7 Ways to Eat More Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Eat More Coconut Oil and Get the Benefits without Eating it Straight

I’ve written before about 101 ways to use coconut oil for everything from oil pulling to lotion to toothpaste. One question I often get asked is how to actually eat coconut oil, especially if you don’t like the taste…

The word is getting out about the health benefits of coconut oil, but especially for those just starting to use/consume it, trying to actually eat it can be a difficult task. For some people, eating too much at once can even cause upset stomach until the body adjusts.


For those who are trying to eat more coconut oil in their diets but have trouble with the taste or texture, here are a few of the ways we consume it without the taste or texture becoming too overpowering:

1. In Coffee or Hot Drinks

A way to supercharge coffee and make it healthy and great for your skin

One of my favorite ways to consume coconut oil daily is in a cup of hot coffee or tea each morning. The trick is to blend the mixture enough for the oil to emulsify, which creates a creamy and rich consistency and not an oily consistency (which I personally don’t like). Here is my recipe for healthy coconut oil coffee, and check out the unusual ingredient I add to make it even more creamy (and healthy).

2. In Smoothies

7 Ways to Eat More Coconut Oil

It’s easy to hide the taste and texture of coconut oil in a smoothie, though sometimes it can leave clumps. I actually like the little crunchy pieces of coconut oil, but for those trying to hide the texture, the trick is to melt the coconut oil until it is just barely melted an add slowly as the smoothie is already being blended so it emulsifies in and doesn’t clump.

We often add 1-2 tablespoons to a smoothie this way and the taste and texture aren’t noticeable.

3. Homemade Energy Bars

Homemade Grain Free Chocolate Coconut Energy Bar Recipe

These are another kid favorite at our house. The kids love the taste and I like that they are packed with healthy fats and are a great natural source of energy.

Here is the recipe.

4. Coconut Butter Cups

Healthy Coconut Butter Cups Recipe

Just like the energy bars, these coconut butter cups are a favorite in our house. They are a little chocolate cup filled with coconut and coconut oil “butter” and can be flavored however you’d like.

Here is the recipe for Coconut Butter Cups.

5. Cooking and Stir Frys

fast and easy chicken and vegetable stir fry recipe

Coconut oil‘s high smoke point and concentration of stable saturated fats makes it a good choice for stir frys and cooking. We often use coconut oil as the base oil to coat the pan when cooking eggs, stir frys and other pan-cooked dishes.

Many of the recipes on this page (especially the stir-frys) use coconut oil as a base.

6. In Baking Recipes

Grain free, gluten free blueberry crumble muffins

Coconut oil can substitute for butter in most baking recipes and can also replace margarine and vegetable oils in most cases. My recipe list has many recipes that use coconut oil to help you get started.

7. For Frying

easy and healthy coconut shrimp recipe

If you’re going to fry something, stable oils like coconut oil, tallow and lard are great choices. This coconut shrimp recipe is one of my favorites as the coconut oil adds to the coconut flavor of the recipe.

At our house, we use coconut oil for pretty much everything… This article has even more ways to use coconut oil.

From a previous article:

What Kind of Coconut Oil?

For external uses, expeller pressed or other types of refined coconut oil will work, but for internal use, an unrefined virgin coconut oil is best. This book provides more information about the benefits of coconut oil and the difference in the types of coconut oil.

I also love that this company supports small family farms in the Philippines. We order in five-gallon pails, which is more expensive up-front but which saves a lot of money in the long term.

My husband and I both take about 4 tablespoons a day and the kids get a couple tablespoons in food, smoothies, or hot herbal tea.

Where to Get Coconut Oil?

I love this organic virgin and fair-trade coconut oil from Thrive Market (which is like Costco online but for healthy products). Their coconut oil is 40% off retail, which is the best price I’ve found for it online. And Thrive Market sells many of my favorite products at 30-50% off normal prices!

Free Coconut Oil Book for You

If you’ve never ordered coconut oil before, now is your chance to try it. When you order through this link, you will get a copy of the Virgin Coconut Oil Book which explains the story of how they discovered this high nutrient coconut oil and the many ways it can be used to support health. The book will be automatically added the first time your order.

Do you use coconut oil as much as me? How do you use it? Share below!

Coconut oil is beneficial for so many reasons but can be hard to eat if you don't like the taste. Eat more coconut oil by using in cooking, baking, stir-frys, in coffee and more.

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