149: Saunacast: Genetics, Personalized Medicine & Random Health Experiments

149: Saunacast: Genetics, Personalized Medicine & Random Health Experiments

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Saunacast: Genetics, Personalized Medicine and Random Health Experiments

Katie and Heather are back for another Saunacast… though technically a Randomcast since they aren’t in the Sauna for this one. In this episode they delve into why they see personalized medicine as the future of health and how they’re using various at-home testing to personalize their own health routines.

Genetics & Personalized Medicine

They delve into how they use genetics tests like Nutrition Genome and gut tests like Viome to create their own personalized routines for their families. Katie and Heather also both recently moved and they explain why, where (kind of) and what has changed.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The tests Katie and Heather use on their own families and what they’ve learned
  • Why they both recently reduced their saturated fat intake
  • The correlation between genetic testing and gut testing
  • How they find balance in their lives
  • Why community is so important and how to create it in daily life
  • The importance of family traditions
  • How to create a “family manifesto” and why
  • The state that “legalized the 80s” again
  • The motto that both of their families have adopted
  • What types of movement they are trying

Resources We Mention:

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Reader Comments

  1. You two are really good together! Thanks for all the good info.
    Oh, one topic I’d love to be covered is PEMF machines. I bought the QRS for a number of reasons, but #1 was that it had earphones (I have a tumor in my inner ear). Trying everything!

  2. Wow, you gave me a lot to consider. And the 2 of you have such a rich friendship with so much in common that I feel so enriched hearing you together. I think I will start with thinking more about modifying saturated fat for awhile and see how I feel. Thank you both. I also love how you have created amazing family life.

  3. Thank you for the fun and interesting podcast. Heather, were you able to find the name of the podcast that you listen to with your family that explains complex topics in five minutes? I’d like to check it out. Thanks!

  4. Hi
    Enjoyed this podcast so much! In the transcript you mentioned that you would link info about NES and Mi scan. I can’t seem to find it. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  5. Just curious how you found your neighborhood. Did you happen to move there and find that kids play together or is it a neighborhood that was planned with areas to play? In our neighborhood, kids spend most of their time at sports practices or games or traveling to games and are not just playing in the neighborhood.

    • We moved there and there were already quite a few kids and it just happened very organically, it wasn’t a planned thing at all…

  6. U mentioned the book about extreme responsibility “the subtle art of…” I don’t see it in the show notes?

  7. Hi! You said that you used Nutrition Genome in all of your children. Do you recommend an ideal age to get the test done?

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