How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally & Reverse Tooth Decay

How to reverse tooth decay and cavities naturally

Do you and your kids brush and floss regularly and limit sugar and still get cavities?

Have any of your kids needed to have braces?

Has your child under 6 had signs of tooth decay?

Ever wish you could reverse those things?

If you are like me, you were raised with the notion (likely told by your dentist) that sugar and bad genes cause tooth decay and that if you were getting tooth decay as a child, you needed to cut back on sugar. You likely also believe that genetics determine tooth spacing and that your genetics might have doomed you to braces…

I believed all that stuff too… but as it turns out, there is more to the story!

What Really Causes Tooth Decay?

There is a lot of evidence showing that diet had a tremendous impact on oral health (even more so than brushing in some cases) and that there had even been cases of cavities reversing.

As I thought about this, it made sense…

Why would bones and other tissue be able to heal and regenerate, but not teeth?

How did other populations throughout the world have great oral health, no cavities and no need for braces when they didn’t even have access to modern dentistry?

As Dr. Weston A. Price (a dentist) found and detailed in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, there were cultures throughout the world who had perfect teeth despite no access to dentists or modern toothpaste, while similar cultures with different diets had very high rates of tooth decay.

He found examples of cultures with similar genetic backgrounds with some living in primitive type societies and eating primitive type diets and others who ate a modernized diet. He found that many primitive cultures were able to completely avoid tooth decay and the many oral health problems we struggle with today.

weston a priceThe image on the left shows a stark example of this: the woman in the top right ate a primitive, whole-food, high-fat diet while the other women ate more modernized diet that contained grains and agricultural foods.

Price hypothesized that several dietary factors contributed to this difference in oral health.

Sir (Dr.) Edward Mellanby (he discovered Vitamin D) and his lovely wife Dr. May Mellanby were also influential in discovering the roles of nutrients in oral health. These two contributed much research in the areas of bone and tooth health and mineral absorption.

In fact, it was Edward who discovered that Vitamin D deficiency caused rickets. They also discovered that tooth structure is determined during a child’s growth, and that poorly formed teeth are more likely to decay (pretty logical).

The Doctors’ Conclusion: Diet Affects Oral Health

These doctors all reached the same conclusion after years of research, mainly that tooth structure and health is largely determined by diet, especially three main factors:

  1. The presence of enough minerals in the diet.
  2. The presence of enough fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) in the diet.
  3. How bio-available these nutrients are and how well the body is absorbing them. They found that this is largely influenced by the presence of Phytic Acid in the diet and how much sugar is consumed.

What is Phytic Acid?

Phytic acid is a molecule of phosphorus tightly bound with other molecules to form a type of phosphorus that is not easily absorbed by humans. From the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Phytic acid is the principal storage form of phosphorus in many plant tissues, especially the bran portion of grains and other seeds. It contains the mineral phosphorus tightly bound in a snowflake-like molecule. In humans and animals with one stomach, the phosphorus is not readily bioavailable. In addition to blocking phosphorus availability, the “arms” of the phytic acid molecule readily bind with other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making them unavailable as well. In this form, the compound is referred to as phytate.

Phytic acid is found in grains, nuts, seeds and legumes and in much smaller amounts in some fruits and vegetables. The body naturally converts phytic acid into phytates, which are un-absorbable and take calcium from the body. Those who consume high amounts of phytic acid will lose calcium and absorb other minerals at lower rates.

Modern growing practices, including the use of high phosphorus fertilizer, mean a higher phytic acid content in many foods. Seeds, nuts, bran, oatmeal, and soybeans are especially high in phytic acid, and these foods are present in abundance in modern diet.

Check out this article about phytic acid for a comprehensive list of phytic acid content in foods.

Phytic Acid’s Effect on Bone and Tooth Health

People who consume large amounts of phytic acid (most Americans) in the form of grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes have higher rates of tooth decay, mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis.

Over the long term, when the diet lacks minerals or contains high levels of phytates or both, the metabolism goes down, and the body goes into mineral-starvation mode. The body then sets itself up to use as little of these minerals as possible. Adults may get by for decades on a high-phytate diet, but growing children run into severe problems. In a phytate-rich diet, their bodies will suffer from the lack of calcium and phosphorus with poor bone growth, short stature, rickets, narrow jaws and tooth decay; and for the lack of zinc and iron with anemia and mental retardation.

Just as lack of Vitamin D and poor calcium absorption can cause malformation of the bones of the legs (as in the case of Rickets), it can cause the jawbone to form poorly, resulting in spacing problems for the teeth and braces for the child.

Sadly, the most commonly eaten diet in America these days is high in grains, sugars, and vegetable oils, and low in animal fats and fat soluble vitamins- the exact opposite of what the Drs. Mellanby found to be helpful for optimal bone health and the prevention of tooth decay.

The good news is that teeth (and bones) are able to heal themselves in a process called remineralization. Basically, specialized cells in the center of the tooth are able to regenerate dentin, the layer of tooth just under the enamel, and the enamel can then properly remineralize from the outside. This same process happens in bones when phytic acid is removed from the diet and minerals/fat soluble vitamins are added.

To prove this theory, the Drs. Mellanby did a study on children with existing cavities and reported their findings in the British Medical Journal. The children were put into three groups:

  • Group One: Regular diet plus oatmeal (which is high in phytic acid)
  • Group Two: Regular diet plus vitamin D
  • Group Three: Diet low in phytic acid plus vitamin D.

This is what they found:

grains cause cavities and bone loss

The group consuming phytic acid with no supplemental vitamin D continued to get cavities with little to no healing.

The group that just supplemented Vitamin D showed some healing, but also got some new cavities.

The group consuming no phytic acid and supplementing Vitamin D showed very few new cavities and actually had many existing cavities heal!

This article at Whole Health Source explains more.

When I brought this information up in health circles, it would usually spark a lot of debate and some strong comments from dentists or dental health professionals. Most would admit, after a time, that the enamel of teeth could regenerate but that once a cavity was through the dentin (the layer under the enamel), it was impossible for it to heal without dental intervention.

In my own life and in further reading, I’ve found that this isn’t the case either. As this article elaborates:

Fortunately, a decaying or broken tooth has the ability to heal itself. Pulp contains cells called odontoblasts, which form new dentin if the diet is good. Here’s what Dr. Edward Mellanby had to say about his wife’s research on the subject. This is taken from Nutrition and Disease:

Since the days of John Hunter it has been known that when the enamel and dentine are injured by attrition or caries, teeth do not remain passive but respond to the injury by producing a reaction of the odontoblasts in the dental pulp in an area generally corresponding to the damaged tissue and resulting in a laying down of what is known as secondary dentine. In 1922 M. Mellanby proceeded to investigate this phenomenon under varying nutritional conditions and found that she could control the secondary dentine laid down in the teeth of animals as a reaction to attrition both in quality and quantity, independently of the original structure of the tooth. Thus, when a diet of high calcifying qualities, ie., one rich in vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus was given to the dogs during the period of attrition, the new secondary dentine laid down was abundant and well formed whether the original structure of the teeth was good or bad. On the other hand, a diet rich in cereals and poor in vitamin D resulted in the production of secondary dentine either small in amount or poorly calcified, and this happened even if the primary dentine was well formed.

To be fair, most dentists probably don’t see many patients who are eating a specific diet to improve their oral health, and most of the studies and research they read is probably done on people eating a somewhat average diet (high in phytic acid and low in Vitamin D), so it is very logical that they wouldn’t think that teeth could heal. It certainly isn’t common, but with very specific supplements and a very careful nutritional program, it is certainly possible!

Halt and Reverse Tooth Decay?

To recap, the things that Drs. Mellanby and Dr. Price found to prevent and reverse tooth and bone problems are:

  1. The presence of enough minerals in the diet.
  2. The presence of enough fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) in the diet.
  3. How bio-available these nutrients are and how well the body is absorbing them. They found that this is largely influenced by the presence of Phytic Acid in the diet.

What does this mean practically in the diet? It is not possible or necessary to eliminate Phytic acid from the diet. What should be considered is taking care to minimize the foods that contain the highest amounts.

Some preparations like soaking and fermenting can reduce the phytic acid content and should be practiced if the foods are going to be consumed, but in many cases, it is better to avoid these foods completely.

Nuts, for instance, have a high phytic acid content which can be greatly reduced by soaking the nuts in salt or lemon water overnight and then rinsing and dehydrating in the oven (the same can be done with beans). While this step is time consuming, it is feasible with things like nuts or beans, but much more intensive with wheat (which contains more phytic acid!)

Grains especially are better soaked, sprouted and fermented,  if consumed at all, but this process does not completely eliminate the other harmful properties of grains. Avoiding the most common food sources of phytic acid can also help:

Phytic Acid in common foods

You might notice that meats, eggs, vegetables, and healthy fats are not on this list of high phytic acid foods. As I’ve mentioned before, these foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals are are more nutrient dense anyway.

If foods high in phytic acid are going to be eaten, check out this article from the Weston A. Price Foundation on how to sprout, ferment, and soak them to make them less harmful.

There is also a great book called Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition by Rami Nagel that explains in great detail the connection between phytic acid and tooth/bone health and practical steps to reverse it.

How I Remineralized My Teeth

In early 2010, my regular dental check-up revealed that I had some soft spots and a lot of plaque on my teeth. I also had one “official” cavity, though it wasn’t bad, and while they suggested getting it filled soon, it wasn’t a huge rush. They did warn me that I had the beginning stages of gingivitis in several places and had a lot of plaque.(It took them about 30-40 minutes to scrape and clean my teeth, which I thought was normal) They took x-rays, so I have picture evidence of my teeth at this time.

I had every intention of getting the cavity filled and continuing with regular dentist appointments, but then life happened and I didn’t get around to scheduling an appointment for months. By the time I finally had time to schedule an appointment, I had seen some interesting info in books about the ability of teeth to heal, so I decided to hold off.

I did more research, read the book Cure Tooth Decay and read accounts of other people reversing dental damage, so I decided to give it a try. I took advice from all the research I had done and figured out a specific diet and supplement regimen that I was going to use to try to heal my teeth.

I followed the regimen for a few months, and noticed that my teeth were whiter and much less sensitive to cold. This was big news to me as I used to have such sensitive teeth that drinking too cold of a drink could literally almost bring me to tears. I also found out about this time that I was expecting a baby (p.s. this diet promotes fertility too!) and decided to continue on the regimen for the pregnancy, as all of the things I was doing were also supportive of healthy pregnancy.

It was fall of 2011 before I finally got around to making it back to the dentist (I know, I know… every six months…) and I didn’t mention a thing about the cavities and soft spots that needed to be fixed… and neither did the dentist!

It also only took them about 5 minutes to clean and scrape my teeth. I thought she was still checking them and she was done! The hygienist told me that my teeth and gums looked great, and asked if I had started using fluoride or fluoride toothpaste (my chart made it very clear that I was anti-fluoride). I told her no but that I had been trying to make sure I was taking better care of my teeth lately (very true!).

When the dentist checked my teeth, he didn’t mention any problem areas either and remarked that my gums looked great! On a random note, I heard him telling another patient that cutting back on the sugar and starches was a good idea since “without starches, cavities can not form, since they feed on sugar and starches.” Newfound respect for my dentist!

So what did I do?

Healthy Teeth from the inside out- supporting oral health with nutrition and supplements

Diet to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

  1. I drastically cut foods that contained phytic acid. I already wasn’t eating grains or beans, but I also cut or limited nuts.
  2. Limited foods containing even natural sugars or starches– I limited fruit and even starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and focused on mineral rich vegetables, bone broths, meats, and healthy fats.
  3. Ate a LOT of healthy fats. I added extra of coconut oil to my diet each day, and used only pastured, cultured butter.
  4. I made an effort to consume a lot of homemade bone broth for its added minerals. (If you’re short on time, I recommend buying your broth online from Kettle & Fire.

To recap: No grains, beans or nuts and limited fruits and starches. Lots of vegetables, protein, healthy fats and bone broth.

Supplements to Help Heal Cavities and Improve Oral Health

To help the body remineralize cavities, it is sometimes necessary to increase mineral levels with supplements. While diet alone might be enough, many foods are depleted of nutrients from being grown in nutrient depleted soil, so supplements help fill the gaps. These are the supplements I typically recommend for improved oral health and dental healing:

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Blend Green Pastures makes this as a Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend. I prefer the combination in capsules or there is a liquid version (tastes terrible). This is one of the main supplements recommended by Dr. Price from his research. FCLO has become controversial recently, but it is the supplement I used to reverse my tooth problems and the one I would still use if I needed to do this again.
  • Vitamin D This was the other main supplement that Dr. Price and the Drs. Mellanby found was extremely supportive of dental healing. In the study they did, cavities healed even when diet wasn’t changed if Vitamin D was optimized and the best healing occurred when diet was optimized and Vitamin D was added.
  • Coconut Oil– I added a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to a smoothie or melted in tea each day. We get ours online here, but you can find it many places…. just look for organic, virgin and unrefined coconut oil. I also found that I could add healthy fats like coconut oil and butter to coffee or tea and used healthy fats like tallow, ghee and butter in cooking.
  • Other supplements– I also took Magnesium, Gelatin and Vitamin C daily, though these aren’t as vital to tooth healing.

Other Factors

Right now, my husband is trying the whole regimen to reverse a cavity he has, so I’ll keep you updated on his progress (hoping I might be able to get the x-rays from the dentist for proof when the cavity is gone… UPDATE: we are both cavity free and I’ve gotten a lot of emails from readers with cavity free teeth as well. Here is one of my favorites:

Hey Katie-

I just want to say thank you and share a healing success story thanks to your encouragement!

I am 30 and last year the dentist told me I had my first cavity – it was not going to heal, he said it was too far advanced and not possible. I told him I didn’t want to deal with it because I was diagnosed with stage 4 carcinoid cancer and had recently had surgery to cut out a tumor. The thought of cutting something else out of my body when I was working so hard to heal my body didn’t make sense to me. So I found your site, read your tips, made homemade remineralizing toothpaste, ate a lot of bone broth and good butter, cut down on phytic acid, etc.

I went back to the dentist 6 months later and he was shocked that the cavity was gone. He wanted me to tell him everything I had done. I felt so good!

-Catherine D. from Virginia

What do you think? Would you try remineralizing your own teeth? Do you already do these things?


Did you know it's possible to remineralize teeth naturally? Teeth must be taken care of from the inside as well as the outside. This is how you do it.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sounds like another good reason to eat a Paleo diet!

    • EXACTLY!!!

      • Yeah, yeah! Like the average person has the time to do all these things. Has anyone been to a grocery store lately? And I tried this formula. The Xylitol made my teeth sensitive. This is a sweetner. Duh! I’ve done a lot of research on tooth regeneration and tooth decay! Teeth are micro=porous to allow the teeth to process minerals and vitamins, etc. into the blood stream. And thee old ADA doesn’t want people curing their own teeth. They’d go out of business. They still haven’t condomned silver fillings in teeth.. A nasty little side effect of silver fillings is prostate and breast cancer. So, I wish someone could come up with a simple to use formula, without sweetners, or a caution that too much vittamin D can be toxic, among other things. And hey, people just don’t have the time to hunt for, or to research labels all the time. I’m no chemist. I do well to half-way understand what’s on labels. And also natural furits and vegetables? what about all the pesticides that are sprayed on them? You can’t tell me these chemicals don’t get into the heart of these fruits and vegetables.
        Why else would women who consume the lion share of d=fruits and vegetables commonly be getting breast cancer? Yes, my diet isn’t all that so-called healthy, but what the hell does a meat eater eat these days? They just recalled how many tons of hamburger. Lots of luck trying to regrow teeth on todays diet. in the USA. Jsav.

        • John…try stevia to sweeten. I agree Xylitol is the wrong stuff to use. they say its natural, but it still turns into a sugar alcohol in you r bloodstream, which is not good for anyone.
          or their brain.

          • Xylitol is a well known and established anti-cavity substance. It has nothing to do with its sweetening effect. That’s why xylitol is in many dental products (mouthwash, etc.)

        • pure silver will never cause cancer, impure crap they put in with silver fillings will. Vitamin D is not toxic if you have the proper amount of K2 available which westeren diet does not because to acidic.

          • Vitamin D should only be used if you’ve had no sunlight for a while. If you walk in the sun during a day for atleast half an hour then that should be enough of your vitamin D intake for that day. In the Winter months you mostly need more Vitamin D because the days are shorter. Overdoing Vitamin D when you already got it from the sun is not good for you.

        • research indicates that overdoses of vitamin D are relative to inadequate vitamin K.
          Taking the time to research labels is part of making your health a priority; it is up to each individual to set priorities; what is more important than your health?

          • Activator x is what is needed combination of d3 k1 & k2. Helps remove calcium build up where we dont need it auch as pineal glade and move to bones and teeth where it should be

        • Xylitol is marketed as a tooth decay product based on the false assumption that bacteria contributes to tooth decay and xylitol controls the bacteria.
          bacteria does not contribute to cavities, de-mineralization does based on poor diets.

          • John, Xylitol does more than the ‘bacteria’ support you claim does not happen. It also strengthens bones and teeth. A tsp a day is all one needs.
            Also check out my comment on Borax.
            The idea that rotting teeth is natural occurring is nonsense. Even children with ‘healthy’ diets get teeth decay. Yet ancient ancestors did not. What is missing. See the Borax Miracle via Walter Last, as I noted in another comment.
            But Xylitol does help.
            Always study all sides of a story—from the supporters to the naysayers. Never take anyone’s view without intense study of all sides.
            Namaste and care,

        • I have the same reaction. Twenty years ago my diet was sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes. I dyed my hair and had acrylic nails. Now I eat unprocessed foods, no smoking, an occasional glass of wine, real nails, no ammonia-dye.

          I just read the entry on almond milk. Argh. Two candida diets (the first time I didn’t know I had a gluten issue) and I learn about carcenageen (or whatever it is) and its digestive-disruptive, inflammatory properties, so not what I need when I’ve had a very long battle with digestive issues. So now it looks like I’m going to make my own almond milk. Or just stop drinking the little bit I do anyway. (A long cry from commercialized milk and the sugary cereals I never gave second thought to)

          Really. Eating well is expensive and time consuming. My joke is that i”m going to just move to CA and find a commune or something and live off the grid. At least Europe is better about non-GMO etc.

          Plus this tooth thing – lots of meat. What about all those non-red meat proponents? What do I do? Eat nothing but free-range chicken and organically-grown broccoli?

          All this info is both enlightening and……….depressing. The more I learn, the less I feel comfortable contending with or buying on an informed basis.

          • Oh, how I agree with you Judi!
            Aside from the fact that eating ‘real food’ and taking all the supplements is expensive, I have a lot of health issues and it seems the ‘real food diets’ recommend for each one always contradict each other.
            Before I saw your comment, I was just about to post and ask Katie just what she did eat. I’m also not a fan of meat and concur about the free range chicken and organic broccoli! One ‘diet’ recommended for a few of my issues says to eat more beans and legumes for protein and more nuts for protein/Omega 3s but here she cuts out nuts altogether. Also, other ‘diets’ for a few of my issues recommend daily juicing, but limited to low-sugar fruits; Katie’s plan, however, also cuts out fruits.
            I’m sure that this plan would help me with remineralizing teeth and even perhaps with my bones (osteoporosis, extensive metastatic bone tumors from thyroid cancer: 18-25+yrs) and while I’m sure bone-broth may be satiating, it looks like all a vegetarian is left with is vegetables; and only the non-starchy ones at that!
            Diets recommended for some of my other issues (cancer, depression & anxiety, chronic diarrhea, et., al., also contradict each other so it’s really difficult to know what to eat or not eat.
            The most difficult part of any of these ‘real food’ or ‘healing’ diets is the ability to sustain the regimen. Years ago I tried the Ph Balance diet. It began with a 10 day fast (and I have to admit that I did feel and look better on day 10) but mentally I was wiped out already. That plan was designed to bring my body into Ph Balance. As I was formerly a heavy coffee-drinker, the only beverage allowed on that plan was distilled water, which I followed for over a year. I also added Alkalizing drops to all the water, as directed and used my required daily amount of ‘green food’ (it came in powdered form but I usually had to fill capsules as it wasn’t a very palatable ‘food’). The plan relied heavily on Stevia (I even ordered the optional ‘Cooking with Stevia” Cookbook, but just about everything else but vegetables (and not too many of those) and seaweed was not ‘allowed’. My favorite ‘allowed’ food on that plan was a brown rice & millet yeast-free bread. However, it had to be ordered from Sami’s Bakery in Florida and cost about $6+ for a very tiny loaf. So, I did a lot of recipe experimentation trying to replicate this yeast-free bread, albeit without success. Obviously, this Ph Balance plan did not allow yeast of any type — try to go into the store and buy anything without yeast (it goes by many, many names). The plan also ‘disallowed’ any salt, sugar (except Stevia), meat, dairy, condiments, and anything fermented. Imagine there wasn’t much left to eat. Back in 2004 while on this plan, there wasn’t too much ‘talk’ or information available on supplements or much information in general, and I wasn’t a fan of any type beans as they caused me real gastric upset. At first I did feel better but as time went on I became quite bored and didn’t realize the problem at the time, but now know that I was lacking protein.
            So you can imagine I eventually gave in and returned to all of my old bad habits.
            Over ten years later, there’s so much information to be gleaned from the multitude of Natural Websites and Blogs out in cyberspace (Katie’s Wellness Mama being one of my favorites) that it’s becoming a full-time job just to wade through 1/100th of all the information.
            The fact that there are so many different recommended plans, for all of the various issues I am confronted with, make it really difficult.
            As far a remineralizing goes, I don’t suppose it could hurt to choose part of the plan. So even though I dislike meat, it can’t hurt to give the bone broth a try. I’m sure that somewhere in all of these comments, the ‘recipe” has been requested more than a handful of times, so I’ll go to the “edit:find” search function and see what’s for dinner 🙂

            Thank you Mama Katie for all of your ongoing research, reviews, and efforts to bring us all to Wellness!

          • Unfortunately Vegans are most affected by tooth decay…sad fact..

          • Judi says: (June 25, 2015 at 12:53 PM)
            “All this info is both enlightening and……….depressing. The more I learn, the less I feel comfortable contending with or buying on an informed basis.!

            Indeed. One part of the answer is proper food labelling. Then you, we, all know what is in there, and which welfare standards or growing standards were used in producing the food.

            The corporations, well certain ones, do not want proper labelling. They do not want us to have the information. Monsanto is suing the state of Vermont for daring to pass the first state law which would force companies to label GMO foods. Monsanto and other big food companies spent millions and millions of dollars to stop California and Washington from bringing in food labelling.

            Now why would that be?

            Here is excellent background info on this issue.

            And here is the latest about Monsanto and others suing the state of Vermont for daring to pass the first state law which would force companies to label GMO foods.

            I think little Vermont has set up sort of legal fighting fund, maybe those of you in the US could support this – it is just SOOOO important!

        • Hey just thought of telling you this as we are as overwhelmed as you about the whole new healthy living game. Wellness mama is a blog and it is her full time job to educate people like us and earn money through the products that are sold. She is amazing!!! However we have full time jobs and we try to be healthy and we do not have to go in to a minute detail as much as a person who makes it her full time job to be healthy. What we can do is do as much adjustment as possible with our circumstances allowe us and it may bring profound benefits in the long run and thank people like Wellness mama for helping us get there ?

          • Actually, my full time “job” is a wife to my husband and mother to my six children. I’m not paid to recommend products, but write about and recommend those items which have been helpful to my family’s health, which I fully disclose here: Yes, transitioning to a healthy and wellness oriented lifestyle can be challenging, but no one does it over night. I’m still learning, researching and evolving, the same as everyone, and do as much as I can with what I know and have the resources to do.

        • Ever try ORGANIC fruits & veggies, and Grass Fed organic fed meats.. no chemicals in those.

        • Ugh Xylitol and all other sugar alcohols are amazingly healthy for teeth.. They remineralize our teeth. Get your facts right !!

    • We have a 9 year old with many cavities and she takes better care of her teeth than the rest of our family! (she is one of four sibs)….she wants to try oil pulling instead of the heavy duty prescription they want to give her (an antimicrobial rinse that can perm stain teeth). We are fairly healthy (gluten free, farm food, raw dairy if any), but she likes her carbs-how/should I push her to get off all grains? It is tough bc she doesn’t like eggs (unless raw in a smoothie)! Thanks for any advice!

      • Im kind of late on this question but what if you made sure you soaked and/or sprouted all your grains? I believe this will release the phytic acid.Then your daughter could have some better carbs. I would definitely research it though first.

        • Awesome questions, and I’d love to know the answer. I’m vegan and have no intention of changing. I have heard that vegans can have teeth problems so would like to know if sprouting helps x

        • is this the same product Ora Wellness Brushing Blend as Healthy mouth blend?

      • Oil pulling helps and has other benefactors as well. Removes toxins from the body. Coconut oil is said to be the best one for dental health. I have been oil pulling for a couple of years now and tooth decay seems to be at a standstill. Doesn’t work for everyone but helps to lessen build up of plaque between cleanings.

        • Hi, Sherry! I have just started oil pulling and noticed after about three days of twenty minute sessions my teeth were incredibly sensitive. I went for three more days before stopping. When I look I can see what appear to be re-mineralization marks on the sides of two teeth but they are so sensitive I’m afraid to continue. I get migraines and am an awful teeth grinder so I have a lot of teeth problems. I eat fairly well – very little red meat, mostly raw veg, lots of sprouted lentils and quinoa, as little corn as I can, etc. I don’t have anyone in my circle who practices oil pulling – can you offer any advice? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks for any help 🙂

          • I’d recommend continuing, most people who start say they also experience the same symptoms, It’s just your body responding to the oil pulling, But you might want to do it like every other day, and when you’ve seen an improvement in your mouth, you might want to got to twice a week

          • Shannon, you are likely magnesium deficient (migraines and teeth grinding). I take a supplement daily. Hope this helps!

          • After applying toothpaste to my toothbrush, I dip it in charcoal powder and brush. It takes away sensitivity for me.

      • At 10, she is old enough to research and put together a summary to share with the family. Have her teach the family about the Phytic Acid in grains and nuts and how damaging they are to teeth and bones because they prevent your body from absorbing minerals.

      • Cynthia, I just listened to a profound talk by the author of The Diet Cure on youtube. From all I’ve learned and what you said I urge you to look into amino acid therapy for your daughter. It may just be exactly what she’s missing that would create a balance in her and help her get off the carbs. I’ve been a carb-addict my whole life basically, sister mother and father too. He had diabetes and died at 59. I’m 23 now and have had major issues with sugar cravings and the negative effects for years. I researched gluten then came across the ketogenic diet and began it strictly. I had my first success ever of living with almost no cravings, more energy, no sugar crashes, more effective sleep (I went from needing 9+ hrs a night plus naps after meals to 6hrs a night with an occasional mid day nap being perfect for me to feel great and be mentally sharp.), real focus compared to my typically easily distracted brain, much less brain fog, I noticed my gums no longer bled when I’d floss, and my nails grew faster and were stronger compared to how bendable and thin they usually were. I didn’t intend to say all that, but perhaps someone reading this needs to know what eating Ketogenic could do for all the symptoms they feel are without cure. I’m researching amino acids for myself now to help treat and heal other issues I have.

      • Cavities are caused by the pH in the mouth dropping every time a fermentable carbohydrate is consumed (this could be grains, lollies, biscuits etc.) Teeth are made up of minerals. The drop in pH causes the teeth to lose minerals. However the ions in the saliva will help to remineralize, or put back the lost minerals over the next few hours.
        So the more often she snacks on fermentable carbs the more the teeth are going to demineralize and there will be a net loss of minerals–> causing a cavity in the tooth.
        It is all about the frequency of snacking. The more often she is snacking, the more often her teeth will demineralize and wont have time to remineralize.

        Having plaque on the teeth only exacerbates this problem as plaque is bacteria. The bacteria feed of the fermentable carbohydrates and produce acid as a byproduct and hence the acid will continue to break down/ cause mineral loss in the area where the plaque is

    • Lady, your awesome. I’m going to try this as I need it. Thanks, you have no idea how much this site means.

      • I was thinking the same thing as you when I was reading through this, Thomas! Katie, I super appreciate you. I’ve been blessed by you and I pray God will return it to you many-fold! In Jesus name!

    • teeth can hurt so bad and I have read so many sites looking for answers, Thankyou for being one of them. My teeth are beyond the dentist chair. The dentist that invented the root canal wrote a book about the devastating effects and warned people not to have them done in their mouth. I had seven crowns before getting 4 of them pulled due to abcesses. One had a root canal done twice. Then I got 2 more crowns after two years of my partial being in my mouth . I advise you see a denturist if you are going to pay that much for a partial. It is not a dentists area of expertise. There is a denturist with an advice column online that is very helpful and answers questions.
      I open activated charcoal tablets and mix with water and shake , then rinse in my mouth and spit and then brush or just leave it and go to bed. I eat coconut oil daily and sometimes at night put some in my mouth and go to bed . I drink kefir daily and take mineral supplements with vit D-3 and K-2. I use msm for pain with vit C and brush with the msm crystals to help with receeding gumline as I read in some sites on msm. It has been helping me.
      I take af betafood for my liver to digest fats and also drink with a straw, lemon or line in lukewarm water first thing in the morning . Lack of digestion has caused a lot of health issues and dental problems.
      I do not use flouride and don’t use baking soda on my teeth accept to rinse at times. I found a famous herbalist powder for brushing teeth I am using after reading many positive reviews online of his products for improved health . He has long passed. I find the powder comforting and don’t rinse it off ,but brush it on and leave it.
      I also post prayer request on major ministry sites when I feel it is overwhelming and that has helped me a lot on bad days.
      I went to the dentist every 6 months and brushed , flossed, ate right and my teeth degraded year after year. I did all the work they said I needed until I felt they could no longer help me and I went looking for a better answer than traditional dental treatments.
      My water has never had flouride but has chlorine and I let it sit for an hour before I drink it. Salt is one of the minerals that make our teeth strong . Histamine is a dehydration signal.
      I am still looking for more answers and hope you find yours….

      • Kay, tooth health is also a reflection of how your systemic organs are doing. So if the outwardly things aren’t working, you may need to look at what may be going with your body (and vice versa).

      • Sounds like you may have “Aggressive Periodontitis” which is what I seem to have. It can start in childhood and is not controlled easily by dental and diet regimens. AG is not often recognized or even understood by many professionals as it is rare and not indicated by poor hygiene.

    • how do you make bone broth?

    • Can you mix the activated charcoal in with the remineralized toothpaste? Thanks

    • Is this diet just like paleo? I’ve never tried paleo diet before. Thanks!

    • Hey Katie!

      I love this article and have recently noticed the enamel on my teeth seems to be wearing off and they are not as white as they used to be. I guess it could be due to my diet.

      I consume a 100% all natural vegan diet and have been for about three years now and it has helped clear a lot a long term health issues I have always struggled with. I would really like to remineralize my teeth and there is tons of great information in this article, but unfortunately I do not eat animal by-product, and my main source of protein is beans and nuts.. Is there any way around the bone broth and cutting out beans and nuts. Leafy greens are a big source of protein in my diet as well, but not enough to fulfill my dietary needs if I am cutting out beans and nuts as well. I will do more research on my own as well, just wondering if you had any pointers!?

      Thanks again for all the knowledge you bring to us here on this website !

      • Dezirae,

        I am also a vegan and wondering what research you have found?

    • Do you still use fermented for liver oils after all the fuss about how the way they produce it’s toxic? My two year old daughter has four cavities (upper four front teeth) and after that report came out we switched from green pastures to a different, high quality cod liver oil. She’s a very picky eater and doesn’t like ferments except raw yogurt I make. And doesn’t like bone broth unless we use it to cook. Any ideas?

      • Can I have a link to that report? Thanks!

    • My 8 month old is soley nursing and her teeth are coming in with white spots. She still spits and gags on food. I am recently diagnosed Celiac and still have nutritional deficiencies. How can I help her?

      • Have you tried a healthy brand of strained baby food? There are many sugar/preservative free now, or you could make your own. Start with something simple like a like carrot, peas, potatoes maybe with a touch of fruit. Just a tiny amount per day while baby gets used to it and then gradually increase. Or maybe you’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked. In that case:

        GOOGLE “Baby gags on baby food” and much info comes up. Some babies just have a sensitive gag reflex so it takes them longer. Try Gerber Puffy cereal and let your baby put in mouth herself so she can control gag reflex (they melt in mouth). Another idea is Teething/Feeding Bag with handles, and let baby feed self (self feeding minimizes gagging as baby can control feeding better). There are many other tips on these types of sites from mothers going through the same thing. Since baby may have nutritional deficiencies, probably good idea to get her on some food as soon as you are able. The white spots may be slightly softer spots on teeth. Babies don’t have the healthy bacterias that protect against cavities, so it is important that mother’s saliva doesn’t get in to her food or on her utensils etc. while eating so don’t share utensils etc. As the situation improves, the white spots should go away gradually in time. Good luck! And check out other websites mentioned.

      • Have you had your child tested for celiac’s? Obviously if your child is sensitive to wheat, you might try rice cereal? When my mom and her siblings were children, my grandmother fed them a bottle with what she called ‘mogoo’, which was milk (either formula or mother’s milk) warmed up with some Gerber’s baby cereal. My mom did the same with me. No one in my family has ever broken a bone and I figured it has something to do with that and having plenty of milk always available…and spending everyday playing out in the sun. I have done the same with my children, starting in infancy, in order to get them to sleep through the night. No one in my family (except me) is over weight. There is a ton of information on the Internet warning against doing this for a variety of reasons including risk of aspiration and obesity, and I’m not a doctor…but this has worked well for our family for several generations to maintain nutrition with our children. I also generally add a little applesauce or Apple juice to sweeten, just a teaspoon or so. Adding baby cereal makes the milk thicker, without getting to the point of baby food consistency. Your child’s pediatrician could advise you as to whether or not it would be a safe option.

  2. I would love to try this as I have so many teeth issues 🙁 I like to joke that my dentist can afford a beach house and ski chalet with the bills I have to pay him. :/ However, I am wondering how difficult it is to tackle all the ‘other factors’ you have listed, and I also wonder about the diet. We have recently switched over to a whole foods diet, but on tops of limiting grains, fruits, nuts and starch seems like it doesn’t leave room for much else but meat, corn and broth? Can you share some meals you make on a regualr basis?

    • don’t forget, corn is a grain!

      • Mexicans have been eating corn for thousands of years. their life expectancy was 100 of age before Europeans showed up.

        • The corn of today is not the corn of the past.

          • Natural Corn is healthy…enter GMO….not anymore!

        • First, I think I did not see anyone mention here that those of us unfortunate enough to have been born in cities in time to be given fluoridated water (and even more fluoride treatments by their dentists) have very soft teeth formed partially of fluoride in place of calcium. One did not have to get white spots that dentists claimed were a sign of getting too much to still have damaged teeth more prone to cavities. Fluoride is the biggest disaster in the history of dentistry, yet they are still promting it and teaching that it is beneficial in dental schools. Enough reputable studies have been done now to prove this not the case at all. I am so angry that my city uses the highest permissable level to add to our water and bills us for it. I feel like deducting the annual cost of my replacement fluoride filters from their bill!

          I also think we are forgetting other factors. One is the environment one lives(d) in. Natives of the Artic Circle would, of course need much more fat, plus they ate what their environment provided them, and learned over time what was best for their lifestyle and environment. Starches played healthy additions to peoples who worked hard physically for needed fuel. Corn, by the way was very necessary to those who depended on it, but the grinding of it with stones left grit in the meal, which wore down the teeth.
          The people of today living in climate controlled homes, doing much less physical work or exercise, still have a genetic memory to some degree of what WAS good for them in their original climate and doing their normal activity. Over time, I would guess this challenge will leave, as our genetic memory fades and we finally learn the perfect diet for our circumstances.
          It is hard to imagine that one diet will be perfit for all. I just feel sad we have lost touch with nature and live in cities. I am happy to see such an increase in interest in finding the right diet and are working towards that.
          The final factor, is to be considerate of all people, as in love thy neighbor. While you may be thrilled with the results of your organic, paleo diet, someone less fortunate could not possibly afford such food.

          • Thanks for mentioning us “less fortunate” people. I am try desperately to switch my family to a real foods diet, but I am very poor (on food stamps poor) and even making my own almond and coconut milks and flours and anything else I can it just costs so much more. I live in town and have started trying to grow some of my own foods but have very limited space for gardening. Does anyone have any other suggestions for keeping the costs down? My son has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a mild form of autism) and going grain free for just 10 days so far has already made a huge difference in his behavior so I know I can’t afford to go back. Any advice for keeping to a VERY tight budget will be greatly appreciated!

          • Tiffany- I just wanted to follow up on your comment about finding budget friendly ways to improve your health. I’m on a strict budget but I want to be healthy too.

            I eat a ton of vegetables that I buy from a market that is very cheap. Your standard grocery store will not have great prices (or be very fresh) on produce. If you make dishes heavy on vegetables and then add in some delicious fat like olive oil, butter (not margarine) or coconut oil and spices, it’s actually very cheap. The vegetables won’t cost a lot if you get them from a cheaper market and the fat only needs to be used sparingly to satisfy and give a lot of energy.

            For meat- personally I only eat meat about once a week because it makes me tired and overstuffed- buy a whole, organic chicken. Yes organic is more expensive but when it comes to animal flesh products- you will be getting something far healthier and avoiding some really harmful ingredients like hormones. It’s so worth the cost and if your goal is to get results, then you really are saving money. Anyway- buy a whole chicken and use the carcass to make some bone broth.

            These are the things I do and I find that it cuts costs. God bless you and good luck in improving your financial situation. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

          • Actually corn was not commonly eaten by the masses. It was reserved for the royalty and those who served them. And guess what you see when you look at the burial sites? Skulls with rotted teeth that tested positive for corn. That is actually one way to tell what kind of life the person led. If they had rotted teeth from corn then they were special in some way and not laborers or common people.

            So corn has always been a sugar that rots bones when consumed in large quantities. Paleo is definitely a better way to go. But I sure do miss bagels, pizza, and cake.

          • Tiffany, I’m in a similar situation as you trying to find less expensive ways to eat healthier. Just recently learned of the many great benefits of eating fermented vegetables. The fermentation process increases the nutrition from the vegetables. It can be made very cheaply with cabbage or just about any vegetable.

            Fermented vegetables have been found to be very effective against autism too! Google Donna Gates and autism. She has helped reverse autism in many children.

        • Diets high in corn wreaked havoc on the teeth of ancient populations. They had very high rates of cavities, which we see in the archaeological record of their teeth.

          • Tiffany I was trying to reply to your comments, tho there is no reply button on yours for some reason so I hope you find this. I too am very low income in the same situation. the key to growing enough produce in much smaller spaces is vertical gardening in raised square foot beds. YOU can also get large pots from landscaping jobs..the landscapers are done with them and discard them. You can google for vertical gardening ideas, or check Home Depot. You can get on, craigs list, ect to find free or low cost materials. You can also construct an inexpensive greenhouse using those same resources to start your veggies early and grow later in the season from materials on craigs list ect. You can go to your local landfill to see if they sell organic mulch to use as your growing medium, then add soil activator to the top 3 inches of the mulch. You can get soil activator at garden centers for $10-$20 for a 10# bag, & a little goes a long way. I have seen some gardens that produce absolutely phenomenal amounts of healthy produce this way! You can also look for a large plastic water barrel to make into a composting bin to compost the garden trimmings and plants when you remove them for the season. If your local landfill does not have mulch, you can get them to start a mulching and recycling program. ours also has a “re-use” program that is free to drop off chemicals, paint, ect and I have found new bottles & partial bags of fertilizer there for free. See if your city has a “community garden” program. I am also disabled and attempting to heal. Much of the wellness mama advice has helped me greatly. Because of limits caused by disability, I asked a friend that lives in an apartment if he would do the labor of building my garden boxes and vertical growing systems, and assist with the labor in the garden in exchange for half of the produce, as he was raised on a farm & is itching to garden. He was elated and accepted the offer. My sister grew a vertical baby lettuces bed with an old section of fence stuck in the ground, plastic lattice and black garden fabric stuffed with soil. It took up an 8 foot long x 6 inch wide area and gave her 64 feet of growing space! You could grow strawberries in that also, endless possibilities.

        • Mexicans probably fermented their corn like some Native American tribes did to reduce the phytic acid. I wish I knew how (and had the time). I love Mexican food and would really like to make my own corn taco shells. Yum!

          • There’s a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon That talks alot about it. Here’s some stuff from the internet. Just do a search about phytic acid and phytase. Corn, millet, oats and brown rice do not contain sufficient phytase to eliminate all the phytic acid they contain. On the other hand, wheat and rye contain high levels of phytase—wheat contains fourteen times more phytase than rice and rye contains over twice as much phytase as wheat. Soaking or souring these grains, when freshly ground, in a warm environment will destroy all phytic acid. The high levels of phytase in rye explain why this grain is preferred as a starter for sourdough breads. The acid medium (vinegar or whey) helps to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors (phytates), making beans and grains more digestible and nutrient-dense. Soaking them in water makes them swell and begin the slow process of sprouting which makes the nutrients available.

          • Fermented food is key!
            Check out and do a search for articles on fermenting your own food.
            Lotta great information on his site!

    • Just look up paleo diet. There are tons of delicious meals you can make! You would be surprised what you can do. My wife grew up on fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. I never thought I would be able to get her away from her horrible diet until I started making paleo meals. She loves them and its healthier 🙂

    • Not sure how the corn idea got in there, but basically you want to be eating meat and vegetables and good fats. There is a giant plethora of green non-starchy vegetables out there. Just do some recipe research 🙂

      • Most corn is genetically modified to produce its own pesticide which then does the same in your intestines (see Institute for Responsible Technology- Jeffrey Smith).

      • Corn is a grain (starch) not a vegetable. So when someone says no or low grain they are talking about corn as much as wheat or rice.

    • I just ran across your blog yesterday. You are soooo inspiring! I spent all day reading and learning new things.. And immediately got back on this afternoon. I’m so glad I have a great recourse tong lip me along the way. Good vibes to you Wellness Mama! Keep up the fabulous work you do!


    • Supplement with Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and a high quality magnesium and your cavities will start filling in within a week! It will also make your teeth stronger, less sensitive and whiter!

      • As a dental hygienist for 32 years, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. I keep up with all continuing education, new studies, and the American Dental Association (ADA) advice, laws, and studies of teeth and periodontal disease, and this coconut oil application, taken both internally and externally defies my education of oral health, and the “healing” of dental caries ( decay ). Decay begins with plaque, which is formed when teeth aren’t brushed and flossed properly twice a day. The plaque is actually the by-product of bacteria breaking down, and eroding the enamel on the tooth. When it breaks through the enamel, it starts on the dentin, the second “layer” of the tooth. Sometimes you’ll see decalcification ( white spots ) on the teeth, and that can be a pre-decay indicator. Very common with people who have worn braces and haven’t kept the plaque off of the brackets. However, decay is soft, and clinically speaking, there is no reversal of decay. It must be removed by a dentist and filled with a composite restoration. Few dentists use amalgam (silver) fillings anymore. The decay is dead tooth structure, and it cannot be regenerated and restored. It’s DEAD! And if left to run it’s course, it will continue to erode the dentin and go into the “3rd layer” of the tooth, which is the pulp, the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. Once it reaches this point, the tooth will start to die, hence, a toothache. So, in the nutshell, again, clinically speaking, once decay has perforated the enamel and begins to soften the dentin, it cannot be reversed. I would give credence to coconut oil for the gingiva, but only after a professional cleaning to remove plaque and calculus sub gingival ( under the gums where your brush and floss can’t reach) as a starting place. ALL FOODS AND SUGARS left on teeth for an extended time will cause both decay and periodontal problems. While this article is thought provoking, my education and clinical knowledge and experience will not allow me to think that decay can be reversed. And on the subject of fluoride, we have seen significant evidence that it certainly does make our teeth stronger, especially for children still with primary dentition (baby teeth) and while their permanent dentition is forming. A pregnant mother who is low in calcium and not taking a prenatal supplement to support not only the baby, but herself, is also at risk for “weak” teeth. Fluoride, in moderation, whether it be ingested orally or topically applied has been proven time and again to strengthen the composition of our teeth. Key word is moderation here. Too much fluoride can cause other problems with dental formation. But even the highest amount of fluoride allowed into our water supply isn’t near enough to do any harm. I will continue my research with coconut oil, as I can certainly see where it would be most helpful in many other areas.

        • Imagine that. Someone who is definitely not going to benefit from this possibly working is saying that it’s false.

          This seemed to work pretty well for her & I have read other success stories as well.

        • How can ingesting fluoride be helpful when it “works” topically? Please explain.

        • “it defies my education”

          In short, your education is no more than simple indoctrination. Garbage in, garbage out.

        • You sound intelligent, and yet I wonder if the reversal of tooth decay doesn’t imply that you actually revive the decayed (dead) portion (of course not), but supplement or revitalize the existing dental material (enamel)..?

        • hahahaha…..I wondered when someone from the “dental” profession would show up. Fluoride is a toxic waste by-product. Even the sides of toothpaste have a warning that if ingested please call poison control. It infuriates me that our local municipalities put this toxic substance in our water supplies. God only knows what damage it causes us. I filter my water and would never use toothpaste with fluoride in it. EVER.

          Thank you Wellness Mama for the info. Unfortunately I’m a vegetarian/ almost vegan, so cutting out beans and nuts won’t work for my diet, but I’m a huge believer in Vit. D3. I started oil pulling 3 weeks ago and my teeth are much whiter. I have 2 spots at the base of 2 teeth that I’m watching to see if the oil pulling helps. I ran across this article while googling teeth 🙂

          ps I love putting coconut oil in my coffee.

          • The warnings on our fluoride toothpastes are for children. Just like vitamins and minerals, the dosages for kids is quite different from adults. You’re being a tad melodramatic about the fluoride “issue”.

          • …and yet, I’ve known people to get VERY ill & close to death from fluoride in their water supply! If fluoride helps so much, then why do my teeth that were so beautiful until I was 46 suddenly begin falling apart completely as soon as I could no longer access a fresh spring of mountain water and began drinking tap water?

        • In response to your comment about the benefits of fluoride and the minimal amounts in water etc. I must ask you…Do you realize what you are promoting? Did you know that the antidepressant drug Prozac also known as fluoxetine, is in fact, 94% fluoride? And, the amounts in the drinking water are absolutely not safe!! Research has proven that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. A gland located in our brains….Wouldn’t that be a form of brain damage? Did you also know that Hitler routinely gave fluoride to the Jews in the concentration camps, because it was proven to make them more docile and easier to control without the threat of them resisting the atrocities that was being afflicted upon them. For someone who is so well educated as you have made it a point to illustrate. You have failed to do any research of the ideas you promote and protect. It is a sad reminder of just how well fluoride is fulfilling it’s intended purpose. We are failing to think for ourselves. No matter what the actual evidence proves.

          • Thank you so much for your comment. We all need to think more critically. Thanks for calling it out!

        • Being over educated in any healthcare industry can leave you uninformed to actual cures and healing. Your in the business of making money off of rotten teeth. Real healing is kept out of mainstream medicine. Bad for business. The results from this diet have been seen. There is imperial tangible evidence to the effectiveness of this method of re mineralization. And studies have been done all over the world.

        • Anyone who still thinks that fluoride is safe or useful has not done adequate research. Calcium fluoride is a natural mineral found in spring water, fruits and vegetables. It is good for you. Sodium fluoride is a TOXIN. It was foisted on the American dental establishment by the aluminum industry (it is a by- product), because they had to find a way to get rid of it. The chloride in our water is also a TOXIN. Spend a few hours online folks, and don’t search for ” benefits of fluoride in our drinking water, etc. Try things like ” Scientific studies of the detrimental effects of fluoride consumption, If you want to find the truth.

          • Great comment! Thank you.

        • I hate to burst your bubble on your thoughts of cavities
          not being healed. I had a tooth that I could put 2 q-tip
          ends into at the same time. I began oil pulling and bought
          and used the vitamins and minerals the teeth are actually
          made from. I did the oil pulling before bed and used
          hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash after. I kept the regiment
          up for 5 months and forgot about the tooth. I am not sure how
          long it actually took to heal but when I checked it, it was like
          a brand new tooth! There was no discoloration where the tooth
          was still good and where it met the area of healing. That tooth
          was about half gone when I began the regiment above. I will
          never go to a dentist again! Just like the AMA the Dental profession
          is filled with ignorant people. Cancer has been cured by Dr.s
          over 100 years ago! A few wrote books about how they actually
          cured not only cancer but other disease! DO the research and to
          those that say there is not enough time to do something, most
          can make time and just do it and quit watching that stupid TV
          show! Why would you not take time to do something good for
          your body. It is what you live in! With research and a can do
          mind set you can do anything you believe you can do! Just do it!
          Thank you. Have a wonderful life!

          • Bill, loved your post! In addition to oil pulling, you say you “used the exact vitamins and minerals the teeth are actually made from.” Would you please share with us the exact mineral & vitamins you used to regrow your tooth, and also the amounts used? I have a broken tooth that I am trying to save, and your post was so encouraging. I would appreciate it so much if you would take a moment to share the details of your vitamin & mineral regimen…thanks!

          • Also very interested in your protocol! I’ve had a cracked tooth that I’ve been trying to heal … have definitely gained ground after implementing many suggestions from Wellness Mama … if I could only get this tooth to 100% — I’d say it’s at a 90% which I’m quite happy about.

          • You just made my day. I have this black hole (2014)at the base of a broken crown on a large molar. The crown is broken down to the metal base and they can only pull the tooth (2010 diagnosis) because it’s permanently glued down. Not going there , gonna keep it and recover all.
            I believe the tooth can recover , the crown can be forced off by the new tooth material and miracles still happen everyday. Amen ! Now FAITH is the substance of the things hoped for and calls those things that are not as though they were.
            Morning by morning new teeth do I see, straight , white, and mighty .No plaque and no disease
            ALL those old crowns and fillings have subsided and made way for the NEW TEETH MY GOD HATH PROVIDED
            I was given this song by the HS many years ago …..He loves us.

          • hello Kay I am about to do the western price diet to the max and reading your post on what you have achieved makes complete sense, congrats on healing your teeth. my teeth are in trouble and need to thicken up again. I would be sooo grateful if you could share what you used in order to achieve what you did. I am in need of it.

            Thank you 🙂

          • Hello! please please do share which mineral products you used to rebuild your teeth! makes perfect sense to me 🙂

          • Bill, your story is amazing! I have a filling in my back molar and half of it broke out. The dentist fixed only half the filling instead of taking the whole out and make a whole new filling which really upset me. That was before I read about remineralizing. Now the other half of the tooth is going bad and I am not sure what to do as the filling is still in the tooth. I wonder if the tooth can regrow with a filling still inside, pushing it out…or should I get the whole filling removed and try remineralizing…kinda scared the tooth might break although the hole is about as big as the size of the one you had, maybe smaller. Do you know of anyone remineralizing with the filling still inside? I have not had a new cavity in over 20 years although my diet is really not that good. I love chocolate! It is just those old fillings from over 20 years ago going bad…Please some advise!

          • Hi Bill. I’m with the many and have the same question for you they had. If I understand correctly, the dentine rebuilt itself. Is that right?

      • So if I take these three vitamins everyday my teeth will heal and regenerate?

        • Depends upon what you mean by “heal”.

      • Janae, have you actually experienced the regeneration of your teeth using K2, D3 and magnesium? If so, could you please specify the amounts of these nutrients you took daily, and how long it took for your teeth to regenerate? And did you make any
        changes (additions or deletions) to your diet

      • In what form do you give Magnesium supplement to children (3 year old)? I am having my daughter eat D3 and K2 but I haven’t found a good supplement for Magnesium. Would love to hear some suggestions. My daughter has sever tooth decay and has already lost 4 teeth in the front! 🙁

        • While I don’t know the recommendation for a 3 year old on magnesium, there is a magnesium drink powder called Natural calm, it’s quite tasty. A small amount in some water would give her at least some. Have you removed grains, seeds and sugar from her diet. Also there is a topical form, or even Epsom salt baths contain magnesium that is absorbable into skin but you probably have chlorinated or/and or fluoridated water which is also absorbable through the skin.

          • I have read that putting 1,000 mg of Vit C in your bathwater somehow binds up the chloramines in the water and reduces the harm they cause. I don’t remember all the details but the biochemistry of it made sense to me and I’ve been doing it ever since. Can’t afford a whole-house water filtering system or reverse osmosis. Now if I could only learn how to bind up the fluoride…

  3. Another good reason to eat a Paleo diet! Thanks for the read!

  4. I’ve been using your toothpaste for about a month now and I actually prefer it to the commercial stuff.  I’ve even gotten my husband to use it occasionally.

    I’m curious what you do with your small children as far as teeth brushing goes.  When do you start using your remineralizing toothpaste with them?  I thought in another post about the toothpaste that it wasn’t meant to be swallowed since it pulled out some toxins.  So do you wait until they can spit it out?  What do you use with them before they can spit it out.  I’d love an alternative to the “naturally flavored with apple and banana” toothpaste we have now (do they really put extra sugar in the stuff?).  Both of my boys (1 & 3) eat pretty well, though my 3 year old loves his nuts, but getting them the extra minerals through the toothpaste would be great.

    • Here in Italy, an old remedy is rubbing a sage leaf on the teeth to kill bacteria and keep them fresh and clean. I have no facts or science to back it up (other than the oils in sage being naturally anti-bacterial), nor have I tried it myself, but many people swear by it.

      • Great idea… We have sage in the garden, so I will try it 🙂 where in Italy do you live? My husband is Sicilian…

      • Natural Dentist uses sage and peppermint oil in its products! Nice to see it confirmed! ( :

  5. That totally makes sense that eating better would help your teeth, but cutting out nuts and beans seems odd, since they are supposed to be so good for you.  I am in the process of cutting out a lot of processed foods from our diet, but I still enjoy whole wheat bread, pasta and tortillas, as well as oats, quinoa and other whole grains on occasion.  Would you have to give ALL of it up in order to see results?  It just seems like such a limited diet! 🙁

    • There’s some great info out there on properly preparing beans and even grains–mainly soaking… think I found that at… At any rate, when properly prepared, the presence of phytic acid in beans is greatly reduced, along with other components of beans that cause the gas-bloating for which beans are so well known. So legumes, and even (sprouted) grains, in moderation aren’t going to pack quite the negative punch health-wise, if it’s too overwhelming to cut everything out all at once.

      Just my two cents, and I always like knowing other options 🙂

      • We use beans and enjoy the rich mineral content in them! We just soak them for 24+ hours before we use them. My son is allergic to most meats except for salmon an ostrich, so meats are out.

        We also use a little bit of sorghum flour mixed with vegetables and eggs for pizza crusts and “breads.” They are delicious and we end up consuming a ton of vegetables without much effort.

        Some people go completely off grains. Good for them! We sprinkle a little bit here and there, but are careful to soak them when possble. They even taste so much better.

        • Diana,
          can you post the recipe for your sorghum flour and vegetable and egg pizza crust and breads please !
          sounds interesting indeed
          to everyone else, I recently seen a MSDS sheet for Fluoride and i was shocked to learn that it’s corrosive on everything and i agree with Toni 😉 we are all a part of the “AWAKENING” happening NOW blessings to all

    • don’t cut nuts! simply soak them for 24 hours in good clean (i prefer creek) water. this activates phytase which deactivates the phytic acid. once the 2 hours of soak are done it is your choice to eat the nuts waterlogged or you could dry them up again and enjoy them dried. don’t fear the nuts, but understand there is some preparation involved 🙂

      • Is it 24 or 2?

        • 24

      • I was not aware that clean creek water existed any more. Where do you live??

  6. I’ve been working on trying to heal 2 cavities, cutting out added sugar and using xylitol and black walnut hull tincture.  I’ve made improvment, but I’m certainly going to add you regimen!  Question for you Wellness Mama:  I’ve been reading a lot about phytic acid in grains, seeds, and nuts in “Nourishing Traditions”  What is your take on the soaking or fermenting of those foods to dissolve the acid?  Ms. Fallon insists that a warm, acidic environment will dissolve it.  Would you recommend continuing to use grains, etc, if you were able to do that?  Also, what is your take on raw, cultured milk products (kefir, yogurt, buttermilk etc.)?  Seems like they have a fair amount of sugar naturally in them, but also have lots of naturally occurring fat-soluable vitamins.

    Thanks for the article, I’ve been waiting for it!

  7. hope to make your recipe for toothpaste this weekend and get started on reversing tooth decay.

    i’ll try to keep you posted on my results.

  8. I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now with interest.  I’d read Wheat Belly a while back, as well as some of the Paleo books, but have not truly made the switch to grain-free simply due to a limited budget and large family.  I can’t fathom being able to keep them fed without any grains/legumes until our budget increases somewhat.  That said, we do follow more of the Nourishing Traditions approach as someone else mentioned above, as opposed to a typical SAD diet.  I grind our organic grains, buy and soak organic dried beans, we buy raw milk when possible (not currently), we don’t drink  much milk but eat dairy mostly in the form of yogurt or cheese, buy pasture meats for the most part, etc… .  Yesterday, at a 6 month dental cleaning and checkup for all five children, he told me he attributed their lack of cavities (none in their whole lives so far) to their good diet, particularly since they all have some crowding which increases cavity risk even more.  Then I came home and read this post and don’t know what to think.  Evidently something is working, so do I even try to change to grain-free as finances allow?  Is grain-free really necessary for EVERYONE or just those who seem to have health concerns that aren’t alleviated by other practices?

    As far as toothpaste goes, I buy the kids Kiss My Face made with Xylitol…it’s also fluoride-free.

    • Obviously, what you’re doing is working. Not everyone has the same effects when eating grains. Just like not everyone who eats gluten has an autoimmune disease but many do. The other healthy foods you feed your family are probably counteracting the not as healthy ones. Plus, your genetics may be a factor. So, great news for you! Just keep doing what you feel is right and what makes your children “feel” good.

  9. I’m on the Page Fundamental Diet (pretty similar to the Paleo diet).  I have had a lot of compliments on my white teeth lately and I can only attribute it to the diet as I have not changed anything else.  One thing about the Page Diet is that certain blood types should avoid certain foods.  I think this may be why some can do well on grains (Cathy’s children) and others can not.  I personally am not supposed to eat wheat or corn because of my O blood type.  And boy can I tell if I eat wheat-wheat belly for sure!  Wheat has no affect on my A pos husband.

    • I am here at this website because I question everything. I like looking at different ways of doing things, so please take my comments as just questions, not criticisms. For background, I am O+ blood type. I am a lifelong ovo-lacto vegetarian. My mom was a vegetarian for a couple years before having me although she says she did eat some fish when she was pregnant with me. We were very poor, but my mom insisted on good nutrition. What that meant for us is that we ate oatmeal for every breakfast, lots of whole grains, cooked veggies as well as salad. Basically she included a whole food carbohydrate, a vegetarian ovo-lacto protein (lots of beans and nuts as well as eggs and cheese), and vegetable for every meal. We brushed once a day with Tom’s toothpaste but never flossed. I never had a cavity as a child, I visited the dentist twice as a child (like I said, we were poor and didn’t have insurance). I have beautiful teeth. Everyone assumes I had braces, but I didn’t. I was in my thirties after having three children before I got a cavity. Now I have several. Obviously my high grain diet and no meat diet didn’t affect my teeth as a child and young adult. But now I am having issues. I will never eat meat. (It is revolting to me, and when I tried it a couple times my stomach couldn’t handle it and I just threw up). So I am a bit skeptical about paleo diets, Blood type diets, any diets, but I incorporate elements. I take fish oil, I eat a lot of coconut oil, I soak my grains, I eat fermented products etc… I want to believe I can heal my teeth. If anything, stop any more decay. Is it just getting older that is the problem? I don’t know. I will try some of the things here that I haven’t been doing, but cutting out starchy foods altogether seems impossible given my no-meat limitation.

      • It might help to at least try the FCLO/butter blend if you are able to consume that as it contains a lot of the healthy fats that are needed… I’d also get a copy of the book “Cure Tooth Decay” as the whole protocol is in there..

        • Have you considered the possibility of low stomach acid? It is quite a common condition, and if there are any concomitant symptoms of gut dysbiosis, bloating, gas, burping, fermentation, inability to digest protein, etc. it may be worth exploring into.

          Ensuring that one has proper stomach acid is crucial for absorbing and assimilating key minerals & nutrients, and is also essential for immune health {proper acid production prevents the “bad” bacteria from surviving the stomach & passing into the small intestines}. For more detailed information, I highly recommend this article:

      • Hi,
        I have just read your post about getting cavities later in life. In traditional chinese medicine, the belief is that a mother imparts some of her essence to the child. This essence comes from the kidneys, and the kidneys control the health of the bones and teeth, so after the birth of 3 children, your kidneys have been slightly depleted as this essence was transfered onto each child. This is why you often see woman struggle with their teeth after having children and struggling with their hair falling out, and dentists usually tell you that this is not true. For mothers who breastfeed, there is also a tremendous mineral requirement placed on the body, and the body will take those minerals from wherever they can get them. High intakes of magnesium (500mg per day) and fat soluable vitamins would be great as already advised. Herbs which are also great at supporting kidney function are horsetail and buchu.

      • I have read that supplementing with lots of Vitamin C can help block the effects of phytic acid/grains.

  10. HI Katie, love your site and recommend it to all my friends. I’ve been wanting to get more coconut oil into our diets (my kids are almost 4 and almost 7), but am having a hard time. How on earth do you get 1/4 to 1/2 cup into your diet every day? Whenever I try putting it into a smoothie, it hardens immediately and we don’t like the chunks of oil floating around. When I try to bake with it, it often hardens into chunks that stay soild in the bread (I make the bread with coconut flour). When I try to fry with it (chicken livers or salmon patties), it seems like they turn out mushy compared to using olive oil or butter. Any advice on how to make it work?

    • I tried the 1/4 c coconut oil w/ herbal tea yesterday, and felt nauseous after eating dinner (a healthy dinner – warm winter chili from Do you have to start off slowly with coconut oil? I cook with it daily, and use generous amounts of it, along with lots of raw butter – I definitely have a high fat diet. But I wonder if 1/4 c coconut oil may be too much to begin with when drinking it straight with tea?

      • It can be a lot to start with. Try a tablespoon and work up…

        • Perhaps coconut oil isn’t for everyone. One shouldn’t force a food simply because the current health dogma advocates it. Coconuts as a whole are an amazing food. Eating the extracted oil on its own, however, when one does not respond well to doing the same, sounds like it may not be an optimal approach. When I personally try putting some coconut oil in my mouth, I notice my body does not seem to want it. Does it have some fat soluble vitamins and minerals that might benefit me? Maybe so. But, for whatever reason, I’m just not feeling eating coconut oil. Cut me open a coconut, however, and I might just have a go at it … 🙂

          • I oil pull with coconut oil everyday. I love it. Teeth whiter and mouth fresher. I also use it as a deodorant. I’m smelling pretty fresh and sweated a lot today…

          • I have read that a clogged liver can cause a person to not like coconut oil. I used it for a long time and then one day it did not agree with me (I realized later I was pregnant) I did a liver cleanse and then we got along again just fine! If I am adding coconut oil to a warm drink I put it in the blender to froth it-much better than a film of oil on top!

    • We get through a lot of coconut oil but we mainly use it raw. I recommend using it as a salad dressing and simply pouring a bit over your meal just before eating (if your food is warm it won’t solidify). It’s soooo delicious. We also apply it to our skin regularly.

  11. This is PERFECT timing. I just had a HORRIBLE dentist report yesterday and am incredibly bummed, as I eat very healthy (no grains, sugars, starches). I’m going to try your remineralizing tips and see how it goes 🙂

    • Check out Eat Right for your type, or I guess it’s similar to the Page
      Fundamental Diet (pretty similar to the Paleo diet) per Sarah’s Rohrer’s
      post above. If your teeth are suffering maybe your diet isn’t tweeked
      quite right for your body. For example, If you’re a type A grains
      sugars and starches are usually okay, but meat can be really
      detrimental, and O’s are basically opposite of that. PS – how did
      re-mineralization work for you?

  12. I have been following you for a while and I am loving all that I am learning. I am really excited to use the tooth paste and even try to diet. My Husband and I both are trying to revers Cavities. I ran out today and picked up all the ingredients for the tooth paste and was really excited to try it. I mixed it up right away, but had a really hard time getting it smooth. I made it three times trying to make it smooth or at least a rough paste, but no luck. Am I missing something? As my daughter said it looked like creamy rice. I did go ahead and use it and I am in love. My mouth has not felt this clean in a long time. Thank you for the recipe. But do you have any suggestions on how to make it a little smoother. I did try adding extra oil. But it was still a little chunky.  

    • Don’t know if you were able to make the creamy version, but my first try turned out like rice. I had used LouAna brand Coconut Oil which had been sitting next to the stove for a day. When the Organic brand came in later in the afternoon, I remixed and got the pretty, creamy results. Don’t know if this makes the difference for anyone else, but it did for me.

    • This may help? I used a mortar to completely crush my calcium pill. Put some coconut oil into a container and smoothed it with a spoon until no more lumps. Added some olive oil and a couple drops of spearment and stirred it until it was smooth. Lastly I added the powdered calcium. It is smooth a creamy. Can’t even feel grit from the calcium. I am looking for some good cinnamon extract for my next batch. I used tropical traditions gold label coconut oil. I did not add the sweetener.

    • I added some distilled water to mine when it was too dry to make it creamier.

  13. We have documented cavity reversals with taking the Green Pastures supplements, fluoride-free tooth paste & a low sugar diet.  🙂

    • hi, just wondering how long it took for your cavity reversals?? i have just changed my diet (weston price ) and started green pastures FCLO as well..

    • We also have documented cavity reversal for my two children and myself. 5 cavities in all. All healed using the Weston Price protocol, including the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend. We also did daily oil pulling with coconut oil. At our 6 month checkup our teeth were already healing. My teeth were already healed, because I am the most committed. I have been using coconut oil and baking soda to brush my teeth for some time also, but thought wellnessmama’s toothpaste recipe would be a pleasant improvement. FYI, my children’s teeth got a good shade or two whiter from the oil pulling. At first we just did the oil pulling a couple minutes, or just brushed our teeth with coconut oil, then worked our way up to 20 minutes of pulling before brushing our teeth.

      • What is oil pulling? How do you do it and why?

      • @Marcee, how did you work with your kids to get them up to 20 minutes? My son has two cavities, (after 3 years of religiously brushing!) and I’m just sick over what they want to do to him to fix it (laughing gas, tranquilizer, etc.)
        I have him off of sugar this week, and we’ve been oil pulling for 3 days… he goes for 5 minutes (which WAY exceeds my expectations! Very proud of him 🙂 ) Just wondering if you had any motivators or ways of making it fun?

  14. Can I substitute for the castille soap?

    • You can actually leave it out completely, it just helps dissolve the soap a little

  15. hi, i am very excited to start making the toothpaste! my little guy has what the dentist calls “hypoplasia.” apparently, in utero, the enamel on the fronts of his 4 front teeth didnt develop all the way so he doesnt have any in those places. my question is, is it safe for a young one to swallow? he is 16 months and doesnt know how to spit yet. any thing you may know about this would be great! thanks (: 

    • Use only the edible ingredients in the list. Unless he has an allergy. Highly unlikely. It should be fine if he eats a little coconut oil and some calcium or magnesium supplement. Zylitol can give sensitive people digestive issues, so you may want to leave that out. Oh, a couple drops of peppermint or cinnamon oil in the whole batch should be fine if used sparingly. But, I would encourage him to spit it out when he can. It will have absorbed a lot of bacteria from the teeth and gums. I would consider this homemade toothpaste 100% safe compared to any pre-made commercial brand that will most likely have to have some sort of preservative (poison). We use a super small spoon or paddle to get the toothpaste out of the jar. So we do not use our fingers or toothbrush, to keep things clean. Start encouraging scraping his tongue now too. To get a lot more of the bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath out of his mouth. It will help him learn to spit if he is old enough.

  16. doesn’t soaking nuts and grains get rid of the phytic acid?

    • It minimizes it but doesn’t remove it, so if a person is actively trying to heal teeth, I recommend avoiding both.

      • I am feeling so thankful for all this information! I have been feeling for quite some time that we’ve been bamboozled by modern dentistry to some degree but I had not really found a reliable source for help, so thank you. My question is about diet too. I really don’t envision changing my family’s entire diet to eliminate grains and beans. We like our beans as a protein in place of meat (sometimes) and just because we like the taste and there are other beneficial nutrients. And grains…well let’s just say we’re slowly improving the quality and amount that we eat, but we’re a carb-loving family, and I just don’t see eliminating grains anytime soon! So are there measures we can take to minimize the effects of those foods? Do you recommend extra brushing or treatments as described above? Right now no one has (new, unfilled) cavities, but both myself and my older daughter have soft enamel and I’d like to do what I can just to strengthen our teeth — especially hers since she has her whole life ahead of her and I don’t want her to be dealing with bad teeth for all those years! Thanks!

        • Eating lots of healthy fats (coconut oil, tallow, grass fed butter, lard, etc) and taking fermented cod liver oil can both help counteract the internal effects and a remineralzing toothpaste can help saliva quality and the external…

          • Thank you so much! This sounds like a great starting point for us.

          • What if one can’t tolerate all that fat? I’ve been eating a very low fat diet for way too long, but every time I try to increase my fats — and I’m talking 1/2 teaspoons of say olive oil — butter is even worse — I get a very uncomfortable ‘restless leg’ situation and also some cramping in my legs and feet.

            Have you heard of anyone else experiencing a difficulty transitioning to a higher fat diet?

          • If you are having a hard to getting healthy fats back into your diet. You may have to take some digest aids or bile supplements when you eat. Your pancreas needs fat in order to get the signal to release the natural bile salts into your intestines. By eating low fat for so long you may have hindered this process and will have to supplement until things get up and working again properly.

          • Ok Wellness Mama I need your help bad in this department. Is all this safe for children too. They filled my sons mouth with silver caps a few years ago and his behavior has been terrible sinCe. I wish I could take them out of his mouth. 🙁 Please help.

      • is there a happy medium? the reason why phytic acid is so dangerous to the body is because it readily binds with most minerals. so if soaking minimalises this, but doesn’t completely eliminate it, how about instead of completely avoiding things like soaked nuts, soaked grains, and soaked beans, how about we add vitamin and mineral rich dandelion, dock, plantain herb, chickweed, etcetera to each meal? this way the phytic acid has more than enough minerals to bind with, which in the end will leave you with plenty of minerals which will allow the body to rebuild. just a thought, not fact.

  17. As a Dental hygienist, I think it is great that you were able to remineralize your cavities. However, this diet and daily routine would be unlikely for most people do. Most of my patients won’t even floss and brush 2 times a day. With my experience, I would not wait to fix a cavity that is already inside the dentin. If the cavity progresses, it will reach the nerve of the tooth and a root canal will be needed. If the cavity is only in the enamel, there is a better chance of remineralization. Most people are to busy or lazy to work as hard as you did for the health of your teeth. This seems unrealistic to me.

    • Amanda, how is your comment helping here?  You sound a lot like every other dentist I’ve heard when the ADA credo gets questioned.  I’m not sure if it’s scared, or just close-minded..  The fact is that “most of your patients” probably aren’t reading this blog.  They probably aren’t even searching for holistic forms of dental care, because like you, they’ve been conditioned not to see that dentists get paid highly for a service that’s less important than we’re led to believe.  Personally, I think it’s one of life’s miracles that most problems, dental or other, are solvable through a change in lifestyle.  Unrealistic, huh?  What seems unrealistic to Me is paying a high premium for a service that I wouldn’t need if I just changed my diet.  What seems even more unrealistic is asking dentists to fight a battle for me that is ultimately rendered futile, because I turn around and sabotage their work at every meal.

      • Amanda is correct. When all the “meant to do it but didn’t” people end up with a root canal or extraction they’ll be complaining, too. Furthermore, if the people just did their daily hygiene diligently (under other factors or even adding flossing or sulcabrush, regardless of diet, not adding sugar products before bedtime or eating sugar like candy all day long nonstop), they wouldn’t get cavities to begin with. Combine that with going to the dentist for a proper oral cleaning twice a year to catch areas you missed, you have a good baseline for no decay. Another factor is mouth breathing which you would learn if you actually bothered to go to a dentist.

        • I just came from my dentist who told me specifically that even the best dental hygiene can’t prevent all cavities because bacteria are able to get into small spaces that brushes can’t. I don’t eat candy, I do brush twice daily and I do go to the dentist. I agree that lots of people will have good intentions but your rant was ill-informed.

      • I can tell you from first hand experience that I do almost everything I possibly can to prevent my teeth from decaying and they are still rotting out of my mouth at an alarming rate. I brush twice a day with a high fluoride toothpaste and rinse with a high fluoride mouthwash, both of which I hate. I floss before and after brushing just to make sure I got everything before rinsing. Guess what? I have had to have 2 root canals anyway, one tooth removed so far, and I have some $5000 left before all my teeth are fixed. I am in constant pain and half the time can’t eat the foods I love. I’m only 24 years old, and I have a feeling that I won’t have any teeth left by the time I’m 30. I’m vegan so this diet isn’t going to work for me like it may work for other people, but discrediting the fact that we are able to remineralize our teeth isn’t helpful. I was reading another blog that suggested the a similar regiment and the person was told they would need a root canal. Guess what? They didn’t after making a few changes in their diet. They did not give up fruits or stick to mostly animal products, but they did use the cod liver and butter supplement, made a fluoride free toothpaste, and attempted to reduce the acidity of their natural saliva. There is a load of evidence this works. I don’t understand why so many dentists advocate that your teeth can’t heal. EVERY thing in your body can heal, why can’t your teeth?

        • Your toothpaste and your mouthwash is the reason why you got tooth decay.

          You SHOULD know that flouride is not good as what people think it is.

        • I can’t believe you just said your teeth are rotting out with fluoride use and a vegan diet, and yet you choose to continue in this manner. It is quite obvious for the sake of your teeth and your health you are making bad choices.

        • Lesley, your troubles with rapid decaying of teeth and gum at a young age sounds similar to my young brother in law’s, who found that he has Celiacs disease, to stop the decay and other symptoms he had to eat a completely gluten free diet. You should consider being tested for that if you haven’t already.

        • Lesley, my experience has been similar to yours, except that I stopped the high-fluoride thing years ago (that’s another conversation entirely). I love eating grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds because they are GOOD and good for me. I have done all I can for my teeth and my children’s teeth, and watched my Mother and sisters do the same… and we all have some serious dental issues. So, with this new possibility to consider: adding in some things I previously avoided, such as liver and butter, and cutting back on the easy, sweet foods (though “good for me”–but my conscience says maybe not since it’s so easy to eat them too much); I have to ask myself, would it hurt to stop being so vegan for awhile, especially since it is winter (traditionally, not all that vegan food exists this time of year), and work from every angle I am NOW aware of, to see what happens?
          Best wishes in whatever course you choose.

          • Good for you Wendy!!
            I applaud your choice to consider the information discovered in your search for knowledge! We all want to do what is Right. So often in our conviction to stand behind what we have chosen and believe is Right for us we fail to realize that it may not be Right forever! Not much in life stands still, things around us are constantly changing and so are we. The needs we have now are different than the needs we had as children. It is wise to reevaluate everything from time to time. Don’t be so proud or stubborn to equate practices with beliefs. Do we really need to make our diet a belief?
            Let’s not Believe ourselves sicker, but be teachable and humble.
            “It is better to try and succeed than to not try at all!”

        • Hold the phone here- cut out the fluoride immediately! Cut out gluten out of your vegan diet and make sure you are eating whole foods and nothing too processed. For legumes and grains ensure you are properly soaking and sprouting before cooking.

          I’m also vegan, and while this diet doesn’t work for me, I can at least properly soak the legumes and increase some of the my other vegetable intakes and supplement.

        • I question your possible lack of care prior to your attempt to improve your oral health! It is not normal for a patient who is seen on a regular basis every 3-6 months having xrays yearly and a thorough exam to all of the sudden need multiple root canals and teeth pulled! Either you had a dentist doing supervised neglect or you were neglecting yourself by not keeping the proper preventative care. Yes you can have bacteria within your saliva that will cause an increased decay rate even without extreme amounts of plaque and tartar, but those cases are far and few between and should be addressed and assessed by your dentist with a saliva screening.

          • You can do all the things on the outside that you want. But if you are not getting the right things inside of your teeth. ie minerals and adequate nutrition your teeth will decay. I know several vegans that are having a very hard time keeping their teeth. They have always taken care of themselves and their hygiene. Vegans have a very hard time getting an adequate diet. Not saying everyone else does get an adequate diet. But, you really have to work extra hard. I mean every bite that you eat has to be thought out if you are going to get adequate nutrition as a vegan. From experience I was vegan for a couple years 25 years ago. I did all the proper things. Including soaking, fermenting, food combining. It still ruined my health. I still got lots of cavities. I did not eat any processed foods including anything with added sugar or any soda. When I added back in the humanely raised meat and sat fats I regained my health. When I added the cod liver and butter oil my teeth healed. It is hard to explain this to young people that think they know. But, those of us who have lived through it, thinking it was the right thing to do, have come out on the other side knowing some things just don’t work for everyone. Some of us need strong protein and sat fat to thrive. I say this with respect for Lesley. Ti questioned her hygiene. I feel that was unjustified. By her comment she obviously has taken action in her own well being and is doing what is right for her. I commend Leslie for at least looking at possible solutions to her cavities and hopefully giving some a try.

      • Sorry but Amanda is 100% right. My dentist told me that I had the beginning stages of a cavity and to keep an eye on it and I CHOSE to research alternatives to help me. No most people are not going to change their lifestyle because if there is an easy alternative, thats the path they’re going to take. The information is out there and its up to the individual to look for it. We live in an age where we can know almost anything instantly, there is absolutely NO excuse for someone not to chose this kind of regime because they weren’t informed. Add to the fact that a lot of the re mineralization regimes i’ve seen so far are pretty extensive, I doubt the average person is going to do this (granted i’ve only seen a few but they had same long list). Not all health care professionals are the bad guys, they work to keep the average person’s health in good shape :). And by average person I mean someone like me who brushes 1-2x a day and maybe flosses 3x a week.

        • And also a lot of the recommended supplements are VERY expensive and some people just can’t afford the lifestyle change

          • getting cavities filled, root canals done and paying for dental insurance is also VERY expensive. why not change your diet to benefit your entire body, including your teeth?

        • I totally agree that most dentists and doctors are trying to do the right thing and help people. Thank you for not believing they’re all in on the conspiracy. Personally, I studied biology in college and one of the required courses was Genetics. For about a week in class we went over the processes of the body that are designed to help us heal, which are nothing short of GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, and MIRACULOUS. …And the very next thing they taught us was why those beautiful processes “aren’t enough” to keep us well. Sadly I bought into this thought immediately and held onto it for 3 or 4 years before I snapped out of it when I started researching alternative medicine. But for those good medical practitioners who’ve been indoctrinated this kind of “truth” is stated so often during their training that it’s hard for them to even question whether or not it’s real. I’m happy to say that now I’m totally cured of that erroneous information and I know that, other than a very few things (mostly genetic disorders), our bodies are capable of healing throughout, if we just know how to help them! And SIDEBAR – maybe you shouldn’t underestimate the motivated commitment of person who’s trying to avoid a root canal… 🙂

          • Even “so called” genetic disorders are reversible… The new studies in epigenetics show that genes can be altered through meditation or lifestyle changes. Genes are not pre determined, they are an expression of the present state of a being… That’s the big fallacy we are plagued with… Determinism and mechanistic biology are wrong. We are beings of infinite potential and ther are no conditions, medical or otherwise that cannot be changed… Yes changing oneself is hard, but it is achievable…

      • James — maybe you can help me. I ask you the same question i asked above. What if one has a difficult time transitioning to a higher fat diet? I’ve been eating way too low fat for almost 10 years, and am paying the price, but every time I try to increase fats, even in small amounts, I suffer the consequences…higher triglycerides, higher bad cholesterol, and a very disrupting/annoying ‘restless leg’
        (only my left leg!) situation within 3-4 hours of adding a small spoonful of added fat to my diet. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

        • I’m not James, but I’ll comment anyway. What occurs to me here is — if you’ve been eating “way too little” fat for a decade it’s possible you’ve been receiving a significant proportion of your nutrition from carbohydrate sources, and possibly many from refined carbohydrate sources.
          Those with traditional diets high in carbohydrates, and who manage to maintain good health on those diets, often eat a lot of legumes or tubers which contain food for bacteria that produce fatty acids. This type of carbohydrate diet will not be damaging long term. It’s a balanced diet, and quite unlike Western higher carbohydrate diets.
          Transitioning is going to take a reduction in simple carbohydrate (assuming here you eat some of those) and a corresponding increase in protein with some accompanying fat. Choose fattier cuts of meat, high fat cheese and eat some oily fish for DHA and EPA. High fat, high carb diets are bad news for overweight people, and also for underweight people.
          I personally recommend The Perfect Health diet. Gimmicky name I know but I’ve seen it work for many people to help normalize body composition and improve overall wellbeing.
          Amy x.

        • Hi Kelly!
          I’m not an expert here, but you could try a naturally high fat unprocessed food like avocado. Maybe your body is rejecting the oils or other things you have tried using because they are processed? Just a thought.

    • why spread pessimism? sure, some people are lazy and don’t care, but chances are, these people who are too lazy to take care of themselves are also too lazy to do internet research on how to fix the problem. people who have gone out of their way to find their way to this article clearly have some sort of drive to heal their teeth. your attitude doesn’t encourage anybody.

  18. so i wanted to ask you if its possible to regrow your enamel? because ever since i was little i ate alot lemons not knowing it can erode your enamel and now im 20 years old and now i have erosion on enamel so is it possible to regrow it back through diet or is it to late????? 

    • Yes, you can heal enamel, it just takes a little time and some good nutrition. If you follow the protocol in the article, you should start seeing some positive changes.

      • i know everypone is different, but how long must we be diligent before we start seeing and feeling the difference?

    • You can regrow enamel on your teeth by not using toothpaste with glycerin. Glycerin coats your teeth so that the minerals in your saliva cannot repair the enamel on your teeth. Brush with baking soda instead and then the minerals in your saliva can get to your tooth surface and heal it. I had a small cavity and tried this and it worked. Now I only brush with baking soda. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide can deal with any stains .

  19. I love this recipe and have been using this for about 6  months. However, I noticed that my sink tends to clog with all of the coconut oil. Has this happened to you, and how do you deal with this issue?

    • I haven’t had any trouble with it, but maybe try spitting into a trash can instead?

      • It seems a little gross; but many people who “oil swish” or “oil pull” spit into the toilet! ) : Not fun, but will save your sink!

  20. Do you ever oil pull with coconut oil?  Trying to remember in the morning before I eat or drink anything is kinda hard, and I always end up needing to talk to my kids when I have it in my mouth, but it is suppose to do amazing things for your teeth, gums and general health.

    • I was going to ask her the same question. There are supposed to be detoxifying benefits as well from oil pulling. I just started and am super curious to see if I can tell a difference in my teeth or overall health.

    • Been oil pulling for years several times a week. My mouth feels extremely clean when I am done. I contribute in part to the oil pulling the fact that I have not been sick in several years. I use coconut oil and sometimes only pull for 5 minutes others up to 20 minutes. sometimes I just brush my teeth with the oil. I am still surprised how well this works. I added cod liver oil and butter oil to my diet and started the oil pulling 4 years ago when the dentist said I had 4 cavities. I had two filled. Then put off the other two. Started this regimen and my teeth healed. My hygienist says the spots are slightly darker where the cavities where. But that they are completely healed and hard enamel has covered the spots. Actually the last time I went in. She said the slight darkness had almost gone away. So they are now whitening up. don’t expect it to happen over night. But a good diet with proper care should get you results.

  21. I’m sensitive to dairy.  Would taking the Fermented Cod Liver Oil without the High Vitamin Butter Oil still do the trick or is the combination the key?

    • The combination seems to work faster, but I’ve seen several cases where people have done it with just the FCLO.

      • I’m going to order the FCLO from Green Pasture.  I want to order the liquid over the capsules because it’s a better value, plus you only have to take one teaspoon as opposed to 10 capsules for the same dosage.  I just know it’s going to taste terrible!  Have you tried any of the different flavors?  They have a cinnamon tingle, arctic mint, Oslo orange, and non-flavor.  Do you have a flavor suggestion?  Thanks!

        • I like the cinnamon tingle, as the aftertaste just tastes like cinnamon and the taste isn’t too bad… To get it down, I suggest keeping it in the fridge and using a butter knife to scoop some out. Then, just scrape it off with your front teeth and wash it down and you won’t really taste it at all…

          • Thank you so much for for your prompt answers and suggestions!   I’m looking forward to both re-mineralizing my teeth and eating my sunscreen.  Hopefully, as you say, it won’t taste too bad.

          • I got the cinnamon tingle flavored fclo.  I’ve been taking it for a week now and I have to say it’s not fishy at all.  All I taste is cinnamon and I don’t mind taking it at all.  Thanks for the suggestion!  In your experience, how long did it take before you stopped getting sunburned?

    • Are you sensitive to the chemicals and hormones fed to the cows that gets into the milk, are you lactose intolerant. If those are your issues than the butter oil will not be a problem. There is no lactose in butter oil, and if you get the right brand (I believe there is only one) the cows are raised naturally and you will not get the junk by products in the butter. Call or email the company and ask them what they think.

  22.  Hi! I’ve discovered your site while searching for “tooth remineralization” and I’ve started reading it because I like it and because I believe there are useful things I can learn. 
    I thought you might be interested in something that could help both you and your readers to acquire better health: medicinal clay which is full of minerals. Here in Romania we prefer this product, but I’ve also found various products on the web. This site offers good info and testimonials, including on teeth matters.
    Another absolutely wonderful and delicious source of minerals, vitamines etc. is raw bee pollen as well as royal jelly.

    This site might prove helpful:
    Who knows, maybe you decide to write an article about them? 🙂

    Best wishes from Romania!

  23. Do you have a meal plan for how you eat?  I’d be curious to know the types of things you eat regularly.  I mean specifics.  Thanks for the article!

    • I do, I typically post them inside my meal plan subscription but I’ll try to post a really specific few days on the blog soon…

      • When will your meal plan subscription be open again????

  24. what if you’re a vegetarian?

  25. I just remineralized my daughters cavity.  We cut way back on grains and used the butter oil and fermented cod liver oil.  I am still in shock it really worked.   I think this proved to me how we should eat and that we are all lacking vitamins and minerals due to our diet.

  26. I guess people will believe anything they hear. FYI this will not work if it’s a cavity through the enamel and into dentin.  Do your own research as to why cavities form and find out yourself. Oh, and look in scientific papers that are peer reviewed.

    • I’d encourage readers to also read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Cure Tooth Decay and do their own research. (both of those books are meticulously referenced and Dr. Price was highly respected in the dental field). It is absolutely possible to heal a cavity (as I’ve done in my own mouth and as others have done) despite conventional wisdom. I’d also highly encourage readers to read peer reviewed research that wasn’t sponsored by any entity with a direct monetary interest in the dental field or oral health products.

      • Wow, so funny I ran into this article! I just discovered the book on Curing Tooth Decay and it is next on my list to buy & read.

        In the meantime I do have a question for you.

        Here is my current situation and how I discovered the book. I just recently went to a Dentist, it has been 7 years since I have seen one. They told me I have my first cavity forming. Just like you, they recommended to fill it but no hurry.

        My husband also went to this Dentist and has to have 2 root canals and 2 caps, his teeth are in much worse shape. The Dentist told us both that our enamel is very thin. We were both not surprised at this. My husband also has bone loss in his teeth.

        The Dentist told us not to brush with baking soda and coconut oil (which we have been using) anymore because the baking soda is too abrasive and will keep thinning away our enamel and bone. She recommended to use conventional toothpaste. I told her I am allergic to conventional toothpaste and don’t like the chemicals and fluoride in it. She said that is the only way. Unfortunately, my husband is back to using conventional toothpaste only.

        Is this true about the baking soda further thinning my enamel? Please help! I don’t know what to use for toothpaste. Oh, I also have changed my diet and am basically eating primal/paleo ( my husband is transitioning his diet too).

        • I’m not a dentist, so I can only share what I’ve found from experience. In everything I’ve researched, baking soda is not abrasive compared to most toothpastes: (PDF)
          I have found that the changes only work if you do the dietary changes too, and the worse the teeth are, the more the diet is needed. Personally, I ate tons of bone broths,cooked veggies with butter, grassfed meats and wild caught seafoods. I also took magnesium, gelatin, FCLO/Butter Oil Blend and used homemade toothpaste. Cure Tooth Decay will have a lot more specifics and some detailed suggestions too…

          • Does this work for tooth chips or just cavities?

        • Don’t brush hard with baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive, but the abrasiveness is not the purpose. You are not scrubbing away dirt with the baking soda. Baking soda neutralizes acids. In etching classes at art colleges, baking soda is kept in the acid rooms incase of burns. Think of it as neutralizing the pH of your mouth, not scrubbing soap scum off of a shower wall. You can also just swish around coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes a day or a few times a week, whatever you have time for. The coconut oil’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral benefits will help clean the mouth as well. Maybe you can brush lightly and rinse afterwords to remove food particles and dead parasites. Don’t swallow the coconut oil when doing this. What I have read was that it was pulling toxins out. So make sure to spit it out. But do ingest some clean virgin coconut oil. It has all kinds of beneficial qualities both internally and topically. Also there are some commercially made toothpastes that don’t contain fluoride as well. Tom’s of Maine is one, but make sure you are buying the right one. Some varieties have fluoride. I am not a doctor and this is not intended as medical advice, but I were to offer advice, I’d advise avoiding doctors, surgeons and dentist as often as possible:)

        • Ive been using this tooth paste for a little less than a year now and I just recently noticed that I now have horizontal grooves on my front two incisors near the gum line. I’m not sure what to do at this point…

          • those grooves may be new enamel growing , is it white? 🙂

    • Okay, so you’re saying the body really doesn’t have ANY stem cells that know how to become anything… OR maybe you’re trying to say that our bodies don’t know how to heal infections like when cuts and bruises get infected either. I’ve personally seen regeneration of even nerve cells, which also are supposed to be “un-healable” according to conventional medicine so I’m not going to buy what you’re selling. PS – I guess that’s proof that I don’t believe ‘anything’ I hear… BUT when information I find agrees with and supports something I KNOW, I definitely give it a chance to be true BEFORE I nay-say.

  27. Working on this right now. After having perfect oral health my entire life, I was diagnosed with a cavity in college… It was very small and was filled without anesthetic, but I still felt violated and wanted to know what I could do to prevent it from happening ever again. I have braces, so I am doubly concerned about my oral health.

    Cut out (almost) all grains… I have to have pizza once in a blue moon, and sometimes I just really want a grilled cheese sandwich, but it’s no longer a diet staple. I usually go weeks without eating grains.  I really upped broths. I did broths already, but I have been relying on broths and stews as a staple lately. I have started eating butter again. Butter is delicious and people who want to demonize it are jerks.

    Lots of vegetables. Lots of eggs. I love love love  eggs. The ones I get are free range. The yolks are like an amazing sort of bright orange. Completely unlike the sickly pale yellow ones that come from factory farms. Intuitively I assume the more colorful ones are better for me. They are also more delicious. And awesome.

    Don’t eat sugar regularly, either. I have started making my own ice cream since I just got an attachment for my mixer, and have been incorporating grassfed milk and cream (when I can find it) with very little sugar. Just a little honey or turbinado sugar. This is sortof a once a week, once every other week thing. Usually my friends and/or neighbors find out that I have made ice cream, and they all show up and eat it all and I don’t have any leftovers anyway. A half-gallon sure goes fast! Most delicious to date: avocado chocolate gelato. Delicious stuff. There was a lot of groaning and mmmming involved. At this point, since ice cream was the only “bad” thing I really indulged in, I would never even go back to store bought. The store wouldn’t have mango blood orange cream, or lychee cherry mint…

    Anyway. I don’t know of any visible results because I haven’t been back to the dentist… I know my sensitivity is gone, and the adjustments at the orthodontist no longer hurt for an entire day. They hurt for a few hours and stop. I assume this is because of all the minerals helping my bones to heal faster.

    Hope I don’t get any new cavities. Dentist said one was brewing the last time but wasn’t an emergency, so hopefully it’s gone. Personally, I didn’t see ANYTHING on that x-ray when he pointed it out, so there’s that…

  28. meat & dairy are acid-forming. acidity in the body causes diseases such as osteoporosis. in order to restore balance, calcium & magnesium must be used because of their alkalinizing ability. bones & teeth are therefore left depleted of those minerals & unable to remineralize as well. to keep the body alkaline, we must eat a plant-based diet, preferably high carb/low fat raw.

    • I’d love to see the statistics backing this up. Vegans as a while typically have poor oral health. And grains deplete the body of phosphorus and can cause a magnesium imbalance. Both of these can lead to weaker teeth.

      • My teeth were worse off before I became vegan. At least since becoming vegan the rate at which my teeth decay has slowed. I also have a disease which causes the enamel to be weak or not form so I can’t say I am cavity free, but at least I don’t lose a tooth a year anymore.

      • There are also no statistics or science backing up that grains deplete the body of phosphorous or any minerals. This phytic acid topic is all based on a statement by Weston Price that has no proof. If phytic acid is a problem then so is oxalic acid which is in most vegetables. Both are chelators of minerals so this whole anti grain argument (on the basis of phytic acid) is pure nonsense. People need to do a little more research before blindly assuming words on a page or website are true.

        • Agreed. I’ve been thinking as I read this article that maybe the solution isn’t to cut out the grains, but to just make sure you’re getting more minerals somehow, so that you have enough to cover… and don’t grains have minerals too? I’d be interested to hear if anybody knows about research that might support that query, or if anybody might know of a good mineral supplement. Wellness Mama, you mention using a lot of bone broth. Is that a good source of minerals then? and how do you make bone broth? Is it just boiling chicken, turkey, or beef bones in water for a while? Thanks!

        • that’s not true actually….i was taught about phytic acid in my advanced human nutrition class at the university of maryland. it is widely recognized in science. just not talked about much. there are numerous journal articles supporting it as well. i did a presentation on it in a class

          • So vegetables do the same thing? You’re running out of things to eat.

        • say hello to your friends at the ADA for me, will ya

  29. This is a silly question, please forgive me…the Bass technique involves brushing the gum line, so are you supposed to brush the other surfaces of he teeth as well with the bass toothbrush? Thank you!

    • You do but not nearly as vigorously as many people usually do..

  30. i have 14 unknown metal cavaties in my mouth born

  31. How long before you started to notice a change? I’ve been eating Paleo (very similar to what you describe to eat). The last month or so I’ve been less strict and my teeth have been bothering me. I’m tryin to get back on track and hoping the pain will go away. I had a bad experience with a dentist and have anxiety just thinking about going.

    • You posted a long time ago, but I have to ask, were you making sure you got plenty of Vitamin D, Calcium, plus other minerals, and Omega 3’s? I also think I’ll be trying the Fermented Cod Liver Oil / Butter stuff, I hear good things. I totally get (and share) your dental anxiety. :/

  32. madam, can you please say exactly how long did you do this routine ?
    do you still follow it ?

  33. You are so great for sharing all this info thank you! I recently went to the doctor and he said I had SIX cavities that appeared out of nowhere with in SIX months since my last check up! I am so upset and scared to death of getting teeth filled cuz I don’t like the needle! I just made your remineralizing tooth paste using calcium powder,baking soda, xylitol, coconut oil, and mint essential oil…but when I brush with it I feel like it is not sticking to my teeth or staying in my mouth long enough. I also normally use a Sonicare tooth brush but am thinking this could be the problem? Do you recommend this kind of brush or should i be using something softer since this toothpaste might be abrasive enough? Also what else would you recommend doing to see the same results as you and your husband with the remineralization? I can not do as much of the dietary change as you suggested because I am a vegetarian so i’m hoping you can recommend other supplements or natural remedies to use as a mouth wash? Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks again for your amazing blog I am learning so much and making natural changes to many daily things in my life!

    • I avoid electric ones because they are more abrasive. I use a Bass brush and it works great. Very gentle and still effective. It sounds like you are on the right track with the toothpaste… do you take any supplements? I take fermented cod liver oil, magnesium, coconut oil, and trace minerals to help with oral health…

    • You will benefit greatly from reading :Cure tooth decay” by Ramiel Nagel. I really messed up my teeth and developed receded gums and many cavities on an organic, whole food vegetarian diet. You need the good fats and bone broths and fermented cod liver oil high vitamin butter oil OR Good wild seafood and grass fed meat. Unless you have a great source of raw pasture raised dairy you need quality animal products.

  34. Does anyone know where I can get fermented cod liver oil shipped to Canada?

  35. Wow! I just got home from the dentist and found out I have remineralized 8 out of 9 cavities I had 6 months ago with my GAPS/Weston A. Price Diet and Nutritional Rebalancing Program! I’m so excited!!! They told me the one cavity I still have has grown so small now that they don’t need to fill it…I’m sure if I stick with my bone broths, chicken livers, pastured ghee and fermented cod liver oil I can heal that last bit of decay too! Thanks Wellness Mama for writing such a great, well broken down article for people in need of dental help! I loved your presentation on the Oral Health Wellness Summit and will continue to be a reader of yours in future posts! : )

  36. Hi Wellness Mama,
    We have been noticing that our 4 year old daughter’s back molar has been disintegrating for the past year (we can’t afford medical nor dental insurance due to unemployment but my mother-in-law has been helping us out) and this has been causing her pain for the past few weeks. Are there any suggestions on how I can lessen the pain while brushing her teeth? My husband is highly skeptical when it comes to the Paleo diet but I’m willing to try it IF we had the money (and he had the will) to do it. Oatmeal is a staple in this house in the morning, unfortunately and I’m allowing her only one chocolate a day (working on weaning her off as of yesterday). I have looked into pediatric dentists and the very thought of her going under (and she is afraid of needles) scares me to death so I’m going to plead to my husband to try this out instead. Thank you in advance!

  37. When you say you swish with hydrogen-peroxide…do you dilute it with anything or just swig a mouthful and swish it around like mouthwash? For how long? I’m game to give these things a try but want to make sure I do it right.

  38. I can’t take the cod liver oil with butter because I am casein intolerant. Do you recommend another cod liver oil? Thanks!

    • Have you tried Nutrapro butter oil? I also am casien intolerant and the rep that contacted me said that the product had most of the protein removed so that most lactose intolerant people use this with no problem. I also read another post saying the person was “allergic to dairy” but was able to consume this. I myself am curious to give it a try.

  39. But coconut oil contains phytic acid too…?

    • CAssie: Coconut does not contain phytic acid and does not remove minerals from the body.

  40. What is the update on your husband?

      • So he was able to reverse a cavity too? About how long did it take?

          • Wow! That’s so great!!

          • Seriously?! Sounds unbelievable…

  41. Would you be able to tell me the difference between cod liver oil and fermented cod liver oil. I have some cod liver oil softgels. Would they work, too?

    • There is a tremendous difference in the quality and availability of the nutrients and many regular cod liver oil products are rancid.

  42. I started my family eating this way about 9 days ago. We already feel an improvement in how our bodies feel. I had no idea it could be beneficial for our teeth as well. I mostly cook with coconut oil so we are definitely getting that aspect. I will but the other products/supplements later this week. I have had poor dental health in the last few years, I have a major cavity facing root canal, and I have bone loss and gum loss (from having chronic tonsillitis for YEARS before they would yank ’em. I am going to try this before I go back to the dentist. I will let you know (and take pictures) in 6 months how it worked!! Thanks Wellness Mama!!

  43. I love this:) I have been mostly following the Weston Price Diet for a few years now (I had chronic lyme and it was part of my stragedy to get better) but recently after a pregnancy / nursing a voracious babe I am having some issues with my teeth . I am going full froce WP now hoping to fix these problems with raw dairy and FCLO. I eat low phytates compared to most but think maybe I need to do better. I wish there were local families to connect with following a similar path!

  44. Thanks for this. I’m looking at doing this for my son who’s almost 6 and complains often of a tooth hurting. He’s a very fussy eater though so I’m not sure just how much he’ll agree to. Can only try!

  45. Is the dairy crucial for reminerilization? We are a mostly grain free home…but we do rely heavily on nuts and seeds. My youngest daughter has 12!!!! cavities…and I am desperate to start this regime. Followed by my second youngest with 4 and Me with 1. Would you reccommend I cut out all nuts and seeds as our dental health is pretty poor right now? We don’t eat dairy due to allergies…although if it is crucial to heal our teeth should we should give it a try anyway? confused.

    • I don’t know if you got a reply. I think it’s the Calcium that’s the most important thing to get from the dairy in terms of re-mineralization, although I’m not a doctor or a certified nutritionist, so there may be other things in the milk that interact to help bones heal (teeth are bones too :)). Also, Vitamin D is SUPER, SUPER important to absorb the calcium. (Almost every disease I research has some connection to vitamin D deficiency when studies are preformed… coincidence? I don’t know, but my personal opinion is ‘no!’) Anyway, good luck!

  46. First of all, let me say that I LOVE your site, and I mostly keep up with it on Twitter because aI am so busy, but I greatly appreciate all yolu share!!

    I had three cavities almost two years ago. I left them untreated. When I went to the dentist last week, I had no cavities and only two “soft spots”. It so happened that inthat two years, I had, coincidentally, done some of the things above–cut grains drastically, cut sugar even more drastically, started using coconut oil, and started using vitamin D. So, I am a true believer! I have another question,though…I have one tooth that has a deep filling, and there was a “dark spot” (cavity?) in there under the filling that was getting close to the nerve. Is that a case where the above plan would work, or is that one too far gone? My option, of course, is “a root canal when it starts to bother me”. Also, should almond milk be avoided when doing this? What do you do for calcium?

    • I had a dark spot on an x-ray that appeared under a previous filling a long time ago. When the doctor went in to fix the decay she was surprised to find that it wasn’t actually tooth decay, she didn’t know what it was, only that it was normal enamel. I mention it because it seems very odd that one tooth would be decaying while the others are healing… I’d be interested to know if anybody else has had a similar exerience to mine or yours.

  47. I like your post, and was wondering if I could ask a question. In the realm of sprouts, I generally do include lentil and sunflower seed sprouts in my diet. I was wondering what your thoughts on sprouting were, since this process is used to resolve a lot of the inhibiting factors in seeds (I use that as a blanket statement for grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, since that’s what they all are).

  48. I have been trying to leave a comment on here, but keep having trouble! So I am living in Bolivia and my 6 year old son has some really deep cavities, three that they say need root canals. The dentist did A root canal (baby tooth) on my son without asking me first, I was really upset because I had already bought the cure tooth decay book, and wanted to heal the cavities. So never again will I go back to them, but anyways I was wondering if I don’t have access to raw milk and beef that isn’t for sure grass fed will the protocol still work? I can get raw cheese,milk and butter that I assume is raw because it goes sour fast and they say its fresh, but like I said I don’t know if its grass fed, I think it’s grass and supplemented with grains. The same with organ meats. Should i consume the organ meats I have available? Also, We are doing cod liver oil and butter oil, what would the dose be for a 6 year old?

    • You can probably still do it with what you have available. My kids get 1/2 to 1 tsp of the cod liver oil butter blend when I’m trying to heal a cavity…

  49. Hi, I am so glad I found your site. I have been wanting to do our own dental care treatments at home. I do have a few questions before starting. Do you follow this regiment even after your dental problems were solved, or did you cut back on the routine. Also, do you take the Cod oil everyday? Last, it would not work to cut all beams and rice from our diet. Will it be enough to limit them for dinner meals only and we usually eat them three times a week. Thanks Rebekah

    • We do take the FCLO everyday, but reduce the dose once cavities are healed. I’d soak the beans and rice first to make them safer…

  50. Please check out “oil pulling” with coconut oil. I have been using this method and had a fantastic check-up.

  51. You said you were swishing with calcium and magnesium powders? What were the steps for that? And did you mix them together or so it separate? Thank you.

    • I just bought a calcium magnesium powder and added 1/2 tsp to water to swish with…

  52. A lot of things you mention here make sense to me as an oral hygienist. Yet, I also have some comments and questions too.
    From the research of Dr. Weston A Price I could conclude things I (and also most of my colleges I hope) already know from school and reading dental literature on regular bases.
    Indeed when a tooth is damaged or a cavity is starting to develop the body (read the tooth) will try to protect itself by developing secondary or even tertiary dentine using the odontoblast cells in the pulp chamber.
    What I couldn’t make out of the study (and this is essential to me) is how many people were participating in it? Why wasn’t there a control group so the other tree groups (regular diet+ oatmeal; regular diet+ vit. D and diet low in phytic acid + vit. D) should be compared to? What did these people do on oral hygiene during the trial…. only brushing? Whit what? Or maybe brushing and
    flossing? How often per day?
    For others those questions may not seem to be so important but in the dental scientific world the are. Only when every single part of a study can be explained and the produced results are such beyond any doubt they are adopted by the worldwide dental community as true facts.
    Said all that I know why your teeth became whiter; stronger and your gums healthier when you started the diet.
    – using calcium and magnesium powder to brush your teeth with will ALWAYS make your teeth less sensitive. The same ingredients are used in regular sensitive toothpaste.
    – rinsing your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide will make your teeth whiter as H.P. is the active ingredient in all dental
    bleaching products.
    – active charcoal also have the tendency of whitening teeth but because of obvious reasons is far less used by people
    – eating foods that contain less sugar and starches will benefit the growth of mouth bacteria who are NOT the cause of cavities or gum disease.

    But here are my arguments:
    – while odontoblasts can produce new dentine they cannot produce enamel! Enamel is formed during the 3-4th month of the pregnancy by a complex proses and once a tooth has erupted and enamel has been damaged nor the body, nor a dental treatment can repair/ regrow it.
    – dental sensitivity is caused of thinner enamel or the absence of it. For example, if one’s gums are staring to retract because of using a toothbrush that has hard filaments or one is brushing violently and damaging the gums a gingival recession will occur, exposing the dentine underneath. Dentine has a very different structure then enamel, it has small canals (dental tubulli) who
    are the cause of the hypersensitivity. Minerals like calcium; magnesium; sodium; potassium close up the canals and the sensitivity
    is lower or completely gone. When one stops using those minerals they will slowly wear off and the sensitivity will be back.
    – using Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse your mouth every day is not a good idea. Different studies has discovered that H.P. have the ability to make mucous membranes drier. Saliva is a very important part of the oral cavity. It helps with the food digestion; it makes the tissues flexible; it contains enzymes who fight harmful bacteria and rinses off food debris and plaque. Have you ever waken up in the middle of the night and your mouth felt as it was on fire and your tong was dry and leathery?…. well, this is how people who have chronicle dry mouth describe the feeling.
    – I went to the website of Ora Wellness Brushing Blend. Although the ingredients they use are all scientific proven to work
    (killing bacteria; soothing and supporting tissue healing) it will take some time for people in general to use to the idea that a toothpaste will actually become a tooth oil. Also testimonials of client(s) who claim that they had severe gum disease with pockets of 10mm. and after using the products they were 3mm. is a complete nonsense.
    For one to have a pocket of 10mm. means that not only the gum is inflamed but also the jaw bone underneath has been affected by
    the periodontitis. While gums are able to heal and no permanent damage will appear after inflammation, with the jaw bone is a different story. Because of the infection the bone is slowly dissolved, what causes the pocket formation. Dissolved bone tissue never regrows, but will stay a bone defect forever. There are possibilities to reconstruct the bone defect by transplanting bone from one place in the mouth to the other. Also artificial bone may be used. Usually this treatment gives great results but can be invasive (if
    you have a mouth full of pockets for example) and is not cheap at all.
    – also on their website I read about the fact that dentists do not check for gum disease when one goes for the annual
    check up. It was even stated by a Dr. David Kennedy that “ Currently, general dentists do little if any treatment of gum disease; in fact
    most dentists have the malady themselves.”
    Although I do not live/ work in the U.S.A I find this very hard to believe. Periodontitis (gumsidease) is second largest oral disease after
    caries (cavity formation). One must be a very poor dentist to ignore such widely spread and dangerous infection in a client’s mouth. Besides if that would be the case and a client visit regularly; follows the dentist’s advies; X-ray’s has been taken when necessary and
    chronicle gum disease has not be notices by the practitioner the client can and must sue this dentist. And if American dentists ignore
    gum disease, according to Dr. Kennedy , they must have their hands full of court cases and loosing their practitioner papers on a daily bases.

  53. I have brushed too hard and gotten gum recession near my upper back molar. I would like suggestions as to how to fix this so I do not have to do the skin graft the denist suggests.

    • I’d email them at as they dealt with gum issues too and might have some good suggestions…

  54. I love your website! Thanks for all the good info! I had a questions about Ora Wellness brushing blend. The base in this is almond oil. Do nut oils have phytic acid in them? I’d love someones opinion.

    • From my understanding, the nut oils do not…

  55. Hi! This is unbelievable. Just received my batch of Butter Oil/FCLO capsules and my Vitamin Ds. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to help other people. Secondly, how many capsules of FLCO would you suggest? The packet says to take 2 but I wanted to hear your opinion if possible 🙂 Thanks, Andy.

      • You take 8 capsules a day?!

  56. I am eager to learn more and start implementing your regime. What is the daily dose of Vitamin D you supplement?

  57. I’m newly on the GAPS diet and looking to heal many factors of my health including sensitive and plaque-covered teeth. I was wondering, when rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, did you dilute it first or just swish with it straight? Also did you rinse your mouth with water afterwards or let it sit? Thanks!

    • Usually dilute half and half with water and rinse after…

  58. I love this article. I am on a very slow journey to remove commercial anything from my home..(slow slow process) I have even found a recipe to make my own toothpaste.. I am going to print this article and share it with my boss. I am a registered
    Dental assistant in a pedactric office and our drs stress on changing diet and are very concervative on fillings. We watch a lot of areas that look like cavities and get the parents to brush aneh ad floss their kids more. I
    Disagree with no fluoride as I have seen it aid in the reminerlization of cavities with proper oral hygiene. But I do agree in small moderations. I agree that we have been over fluoridated when the pediatritions were prescribing fluoride drops and water is fluorinated. Its interesting that the high fluoride toothpaste we sell in our office has calcium in it…and vitamin D almost dominates the study. I agree with some of the comments that most people will not comply or just simply are uninformed or can’t afford it. But that is where we as dental professionals need to get the word out. Thank you for this article.

  59. Nice my husbands pic is by name…lol

  60. I’ve had more “little” cavities recently than I’d be comfortable with, even though i’m a religious brusher and flosser, so I really want to take charge of preventing cavities, and clearly my current dental hygine routine isn’t working. I’ve now been eating grain free and limiting sugars and phytic acid, started making bone broth (I have some chicken bones brewing in my crock pot right now) and I have it on my to-do list to make your Remineralizing Tooth Powder.

  61. I sure hope this works, Im going to have my daughter try this, she is having some pain and her husband too. I hope you do let us know how your husband is dong. Thank you

  62. Yep, I cured a tooth ache a few months ago in just two weeks, simply by taking calcium, vitamin D, K supplements with a carrot for breakfast :). I’m too fond of dried fruits and nuts to completely stop them, but I did cut down, and it healed very quickly. I just find it fascinating that this research, proven years ago, has yet to make it into mainstream culture.

  63. I’ve been reading about this a lot recently. I never really had many problems with my teeth as a kid. I joined the military at 18 and had to get cleared by the dentist. No problem. Then about 8 weeks later once I made it through training I had to get checked again and they threw a number at me that made my jaw literally drop. 11 new caries!!! I have tried everything for the last 6 years and nothing has worked. Luckily recently it has slowed down. I work out a lot recently and have changed my diet, it is now similar to the recommended diet and I am back to my vitamins and such. I also have all the things necessary for me to make my own toothpaste on the way 🙂 I really hope this works! Thanks for the great info!

  64. I’ve been reading about this a lot recently. I never really had many problems with my teeth as a kid. I joined the military at 18 and had to get cleared by the dentist. No problem. Then about 8 weeks later once I made it through training I had to get checked again and they threw a number at me that made my jaw literally drop. 11 new caries!!! I have tried everything for the last 6 years and nothing has worked. Luckily recently it has slowed down. I work out a lot recently and have changed my diet, it is now similar to the recommended diet and I am back to my vitamins and such. I also have all the things necessary for me to make my own toothpaste on the way 🙂 I really hope this works! Thanks for the great info!

  65. Did you take two capsules of the cod liver/butter oil while pregnant? Also, did you take prenatal vitamins too, or something else? Thanks in advance.

  66. Interesting read! I will definatly look up on this. I have been strugeling with my teeth health all my life. I wonder how I could adjust this diet to a vegan one??? Also oil pulling has been very helpuf for me. I do it every morning with virgin coconut oil for 20 min. Have you tried it?

    • From my research, it is very difficult or impossible to get these effects without the fat soluble vitamins from animal products…

  67. How many of the Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Blend capsules do you take on a daily basis?

    • I’m nursing, but I take 1 tsp a day or about 8-10 capsules…

      • According to the product comparison chart on the radiant life catalog page for the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – 2.5 ml (which is about .5 tsp) of the liquid gel is equal to 2 capsules. Therefore 1 tsp = 4 capsules and 2 tsp = 8 capsules.
        BUT the Weston A Price website says “2 teaspoons or 20 capsules” …

        I have a really hard time with bad flavors. I even sometimes gag when I do oil pulling (dropping peppermint EO in too has helped though) but I want to heal my cavity so I want to get FCLO & butter blend so I think I will have to go with the capsules. I’m just confused about the dosage.

        I know you aren’t a doctor or working for the FCLO company or any thing, but any advise on how to figure this all out?
        Any help much appreciated!

  68. Warning! Check out Food Standards Agency (UK) for warning against using Bentonit Clay. Some Bentonite Clay products found to contain arsenic. Arsenic is toxic.

  69. Can you remineralize a crack in the tooth?

    • Hi Teresa, I have the same problem as you, cracked tooth that is in pain. I’ve just started with the diet and oral care recommended by Wellness Mama. Has it helped you seal the crack or make tooth less sensitive? Thank you very much for you answer.

  70. Do you use only the fermented CLO and butter to get the Vitamin D needed or do you supplement with additional? If so, which brand and dose do you recommend?
    Thank you!

  71. Out of curiosity how did it go with your husbands cavity? Were you able to get xray proof? My husband and i are way past due and I’m nervous we will have cavities

    • Reversed the cavity…. hate x-rays though so waiting until they do the normal one instead of asking for another to prove it 🙂

  72. Did you take both the Vitamin D in pill form AND the fermented cod liver oil and butter? because isn’t that an overdose of vitamin D since the cod liver oil is a highly concentrated form of vitamin D?

  73. I’m currently on 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 per day. Do you think it’s necessary to take the FCLO / Butter Blend? Pardon my ignorance but is brown rice a grain?

    • brown rice is a grain, though rice is on the safer end of the spectrum (white rice is actually safest though). The FCLO blend has other fat soluble vitamins as well to help them stay in balance, but in taking it daily at that level, it might be good to get your blood levels tested.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. : )

        White rice is safer? I’m quite surprised. I’m currently taking the 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 because recent 25(OH)D test revealed a level of 17. I’m trying to get it closer to 50. With this, would you suggest I take the FCLO blend? If so, what dose should I take.

        • I take about a teaspoon a day, more if I am deficient (or pregnant or nursing)

  74. Hi, i’ve had tonsilitis, tonsil stones,

    strep throat’ chronically, every day for 26 years. there was a study my mom found that showed a woman who was in great health had massive osteoperosis and bone demineralization after menopause, and the researchers published a the biological mechanism by which this occured: from the bacteria in her tonsils.

    i’ve had about 20 cavaties in my life so far, almost all the seems between the filling and my natural tooth. i can feel this sickness, a nasty taste, a gross sensation throughout my esophagus and i imagine throughout my intestines and everywhere in my body.

    if you have your tonsils, the pits and craters WILL harbour bacteria… duh. And that bacteria may contribute to cavaties… and who knows what else… bladder infections.

    I’ve tried to have my tonsils removed but it’s a conspiracy. Two general practitioners have refused to give me my strep results, and both also refused to refer me to a orolarenologist. (spelling, whatever).

    If your tonsils smell like death no matter how clean you keep your mouth, no matter what you do – then obviously they are going to give you cavaties. But convincing some idiot doctor to remove the septic, useless bateria wells from your mouth? Freaking impossible…

    Also, remineralization is basic chemistry. The hydroxypatite array which makes up your natural dentin has calcium ions in between a bunch of hydroxide groups. If you loose a calcium due to abrasion, freaking idiot flouride bombarding it off, sulfates in your toothpaste melting it off, natural reactivity with anything, etc… you put more calcium on and some new ion should fill the gap and complete the lattice structure. This is why the process of flouride is the most ridiculous, awful, blatently detrimental to human health thing since spraying kids with DDT to cure polio.

    Flouride replaces the calcium in the hydroxypatite lattice structure – forcebly. It forces a natural, good calcium out and forces itself into it’s place. That alone is stupid, okay? But heres the stupider part- flouride is the MOST reactive element in existence, (with tiny competition from chlorine). The most reactive element – substance – that can occure. And you think it’s gonna stay in place? No, it will react in a micro second with anything else that it comes into contact with and will leave you hydroxypatite like a bad boyfriend. You have to constantly reapply flouride, at and ever-increasing rate as all your calcium is gone and holes are constantly in your dentin.

    My sister in law is a dentist. I asked her if she knew what the function of our hydroxypatite lattice was. ‘Mmmm, No..’ she said. I told her the above. ‘No, the flouride makes it stronger!’ she said. No explaination of relative reactivity rates. No reference to studies showing this so – because the studies that show flouride decreases cavaties over years are innately flawed if not lying.

    Do you know (naysayer), what a free radicle is? It’s an ion or atom with an incomplete valence shell (of electrons), therefore it is very reactive. Therefore, it goes into your body and reacts with your molecules of cell structure, and of substances like dentin, and it rips them apart. That is why it causes cancer. It destroys your natural machinery on a molecular level. Flouride, is chemically designated as a free radicle. Either alone or in a covalent bond or ionic, in most environments aqeous, gaseous, it does not matter. Because it is so freaking reactive you have no idea, that it leaves it’s bond with an incomplete octet every microsecond and is constantly forming new reactions – ripping things apart.

    I hate people who say flouride is good for you, and have NO IDEA what their dentin is made out of, not the faintest clue of basic…. anything. People have to open a book, learn things for themeselve and stop swallowing anything thats forced down their throats by the government.

    Sorry for spelling – im uber tired. Flouride speak directed at those who would use flouride against their fellow man and their children.
    Signed, a bio freaking motherloving chemist.

    • This is awesome. You, Holly, are awesome.
      I’m printing this out right now.

    • Hi Holly, Love your post, I’m not very learned, but due to much pain in the mouth, had to read a lot and try things. Activated charcoal is made from burnt coconut shells. I find the nights the pain is the worst in my mouth , if I open a capsule and mix with water and shake it up and gargle spit and then put in more and brush my whole mouth and then rinse with more and go to bed , it helps the most of anything for killing the pain. I like coconut oil too but the charcoal works more effectively. They use it for overdose patients in the hospital emergency rooms. Topically it can be used to penetrate skin down to the biofilm on the bone, I was told by a nurse friend of mine. I did not research it . Messy stuff but I love it. Maybe it will decrease your tonsil pain…I had to have mine out as a kid . Kefir might help with introducing new enzymes to fight the bacteria . Just found out a lot about Kefir recently . Put some on my skin that had a sunken white spot and it raised up and stayed up last three months without further application.

    • Fluoride is an ion with a charge -1 and it is soluble in water. Fluorine, an element is very reactive, that means it can form bonds. Ion, fluoride, forms ionic bonds. Please explain to me, how can Fluoride replace Calcium, which has a positive charge.

  75. I eat Oatmeal just about every morning and I am a Vegan. What exactly do you recommend if I supposedly can not touch Oatmeal?

  76. I just had my first dentist appointment since changing to a grain and sugar free diet. My dentist said with no prompting, “you used to have a lot of sugar in your diet, now you don’t, and your teeth are re-mineralizing”. No cavities for once! Thank you for sharing this information!

  77. This sounds so incredibly hoaky that I’m up for trying it. About 8 months ago I switched my diet to a paleo style diet. It was a random thing, not related to my teeth. Shortly after that, I created my own toothpaste using almost similar ingredients to this suggestion just from my own thinking that it had to be better. Certainly got reamed out at my last dentist appointment by the dental hygienist for not using a fluoride toothpaste. Ironically though, she didn’t have to dig as much for the scaling on my teeth, nor poke as much in my gums. I’ve struggled all of my life with gums that were quick to bleed.

    As I type this, I ponder to think about the horses in my barn, the dogs on the couch, and the cats out mousing. While I’ve had some dental work done on the horses (lowering the sharp edges because they don’t get to eat roughage quite like they would if they were fully wild), none of my animals have had fillings, caps, or root canals. They get fed a diet that resembles what they would eat if they were living on their own. I know that dogs can/do get scaly teeth, and can have other teeth challenges, this is usually identified by the poor diet we feed them because someone told us this bag of dogfood is what our dogs need.

    Sorry to go on a dog food rant, but what was occurring for me in this post, was that it makes sense. Humans are the ones getting fillings – why is that?

    • hi,
      just wondering what you feed your dogs? any suggestions?

  78. UPDATES? What happened to your husbands cavities?

  79. Hi, Is there a way to do this diet without meat and bone broth?

    • I don’t think so… many of the necessary minerals are only found in the right amounts in meat/bones

  80. How long did you find that the diet/ regimine took to reverse cavity? Trying to decide when to make a “re-check” appt with my dentist after trying this!

  81. I was getting VERY excited reading this, because not only are my teeth extremely sensitive to heat & cold (even 30″ after coming inside from a walk, my teeth will sear with pain), but they also have a horizontal line of color change. I assume this is the enamel worn. BUT, I’m an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and legumes, nuts & fruits are a mainstay of my diet! I’m gluten-free, so not much problem in the grain area. I found this article because I just bought a huge jar of organic coconut oil, on the advice of a friend, & am trying to find out what to do with it. I have a horrendously poor immune system from decades of Hepatitis C & neutropenia, and she thought coconut oil might help with that. Since I make my own natural products for cleaning, and use baking soda for deodorant, I found I can brush with coconut oil & baking soda & even got (not really “got” yet, but am getting) my hubster to use CO for his shaving cream. I use Celtic Sea Salt for extra minerals, but all of my docs caution me about taking supplements because of my liver disease. How can I get enough D?

    One more question: how can I get my CO to whip?? It was solid when I started. But all it would do was liquefy.

  82. Within 2 months for me but didn’t have it checked sooner…

  83. I’ve read somewhere in a Dr. Weston A. Price study in Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” that sugars actually cause a chemical imbalance in the body which leads to tooth decay rather than or more so than an external reaction.

    Which might explain why most dentist’s can’t understand that dental caries are more of a symptom of mineral deficiencies in the body than or lack of dental hygiene.

    I still wouldn’t give up my toothbrush and dental floss, though. Makes you kinda wonder how the people on native diets that Dr. Price studied actually brushed their teeth or if they had to.

  84. Hi Katie! I too have an natural way to brush teeth. First I brush and swish with coconut oil, then make a paste with baking soda and brush again. Then I swish with some apple cidar vinigar. Then I rinse. My teeth are whiter and plaque free. My gums are healthy too. : ) At night I floss too! Love it!!

  85. I lost my tooth enamel almost overnight from intense and extended breastfeeding and obviously having depleted mineral levels in my body (from a chronic eating disorder I had for ten years, although I have recovered for ten years and worked hard at replenishing the minerals it obviously wasn’t enough). My teeth were brown, dark brown. As a holistic therapist I refused to go down the cosmetic dental path, and also found about Dr Price. Cut a long story short – I am a fish eating vegetarian and there was no way I was going to eat meat (throw up at the thought) so followed the vegetarian guidelines (lots of butter, coconut oil and pasture-fed unpasteurised cheese), continued eating my brown rice and sourdough rye, lots of mineral salts, homeopathics, and energy meridian work. 6 months later my teeth were white – 10 months later my rear teeth are still healing in that they have sharp ridges. Friends and family are still remarking ‘I didn’t think it was possible, I thought you had lost your teeth’. Still working at it and aware because I don’t eat a paleo diet that its slower for me, but I am proof that a fish eating veggie who still eats lots of porridge, brown rice and rye bread can heal their teeth.

    • wow wow i am so happy that i came across your post and well done, i am a major fish eater as well, may i ask how your teeth are doing now, for i am 22 and have lost alot of enamel on my teeth 🙁 but i am willing to put the work in 🙂

  86. I have an important question ,, if this can actually get rid of tooth decay , can it also help with enamel erosion ?? I notice a month ago that I have two translucent lines in the middle of my front teeth , and I’m really getting self conscious about it , I mean you can’t tell from far away but you can tell when your close especially like in a bathroom light , do you think that using the tooth paste recipe will help with enamel erosion ??? I just find it so weird that its in the middle of my front teeth and are parellel lines when i seen pictures of enamel erosion there like on the bottom I the teeth , I just hope I can fix this

  87. Woke up a over the weekend with some pain in a tooth. This morning I couldn’t even handle a cup of coffee because it was so painful. Being that we just moved, I needed to find a new dentist ASAP. She took some xrays and the first words out of her mouth “You need a root canal and some other work” to the tune of $2400. for this one tooth. Are you kidding me? You can’t just clean and seal it like my dentist did back home? Nope she wants to do more work. So I came home in pain and started to do some research. Which lead me to this blog. I am sold. I will try anything that will save me thousands and more holes in my teeth. I just wish I had found this before I had let another screw up the caps on the other side 3 years ago! Maybe I can get my husband on it! Can’t wait to started!

    • 1 week update! I got everything in the mail and started to take my Vit.D, CLiver, magnesium and even a few nites of the charcoal caps to detox my body. I have changed my diet and got off of all sugar and wheats. Been brushing with the toothpaste(using a soft brush). If I knew that eating a stick of butter a day would help, I would do that LOL. Anyway, 2 days after I started, I could handle hot drinks again. Still sensitive to cold, but using numbing stuff on one side and drinking room temp filtered water works for me. My teeth are even whiter without using the whitening strips. I will continue with new way of care and eating and keep posting updates!
      Perhaps next month I will go back to my Dentist where our house is and let him check my teeth since he has all of my original records.

      • OK so how’s the tooth now?

  88. OH MY GOSH! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to read! I have been eating a vegan, organic for a year and a half now and just now had my front upper teeth’s enamel chip a little bit (I have naturally straight teeth and I love my teeth, so this is devastating for me). I have been planning on eating meat again and eating less starches, so the chip in my teeth was my wake-up call telling me I need to do something about it.

    I just want to conclude that this is such a valuable post! I am so thankful that I found it! <3

  89. I question a few things being a hygienist working at 3 private practices i have seen many different views of practicing dentistry!!! First of all I am able to rule out that your last dental visit offered a thourough asessment in your 5 min visit!!!!!!!!!! A true hygiene appointment requires an update of health history, an oral cancer screening, and asesment of periodontal health by checking probin pocket depths and recording those findings at 6 areas per tooth, charting recession, mobility, furcations and mobility. Then the hygienist may start her scaling, then polish, and then floss. And before all is said and done you must give out oral hygiene instruction and assessment. So adding all this up for a total of on avg 28-32 teeth your hygienist spent 7-10 seconds per tooth without even counting time to screen for oral cancer!!! I hope im wrong but i do know some dentists work for the bottom line not the overall health of their patients in which case you need to evaluate the care you are recieving and realize things in general were missed during your appointment so i would not put value into the notations your hygienist and dentist made on your oral health! Health diet, mineral etc are very important but so is good dental care and im afraid you may only have one on your side. As far as the root canal comments a root canal is only advised or needed if the bacteria has traveled into the pulp of the tooth (center of the root) so avoiding treatment for too long increases your risk of this, and the need for a root canal should be evident in xrays or accompanied by swelling or drainage of infection (fistula or abcess). Also know that although ethics is important in the dental field be sure you are learning what is going on in your mouth! Have your dentist show you what he is seeing! You cant always trust everyone some just watch the bottom line.

  90. How long does the process take in estimate? I’ve got about two weeks before I have a fillings-appointment.

    • Jason,
      Have you at least started on the supplements, the toothpastes and ridding of the excess sugar? Just this weekend, I was able to enjoy a cold beverage and right now I am drinking a very hot cup of coffee! My pain is gone and my teeth are whiter. (see my post above)
      I did purchase the “Cure Tooth Decay” book Kindle version. I will go see a Holistic Dentist, but that is only because I just found one in my area. I want to make sure that the filling that is on that one tooth doesn’t have a mercury filling. Will get a temp or some other filler, but no more metals or fluoride in my mouth or body if I can help it!
      Thursday will be my 2wks since I started fully with everything and so far I am one happy little lady!
      Best wishes!!!

  91. Why dentists do not replace plastic resin with artificial bone which will be a part of tooth after removing tooth decay? Why biologists do not develop ‘tooth seed’ which shall be planted in the oral bone after extracting tooth? Why scientists do not develop bone implant with artificial bone which is still used for oral bone reconstruction for operation of implant fixture in these days? I believe that the implant company does not want losses and delaying the technology. Should I wait for future tooth decay treatment?

  92. Katie, I have been brought back to your site again and again on my search for wellness. I am having a hard time implementing the diet change. Wheat creeps back in here and there next thing I know, I am making sprouted grain crackers, lol. I will try to be patient and wait for the wheat grass for juicing. Can you give us an example of a one weeks diet, what you and your family actually eat? I am using your toothpaste, love it. But I just realized after reading more on your site… I mixed the toothpaste with my metal beaters! Duh. Lots to learn sincerely, Anne.

  93. I have a couple of questions for you…how much bone broth should one drink per day for proper mineralization? And, i have a liver and gallbladder that cannot handle so much fat like a lot of coconut oil at one time so i was wondering how much daily is recommended so i can break it up. Would flax-seed oil be a comparable alternative to coconut?

  94. oh and what is the minimum time period to heal tooth decay? I have one tooth that 1/4 of it has chipped off and the dentist wants to cap it. 3 months? Also what happens to the other teeth that have fillings in them already? Is there any way to remineralize them safely?

  95. Is there anything additional I should do if I can’t have dairy (so no butter or butter oil) and also can’t have coconut oil? Also, what are some examples of “mineral-rich” vegetables?

  96. Hello, I wonder if you can help me pretty please. I have read your article and found it life saving. I got this problem where I have some really small cavities most of which are surface ones. I started with your instructions and brought me cod liver oil and my mom made me butter oil. I started taking them today twice per day (1 tea spoon of butter oil + 1 tea spoon of cod liver oil each time). I have to say the taste of cod liver oil is horrible. I could get the capsules but I am not sure about the quantity they got. I will live. Anyway, can I drink one cup of pasteurized milk for Vitamin D? I read somewhere else I should not drink that at all. I should get raw milk but I do not have an access to any farmers. Also, can I do oil pulling with 1 tea spoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes instead of drinking it? As for toothpaste, can I use fluoride toothpaste with extra calcium or would cancel the effect of cavities healing? Lastly, did you fully heal your cavities following those instructions? How much does it usually take? Thanks for your time, and thanks for the article.

    • I also have no choice regarding fluoride since it is also available in my drinking water. Thanks.

      • You could filter the fluoride out, thats your choice, but are you aware that granite contains fluoride so many water tables have fluoride naturally dissolved in them. China & India have very high levels of natural fluoride present so they filter most of it out (down to similar levels added to water with no fluoride). I wouldn’t worry about it & if you do get a filter.

      • I have 75% water fluoridation in my area and I use a flouride reduction filter and a kangen water filter it’s a known fact that flouride is not good for your teeth especially at those levels you can check what level is in your country on this site

  97. I was wondering if either of your two recipes would be ok for a 17 month old who can’t spit it out yet or would just using the brushing blend be sufficient?

  98. Everything in your body heals…
    I had a cavity once and the dentist was picking at it and he mubbled: That’s strange… He said: Im going to take an x-ray… and I started sweating blood. I said: Is tehre something terribly wrong? He said: No, it seems your tooth is making a calcium barrier.
    He made the x-ray and he confirmed it. My tooth was reacting to a cavity and was cocooning it with calcium. The dentist said that the tooth was hardening itself at the point where the cavity was and it stopped the cavity from expanding.

    He left it and he said I should come back in 6 months so he could look at it again. It’s still there, the cavity, but it’s rendered harmless.

    The doc even asked if he could show my x-rays to other dentists. I said, sure fine by me.

    Teeth are alive. They are not dead little rocks in your mouth. They are living structures so naturally it heals itself. The problem is that our teeth are under constant attack, so it has little time to heal… But if you give it the time and the proper resources, it will inevitably heal.

  99. Am I allowed to eat normal food like turkey, eggs, ham, cheese, bread ,cereal, etc. ?

  100. Do you recommend a Vitamin D supplement as well as taking FCLO?

    Great post by the way! I was just informed by my dentist I have a “sticky spot” and I want to try to heal it myself instead of getting a filling!

  101. Its too bad you’re receiving money for promoting specific products. It creates bias and your info loses credibility. There are other web writers promoting the same products; this makes me think that these articles are just commercials. This carries with it a certain lack of informational integrity.

    • That might be true if she hadn’t included the whole protocol in the article. I typically feel the same way as you, but in this instance she gave us enough to be able to implement. If people want to read the nitty gritty or source material, she linked it and she can make some money on it for her hard work, good for her. What’s the big deal, in this case?

  102. Can anyone suggest an alternative to oatmeal? I need to eat something substantial in the morning. I usually start my day with a smoothie, have oatmeal for midmorning, a salad for lunch, and then salad and chicken for dinner. I feel that the grains give me the energy to get through the day. What could I eat instead of oatmeal?

  103. Hydrogen Peroxide?? How strong..? Doesnt it damage the teeth?? What formula did you use?

  104. How bad is rice for the teeth, like yasmin rice? I love yasmin rice.. would hate to have to cut all rice.. 🙂

  105. I’m starting the program today as I have so many problems with my teeth. I made the toothpaste this morning it’s the best I’ve tried my teeth felt so clean and not sensitive. I got all the supplements in a health shop I would have brought them on your site only it might take a few weeks to ship to Ireland. The best omega 3 supp I got was pure cod liver oil 1000mg in holland and Barrett. I brought calcium and magnesium citrate tablets and crushed them in a mortar and pestle. I’ll keep you updated on my progress 🙂

  106. Also I forgot to mention I used tea tree oil in the toothpaste and it left a nice clean fresh taste I would recommend adding that in. I left out the xylitol and didn’t notice any difference. It’s far cheaper to make this than go buy a natural toothpaste.

  107. Would you please cite some sources, preferably peer-reviewed scientific journals? my broter refuses to believe that fluoride is bad…

  108. Why is it that people always want someone else to do all the research for them? We have Google at our finger tips and yet we post questions on a blog that we could easily ask the internet! After I found this site and how to remineralize teeth, I did some research on my own. Sure enough, I found Paleo diets and several other sites that confirmed what wellness mama and Ramiel Nagel has told us, That fluoride, grains and sugar is BAD for us. Of course, I have heard this many years ago and just neglected to observe it. I have paid the price with my own dental. When it came to another dental call a few months ago, I found this site and decided to try everything that WM and Ramiel had to say. It worked! I am going back to see a holistic dentist in January for new xray’s just to see how well it all worked and to prove to my husband and my family that the toothpaste works and they don’t have to have fluoride in their lives. I have no tooth pain and my teeth are in better health than they have been in the last 20 or so years. I did cheat and eat some sugar this holiday, but I am back on track and ready to start the New Year fresh.

  109. Does this repair cavities & restore the tooth or does it just stop decay?

  110. how did it go? did the cavity reverse?

  111. What type of vitamin d3 would you recommend for my 18 month old daughter?

  112. I have a back molar with a cavity in it that is probably pretty close to the pulp. I know I need to so something pretty quickly to stop further decay. I am debating on wether I should get the decaded tooth area drilled out by the dentist or go on the diet and let my body take care of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I need to to something soon.

    • Sorry I only now read you have a black molar. I don’t have that, so my situation is different. I don’t know anything about black molars. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion.
      Btw I am no dentist but just researched it for myself online. So I don’t want to give you the wrong or unwise advise.

      • It’s a molar in the back of my mouth, not a black molar. lol

        • Haha, Oh my god, sorry. I was very tired when I read your comment. Also English isn’t first language. But still how stupid of me.
          I still don’t see the first comment I posted. I still think it’s still in awaiting moderation.

          • Lol. No problem. I make similar mistakes as well and English is my first language. 🙂

        • Hi, how is your molar doing? I see my first reaction wasn’t approved, probably because it contained a link. I suggested doing oil pulling. I have a wisdom tooth also with a big cavity so I wanted to try oil pulling.
          So how is your molar doing?

    • My first comment is in awaiting moderation because it contains a link.

  113. My son has two 6-yr molars that didn’t form the enamel on them and are decaying. We are in the process of having to research crowns for those teeth. Would this do anything for those teeth?? They grew in this way 🙁

  114. Yes, I’m working on a plan to regrow a few teeth right now. We’ll see how it goes! And yes, a Paleolithic diet IS a great idea. Your article was spot on, although I think some people read too much into avoiding phytates. IF what I do works, I’ll certainly share it with your readers.

  115. I was wondering do you use the gold label coconut oil?

  116. Hi Katie, great article. Thanks a million, I’m definitely going to try this stuff out. Do you think that the changes in diet and the supplements could help improve unhealthy gums too?

  117. Hi!
    Your tips look really good! I just wondered, I have been brushing overenthusiastically for the last year or so and my enamel is starting to get razor thin. Sensitivity is increasing and I’m very worried as my teeth are so thin! What would you advise exactly? Is this possible to heal?

  118. How was your weight and elimination at this time? I am a big fan of “eating good fats” but I feel like if I ate 1/2 cup of coconut oil that things would not go so well 1) for my stomach and 2) for my weight! Obviously one has to work up to it.

  119. am puzzled and at a lost . I have been on a raw paleo diet for 20 years ( the first 8 years with half fruits but the rest of the time based mostly on fatty meats and greens vegetables with occasional bone broth in the later years and few fruits , I am eating cooked paleo for 4 years now ( no grains ) and yet
    my teeth are degrading at high speed and suffer from gum disease and bone density loss. At this point at age 54 I have only on pair of molar to chew from ( Not for long as there is a huge decay.) all the other molar are either gone or have no opposite.
    I have been on cortisone therapy for 33 years and am attributing this sad teeth situation to it and lack of finances to get dentistry work done . my long term paleo diet is just enough to balance that . I have started vitamin d supplementation and would love to hear more suggestions

  120. Hi Wellness Mama,

    I found your website just recently as I was looking up ways to remineralize teeth. A few weeks ago, at my regular dental checkup, my dentist found a small “sticky spot” that she wants to have filled in three months… I am absolutely TERRIFIED at the thought of getting my teeth drilled and filled, especially since I have not had a cavity in over a decade, and I take very good care of my teeth ( I brush three times a day, floss three times a day, stay away from sugars, and eat a very healthy diet). Needless to say, the news is very depressing for me, and I have embarked on a quest to search for alternative, healthier ways heal my teeth. I have already implemented some of your suggestions (just finished brewing a first batch of bone broth and ordered Rami Nagel’s book) and am planning to implement as many more as I can. I have been reading about fermented cod liver oil, and found out that it contains histamine, and I know that I cannot take it because I am seriously allergic to histamine!! Can you please suggest any other alternatives to the FCLO? Or can I just take the Butter oil by itself? Also, I have read about the benefits of horsetail for the teeth and bones in several places, including on your website… Do you also recommend horsetail tea as a mouthwash for remineralizing teeth? Lastly, although our family does consume grains, we bake our own bread and most of our grain products are homemade. Should we still reduce our grain consumption to get benefits for dental health? Many, many thanks in advance for sharing these health tips with all of us who are willing to take our dental health into our own hands and search for natural ways for healing!

    • You could try the butter oil alone or use another fish oil in combination. I’d recommend reading the book “Cure Tooth Decay” for the full details, but he says that it is important to remove grains during the intense remineralizing process…

      • Thank you for the reply! 🙂 I will order the High Vitamin Butter Oil and see how it goes. I am learning so much from this website already and have shown it to several of my relatives who also have some teeth issues. I was planning to swish with some calcium and magnesium, as suggested in this article, and so bought some calcium magnesium tablets, ground them into a powder, and dissolved them in water to swish with. However, when I tested the pH of the solution, it turned out quite acidic! I am concerned that the acidity could erode my enamel further and slow down remineralization… Is it still okay to swish it in the mouth? The powder “floats” on the water and doesn’t seem to mix very well… Am I doing something wrong? Otherwise, can I just swallow the tablets to get the benefits? Thanks again for all your help!

  121. Hey there!
    I found your article really interesting. I currently am trying to repair my teeth from years suffering an eating disorder. My dentist has me using a fluoride toothpaste that I brush on and don’t rinse everyday with a nightly gel. Do you think improving my diet will still help even with the tooth paste? I’m trying to go all natural now, but I’m scared if I ditch my dental aids my teeth will rot!

    • Flouride is a poison.It does nothing for teeth.Find a tooth paste in a health food store without flouride.

  122. Katie,
    I am trying your diet suggestions to heal 3 cavities that I just found out I have. Until now I had been using sensodine toothepaste. I’ve been using the remineralizing recipe you posted and after the second day my teeth feel MORE sensitive. Do you think it’s the baking soda? I do use a sonicare but I use very little pressure. Any suggestions?

  123. What do you think about oil pulling? For teeth or overal health?

  124. Do you have any info or advice for children. I have a two year old and she is getting some decay between her front teeth. My mom did a good job of making me feel like a horrible mother, but this is my first go at it and the decay seemed to happen so quickly. Anyone wo has kids knows how picky they can be about food and my kiddo is still breast feeding. We are in the process of weaning and she is eating more and more food every day. I am definitely never giving her raisins again….I know I know, so please don’t scold me! Obviously I want her to have healthy teeth and am taking her to the dentist, but I do not allow fluoride and am very weary of the mainstream solutions. HELP! Thank you!

    • Did she ever answer you? It seams like she avoids answering all questions about kids. Did you use this on your kids? What do you brush your kids teeth with. Im new to all of this and had plan on using this toothpaste for them too. Now I don’t know. What do I use for them?

  125. hello!! i have white cavity fillings and i want to heal my other cavities naturally what are some cheap and easy ways to do that? and can i brush with just bentonite clay by itself to remineralize !thanks

  126. Hello Mama, Did this work for your husband? Just curious.

  127. Hey Mama,
    I have two or three amalgum fillings and one of them started leaking last night. I can’t see a naturopathic doctor to fix it as my insurance doesn’t cover it and I’m in college so my parents would have to pay out of pocket. Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to let my teeth heal after getting them refilled? I started oil pulling last year, but I ran out of coconut oil so I’ll resume as soon as I can buy a new jar. I’ll probably get the fillings taken out in the future once I can pay for it. Also, do you know anything about mercury toxicity and how to recover from it? When my filling started leaking, I started trembling everywhere and felt really weak/dizzy and my heart was pounding. My cheeks also turned red. I called an RN but she said it was probably the pain from my tooth, but my tooth didn’t even hurt badly enough for all of that to happen.

  128. How can you adapt these suggestions to help a picky eater 5 year old who has cavities to help reverse them?

  129. Hi Katie!

    Awesome article.
    Quick question—how much fruit were you consuming per day when you “decreased your intake” to promote tooth healing?

    I know this will vary per person but I’d like to know a ballpark figure as I only eat about 1 cup or less of fruit per day.

    Thanks so much!!

  130. Does Remineralizing teeth get rid of rotten teeth ? and chipped teeth ?

  131. Hi i have been looking round your site after following a link for a solid lotion bar, i came accross your information about remineralisation and wondered how i would implement the diet for a 2 year old! My daughters front teeth came through fine then crumbled and chipped after a few months! They are discoloured and soft and te dentist says they are demineralised and this happened when she was in the womb and there is nothing we can do about it, that no amount of supplements and calcium would change this! I am not happy with this prognosis and her teeth are sensitive and she has problems biting and wont let me brush them! If there was a way to make them lay down some more enamel i would love to give it a go. It makes me so sad to think she will have stubby half teeth for the next 4-5 years until they drop out and she gets her big teeth and thats what the dentist seems happy with! Any advice about how to implement this remineralisation would be greatly recieved, i am going to try the toothpaste recipe too!

  132. Good article. Long before I knew about this stuff I knew there was something up with dentistry. When I was a kid and teen I had a bunch of fillings then, as a young adult, got into healthier eating, radically reducing my refined sugar and starch intake.

    I moved to a different region and didn’t visit a dentist for an age. Now, when I went to a new dentist the little cavities that we were going to ‘leave until next time’ at my previous dentist were no longer mentioned. I thought tooth decay was permanent so why wasn’t this new dentist mentioning the decay from before? Were they any good?

    A few years later a cavity did form which, surprise surprise, conceded with a time I was horribly busy and stressed and eating much more professed food on the hoof again.

    On another occasion I had a persistent tooth ‘twinge’ for a while, a mild tooth ache. It was Googling at that time that I discovered the Weston A Price-based material. I started with taking cod liver oil with a little organic butter, not able to start a modified diet right away, and after I’d say 48 hours the tooth was no longer twinging. Moreover, my teeth just seem overall much less sensitive – seldom giving me any ‘feedback’ at all. They just seem tougher all round.

    This stuff works.

  133. thanks for this advice. wondering if you were going to site your sources? noticed some verbatim lines from the weston price foundation website. there seems to be a lot of that on the web these days.
    anyway, any advice for a 2.5 year old with decalcification and possible cavity? this is surprising to me because we don’t give her sugars or sugary drinks but she does get grains and LOTS of nuts. she is a nut fiend. i thought this was ok but am realizing we need to cut back. i am planning on cutting back and changing the way i prepare nuts. she is big on oatmeal so that will need to change, too. i just ordered some Fermented Cod Liver Oil so hoping i can get her to take some. i make your remineralizing toothpaste but not sure if it is ok to use on her since she doesn’t spit out her toothpaste yet? my dentist mostly does a gluten-free/paleo diet so i am going to talk to him about diet and tooth health to get his perspective. he seems pretty open to natural ideas. thanks for your thoughts/ideas.

  134. I am primarily vegan and have been for over 7 years, I started eating fish occasional a year ago but do not want to introduce other animal products into my diet. Do you have recommendations for recipes and alternatives to a bone broths ect.? PS I am loving your ideas on getting chemicals out of my life, am starting eating for sunblock, was already using coconut oil on skin but found on runs my shoulders got a little burnt, so wish me luck.

  135. When you say that you ‘limited fruits & starchy veggies’, how far did you limit? I have three kids, 8, 6, & 4 – I try to keep us to 2 or less fruits per day but am wondering if I should be limiting further if we want to work on better oral health. My oldest, in particular is very prone to cavities.

    Also, have you heard of anyone having existing fillings removed and then healing those teeth?


  136. Hello, did you notice this whitening your teeth as well and getting rid of any translucent areas? Also, I was wondering if you completely eliminated coffee. I would love a snapshot (like maybe a day) of what your diet looks like. Do you take the cod liver and coconut oil plain or cook with it or add it to smoothies, for example? Thank you!

  137. I know this is outdated, but out of curiosity… do you know if it’s possible to continue having beans and certain grains while on a Vitamin D supplement? The supplement would really be all I’m able to add to my current diet considering I’m allergic to almost everything and have to alternate between pastas and beans in order to gain enough nutrients.

    • I know that it would slow the progress, but if you are consuming those foods, just make sure they are properly prepared (soaked and sprouted) and well cooked to reduce the harmful properties for oral health

  138. Hey!!

    I had a question about the natural toothpaste I just made it tonight and it is pretty salty and fizzes in my mouth is that what it is supposed to do? I made the one with coconut oil, calcium, xylitol, baking soda and peppermint oil .

    Thanks so much!!

    • It might be the kind of calcium used… do you know which form you used?

  139. Glad to see ur site…thanks,thanks, thanks for sharing. Was in deep agony for last two months, just got my third tooth extracted surgically…in three in a place in himachal in india where things are not available easily, how will I change my diet. I don’t yet know d recipe for homemade toothpaste though I know the benefits of usimg coconut oil. I have more caries in my existing teeth structure.. advice wellness mamma plz….

  140. Katie, my daughters have defective enamel on their teeth. Will this help build enamel for them?

  141. Thanks for this interesting post!
    A couple years ago I began getting cavities. More than ever before. As in 8 at once! (And I was only 19) The dentist was happy to blame it on the herbal teas that I drink. I agree, in a sense since I wasn’t flossing immediately after drinking tea. But I knew it was more. I immediately (and finally) whole-heartedly switched my diet to unsweetened (using honey, sucuanat rarely and nothing else ever ;)).
    I also began eating more vegetables. But I didn’t cut out fruit or grains.
    I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen progress in my tooth health until I totally cut out all fruits and sugars. (besides berries; those are still part of my diet) I haven’t had to have work on a cavity for a year now I think.
    (and I lost a lot of weight, by the way. 😉 Always a great bonus, right?)

    Thanks for the info about NUTS. I LOVE nuts! 🙁
    I snack on them daily, if I can! Usually soaked, but not always. Cutting them out will help with my future tooth health. THANK YOU for the warning! I especially have to be careful since I am finally getting braces and don’t want any cavity trouble during the next two years.
    So goodbye grains and nuts and beans! Hello healthy teeth! I always suspected those raw nuts anyway. The way people snack on them is so obviously bad for the teeth.

  142. Hi katie, so following the diet, would Lush’s toothy tabs be a good alternative for toothpaste? Im curious because it seems easier to buy it than make my own remineralizing toothpaste.

    • I’m not familiar with them but if they have the same ingredients and don’t have glycerin they should be ok

  143. Katie, Hello. After reading this article, I made quite a few changes to my diet. No more bread, pasta, or other foods that contain flour. I mostly eat greens, organic meats, and fresh fruits. Oh yes, I started making bone broth. Wow! It is yummy.

    I take a whole foods multi-vitamin. I also bought the ora-wellness brush blend which is amazing. I also use Weleda’s Toothpaste that tightens gums. Every morning I oil-pull with coconut oil. I have not purchased the Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Blend because I have read stories that it can be upsetting to the stomach. How are you doing with it? Look forward to your response. L.C.

  144. Hi! Would you know if a root canal treated tooth can still heal or be remineralized? My root canal-ed tooth has been bugging me for the past several years. There’s an on and off infection (pus in gum area) but I don’t want to pull it out as it is a molar tooth. Either i get an implant or a bridge which i don’t like! ????

  145. Cut out the fluoride, please!!
    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not, but oil pulling is great for you!
    I don’t know about remineralizing teeth with it, but it will at least pull toxins.

  146. This is something people should really look at for their kids. I went to the dentist yesterday and was told I have something called MIH (Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation). It was only recently discovered by researchers and no cause has been uncovered at this point in time. It basically means that my teeth are extremely at risk of tooth decay and infections. There’s no cure for it, but I’m sure that a better diet could have prevented a lot of the issues I’ve had over the years. I’m currently 26 years old and am facing a large amount of invasive dental work that could have been avoided if I had cut down on grains, starches and sugars earlier in life.

    I’ll definitely be trying a new diet to see if I can re-mineralise my teeth. If healing doesn’t happen I’ll at least be doing my best to slow or stop the process of my teeth disintegrating.

    Thanks for the article!

    • My 7 year old daughter has severely hypomineralized teeth, So far every tooth that has erupted is 🙁 I have been making my own toothpaste for a while and avoiding fluoride but now the dentists say she should even have extra fluoride to help save her teeth! I just don’t know what to do. Have you found anything helpful yet? If anyone has any helpful info, experiences or ideas please share 🙂

      • My 5 yo twins just had their 1st denied its check up a couple month ago and I was so bummed to hear they both had 4&5 cavities because we have a great diet. Right away I got the “Cure Tooth Decay” book and realized we were eating too much fruit and that my lack of properly preparing the many nuts we ate. We drastically changed oh diet instantly. Shortly after their 6 yr molars started eurupting and I was so sad to see they had Hypomineralisation. It’s a new thing for us, but I am thankful we changed our diet before they started coming through. Since the diet change my boy who was complaining a cavity was hurting has since stopped and says it doesn’t bother him at all(took about 6 weeks). The other boy who was complaining about his hypomineralized tooth has also stopped complaining too(I’m hoping its healing and not just that it’s stopped eurupting) So we are having progress following the book, so I am continuing hoping it will not only heal the cavities but the Hypomineralisation too. If you have luck with anything I’d love to hear it!

  147. Went on a FCLO without the bitter added and added my own raw butter about 1/4 to 1/3 inch layer on toast or lightly toasted or raw sprouted bread, with my eggs, usually some beans and rice, often times MSIO and a few spoons of fermented cabbage – most mornings start this way, some times I take enzymes, some times I take other supplements, but this y routine – I wait and take later or before some Organo Silica or Banboo tea, as well as make me a glass of Spirulina (1-2TS) and 2-3 shots of wheatgrass – every morning – I juice one glass in afternoons, use a natural tooth product and have only recently ADDED the Wheat-grass and Spirulina.

    NOT too LONG and after several years where a SECTION of my GUMS which “DIED” ie literally turned black and went away leaving a hole between teeth – has returned…. THIS only happened AFTER adding the algae and grass, I use the kind with broken walls and growth factors – but still – I saw it the other morning in the bright sun with a mirror – at first I was thinking it was my imagination for weeks and weeks I thought I saw it coming up & dismissed it, but the fact is it’s there now.

  148. I recently had all my amalgams replaced for bpa and bps free resin for a very discounted price. I recently discovered that even these can leach chemicals , and since I’m very chemically sensitive this concerns me . If I were to remove these fillings and follow this diet , could I heal those holes ?? Should I wait a couple months until the mercury detox is better completed ?

    • I just don’t want replace toxins with more toxins

    • I’d do research and ask Dr Mark Manhart at Calcium Therapy Institute for his input.
      There’s a lot of natural raw foods you can juice to aid in removal of metals and toxins.

  149. HI does this work if you have a hole in between gum and outer tooth (quite big).
    i haven’t been the dentist in ten years (my own stupid fault) lol
    but im wondering if i have a pretty big hole can this be cured naturally ?
    any help appreciated

    • I’m not a dentist, but I know people who have reversed gum pockets with nutrition and a change in their oral health routine

  150. thats katie – what would be the best solution (from what you’ve witnessed) to take regarding gum pockets

  151. i meant thanks katie 🙂

  152. Hi Katie, Our three year old seems to have some demineralization and possibly two cavities. I would like to give him vitamin D in addition to the butter/fermented cod liver oil. Can you recommend a Vit D supplement? Thanks!

    • I’ve given my kids a vitamin D serum liquid which can be applied under the tongue

    • If your concern is strictly teeth – there is a CHEAP way which helps everyone and sold by a Dr on the web from The Calcium Therapy Institute. The you add water to his special tooth brush solution to the container provided which has some flakes in it and brush with drops of his solution the water makes – only takes a few drops per brushing.

      The easiest sources of D are from foods, specifically things like Salmon, or even organic beef liver – the grass fed variety tastes much better than the antibody sickly kind – much – how do I know – because I hate liver & can deal very easily with the hormone free kind, had Sockeye last night – much more D there.

      Your BIGGEST & Easiest bet is to trust in Veggies,
      JUICE them, this is better for bones and teeth than supplementing with additional D vitamins because you’re getting your nutrition from WHOLE foods designed to integrate in your body as Nature meant it… DARK GREEN leafy veggies, cooked or raw juiced are tremendous not only for the so called CALCIUM, potassium, but K, and other minerals as essential for health and teeth – Silicon/Silica and Boron are perhaps even more important than the D – especially since your on the fermented cod product. another over looked factor is the sodium potassium ratio – you will stay healthy if you stick with natural veggies.

      Just make sure your balanced diet is inclusive of many colors and many minerals from Magnesium to Iodine.

      • Another bonus to this dark green leafy vegetables being juice, I had a friend who was diagnosed with lymphoma and beat itall by changing his diet and doing this juicing daily.

  153. I am beyond thankful for your blog. I broke down in tears after noticing several brown spots on my teeth one night, and I felt like there was no explanation. I’m now convinced that my low-fat diet and blood sugar swings (I had binge-eating disorder for about 2 years) are to blame for my poor tooth health. Teeth are a window to the body’s health overall, so I truly believe no price can be put on natural alternatives to dental work. Paying for supplements is better than paying for pain and permanent removal of parts of my body.

  154. I’m on board!! I really enjoy all your thorough research on all your subject matter. Thanks!

  155. Do you think whole raw goats milk would work the same as cows milk (granted I cut down on phytic acid and take the required supplements like FCLO)? The only grass fed cow’s milk I can purchase in my area is lightly pasteurized. Thank you.

    • Some times – brown spots are iron showing up on teeth that are extremely clean & they have a high iron intake.


      Milk – when it comes to Colostrum – cow is always better, when it’s just the raw milk – they are both very good with some drawbacks – Ideally, if your only goal is D then COW – if you are looking holistically then SHEEP – a good alternative is Sheep if you can find it go that way ALL the way around a SuperHero – And as to Goat it’s stronger in some areas and weaker on some compared to the cow – while being more easily digestible from 2 Hours to 30 minutes – take your pick…. there’s a lot of pros to goat milk from helping digest more minerals in your foods while assisting in producing important enzymes in the stomach.

  156. Forgot to ask, is it necessary to cut out all carbs like white rice, or only whole grains with high amounts of phytic acid? One day I would like to be completely grain free, however, are white carbs extremely detrimental? Thank you!

  157. I am so excited to try out this recipe! I haven’t purchased a tube of toothpaste since before October 2013 sometime but I find that I need to try different recipes every few months because my mouth doesn’t seem happy (it’s most likely from using too much of an undissolved abrasive ingredient). I absolutely love using cinnamon and clove in my toothpaste recipes for the anti-bacterial properties (I noticed my gums would heal much faster from things like brushing too hard or having a sore spot in my mouth). Do you think it would be a good idea to add a bit to this recipe? And what about using some sort of silica supplement in the recipe for strengthening teeth further? I love my teeth and want to make sure they are being cared for without those icky chemicals found in many store bought pastes.

  158. Would the teeth regrow even if I have a filling on it?

    And can you suggest best time to catch the sun for Vitamin D? Living in Maldives (LOWEST ALTITUDE COUNTRY)


  159. I am starting the GAPS diet and was wondering if butternut squash is safe to eat while trying to remineralize my teeth? I have been having gum pain lately, so I wondered if the squash is too starchy while trying to heal my teeth? I absolutely love your web site and I have learned so much from all of your awesome articles:)

  160. I have to say. I think anything is possible. I tried oil pulling for 4 weeks with a somewhat modified diet and saw very little change.

    Two weeks ago, I started again with a radically modified diet. I have a tooth that broke due to grinding – I mean it was broken completely off. It is steadily growing back!!!! I honestly questioned the hype, but it really can work!

  161. It is in this way that the internet will make us all more healthy and aware. Thank you, wellness mama!. I believe in your experience. From the dentists I have seen in my lifetime, I have also learned 3 more things:
    1.)Stress adversely impacts dental health and leads to less-than-great check ups, like the horrendous one I had just after my mother passed away.
    2.) I have my teeth cleaned 3 times/year rather than the recommended 2 and that has lead to a much better outcome. For this I am grateful to modern dentistry.
    3.) It is a matter of fact that fillings and crowns dont last forever. They degenerate into the next, more-invasive procedure.
    I can see both sides of the good-dentist-bad-dentist arguement. But I shy away from most procedures. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? I have trusted dentists with my teeth and regretted it many times. Nothing is as good as preventative medicine, which dentists rarely teach appropriately. Integrative dentistry is the future. Find one with digital x-rays and a no-flouride approach that you can talk to about coconut oil.

    Wellness mama’s story is no joke, but her path requires an open mind and a commitment. How about this: If you are using the protocol Wellness mama so generously shared, then you can go to the dentist with complete confidence. And when educating yourself on the internet, give more weight to the stories of personal experience, and less to the nay-saying disregarders who are weighing in to pass judgement, but are not willing to try anything new..

  162. I made this toothpaste 3 days ago and I love it! My teeth feel so clean afterwards, and I swish with 3% hydrogen peroxide after brushing. I have 2 questions though:
    1. How much vitamin D should be taken daily for the best chance of repairing teeth?
    2. About 1/3 of my front teeth are becoming translucent over the past couple of years, will this toothpaste and vitamin D consumption repair it and make it less translucent?

    • Translucent teeth – over time, the FCLO with the butter along with lots of juicing veggies and even organo silica, boron etc will bring them back – eventually.

  163. Katie,
    I found this blog after trying to get the full understanding of the “cure tooth decay book” but I am a little confused. I know you say remove sugars, beans and nuts but grains… Ok I guess grains too but then you both say to remove fruit…. So now I am eating nothing. I looked up the paleo diet but most of that has nuts or fruit. I am really lost. I will give you a little context. I am 35 years old healthy but a web developer so I don’t get to exercise as much as I should anymore. I noticed a cavity about a year and a half ago in my front left tooth. I have been slowly moving my diet to heavy milk, healthy foods and cod liver oil and vitamins every day. My two brothers are getting married this year and I want to have my teeth close to repaired in 3.5 months when the first brother gets married. I was thinking it is a perfect time to jump into this diet and try the coconut oil rinsing that I have seen online. First question : is there a 30 day or even 60 day meal plan that I can follow? I am better with plans than making things up as I go. Second question : is this rinsing with coconut oil for 20 min two times a day actually work? I am really trying to fix my teeth over the long term but I would love to have them look better for the wedding in about 110 days. Thanks

    • Coconut oil pulling definitely helped me. I found it necessary to avoid all of those foods, but just temporarily. I focused on tons of healthy fats, green veggies and minerals. I ate a lot of sardines, bone broth, homemade soups, and liver. It wasn’t always fun, but it worked 🙂

  164. I see you took a lot of coconut oil, but what about coconut milk? The book says that coconut has phytic acid in it as well. I was planning on making my own milk and making coconut kefir out of it since we are off dairy now. Any suggestions for non-dairy drinkers? Hopefully this is a temporary thing, my daughter is having behavioral issues and my son who is breastfeeding has had reflux since he was born. We are all going off dairy for a couple of months.

  165. I am a little bit confused about this, maybe Kate or someone else can help me out:

    A while ago, I was looking for information on how to remineralize teeth, that’s how I read similar articles like this one. Hurray!

    As a result of what I have read in these articles, I quit oatmeal and started eating more meat, fish, fat and all these recommended here. For long months, no improvement in my teeth – didn’t notice any difference. I even took lots of extra gelatine – no effect.

    But my nails were breaking BADLY!

    Right now I am back on my oat porridge (I simply pour boiled water on it and let it sit for a few minutes), and after only a few days, my nails are spectacularly improving again, stopped breaking and they are much stronger than they were just last week. I didn’t do any other changes in my diet or anything else.

    So this gives the question: how come that if bones, nails and teeth are made of similar materials, why would oat be so good for my nails but bad for my teeth?

    Thanks for the answer in advance.

    • Sorry, was just a typo: of course “oaT porridge and not oaK porridge” 😀

    • The oatmeal obviously has some vitamins that you weren’t getting anywhere else in your diet. Meat doesn’t have all the vitamins we need and doesn’t even have most of them. It has a lot of a few, and it keeps you full longer.

      I looked it up and the most likely cause was either Calcium, the B vitamins or Zinc. Oats has all of these in them. When you quit eating oatmeal you needed to find sources for all of these to replace it.

  166. I am a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish. I have been battling with periodontal disease since my last pregnancy, 25 years ago. My diet consists of a large percentage of beans and nuts. I would love to follow this regime but what are your suggestions for getting what I need as a vegetarian? PS My periodontist wants to pull teeth! Help!

  167. Thanks for this article. I see a holistic dentist and had an xray done for a plate to widen my bite and help stop teeth grinding. The dentist said I need two filling on a back molars as the decay has gone past the Dentine. I mentioned about the remineralizing and he said he has seen this but that he wouldnt risk it in this case. I’m not sure what to do as I don’t want to eventually loose the tooth, but if my body could heal it I;m not sure on what path to take. Ta

  168. I’ve started “healing my teeth” 2 weeks ago.I’ve been using your remineralizing toothpaste recipe,taking cod liver/butter oil blend,drinking raw milk,eating raw butter.I had one white spot on one tooth,and another tiny tiny brownish one on another tooth(never painful) when I started.2 weeks later,the brown spot started to hurt and now I can notice its bigger in size and sensitive.I limited my grain+sugar intake,so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong..anyone?:S

    • I have not had luck with the dairy form of calcium, either. Things started to change for me when I switched to organic kelp and juiced deep leafy green vegetables – a ton of them.

      I have read and experienced this: If the pH of your mouth is below 6.4 there isn’t an environment for remineralization. If you have access to a natural foods store that has pH strips, you might want to check that out.

      Are you brushing your teeth with baking soda? Makes a huge difference for me. That said, I am seeing gradual improvement with almost all of my teeth except one. It just doesn’t want to get better – and seems to be getting worse. I don’t think this is fail-proof, unfortunately.

  169. Where is the update with the cavity comparisons for the hubby before / after ?

    It’s been 2 years already

  170. Hi Wellness Mama, I am wondering what brands you used for the calcium and magnesium powders? Thanks for the incredible resource. I am so grateful.

  171. You mentioned swishing with cal mag powder dissolved in water… can you add hydrogen peroxide in there too, or do you need to do them separate? I figured doing them both would be even better?

  172. This is, indeed something I will try, but I am curious if Ayurvedic oil pulling could be substituted for activated charcoal pulling? I have already been doing oil pulling for a very long time and I have no gingivitis. Full disclosure-I seem to be naturally not prone to inflammation of my gums, and only started doing oil pulling for tooth whitening and cleaning other germs from my mouth and tongue.

  173. 1 No one has mentioned Standard Process has supplements that can help such as Biodent.

    2 I would also mention, that yes, you need to replace the nutrients. One friend of a friend used Mercola Vitamins/Minerals and got her teeth better. Can be nutrient lacking. Could choose whole food vitamins instead.

    3 Coconut oil has antifungal properties. If you are not used to it, and start with very high dose, you can have cleansing reaction. Start slow, as she recommends, and work up. Just because upsets your stomach, doesn’t mean it is bad for you. Just start with very small amout and work up

    4 I have another friend with great teeth improvement for child with the Green Pasture’s Oils that you mention

  174. Thanks for sharing all this great info. I am excited to try it out. I have always dreaded going to the dentist and taking my kids there as well. If I can get this to work for me and then my family it sure would eliminate a ton of stress in my life.

  175. Hi,

    I have partially remineralized my tooth and have picture evidence too, it’s only been around 10 days since I discovered a big hole in my upper tooth (lateral incisor).

    I’m hoping to post pictures once it’s fully healed up, right now it seems to be around half way healed.

    But I didn’t follow a paleo diet, what I did instead was a mouthwash after each meal or sugary drink since a paleo diet is impractical for most people (the mouthwash eliminates most of the negative effects a poor diet has on tooth).

    Then I also started taking multivitamins again (which have Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin K, and Magnesium).

    I also started drinking lots of water and eating seafood whenever possible.

    It’s really true that enamel can regrow and cavities can heal just like that!

    I can’t wait to post the pictures I took to prove it.

  176. You have such wonderful information to share. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us all. I have a question. What vitamin supplements do you get for your kids? For Magnesium, Calcium, Vit. D etc. I was looking at the CALM product for Magnesium and Calcium, but thought I’d ask first or do you just use that magnesium oil on your kids. THanks

  177. I’m new to the whole organic lifestyle however our family hasn’t gone completely grain free although we are working on it. I’m just really curious about the issue with beans. We feed our 10m old beans all the time because it is one of the few foods she will actually eat without most of it ending up on the floor. My husband’s family is also Mexican and beans are a big staple in our family for the protein. We do not use oil in our beans though, like vegetable oil for re-frying. Just cook them normally. So, ya. If you could help me out with understanding the problem for teeth and beans that would be great!

    • In short, beans contain phytic acid, which block the absorption of minerals that your teeth need. This acid can be greatly reduced, however, by soaking the beans before cooking and eating them. When attempting to remineralize your teeth, though, it’s better to just avoid them.

  178. I am REALLY interested in making my own toothpaste. I have tried a few of the natural toothpastes but was disappointed. I have really sensitive teeth and the toothpastes that I have tried did nothing to help with the sensitivity. I do have a few questions though.
    1) Can I use any brand of the hydrogen peroxide? Is the cheap store brand just as effective as a more expensive brand?
    2) I understand why you use the charcoal when brushing, but why do you get the capsules? Is there something specific that I need to be looking for when I go to purchase the charcoal?
    3) Do you recommend getting an organic baking soda or does that really not matter?
    4) Could you give me an example of what an meal would look like for you when you cut out grains and beans? I am allergic to milk so my diet is pretty much limited to fruits, veggies, meats/beans, a few types of breads and crackers, and a few different types of pastas.

  179. I need to know what else I can do? Please help! I have a number of kids with cavities so I have started on the path to remineralize their teeth. I know it is possible for others, but still skeptical if I can pull it off in my own family. Sounds strange, but it’s the truth. So I am giving my girls 1 tsp. of cod liver oil and 1/2 tsp. of the butter oil every day. I also just started them on the ora wellness oil on their floss and mouth rinse. I am also trying to cut out bread and grains in the diet. I also do raw milk, eggs and I got a free-range chicken to make soup with from a local farmer. As far as sea food it’s pretty slim where I live and everything is farm-raised so I’m staying away from sea food. What else could I give my kids. They are getting plenty of sun with it being summer, but I want to do more to eliminate having to go back to the dentist.
    For myself I do the oil pulling everything I do for the kids plus juicing greens, lots of vitamins, etc. What do you recommend for children’s vitamins? Any more advice would help.

  180. Hi Katie. First of all I have to say I love your blog. I was looking for a resource like your website for ages.

    What I wanted to ask you is, Do you know if there is any safe bread and flour, without wheat or grains? Any amazing recipe?. I think it’s gonna be kind of difficult to cut off with the flour ( I usually use brown or gram) and bread.


      • Thanks for replying Katie. I discovered this recipe in your website a few weeks ago, It looks great like all the recipes in there :). The thing is I’m from Spain, and we have bread as staple food with every meal. I switched off this routine since I’m in the UK cause the bread has got more sugars and chemicals (in spain you can find bakeries everywhere and at least one wooden oven bakery per city), so.. If I don’t eat bread is like there is something missing.

        Do you have any advice? Have u ever make bread out of coconut flour? what about basmati rice to make bread?

        Thanks again

  181. This is super depressing because we are vegetarians. Is there any recommendations for us besides eating animals or parts of animals?

  182. i have lost 20% of my front tooth due to cavities……is it reversible with your recommended remedies??

  183. My daughter just went to the dentist for the first time at 2 1/2 because we move a lot for work and didn’t think she had any tooth problems. I have always been uncomfortable with the use of fluoride, and we are a very healthy natural family, and have never feared sickness. However, we just found two cavities and going in to the dentist turned out to be a great experience. We refused the fluoride tray and x-rays though and now are excited to start the Weston A. Price diet. I am hoping for the very best results.

    This blog was so inspiring, I felt so scared and bad that my daughter had cavities in the first place. It amazes me what people are discovering and re-discovering about quality health practices. This article led me to further research and am now getting into sprouting and lacto-fermentation! Thanks for this article and your honesty.

    I have a question though, how to modify oil pulling for my daughter? Has anyone had children try oil pulling or do they just swallow the coconut oil? I thought about putting some oil and some essential oil on a cotton swab and holding it to the cavity for as long as possible but wanted to see what others have tried/recommend? Thanks again and keep writing!

  184. Hi,

    I posted a comment more than a month ago about how I had partially remineralized my tooth and have picture evidence, and now I’ve posted the picture evidence up on my blog site – .

    I’ve taken more than 140 photos of my teeth. It’s true that you can regrow enamel and heal cavities.

    I’m just glad that I have picture proof.

    • That’s really incredible and encouraging! Thanks for posting!

  185. this is a very interesting article and so are the comments (I’m glad that most of them are, in spite of very different opinions, stay objective and polite) and I’m definitely trying to do some research myself.

    I’m a bit torn – a tooth-healing diet sounds fantastic, but cutting out both legumes and grains is a huge step and would rule out about 99% of what I can find in my grocery store. Granted, half of that is unhealthy fast food that I don’t buy anyway, but no whole wheat bread? No corn, kidney beans and tomatoes? Saying that it’s daunting is still being euphemistic.

    Then there’s stuff like: phytic acid is also found in nuts and tofu, and in higher concentrations than in wheat or rice. It’s actually in so many foods that getting a nice, high intake of minerals seems to me a more realistic way of counteracting it’s bad habit of making minerals unavailable to the organism. Doubly so since phytic acid also seems to fulfill some functions in the body like DNA-repair and controlling the activity of proteins; I’m hesitating to cut something out of my diet when it’s really not yet clear how important it is in my body. Using fermentation and sprouting in food preparation, avoiding sugar and incorporating a few paleo recipes is already a huge step for me and would be a lot more realistic. (I’m on of the people for whom small changes are easier to keep up for good than huge ones.)

    About affording lots of vegetables on a budget:

    I’m a huge fan of stinging nettle. It’s chock full of minerals, and if you take a healthy walk in a park or other green area, you’re likely to find some growing there. It grows so high that if you collect the upper, young leaves you don’t have to worry about contamination by dogs and other animals. I just wash the leaves like I’d wash any leafy vegetables. So it’s a great vegetable available for free and in combination with a healthy walk – I don’t think it get’s any more paleo.

  186. Does it matter what kind of coconut oil you use for all these 101 uses? Whether it’s the pure coconut oil or the virgin coconut oil?!? New to using this and definitely want to try these out!!! 🙂 thanks!

    • I always use organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined.

  187. How do you swish with the peroxide?….I mean I’ve heard it’s really dangerous

  188. I read the whole comments section before commenting on this topic. I do believe in remineralization, however not everyone can do the same things with success. I was eating grain and legume free, sugar free, low to no fruit, oil pulling, bone broth, Pastured eggshells calcium dissolved in vinegar, vitamin D, vitamin K, FLCO, homemade toothpaste, you name it I did it.

    I did very little of this regimen before 40 and had fabulous teeth. I did everything after 40 and my teeth slowly became more difficult to maintain. I had plaque that wouldn’t quit and despite cleaning 4 times a year I was found to have periodontal disease and bone loss. So hmmm… It’s enough to make you question the protocol.

    Eventually I had to put up with some conventional gum surgery and even antibiotics to clear up the infection. Still I believed that most of these remineralization protocols could work. Here are my hacks: First off floss gently and rinse with water or better yet a water pik on a low setting. I do this after every meal. I often add a natural anti microbial gum rinse and some xylitol to the water of the waterpik. You can simply add salt if you want.

    I stopped eating anything in between meals. I only drink water most of the day. I added larger doses of vitamin K because I read that it directs calcium into bones and teeth and away from soft tissues. It may also help keep plaque from sticking and becoming calcified. I also rinse with baking soda dissolved in water to keep my mouth alkaline instead of brushing with it as it is much less abrasive that way. I even dip my toothbrush in the baking soda water and brush with that.

    I oil pull sometimes but I also simply spit pull with a few drops of diluted oregano oil which is simply less gross feeling than a bunch of oil in my mouth for 20 minutes.

    I am histamine intolerant so I had to stop eating so much bone broth but I got a good trace mineral supplement and resumed my dissolved eggshell calcium along with D/K/A.

    After 2 years of these teeth issues I finally have gotten my plaque down to moderate as opposed to severe. My pockets have reduced. I have no cavities, and am waiting to see if my bone graft has taken. I just want to say that you can do everything right and there may be factors out of your control. For me it was several things:
    1. Age and perimenopause and hormonal changes can be really hard on your oral health.
    2. I had an improperly installed crown. Turns out my infection started under that crown. You really can’t know if your dental work is done well.
    3. I found out that the orthodontia I had as a kid had changed my teeth and jaw so much that it was causing me to grind and clench which was weakening my teeth. I thought it was mental stress that was causing me to clench but I’ve since found out that it’s my bite that is causing stress In my jaw and I automatically clench to try and relieve that stress while I sleep.

    The whole point of this is that no one protocol will work for everyone and there are lots of things you can do to hack your N1 experiment. Also look at age, your history of dental work and your digestion. Any of those things can keep remineralization protocols from working well no matter how diligent.

    Good luck:)

    • I also have recently been told I have bite issues. I’ve received many diagnoses about the cause of my many cracked teeth; needing root canals, dental implants, crowns, etc., & gotten wildly different recommendations to fix the problem. But the last dentist I saw thinks that though I may be clenching at night, the real problem is a severely misaligned bite (though not noticeable to anyone but a dental specialist). So the real problem is the structure of my jawbone. Hence, teeth that slipped back out of place after braces–the underlying structure of the jaw was not well-formed, so without addressing that, braces were not going to permanently fix my teeth.

  189. If i am lactose sensitive can I still take the FCLO and Butter blend? since the butter is extracted from dairy cows??

    • Hm… it might cause you problems. You might want to stick with just FCLO (which is still truly amazing for you on its own).

  190. Hi Katie, I been coming across your blog lately, and once again, here I am! My oral health is in a really bad place right now. I try to take care of my teeth, but I have almost ten cavities from childhood, I grind my teeth, and I became a vegetarian almost two years ago but haven’t been able to maintain the most well-balanced diet.

    All these factors are wreaking havoc on my teeth and gums. I just realized tonight that my teeth seem like they’re falling apart. I have noticeable yellowing, some bad cavities, serious divots on the side and tops of my molars, and some white along the base of some teeth from redwing gums. Can you please offer me some advice?

    What is a basic oral health regimen I could start using to heal my teeth?

    And concerning healing cavities. Soon my cavities will have to be refilled due to wear (my oldest is a little over a decade old). I have “silver” filling that I want to be changed to non-“silver”, but do you think (if my dentist would even allow it) that leaving my de-filled cavities alone would make them better able to heal, or are those specific cavities too far gone to fix? They’d be pretty wide and deep.

    I hope to hear from you—I’m desperate!

  191. I am a dentist who is also a wellness mama. There is some very exciting research going on these days in the field of minimally invasive dentistry (especially out of UCSF school of Dentistry). I highly recommend the book “Balance: A Guide to Managing Dental Caries for Patients and Practitioners” which uses the latest research and evidence based findings to help dentists and patients prevent and, in some cases, even reverse decay. There is so much we thought we knew but are only beginning to understand (some of it bringing new credibility to Dr Weston Price’s conclusions but not always for the reasons he thought at the time). It is becoming clearer that nutrition, pH, and the delicate balance of protective bacteria over destructive bacteria is a major factor in decay and oral health. I have pasted links below to the book I mentioned (which I learned about from a leader in the field at a dental conference), an article about arrested decay from a mainstream dental journal, and a link to info on a great free online course out of UCSF. The course is not available at the moment, but they run it periodically and if anyone is interested you can bookmark the page and contact the school and see when it will be offered again. It is a series of video lectures. Anyone who struggles with their oral health will greatly benefit from this. Also, this is all mainstream, peer reviewed research out of accredited schools from respected dental professionals; you absolutely should feel comfortable discussing any of this with your dentist without feeling like you may be perceived as “out there”.

  192. I am simply shocked by your “diet” recommendations.. You suggest to cut on the most healthiest foods like nuts and legumes and eat more meat products, just to avoid Phytic acids.

    Well, I am a health researcher myself and there is more that enough evidence to prove that animal products are not healthy for us. It is the primary cause of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, hormonal imbalances, infertility, obesity and so on…

    Nuts are needed for healthy proteins and essential fatty acids like omega 3. To minimize the content of Phytic acids you simply soak the beans in water before you cook them.

    Sorry, but what kind of “Wellness Mama “you are suggesting that eating animals that have been raised ,and slaughtered in inhumane conditions can be healthy for us and help”reverse” cavities… Besides, most of the meats contain hormones, antibiotics and God knows what. Can this be healthy?!
    I understand it is a business for you and you’re making good money, but have some awareness before you spread your message out there.

  193. hey! been reading your blog for awhile. I just got told I have 7 cavities!! eesh!! Anyway, I was wondering how long it took for your cavities to remineralize? I am debating on whether or not just to get the fillings.

  194. It’s hard to believe someone who states, “On a random note, I heard him (dentist) telling another patient that cutting back on the sugar and starches was a good idea since “without starches, cavities can not form, since they feed on sugar and starches.” Newfound respect for my dentist!

    Sugar and starches have been taught to school kids every since I was in grade school – 50 years ago – and you feel your dentist is well informed?

    Also, the studies that I have perused confirm that only cavities in early stages (most of which go unnoticed until too late) can be “healed.” So the information about healing cavities misleads the big majority of us who have cavities that are past that stage.

    Why is this not clearly stated from the outset?

  195. I appreciate you sharing the information that has helped you. I also know things that work for you and your family may not work for everyone. It is sad to see that some people have such negative feedback. Keep sharing your knowledge!

  196. Thank you for sharing this great research and your personal story. I just had a bad dentist appt where he says I have 3 cavities and need a root canal. I left the office and immediately looked for this post and ordered the book. I also ordered all of the ingredients to make your toothpaste. I know i can heal this without the dental work. My question is – can you provide a little more detail on what order and time of day you do everything? For example, when and how to do swish with the powdered calcium and sod you do that after you swish with hydrogen peroxide? Also, how did this regime work for your husband?

  197. Hey there. I have just purchased the Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Blend (Non Gelatin Caps) – Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Blend Capsules. It says it contains 150% DI of vitamin D so I am thinking I will only need this rather than purchasing vitamin D capsules as well.. Is that correct?

  198. Hi! I was wondering if this diet has proven to be successful in healing a tooth fractures? I have a very tiny hairline fracture at the bottom root of one of my teeth and am hopeful that it might mend itself…. but haven’t found any research in seeing that is possible.

    • I have healed a small cavity by simply stopping toothpaste use. Toothpaste coats your teeth with glycerin. I used baking soda and within a short while when I returned to the dentist, the small cavity that we were watching was gone and the tooth was fine. Your saliva has the minerals to repair your teeth but with glycerin coating them the minerals can’t get through to repair your teeth.
      I also just recently ran across this arcticle about using coconut oil to heal teeth. I haven’t tried this method myself yet though.

  199. Hi, just wondered what the outcome was of your husband’s trial with this method was. Also, April asked about the order you did all of the routine and I’m curious about that as well.

    Thank you!

  200. Went to the dentist recently for the first time in about 2 years(could not afford it without insurance) and found out I had a couple cavities. This is the first time I have had any cavities so I am definitely going to try this method out and see if maybe the smaller ones will remineralize.
    Any suggestions on vegan replacements for the bone broths and all the cod liver oils as I do not consume animal products.

  201. VITAMIN D is not a vitamin at all it is the body’s own healing HORMONE! You cannot absorb any vitamin D from any supplement on earth. The only way for the body to make the D hormone is exposure to natural sunlight.VITAMIN D yet another modern age misinformation by the mega pharmas to sell useless supplements & medicines 🙁 As bad as the cholesterol con fraud 🙁

    • I take BioDMulsion from Biotics Research and yes it does work.
      I have been able to get my Vitamin D levels up to normal with it.

  202. Can u do this diet and be a vegetarian? I haven’t eaten meat in 23 yrs, I have periodontal disease with bone loss and a bunch of small cavities. I want to heal naturally but I see meat and bone broths are used:/

    • Frankly, the meat and bone broth are essential to the diet…

    • Cultured dairy products could be very helpful if you were willing to add those to your diet… “The Untold Story of Milk” is worth a glance if you’re at all open to the idea. We used to be vegan and that change alone (aged cheeses, plain yogurt, and if possible, grass-fed butter/sour cream. We eat our veggies and are very careful about sugars, but it seems the cultured dairy was the factor that made worlds of difference for our kids compared to the older ones who were mostly vegan when they were small.

  203. I just read that coconut oil contains 50% Lauric acid – does oil pulling with it or using it in toothpaste damage tooth enamel?

  204. Hi Wellness Mama – how is the Ora Wellness blend used? for brushing with a drop or two?

    • Yes. They have several videos on their site demonstrating exactly what to do.

  205. Hi Katie,

    My son is 3.5 years old and he has bad upper front teeth and I blame myself for being negligent about it. Now I see a small hole in his first molar and I am worried sick. I have been giving him emulsified cod liver oil from twin labs as he will not take the fermented CLO. Also, I can’t control his grain intake as we are vegetarians (Indian) and rice/wheat form a major part in our diet. Please help me what to do. He is a picky eater but a very happy and active chap. I hate to see him having bad teeth.


  206. Katie,

    I have purchased all of the supplements that you mentioned in this post. I recently went to the dentist and they said I have a few “questionable” spots. I really want to try re-mineralizing my teeth.

    Can you please guide me as to how much of each you used? The Cod liver oil didn’t have a recommended dose, and also the Vitamin D etc… I also bought a powdered calcium carbonate that you recommended and I just didn’t know how to use it?? I want to get the same results as you so any help is appreciated!! THANK YOU!

    • I”d research and check out the book “Cure Tooth Decay” for specifics but I took about 1 tsp of FCLO gel, 10,000 IU of Vitamin D (based on my blood test results), etc. I used the calcium carbonate powder to make toothpaste with coconut oil and essential oils.

  207. this diet sounds a lot like the Candida Diet have been reading up on. Maybe I can kill 2 problems with one diet! lol I need all the help I can get

  208. My dentist loves drilling holes in my teeth! Apparently I need yet another filling…if I go through with this procedure, all of my molars will have silver fillings in them. I really want to remineralize my tooth but I’m honestly lost and have no idea how to adjust my diet. I’m underweight so I’m on a high calorie diet to gain weight. I eat a lot of nuts, potatoes, baked goods, flatbread – all foods that seem to have high amounts of phytic acid in them. Could anyone direct me to meal plans or recipes that can help with my tooth problem without sabotaging my weight gain? If I cut out all these foods now, I’m afraid my health will suffer in other ways. I’m only 20 years old and have had health problems for many years now (mainly due to low weight and malnutrition), I really would appreciate any advice anyone has, I don’t have a lot of support from family or doctors right now.

  209. can I use pickling lime (calcium hydroxide) instead of calcium carbonate? Thanks Much!

  210. Is there a point of no return for dental damage? My teeth are quite bad and I was wondering if there’s a point at which teeth wont regenerate.

  211. Hi Katie. You said that dentin can be regenerated…
    I have a filling in one of my teeth and would like to regrow some tooth (dentin and enamel) to replace the artificial filling.
    Is it possible to do this with the diet you suggested? Or should I remove the filling at first?
    Thanks very much.

  212. I read several comments about CORN. It is a Starch – But also be aware that the 2 TOP GMO foods are CORN & SOYBEANS. and 88% of ALL CORN is GMO – and in the USA – companies do not have to Label this. – AND you might be surprised hat just because a company is considered Organic – doesn’t mean they haven’t used GMO foods in some of their products.

    Also if you plan to Grow corn or any vegetable – please make certain that you know the seed provider does NOT have GMO seeds – because, yes, even seeds are now GMO.

    So I would double check. There are numerous GMO sights – I used to have a list of brands that used GMO foods but lost it.

    So good eating to all.

  213. I’ve recently decided to start taking the more natural route – earlier today I was reading something about sea salt and/or baking soda, but I also already knew that gelatin was good for dental health. I decided to do some research hoping to find a recipe for a gelatin, sea salt, baking soda toothpaste, but no luck yet. I don’t know much about cooking, but does anyone else know if it’s even possible? I may just experiment.
    Thanks for the post! More and more I find your site in my searches…maybe it’s time to subscribe 🙂

    • I use sea salt in my toothpaste, but baking soda can be abrasive, and I think you have to actually eat the gelatin – you can’t just rub it on your teeth. The main benefit of baking soda in toothpaste is that it alkalizes your mouth, and you can do that with calcium powder. I drink 1-2T of grass-fed beef gelatin dissolved in my tea every morning. For toothpaste, I use Redmond brand benzonite clay, coconut oil, water, essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, myrrh, cloves, etc., sea salt, a little bit of stevia, and calcium powder. The coconut oil is makes it clump together. I don’t know if it works or not yet, I’ve only been doing all this stuff for two months. I still have cavities, but my gums have stopped bleeding 🙂

  214. Hi. I’ve been reading your blog a lot, especially about healing tooth decay. My two year old daughter has some severe decay in one of her teeth, lesser decay in another, and what looks like more cavities forming on her molars. Our family has always eaten very healthy – lots of veggies, organic meat and cheese, no other dairy, etc. Her teeth were fine until seven months ago when I became pregnant and started having very severe morning sickness. I could keep down so few foods that I would just eat whatever I could and so I didn’t really cook- you get the point. She started eating lots more grains and fewer healthy foods and within a couple months had this huge cavity with brown decay in the middle. I am just beating myself up over it. I can’t believe how quickly her mouth went from perfect to just decaying away. I’ve been trying so hard to heal her teeth but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. We’ve been doing no grains, FCLO/HVBO blend, bone broth, lots of eggs, minerals, and silica for a month now and it’s still bad. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t get her to eat coconut oil and I think she may have an allergy to it. I’ve thrown it up when I’ve tried to take it, and I thought it must just be the morning sickness, but when I managed to successfully sneak it into my daughter’s food, she threw it up too. Would that be an allergy or just getting used to it? What else can I do?? Do you have any suggestions? I am really desperate at this point. The dentist wants to put her under anesthesia, fill the cavities, and put caps on several of her teeth. I don’t want to, but if I can’t start seeing improvement SOON then we’ll have to, as the decay is almost to the root. It’s bad enough that I can smell in on her breath. Is there anything else that could have caused such sudden, severe decay besides the decline in her diet? She has had digestive issues on and off since she was born and so I’ve been giving her probiotics every day now too. Still no luck. Oh, and what can I do instead of grassfed, raw milk and butter? We don’t have access to them. The best I can find is an organic, grassfed cheese at a local grocery store and I’ve been giving her as much of it as she’ll eat. Will it have the same benefits? I’ve ordered Ramiel Nagel’s book, although I was put off by the price since we’re on a VERY tight budget and already having to spend a small fortune on supplements and expensive foods now.

    • Melissa – I don’t have any answers for you, but I can empathize. When my 2nd was just 18 mos old he seemed to suddenly develop cavities – he was crying when he ate, they hurt. My 1st had perfect teeth so I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. I was like you, beating myself up. This was 2002, and although I did find Weston Price’s book, I had no idea how to begin using the ideas, and didn’t feel I could do it at all. We didn’t seem to have any choice but go the conventional dental route, and he had caps all over his mouth. It was so painful for me. (And for him. We weren’t given the anasthesia option, but did a few caps at a time in several trips, and it got so he would start crying as soon as we entered the dentist’s parking lot. It was years before he could go in any dr office without crying.) I know this is a hard time for you, as it was for me. But know that whatever good nutrition you’re following now is definitely going to help the future permanent teeth. (Now my son is 14 and has beautiful, healthy teeth.) It is hard, but this time will pass, and you are doing your best. Don’t beat yourself up anymore, just do what you can, take care of you and your new baby also.

  215. That study on phytic acid shows absolutely nothing. Using such a flawed study as evidence hurts the integrity of your site.

    There should be a lot more conditions:
    Reg diet + oatmeal + vitamin D
    Reg diet + no vitamin D
    Low phytic acid diet + no vitamin D

  216. Help! My 3 year old vegetarian has some cavities. I have taken out the juice and candy. Can I do this diet vegetarian style?

  217. Thanks forte info. I was wondering if Ezekiel Bread was ok as apossed to grains? How long will it take for my tooth to restore? What about going out with friends?

  218. Hi Katie,

    It looks like it’s been a few years since you wrote this article and said you’d update on your husband’s dental progress. How has his dental condition been, since taking on your regimen?


  219. Hi Katie. I was wondering if you could answer this for me – my two back molars have cavities and have pretty big holes. Would this heal those or am I to the point of no return? I have started this routine (though not to the fullest extent you have) and am hoping I’m not wasting my time and money.

  220. Hi Katie!

    I read your article and many of the comments, but not all. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of your advice. My 10 year old son fell and knocked his tooth against a metal chair last night. I took him to the dentist today and they took an X-ray and found that 2 of his front teeth are cracked and will most likely, they say, need to have a root canal at some point if not have to extract his teeth all together. These are his adult teeth!! He is very upset and so am I, to be honest. The dr. said that the crack cannot, and never will, heal. I just am not sure I believe this. We are scheduled to go back in 2 weeks for a secondary X-ray. I’m hoping to be proactive during this time in doing anything we can to promote healing, if possible. I stumbled across this article and thought I would glean from any advice you might have for me. From one mamma to another, I’m sure you can feel my agony!! Thank you!!!!!

    • Hugs to you! I’m not a dentist and can’t give dental advice, but I would definitely try this with my child…

  221. Hello there. I have a few cavities I would like to cure. Unfortunately I live in a university dorm and my rez does not provide grass-fed options. In addition to that raw milk is illegal where I live.
    I considered increasing my vitamin D intake (as you said that even if the diet wasn’t really changed but vitamin D was added teeth could heal). I am taking vitamin d3 + k2 orange drops (cannot afford fermented cod liver oil/butter oil), I also plan to drink cup of hot raw cocoa due to it being so mineral rich (but without sugar of course).
    In this case do you think this would be fine? Thanks so much.

  222. To Katie, or whom ever can answer my questions,

    Hi, My name is Casey Anderson and have a few questions about regrowing your teeth, and I’m 23 yrs. old and have extremely rotten teeth so can extremely rotten teeth be regrowen and would it hurt if you tried to regrow your teeth/tooth that was near its death would it hurt like a new tooth coming in, since regrowing your teeth is from the inside out, how bad would the pain be and how long would it last, because i tried the activated charcoal brushing and after a few hours i saw reminerilization right away even though it was a little bit but it’s painful, any advice on dealing with the pain, I’ve had bad teeth since i was 15 yrs old and already had two teeth pulled (both were on the bottom from on right next to the two middle teeth(ex. empty(twoteeth)empty

    • Hi Casey- my heart goes out to you. I’d recommend finding a good holistic dentist and also checking out the book Cure Tooth Decay. I noticed my teeth feeling better relatively quickly but I’m guessing this would vary depending on how severe the problem is.

  223. Hi, I ordered the Blue Ice Royal Butter/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend capsules recently, and I am wondering how many i should take. I read somewhere that 1-2tsp is recommended for nursing mothers, so in capsule form, would that equal 15-30 capsules? Seems like that would be allot to take! How many would you suggest taking? Thanks!

  224. I recently had nasal surgery, and my mouth has been killing me, which it hadn’t done at all prior to the surgery regardless of the 4 teeth that have cavities. I admit, the only time prior to the surgery that my mouth hurt was when I brushed, so I haven’t been up to date on oral care aside from crowns on my front two upper teeth that have been broken out three times since I was 7. I really hated dentists and didn’t really care for my teeth because I have never had one listen to me about those two crowns. From the time I was 7 to the a few years ago in my early to mid 30s, not one dentist hast listened to me about them, and they look horrible! From 7 until 2 years ago, they had just been temporaries, and started out as a greyish color that didn’t match my teeth AT ALL and have preceeded into more yellows. Because I was so self conscious about them, I really saw no point in caring for the rest of my teeth because they never matched. I kept asking them to make them white and that I would then whiten the rest of my teeth to match them.

    Well, today, I went to a third dentist in my newest home in Oregon, and was told that the teeth that were currently bothering me needed root canals and crowns. I didn’t schedule yet because we are making a trip back to our original state to get the rest of our stuff and need the money for that first, but the dentist told me to go get some ACT mouth wash for the fluoride treatment. Instead, I found this page, and picked up some of the fish liver oil in capsules, and the vitamins, and got Uncle Henry’s Natural Products tooth paste and The Natural Dentist mouth wash. I came home and took the vitamins,flossed which I never like to do because of the gingivitis and bleeding gums, then brushed my teeth and rinsed, and my teeth didn’t hurt. My gums do now a bit, but usually it happens right away. I will be going on my trip on the first and will be seeing the dentist when I get back. I plan on following this every day till I see him for certain, and will report back what I hear. I will also follow your suggestion on peroxide for whitening, perhaps if its works for me and I can get the rest of my teeth white like they first where when the first dentist gave me grey teeth and the new dentist is dead set on doing crowns, I can get him to replace the two in the front. I DO have a question though, would it be worth it to have the dentist take the current metal in my mouth – those that don’t have to do with the two front ones – out so that I can just remineralize my teeth instead? There are some fillings that aren’t metal, but are tooth color as well, and they will look spotty if I whiten.
    If possible, I want my teeth white and to look nice for pictures. I am a writer, and I know that part of the publication process is having your face out there and with how my teeth look now, I rarely smile if at all, and absolutely HATE having my picture taken.

  225. How does dairy factor in when one is trying to remineralize? Should it be avoided?

    • It depends on the person and the doctor usually. The general consensus seems to be that raw, organic, non-pasteurized dairy from only grass fed cows is helpful but other forms are harmful.

  226. unfortunately i got small hole in my chewing teeth , when ever i eat any thing stuff used to stuck into the hole, it disguted me then my friend told me to fill that , i even don’t know what is filling means, i went with him that dental doctor drilled it very huge hole , immediately keeping me on structure he asked me to some of the other tooths are also decade need to be filled, because of money, at that time i was nerver i felt it might be necessery even i don’t know the process of filling , he drilled and filled 4 now i was in problem one of four tooth’s losed cement filling and one tooth broken slightly there is small hole appearing between filling and hole, and one filling chewing teeth getting puss , i got these reports when i went for checkup they told me , root canal is necessery , again i dont want to give chance to the doctor they all are money minded and not treating patients correctly, now i need natural regrowth of those drilled teeth and pus comming out of my teeth is there any possible pls give me solution

  227. Hi, I have been using the remineralizing toothpaste for six months and now I have horizontal grooves on my incisors. Could this toothpaste be wearing away my teeth? I am not sure what is the solution now.

    • Joanna, I’m certainly no dental expert but when you say you have developed “horizontal grooves” on your teeth, my first thought is, could these grooves be caused by improper brushing techniques, such as brushing too hard using a horizontal motion? Brushing too enthusiastically, especially if we’re doing it incorrectly, can damage tooth enamel. Also, are you using a soft toothbrush? I would have my teeth examined by a dentist to determine the cause of the grooves.

  228. what about brushing teeth? what would you use? baking soda, olive oil soap, water???

  229. Hi,
    I have been searching for this information for a long time and finally stumbled on your website. I am going to make the remineralizing toothpaste recipe, but I have a question. Pictured is GSE (grapefruit seed extract) – but it is not listed on the ingredients. Is this one of the essential oils?

  230. Hi Katie,

    I believe this can happen! When I was nursing my first child my front two teeth became translucent and grey in appearance. Being a holistic sound healer and considering how I approach things with my clients, I decided to bring this up to my dentist to get the ‘medical’ opinion. He claimed nursing should have nothing to do with pulling minerals from my teeth (my intuition told me otherwise).

    Years later, I saw an orthadontist who claimed the translucency was a result of my bottom teeth rubbing against my top two teeth (again, I felt there was more to the story). I began the approach of healing from the inside out and taking Vitamin D. Within just a few short week the translucency began to disappear, yet the coloring of my teeth was still bothering me. I read you article and decided to try the tumeric route and VOILA! My teeth have exponentially become whiter over a period of 4 brushing sessions. The translucency is almost gone!

    I am excited to try your suggestions for re-mineralizing my teeth now from the outside. Thanks for all the great information here!

  231. Hello, I have lost a lot of enamel on my front teeth and i am only 22, is it possible to regrow this, they are no wobbly, but they have lost a lot of thickness and it pains me so. following the protocol with no bread, or sugar, just green juices, raw fish fish head soups, bone broth and stews and lots of ghee , milk, yogurt and the butter oil and skate cod liver oil etc.. will this regrow my enamel?

  232. Hello,

    I was wondering do you have any tips on how to treat gingivitis and periodontal disease.


  233. Hi Katie,
    My mom is a dentist and a totally social justice oriented hippie besides. She’s worked at refugee centers, free clinics and in the 70’s she worked on the Navajo reservation. I asked her about your article and she said that it is true that people in primitive societies have bigger jaws and fewer cavities and that all dentists know about this. It’s not a secret. The lack of cavities is due to the fact that they aren’t eating Western diets full of sugar and refined carbs. Every dentist I’ve ever met will say that the Western diet contributes heavily to cavities. However, the larger jaw is not as easily explained and it’s not due to nutrients or sugars. Most dentists think that it’s partly a gene pool thing and partly because the food in non-Western diets requires a lot more chewing.

    Whether at free clinics, refugee centers or the Navajo reservation, my mom has treated many people from varying societies who didn’t eat Western diets. Although they had few cavities and their teeth weren’t crowded, periodontal disease was extremely common and often times very advanced amongst that population. It’s important to note that because their diet isn’t magical.

    Can teeth remineralize? Sure they’re doing it all the time, even if you’re not following the paleo diet. Can cavities remineralize? Sure, in some cases when the cavity is in an early stage and only in the enamel, not the dentin.

    Also, it’s interesting that you are opposed to fluoride. Fluoride occurs naturally, sometimes in very high amounts, in water sources all over the world. Kids and adults who grew up on this water had much healthier teeth than people who didn’t have fluoride. Prior to causing any other health problems, excess fluoride will cause giant brown splotches to appear on teeth (although the teeth are otherwise healthy). When studies showed that fluoride in water led to better oral health, dentists and others fought for it to be added to municipal water as a social justice measure. That way, even the most disadvantaged of children will drink it and their oral health will benefit. Look it up from that angle sometime! It’s very interesting.

    I whole grains, beans and occasionally sweets, but I don’t oil pull. I never have plaque on my teeth at the dentist. Mostly that’s because I brush my teeth and floss in the bathroom at the dentist’s office (in addition to twice daily). There is a small amount of tartar, but it’s very minor and always in the same place, near a salivary gland. Are you sure you aren’t talking about tartar rather than plaque in your post?

    In case it’s not clear, your blog post concerns me. My mom and other dentists spend their lives studying oral health and working to understand how to help people have healthy mouths. Are some dentists greedy? Yes, but there are greedy wellness bloggers, too. Please remember that most dentists want their patients to cut down on sugar and acidic soft drinks, but they also want fluoride in water, alkaline tooth pastes and other measures as well to support oral health. This quote: “Just a note: I am not a dentist, nor am I recommending that you do not visit and consult with your dentist…” is the most important statement in your whole blog post.

    • Thanks for the long and thoughtful comment. I agree that most dentists are great people who are truly interested in helping people have healthy mouths. They are not, however, nutritionists and many are not well trained in the role that diet plays in healthy teeth (from the inside out and from the perspective of mineral rich saliva). I also absolutely disagree on fluoride. Studies showed that externally it could be beneficial but drinking it is akin to eating a bandaid. Also, for the rapidly rising segment of the population with thyroid disease (me included) it can cause dramatic problems well before it causes spots on teeth (this coming from my doctor, not speculation). There is even some evidence that it could be contributing to the rise in thyroid problems. As someone who deals with the effects of thyroid disease every day, I’d rather not have the fluoride and would also rather not have to buy filters that cost thousands of dollars to remove it. If it supposedly has the effect of protecting against a disease (dental caries), it would/should technically be a drug and should not be added to the water supply. What’s next? Statins? (There has actually been talk of this too…

      I’ve consulted with my dentist and others on everything in this post and have also consulted with researchers and other health experts. Tomorrow, I’m actually interviewing a practicing dentist who specializes in remineralizing teeth and reversing cavities with great success (it will be on the podcast soon). Many of the facts quoted in this post are also from Dr. Weston A. Price (also a dentist). Absolutely, I stand behind and reiterate that everyone should consult a dentist and should go for regular cleanings and checks… I just hope others have access to open-minded dentists with experience in remineralization like I have 🙂

      Also, in future comments, please use your actual name as per the comment policy or the filter will probably catch and remove the comment…

  234. Hi Katie,

    I love your interest in oral health…and I adore the fact that you understand how important it is to overall health. I am almost scared to mention that I am a dental hygienist because of all the nasty comments made about people in the dental profession. However, I feel the need to say a few things…even though it seems my education and experience mean nothing in this case….and please understand..this is not directed at you specifically…but toward several of the comments I have read. I think the issue with dental professionals and this information is simply language. A tooth absolutely CAN happens on a daily basis. Think of your enamel as a basket..the fibers can separate and create areas where the basket is not as strong. If more fibers are weaved in (minerals) can bond the basket back together as long as the spaces are small and the structure has not been compromised. The issue is thinking that the enamel is being replaced. Once the enamel is gone..its simply gone. Enamel is created by ameloblasts which are only present during tooth formation. (Please Google tooth development and the enamel organ) Unlike bones that can heal …teeth only have the cells that make enamel present during that small window of time of tooth development after the dentin is formed and it is then time for the enamel to be made. Dentin on the other hand can get some help by the body in the form of reparative dentin.. So you see…there is no way for the enamel to be replaced… can be hardened again by minerals..but the enamel itself is gone. I am not saying any of this to benefit me in anyway. Hygienists are the “preventers” in the dental field, and make no money at all from cavities. We would love nothing more than everyone on the planet to be cavity free…and honestly.. all the dentists I know would too. A large part of a hygienists job is nutritional education. I am not a nutritionist sadly, however I have taken a few college courses that were requirements for my degree. I agree totally with how eating they way you mentioned would absolutely help anyone’s oral health and prevent all manner of diseases. I spend a great deal of time educating my patients on how the food they are eating is either harming or helping them. I still remain on the fence about fluoride. I have personally seen with volunteer work how it benefitted children greatly, but I have also witnessed its misuse. As with everything in dentistry…it is simply a tool that is used to try and balance the scales. Is it better to help this….or is it too risky for this situation. Each person is different. There is equal amounts of scientific documentation vs. opposing articles that just simply confuse me…So I have to go on personal experience. Fluoride bonds to the enamel fibers to make it stronger (remineralize!)…just like the other minerals in saliva. That is why it is used. Dental professionals dish it out to try and PREVENT cavities….not to poison people. I do agree that in many cases it is safer to use other minerals instead…so personally I use it very sparingly… and with total parental consent first. I am an open minded health professional with the safety and health of my patients at the very top of my priorities. I am a firm believer that prevention is better than any cure…and using what God has provided us is always better than a man made concoction. So I mention oil pulling…..I educate about diet and nutrition…and I beg and beg my patients to brush and floss…..but there are always those who think I am trying to take advantage of them…people who think that some magical cure is going to take away 20 yrs of neglect…and it scares and concerns me that people are making “me” a bad guy when most dentists and hygienists are really there to help. I guess all this is just to ask readers to continue to have an open mind. Do not shut off opinions of professionals just because they are educated with mainstream science. The answers are usually somewhere in the middle, and an alternative article can lie just as easily as a medical journal. (not that Wellness Mama is at all! :)) I love this blog and hope I didn’t offend anyone. Thanks for more great information and interest in an area that often gets ignored. 🙂

    • Hi Catherine. I so much appreciate you taking the time to write such a well-thought-out response and I hope that nothing that I’ve said has been offensive to you. I definitely agree with a lot of what you said and I absolutely agree that most dental professionals (and doctors too) are great people with a true desire to help others improve health. I do think there are confounding factors that are not often taught in traditional schools (for instance, I cannot use fluoride in any form because of my thyroid disease) and I’d love to see more widespread understanding of some of the risk factors associated with fluoride use. I agree that much of the disagreement seems to be in language and I’m working on updating this post to be more clear and hopefully eliminate some of the disagreement. I actually just interviewed a dentist who explained the process of remineralization and how this is different from healing, in that the tooth will never regain its shape, but she also explained why many cavities can be remineralized and not need a restoration. (the interview is here if you’re interested).

      I love that you are so education on nutrition and talk to your patients about this 🙂 Thanks again for the comment! I hope you always feel welcome commenting here!

  235. Hi Katie,
    I read this, as well as watching a Will Revak podcast and started researching tooth remineralization. I went to a dentist 7 months ago and was told I had 6 cavities and 1 leaky filling. I had only ever had the one cavity in 33 years and was shocked that such change could happen in a matter of one year. After further research I think it may have been two children back to back both fully breastfed. When I read all of the above info I thought it would be impossible to live this way. I changed one meal per day, took baby steps until eating better became natural… and have continued it.
    This week I went to a dentist and learned I have zero cavities… no leaky fillings, almost no plaque buildup. It is so exciting and really wanted to share! It certainly can be done… its not easy but good things generally aren’t.
    Thank you Katie for all the incredible information you post. I’ve never felt better!

    • Thanks so much for sharing! That’s awesome!

    • Ambra,

      This is an amazing and encouraging story. Did you also use the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil or did you do it just by changing your diet in general?

      • Hi,
        I did the fclo as well. However probably only for 4 months and I’m not very good at remembering it daily. Personally I think the bone broth was the biggest contributor as I was drinking two cups per day, and am still drinking one every morning.

  236. How do you afford 1/4 cup of coconut oil a day, that stuff is really expensive! Also when you make bone broth, does yours gel? I stopped bone broth cause I was recently finding out about the alkaline diet and trying to cut back on meats and diary, but I might start up again. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me and to get my teeth better.

  237. Preston, I buy 14 oz of Coconut oil at Aldi for $4.99 and it lasts me about a month. I use 1-2 tsp. in my tea every night and swish every other day with 1 tsp. I am on budget too but this is important to me. See where you can get it the cheapest. Whole Foods has sometimes coupons from the manufacturer. It is time consuming to look for deals but once you have an affordable supplier you are all set. You are one step ahead of me with the broth. I cook a chicken every once in a while and make a chicken noodle soup. Otherwise I feel quiet challenged making broth.

  238. Hi,

    I have a few questions: 1) I’m wondering how this will affect my cavities that have already been filled by a dentist, 2) will this repair chipped and/or cracked teeth, & 3) will it affect the sealing on chipped/cracked teeth?

    Thanks in advance,

  239. Hello! I want to buy the book Cure Tooth Decay but I am just curious that if I start changing my diet now as I have a few cavities and some white spots if my teeth will heal as I have on braces at the moment. I am worried that the nutrition will not help where the braces are applied? As if underneath the braces will not get those nutrients and cause some sort of weird discoloration. Any thoughts? Hope this question is making sense and thank you!

  240. I have actually started healing of my teeth. #1 avoiding as much sugar as possible. #2 brushing with coconut oil. I cannot do the pulling so I brush for as long as possible with it gently. #3 brushing with confrey root extract after coconut oil. #4 taking proper suppliments. Vitamin d3, k2, a, bone, and silica. Along with trace minerals in some of the suppliments im taking. Si far the black decay has tyrned to an orange brown and started to fall off and teeth are gettibg whiter.

    • Danielle, thank you for stating specifically what you are doing to restore your teeth–your comments are so encouraging! In this forum people often comment that their teeth are improving or have healed but they never tell us what it was they did.

      **Could you please tell us one more thing: how long have you been on this regimen? How long before you saw improvement?

      • Sorry for all the crazy typos up there. The typo faries aee dancing on my phone keypad. I started this about a month and a half ago. First I was brushing with soap. To get all that yukky glycerine off my teeth. I used naturally made (I know yhe person who made it) goats milk soap. Didnt taste bad. That helped with sensitivity ad well. Told my dentist I was doing this she looked at me like I had three heads. But she said if it works for you and doesnt make you sick ok. Did that for about 2 weeks.also bought my vitamins which I will have to get another supply soon. D3 I take about 12,000 iu a day. I have very very low d count. Yes ive been tested and now in normal range. I am outside in sun for at least an hour a day so I wasnt gettting it like I should. Work in a store. The k2, a, bone, and silica are in other suppliments. Started seeing results after two weeks of that while atill researching anything else I can do. Then saw the oil and comfrey root. I just brush with a heap of coconut oil for about 5 mins. Then rinse with plain old warm water. Then take about 5 drops of comfrey root extract to the toothbrush and brush what I have left of my lower teeth (5). And repeat for full tops. All my front teeth up top are badly damaged. Were black and falling apart. Well been doing the oil and comfrey for the last month and seeibg way better improvement. My frobt teeth are no longer black. Or falling apart. The are orange colored on the inside parts right now. (Prolly due to my coffee addiction) the outsides are white. And getting stronger by the day. Every now and then I eat aone strawberries and mush em around my mouth to help further whiten and loosenup the nasty tartar. When I go back to the dentist I am hoping to have her take xrays and do a side by side comparison of last years. I am only having her pull one maybe two of my top teeth. The ones that are too far gone. And see what she can do once im done doing my thing. Then I can get partial for the rest I lost. And keep the ones I have indeed healed

  241. Hi Katie,

    I know this is an old post but I am hoping you will see this and have some time to answer a few questions. I just came across your blog as well as Mommypotamus and have also bought the book ” Cure tooth decay”.
    My daughter will be 5 in May and she has some cavities in her top front teeth. I am already giving her the cod liver/butter supplement but I need to start her on the diet as well. She loves sweets, unfortunately. I was hopeful you could give me some ideas on meals during the day and snacks as well that taste good and will help with the healing. Also, I saw something about putting something on the cavities to stop decay while you are trying to get into the diet routine. Do you know anything about this?

    I would love to hear back from you and I thank you for your time!!:)

  242. I had it coming! Just the other week one of my white fillings has a tiny piece broken of on the end of the filling. So I am thinking, no big deal, I will slowly start the remineralizing process. Just now a little chunk of one of my very old amalgam filling (must be at least 20 years old) broke out. It’s a big back molar filling. It does not hurt but it looks all black all around and on the sides between the teeth. I have been wanting to get rid of my amalgam fillings and here we go! Now I am not sure what to do with the rest of the filling…I think my dental discount plan just expired. Should I just start the remineralizing process and see if the rest of the filling comes out by itself or go to the dentist and have him put a temporarily filling, like just cementing it or so while remineralizing? As far as I know it is not good to keep a broken amalgam filling in the mouth…

    Any experience here?

    • I’ve never had an amalgam filling so I don’t have any first hand experience, but I’d get to a dentist who is experienced with safely removing amalgams as soon as you can… having any mercury in the mouth is not good.

  243. “(Good reason to cut back on the grains , eat good fats, and optimize Vitamin D!)” Absolutely! I’m diabetic and that’s the first thing my doctor told me to do! Thanks for the information.

  244. That you so much for this post. I’m a “short, sweet, and to the point” kind of person so Ramiel’s book was not very helpful. Seemed designed more to convince people it can be done than the instruction manual I was looking for.

    You made the manual. I so appreciate that!

  245. Do you have a specific brand of the calcium/magnesium powder you used to swish with? I would prefer to use the one you used, thanks!

  246. Hi Katie! Love all of your recipes and so excited to try this! You mention that you swished with both calcium and magnesium powders dissolved in water daily to help provide minerals and to keep the mouth alkaline. How much calcium and magnesium powder did you use? Is there a specific amount of water needed in the mix? Did you make each rinse daily or a larger batch that you used over time? Thank you!

  247. Hi wellness mama,
    I really enjoy reading your posts, and I am very interested in reminerlizing teeth and healing my cavities naturally. I’ve read Cure Tooth Decay and now I really want to try this!
    I’m wondering how much BLUE ICE Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend capsules to take. I’m a nursing mother.

  248. Hello there,

    In relation to the following statement:

    “I swished daily with Hydrogen Peroxide to keep mouth bacteria at bay (which had the added effect of whitening teeth).”

    Can you please be so kind and specify if the Hydrogen Peroxide must be food grade?
    Also, is Hydrogen Peroxide safe to use when you have receding gums?

    Many thanks!

    • I used 3% hydrogen peroxide that is rated as an oral debriding agent. I’d check with a dentist before using if you have receding gums.

      • Thank you.

  249. I am only now beginning to research tooth remineralization, so I don’t know as much as most people here, but I feel confident in saying that fluoride is a NO!

    For the purpose of tooth health, the evidence in support of adding fluoride to drinking water is no stronger than the evidence against it.

    Assuming (and this is a leap of faith) that fluoride were actually as effective as we are led to believe, I agree strongly that, it should require a script. Why would you indiscriminately force it on those who don’t need it in the hopes of getting it to those who do. Isn’t it illegal to treat people for conditions they do not have?

    To consider the pros and cons of fluoride relative to tooth health without considering it’s effect on the whole body is foolish, irresponsible and dangerous. Fluoride is a toxin.

    America, and most specifically the U.S., is way behind on all kinds of safety measure.

    Please see:

    Also, not specific to fluoride but to the process that allows society to be exposed to known toxins, see:


  250. My son is 4.5 and he has a silver cap on one tooth, that tooth is now infected and he’s in so much pain, I took him to the dentist, there giving him an antibiotic for a week and if he’s not better by Wednesday they will pull it out,,,I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want him to be on pain either,,,I would love to reminilize his teeth and mine,,, I’ve been working on the diet aspect but my grandparents were here for along time and was not able to follow it,,,now I’m in an emergency situation, I need to try to stop his pain in his capped molar, and start the healing process,,but I am so confused on where to begin, anyone please help, I plan to convert 100% to paleo Weston Price diet and cod liver supplements, but first I need to get his tooth to but hurt…any advice would be wonderful, thank you lenah!!

  251. I have heard oil pulling helps. It is antibacterial etc. Your son may not be up to it so I would google for natural cures for tooth pain. I have read about many things that help but can’t remember. Luckily it is only his baby tooth. Good Luck!

  252. Lenah,

    If it’s just his baby tooth, let them remove it and avoid possible further complications if the infection were to go systemic! I too had constant problems with tooth decay as a child. My parents couldn’t get me to eat much and had to give me some kind of tonic to increase my appetite. I’m sure the lack of nutrition and the constant fluoride treatments my dentist gave me were the root of all my childhood dental problems.

    I remember reading something about Clove essential oil being good for tooth pain. It is also an antiseptic I believe. I know that children are exceptionally sensitive to essential oils so they have to be very very diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil. One drop of essential oil goes a very, very long way.

    Also, possibly helpful, you might even be able to make a clove tea by putting whole cloves in a tea bag so they are easily removed after seeping. Use minuka honey in the tea – very expensive ($20 per 8oz. jar) but it is a great antiseptic too. Can also rub the minuka honey on the tooth.

    Are you using Katie’s recipe for homemade toothpaste – it also contains helpful antibacterial properties. Good Luck!

    • I am using Katie’s recipe for homemade toothpaste, with coconut oil baking soda stevia…but my son dosent like the taste of it, but he loves plain coconut oil, so I let him just brush with that and occasionally he will use yoms of Maine kids tooth paste when we’re out of coconut oil, He’s tooth just stopped hurting him Monday, so it took 6 days and then it stopped, he did take an antibiotic though, and we used heating pads( that was the best thing ever for his pain, we tried Tylenol and ibuprofen but they didn’t really touch it and I don’t care for him to us it, so for now I am using the tooth paste and h is using coconut oil and I’m gonna work on adding some gradually in for his toothpaste!! Thank you everyone for the replies!!

  253. Hydrogen Peroxide can cause renal (kidney) cell damage. If any gets past your mouth (saliva is the only place in the body where enzymes to break it down exist) and into the rest of your body you can be doing a lot of unseen harm to yourself. Having whiter teeth is seriously not worth the risk to your kidneys (which can’t heal themselves or replace the damaged cells).

    To control bacteria growth in your mouth eliminate sugar from your diet (particularly refined sugar) as that’s what feeds the bacteria. When you have high levels of sugar in your blood guess what, you also have high levels of sugar in your saliva and that means your are bathing your teeth in constant sugar. If you do eat something with sugar in it, even natural sugar like fruit juice or a piece of fruit, rinse your mouth out immediately after with water (especially for children). Also do this after eating/drinking anything acidic as acid is also very damaging to enamel. For remineralizing, sharp cheddar cheese is good rubbed on the teeth.

  254. dear Lenah,
    i had the same problem trust me had the worst six months of my life, here is what i did i dont know if it will work for you. oil pulling with coconut oil night time keeping the oil moving through the bad tooth /teeth,
    i take cod liver oil capsules 1 a day after breakfast. if he can bit on a clove of garlic it would do wonders.
    last but not least rinse with salt water 2 table spoons in a glass with a pinch of haldi.
    i have got my life back and saved my tooth from a drill and its well now good luck to you
    also faith in god makes a huge difference which ever race/ religion you belong to.

  255. I have recently been told I have my first cavity and that it is very small, so I’m trying this process instead of the drill. I have totally changed my diet and am following all of the recommendations. I am taking supplements as well. I find that it is very challenging to cut out all sugar and grains. I feel like it is impossible to be perfect with my diet 100% of the time. I am curious about how much an occasional treat will hurt the process. Would a once a week meal containing grains/sugar be too much? Once a month? I want to be able to indulge now and then without ruining the remineralization process. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you!

  256. I went to the dentist and there is a tooth that is highly sensitive to cold. After several times at this dentist, I told him again that it was still bothering me. He now told me that I need a root canal. Can these same practices help me? 1200 dollars for one tooth seems a bit much!

  257. I had nice teeth but when my fangs came in they said they would get crukid so I got braces and got them off and had perfect time eth, then the week after getting them off, my sister and I got into a fight and I had a slanted tooth that was pushed down, so I had an emergency root canal, and now 9 yrs later my teeth are starting to turn and slant and get crookid, is there anything natural I can do about this???

  258. I was wondering, is it possible to heal a tooth that has already been filled? I got them filled before I even thought about questioning whether or not it was right for me and I hate the idea of having three of my adult teeth filled.

  259. Hi,
    I just made your re-mineralizing toothpaste recipe (my teeth never felt so clean!). How should I store it once it’s been made? I kept it in my bathroom (in a small plastic container) and it is turning a yellowish brown colour. Is that normal?

    Thank you,

  260. Hi Kaitie,
    I’m 18 years old and I recently got my first cavity. I researched online how to improve oral health and came across this article. I really want to try this grain-free diet. However, I’m a cross country and track runner and will competing collegiately next year. I have heard that athletes should have some sort of food that contains grain each day. So my question is would being on a grain-free diet affect my performance?

    • Hi, I know it’s been a few months since you posted this but I just wanted to let you know there are many people who follow a diet without grains (such as the Paleo diet, the Weston A Price protocol, etc) and maintain excellent athletic build & performance. The key for you will be figuring out WHY grains are recommended (they are recommended as a quick source of energy usually) and what alternatives exist (many do–such as a banana and almonds). The information is out there, there are many options for you to choose from so you don’t have to sacrifice your athletic performance. You will likely even find that switching to a diet like Paleo, while supplementing with a real-food multivitamin, FCLO/HVBO pills, desiccated liver pills, etc.,–whatever you find will help you toward your health goals, oral or otherwise–leaves you with more energy and as a better athlete overall. Best of luck to you.

  261. Hi Katie! I have a 3yo who has several cavities.. I immediately started using your toothpaste recipe with the benanite clay and my kids love it. The dentist wants to put caps on two of my sons molars after removing decayed pulp from those. The only option would be stainless steel caps. Should I hold off? Would this be able to heal enough to not cause systemic damage/abcess and rebuild? One molar is partially broken!

    Thanks for your help! I just hate to not be able to continue out healing if the stainless steel cap is inevitable due to the metal/clay combo.. Any advice is highly appreciated!!!!

  262. This question may have been asked already but there are so many comments… Did you floss during this experiment?

  263. Hi Katie
    my holistic dentist said he has never seen hard evidence in terms of X-rays of teeth having been remineralised. do you have any such proof?
    he told me i have a big cavity and only option is a filling and possibly root canal or extraction. I am on a mission to try and address this naturally so will be following your suggestions. do you think supplementation with Vitamin K2 could also help?

  264. I went to the dentist and there is a tooth that is highly sensitive to cold. After several times at this dentist, I told him again that it was still bothering me. He now told me that I need a root canal. Can these same practices help me? Now the price of the root canal has gone up to 1300. Can a tooth that has started feeling sensitive to cold come back from the methods above?

    • In my case they said I ‘needed’ to go through the root canal procedure even though the whole tooth didn’t really bother me that much. Yet they said it was the only way to ‘save’ the tooth. With the experience I had, a root canal is about the most useless ‘treatment’ existing. Your body doesn’t want anything dead in it and the root is what keeps your tooth alive.

      It seems that dentists prescribe this kind of treatment as the most normal thing as a cure all today but what it means is this:

      Your tooth will die and therefore you will not have any sensitivity any more. The research I did strongly implies that a root canal treatment never ends well and to be honest, I don’t feel well about it anyway. Your body will resist anything that’s dead anywhere in the body and the mouth is no different.

      Don’t make the same mistake I did. I trusted these people to take care of my health and while some do, most care about their pockets more than anything else. Is this issue bad enough that you would let your tooth die to be rid of it? That means that whatever you do afterwards, the war has been lost and this tooth will be forfeit since it won’t be able to protect itself through mineralization meaning that it will have to be extracted someday. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a decision that’s coming from within you where you completely agree with, otherwise you will have regret like I do now (even though I didn’t understand) and that will eat away at you more than anything else.

      But back to the original question, I do believe that following this regime could help against the sensitivity purely because your teeth will be very strong after some time. It’s never too late unless you give up or it’s threatening you severely. Apart from following this to make that teeth more resistant, all your other teeth will be protected from future messes as well.

      Either way, I wish you good luck with your decision! 🙂


  265. do you have any x rays showing the before and after Katie? I have a big cavity and about to embark on the protocol you suggest but not sure how long I should wait before returning to the dentist?

    • I need to get updated x-rays (I avoid them as much as possible because of my thyroid issues) but will definitely share them when I do.

  266. Doesn’t coconut contain a high amount of phytic acid?

    • It does contain Phytic Acid and I’ve been wondering about using it for that reason. I believe that sticking to small amounts won’t be an issue as long as other foods containing Phytic Acid are avoided. We do have a ‘tolerance’ for it and it’s up to us to decide which product to take with that in mind, unless you insist on avoiding all Phytic Acid.

      Focusing on taking the proper amount of REAL nutrition and drastically lowering the use of anti-nutrients like Phytic Acid is bound to make a huge difference in itself.

      Since Coconut Oil has so many healthy benefits and can be used in many different ways, I decided to embrace its healing power over the medium amount of Phytic Acid that’s in there. +you don’t have to a lot at one time, meaning the Phytic Acid effect is greatly reduced by that in itself. Of course, each person has too choose for their selves 🙂

      Good luck!

  267. Hi Everyone!

    I want to share my happiness of finding this method and possibility.. Although I find it hard to move on from my past consequence of ignorance. Last Wednesday they ‘treated’ a root.. I live in Spain and they said only that they would get rid of the pain (which I didn’t really have), I had NO IDEA that there were other consequences with this ‘treatment’ in which they would (as they said) ‘recuperate’ the tooth.. The tooth didn’t hurt much but it has been murdered and there’s nothing for them to recuperate save for the money that’s still in my pockets.. Worst of this is that this procedure was not needed at all, sure I had quite an indent but nothing that couldn’t have healed. The fact that this is so normal for dentists to advise is ridiculous. I’m 26.

    I was destroyed.. A living part of me has just been murdered for the sake of them getting 400 euro extra. I trusted health’care’ and especially dentists to be there and to only do what was necessary.. When I felt that my tooth felt different after the treatment and like it was ‘in the way’ instead of the normal feeling I had, I started looking up if anyone else had this issue.. And then I found out that their ‘treatment’ had sucked the life out of that tooth forever. I had no idea that a ‘Root Canal Treatment’ was what had happened to me. They only told me that the pain would go away. How stupid I was to allow this to happen.. To believe that they were working in my best interest.

    A few days later.. I found this website and it very sad because it made the whole ‘treatment’ even more useless as I could have reversed this. They have condemned me with this treatment. Obviously I cancelled all appointments with them immediately and really feel nothing for this sick method of degrading people and everything else for the sake of income only. But I do want to move on.. I can only say, if someone gives you advice and gets money for a service they provide, do the research anyway. It seems that I had to find out with no way to return for at least one teeth. Others can have it worse, others are still in time. I however, will stand in my own power now and it saddens me but I feel I can’t trust modern dentistry, healthcare, food, technology etc at all any more.

    If you’re reading this, try this method. Even if it would have a remote chance of working. Give it a go before you go for drilling all your teeth out in time. Your tooth are living parts of you connected to the rest. Apart from having a deficiency in minerals which should be put back in equilibrium, there could be something else going on with the connected meridian. Chinese healthcare will teach you more about this.

    I’ve bumped into this website many times when searching for alternative measures with a healthy and balanced life as the goal and really recommend it to anyone. There are many good tips all over and I will definitely be following the guidelines in here. Also reading the book now and switching to completely trusting my inner self and a community of like minded loving individuals who DO think in preserving and healing instead of destruction and money.

    Thank you so much for everyone leaving advice all over the internet and thank you Wellness Mama for doing the great work you do! I will strictly follow the steps here and in other sources surrounding the natural healing of teeth and the whole body! Thank you!!

  268. Did you have any prior dental problems like cavities or root canals? Can those teeth be remineralized?

  269. We are trying to follow this diet regimen, but we are particularly struggling with breakfast. I’m used to making toast, oatmeal, fruit, and nut butters. What do you eat for breakfast???

  270. Hi Katie, Thank you so much for your dedication to this site and the thorough, well-researched information you provide! I don’t know if you can advise on this or not, I haven’t seen anything related to my specific concern… I saw a dentist today who told me that I have a cavity beneath a 20+ year old crown, and that it’s rather close to a nerve which may warrant a root canal. I have never had such a procedure and I am not comfortable with having it done; nor am I happy about having the crown replaced but I was given no other options. I am wondering, with the cavity being trapped beneath a crown, will topical remineralization be of any help? I will be starting the supplementing, low phytic acid diet, and your remineralizing toothpaste immediately. Do you think I might be able to help myself and avoid the dental work? I am not having any pain or other symptoms, just some mild, intermittent sensitivity. The sensitivity began only a year ago when I was regularly oil pulling, went away when I stopped, and has recently returned a bit. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, God bless you Katie! 🙂

    • I’d google “OraWellness Root Canal” for some good options and alternatives to root canals. The remineralization will probably not be effective with the crown on, but the diet will still be helpful for slowing further decay. You could even call or email the OraWellness team, as they might have some specific advice for this…

      • Thank you Katie, I will contact them and check out their website! 🙂

        • Kelley, I have the same problem with a crown but did not see a dentist. I feel like I just want to pull that crown off and let the tooth breath. lol Did you find more info on that issue?

          • Corinna, I started with the recommended protocol and first was unable to obtain the fermented cod liver oil blend, then I got sick from the low phytic acid diet (too few carbs I believe), and for some reason the homemade toothpaste irritated my mouth terribly! It may be the baking soda, I seem to be sensitive to it… but that was three strikes for me in my efforts. I actually have an appointment with another dentist for a second opinion on the 17th. I also plan to contact OraWellness in the next few days to see if they can advise. I will keep you posted with what I learn Corinna! 🙂

          • Hi Corinna, I had my second opinion appointment today and was told again that the crown needs to be removed, cavity filled, and watch over the following two weeks to see whether a root canal is needed as well. I was also told again all 4 wisdom teeth must be extracted and that my mouth (in that area, beneath the surface) is full of infection and inflammation. I also have many other cavities that need to be filled. The people at OraWellness responded to my inquiry but only with links back to their site which I have not yet had time to thoroughly read. So unfortunately I feel as though I don’t have any more answers or options than when I started. If I learn anything helpful after exploring the links I will report back. 🙂

  271. hi katie how are you??
    i have some question

    1-can teeth regrow again naturally by diet?
    2-and what about chipped or broken enamel or a hole can it be heal and fill naturally??
    3-and what is your comment about jaqui davison story??
    4-what do you think about salvador persica tree??
    5- do you think healing happen because of the person have believe it will happen so it happen?

    and i apologize that my english is very poor i hope you understand what i asked

    thank you

  272. Hello Katie,

    I love your blog and had a question about the cavities you or your husband had.

    If you are following such a healthy, natural lifestyle low in grains (phytic acid), high in quality fat (grass fed beef, eggs, etc) and mostly non starchy carbs and tons of vegetables, wouldnt the case be that you would never even be at risk for a cavity, nonetheless get one?

    I do not mean any disrespect, just a question that I was wondering about, thanks!!!

    • For me, it occurred during pregnancy when the body has an increased need for minerals and during which baby gets first priority on nutrients. My husband doesn’t always follow our diet when he is at work or at business functions, and I’m guessing this was perhaps his cause?

  273. Hi Kelley,

    thanks for getting back to me. I have two defect fillings as well, one is an old amalgam filling. Turmeric is antiflammatory. Maybe a good idea to do some coconut oil swishing with a bit Turmeric for the infection. I also heard biting on a piece of garlic for about a minute on the affected area helps. Not sure what I want to do yet. I listen to Abraham Hicks and you can do a lot with your mind. Relaxing and sleep is important to stay in alignment. I believe you can even regrow teeth by visualizing it but that is quite a task. lol Keep me updated if you find some info. I hope we can get away without procedures. In the worst scenario I will renew my dental discount plan. lol I want to order the fermented codliver oil / butterblend. I just started working again and need to get some money in my account first. It is not the best timing for me with my teeth. I so regret ever getting this crown. I was under the impression that I will never have to worry about cavities again and now it is even worse. I should have just refilled it back then…

  274. Hello, what an interesting read! I have just come home from taking my 4 year old to the dentist where we discovered he has 3 cavities that the dentist wants to fill next week! I am devastated! We live on a whole foods plant based diet (vegan but occasional organic eggs) and he does eat a lot of grains which makes sense that he would have cavities… how would you go about substituting the bone broth and animal fats in this regime?? I would love to be able to heal his cavities rather than him have fillings! Thankyou

  275. Thank you for your suggestions Corinna! I am a little concerned about swishing, I’ve heard that certain things that are helpful for natural teeth can be damaging to crowns. Are you aware of any issues with this? I was pulling with coconut oil a year ago and had to quit because it was causing terrible sensitivity around the crown. Maybe I could supplement with turmeric? I am also trying to get clarification from the dentist as to how/where my mouth is infected, as I have no symptoms. I want to order the FCO/ butter blend as well, and am also considering a product called Bio-Dent, which looks like it might be an excellent supplement for remineralizing teeth. I totally understand your concerns and hesitation, I also had no idea when I got my crown that someday I could have even bigger problems with it. I thought it was a permanent solution. 🙁 Yes let’s keep each other in the know, we’re in the same boat Corinna! I do believe we are more empowered to heal ourselves than we take credit for!

  276. Hi,

    I want to try this but I have some autoimmune issues. I have some beard hair loss because of this auto immune issue. I dont want to worsen it. Will taking fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter hurt my autoimmunue condition of cause hair loss in general? I am a male btw aged 32. I want to try this because I have a cavity and a little piece just broke off it I think. It might not be long before I have to see a dentist if I dont do something.

  277. Is this safe to do whilst breastfeeding?

  278. I’m vegan, any advise?

  279. If a tooth filling comes out, is it OK to not put in another filling and just use natural remineralisation?

  280. Kelley, I had the same happening to me. Started oil pulling and tooth with crown became sensitive. I think also the body may fight that unnatural thing of a crown in my mouth. I always felt there is a part that does not belong to me. I want to keep oil pulling. I think adding turmeric is a good idea. I put a few drops of dried comfrey root extract in the oil for pulling. Not sure it helped. I noticed that when I stress and focus on it, I feel discomfort in that tooth. Ramiel Nagel also suggests to speak to the tooth in a soothing way. I believe we could remineralize just by wishing for it. The mind is powerful. I also read about eggshells, xylitol etc. Eggshells are least expensive. I believe there are many ways to heal, you just have to have faith. I read so many stories of healing, I am confused which way to approach. I almost hope for the crown to come off. I read by swishing with xylitol the tooth can remineralize and push the crown out. Keep us updated!

  281. Hi Kelly and Corinna,

    My problem may be the same as both of you and I have some questions. I’m planning to remineralize my teeth but after reading both of your comments, I’m a bit worry. I have a crown on a tooth that has already been root canal and wonder if it would be a problem when I remineralize my teeth. Thus, I have some teeth that has already been filled and there is a permanent retainer on the my teeth. I hope you guys (and maybe Katie) can give me some advice. I really want to avoid going to the dentist and have my teeth fill again since I have three more teeth that has cavity (I don’t think it’s bad because I have no pain).

    • If I can’t do the toothpaste, can I just swish with calcium and magnesium powder? (how often and how long?)

      • Just thought of another question. Can I rinse calcium and magnesium after rinsing with mouthwash and what is the proportion of calcium and magnesium and water? Sorry for the trouble.

        • Hello Teela,

          The thing with the Root Canal ‘Treatments’ as they refer to it, is that they clear out the living part in your teeth (the root). Mineralizing the teeth doesn’t come from the outside, it’s a result from the inside out. But for the fluid that re-mineralizes and heals the teeth from the inside out to work, there must be a living connection to the teeth and that’s exactly what they remove when they do a Root Canal Treatment. Each teeth that received this ‘Treatment’ dies.

          All I can say is BEFORE you go get another Root Canal Treatment when your dentist tells you (this counts for everyone) ask yourself if you did everything to restore/heal/keep that tooth or to reduce possible pain with alternative means (because they are there). Also, get a second opinion and preferably from a holistic dentist (if you already have a holistic dentist, try a trusted western one) this will give you both perspectives.

          The most important thing to remineralize your teeth is to find out what causes your cavity’s in the first place. The story we’ve all been told is incomplete. In a human that is in harmony with a good diet, resistance of cavity’s is a natural process, the teeth become strong and re-mineralize because there is a healing and re-mineralization fluid pumped through the teeth. So there is an outward flow that protects the teeth against attacks from the outside. If the diet is poor however (and in most of our society it is), this flow reverses and bacteria’s and toxins are pulled inward, destroying the teeth in the process. This is because our current diet prevents the re-mineralization process to activate.

          I seriously suggest you to look into the different diets to start healing your teeth. Although I don’t see a lot of improvement yet, I have successfully halted decay with my method. But I recommend each person to find their own method, we’re all different after all.

          One thing to start you off, educate yourself by reading about the general, positive and negative effects of Phytic Acid, why it works like that and where Phytic Acid is contained in.

          For your other question:

          Although the teeth are mainly nourished from the inside out, I believe it’s still beneficial to use the toothpaste mentioned here and I suppose you can swish with it for the same time you would brush your teeth, the same amount of times you brush your teeth. By the way, if the mouth wash is a chemical one, I recommend you to look into a natural re-placer for that as well. I also recommend you to check what ‘Glycerin’ (in toothpaste) and ‘Fluor’ really does.

          On your last question, I would try to make it liquid with as little water possible. I can’t give you advice on the proportions as I have no experience with such a mouthwash so I recommend you to lookup ‘Magnesium Mouth Wash’ and ‘Calcium Mouth Wash’. Then simply find each separate proportion there.

          The above were just my findings and they may change over time. So if anyone has any tips then feel free to share them. All I can say is, do what feels good for you and educate yourself in this as it’s quite a broad subjects with MANY perspectives.

          I wish you good luck 🙂


          • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Rico! Some of the most valuable information I’ve seen in my quest for natural healing comes from people kind enough to share their own findings and experiences. I appreciate you addressing these questions! 🙂

  282. I have sustained a dental fracture on my front teeth. Can my teeth regrow? Also, i ‘m a vegetarian so what diet should i follow?

  283. Hi Teela and Corinna! I think there is truth in what you said Corinna, about about our bodies recognizing the crowns as foreign objects that do not belong there. But as much as I wish I didn’t have mine, I’m afraid of what’s left beneath that crown though since they file down the natural tooth. I also feel overwhelmed by all the information available; it’s hard to figure out where to start! I think we just have to research very carefully to find the most pertinent remedies for our specific circumstances, and be sure our sources are credible. I became aware of a book this morning called Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body which offers info on natural dental treatment. It states that dandelion is excellent for adding minerals to teeth, and licorice root powder mixed with water and applied topically can reduce tooth decay. I will be looking into these as possibilities for myself, as well as the book itself. I believe proper diet is hugely important to healing, as are necessary supplements and KNOWING that our bodies ARE designed to heal themselves! I have also begun to use acupressure and visualization techniques. Hoping we can all help ourselves!

  284. Why dosnt this work on wisdom teeth? Could it be an infection? my right down wisdom teeth is going and going and now it has become very sensitive , I can feel the roots. I have been using Fermented cod liver oil and brushing teeth regularly after every meal for about an year, but this wisdom teeth is now in this state.

    • Saape,

      try to swish with coconut oil and turmeric daily. Turmeric heals infection.

  285. Hi katie I am seventeen and i want to do this but my family eats alot of beans if i cut out all of the other high phytic acid foods do you think thay would be okay to continue eating beans?

    • sprout them! (:

  286. Was wanting to ask about traditionally prepared oats and nuts. Can these be consumed in small amounts if oaks are soaked overnight and nuts are soaked in sea salt?

  287. I loved this article and I would so love to remineralise my teeth. But I am a vegetarian and eat a lot of grains in my diet. I’d be happy to cut the grains but bone broth is not an option. Also this all sounds VERY time consuming. As a mother of 4 (one of whom is an infant) and running two businesses, I’m lucky to find time to shower every day let alone how time consuming this sounds. Are there any things I can do that would be more time effective?

  288. Do you rinse after the peroxide?

  289. Hi. I was wondering what kind of time frame this requires. I am sure the severity of the dental carries males a difference, but can you give me a range. A few weeks? 6 months? Also, once the dental decay is healed, can you add some of the restricted foods back in, such as nuts and beans?

    • Mine took about a month to be noticeably better and two months to be remineralized completely and I am able to add in nuts and beans now

      • Thank you so much

  290. Hi there, I’m very interested in this protocol and am planning to start as soon as my virgin cod liver oil arrives! I’m planning to follow it myself fand do my best to help my 3 yr old daughter to follow it too. She was born very premature and her outer layer of dentin is still now growing over her teeth, very slowly, and it leaves the exposed part very vulnerable to caries, so I’m keen to start asap.
    I wondered if you could please give me a general breakdown of what your meals were while following this protocol – what did you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks ?? I also need to ensure my girl gets enough calories, and I’m unsure how I’ll do this while cutting out grains and starches!
    Thanks so much for this information, super grateful for your article and your work xx

  291. P.s. I’m also wondering if supplemental D3 is necessary if taking CLO, as doesn’t Cod Liver Oil contain D3? And do you know D3 requirements for kids (if deficient/to heal teeth) ? So many questions! Particularly keen on meal ideas! Thanks again 🙂

  292. Hey Mama! 😀 I have been reading and referring to your blog for YEARS! Thank you for all of your hard work!! Been doing research on teeth remineralization for 2 years now and your piece on oil-pulling convinced me there is more to our mouth health than what my dentist knows! The dentist said I had the beginning stages of Gingivitus and had a lot of build-up on my teeth. On top of that, I hated going to the dentist because my mouth hurt for 2 days afterward. Just didn’t seem ‘right’.

    I started oil pulling, switched to flouride-free toothpaste and then switched to brushing with baking soda, peppermint oil, and hydrogen peroxide for two months. Also began taking Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D3 supplements. Went back to the dentist and they were shocked. She barely had to scrape my teeth!

    Sad to say, I did not stick to those habits except for using flouride-free toothpaste and I now have a crack in my enamel (doctor says I’m deficient in Vitamin D) and they want to do a root canal…on a cracked enamel. -_-

    Going to go full throttle again + the diet change for teeth remineralization. Your blog has evolved and is making that process easier than it was 2 years ago. Also found your cookbook and just purchased it which will help with the diet change.

    Just wanted to say thank you so much! Your website helped 2 years ago and its evolution in ease to find connected articles (bone broth, homemade toothpaste, a friggin’ grain-free, teeth promoting, busy life cookbook) will be just as beneficial now as a one-stop infozone of remineralization information! (Had to research multiple sites 2 years ago and it made the changes difficult.)

    You are a GODSEND!! Thank you for experimenting and sharing the wealth of knowledge!!

  293. The answer is simple, I have posted this so many times.
    Read Walter Last’s “The Borax Conspiracy” or to hear it read aloud go to YouTube and find “The Borax Miracle”. You will discover that it is a a mineral, not a detergent. It was used in the laundry to soften water but in the body it hardens bones and teeth. It turns into Boron in the stomach from stomach acids. You can take a cup of it and it will not move the bowls, it will just pass through you, it is that safe and will not disturb anything, nor cause the trots.
    Sort version: Borax is not a soap, it is a mineral. A pinch a day, you can will have extremely srong bones and teeth (at least children will have the strong foundation laid down as nature expects. My dentist was amazed at my bone density from seeing my facial X-ray. He kept saying I had extremely strong bones. The dust on your fingers a day, is all you need. In a few years you will have the resources in your teeth and bones that will strengthen them against breaking and rotting. Feed your dog a TBSP and it will clean flukes, worms and other nasties out of its system, with no physical distress or illness. Try it on yourself and check your next bowl movement.
    Dust on your finer, a pinch in your cooking, and the deed is done.
    Fluoride, oil pulling, all the tricks of your dentist or naturopath will not do what this missing mineral will do for your bones, teeth and it will clean out bad things in your stomach and intestines.
    Do your studies. Check out the naysayers. And pass this message onto mums and dads so their children can have extremely strong teeth and bones (old age bone problem granny’s?—no more). Then we can look forwards to the day dentistry is only for emergency procedures (kick in the teeth and other aberrations).
    I am sixty-four, as the song goes, and my dentist told me I have the strongest bones he has seen at ‘any age’. It may not strengthen adult teeth (so he claimed), but it will strengthen bones, and possibly prevent further decay in adults; and definitely in growing children. I also brush and gargle with it after flossing.
    Another note on Borax: for young children and adults it may help with arthritis, the worst kind. So check it out at least.
    Namaste and care,

  294. How much FCLO/Butter Blend to heal cavities do I give my 8 year old? Do you give them vitamin D on top of this as well? Thanks!

  295. Hi Wellness Mama,
    i am following your diet and routine recently. is there any bread that i can eat? thanks
    and how about tea? green tea and earl grey tea ok?


  296. Hello Catherine, Thank you for this insightful article! For anyone reading this, besides monitoring our dietary intake, have you come across any quantifiable means of measuring the amount of phytic acid and vitamin d metabolized in our body? As Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.”


  297. Hi Welness Mama!

    Last week some enamel chipped off of one of my front teeth. I have an appointment to see the dentist in a week. In the mean time I’m going to give pulling and remineralization a try.
    Earlier this year I took a medicinal plants class. A friend from the class had the exact same experience outlined in your article. The cavity was visible on X-ray, she followed what sounded like a simar regime to yours, and voila! Next X-ray showed total healing. Thank you for putting this info. online 🙂

  298. Hi,

    I have question that a few others asked, but haven’t got replies, yet. I am too wondering how the remineralizing process will affect my fillings. I have four, large, silver fillings (about 14 years old) & white fillings; can I remineralize those too, with or without having them removed (sort of hoping the healthy regrowth will push them out over time xD)? *claps hands together & prays there’s a chance* >.<

    I plan to follow these tips to help improve the condition of my teeth, as well as my overall oral health. Thanks for the facilitating and informative article. My Mom told me about it. ^^

    • *Fascinating. Stupid autocorrect. >.<

  299. I was wondering, if you heard something about using low electrical current stimulation on the teeth to stimulate remineralizing or even regrowth of the teeth. I read this book Body Electrical, where scientists in 70s and even earlier were experimenting with certain electrical currents to regrow limbs in mice, and then using that principle healed several people, who had bones, that refused to heal, and it was either try it or amputate. Bones did respond and healed. Unfortunately, those scientists also were researching army used currents, that were very dangerous and they were warning people about that, so their laboratory got closed.
    Anyway, that reminded me, that I read somewhere before about electrical current helping to regrow the teeth. That combined with a diet might be much faster and more effective, especially in deep cavities or missing teeth cases.

  300. Hi, I was at the dentist 2 days ago for tooth pain. I have an abscess under an old root canal I had done about 6 years ago. They want to do another root canal. Do you know if the remineralizing would help with this advanced stage cavity? Thanks!

  301. Katie, what about soaked grains and nuts? Soaking should remove the phytic acid, so would it be ok to have them?

  302. I using both of the green pasture cod liver oil and butter oil. My question is how much cod liver oil and butter oil is recommend that I take in order to heal cavities.


  303. I am amazed at how many things coconut oil can do for your health. I was out of the country for over a year and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am glad that I am back where I can have easier access to it. Thanks for the tips on helping make my teeth stronger again.

  304. Hello,
    I didn’t read through every comment, because there were so many, so this may have already been cleared up.
    I am a licensed registered Dental Hygienist. I also believe that God designed our bodies to heal themselves. I attended five years of college and extensive continuing education. I also have debated and researched everything from clean eating, vaccinations, fluoride and amalgam restorations (silver fillings).
    # 1 amalgam fillings are very harmful, mainly because of the mercury-NOT silver. Silver is good for the body. You can get gold. This is expensive, but the most compatible with the body. A composite resin is another safer option too.
    #2 I read a few remarks about crowns and the body recognizing them as forgein. This is not whats going on. If it is a porcelain fused to metal crown (most are) then the metal that is exposed near the gum line is the issue. Some people literally have an allergy to that particular material and it cause inflammation.
    # 3 Xylitol is good for the body in small doses, but only if you are exposed about 3-5 times a day. It is a natural sugar, but what is so very special about this sugar than all other is the fact that it is a 5 carbon sugar that actually inhibits the growth of bacteria.
    # 4 The study about dentin remineralizing is not accurate to remineralizing dentin to reverse cavities. ( I also think that study is outdated and researched more on animals-whose teeth are not the same). Teeth CAN remineralize, but only if it has not infected the dentin. Many Dentists will fill what is called “incipient lesions” Instead the patient should be coached on diet and hygiene habits. The enamel can remineralize or arrest (stop growing). This is not usually the case, but it does happen. Once the dentin is infected, then it can not reverse that. While we are on this topic, a tooth with an incipient lesion should not be filled in the first place, unless the patient has rampant decay.
    # 5 There are several secluded ares where small tribes or populations live that has virtually no contact with most of the outside world. Areas such as these, usually have ZERO oral health issues because they have an entirely clean diet. Acid greatly effects your diet and teeth, but if you ate a clean diet then the acids found in those foods would be irrelevant. Even some bottled water is more acidic than coke (completely shocked when I researched this)

  305. Hi,
    I am a dentist. I am interested to read the posts. I would like to point out that the ideas of “i like ……” a certain product or diet or “it worked for me” are not scientific ideas and they do not prove cause and effect. In my opinion it would be better to examine and actually prove the issues that you are discussing by testing them in proper scientific studies. The studies are then assessed and only then can they be discussed properly and the appropriate evidence based advice given out. Enamel remineralization has been studied for about 100 years. Dentists know all about arrested decay and remineralisation – this is not a new idea. There is no big conspiracy by dentists to “destroy” teeth; its quite the opposite feeling in the dental community. Any advances that will maintain enamel and dentine and improve overall health are welcome its just that it has to be based on good science.

    • Experience Over-rides good science. For example…ROOT Canals are a scam of science….Dr. Hal Huggins has all the research along with Weston Price which PROVES that ALL root canals lead to infections and Disease. Science by those only concerned with money and power have corrupted the professional dental community along with Mercury in the Silver Fillings. Thank God, more dentists are self educating themselves and going Natural Holistic. Dental Fluoride is also extremely toxic in the form given…. I again site the research by educator – Dr. Hal Huggins. Go to Holistic Dental Association or Huggins Applied Research and learn more please.

  306. hi Lucy, thanks for replying 😉

    have you seen the factual science showing Fluoride is actually a Toxic substance ?

    or do you refer to the politically correct science coming from the Dental Associations that says it’s safe ?

    Just curious what your thoughts on the Tooth Chart showing the meridian connections to all the different organs in the body ?

  307. I have gingivitis. My gums are red, swollen and bleed when I brush. Would this help my gums too?

  308. I’ve got to get started with this! Thank you so much for sharing ,and for sharing the success stories too! Ihave a small cavity on one of my front teeth (it’s only 1-2mm, but it’s big enough to notice because it’s on the front of my teeth), and I really don’t want another filling! I’ll be getting started with your tips asap, Thank you so much – you’ve just saved my dental health!:)

  309. May I ask which magnesium and calcium powder you use to “swish” around? Does Natural Calm work for both or would I need a separate calcium powder?

  310. Does anyone sell a vitamin/supplement and homemade toothpaste kit? I want to try these out before I start making and buying individual bulkish items myself. I hate having to buy through 30 websites to keep up to get my teeth remineralizing. Also, hubby works on a ship for 8 weeks at a time, so eating fermented foods and getting fresh/organic veggies isn’t an option for him, so he needs the vitamins/supplements and toothpaste (before you tell me I can make these at home).

  311. Hello, hubby works out at sea for 8 weeks at a time. The only thing fresh he gets to eat is fish. Is there anyone who puts together kits with the vitamins, supplements (esp cod liver oil, liver capsules, etc), and the homemade remineralizing toothpaste? I don’t want to buy from 30+ websites and get his teeth and inner bacteria fixed before having to get a root canal. Any help would be appreciated! We can make the stuff at home (except liver), but having a hard time buying through several websites. Thanks!

  312. Has anybody had an success trying this regimen with already having some cavities filled prior to learning about this? I’ve already had some cavities filled, and now I have a few more according to my dentist..I’m suppose to go this afternoon to have them filled, I’d like to try this process first, I’m just not sure it will work for me as I’ve had dental work done before.. I’m not sure if the part of tooth that regenerates has been compromised?

  313. Hi, thanks for the tips! 2 things: How much Vit. D do you recommend? My daily multivitamin has 100% of the RDA in it, and I try to get at least 20 or 30 minutes every day during prime sun hours as well. Does sunshine work as well as a supplement for getting your D?

    And just a caution; I’ve heard that too much swishing with hydro peroxide can separate teeth and gums. Was recommended to use once a week or once a month or something. May not be true, but if it is, wanted to pass it along.

  314. Hi can this method reverse tooth decay?

  315. I’ve been using homeopathic cell salts with great effect for a tooth that was determined to need a root canal. The tooth is almost back to normal with no more sensitivity or pain. I also take calcium supplements and plantain tincture. At first, I started rubbing comfrey tincture on my gums and tooth, but spit it out as it’s bad for the liver. Since then, my teeth seem much better in general and the problem tooth has healed more and more everyday.


    Does this count because its the protein from the bean, not the actual bean???
    i must know!! thanks!

  317. Hi Katie,
    I’m not sure if you answered this elsewhere already (if you did, I couldn’t find it), so my apologies if it’s a repeat question!
    I was wondering how long the healing process took for you?

  318. Hello there. I don’t eat animal products or gluten. I have been so interested and fascinated with these claims of healing our teeth naturally, but since I eat a lot of rice, nuts, and legumes, it seems this just won’t work out for me:( right or wrong?

  319. Hi Katie, Recently had a check up with my dentist who says I have 3 occlusals… curious because he wants to fill them even though they aren’t actually cavities yet. Do you have any experience with this? I postponed my appointment to have them filled because 1) he wants to charge $202×3=$606 and 2) I hate doing any unnecessary work done and 3) I had my one and only filling from childhood removed by a professional who treats patients with amalgam fillings and it was a big deal to have that one removed and safer work done…. Do you suspect your protocol would work for occlusals? I know you aren’t a dentist, “just a mom” but so am I and I get my best advice from other moms.
    Thanks in advance for any insight you may have

  320. Is there a remedy that dosnt cost a fortune ?

  321. First off, I’d like to thank you for posting this! It has helped me so much since I started the process about 2 months ago. I had 2 cavities that you could very clearly see – on 2 of my front teeth. I successfully healed one since starting the remineralization process, but the other one hasn’t completely healed yet. Up until recently, the tooth with the healed cavity felt smooth – how a normal tooth feels. It used to be rough and bumpy but when it healed it smoothed over! Well, in the last few days it’s begun to go back to that rough texture it was before the healing. What am I doing wrong? I’ve used the toothpaste every single day (twice, sometimes three times a day) for almost 2 months. I’ve begun supplementing with Vitamin D. I don’t have the FCLO, because I don’t have the money for it at the moment. Would oil pulling every day help re-heal the cavity and heal the other one that hasn’t healed yet?
    Thanks so much in advance!

  322. I apologize if this question has already been asked. There are quite a few posts here, and although I have read a great many of them, by no means did I make it through them all. I wonder if anyone has tried this remedy for the white marks left on teeth when braces are removed. My son took very good care of his teeth while his braces were on, but is left with white marks after what we believe is damage due to drinking Gatorade after he had a tonsillectomy. The white marks came from nowhere with no mention of them by the orthodontist prior to them showing up. His dentist suggested that the Gatorade may have been the issue, stating that gatorade is like acid to teeth. I would love to remedy this situation for him. And would gladly try any of the above suggestions. I would just like to know if anyone else has had any success with this. Thank you

  323. I have been following this routine about 90% strict with cod liver oil / high healthy fat / little to no sugar or grains / tons of vegetable

    Will drinking once a week about 6 drinks in a night with friends over the course of 4-6 hours of ciroc vodka (made from grapes) / seltzer turn into sugar hurting the teeth? From what i was reading alcohol is actually treated as a far in the body

    Thank you so much!

  324. Hey, Love your blog! I was wondering if you knew if it was safe to use the activated charcoal while pregnant or breastfeeding. Thanks:-) And congratulations on your new addition!! We are expecting baby girl within the next few weeks!!

  325. We just unfortunately came to notice signs of tooth decay in our 3 year old’s molars. It is disturbing considering I thought we were eating a pretty healthy diet. I have been reading Cure Tooth Decay on top of listening to your podcast and reading other various articles on reversing tooth decay. We brush with a tooth powder exclusively for one year. Do you suggest putting anything on the child’s tooth decay spots in the meantime while we are adjusting our diets and supplements? And, how do I approach this calmly without feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start?

    • It is tough at that age and many of the things I did personally (oil pulling, h2o2, etc) would be tough for a little one to do. That being said, diet alone seems to make the biggest difference, and kids seem to notice changes even faster than adults!

  326. Is there a place that you can buy the homemade remineralizing toothpaste ready made?

  327. My baby girl, 14 months old, started showing signs of decay on her upper teeth 3 and 4. I nurse her through the night. We brush her teeth with coconut oil morning and night. The decay was brown and at her gum line and the enamel was chipping away! My husband and I prayed for healing and added bone broth and cod liver oil to all of our diets! I checked her teeth yesterday and the enamel has grown back the brown chipped away spots are almost gone and it’s been barely 4 days since adding bone broth and cod liver oil to our diets! God is so good!!

    • This is so encouraging to read. My son is 15 months and his incisor is rapidly decaying. I look at it every day and just break down in tears.. I’ve started cod liver oil, cut out grains and nuts, but haven’t gotten a good quality bone broth yet. I really hope that’s what makes the difference. I’m so scared of the rest of his teeth decaying. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope God heals my baby boys teeth!

  328. I had a root canal done 1 year ago. It does not have a crown on it. But I just went to the dentist and now they want to treat my tooth and the one next to it because they saw bacteria around it or something like that. Please, I want a healthier alternative to treating this ? Is this book good for my condition?

    • Not knowing the specifics of your case, I’m not sure if it will address your needs directly; but it provides a fantastic overview that’s worth reading, if only for future prevention.

  329. Any tips on how to get kids to consume the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Gel? I’ve tried to mask it several different ways, the smoothie was just awful, I threw the whole batch out, it was gag you bad. I can take capsule form FCLO, but the little kids cannot yet and my 5yr old has some cavities. We add liquid Vitamin D, limit starch, sugars & grains (until Grandma arrives – she arrives with a loaf of wonder bread in hand…), eat gelatin gummies, use coconut oil & grassfed butter & the 5yr old is recently started using your remineralizing tooth powder. (I shared the end of my tooth powder with him which was apparently kid approved because all the xylitol went to the bottom of the jar and he asked me to make him his own batch! – happy to oblige!) Thanks for all you share, you have been a wonderful resource to this fellow homeschooling Sahm & we use many of your recipes daily!

    • That’s a tough one. Some of mine have an easier time than others. Try experimenting with different juices, foods, and proportions to try and mask the taste. Good luck!

  330. I’ve brushed most of my enamel away from my upper front teeth (starting at the end of teeth it is the worst, i can see three stripes of tooth bone there) because of using baking soda with an electric toothbrush. I noticed it when it was already too late…. Do you think that this methods will grow back enamel on places where i think there is almost no enamel left?

    Thank you so much in advance for your reply!

  331. Hi there,
    Can I make this with “coral calcium” instead of Cal carbonate? I have the coral in capsule form and just opened them and use the powder inside.
    Thanks !

  332. Is there ant way to regrow your teeth (regenerate them) and push out existing tooth fillings by re growing dentin or enamel in the filling’s place?

  333. Has anyone heard of comfrey root and eggshells for healing teeth?

  334. I’ve just come from the dentist with my 2.5 year old toddler to find that he has at least 2 cavities. We will be going to a pediatric dentist for more info in a few days. I’m sad and surprised. He is still breast-fed, which I know is frowned upon in the world of dentistry. He has never had the flouride drops. We brush regularly, thinking we were doing a decent job at that. He doesn’t have much sugar, mostly-organic diet, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been warned that the pediatric dentist will be recommending general anesthesia to do his dental work. How do I balance the info I’m getting from the dentist’s office? Are there resources/tips for adapting much of the diet/remineralization recommendations for my hummingbird eater of a toddler? Help.

  335. Has anyone found any alternatives with a vegan diet? The thought of consuming any animal products and shelling money to those kinds of bus’s onesies makes me sick.

    • It’s not possible to get the same benefits without the use of animal protein…

  336. try brushing with DE ( Diatomaceous Earth ) food grade available at Natural Health Food Stores ” Perma Guard ” is a good brand ! watch youtube videos on how to make it 😉

  337. Hi! Did you still consume coconut flour when trying to reverse cavities? Given that you probably didn’t cook with almond flour anymore… thank you!

  338. I’m feeling overwhelmed as we have noticed signs of erosion or decay on our 3.5 year old’s molars. We have not been to a dentist yet as I am worried about finding one who will respect our holistic approach, while work with us as a guide. I’ve also been making some dietary changes (slowly) in our home, but am finding it to be overwhelming and feel as though we cannot eat anything. I know it is probably just a phase getting adjusted to new things, but I was hoping for some more suggestions in regards to making this an easier transition especially with young children who need to eat:) Fruit was commonly a snack at our house, and we did soaked/sprouted grains, so without those things I feel like all we eat is meat, vegetables, and eggs. Also, I was wondering what you would suggest in regards to finding a pediatric dentist who will work with us while respecting our approach. How would you approach a dentist in a respectful way so they are aware of your stance while still willing to work with you? I think I’m geeking myself out…it feels like finding a good doctor…

  339. Hello! I have been reading your blog for a couple years now. I use your recipe for tooth remineralizing powder and am trying to heal my cavities naturally, as you suggest in your posts on the subject. I don’t consume white flour or processed foods, sticking with fresh foods and sourdough bread or coconut flour things sweetened with stevia. I was wondering if my sourdough bread which is fermented rye starter, water, salt and freshly ground whole wheat flour (not sprouted though 🙁 ) and which is left to rise for 24 hours is healthier than eating an organic apple or banana or not? I’m talking about those moments where I NEED snack on the go…which is the better for my teeth? I try to avoid nuts, even soaked ones but I also wonder about those…
    If you get a moment, could you give me advice on the best option for snacking on the go which will not harm my teeth? Sourdough bread or fresh organic fruit or soaked nuts? (I’m not including vegetables or milk kefir ’cause I already know those are the best! But sometimes my low blood sugar needs something extra)

    • Marjo B,
      I’m no expert, but have avoided phytic acids that Katie discusses here) for years, and also am usually grain free and minimal sugar. Here are my 4 favorite options for quick-to-grab snacks: 1. Granny Smith apple (lowest sugar of most fruits); 2. high-quality jerky (from health food store; read labels); 3. cheese stick (esp raw cheese); 4. homemade “power balls”: sprouted pumpkin or sunflower seeds, finely ground, mixed with powdered cinnamon and coconut oil (play around with ratios, I use about 2 parts seed meal, 1 part cinnamon, and enough oil to get a thick consistency). Can make small 1″ balls and roll in stevia-sweetened cocoa powder, but I don’t usually bother with that step. Store the rolled balls in the freezer, and pop a few into a ziplock back on your way out the door. If I wasn’t actively trying to remineralize my teeth, I would also mix in a bit of date paste. Either way, be sure to rinse well following any snack to minimize lingering carbs in your mouth that could feed the bad bugs of gingivitis.

  340. I think some of this advice could be beneficial, but who has time to do all that you would suggest! These things are life consuming. Making special powders and swishing oils and even stricter diets ;( that’s not living to me.

  341. I was telling a friend about remineralization as she’s into natural medicine as well. She said she salts her gums twoweeks prior to a dental appointment. She says it was recommended by her dentist decades ago, to keep her gums from bleeding during visits. When she went in, he demonstrated that she would not bleed. Anyone heard of this?

  342. Humans do not secrete uricase.

  343. Has anyone seen the research on stem cell growth for teeth. It’s all over the place, but I don’t know which websites to trust. I have been trying to work on my teeth to remineralize them naturally, however, I don’t have people in my home who are willing to change their diets to accommodate me so staying away from the phytic acid has been extremely difficult, not to mention how expensive fermented cod liver oil is. Most of my bottom teeth are decaying. I’m sad to say, I may have to go and get my teeth done at a dentist, and hope that this stem cell research happens in my future.

  344. This would be helpful – were the vegetables you ate organic? Was the meat you ate also grass fed?

  345. Great article — I am having a very hard time getting a relative strength for Phytic acid versus other known acids say between Hydrochloric Acid and Hypochlorous Acid where does Phytic acid sit? Is it a strong or weak acid?

  346. I have an infected tooth (infected at the root) and the dentists say it needs to come out
    Is there anything that would cure an infected tooth and save it?
    Ive heard charcoal is good for drawing out infections but don’t know if anyone has had any luck with this also

    • Swish with salt. I had an infected tooth and used himalayan salt. You can also put a piece of ginger or garlic on or around the tooth for a few minutes or put some ginger essential oil on a cotton ball and put it by your tooth. There are plenty of things you can do. Google it and apply what is most appealing to you. Also visualize orange light leaving your tooth or put ground coffee (mixed with coconut oil or so) on your cheek to draw out the infection.

    • There are lots of strong antibacterial herbs and other substances. Check out Dough Simon’s videos, he uses desert plants (prickly pear compresses, but serious ones – like half of the face has to be covered and changed every few hours, if I remember correctly) plus herbs packed around tooth area). Another thing that helps many people is DMSO – make sure to read about it as it caries other substances inside too with it, so do not use plastic, metal or rubber for applying it and wash your hands well before using them to apply. From the top of my head usnea, red root, chaparral, black walnut and other herbs are stronger antibacterial. Some people also use MMS (miracle mineral solution), even mixed with DMSO to carry it better(either to swish in the mouth or internally in very small amounts), but I am not sure yet about that one -it smells and behaves just like bleach, even though it’s users say it has different make up than bleach and breaks down to harmless substances. Just to give you some pointers, do your own research on these. Whatever you do, do it quickly as infection anywhere in the head is not something to ignore.

  347. Mix up some chlorine dioxide and pull with it 3-5 times per day. Chlorine dioxide watr tab pills at REI — “kills ALL pathogens known to man” source EPA……….

    • thank you for all this info – I gather Chorine dioxide is good for you? and does that read Chloride dioxide water tablet pills and I suppose REI is a website? thank you

      • I’m sorry — yes Chlorine dioxide is a water purification chemical that kills all pathogens known to man and is 100% non-toxic. That is a statement from the EPA in the USA that governs the treatment of water. REI is an outdoor store in the USA that sells camping and outdoor supplies The subject of Chlorine Dioxide is one that is simple, powerful and mid blowing. The two giants FDA and EPA contradict themselves openly so you can be confident. You are 78% water so water should be under the FDA but it is not –it is under the EPA — the EPA however has to provide toxicological profiles on all substances used by people that use this substance in their work in case you get it in your eyes, drink it, inhale it and so on and so on and all of it attached to the LD50 as used in medicine — LD50 is the dose at which 50% of the population dies — well chlorine dioxide has a toxicity that is 1/8th that of aspirin yet kills everything bad known to man — and with ALL the studies to support. Chlorine dioxide kills pathogens mechanically so they can NEVER adapt or resist Chlorine dioxide as this is the Laws of Chemistry. This is what the US government use to battle and ANTHRAX outbreak they do not use an antibiotic!!!!!!!! Antibiotics work by poisoning the specific pathogen and hopefully poisoning you less –whereas Chlorine Dioxide is a mechanical kill. Hey I am not preaching — I know thins stuff can sound difficult — ALL of you can understand this — really I mean it–LIFE was designed to work in a VERY small box of Chemistry and Chemistry Laws — if you violate a Law of Chemistry you can see a million biological reactions that are attempting to correct the violation of a pillar of Chemistry — when people speak on and on about Biology it is minutia or talking about 5% and Chemistry is 95% — fix the Chemistry and the myriad of biological problems never even manifest themselves. I am merely passing on what others told me and I have used this to cure a couple of people of MRSA and other problems quite simply and they were gong to places like MAYO for 3 years. If you are going to expend energy to learn something — learn about chlorine dioxide and hypochlorous acid — they kill ALL PATHOGENS KNOWN TO MAN AND NOTHING CAN GROW A RESISTANCE TO IT AND IN IS A NON-TOXIC KILL — as told to you by your government — just not your FDA. — EXAMPLE — new patent — if a blood center draws blood tainted with hepatitis C or AIDS the blood center is allowed to treat the blood with Chlorine Dioxide and then transfuse the blood into any person — Hmmmm!!!!! — Again not my words but I do possess reading comprehension as do YOU — you see Chlorine dioxide is being used as a tool in this example not as a medicine so it comes under EPA.

        • Hi Paul:

          this response is very detailed and therefore beautiful
          thank you – after all that info i will definitely look into it!

  348. I’m wondering if you used kombcha or kefir while fighting cavities? The enzymes would be good but there is a bit of sugar