Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, Founder of Wellness Mama and Co-founder of Wellnesse, has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition. As a mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems. is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and all posts are medically reviewed and verified by the Wellness Mama research team. Katie is also the author of the bestselling books The Wellness Mama Cookbook and The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.


76 responses to “Confessions of a Natural Mom”

  1. Talia Avatar

    Not quite as weird as you. But I did find this post because I was looking for ways to help witj chicken pox ? as one of my kids has just gotten it (and yes, I’m relieved he’s getting it at 11 instead of as an adult). I assume the other four kids will get it too.

  2. Gina Avatar

    Haha, Katie this is awesome! I do the majority of things in this post. I haven’t tried magnesium body butter but it sounds perfect for the growing pains my daughter is going through right now (with a 6’4″ daddy she’s going to grow like a weed).

    I like my coffee table too much, so it stays, but the rebounding trampoline can always be found close by so I get my 3 sets of 10 mins a day in, LOL!

    Do you know if sleeping on a grounding mat still works if it’s plugged in to a power strip, instead of the wall?? Mine currently is because I don’t have a close enough outlet that will fit my alarm clock, salt lamp, grounding mat, etc.

    Thank you!

  3. Gilda Avatar

    I normally would not share this story but I see above Katie says MAKE kids go barefoot. We live on a farm near the Gulf, so having our six kids go barefoot is essential to my sanity and my wallet. Each kid has a pair of Crocs for school and church and otherwise barefoot. I would skin my kids alive if they tried to do farm chores or play in their Crocs. Anyway, my oldest got it in her head that she should have “real” girl shoes when she turned nine and that she was too old to go barefoot. That seemed like a lot of silliness to me since her birthday was right after school let out for summer. So I bought her the sparkly shoes she wanted and threw out her Crocs. For her birthday, we all went to the city zoo, with her in her fancy shoes. It did not take long for her to start complaining about how bad they felt, probably because I had bought them a whole size and a half too small. Well, she was soon begging to take them off, so I made her walk to the nearest trash can and throw them in one at a time. For the rest of the summer, my daughter who had wanted big girl shoes instead had to go barefoot everywhere even when the rest of the kids were in Crocs. I got a few questions, so I made her tell everyone herself the story about how she hated wearing shoes so much she had begged to throw her shoes in the trash. People got so used to seeing her barefoot that everybody in town teases her if she ever tries to wear shoes anywhere except school.

  4. Alexandra Avatar

    I have a 14-year-old son on the autism spectrum. We both take D3/K2 supplements.

    Have you heard about going diaperless? Seriously.

    Imagine the money it would save.

  5. Brandy Phillips Avatar
    Brandy Phillips

    Do you vaccinate? Why or why not? If you have already made a blog about this topic could you please reply with the link. 🙂 thanks!

  6. Hana Avatar

    Great ideas for being more natural and healthy. Just one question, why eat a placenta?

      1. Hana Avatar

        There haven’t been any clinical trials in humans nor scientific evidence to suggest eating placentas is beneficial.

  7. shibarune Avatar

    I wish I was as weird as you Wellness mama lol but we’re close to poverty and cant afford a lot …

  8. Moriah Lee Avatar
    Moriah Lee

    I don’t do a lot of these things, though some I am wanting to start, and some I just had to scratch my head at.
    I was surprised to see that “breastfeeding” (and not just at home) wasn’t listed. I know its becoming more popular but in 24 years of life, I had never seen anyone do it. Until Oct. 2013.
    Also, another thing my family (ie me.) does is roast our (my husbands) coffee. It is SO easy! It only takes about 10 minutes and you can get a wide variety of great quality (green) beans (We buy them green because they store forever and we can roast them ourselves when needed) and it so more often then not much cheaper than the store. Plus, you don’t have to go to the store! They are delivered right to your door. Fabulous 🙂

  9. Michelle Vanover Avatar
    Michelle Vanover

    I am absolutely smitten and crazy about your site. Thank you so much! I wish you lived in Seattle and I knew more mom’s like you! I’m having my first in February. I’m very excited but so tired of being bombarded by these nasty chemicals. .. ugh. Glad to have seen this site. Much love!

  10. Heather Avatar

    I agree, I think you are super woman too :). I actually found your site a couple years ago googling. And then I kept finding it when I would google something. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, oil pulling, etc lol. I would have never dreamed of making my own deodorant etc but I kept hopping from one article of yours to the next lol. Actually, I could honestly tell you RIGHT this minute, including this one, I have SEVEN of my tabs open are Wellness Mama hahaha!
    Anywho, I do not do a lot of what you do, like I am chicken too much to go off bcp’s but I have made my own bone broth, I use TONS of your beauty recipes—- self proclaimed lotion addict here, I LOVE the ?cream? I made. I liked the lotion, but I LOVE the butter one. Heals my BAD nail habits.
    Anyway I could go on and on about how super awesome you are and thank you for sharing your craziness– I am working on converting my life over (my husband makes fun of me all the time, the poop) and I feel like it is doable cause I can reference your site :).

  11. Regina Avatar

    I don’t do nearly as much as a lot of other people, but I’m slowly getting there. I have a friend who called me a witch because I like making my own things like vapor rub, salves, rubs for gout, arthritis and sore muscles. I just looked at her and asked if she wanted me to make her something!

    1. Heather Avatar

      OH!!! My husband has gout right now. If you see this, will you share?! Thanks!!!!

  12. Christine Avatar

    I am pregnant with my second child. The baby is due in June and I’m going to have to have a c-section again. I have started researching placenta encapsulation because I had very bad depression after my first baby (6 years ago). What I’ve read is that some people steam it before dehydrating it. Can you just dehydrate it in a dehydrator and skip the steaming process? Wouldn’t the steaming cause a reduction in the good stuff? Any pointers you have would be helpful. By the way I love your website and as soon as my Amazon order arrives I’m going to attempt your lotion bars recipe.

    Thank you!

  13. Miriam Avatar

    Hi! Thank you for everything you do for us (confused moms :)))) ) I’ve been reading your blog for some time and i really like a lot of stuff you are sharing with us. And trying to take one step at a time to become one of these weird moms. :)))) But now i am a little confused and need some advice.., I am a first time mom my son is almost 5 months old and i haven’t immunized him. And don’t even know should i do it or not… I’ve read a lot of stuff about vaccines… and now i am even more confused… As every mom i just want him to be healthy and happy! But when i read all the stuff that your baby can get from vaccines scares me! So i don’t know should i do it, don’t do it or maybe some of them should be done?!

  14. Jeanie Avatar

    Loved this list! I’m not a mom, so have no personal experience with placenta, etc., but I could still relate.

  15. Kelly Killeen Avatar
    Kelly Killeen

    Haha! Loved the comment about putting breast milk on stuff. My son had a partially clogged tear duct for his first few months. I THOUGHT I was pretty anti-medicine at the time but when I brought this issue up with his doc and she prescribed an antibiotic gel for his eye, I gave it to him. For 2 weeks, there was no change. My son woke up every day with his eye crusted shut and it needed to be wiped out every hour or so. Finally, I looked for a natural remedy, and found a site that told me to put breast milk in his eye and massage the tear duct to open it up. Immediately, I noticed a difference. There was much less crust building up. It still took a few months for his eye to be normal, but I’d say the build up was cut in half at least and he seemed much less miserable.

  16. Chanti Avatar

    I’ve been debating how I want to handle chicken pox with my LO. I got it the old fashioned way (my mama made me play with a kid who recently had the virus). But I know now that having chicken pox increases your risk for shingles in the future. Is that something you are concerned about with your kids?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      The research I’m seeing is actually showing that having the vaccine increases the risk of shingles, not the actual virus….

      1. Chanti Avatar

        I guess I’ve seen conflicting information. But I will probably err on side of caution when it comes to vaccines and just let her get the pox the same way mommy did. Thanks for replying!

        1. Karen Avatar

          HI there! I also was on the hunt to find chicken pox for my younger 3 children – the older 4 had it already when they were younger. I put the word out to all my family and friends that wouldn’t report us to Child Services for trying to give it to my children – and we had success – a friend who lives in another country – her sister who lives 3 hours away from us, her kids got it – so we made a date, I drove there for the day and drove home, and we got them 🙂 We made sure to rub arms, eat treats while sharing spoons and bowls (yuck) sit them super close to watch a movie, and switched shirts for the day, so the “infected” shirts went back on my kids for the drive home. When we got it, I put the word out and we had several other families over to try all the tricks to pass it along – we had only one boy not catch it, all the others nicely got it too. BUT, as far as shingles, my naturopath told me that as long as we get exposed again to the chicken pox – like we get it as kids, and then nurse our own children through it, and then help when our grandkids get it – there should be almost no risk of shingles 🙂

          1. Erica Avatar

            My brother in law had chicken pox as a child and he got shingles when he was 20… It’s an extremely painful and unpleasant experience and I wouldn’t risk it lightly..

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