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I’d always assumed (and was told) that it was not possible to cure tooth decay, that cavities could not heal, and the only way to fix oral health problems was through modern dentistry. As I read and researched more, this made less and less sense and when I ran across information from Dr. Weston A. Price in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Ramiel Nagel in Cure Tooth Decay I was ecstatic!

Can Tooth Decay be Cured?

Ramiel Nagel researched the information that later became the book Cure Tooth Decay when his daughter suffered from severe tooth decay at less than 2 years old. Much of the information he found was from the works of Dr. Price who studied the oral health of many people around the world.

Nagel found and tested the idea that tooth decay could be reversed and later shared this information in his book. It details a system of specific supplementation and nutrition focused on providing the body with a high concentration of minerals and nutrients that allow it to heal teeth.

As a mom, this book was especially helpful as Nagel addresses the specific protocol that is helpful for children and talks about how oral health for a child begins in the womb and the various steps an expectant mother can take to give her child’s oral health a boost in utero.

He details a specific dietary protocol (much like the one I recommend here) with limited or no grains, sugars, beans, and limited nuts while the teeth are healing. He recommends foods like coconut oil (check), grassfed meats and pastured dairy (check), and lots of vegetables (check).

I like that Cure Tooth Decay details why fat soluble vitamins are so necessary for healthy teeth (which makes sense as many of us do not consume enough fat soluble vitamins) and how food choices directly impact oral health.

Cure Tooth Decay even touches on the role of health gums on healing teeth and how modern dentistry can sometimes do more harm than good. The book explains how orthodontics and TMJ can affect oral health and how factors like mouth breathing can impact tooth health.

The suggestions in Cure Tooth Decay focus mainly on a high nutrient diet and some important supporting supplements.

The Nutrition Protocol

As Dr. Price recommends and as I’ve talked about before, the protocol to cure tooth decay as outlined in the book focuses on:

  • Limiting foods that are high in phytic acid, especially in the initial stages of tooth remineralization. The foods highest in phytic acid include grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Consuming high amounts of fat soluble vitamins and healthy fats from sources like coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil, grassfed organic dairy (especially butter), grassfed meats, seafood, and bone broths.
  • Eating organic cooked vegetables daily, especially in soups made with homemade bone broth.
  • Keeping blood sugar balanced as as unbalanced sugar levels in the blood can lessen calcium and phosphorus in the body and both are needed for oral health.
  • Organ and gland meats to balance hormones and boost the endocrine sustem. Meats like liver are also great sources of fat soluble vitamins.
  • Taking a specific protocol of supplements to support the tooth remineralization process.

The Supplements

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the holy grail of tooth supporting supplements. It is extremely high in fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K which are all vital for tooth remineralization and which I recommend in my own Tooth Remineralizing Protocol.
  • Magnesium can also make a difference in tooth health as many people are deficient and the body needs enough magnesium to be able to effectively use calcium and phosphorus.
  • Gelatin– As many people don’t make the time to make bone broth each day, gelatin can provide an alternative (though bone broth is still better). It is great for the gums and digestion and can help the body absorb nutrients more readily.

Other Suggestions

From my own experience, the suggestions in Cure Tooth Decay are solid and do in fact, help improve oral health. The book has many reviews on Amazon filled with testimonials of people who have healed even advanced tooth decay that was through the enamel (it is possible!). I’ve seen it in my own life and get several emails a week from readers who have seen a difference in their own teeth or reversed cavities.

I’d also suggest switching an all-natural toothpaste (like my Wellnesse brand!). You can also try a remineralizing toothpaste or tooth powder and/or and product like OraWellness Brushing Blend which helped Susan Revak heal her advanced gum disease.

Things like getting enough sleep, reducing exposure to EMFs and lowering stress can also have a big impact or oral health as they help balance hormones, especially stress hormones, which can reduce calcium and other nutrient levels in the body.

Have you ever read Cure Tooth Decay? Had success improving your oral health? Still struggle with oral health problems? I’d love to hear your take below!

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121 responses to “Cure Tooth Decay Book Review”

    1. Jamie Larrison Avatar

      Often histamine intolerance improves after improving gut health and digestion. A lot of the foods recommended in this book are nutrient dense and won’t necessarily aggravate histamine issues. The exceptions are fermented foods, dairy, and bone broth. You could look into a low histamine diet and see which foods are also included in the Cure Tooth Decay protocol to see which options might be a good fit for you. You could also consult with a holistic Nutritionist to come up with a custom food plan for your situation.

  1. Shannon Avatar

    Can your wellnesse toothpaste be used for a 2 year old as well? Any other recommendations on mineral ozone toothpastes that don’t have glycerin? Also is the Fermented cod lover oil by Blue Ice safe for toddlers that you know of?

      1. Shannon Avatar

        Thanks for responding! Also is it safe if swallowed? My 2 year old can’t spit quite yet.

        Thanks again! Awaiting our order!

  2. Scott Avatar

    Yeah, I’m a bit confused about this book if not the Weston A. Price Foundation. I don’t think it mentions anything about using eggshells or teeth themselves to regrow teeth. The stuff I remember from the book can be helpful, but not as much as other things. They also refer you to supplements, particularly Green Pasture Blue Ice. Are they paid to do that, in substitution of telling you what could be more directly beneficial as far as tooth regeneration goes? Also according to Hunt Gather Grow Foundation there are supposed to be serious problems with the cod liver oil supplementation from that company as well. Has anyone else come to realize this?

  3. Savannah Avatar

    My son is 2, and the enamel is completely gone from his upper four front teeth. We took him to the dentist and they said he will have to have them pulled out. Are his teeth too far gone to fix??? He has an infection in them and swollen gums.

  4. Barbara Avatar


  5. Barbara Avatar

    Mennonites..but i live in PA about hr from Lancaster so they r everywhere.

  6. Crystal Avatar

    I love your wellness mama website.
    I just have to pass on information that I recieved from a reputable resource about fermented cod liver oil. I am working with Paul Pitchford the author of Healing With Whole Foods, after reading your sites information and the Naturally Cure Tooth Decay book I took fermented cod liver oil because it sounded like a great idea. However after talking with Mr. Pitchford I have reconsidered. He told be that fermented cod liver oil is causing cancer and most definately advises everyone to not take it. I was astounded. But he was certain and told me many references and reseasons why not to take it and that it has indeed had this ill effect. I felt it was really important to pass this information on and don’t mean any disrespect. But with those words from him I don’t see any value in taking anything that could cause so much harm.

    1. Sarika Rajah Avatar
      Sarika Rajah

      Yes I am reading the same thing about fclo causing cancer. Looking forward to reading your findings Katie.

      Love your blog 🙂

  7. Aisha Acham Avatar
    Aisha Acham

    I am pending a decision over pulling, root canal or trying to heal naturally within the next few weeks. I am starting from zero in terms of knowledge. Realistically, if I were to immediately implement the changes listed in these protocols. How long would it take to start (and how would i know) that it is helping. What would be the markers for success?

  8. Eliza Nekrui Avatar
    Eliza Nekrui

    I’m in in shock! Just discovered that a brown colored tooth of my 2 year old son is starting to heal after strickty following the diet in the book of Daniel Nagel for 8 days now! Yes 8 days! I’m a single mom, just lost my husband a few months ago. I walked last saturday 40 minutes in the freezing cold to buy raw milk. So everything is especially so hard for me to follow in that diet..but it pays off!!! No sugars only some honey in his yoghurt. A little gram of xilitol in his mouth after meals. And no breastfeeding at night!
    I’m so thankful. My son has severe toothdecay. I wonder how the condition of hoe teeth wil be after a year. I wil make photo’s!

  9. Sue Avatar

    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful info. I have tooth decay that has left a burrowing hole (about 1/3) in my back molar. I’ve listened to Ramiel’s teachings on remineralization of small holes and cavities, but what about the big holes that claim almost half the tooth? I’m doing research on healing my tooth naturally but not finding any info on what steps to take with more severe cases and I’m losing hope! Is there any info you can provide in regards to more severe tooth decay? Thank you kindly!


  10. Tina Lui Avatar

    I just went to see an oral surgeon today and confirmed I have a crack along the top of my tooth and the crack can be see by eye when he took a photo of it (is not a thin hairline crack). The crack has been giving me on and off tooth pain. My oral surgeon suggested either I have a root canal then a crown or I should pull it out and have an implant!! Ofc that will be my last resort as I still wish there’s something I can do. I understand these procedure and diet are you have mentioned are for cavity, but will they help with my cracked tooth?

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