169: From Advanced Stage Cancer to Remission in 7 Months on a Quest to Cure Cancer

169: From Advanced Stage Cancer to Remission in 7 Months on a Quest to Cure Cancer

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From Advanced Stage Cancer to Remission in 7 Months on a Quest to Cure Cancer

Today’s episode is with one of the most fascinating people I have met in recent years. Eric Remensperger is a Wall Street lawyer with a unique story. Prior to moving from New York to Los Angeles (probably two of the highest stressed places in the world) he was a work hard, play hard, cigarette-smoking kind of guy. These days, he’s a holistic health expert and serious biohacker.

What changed? Like most with a passion for wellness, it started with his own diagnosis.

A Personal Quest to Cure Cancer

Eric’s life changed forever in June of 2016 when he received the diagnosis of advanced-stage prostate cancer.

In response, he did an incredible deep dive into all things related to cancer from the causes to therapies to the interventions. His ability to grasp the big picture about a complex disease and filter out all the noise is amazing.

This story has a happy ending: Eric was declared to be in remission after only 7 months of his cancer protocol. (Incredible and very rare with his type of cancer.) Eric doesn’t like to use the word “cure” when he’s talking about cancer, but rather the goal is to remain in a healing state and help others to do the same.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Eric’s story and how he was diagnosed with advanced aggressive cancer even while living a super healthy lifestyle
  • what he feels are the roots of cancer
  • the diagnosis: how he decided what to do next
  • the condition that all cancer cells share
  • tools Eric used to slow his cancer progression
  • what ozone therapy is and the way Eric used ozone to help halt his cancer
  • the benefits of high dose IV vitamin C (and how to use it against cancer)
  • supplements Eric used during his recovery
  • how therapeutic ketosis differs from nutritional ketosis
  • why cancer loves glucose and why it’s important to avoid it
  • the real reason grounding is so important
  • how we know there is voltage in the cells and how this impacts our life
  • why sunlight is so important (hint: not just for vitamin D)
  • what redox is and why we all need to understand it
  • why the sun and infraredlight are so important
  • what GCMAF is and why we need it
  • the reason emotional health is so vital for physical health

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  1. I am a 77-year-old Mama just trying to stay healthy. It’s quite difficult to find friends who are interested in talking about healthy eating, except for my daughter. So many people my age lack the interest in learning how to eat/live healthy. Thank goodness for sites like yours who offer such practical information that even applies to the seniors. I try to keep my husband on a healthy path but it’s a little more of a struggle….he loves a little cookie after lunch and dinner. Maybe we are doing something right as he is almost 82 and very healthy. Neither of us take BP medication. We are happy and stay active. Wish we had a functional medicine doctor close by.

  2. Katie,
    I’m on page 12 of the PDF version of this podcast… the part about “grounding”, where Eric was hoping for a bio-hack for this.
    I believe that PEMF technology is that bio-hack. My personal experience is that my health, and my ability to enjoy life has vastly improved since I started using this. I’d suggest that you look into it and see if it’s worth your while to do a podcast of this.

    • I’m currently doing some deep research into PEMF and hope to be sharing my findings about it very soon..

  3. Fantastic, to hear from someone who has really gone through this whole process and come up on top. Thanks Katie for the time and effort you have put to get this podcast made available to us all, so educational to just about everyone.

  4. There are totally still men’s groups, I know this because my husband Masons are still around!

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