21 Shea Butter Benefits and Uses

Shea butter uses and benefits for healthy hair and skin

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (it is SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production. Shea butter has been used in Africa and other countries for years to improve skin and hair.

Shea Butter Benefits

  • Moisturizing: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils.
  • Reduces Inflammation: A 2010 study found that due to its cinnamic acid and other natural properties, shea butter was anti-inflammatory. (source) One compound in particular, lupeol cinnamate, was found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations. This also makes it beneficial for some people with acne.
  • Skin Smoothing: Shea butter aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and contains oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying. With long term use, many people report skin softening and strengthening as well as wrinkle reduction.

Shea Butter Uses

Shea butter is one of the most versatile natural beauty ingredients and I use it daily in some form. I’ve used it for years in everything from my homemade lotion bars and original magnesium body butter to homemade lip balms and healing salves.

Some of my favorite uses for Shea Butter:

  1. By itself for face and body as a natural moisturizer
  2. In a shea butter lotion bar stick for easy use
  3. Alone or in a pregnancy stretch mark salve to ward off stretch marks
  4. As the best under-eye wrinkle remover and bag-reducer
  5. For massage butter
  6. In velvety soft whipped body butter
  7. or basic homemade lotion
  8. As a base for homemade deodorant
  9. As an SPF 6 skin lotion
  10. In magnesium body butter
  11. As a natural baby-care product (alone) or ingredient in baby care recipes
  12. By itself on the lips or in homemade lip balms
  13. Or homemade shimmer lip balm
  14. To improve skin elasticity (some even say it helps with cellulite)
  15. On the hair or scalp (in mixture with other natural ingredients)
  16. In homemade liquid creme foundation and makeup
  17. After sun or beach exposure to replenish skin
  18. On the eyelids before applying makeup to make it last longer
  19. As a natural cuticle cream
  20. On scars to naturally help collagen production
  21. On sore/raw noses during a cold or flu

What Kind of Shea Butter is Best?

I only use raw, unrefined, Grade A Shea butter. There are many refined Shea butters that are odor free and bleached to be completely white, but the refining process removes some of the beneficial properties.

I get my Shea butter here, but it can sometimes be found at local health food stores. Just look for one that is:

  • raw/unrefined
  • unbleached
  • organic
  • Grade A

TIP: If you get unrefined shea butter, that means it has not been filtered and may contain trace particles of the shea nut. I often gently heat my shea butter until it just melts and then pour through a cheesecloth or strainer to remove any particles. Once strained, I pour the shea butter into silicon molds in pre-measured amounts (tablespoons, 1/4 cup, etc) so that it is ready to use for natural beauty recipes.

Shea butter is for external use only. Ask a doc or dermatologist before using, especially with underlying skin conditions. Those with nut allergies should avoid or check with an allergist.

Ever used Shea Butter? How did it work for you? 

Shea butter has so many benefits for the skin and is great in homemade beauty products like lotions, lotion bars, body butters, lip balms and makeup.

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Reader Comments

  1. Is Shea Butter still considered raw when it’s heated? Like for the homemade lotions and stuff? Or are the benefits best if it is used just raw out of the jar? Does the heating/melting process make it not raw anymore?

    • It just heats to about 110 degrees to melt so it keeps the benefits. It is never brought to a boil or even close…

      • Is Shea Butter good for oily skin too? Because I have REALLY oily skin.

        • Its perfect for oily skin

    • I’ve been using Shea butter on my skin cancers on my face for almost a year now and my cancers are almost completely gone. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. I’m 60 years old and look look 20 years younger. Shea butter is a miracle!

  2. I love me some Shea Butter!
    Haven’t tried it around the eyes for wrinkles, but it did take the sting out of my eye when I rubbed my eye after chopping jalapenos! I didn’t put it in my eye, just along the lash line. It worked pretty much instantly.
    Also it takes the sting out of jellyfish stings.
    And I always use it for chapped lips especially for the kids – They don’t like anything minty and the shea butter is so soothing.

  3. For your whipped bodybutter what do you think of using almond oil instead of cocoa or mango butter?

    • It will have a lighter consistency, but you could certainly try it…

      • It may be softer and more liquidy, but you can play around with the ratio. Also, beeswax is great to add to harden up the consistency of something.

    • I substituted with almond oil and it turned out very nice

  4. Because of a severe coconut allergy, I found shea butter through a paramedic friend of the family. I have loved it and used it for absolutely everything, even in spaghetti noodles at the last minute when I found we were out of oil and butter!!! I’ve used it on my rough feet, my hubbie’s rough feet, and as a massage agent on his devastating cancer scars. This stuff is a miracle in a jar, and I cannot say enough nice things about it.

  5. I have been using shea butter for a year and a half now and love it. I put it on my lips at bedtime and in the morning after washing my face letting it moisturize while I put on my makeup. I cannot believe I used to use vaseline for bedtime. I also use the shea butter around my eyes or any dry spots, at first it’s firm but if I let my little blob sit for a couple of seconds on my warm skin it melts enough to spread. A great staple to have in your healthy natural beauty routine.

  6. I found a sample of Shea Butter whipped body cream given to me buy a seller on Etsy. I thought… what’s the harm in trying it on my face? Even if I break out, it will eventually clear up. So I tried it and it’s the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for my face. Within 2 days (I kid you not!), my severely dry and dull face has life again! I couldn’t believe what a difference two days makes. I don’t think I will ever use anything else on my face – though I will add different essential oils to the shea/coconut oil recipe!! Absolute favorite!! ?

    • I am 54 and still have acne. But I scared so easily that I tried the 100% Shea butter on my scars and found that it healed the scars and cleared the horrible acne scars after a few weeks. I have to use concealer on my face and I’m so self-conscious that this is a God send. I have scars on my arms that have started to clear and use it for my scalp and under eyes and hair.

      • Coconut oil either after a baking soda scrub or mixed with baking soda. Then apply the coconut oil. Its 15x better at preventing acne, repairs sun damage, is an antioxidant and contains vit e and pro vit a.
        The bs alone may be too acidic but it will even out your skin (add some lemon juice).
        Still finish with coconut oil to balance your ph levels.

  7. I used shea butter as a body cream,loved it but now I’m using coconut oil it smells divine and I also use it for my hair and cooking.

  8. I also inloved with shea butter. I’m using it in another 2 ways: 1) as nails and nails cuticles softener, sometimes mixing with almond or jojoba oil for better absorbtion and hydration – just gentle massaging every evening before bed; 2) for the feets also – after exfoliation massage into feets, put the socks on and leave them during the night. Magically soft feets, especially effective during the summertime 🙂

  9. Hi I have a question! My face is really dry and i would love to use this on my face. What do you prefer, straight natural Shea Butter or mix it up to make a lotion? Thank you in advance!

      • If it is mixed with other things like coconut oil and jojoba will it still have the same amount of beneficial use?

  10. I LOVE Shea butter!!! It doesn’t make my skin break out the way coconut oil does because I have acne-prone skin and works so well on dry skin and hair in the winter.

  11. Hmmm, the supposedly 100% pure organic shea butter I’ve been using is white and odor free. Guess that means it has been bleached. And, of course, it cost twice as much as what you buy via Amazon. Glad I found your post. No wonder it is not helping my cracked heels. Thanks!

    • Depending on where you live, you can find it at one of your local caribbean store, or one of the Chinese or Korean hair stores where they sell wigs and weaves you won’t have to worry about getting it from Amazon.

      • I bought my raw shea butter body lotion at Walmart…I love it

        • I bought some Shea butter at a store called sinfulicious body care in california, and our shea butter is my go to product in the store. I would recommend shea butter to everyone of all ages. It is excellent for scares, burns extremely dry cracked skin and it’s ability to absorb into all seven layers of skin. It is also excellent in your hair. The higher the percentage of shea the harder the product is and the worse the smell is. But it is definely worth it. I love shea butter.

  12. As feline hairball remedy/preventative! Seriously! Raw unrefined coconut oil, too. Just about a teaspoon every couple of days. My 8 yr old 100% indoor cat has never had a hairball! And is healthy!

  13. Hi, Katie:

    I LOVE using shea butter in your body butter and magnesium butter recipes. I’m wondering what kind of stick blender you use, though. The engine of mine burned out after I made about three recipes using shea butter. Is there a brand you recommend?


  14. We love Shea butter! We’ve been using it for years. I can’t wait to try these new recipes. Thank you so much for posting them!

    We use Shea butter on our dog Daizy’s paws in the winter. The salt on the ground dries up and cracks the pads on her feet. She loves licking off the Shea butter!

    We were so saddened to hear about your Daisy. Our condolences and deepest sympathies to your family.

  15. I use it on my 4 month old baby’s eczema patches and it keeps it under control. I tried coconut oil at first but found it wasn’t helping! I also started putting little blobs in his bath for all over skin protection. It especially helps on his neck from his drool rash!

  16. While I know that shea butter is great for you, and have used it in a few recipes, I can’t stand the smell of it!!! To me, it smells SO BAD! I want to use the least processed and tampered with, but boy, it sure doesn’t smell good to me. ;-{

    • I agree on the smell. It is so strong and I can not bare it. But will just have to deal with it one way or the other. Stupid me purchased a big chunk rather too starting with a little

      • Put some coco butter in it. My favorite!

    • Add essential oils

    • i agree – the smell is sooo strong…i used a ton of EO in it and its still too strong. Any tips much appreciated!

    • Try Ugandan Shea Butter commonly referred to as East African Shea Butter, it has a mild natural scent is softer

  17. I am from kenya in africa, Do you sell your products internationally?

    • You can get Shea butter in stores. try super cosmetics, they have it in stock.

      • Also check out Tropical Traditions web site. Excellent prices!

    • Rosemary you can get Shea Butter in Nairobi at Purdy Arms Organic Market on Saturdays i have seen some scented and fragrance free varieties being sold there

  18. I absolutely love shea butter! I use it all year round on my hands, especially in the winter when they’re very dry. I recommend it to many of my customers/clients, especially for skin conditions such as eczema.

  19. I recently bought some shea butter from a health nature store. On the jar it states that it is guaranteed to be 100% natural,also stating that it is hexane-free. It really does not have a smell and is like an off colored white. I am new to all of this,and I am afraid I bought some low quality shea. I thought that if I bought from a health type nature store,I couldn’t go wrong,now I wonder. What is hexane free? Love this blog site by the way!

  20. Great info on shea butter. I started using an eye cream in my early 20’s that has as the second ingredient Shea butter in it. (First ingredient is water) I am 46 now and have no wrinkles around my eyes absolutely none. I totally credit Shea butter for that! I am now using a Shea butter cream on my sensitive face and just love it.

    • Hey Marie! Which is the eye product that you use? It sounds great!

  21. want to know how shea butter aids in tightening of the vagina.

    • LOL! Good luck with that

  22. I recently ordered 100% organic, grade A, unrefined, African, ivory shea butter. It isn’t discolored at all, but is crumbly and smells terrible. What is it suppose to smell like? I also ordered 100% cosmetic grade, yellow, pure bees wax pellets and it smells very smokey? I used your lotion bar recipe with great results, except the horrid smell of these two products. Due to numerous health issues I didn’t want to use scent, but I’m not sure there is enough scent available to cover the stinch. Thanks for all your help.

    • Which site did you order from. Shea butter does have a strong natural scent, though I’ve never found it to smell bad. Perhaps the batch was contaminated?

      • I ordered the shea butter from Amazon, from a company called Better Shea Butter. I opted to contact the company before leaving negative feedback at Amazon and I’m pleased to say they were very helpful. They said it sounded like I had got a bad supply. They are sending me a free replacement within 24 hrs. Great customer service!
        Thanks so much for your quick reply as well! I just recently found your blog and became a subscriber. You have such a vast amount of information! I had already cut out most processed foods and thought it was time to start on the health and beauty items, your blog has been a great help!
        Should the bees wax smelled chemically or smokey? I ordered it from Amazon as well, from a company called Your Natural Planet. I also contacted them, but haven’t heard back yet.
        Thanks again for all your help!

        • It shouldn’t. Mine smells a little strongly, like an earthy honey scent but not smokey and definitely not chemical.

          • Thank you

        • Beeswax will sometimes smell smoky because of the bee-keepers. When they harvest they use smoke to deter the bees from the boxes/hives! I myself have not came across any smoky beeswax (thank goodness and knock on wood!) but have heard of several people getting smoky batches unfortunately!

          Shea Butter is amazing! I love using it in my balms…including Beard Balm. It truly is a miracle worker! For so so many things, from medical to pure cosmetic. I love all the benefits that go along with it, so many natural vitamins, and how nourishing it is. How well your body responds to the vitamins and minerals when used really is quite remarkable!

      • True. It does smell, but it’s not that bad. Once you rub it enough on skin, its smell will barely be noticable. In order for its smell to fade away, just massage it enough, and not just put it on. In addiction, do we want it’s benefits? then we have to bare the smell. The smell does’t really matter if you want good results. In fact, if it doesn’t smell, that means it’s not 100% natural. The smell is its proof of quality!!

  23. Hi guys
    i recdntly brought shea butter unrefined.i am put up in africa.
    It smells a bit bad n its yellow in colour.
    when enquired my friends thats the correct grade of shea butter
    commercially they add colours and scents
    so smelling shea butter is the right one..

  24. I love using Shea butter in my hair.

  25. If you cannot use Shea butter due to an allergy, can you substitute another such as cocoa? I can use coconut oil and I’m fine.

      • Thank you!

    • shea butter and coconut oil are far from being the same. In many recipes they are interchangeable As carrier agent to help distribute the other ingredients. if you do a quick search of information on each you will see that the fats and oils that they consist of are very different and in different amounts and are capable of penetrating different layers of the skin

  26. Wow thank you for this recipe! I made some a few days ago and I am in love! I tried doing something like this in the past but could never find a lotion that gave me the coverage I wanted or lasted all day. After a lot of playing around to get the color just right, I now have a foundation that looks even better than the store bought stuff I’ve been using! Mine has a thick, mousse-like consistancy and a little goes a long way. I just have to make sure it’s evenly distributed and rubbed in. The texture feels great on my skin, does not rub off easily on clothes, etc. and lasts better than regular long-lasting foundation even on my oily skin. I used lots of zinc oxide and used red, brown, and yellow iron oxides (the powders used to color mineral foundation) instead of cocoa powder, and used bentonite clay to even the blotchy redness in my pink skin, and I added geranium and neroli essential oils to treat acne and clear acne scars. I am so happy that I now don’t have to sacrifice my health or my money to have a foundation that makes me look as good as I feel. Thank you so much!

  27. Sheabutter is one of the greatest blessing that I have been blessed with

  28. How can shea butter help cure acne even on an oily face n skin?how can it be used as facial foundation?

  29. I love Shea Butter i mixed it with my cream, i hope its ok that way

  30. pls can I use sheabutter as my normal body cream? without mixing with anything




  32. I read somewhere that it was good for less facial hair on face and neck. I like your opinion on it before I buy it. Thanks! Stacy

  33. Is shea butter increases facial hair

  34. So what’s better, coconut oil or shea butter? I already use coconut oil for pretty much everything but now I’m thinking I might have to invest in some shea butter. Just thought I’d see if it’s any better before I do. Thanks.

    • They are both great and benefit the body in different ways. Shea butter is just used topically but it is absolutely amazing on the skin.

  35. where can I get in Africa (Kenya) please help is it in nakumat stores or where? thnks

  36. Just as a small note, Shea butter is also great for women suffering from Vulvodynia (pain around the vulvar area, especially during sex). I personally am looking for Shea butter for that exact reason, but it’s so hard to find! And I live in South Africa (which is ironic since it should be easily acquired here because it comes from the same continent).

    • Shea tetra makes a 97 percent shea butter. Try to order from them. It is an amazing product. Don’t order the chocolate scented one. The natural oder of shea butter mixed with chocolate smells awful.

  37. you say in your post if using unrefined shea butter, it contains traces of shea nuts? is it bad to use on your skin without straining it? can i use straight from the jar without straining? on my whole body?

  38. is it true that shea butter tone skin dark?

  39. Is she butter good for lycoderma?

  40. Can unrefined shear butter cure stretch marks and flabby thighs…please reply.

  41. In my place or town there are abundant Shea butter trees with variety of species and most often than not; the community do not know the usefulness of the Shea nut butter. They only apply traditional method of tapping the oil. How can i be useful to my community by engaging in the exploration of the Shea butter oil?

  42. I find the Shea butter difficult to spread on my face. It feels great after applied but leaves my face red and shiny. Any suggestions to make it easier to apply?

  43. I ordered top quality shea butter. My understanding is that it’s supposed to stink. I put it on my baby because she has extremely dry skin. I hate the smell too much to put it on myself though. Any suggestions for changing the smell?

  44. To make it easier to apply you can melt it down some or let a glob sit on your skin for a while before gently rubbing it in circular motions on your face. To help with the smell you can add your favorite smelling essential oil and mix well. I love to add sweet almond oil because I love the scent and it softens the Shea. Also lavender oil at bedtime is a nice mix too. I use it on my neck and chest area. It’s really good stuff.

  45. You can only get Shea Butter that has been graded by The American Shea Butter Institute. The one from Mountain is not certified Grade A. If it does not carry the seal it is not certified.

  46. Shea butter is wonderful. I use it as my evening cream and it is very good. Some times I mix it with sweet almond oil, it is another miracle if used as eye cream.

  47. Wow wow wow what can I say about shea butter it’s a miracle on my face and body. But more especially on my face I have a very scne prone skin I have used a lot of products but I give credit to shea butter. Oh my goodness my skin is like a baby skin just after using it for 1 day it’s a miracle cure for me.

  48. Hi Katie,
    Great article and lots of useful info, thanks a mil for that. Please I need your advice am doing laser hair removal for my face and body, can I use Shea butter ony face and body or will it promot body hair growth as it does with head hair?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Honestly I don’t have experience with that. Anyone else?

      • Thanks for your reply Katie, I’ll try to research more

  49. Hi Mama,
    Can Shea butter correct wrongly toned skin that was caused due to wrong cream and soap on my wife.
    She has promised never to use them again,so we seek solution to the little damages the previous soap and cream caused.
    Thanks in advance

  50. Hi Wellness Mama. Am loving reading all the comments about Shea Butter and as a new purchaser to it, I find my choice was wrong as the jar I bought is white. I guess I have been duped. Luckily I got the small jar, so can I still use it to get some benefit, or should I throw it out and buy the unrefined kind?

  51. Shea butter isn’t for external use only…. One having cough can heat it and drink and the cough would go in no time

  52. Hi,
    I will like to apply shea butter on my face .This is because am experiencing rashes on my face and i think it is because of the cream i used on my face called fair and white.Can i go ahead and mix the cream with shea butter or i should apply the shea butter alone?

  53. Thanks for the list of great ways to use shea butter. I use it almost every day after showering on my feet~it really helps a ton on preventing them from getting dried out, callused, and crusty! I bought it awhile back to make a homemade deodorant and occasionally use for other things too.

  54. can it be used to cure strech marks

  55. Hello. Would like to use Shea butter on a surgical scar. I’m confused as to which form of Shea butter to buy. Color? Is white bad?

  56. I asked a friend of mine to buy me Shea Butter fro. U.S because I could not find it in Africa (Kenya) she bought me Shea Mositureser, is it the same as Shea Butter cream?

    • Joyce you should look at the ingredient list and this will tell you whether it is 100% Shea Butter or if other additives have been added. But Unrefined Shea Butter is available at Purdy Arms Organic Market on Saturdays, i really find it hard to believe you cannot find Shea Butter in Kenya and yet the Shea tree grows just next door in northern Uganda.

  57. Thanks Stella for your comment I will try the Purdy Arms Market in Nairobi next time.

  58. Shea butter isn’t scarce in West Africa, so if it’s not available in other parts of Africa you can always find it in West Africa

  59. Hello!
    I want to ask if I can use shea butter under my face cream?

    • You can. Some people find it too moisturizing but others find it works incredibly. I’d experiment and figure out if it works for you.

  60. Hi,
    Thanks very much for the great work you are doing for the whole world.

    I have a dry rough and web-like skin and rough hard palm. Can you please help me with recipes to remedy this skin problem.

    • You could use Shea butter mixed with a drop of two or water and wear spa gloves to bed. In the morning your hands will feel like a new born baby! I do this to my feet when needed ..when they feel rough or I notice a crack in the heel within two days after applying Shea butter with water and wearing socks, my feet are soooo soft…I mean uber soft!

  61. Ok ladies,as a black woman with natural hair, I will share a few things with you . I mentioned color only because black women specifically with natural hair are all to familiar with natural products and oils …after using all the wrong things for years and finally going natural, I make it my business to research and do my google due diligence and use the right products….with that being said, Shea Moisture is a brand of product that has everything from shampoos to hair color and all things in between. They do carry Shea butter but personally I do not trust it. Upon reading their ingredients with a magnifying glass and researching them, I have found most of their products contain silicone. disguised under various names.Shea moisture was also involved in a law suit for lying about Shea butter in their yellow line products…..Shea butter ranges in color from light yellow ( think a stick of butter) to white. If you want the real stuff stay away from beauty salons and go to natural grocery stores. You should typically pay about $14 for 5.5 oz. If you are getting a large tub for 6-10 dollars you are getting cheated and causing harm to your body. If the odor is rank you are getting played big time! The scent is like a faint clay or light play dough smell. If you recoil from the smell put it back and leave the store.. The best way to treat bad acne is to get rid off all the ointments, facial washes and invest in very raw organic honey and wash your face with that…you will be amazed. If the acne is really bad mix it with organic cinnamon . The thing to look for in Shea butter is price, usda organic, fair trade certified, not mixed with anything else. You also have to read the ingredients of essential oils . I would never purchase them at a beauty supply store or a store like target or Walmart as they are always mixed with something…go to a store like sprouts or trader joes and buy the organic ones .most are 100 percent pure and the few that are not are mixed with vitamin e which is great for skin. You can also melt Shea butter in a jar under hot water and use as you would a carrier oil with coconut oil which is very beneficial to scalp and skin..hope I helped …

  62. I am using Shea butter but it darken me, so what should I do. I’m fair in completion.

  63. Does Shea butter stimulate fast hair growth ?

  64. Are you familiar with the NOW shea butter brand? All it says on the label is that it’s Natural…that’s not much help. I was wondering if it fills all the requirements for good shea butter. Thanks.

  65. What do you say about Shea Butter darkening the skin

  66. I’ve heard that shea butter can go rancid on the skin, especially in countries like South Africa where it gets really hot. What is your thoughts on this? I was advised to rather use aqeous cream because it doesnt penetrate the skin, because the molecules being to big.

  67. This are wonderful revelations about Shear butter.

  68. I love the Shea butter, I seriously saw GREAT results on my face in three days!!! I will continue to use this forever!!

  69. Interesting read. Have been using shea butter on my skin for 2years and I have noticed changes. My face is oily though so have nit tried it but looking to see how it works for tired eyes,wrinkles and bags.

  70. Shea butter is superb! The same isn’t that bad. I use it. you could mix it with a small amount of honey and more coconut oil for a nice consistency.

  71. I have used better shea raw unfiltered shea butter along with bees wax and coconut oil to make baby lotion. We use it on all of us including our 3mos old everyday and love it.

    This one sells for 14 dollars per pound on amazon. I came across another brand called smellgood that sells raw unfiltered shea butter 3 lbs for the same price. Reviews look good too. Anyone is familiar with the latter ? I want to continue the same brand but also curious maybe the latter is a better deal?

  72. Interesting info out here ..as i have been dealing on shea butter for some time but yet to get this lovely insight ..Thanks

  73. can I alternate with Olive oil or will mess

  74. Hi!

    Is it alright to put raw shea butter on the lips (as lip balm) and body (as body moisturizer)?

  75. HI!
    I have an oily skin, is shear butter good for my skin? or better still, can it be mixed before use?
    Thank you

    • Yup! And it won’t cause breakouts. I use it straight on my face as a nighttime moisturizer.

  76. is it all for skin types n hw long does it take to work on blackspots?
    m rily tired of my leopard skin.

  77. I love Shea butter and I use it on my skin and hair for me and the kids. Although, I add coconut oil into the Shea butter and whip it. The color of whipped Shea butter is light and the smell is amazing cos the coconut oil I put in it is unrefined so it has that strong coconuty smell we all know. Also I have no problem using it on my face because the texture becomes softer than normal. Nigeria has abundant Shea Butter + its grade A so I get mine from there. I love the buttery experience, glad I found this blog. Enjoying reading all the comments. Keep up the good job wellness mama !

  78. can shea butter cure skin atrophy induced by steroids

  79. will the Shea butter make my beard grow fast and healthy? I want to grow beard

  80. Hi there,
    Just to share my own personal experience as an African. Shea butter locally is also consumed internally for cough when it is mixed with some sugar, it helps to soften the cough and reduce it. Also, some people use it as oils for foods especially using it like butter for eating yam.
    My contribution is Shea butter is not only for external use but can be consumed internally with no side effect


  81. Thanks so much wellness mama,i have really enjoyed shea butter and even for masaging my body at night after a stressfull day,thou i hate the odour. we have lots of shea butter in my locality that are localy processed and sold by women openly without any form of packaging and i will love to start packaging it for sale.can i add any oil based fragrance to reduce it odour, will tempered with the product naturality? most people here come of the smell.thanks