181: How to Find Truly Natural & Non-Toxic Products With Marilee Nelson

181: How to Find Truly Natural & Non-Toxic Products With Marilee Nelson

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How to Find Truly Natural and Non-Toxic Products with Marilee Nelson

I don’t often do two-part podcasts, but Marilee Nelson of Branch Basics has such an incredible story and so many tips for moms who have kids with health struggles.

In the first part of the interview (check it out here if you missed it), Marilee shared her son’s struggle with chemical overexposure and all of the symptoms that came from that. She had to make drastic changes to their home environment to heal her son, who is thriving today and even has a military career.

In this episode, Marilee and I dive into how to have the healthiest home possible and easy ways to avoid some of the biggest toxic offenders in many homes today.

Episode Highlights, Part 2: Natural Non-Toxic Products

  • The most problematic chemicals in homes (and remove them from your home in under an hour)
  • Why Europeans are starting to ban Wi-Fi in schools and libraries
  • How to research the history of pesticide use around your home
  • Non-toxic options for pest extermination
  • The ins and outs of non-toxic paint
  • Whether “low VOC” really means anything, and what to look for instead
  • How to recognize greenwashed labeling
  • Why antibacterial products are rarely a good idea
  • And more!

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  1. I’m using Melaleuca products, what do you think of them?

  2. What type of shower curtain do you recommend?! I have been trying to figure this out forever!

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