172: How to Understand Your Genes to Personalize Your Diet With Nutrition Genome

172: How to Understand Your Genes to Personalize Your Diet With Nutrition Genome

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How to Understand Your Genes to Personalize Your Diet With Nutrition Genome

I know… it’s frustrating. You eat right 99% of the time, exercise, and don’t smoke or drink… but still don’t feel well. Worse yet, your friend who drinks soda and fast food seems healthier than you!

I’ve been there (trust me), and I’m excited to talk about today’s topic because I think it has a lot to do with why health is not a level playing field. I am here with Alex Swanson, the founder of Nutrition Genome. Alex is probably the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever spoken to on the topic of DNA testing. He’s a second-generation nutritionist and co-owner of the Swanson Health Center, a private family clinical nutrition practice that’s been in business for over 40 years. He’s also the creator of the popular blog, The Health Beat.

This topic is near and dear to my heart since knowing more about my own genes was a health game-changer for me. Let’s dive in!

Nutrition Genome

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Nutrition Genome is a service you can order (without a doctor). Based on their lab analysis from a simple swab of saliva, Nutrition Genome compiles a 50-page report on 8 health categories showing how your genetics affect your need for certain vitamins and minerals, as well as which toxins or foods your body may not handle well.

You can see a sample Nutrition Genome report here.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the most important genes to understand and support for a healthy pregnancy
  • what the BRCA gene is and how to strengthen this gene
  • the environmental toxin that increases cancer risk (and the food to avoid) if you have BRCA genes
  • the reason red wine can help protect your genes
  • how decreasing dairy can protect certain genes
  • how eating 27 vegetables a week can reduce cancer risk by 73%
  • the real connection between APOE and Alzheimer’s
  • what you can do to protect your brain if you have APOE
  • what research shows can help protect against Alzheimer’s
  • how stress directly impacts genes
  • what the PEMT gene is and how it affects memory and health
  • a reason to avoid antihistamines and certain sleep drugs
  • the gene you want to know if your kids have, especially if they ever get a concussion
  • how to know if caffeine is good for you or not
  • genes that relate to mental health and how they can help you reduce anxiety & depression
  • the genes that relate to athletic performance and ability
  • PTR-Alpha: how to know if you don’t do well with fasting
  • the gene that indicates that you may not do as well with saturated fat
  • what genes relate to vitamin D and how to know if you have them
  • the VDR gene cofactors that impact vitamin D absorption
  • yet another reason that sugar is bad for us and should be avoided
  • why its so important to keep glutathione levels high (and how to increase it)
  • understanding omega-3 and if we need it or not
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

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  1. Ordered DNA KIT but discount code of WELLNESSMAMA did not take

    • Hi Lacy, so sorry the code didn’t work for your orders. We’re currently processing both your orders and will provide a 10% refund for both back to your card later today. We can’t wait for you to get your report!

  2. I tried to apply the code wellnessmama and it says it has expired 🙁 how is this so? It’s been a couple days since the post?

  3. What is the difference between nutrition gnome and 23&me?

      • Hi! I did the nutrition genome test and loved the report. I liked the strengths and weaknesses. I took it to my doctor and he says that he is used to the variant reports- all of the sites I have been to have it to more data analysis utilizing the txt file don’t work with Nutrition Genome. Now I think I am going to have to spend another $199 on 23 & Me, because I want to be able to utilize the variant/analysis. Is it possible to get the data file in the same format as 23 and me? I think I would have gone with 23 & Me if I had known that all (I haven’t found one yet that takes the upload from Nutrition Genome) online analysis service or do you guys know of a service that utilizes your txt file?

  4. How effective do you think this is for someone who already has a tumor (awaiting pathology)…can knowing if they have the BRCA gene change anything once they have a potential tumor? Thanks!

    • I feel compelled to respond because cancer is so prevalent and a very terrifying experience for everyone involved. Before basing decisions about your health on information provided by direct to consumer testing, note that these tests are not clinically validated and the companies that provide them have a high incidence of false positives. They are not governed by the FDA or heald to the same standards as companies a medical professional would use (or are covered by insurance).

  5. So fascinating as usual!!! Love this podcast and I am definitely ordering a test. I did one from 23andme for my little one, and it got rejected both times. Not enough saliva or something but I literally filled it past the line. Hoping this one works since it’s just a swab!

  6. Hi Katie! I love reading your emails and posts. I’m curious about all the various tests that are out there – stool samples, blood work through companies like immunolab, and now this genome work, hair testing etc. etc. If you could only do one for your children due to financial constraints, which one would you recommend as the best bang for your buck? Thanks in advance!

    • They all do very different things, so it really depends on what the goal is and if they have conditions or symptoms you are worried about. I’ll be writing an article very soon about all the different options and the pros and cons to all of them.

  7. So I am guessing I would habe to do 23 & Me for Ancestory then? I find that to be important to me as well. But pricing. Jeez!

  8. I also just tried the code WELLNESSMAMA and it doesn’t appear to be working.. I’d like to order two kits and I have another friend who would like to order one.

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