108: Why the Birth Control Pill Screws Up Hormones & What to Use Instead

108: Why the Birth Control Pill Screws Up Hormones & What to Use Instead

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Why the Birth Control Pill Screws Up Hormones & What to Use Instead

Nicole Jardim is a Certified Women’s Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Coach who specializes in helping women with hormonal problems. She has some much needed insight especially on the subject of the birth control pill and some of its lesser known effects.

Nicole Jardim and the Birth Control Pill

Nicole is the creator of “Fix Your Period,” a series of e-courses that empower women to reclaim their hormonal health in a fun and sassy way. Nicole also cohosts the The Period Party, one of the top-rated podcasts on iTunes. She’s helped thousands of women from all around the world who are struggling with PCOS, infertility, amenorrhea, PMS, and much more.

While we may be treading into controversial waters, this is a topic that affects so many women and deserves to be examined from every angle. I’m grateful that Nicole is here to share her story and the solutions she’s found.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how birth control works … and what your doctor probably hasn’t told you about it
  • why birth control research hasn’t progressed in 50 years
  • pros and cons of current birth control options (and some alternatives)
  • the hidden health costs of being on the birth control pill long term
  • effects of direct-to-consumer advertising in the pharmaceutical industry
  • the shocking number of birth control prescriptions that have nothing to do with contraception
  • Nicole’s take on whether Natural Family Planning (NFP) works (and I might weigh in just a little too …)
  • why taking the pill for acne or to “regulate” a period isn’t a good idea
  • what follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) does in the body, and what happens when it gets out of balance
  • advances in fertility monitoring that offer a completely natural way to plan (or avoid) pregnancy
  • what low sex drive has to do with the pill
  • the domino effect stress has on hormones
  • premature ovarian failure: what it is and why it’s on the rise
  • the connection between birth control and gut dysfunction, including Crohn’s, IBS, and Leaky Gut
  • changes you can start making today toward good hormonal health
  • Nicole’s recommendations on the best supplements to take to start correcting nutrient deficiencies
  • and more!

Resources We Mention


The Period Party Podcast

Period Symptom Quiz (and Fix Your Period Jumpstart Kit)

From Nicole’s Blog:

From Wellness Mama:

Fertility Monitors:

Daysy Fertility Monitor

Fertility Monitors to Space or Avoid Pregnancy

Kindara Tracking App


Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Depression



Have you ever experienced negative side effects from the birth control pill? Do you use a natural alternative and has it worked for you? Please share!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Katie,

    Love this episode! I’ve been trying to tell my friends about BC since I got off in Feb. You stated in the podcast you eat certain foods during certain parts of your cycle to support it. Would you mind making a post discussing this? I would certainly be interested.

    Thank you for all that you already do. I am learning so much!

  2. I was a bit slow on showing my wife this. I guess after child #5 we’ll have to follow this the advice to the letter. Two days after menstruation doesn’t work!

  3. I just had my 4th baby, we don’t think we want to have anymore, but I don’t want either of us to get surgery and I worry about long term effects of pill. I’m planning to order ContraGel (a natural spermicide) and the FemCap or Caya diaphragm. Do you have any other recommendations?

  4. Natural family planning (NFP) allows couples to plan their families without:

    * Resorting to powerful drugs (and their multiple possible effects)
    * Using chemicals
    * Wearing interfering barrier devices (which, btw, cause allergic reactions to some)
    * Permanently affecting either spouse’s fertility
    * Spending money!

    What’s more, NFP is literally more effective than any of the barrier methods or the low-dose Pill. The sympto-thermal method (STM) used in many studies has shown itself to be over 98% reliable in most studies and even higher in some. For example, the late Dr. Josef Roetzer of Voecklabruck, Austria followed 491 couples over an average of three years participation per couple (17,026 cycles) using the STM. A total of 12 unplanned pregnancies were reported, which works out to a method effectiveness rate of 99.2% for the STM.

    Another advantage: couples having difficulty achieving pregnancy can benefit from the information of NFP because it allows them to pinpoint the small window of a woman’s fertility when the timing of intercourse is a factor in their inability to conceive. It also alerts them to possible problems earlier so that couples can get help to conceive if that becomes necessary.

    There are many more advantages to use of NFP. This is why after using NFP for a while and enjoying its benefits, not many couples ever resume use of their previous chemical, pharmaceutical or barrier methods.

  5. Hey!
    I LOVED this episode. I just got off my IUD almost 4 weeks ago. I was experiencing ALOT of problems with anxiety being one of my biggest.
    I am really looking into getting WINK because right now we are just thinking of using condoms.
    But do you have any resources on more training into NFP?
    I want to learn more. Thank you!!!

  6. Hello Katie, outstanding episode! My wife and I have been using NFP (sympto-thermal method) for almost 30 years and have taught it for 25 yet I learned so much more from your conversation with Nicole. All of our 5 children were planned and we’ve had the peace of mind knowing she wouldn’t suffer from the side effects of the pill. It’s never too late to start using any method of fertility awareness.

    I would add another consequence of hormonal birth control. Dr. Erik Odablad states that for every year a woman is on the pill, her cervix ages 2 years. This yet another cause of infertility among pill users. I can dig up the reference if you’re interested. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Dr. Streeter recommends the husband use Dr. Lee’s Bioidentical progesterone cream daily for safe and effective birth control without any side effects. He says women should not carry this burden as all birth control put on the wife creates hormonal messes and high stress. The results of this was tested on 2,000+ couples in the U.K. over period of 3 years with 100% results. Husband FAITHFULLY uses mens progesterone cream daily; this lowers sperm count and makes the sperm inviable. When a baby is desired husband goes off of it for two weeks and is back to normal. You can hear Dr. Streeter’s fabulous seminar on Hormones and Thyroid online. PLUS BONUS ladies… Dr. Streeter says to use Dr Lees Bioidentical progesterone (I believe it’s called Komoro, men’s & women’s) during pregnancy until you feel the baby move for healthy, large placenta, and super smart child. Momma on Bioidentical progesterone during first 4-5 months is super charged brain food for baby in womb. This too was tested on thousands in the U.K. with 100% results/proof. Fascinating!

  8. I use NFP (Creighton Method) & it works phenomenally!

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