218: Happy New Year: 21 Tiny Habits That Can Drastically Change Your Life This Year

218: Happy New Year: 21 Tiny Habits That Can Drastically Change Your Life This Year

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Happy New Year: 21 Tiny Habits That Can Drastically Change Your Life This Year

Happy New Year to you! Hopefully we are all enjoying a little down time today with the family, so this episode will be short and sweet but I hope you’ll join me in thinking ahead to next year

I don’t mean this in the sense of typical New Year’s resolutions — those lofty goals that we often forget about too quickly — but I mean the chance to challenge ourselves to make small but significant changes.

As I think about the habit shifts I want to focus on this year, there are 21 mini-challenges or goals that come to mind that have really helped me in my life. My list is always growing and changing, so I hope you’ll share your “aha” moments with me in the comments as well!

Episode Highlights: My Mini-Goals for 2019

  1. Reduce or eliminate single-use plastics — saying no to straws, cups, water bottles, shopping bags.
  2. Focus on gratitude and simplification — finding little things to be grateful for.
  3. Use a kitchen safe during family dinner.
  4. Drink lemon water or plain water in the morning.
  5. Get morning sunshine or take a walk.
  6. Set a bedtime on my phone (and put phone away somewhere besides my room).
  7. Keep a challenge journal.
  8. Make time for silence.
  9. Bullet journal when I can’t sleep.
  10. Create a positive phrase as a daily reminder. (Mine is: “Everything will work out perfectly.”)
  11. Read for just 5 minutes a day.
  12. Check email and social media only once a day.
  13. Say no a lot more (and why).
  14. Write a note a week to someone I love saying thanks (fun stationery linked below!).
  15. Create a social group or dinner party that meets on a regular basis.
  16. Listen to TED talks in the morning.
  17. Listen to a podcast.
  18. Write down “top three” MITs daily (most important tasks).
  19. Create 10 ideas a day and write them down (see James Altucher article below).
  20. Set reminders in your phone to stretch and move.
  21. Get enough protein in the morning!

Resources Mentioned

Books I Recommend

Podcasts I Enjoy

Additional Reading

Ok, I’m listening and ready to take notes… I learn so much from all of you and I’d love to hear even what you plan to experiment with this year! Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let me know!

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Reader Comments

  1. LOVED this episode!!! So inspirational & tons of awesome ideas and suggestions to improve my life and organization!

  2. Thank you for yet another amazing podcast and Happy New Year!

    I have many of these healthy habits in my life currently and many others are ones that I am so glad that you have reminded me of. A few other things that I do….prior to my lemon water and coffee, the first thing that I put in my body on a daily basis is 16oz of raw organic celery juice. This has been a HUGE game changer for me with my digestion as I have struggled with IBS and other health issues for years.

    As I am making my morning coffee (I use a French press, heat my cream, etc. so it is quite the process), I use this time to both stretch and meditate. So within 30 minutes of waking, I have already had my celery juice and/or water, stretched and meditated at least once, and am on my way to a cup of coffee and delicious protein rich breakfast! This has really improved my mental and physical wellbeing and is a fantastic start to the day.

    Meal prep/planning: this has been my biggest struggle over the years. As someone who cooks every meal from scratch and has to take many peoples needs and likes into consideration (Paleo, vegetarian, food allergies and sensitivities, etc.) this is a tough one!!! I can’t seem to get to the point where I am a week or month ahead like others, but I have found it very helpful to think just a day ahead of schedule and plan the entire next days meals out the night before. I.e. last night I hardboiled eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, set aside ripe avocados, grilled chicken, roasted chickpeas, washed and cut Romaine and spinach for a salad as well as carrots and cucumbers for munching, baked mini taco cups, made salad dressing, etc. so this morning I could grab and go with my breakfast, easily make lunches for the two older kids, and have snacks on hand for them to reach in and grab after school. I’m halfway done with dinner so that I can get a meal on the table in 20 minutes rather than 2 hours:) There are now tons of leftovers in the fridge for hubby to munch on as he’s working from home, and snacks for the baby to eat as well. This is SO important for us (especially my lazy teens!) because we all tend to reach in the pantry or fridge and grab whatever we see first. We don’t purchase much in the way of junk foods so this isn’t really an issue in our home, BUT it’s really important to me that the kids are getting good nutrition with every bite so it’s better for them to grab a well balanced snack or appetizer rather than just another apple or a handful of nuts:)

    Replacing all of the LED lights with old school light bulbs to cut down on EMFs and dirty electricity.

    Using Himalayan salt crystal lamps, candles and flashlights whenever possible once the sun goes down.

    Using a vitamin D and magnesium cream before bed which helps with depleted nutrients, stabilizing sleep and SO many other things.

    Having water by your bedside to sip throughout the night.

  3. Katie,
    Thanks so much for a great podcast. Happy New Year!
    Love all the ideas. Thanks for all you do! I love listening to your podcasts.

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