Finding a Natural Skin Care Routine

Finding a natural skin care routine for your skin type

Skin care products can be a major source of toxins for many people. Most are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients that might have a temporary positive effect on the skin, but will have negative long term effects.

These artificial ingredients can also be absorbed into the skin and build up in the body.

The good news is that there are natural, simple and inexpensive options that actually work better than most commercial products, and without all the harmful ingredients.

In general, the natural oil cleansing method is a great solution for any skin type, though the combinations of oils varies based on skin type (see below). You can make your own oil cleansing blend, but I highly recommend this handmade blend that smells divine and works really well for oil cleansing.

The best combination of natural skin care options varies based on skin types:

Oily Skin

Switching to gentle and natural skin care options often goes a long way toward removing excess oil production, but in the meantime, there are some natural ingredients that can help prevent breakouts and remove excess oil.

To Exfoliate: A mix of equal parts sea salt and oil (like olive or almond) creates a natural scrub that will help remove impurities without stripping excess oils.

To Cleanse: Oil Cleansing is my go-to cleansing method for any skin type. Generally, those with oily skin will need a higher amount of castor oil in relation to the other oils to keep skin from becoming too oily during transition. In general, a half and half mix of castor oil and olive oil or even a 2/3 castor oil 1/3 olive oil mix seems to work best.

Moisturizing/Toning: Those with oily skin will need less moisturizing as skin adjusts, and often, the natural oils from oil cleansing are enough. If not, a very light layer of coconut oil works, or for those who find that too oily, a diluted apple cider vinegar toner helps keep oil at bay. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water stored in the fridge works great…

Natural Make-up options can also help tone down excess oil.

Normal/Combination Skin

I’ve always loved that term, because really.. what is “normal” skin anyway…

Those with skin that is not typically oily or dry and that responds well to different types of products and makeup usually adjust very quickly to natural skin care options. Those with this type of skin also usually can use a variety of different options and still have good results.

My skin was more oily when I was younger and as I’ve transitioned to natural skin care options, it has become more “normal” so these are the options that I use:

To Exfoliate: A homemade sugar scrub is a wonderful natural exfoliator. Here are some of my favorite recipes.

To Cleanse: Oil Cleansing is a wonderful option for every skin type, but is very balancing for normal/combination skin. Usually a mix of about 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 of another oil (olive, almond, etc) works great, but this can be adjusted to suit individual skin. Here is the full tutorial on oil cleansing.

To Moisturize: Those with normal skin tend to do well with most moisturizing options and often don’t need anything additional as a moisturizer. When needed, my favorite options are natural lotion bars or a tiny bit of homemade lotion. Even a dab of coconut oil or shea butter alone often works great for this skin type.

Natural Make-up options usually work wonderfully on this type skin as well.

Dry Skin

Those with dry or aging skin often benefit immediately from natural skin care options. Often, using natural oils on the skin helps the skin to balance oil production and stop being dry to begin with.

To Exfoliate: Often, exfoliating is not needed for this skin type, but a gentle homemade sugar scrub can be a way to add natural oils  and gently remove dead skin. Here are some of favorite recipes.

To Cleanse: castor oil is the more drying oil in oil cleansing, usually only a tiny amount is needed (about a teaspoon of castor oil in 1/4 cup of another oil like olive or almond).

To Moisturize: Homemade lotion bars, super-moisturizing homemade lotion, and whipped body butter are all excellent moisturizing options for dry skin types. Plain organic shea butter can also be a simple and effective option.

From a previous article… there are also some additional things that can help slow skin aging…

Natural Anti-Aging

There are a ton of anti-aging products available but the best options are the ones you take internally. All of the collagen products that are supposed to firm up skin don’t take into account that collagen must be produced internally and is too large to absorb through the skin.

To promote natural collagen production, I’d suggest using coconut oil as a moisturizer and taking GelatinFermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend and Vitamin C to support natural Collagen production internally.

Supplements for Skin Care

I’m firmly convinced that what you put into your body is just as important, if not more so, than what you put on it when it comes to skin health. I used to have terrible acne and since changing my diet and supplements, I don’t break out at all and my past scars have healed. The supplements that seemed to have made the biggest difference in skin health for me are:

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil– for the Vitamins A, D and K, Omega-3s and Antioxidants, all which are great for the skin.
  • Gelatin – Which is a pre-cursor for collagen and has made my hair, skin and nails noticeably stronger and smoother (great for cellulite too).
  • Magnesium– An anti-inflammatory and lacking in many people’s diets. Topical Magnesium Oil seems to be the most effective for skin health.

How do you take care of your skin? What natural solutions have worked best for you? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I was wondering what would be a good option for acne prone skin???

    • My daughter started using an acne kit by Christina. It’s very affordable and has greatly improved the condition of her skin!

  2. Since I have acne prone skin I’ve been using baking soda/oil instead of sugar to clean/exfoliate when removing makeup (only about 1-2x per week). This seemed like a good idea since it’s known for it’s cleansing properties. I love how silky-soft it feels after.

    The rest of the time I’ve been using witch hazel to cleanse, followed by either coconut oil or an olive/safflower oil mixture depending on how dry my skin is (I bought safflower oil for a recipe years ago and it has been sitting in my fridge ever since – figured this would be a good use for it). Anything wrong with witch hazel or safflower oil?

  3. I have dry-ish skin (especially since living in Colorado) and the oil cleansing method works great for me–I have used it for at least 2 years. I also used it when we lived in a very humid area, and it still worked great. In that area (Kansas City), I used to just use coconut oil to moisturize, but her in the west, I find a mixture of 50% coconut oil and 50% shea butter works well. I spritz my face afterward with distilled water mixed with a few drops lavender essential oil.

  4. I have very dry skin around my nose and mouth. I’ve been using organic shea butter from Mountain Rose Herbs and my skin is improving but my husband finds the smell repulsive. Do you have any suggestions on what I could mix with the shea butter to help the smell but not cause a reaction to my face?

    • Any essential oil that isn’t irritating to you. lavender is always a good bet. Be careful with citrus oils on your face though, they can make you burn.

  5. I have acne. As I have gotten older, I have had more whiteheads and blackheads than zits though I occasionally get those too. I have tried hundreds of products from medication to natural. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I am also starting to get more body acne which frankly I think is worse than having it on my face.

    • you can make your own 2% salicylic acid toner by buying salicylic acid online and dissolving it (in alcohol, which is the most effective, or in water if you don’t want to dry out your skin even more). 2% salicyclic acid is what is found in most commercial acne washes and acne pads, etc, but (if your on this website) i’m guessing you don’t want all the extra mysterious/ineffective ingredients that go into that. If salicyclic acid + alcohol isn’t appealing to you, look up recipes for “Thyme Toners” made with witch hazel and the soaked herb Thyme.

    • I have acne prone skin and I’ve been using the oil-cleansing method for a little over a month with great success; my skin is clearer and softer than it’s ever been! I use a 60/20/20 blend of sweet almond, jojoba, and castor oils, and that’s seemed to work well for me. I highly recommend giving it a try. One not though, I had an adjustment period of about 2 weeks before my skin started clearing up, during which I experienced some pretty heavy breakouts. I would try to start using the method at a time when you don’t have any major events coming up for the next few weeks.

      As for the body acne, I’ve found that the culprit usually lies in your diet – if you’re up for it, try eliminating dairy, red meat, or wheat/gluten one at a time and see if you notice a difference.

  6. Fabulous post I am bookmarking this for future reference so I can try them thanks

  7. I use the OCM…love it! In High School, I had very acne prone skin…after a few years I decided that I did not…I was just using so much chemical-based products that my skin didn’t know what to do! I just wrote a post about my beauty routine (No Poo hair wash, OCM)…Linked to you for more resources. I didn’t realize Cod Liver Oil helped the skin. I’ve been meaning to order some to attempt to “fix” my son’s teeth.

  8. I use a cleansing grains blend with delicate herbs like marshmallow root
    and roses, oats and a small amount of clay. This I’ll use once a day
    for cleansing and exfoliating. Then I apply argan oil and massage it in
    while my face is still damp. In the morning, I usually will only splash
    my face with water then apply oil.

    Great internal suggestions!

  9. It’s very good, all the stress and fatigue signs in my face just disappeared after 10 days and still working after 2 months of use. No more cream gathering in my bathroom.

  10. I’m trying this method but its making my face feel like it is sun burned. Particularly my cheeks which have gotten really red. I tried coconut milk to sooth them and home made coconut oil lotion but nothing has helped. Any suggestions or is this method just not for me? I was using a 3-1 ratio olive oil, coconut oil mixture.. Is it because I used coconut oil?

    • It may be the coconut oil… it is irritating to some skin types…

      • Darn because I love coconut oil and always have it on hand I just thought it would be the easiest to use. Thank you! I’ll try with another oil.. can you do it with straight olive oil?

        Ps love your sight! I’ve been able to switch over almost all of my household products with your recipes!

          • I’ve been following the oil cleansing for the past three days, and what a difference in my skin! It’s as if my skin was begging for moisture, but I was stripping it with harsh chemicals. Now that I’ve entered menopause at the ripe age of 46, I was so happy–until acne started popping up on my face. The acne cleansers that my teens use just weren’t working for me. They were much too drying. I use a coconut/olive oil blend for cleaning, and a bit of coconut oil wherever I need more moisture, and my skin is glowing! Thanks for all you do, Wellness Mama; your website is on my favorites now!

  11. Hi! My mom is very youthful & energetic – you’d never guess by her spirit that she’s 66! Her skin however is succumbing to the decades of sun, adventure & life. She has gotten several bad scratches on her forearms & shins from relatively benign things like fingernail, twig, paperclip, etc. Had I gotten the same scratch it would probably barely be pink but she bleeds quite a bit.
    I made her a moisturizing bodywash and I’d like to make a super hydrating body cream. I like your whipped body butter recipe w/shea & coconut oil as a base and I want to pack it with ingredients that will thicken & protect her skin. CAN YOU PLEASE RECOMMEND INGREDIENTS FOR THIS?? I have shea & coconut, jojoba & argan oils & lavender EO already but would be happy to buy herbs, essential oils, etc to include in the cream if they’re really going to help her.
    Thanks so much!!

    • It sounds like the ingredients you have would work well…. You could add calendula flowers and infuse them since they are good for the skin. She might also want to look in to upping her nutrient levels as thin skin like that can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency…

      • Great, thanks!
        Any specific nutrients we should be aware of? She eats a healthy diet and takes some good supplements/vits/herbs.

        • Magneisum, fermented cod liver oil and gelatin…

          • I’m wondering about the magnesium, cod liver oil and gelatin combination. I’ve begun taking gelatin supplements and would like to incorporate the other two but am apprehensive about taking so many supplements. What is your routine?


          • I use:
            Magnesium oil at night on my feet and legs
            Gelatin in the morning in coffee or tea and
            FCLO in the afternoon

  12. Lovely website. For acne prone skin only use oils that are non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores) and use sparingly. Safflower, sunflower & hempseed are all great.

  13. Thanks so much for providing this information! I’ve found so many expensive products that offer essentially the same benefits. Quick question: is it preferable to use almond and castor oils that are unrefined? Same question for the mango butter for the lotion bars…

    Thank you!!

  14. Can you tell me what type of olive oil to use? Is there a special brand? Thank you!

  15. I love your suggestions and have switched to the oil cleansing method and “washing” with organic raw honey for my acne-prone skin. I’m interested in supplements to support healthy skin but those you recommend (cod liver oil and gelatin) aren’t vegan (though some might argue honey isn’t vegan, either). Do you have any suggestions for supplements I can take that are vegan friendly?

  16. Hazelnut oil is a good choice for oil skin – it has astringent qualities.

    Thanks for the tips!

  17. Hi!

    I’m 24- I’ve suffered from acne my entire life- I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve done chemical peels, Fraxel, Facials, etc- I’ve tried every skin care product on the market- I can’t get my skin under control. I’ve even cut out all meat and keep my diet high on fruits/veggies and take supplements. I still see hardly any changes and am now at the point of canceling plans with people because I’m so embarrassed of my face. So.. Now I’m considering the oil cleansing method- it’s my last hope. I have extremely acne/oily prone skin. I see your post for oily skin, which I plan to buy the products today. However, Is this done only at night? How would I wash my face in the morning? And post care instructions- morning? Evening? Toner? Moisturizer? ANYTHING you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so so much!


    • Hi Brittany, this is a long time after your message but I hope you get it someday. Did you try the OCM? Did it work for you? Your post reminded me of myself 3 years ago when I started on my natural homemade journey. Acne annihilation was definitely a priority. I’m 27 now. Maybe my acne is just gone because I’m older, but judging by what people are saying around here, I don’t think that’s how it works. I use the oil cleansing method with just almond oil with a dash tea tree+lavender and I have done this for a year now. My acne is gone, and my skin hasn’t looked this good since high school (I didn’t get acne until college…lucky me?). I don’t use castor oil because I’m Italian. Is that not enough of an explanation for you? Ok fine. One word: mustache. Castor oil is an amazing hair growth stimulant. get it now? That’s ok though, because Almond oil works great for me. I never had any adverse reactions or “adjustment periods” where my skin blew up, but I did worry about that and I took extra precautions. During the first few weeks I changed my pillowcase every night and made up some kind of mask once a week religiously. I washed the oil off my face with a hot washcloth and TO THIS DAY I use a fresh washcloth every night. (I mean, I DO reuse them, I just wash them between uses). You can buy them in big packs at any home goods store–do that. Some people use a toner immediately after, some use oil at night and toner in the morning (or vice versa), but I use no toner at all. The OCM makes my face feel perfect, so I don’t mess with it. My advice, without any prior experience and based entirely on internet chatter is: don’t use olive oil if your skin is acne prone. Almond oil is fairly cheap and just better for your face. You can get it affordably at Whole Foods or for an amazing bargain on Amazon. I use NOW brand with success. Good luck to you and all!

      • Becky,
        Thanks for all the great information on your post, especially about the castor oil clue. I read on the OCM site that this was a once a week routine. What do you do for the other 6 days? I’m new to all this.

  18. I have normal to dry skin. It’s less dry since I’m using natural skincare methods. I hear a lot about cleansing and I’d like to hear some opinions and thoughts on my method. Some years ago I was deployed to a desert location and it was hard to find good skincare products. I ended up going without and just using a warm washcloth. The longer I went without the less important it seemed to get those products because my skin looked and felt great. I have since given up soap and cleansing products altogether. I use nothing but a warm washcloth for cleansing and have for years. What are your thoughts?

  19. I have extremely dry sensitive skin. I use to apply olive oil on my face that actually smooth up my skin and make it supple. Along with that I use dermology products for my skin. The natural ingredients make this product purely natural. Please let what else I can do for my skin?

  20. Wanted to share this recipe for cleanser with you….It works great for me…I don’t have oily skin per se….but some “center” areas are more oily than others…..

    5 parts flour (I grind my own so it is a mixture of many different types….but any will do)
    5 parts powdered milk
    1 part baking soda

    put a little in your hand in the shower and make a loose paste….rub it all over and then rinse off….very good at keeping those pores clean so not black or white heads…..

    I follow this with herbal tea astringent….Just moistened a cotton pad with herbal tea infusion of choice…..I like chamomile, peppermint, lemongrass….even green tea…..whatever works…

    I will be trying out your homemade facial moisturizer with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and olive oil…..

    I have discovered that using oil on the skin actually tells the body that it does not need to make as much oil, which may lead to dry skin….Whereas, if you just wash the skin and let the body make its own oil, it will make the amount it needs….This works great in the summer….But a little moisture at night soaks in and is a good thing.

  21. My friend traveled with a woman from Japan who exfoliates with rice flour and a little water. It leaves your skin smooth and silky!

  22. I was reading your blog abkut skin care and you mentioned you changed your diet. What changes did u make? Iv been fighting acne for 5 years. Iv used everything. What are your diet recomendations? I am currently taking antibiotics and the pill tohelp my skin. Which iv used before and it worked but I stopped taking them and broke out all over agian. I would like to try a more natural way because I agree its internal problem. I do have a auestion tho, what are common internal problems that could cause the acne? Please share any diet or other recomendations.

    • I removed: grains, dairy, soy and sugars and focused on adding more gelatin, fermented foods, probiotics, magnesium and vegetables.

  23. I have syriasis what do you think that’s good for it

  24. Hi Katie

    i was hoping you’d be able to help me a bit. I’ve been Oil Cleansing my skin now for about 2 months. The first oils I tried (3/4 Sweet Almond and 1/4 Caster Oil) was too drying for my skin, so I turned to Coconut Oil. It’s been working great, although at times my skin still breaks out and I still have to use a moisturiser as well (normally just coconut oil, but have just made a lotion bar). my problem is that the area around my eyes is breaking out in tiny red dots. I have very sensitive skin but normally if I react to something its my cheeks that go red and burn. Do you think this could be an adversion, or am I doing something wrong? Are your lotion bars ok to be used on eyes? Sorry, I love this site and all your recipes, I’m just struggling to make them work for me! (I made the lotion but ended up throwing it away because I couldn’t stand the smell, not enough essential oils!)

    • It’s probably the coconut oil. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores fairly easily. Lots of people use coconut oil on their face with no adverse reactions, but others have problems like you described. We all have unique skin! You just need to try different things to see what works. I actually moisturize with coconut oil occasionally, and I use it in my homemade sunscreen, which I apply to my face, but I never tried it for OCM. I use almond oil with a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil in it. I just add the essential oils to the bottle of almond oil when I buy it. It works perfectly for me, and is not drying for my skin type. Maybe try that. Best of luck.

  25. i have puffy under eyes or bags under the can you help me with my prob. thank jack

    • Jack – since the eye area is much more sensitive than the rest of the face you need to be mindful of what you use to minimize risk of irritation. For puffiness, your safest bet would be to place (cold) cucumber slices over your eyes and lay down for 10-15 minutes while they cool and depuff your lids. I have heard of people using green tea bags as well. Either can be used daily as part of your morning routine.

      A product that I LOVE is Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment by Glo Minerals. It is a mixture of “glycosaminogylcans” (no clue what that is) and Rosemary leaf oil. It’s a liquid that comes in a small glass cylinder with a metal roller ball applicator. It feels cold to the touch (sort of like menthol) so it is great when you are a little groggy in the AM, reduces puffiness and dark circle, and supposedly assists with collagen production. I think it retails for $15-20, although I’m not quite sure since I get their products at wholesale pricing. It’s a little steep, but my tiny tube has lasted several months of almost daily use.

  26. I have been doing oil cleansing for 3 weeks now. After the second week my face broke out on the chin and cheeks. Not sure what to do to calm these break outs and make them dry up and heal.
    I have combination skin.
    I have been using castor oil and jojoba and 2 drops lavender
    anyone have ideas??

  27. I’m using the 50/50 olive oil and coconut oil. I am just confused at how often to use it. Morning and night or only once, and if once, which time is best?

  28. I am wondering about the OCM with hemp oil
    using 3 parts hemp oil and one part castor oil. I have seen some websites saying coconut or olive or almond oil as a dillute for the castor, but not hemp. I currently have rosehip, hemp and castor oil. I have normal skin, prone to drying/excess dead skin & oily! I would like to try that, do u think it will work out for me?
    3 parts hemp oil and 1 part castor oil?

    • OCM is really about experimentation but it would seem that those should work for your skin type… let us know how it works for you!

  29. I have just realized that I am coming down with some kind of allergy to make up removers and some eyeliners… (mary kay and almay) so I decided to use grapeseed oil to remove and wash my face. I love your website it’s awesome. .. what I wanna know is what do you do for natural sunscreen and age spots.

  30. I cleanse/exfoliate my face only when I shower with a baking soda water blend (half and half) and then tone with a Braggs ACV water blend (1:4). I do not moisture at all nor do I ever where make up and I frequently get compliments on my skin. I was curious about the anti aging aspect of skin care because I don’t think my routine prevents signs of aging; although, I am frequently pinned at about 7 year younger than I actually am (I also have a fair complexion and only receive the “you look so young” comments in areas that are not heavily populated with people of fair complexion). You’re information about anti-aging was very helpful, definitely going to start an internal regimen!

    Also, is there a particular brand of baking soda which is better than others?

  31. I’ve nnoticed little bumps on the back of my shoulders. They are dark and goes down my back cut only on the side not the middle. What can I use to lighten these dark spots?

  32. Hiya,

    I love your blog, it’s always so nice to come back to it and read great articles about so many things that we can use/do on a regular basis. thank youfor everything, you do an amasing job.
    I am a big user of oils, currently I am using macadamia oil and it does wonders for my skin, I have a mixed combination skin, parts oily and others dry.
    it helps a lot to balance everything and it looks quite healthy. I had enough with buying products from the supermarket with tons of ingredients on the labels, I yearn for more natural stuff.
    I also use macadamia for my dry hair, before the shampoo, it s absolutely great! better than any hair products from the stores.
    I am also using coconut oil quite a lot these days, not so much for my face but I use it on my body, it’s toning which is fantastic and it’s so nourishing for my dry skin. I love it and it leaves such a fabulous scent on my skin. it s so exotic, I love it, feels like I am on holiday everyday 🙂

  33. Hi, I personally love Monsia.

  34. Hello, I was curious about this some. Currently I use andalou night cream and love it! I did research for fine lines which a hard and unhealthy life had earned me rather prematurely. Well it has carrot seed oil in it I believe and I also read rose hip oil is fabulous for that too. I have skin that gets so dry I break out but I break out if I use coconut oil. :/ I really need something for the day time that my skin can absorb before I put on my make up that won’t cause irritation or breakouts? Does hemp oil or avocado work well for this and don’t you have to keep them cold so they don’t go rancid?

    • Have you tried straight shea butter? It does wonderfully for some people. If not, a Vitamin C serum might be a great option since it is oil free and would absorb quickly but also helps with lines.

  35. I use a sugar scrub to wash my face every few days, and water or face wipes in-between that. It seems to work well most of the time, as long as I’m using a moisturizer. It’s hard because my t-zone gets really dry, and then it gets really oily. Combination skin is usually how I label it, although sometimes I just use cleansers for oily skin so that my skin will be healthier. It’s better to wipe down your face mid day than to have dry skin.

  36. Hey there! I have sensitive skin prone to redness and would love to find a regimen to help reduce sensitivity. What would you recommend? 🙂 Thanks so much!

  37. I just recently purchased a elite skin spa facial cleansing brush. What can I with the brush that is natural to cleanse my face? Also my water is very hard, should I purchase distilled or spring water to use?

  38. Katie,

    Have you ever blogged your complete weekly beauty routine? I love reading your recommendations, but would love to see what your complete routine looks like!

  39. Is it normal for my skin to be slightly oily after this. I used straight up coconut oil which I’ve always used on my face but never as a face wash. By always I mean like two years. Lol. Anyway… My skin was slightly oily 5 minutes ago but now it’s perfect. Is this right? Pls respond! Thanks!!

  40. I don’t mean to sound naive but would long-term use of castor oil cause the unwanted growth of facial hair? I have very hairy genes in my family, being of Arab and Hungarian descent, so unwanted hair growth is a concern of mine. Is there a good substitute for the castor oil I can use? Thanks.

  41. Hello katie,this is your fan from india… actually i this very great skin in my teenage but lately when i entered into my 20s my skin just got worse.. i mean from then i started facing acne which i have never faced before.its been a year..i have change lots of product but everything in vain.. it wud be very helpful of u if you give me some suggestions..i had a normal skin which turned into combination

  42. Up until now I had been taking the Butter / Cod Liver Oil Supplement as well, but in light of the recent controversy, I’m curious what you would take in its place?

  43. Myra, I have heard Caster Oil encourages hair growth. Use Almond, and/or jojoba. I love coconut oil for my bod (and all other uses) but it gives me the worst acne on my face.
    Skin tips from an old pro:
    I have struggled with acne since grade school and the only thing that has helped consistently is clay and aloe. I use Larosett clay.
    Baking soda is the best for exfoliating! Sugar, salt, coffee, etc. is too course and irritates my sensitive skin or makes my scarring worse.
    For scarring get Rejuveness silicon sheets.
    I am also looking into using argan oil for moisturizing.
    Juice beauty CC cream is boss.
    Arrowroot powder to set makeup and absorb oil. (awesome dry shmpoo)

    Good luck to you all on your journey to happy skin, body, and mind.
    Keep it natural!
    Vote organic with your cash!
    And remember, confidence = beauty!

  44. This all sounds great but the only thing I struggle with is timing. Should I only do OCM before bed and then a toner in the morning ? Or should I do OCM for both morning and night ? I struggle with where a toner fits in.

  45. Any suggestions for an 18-year-old? My skin is fairly good, tending to spot when I’m stressed/ pre-menstually / eat rubbish / travel. I eat a good diet and exercise fairly often.

  46. Hi Katie, their so much for the recipes, I love this site. My skin is really sensitive and everything makes me break out, straight oil, no oil, everything. I’m trying to figure out a routine from all these posts but am a little confused. Do you use moisturizer in the am after washing with just water and oil cleansing at night and honey wash every few days? It’s really dry in Colorado and I can’t image not using moisturizer before I put on make up. What about moisturizer around the eyes? Thanks for your help!

  47. I have switched from commercial cleansers and moisturizers and toners to simple avocado oil at night which seems to take off my makeup, cleanse and moisturize. Do I need to be worried about it clogging pores or going rancid, etc?

    Thank you so much!!

  48. I am very interested in using the OCM method. After reading through the comments I noticed a question that was never answered: “WHEN DO YOU USE THIS?” In the a.m. or the p.m.? Can you follow this with a vitamin C serum?
    Thanks in advance for answers!

    • I too have read through and can’t see any reply to the when do you use this question.

      • You can do either one. I prefer typically to do this at night and honey in the morning, but I’ve also done the reverse. I have also used Vitamin C serum after.

  49. Hi, I love your site and posts! I am 25 years old and have been struggling with acne lately. I have oily, sensitive skin and It feels like I have tried everything, and just when I think my skin is getting better , it gets worse again! I do use tea tree oil, a clay mask, witch hazel toner, and salicylate acid. I am trying to eat healthier and I take a plant based multivitamin and fermented cod liver oil. Any suggestions?


  50. Do you spray the magnesium spray directly on your face? Or do you spray it in your hand and rub it on your face? How many sprays do you use per day?

  51. My 15 year old son has had severe acne for the past year. I bought him Proactive and he has had slight positive results. I have been using grape seed oil and Shea Moisture’s Frankincense face wash with wonderful results so I let him try my cleansing routine for a change. Within a week his skin has cleared up and he has smooth skin instead of tiny bumps across his forehead. I am thrilled that it is working for him and hopeful to save some money as we change to the more natural ingredients.

  52. What skin care regimen and supplements dod you do while pregnant? And I have acne all around my chin from pregnancy and don’t know what to do…help!

  53. Hi, I’ve been oil cleansing with coconut oil and moisturising my face with rose hip oil, coconut oil and vitamin E as I feel my skin is aging and dry or is aging as it is so dry ? I’m also using coconut oil to moisturise my body but my skin is so dry and I get really itchy especially around my waist stomach etc, any advise on a alternative I can use?

  54. Hey 🙂 I’ve been using the oil cleansing method with coconut oil for about 2 weeks and it’s working well. I might try switching to olive oil soon, though, because coconut oil feels a bit too drying for me. I have a question about moisturizing after the oil cleansing. First I just used regular nivea moisturizer and my skin was really smooth and moisturized but wanted to go all natural so I started using argan oil and aloe vera instead. I’m having some problems with this approach. My skin feels and looks dry after my argan+aloe moisturizer and I can’t think of anything else to add to it to make it more moisturizing. Do you think olive oil could work? Or maybe glycerin? Is it possible that this is just my skin getting used to the oils after the nivea moisturizer (which was full of mineral oils and other bad stuff) and it’ll get better after a while? I’d like to go all natural with my skin care but just can’t seem to find the right oils 🙁 I can’t use shea butter because I get an allergic reaction and I’ve read that cocoa butter is comedogenic and I tend to break out a lot (even though my skin is super dry) so am hesitant about using that.

  55. HI, Katie! I have tried and failed with the OCM (coconut oil broke me out terribly) and since my first pregnancy I have developed terrible rosecea. I have been struggling for years and now in my 3rd trimester with my 2nd baby I am suffering terribly from this itchy/acne on my nose and cheeks. I definitely am not glowing! I found this site and wanted your opinion. I went to a natropath and was prescribed many supplements I cannot take while nursing or pregnant. So desperate for your advice. Thank you so much!!

    • That site had some good info on addressing the internal aspects and that is definitely important for skin health as well. I would still be careful with many of those herbs though, and check with a midwife or doc before taking any herb while pregnant.

  56. Can you recommend oils for dehydrated skin? My skin is so dehydrated thAt when I put on my foundation you can see all the dryness especially on my nose and forehead. I used to do ocm but cut back to only doing it when i take off my makeup. I use black African soap to cleanse everyday do you think that’s causing my dehydration? I also noticed my nasolabial lines are starting to be more prominent since this dehydrated issue!! HELP!!!!!!

  57. Can you recommend a gelatin that is in capsule form?

    • Not off hand, but collagen dissolves easily and tastelessly in water…

  58. My skin is so confusing & unpredictable. I want to find a natural remedy, but that will take a long time. When I use store bought products my skin goes everywhere. I know the tiniest bit of coconut oil feels moisturizing but not oily. I use aveeno face foam but I want to use something different. For now it’s the only cleanser I own. I have a massage device I use on my face to exfoliate. I think salt would irritate my skin..but I’ve tried ACV & I think it did work…your post has the name of the products you use missing…I don’t know wht that is…so I don’t know what you used.

  59. (So sorry if this is posted in the article or comments and I’m missing it on here but I don’t see an answer to this). Do you use the sugar scrub and oil back to back at the same time of day? Just once a day? I was thinking of trying raw honey to wash in the AM with a little moisturizer after if needed, doing sugar scrub and oil cleanse at night and same with moisturizer. I find after my showers, currently, if I don’t use a little moisturizer my skin feels too dry. I haven’t used more than hot water to wash my face in 10 years, I have a ton of blackheads on my nose and some on my chin. Occasionally get acne on chin. My skin looks unhealthy though (I’m 29). Trying to drastically increase my water intake as well and thinking that will make a difference. I’ve always had red spots and the nose blackheads which are my main focus of changing skin routine (I’m a ginger so I’m not positive my red spots will go away).

    • I use either a sugar scrub or oil cleansing but not both at the same time.

  60. I’ve read a few of your posts about fighting ance and natural skin care options. What I’m wondering is, what does a daily routine look like?

    •Do suggest exfoliating everyday?
    •Do you oil cleanse after exfoliating?
    •Do you wash your face every morning or just splash as go?
    •Do you wash twice a day (at morning and at night)?
    •How does the sea salt spray (in a different post) work if you’re wearing makeup?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • There’s not a one size fits all, since everyone’s skin is different…

  61. Katie,
    LOVE your site! Really need your help. Coconut oil made me have huge breakouts, ACV created red inflamed dry patches, jojoba oil burned and made every pour inflamed with red zits and I’m sadly resorting to a sodiumsulfectamide/sulfur wash to heal my roceacea acne and dry skin. I know you said there is a purging period, but my entire face broke out even in places that never usually. I do not want to be using chemicals and have been working so hard to eat clean, take biokult, and adding magnesium spray. I am currently nursing my 7 week old and find it horrible to use any chemicals that could possibly go to the baby. Just wanted to know your advice. My skin is not happy with me right now…and I am at a loss of what I really can do next that would help rather than hurt.

    • It’s possible that you’re allergic to coconut oil…

  62. Do you have to use beeswax?