145: Algae: The Keto & Vegan Superfood with More Nutrients Than Veggies (& Where to Get It)

145: Algae: The Keto & Vegan Superfood with More Nutrients Than Veggies (& Where to Get It)

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Algae: The Keto & Vegan Superfood with More Nutrients Than Veggies (& Where to Get It)

I think it’s safe to say we’re all looking for a faster, easier way to protect our family’s good health in a world full of toxins and poor food choices. Today’s podcast is all about an under appreciated superfood that can help fill the gap.

They’ve know the secret in Japan and Asia for a while…

Sorry, no, it’s not wine or chocolate (bummer), but thanks to my guest Catharine Arnston it can become just as much of a staple in the American diet!

Energy Bits: Ancient Algae for Modern Times

When Catharine’s sister contracted breast cancer in 2009, she immediately devoted herself to searching out natural superfoods from across the globe that could help. She was astonished to uncover decades of research on the amazing health benefits of two ancient “greens” that have been part of the food chain almost since time began … spirulina and chlorella.

Catharine set about creating a delicious and portable way for more people to get their greens without eating their veggies, so to speak. No need for powders, water, or a blender … Catharine’s line of “EnergyBits” makes these superfoods tasty, portable, and always convenient.

Even picky eaters will love them!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the surprising reason the Japanese don’t generally need any vitamins
  • why the original superfood is one of the most overlooked in the American diet
  • how a small serving of EnergyBits can satisfy hunger and keep you full
  • safe types of algae to eat (and ones to stay away from)
  • why algae is good for sleep and even mental health
  • the differences between chlorella and spirulina and which might be a good choice for you
  • why we should actually want some bacteria in our lives
  • the amino acids and GLA that make spirulina almost as good as breastmilk
  • one important caution if pregnant or nursing
  • how to make sure your algae is free of toxins
  • and more!

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Reader Comments

  1. HI Katie and Catherine,

    Do the energy bits blend well into smoothies?

    Thank you!

  2. i couldn’t download the file. any tip?

  3. I did not listen to the whole podcast so I apologize if this question was answered, but what do the energybits taste like? Do they taste like actual green pills? I take a barley green tablet every day, and it tastes like eating a green food, but I only have to take 4. I see that the serving size for the energybits is around 30. I couldn’t imagine chewing 30 green tasting tablets. And the price? Oh my goodness. I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine spending $120 a month for green food. Why so expensive? If it was $120 for a 3 to 4 month supply then I could totally understand. Thanks.

  4. Hi! Are the B vitamins present in algae in the methylated forms? Could this be a substitute for methylfolate or methylated B12 for someone who has the MTHFR gene mutation?


  5. Amazing Show!!!!!!! Just when I think I’ve heard all the good stuff there is – you have another guest like this on, who teaches me such great things. What’s even better sometimes, is to already know something, but it’s not popular, and then the science is confirmed during a show….SO gratifying! Keep it up Katie, this is just. the. BEST!

  6. Just listened and intrigued by the algae! It sounds like the effect food to put in a hurricane emergency preparedness kit. But also I can’t remember which algae she referred to in cancer prevention but when she said it prevents the body from creating blood flow to the cancer, it immediately made me wonder whether it would do the same thing with a developing fetus during pregnancy? Any thoughts on that?

  7. why are these so expensive? is there a brand you recommend that is of similar quality but more affordable?

  8. Katie, your podcast episodes and website content are amazing resources. I am very grateful for your research and the time you take to share it all. I found this episode and the articles you have written on the topic fascinating. I totally appreciate that you aren’t a doctor and can’t offer medical advice but I have read some info advising against taking chlorella and spirulina if you have Hashimoto’s (which I have) and knowing that you suffer with this also, I am curious as to how you go with taking these supplements. I was very excited about the prospect of having energy and ready to order some before I started to see the info related to Hashimoto’s. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide about your own experiences.

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