Cure Tooth Decay Book Review

cure tooth decay book

I’d always assumed (and was told) that it was not possible to cure tooth decay, that cavities could not heal, and the only way to fix oral health problems was through modern dentistry. As I read and researched more, this made less and less sense and when I ran across information from Dr. Weston A. Price in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Ramiel Nagel in Cure Tooth Decay I was ecstatic!

Can Tooth Decay be Cured?

Ramiel Nagel researched the information that later became the book Cure Tooth Decay when his daughter suffered from severe tooth decay at less than 2 years old. Much of the information he found was from the works of Dr. Price who studied the oral health of many people around the world.

Nagel found and tested the idea that tooth decay could be reversed and later shared this information in his book. It details a system of specific supplementation and nutrition focused on providing the body with a high concentration of minerals and nutrients that allow it to heal teeth.

As a mom, this book was especially helpful as Nagel addresses the specific protocol that is helpful for children and talks about how oral health for a child begins in the womb and the various steps an expectant mother can take to give her child’s oral health a boost in utero.

He details a specific dietary protocol (much like the one I recommend here) with limited or no grains, sugars, beans, and limited nuts while the teeth are healing. He recommends foods like coconut oil (check), grassfed meats and pastured dairy (check), and lots of vegetables (check).

I like that Cure Tooth Decay details why fat soluble vitamins are so necessary for healthy teeth (which makes sense as many of us do not consume enough fat soluble vitamins) and how food choices directly impact oral health.

Cure Tooth Decay even touches on the role of health gums on healing teeth and how modern dentistry can sometimes do more harm than good. The book explains how orthodontics and TMJ can affect oral health and how factors like mouth breathing can impact tooth health.

The suggestions in Cure Tooth Decay focus mainly on a high nutrient diet and some important supporting supplements.

The Nutrition Protocol

As Dr. Price recommends and as I’ve talked about before, the protocol to cure tooth decay as outlined in the book focuses on:

  • Limiting foods that are high in phytic acid, especially in the initial stages of tooth remineralization. The foods highest in phytic acid include grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Consuming high amounts of fat soluble vitamins and healthy fats from sources like coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil, grassfed organic dairy (especially butter), grassfed meats, seafood, and bone broths.
  • Eating organic cooked vegetables daily, especially in soups made with homemade bone broth.
  • Keeping blood sugar balanced as as unbalanced sugar levels in the blood can lessen calcium and phosphorus in the body and both are needed for oral health.
  • Organ and gland meats to balance hormones and boost the endocrine sustem. Meats like liver are also great sources of fat soluble vitamins.
  • Taking a specific protocol of supplements to support the tooth remineralization process.

The Supplements

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the holy grail of tooth supporting supplements. It is extremely high in fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K which are all vital for tooth remineralization and which I recommend in my own Tooth Remineralizing Protocol.
  • Magnesium can also make a difference in tooth health as many people are deficient and the body needs enough magnesium to be able to effectively use calcium and phosphorus.
  • Gelatin– As many people don’t make the time to make bone broth each day, gelatin can provide an alternative (though bone broth is still better). It is great for the gums and digestion and can help the body absorb nutrients more readily.

Other Suggestions

From my own experience, the suggestions in Cure Tooth Decay are solid and do in fact, help improve oral health. The book has many reviews on Amazon filled with testimonials of people who have healed even advanced tooth decay that was through the enamel (it is possible!). I’ve seen it in my own life and get several emails a week from readers who have seen a difference in their own teeth or reversed cavities.

I’d suggest also adding a Remineralizing toothpaste or tooth powder and/or and product like OraWellness Brushing Blend which helped Susan Revak heal her advanced gum disease.

Things like getting enough sleep, reducing exposure to EMFs and lowering stress can also have a big impact or oral health as they help balance hormones, especially stress hormones, which can reduce calcium and other nutrient levels in the body.

Have you ever read Cure Tooth Decay? Had success improving your oral health? Still struggle with oral health problems? I’d love to hear your take below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I read this book last fall and found it very interesting.  I have gum disease and found that the dentist was amazed at my oral health, even though I wasn’t going to see them as often as they recommend.  I credit a serious increase in my vegetable intake for that and having to watch my carbs in later pregnancy.

    I will say that most of his recommendations are completely OUT of our budget.  Maybe if we had one child like he does, we could swing it.  But with the effect of the economy on my husbands job and 6 people in our family to feed, buying organic pastured dairy and grass-fed beef is almost completely out of our budget (I splurge every once in a while when I can find a good deal) and of course the supplements are out of our limited budget as well.  Well, and my baby girl is allergic to dairy which has made me remove all of that from my diet. 🙁

    I have added “oil-pulling” to my oral health regime and am excited to see what the dentist finds next week when I go in after not being seen in nearly 11 months. (they want me in every 3-4 months)

    Thank you for some of your other recommendations.  I plan on looking into those and seeing if I can incorporate any of those.

    • Have you looked into purchasing pastured/grass-fed meat directly from a local (or relatively local) farm? We recently purchased a “meat share” from a farm in the Ozarks that we have visited (we live in Little Rock) that includes 1/4 beef, 1/2 hog and 24 chickens. It ended up being like $4.50/lb which is actually cheaper than we can buy conventional meat at the grocery store. We are on a payment plan and they even deliver and provide a rental freezer if you need one. I wonder if you could find something like that where you live. I was initially surprised at how inexpensive it was.
      Great book! I read it last year. Thank you wellness mama for toothepaste recipe. I will never go back to toxic toothpaste!

      •  ah! I wonder if there is anything close to that where I live, near Jonesboro (not very far from little rock only like a couple of hours or so) , Cus grass fed meats are no where to be found in any grocers around here, and I dont know where any farmers markets are…  :/

        • There is a grass fed farm in Brookland, Nine Oaks. I live in Paragould!

      • The truth is (speaking from personal experience) that you can cure ALL ORAL deseases just by stop using toothpastes and oral solutions like Listerine and start brushing your teeth (as well as mouthwashing them for 1-2 minutes) with a solution made from 3 parts water and 1 part peroxide (NOT THE ONE FOR EXTERNAL USE :::BUT ONE WHICH IS INTENDED FOR INTERNAL USE::::) simple as that. My gums stopped bleeding, my teeth got significantly whiter and almost all caries have gone. Only the wisdom teeth have some caries now, but I believe it will soon be gone also!!
        peroxide is a miracle medicine from the not-so-distant past… Look it up in google. 😉

        • I agree with you. I also believe that the body can heal itself of anything if we keep ourselves happy and feed it properly. I am oil pulling also for my teeth. I have seen how much whiter they are, they no longer hurt, even my two front teeth that have been bonded are getting whiter from the oil pulling.

          I will never have another root canal. That has been a nightmare. And after reading that they can cause cancer I am still rethinking having the tooth pulled.

          I use peroxide also. My Mom always had it in the house when I was growing up and used it for infections.

          It is funny how we have gotten away from all the things that used to work.

          I believe in natural things, supplementation, exercise first and then drugs if have to be but never for life.

          God gave us everything we need to keep our bodies healthy if we would just realize that. Our world is so sick because we do not look at what we are putting into out bodies and we think by taking a drug we can still do all the bad things and we are going to be healthy.

          We do not have healthcare in this country we have sick care.

        • I can believe what you say about peroxide. My nine year old son had stains on his teeth from poor brushing. banking soda and provide removed them completely and turned his teeth WHITE within about a week. The part that surprised me most was that probably 75% of it was accomplished with the first 1-2 minutes brushing. That is pretty much all we do for brushing now. I also oil pull and take COM with butter oil.

          • Sorry, I have a hard time figuring out acronyms. What is COM? Thanks

  2. Great review! Really covers the vital points. I had 11 cavities in December 2010. I was unknowningly pregnant with my second son, and unfortunately had an xray to determine just how many “sugar spots” I had. I still feel bad about that xray… Anyway, not wanting to pay for a barbaric drilling in my head and then having toxic metals residing in my mouth, I started doing some serious research before finding this book. This book, however, so saved me! I have not followed all of the recommendations, and I couldn’t swallow the cod liver oil, but I have no sensitivity whatsoever.. Such a relief from staying up all night on pain!

    How do you all take fermented cod liver oil? I purchased the chocolate flavored paste thinking I could trick my family into eating it (lol!), but no such luck!!!! Are the capsules bearable??? I can usually do anything if I tell myself it’s healthy, but even I couldn’t get it down.

    • I keep it in the fridge and scoop out a little bit with a knife and swallow it with water without chewing it or touching it with my tongue. The capsules are not bad at all though… If I could, I’d just stick to the capsules!

      • So if you keep it in the fridge does it solidify like coconut oil would? I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t all..pastey. Even if it was solid though, capsule form sounds better, for sure!

        • It does solidify and is easier to get down, especially with a glass of coconut milk or kombucha.

          • I can’t believe I never tried that! This may be the answer!!!

  3. Great post! I take the non-flavored fermented cod liver oil from green pastures and it does not solidify in the fridge. I just put some in a measuring spoon, pour it under my tongue and then chug down water afterwards. It is not bad at all. I was psyching myself up for how horrible it would be, but was pleasantly surprised.
    Just make sure to take it with a meal to minimize/avoid fishy burps!

    • You’re right… the non flavored doesn’t harden. I’ve been taking the emulsified blend and it does. Thanks for clarifying that!

      • How long did it take you to heal your cavities? I currently have…20 something cavities…yes scary. And recently one of my molars broke. So i have 2/3 of it left in my mouth. It kills me everyday, but I’ve been taking steps to heal my teeth the pass three days, so the pain is bearable.

          • Hi Kat i have a cavity it is a small black hole. I’m wondering if it might be too advanced to heal? what kind of cavities have you healed brown spots, black spots, little black holes, etc? thank you for the info.

  4. Does the book address any dental problems other than tooth decay?  My oldest (just 4) has an overbite and is a mouth-breather (his upper lip is ridiculously chapped!).  

    I didn’t start eating whole foods and truly healthy fats until after he was born.  I was unable to breastfeed him (super low milk supply) and so he had a whole year of formula.  I would love to avoid braces (and glasses and all the other interventions that I’ve read go along with a narrow facial structure and overbite) using a nutritional solution but I can’t seem to find anything specifically recommended beyond what I’m already trying to do (whole foods, no grains/sugar, healthy fats, etc).

    • He does address those ad also talks about the right and wrong ways to use orthodontics. Apparently there are even holistic ways to straighten teeth… wish I’d known that when I had braces!

      • Cranio Sacral Therapy (energy work) can straighten teeth 🙂

        • I have multiple Rare Disorders and the years of medications have taken their toll on my once perfect teeth. I am very hopeful for any natural assistance. Just to make everyone aware. Energy work is great but Cranio Sacral therapy almost killed me, so please be careful before trying it. I had a major cerebellum herniation called a Chiari Malformation 1 and it took 4+ years and 51 specialist consults just to find a neurosurgeon that correctly diagnosed & performed 16 hours of emergency brain & c spine surgeries to stop me from becoming a quadriplegic. During those 4+ years I saw everyone possible that was a healer of any kind except the guy in South America with the rusty knife. I have a friend that is a well known osteopath and he was trained to perform Cranial Sacral Therapy but we didn’t know I had a major congenitial health issue. I spent the next week in the dark praying to die literally from the pain and pressure. My CSF was totally blocked at this time. Could this happen to others possibly. Just know sick people will try anything to feel better and you don’t always get the expected results or even medical professionals can foresee some complications. Just be safe consumers. I don’t believe anyone called to healing would hurt anyone, but please if you are a cranial sacral practitioner make sure your clients don’t have these symptoms:
          Trust me you and they will thank me. Thank you all for this great website and the incredible information.

  5. As a dental hygienist, I would caution your readers to still see their dentist regularly. And while nutrition and healthful living may reverse small areas of decay, I doubt it can reverse decay that is near or at the pulp of the tooth. I think a balance of natural and conventional dentistry is probably the best approach for most.

    • Thanks for weighing in. Certainly, I am not encouraging readers not to visit their dentists, but I have seen cases in our own family of actual holes through the enamel remineralizing, and have gotten letters from readers with even more severe cases. Agree that balance is good, but I feel like often the natural approach is completely shoved aside by conventional dentistry, so the balance needs to extend both ways…

    • It is unfortunate that you would use your status as a dental hygienist to pump up what is merely your opinion and based upon any type of research. You are trying to influence people with what you “think”. I respectfully say, please do some research before trying to persuade people to believe in something as you do or do not.
      If anything, you are going to dissuade many people from the dental profession and I do not believe that is what you want to do.

      • “merely your opinion and based upon any type of research” should be – merely your opinion and not based upon any type of research
        sorry for the typo

  6. I totally agree with Amber I work as a dental assistant, and once a cavity has started if it has not reached the dentin sometimes with a proper diet , good oral care and flouride a cavity came sometimes be reversed but once it has progressed it cannot be changed.   Regular visits to your dentist every 6 mo. and following their recommendations is the best.  

    • Again, I’m not encouraging anyone to not visit a dentist, but I do have first hand experience with an actual cavity, through the dentin, reversing itself.

    • Respectfully… Fluoride is one of the WORST things you can use. It’s toxic. Research it. And I am with Wellness Mama. I reversed/healed my own very large cavity & my tooth re-mineralized. Of course though, it’s going to be those who work for dentists (or dentists themselves) that are going to recommend going to them. I haven’t been to a dentist in over 20 years & have only had 2 cavities in my entire life. The one, I healed on my own with similar to this protocol, & the other one is on its way. M ore & more people are waking up to the fact that this IS possible, & health care can often times be taken into your own hands, if you just do a little research & figure out how it works. Natural healing is AWESOME 🙂

      • How did you heal your cavity if i may ask? 🙂

        You say you did a similar thing as mentioned in the article, but it’s always nice to get different peoples opinions.


      • How long did it take to heal your cavity with this regimen? I’m in the process and am curious. I have four small cavities/soft spots and want to try this before resorting to getting them filled. But would like to find out how long it takes.

      • How do you know you don’t have any cavities if you haven’t seen a dentist in over 20 years??? I find that hard to believe. Cavities are caused by strep mutans and acids in the mouth. If you take sugars and acids out of your diet and make the mouth alkaline, you will be able to keep cavities at bay. Peroxide has been shown to kill the strep mutan bacteria therefore stopping cavities from occurring, as well as xylitol. Xylitol has been shown to put the strep mutans into “hibernation”, it is widely used in European countries, so there is less occurrence of tooth decay.

    • I don’t agree. See my above comment, do some research on people who have used the protocol in this book. Try it yourself. You might be surprised.

  7. the truth is (speaking from personal experience) that you can cure ALL ORAL deseases just by stop using toothpastes and oral solutions like *isterine and start brushing your teeth (as well as mouthwashing them for 1-2 minutes) with a solution made from 3 parts water and 1 part peroxide (NOT THE ONE FOR EXTERNAL USE :::BUT ONE WHICH IS INTENDED FOR INTERNAL USE::::) simple as that. My gums stopped bleeding, my teeth got significantly whiter and almost all caries have gone. Only the wisdom teeth have some caries now, but I believe it will soon be gone also!!
    peroxide is a miracle medicine from the not-so-distant past… Look it up in google. 😉 

    • I agree about peroxide. I have seen it help with my teeth, my face, all sorts of things that people insist you should not use. I have heard of people actually drinking it and it helping with cancer. I believe in all natural things first and then drugs at the last resort.

      I truly believe we have everything we need from nature. Drugs and all the other stuff is what is killing us and making us sick.

      People do not die from cancer they die from the treatment. There is tons of evidence. The problem is you never hear that because the government and big pharma does not want you to know about it.

      If you research enough you can find the proof that there is a cure for cancer. We have had it for a long time but both the government and big pharma are keeping it in the dark and they try to destroy anyone who comes forward.

      God gave us everything we need.

      • So true about cancer!! I actually wrote our president once about this and I received a letter back that basically said to mind my own business!!
        Millions of lives lost because rich men and women want more money! Terrible!!

  8. It all makes a lot of sense to me. As a child i didn’t brush my teeth until I was 12 years old, i am now 33 and i have been to the dentist 3 times in my life. I have never had a cavity ever! What saved me? Being french we always ate a lot of butter, cheese and cream, also lots of fatty cuts of meats (liver and kidneys are delicacies for us!) and never drunk sugary drinks. My teeth are beautiful and white and i have no fillings! Good luck people!

    • You should find the evidence that it is the combination of butter and no sugar that leaves you with no cavities.
      I do believe that milk products have no role in avoiding cavities. Only no sugar is the key to having sound teeth.
      Milk products are too acidic for the body. They damage kidneys. I virtually never eat milk products. I almost never eat sugar or processed food. I have no cavities.
      Only if you try without milk products and have cavities, you could be able to say that milk products help. Otherwise, you are just stuck in your idea because you like it.

  9. Any recommendations for a toddler? I noticed some gray in the middle of my 2 1/2 year olds top front teeth. She only drinks water & occasionly almond milk. I see a lot of encouragement to consume butter & dairy products, but she has a dairy allergy.
    She has never had formula & still nurses some daily.

    • You can do a lot of healthy fats from coconut oil, meats, fish, and fermented cod liver oil without the butter blend. The FCLO probably made the biggest difference for us.

      • Hi, I see this is an older post but it popped up while researching this book. My toddler has a hole in her tooth that I’d like to try to heal naturally before moving forward with a drill and fill. Can you share any tips on HOW to get a toddler to take FCLO? I take it myself, but it’s very difficult to choke down. My toddler is very particular and I know getting it down the hatch will be a battle! Any tricks? TIA

      • You say to use cod oil “without butter oil” to heal teeth. why?

      • You say to use cod oil “without butter oil” to heal teeth. why? Have you tried the infused coconut oil with fermented cod liver oil, skate oil, and butter blend?

  10. So I picked up a bottle of the FCLO/ Butter Oil blend to give this remineralizing a try. But how much am I supposed to take to effectively heal the teeth of cavities and worn enamel? The bottle says 1/2tsp is the serving size, is that what you were taking? I’m taking 1/2 tsp right now, which is giving a slightly laxative effect… will my body adjust to the oils after taking them for a while?

    Also, am I supposed to use a natural bristle tooth rush or anything special? Will this work with an electric Pulsonic toothbrush or do I need a manual toothbrush?

    • My body did adjust after taking for a few weeks… I usually take about 1/2 tsp, but up to 1 tsp when trying to heal a tooth… In my opinion, a manual toothbrush is better, and I prefer a Bass toothbrush which has rounded bristles that are gentler and more effective on the teeth…

  11. not sure if my other message showed up! But I was wondering if i can heal cavites if I don’t have acsess to grass fed meat or milk? I live in Bolivia and

  12. Two years ago, I went to the dentist after a long hiatus (5+ years) and
    they found EIGHT cavities! GASP! I could not stand the thought of having them
    filled because of anxiety, so I did nothing…or at least, so I thought.

    During this time is when we started making diet changes to more real foods
    and very little wheat and processed foods. Not always consistent, but most def
    better than what we had been doing all our life.

    About a year ago, I started oil pulling. Not every day, but a few times a
    week. I also became much more serious about what we eat and eliminating
    processed foods. And even more so over the past 6 months, and past 3 months. The
    more I learn, the more I want to change!

    I went to the dentist 6 months ago, and guess how many cavities they found?
    Only TWO!!

    At the time, I had not read anything about being able to heal cavities,
    so I thought maybe the dentist miss-counted, or something (even though I
    questioned him.)

    Over the past two weeks, I have slowly transitioned to making and using my
    own toothpaste with coconut oil. It didn’t hit me until this morning what was
    happening. The food choices and other changes I’ve made over the past year were
    really healing me from the inside out.

    I was supposed to have another appointment next week, but I have postponed
    it a few more months. I want to give my new teeth-cleaning method some time, and
    I’ve also just recently started taking gelatin and fermented cod liver oil on a
    daily basis. I would love to go in and be cavity free and be able to share my
    story with them!

    I am blown away at the changes I’m seeing. Thank you for all the wonderful information you share. I hope you know that you are helping to change people’s lives for the

    God bless you, Katie!

    • Sounds like it took about a year to heal is that accurate?

  13. ” … Limiting foods that are high in phytic acid, especially in the
    initial stages of tooth remineralization. The foods highest in phytic
    acid include grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc….. ” <——- That means eliminating the core protein sources of vegetarian diet.

    "…Consuming high amounts of fat soluble vitamins and healthy fats from sources like coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil, grassfed organic dairy (especially butter),
    grassfed meats, seafood and bone broths. …" <—— Most of these foods were identified as a blood arteries killers, root factors of coronary disease and stroke.

    " …. Eating organic cooked vegetables daily, especially in soups made with homemade bone broth…." <—— Cooking kills vitamins and enzymes. What's
    left is fiber and maybe some minerals. The main benefit of cooked foods is delivering heat to the digesting system otherwise not much nutrition is left except when proteins are added.

    "…Keeping blood sugar balanced as as unbalanced sugar levels in the
    blood can lessen calcium and phosphorus in the body and both are needed for oral health…." <—— "Everything" except straight meats and straight greens contains sugars or is converted into sugars. I guess he's talking about sweets …..

    "Organ and gland meats to balance hormones and boost the endocrine
    sustem. Meats like liver are also great sources of fat soluble vitamins. …" <—– Very bloody diet. I guess it could include straight raw blood as it is accepted in some cultures …

    Again, very, very bloody diet. It challenges a lot of well established and researched
    dietary systems of healing (ex: Ornish and his coronary disease research). It also misses to acknowledge the universal cause of good health which is "protecting of all life"… less you kill, longer your life span is.

    It seems that is much less harmful to deal with the dentists than to cause so much slaughter/carnage ……

    • I’ll have to strongly disagree. I consider organic and humanely raised animals and animal products an essential part of a healthy diet and also question the research showing that these foods are “killers.” I was a vegetarian when I was younger and it did not work for my body at all…

      • Hello you are wrong.

        Meat is not the killer you make it out to be. It’s a diet that lacks the phyto-chemicals (found in vegetables) that kills you. Vegetarians supplement meat by eating more vegetables, that’s why they live longer. If they ate the same amount of vegetables, but substituted farm meat in the place of grains, they would be even healthier. Human beings are natural omnivores. It’s grain that disagrees with us. Grain and ‘agriculture’ in general is wholly unnatural. Whenever populations of people settle and begin to consume grain with regularity, mortality rates rise.

        The consumption of fatty meat is very common among native peoples living in coastal regions and high-altitude areas of the world because they need the fat to survive. Several native peoples around the world have traditional diets very rich in animal products, but instances of obesity, heart and kidney disease, osteoporosis, and cancer are non-existent. These ailments are largely a western phenomenon stemming from the mass production of synthetic ingredients in packaged foods and factory farming.

        Also worth noting is that vegetarians have higher rates of brain, skin, uterine, cervical and ovarian cancer than ‘meat eaters’.

        The human body has evolved to eat a variety of foods – which is why we have hydrochloric acid in our stomachs and a plethora of enzymes in our pancreas. We are keen enough to know when something ‘disagrees’ with us. That is why I do not eat beans.

        If you do not eat meat for spiritual reasons that’s okay, but you should know the universe is indifferent.

    • Dairy and eggs provide core supplemental protein for vegetarians. Not nuts and certainly not grains. Nothing wrong with beans as long as they are prepared properly. They are a good source of fiber, but so is cabbage and broccoli and most tree fruits. Certainly not a necessity. Many people find consumption of legumes to be hard on the digestive system.

      Vegans eat a lot of beans, but the vegan diet isn’t really about nutrition and health as much as it is about objectifying a nonsensical and unsubstantiated ideology.

      There is a lot of erroneous information relating to heart health and animal fats. The link between the two is contentious, but saying these foods are ‘artery killers’ is baseless and unfounded. A high fat diet derived from processed meats and refined sugars in conjunction with excessive sodium intake is the culprit when it comes to heart disease. Balance is the key, and the one thing most people CHOOSE to overlook. Synthetic sugars and salts are the key in most factory foods, especially ‘low-fat foods’ and the root cause of disease in the USA.

      Cooking can degrade some nutrients, but it can also enhance the availability of others. Again. Balance and moderation.

      There are many documented correlations between glucose levels and cancer. A heavy diet of processed corn/grains (and so called ‘white foods’) and refined sugars wreak havoc on your body, increase your chances of neurological disease, diabetes, blood illnesses, and disrupt the balance of +/- bacteria in your digestive system, which in turn leads to a whole slew of other problems.

      As far as the aforementioned diet ‘challenging well-established research’ I’d say that’s the nature of science. It isn’t gospel. It is consistently evolving, though in the end, your own educated rationalization is just as good or better than what a dietrician or food scientist could come up with. It’s a shame so many people are apathetic when it comes to health, but then again, the planet is overpopulated so we could stand to lose a few.

      BTW your ‘universal cause of good health’ is bizarre and completely unsound. It sounds like you’re worried about the animals. If that’s the case, I suggest you look at nature as an example. Did you know that animals eat other animals and almost never feel bad about it?

  14. Hey Katie!

    I believe I just found a cavity on my 21m old’s back molar. We still nurse during day and at night (though I know its unlikely to be the cause), and have been eating a pretty clean and organic diet since he was born. However, we have been eating grains, and I bake bread, etc. I had a terrible diet when I was pregnant, so these are probably the culprits. I’m wondering how you get your little one’s to take the FCO, and if you have used your remineralizing toothpaste on your own kids when they were that young. I’m pretty sure if I take DS to the dentist, we will get the standard anesthesia and (God forbid) caps on his teeth. Also any other advice you have to offer would be appreciated! Thank you

    • I do use my toothpaste on them that young.. some of my kids are good with the cod liver oil at that age, if not, I just let it harden in the fridge and dip in honey to get them to take…

  15. I was experiencing painful toothache 4 days before as a result from broken tooth and filling came out as well, so i have big hole in my tooth. I started to change my diet according to the book. I eliminate sugar, drink camel milk (that’s the only “good” milk i can find here with very low pasteurization process), consume Cod Liver Oil caps and eating butter, chicken liver, probiotic yoghurt, salmon with carrot and made my beef bones broth on day 1. I finally drink the broth today, and believe me the pain is already receding. I have appoinment with my dentist tomorrow but i feel like i don’t have to go, except that i really need a new filling as the hole is too big. I kept removing food from the hole with a toothpick as i’m eating 🙂
    I believe i will be cavity free one day.

  16. How long does it take to reverse

    cavities using your oral and diet protocol?

  17. i am 57 and have really bad plaque and tarter and also cavities.. just not able to go to dentist, so expensive. can i reverse my cavities and get rid of the other too with this? i am so interested in natural cures and practice eating healthy also..

    • Get the book Vicki, it will save you thousands in dentist bills 🙂 good luck

  18. Hi! I find this whole discussion interesting and we are right there with my 5 year old and a mouth full of cavities. Here’s my question for you and I would truely appreciate your opinion because I don’t have anyone else to help me. We are already doing many of the diety measures. I limit processed/sugar (admittedly have been bad on this one hence the cavities), we eat grass fed meats and raw dairy. I can load the butter oil on his bread (he’s gluten free) and hes fine with it but I have to give him nonfermented CLO with it otherwise its a no go. He is VERY picky. I can do a few more things to help like give him raw liver tablets (he won’t eat liver) and soak all our grains and use a remineralizing toothpaste. But, are those things going to make that big of a change? I am trying to balance if those few additions are going to make much of a difference. I was really shocked to hear of his mouth full of cavities esp since we already do a lot. I am not sure how I could get my son to eat no grains and just meat and dairy and who knows for how long. He only eats some raw veggies, hates them cooked. etc etc. I won’t bore you with all of his picky ism’s. Suffice to say its like they’re genetic, he is exactly like my husband. I also have a two year old and a nine month old and my time is really limited. I am trying to decide if the battle is worth it and/or if a few more things will even help him enough. I hope this is making sense. Thanks for any input. : )

  19. What are the recommendations for supplementation though? How many milligrams should be consumed daily of each vitiman and mineral? Also how many grams of fat should be consumed daily? And what are the recoendations for toddlers under 2 since his child experienced this..?

  20. HI,
    I’m loving all this information. I have had one incident after another with my teeth and have gotten soo frustrated with dentists. Anyway, my question is concerning the gelatin. I have in the past made my own broths from butchered meat parts left over from the butcher/farmer that we get our organic meat and raw milk from. This past year on account of an accident, I was unable to enjoy this stocking up process. I am wondering if an all natural beef gelatin powder would do the same as the broth. Any experience or knowledge of this?

    • I use gelatin powder too, especially if I don’t have time to make broth or just want the extra gelatin

  21. So, I just took my two year old into the dentist because she was grabbing her cheek and crying everytime she chewed on something cold. I couldn’t see any decay, grey , or pitting. But they said she had a big cavity on her molar and that see ended a baby root canal. I’m opting out because I’ve done much research and it’s obvious that I can heal it on my own. But I’m not sure how to go about it with my toddler. She’s a very pick eater, and hates taking any medication. How do I give her the fermented cod liver oil? And how much a day? I also read somewhere else to give her raw butter oil capsules, but if I feed her raw butter on bread, is that good enough? Should I be giving her a probiotic too? I also picked up some organic yogurt and was thinking about mixing the fclo and butter oil in the yogurt? Maybe? Idk, I’m so frustrated that idk what to do im ready to just take her to the dentist, HELP!

    • How is your little one..I’m going through the same thing…I’m confused about the cof liver oil intake for a 2 year old also ..where did you buy yours

  22. Thanks so much for this review Katie, very helpful. I am really interested in trying this for my family. My nine year old has just been diagnosed with a cavity in one of her adult molars, and we are booked in to have it filled next week. We are both a bit anxious about it as she has low sensitivity to local anaesthetics and often feels pain when she’s had 3-4 times the usual amount of local for her age. If we could heal it naturally, that would be amazing!

    My question is – how long does it take? I realise this is different for different people, and depends on many things including the stage of decay, health etc, but if there an idea – 2 weeks/a month/3 months..that would be helpful. If I cancel the appointment for next week, how long can I expect to wait until we see results? I will certainly go back to the dentist, but would like to give this a try first.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • Ours took about a month and other readers I’ve gotten emails from said it took 1-2 months.

      • Hi katie ..I have a 2 year old with two cavities in her two front teeth and the denist suggested a baby root canal and I am trying to cure it …my question is where can I purchase cod liver oil for a toddler and how much is safe ..and is cereal considered grains ..she loves cheerios

  23. Could raw honey replace the xylitol powder for a sweeter taste?

  24. how long does it take to get back to a good healthy set of teeth? I don’t like brushing because the water hurts my teeth but last night it was too much.. its not exactly my teeth that hurts but the gums around it hurt like its going to burst.. I can feel the pressure of blood like it is wanting to explode.. and it happens only when I eat.could ur method help me? also does it fill up teeth that have decayed???? and what about ones that were filled up 4 5 years ago?? and also do u have any idea on straightening the alignment of teeth??

    • You might be having a buildup of pus in your gums, or possibly food getting caught in there. I am not a doctor (and you might want to get checked out by one from the symptoms you are describing), but you could try oil pulling to maybe get rid of nastiness that is built up on pockets in your gums:

  25. Can you please just tell me exactly what to do/use from square one. An example of a daily regimen? I really want to try a holistic approach. I have had cavities my entire life (had to have a tooth pulled at age 7) I have had several fillings and 3 root canals. I am only 24 and I am worried I will be wearing dentures in 10 years 🙁
    What toothpaste to use, what oils to take when to take them how long etc…. Thank you!!!!

  26. Do you know anything about curing a broken tooth? There is no decay. My dentist is saying I need a crown for a tooth that literally broke (about a quarter of it broke away, not from decay). Is it possible for a broken tooth to remineralize, or do I truly need a crown to protect the integrity of the tooth? Any input is helpful. Thank you!

    • Yes! My son broke off a fourth a tooth about a year ago, right after a dental visit. At the next visit 6 months later he was told he’d need a filling because the dentin was exposed (it was also very sensitive). I started him on Rami Nagel’s protocol immediately and it healed in 2 months. The hole where the dentin was exposed has sealed itself in with new white tooth. You can still see that it’s been chipped, but it is no longer sensitive and does not need a filling. HTH!

  27. Hi everyone,

    I’ve just been to the dentist as I need to have braces and he has told me that I need to have 5 fillings before he’ll proceed with the braces. I am so upset as I’ve always had problems with my teeth despite looking after them. We had a discussion and I mentioned that I have ordered some supplements (cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil etc.) to try to heal the cavities naturally as well as having changed my diet recently, incorporating new things such as duck eggs, beef liver and other foods that are supposed to be high in vitamins A and D. The dentist was very skeptical and firmly told me that this won’t cure any cavities although it might prevent them from getting worse. He has given me 3 weeks to ‘prove’ that I can heal my cavities before a re-examination. I am only 27 and I know it sounds stupid, but it makes me so depressed when I go to the dentist. It’s like a personal failure and I’ve been told off by the dentist before for ‘not looking after my teeth’. Anyway, I will follow the advice given and see if I can improve things – I really hope so as I really don’t believe that drilling out a tooth is good for you. If anyone has any other advice of what has worked for them I’d be grateful to know. Thanks (and apologies for the long post)!

  28. Hello, I am trying to remineralize my teeth due to enamel ware. I have a few questions. Can I eat tofu? What about tempeh since it is fermented? So, beans are ok if they are sprouted? What about sprouted Ezekeal bread? I have been a vegetarian most of my life, and I struggle with the thought of eating meat. Also I am used to eating lots of grains. I feel like all I can eat is dairy, eggs, and veggies now. I am afraid I will feel depleted. I could take supplements such as gelatin. I am taking cod liver oil. What is the max dose? I heard you don’t want too much vitamin A which it has in it because you could overdose on it. I am hoping for a speedy healing, have been dealing with sensitivity. I oil pull, is there anything else I can do to speed up the recovery and get rid of the sensitivity? Thank you!

  29. Thanks Katie I’ll have a look. Love your blog by the way!

  30. Hi Katie, I have a large cavity in my wisdom tooth and its beginning to hurt as the cavity is quite deep. The dentist has recommended a surgical extraction but Im considering healing it naturally? Do you think reversing a large cavity is possible, more so in an impacted wisdom tooth?

  31. Went to the dentist after two years and he took a look in my mouth and told Me I needed deep cleaning as I have periodontal. disease. I do agree I can use a cleaning my gum is healthy no bleeding I have been oil pulling and I stop I will start again thanks for all the great information I bought the cure tooth decay book and am anxiously waiting for it to arrived. Hope I never have to c his mug again I personally think its all about the money. For most of them,!

  32. Thanks dear katie

  33. I just purchased this book. My daughter is almost 4 and has a cavity in her back molar. We don’t know yet how bad it is because she was not very cooperative for the X-rays. The pediatric dentist wants to do nitrous oxide to try and finish the x-rays and “count her teeth” with the little hook like instrument that my daughter refused to let be put in her mouth. Sigh. The dentist is concerned she will not tolerate dental treatment and should be put under anesthesia (sleep dentistry). This is an absolute no for me! However, when you are told about the tooth potentially abscessing, needing to be pulled, root canals, etc., you try searching any alternatives to keep your child’s teeth healthy without the drilling and filling and sedation. Who has followed a protocol for a young child that has worked to reverse a cavity and what did you do? I can’t imagine cod liver oil being realistic for a pre-schooler. Please help! I have an 11 year old boy as well and he’s needing “sealants”. Toxic right….and braces. Dental problem overload for this mama! Thanks in advance for your time in answering my question! Stephanie

  34. My daughter has a black dot on her molar. She has been taking fermented cod liver oil with the vitamin butter from blue ice. She’s been taking it for about 3 months now. Sometimes it looks better. Sometimes it looks about the same. Today i looked and it looks like when i first saw it (like no improvement). How long does it take for it to go away. I also make bone broth. I should at least see some improvements no? I really don’t wasn’t to take her to the dentist to have it drilled. I tried getting her to oilpull, but she can’t hold it in for more than a minute. She brushes with baking Soda, coconut oil and vanilla, and sometimes with activated charcoal 5 times a week (mornings only). She takes the oil in afternoon or evening.
    Its a small dot. Anyone have similar experiences and how long did it take to heal your Childs cavity. Mine is 4.

  35. Hi! I just ordered the book today but won’t receive it until next Friday. Can you tell me if I have to buy capsules with the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil mixed together? Or do I buy them both separately packaged? I want to order them now so I get them delivered and the same time as the book. Thanks!

    • I bought the blend with both mixed together

  36. I went to the dentist yesterday, 9 Dec, to get a cavity filled that was identified on 27 Oct. After a few minutes in the chair expecting to get numbed up, the dentist apologized and said she didn’t think any work needed to be done. She couldn’t find the cavity! I’ve been going to this practice for many years and they do excellent work.

    I’ve been eating pretty cleanly from a paleo perspective for a number of years, so I wasn’t too happy with the original diagnosis in Oct. I didn’t consciously try to reverse the cavity, but there were a couple of things I did that happen to be on the list in your article. First, in mid-Nov I moved to a higher grade (although not fermented) of Cod Liver Oil when my supply ran out. I started using a Carlson product. Second, for the first time ever,I made brone broth from my leftover Thanksgiving turkey. In November, I also had some high quality commercial beef bone broth from Bone Broths. I started using bone broths only in past couple of months, so it’s a specific change that could be a factor.

    Although my experience doesn’t prove anything, it seems that something happened to reverse my cavity in a little over a month!

  37. i have had constant tooth issues for years after having had mercury fillings (which have now been removed). I bought Ramiel’s book years ago, but only glanced at it. At the time i was sensitive to so many foods and substances, his suggestions seemed impossible to me. Years later, my body has detoxed & strengthened. I’ve moved from vegan to vegetarian, then to meat (each time a huge trauma for my current belief system) i have, now, with some anxiety, finally, studied the book and yielded to raw dairy, bone broth, organ meats and fish (something I used to hate) to my diet… eek. My body (not my mind!) love them all. I currently have a large hole in one of my front teeth which apparently needs a root canal. After extensive dentistry and the loss of 6 other teeth i can’t bear any more. I’ve had amazing results with the (to me controversial!) dairy in just two weeks. The tooth, which throbbed and hurt has now stopped hurting completely! That never happens…not my teeth anyway. i then risked adding he raw egg and raw milk smoothies, which along with the rest of the diet has continued to turn things around, pain-wise. I feel stronger and clearer, also calmer since adding dairy. I also use oregano oil, colloidal silver and vitamin c, as well as fermented cod liver oil and butter oil capsules. I came clean recently with my dentist and sent her Ramiel’s link. If she can’t work with this approach I will be looking for another, hopefully minimally invasive dentist. Will let you know what happens to the tooth….THANK YOU RAMIEL NAGEL for researching and writing your book.

  38. Is there a way to do this without bone broth and eating lots of red meat? I can handle fish, but red meat is on my list for being limited since I have heart health issues and the idea of bone broth literally makes me queasy. I’m about to buy my copy of the book, but want to know if it’s worth it if I don’t fully apply EVERY little detail. I’m fully willing to cut out grains and drastically reduce sugars, but I am not going to drink raw milk and the above issues I stated with meat and broth. Can I just do gelatins to get the minerals? I’m still very new to all of this and will make changes gradually but I am a bit overwhelmed…

    • The book could definitely offer more specifics, but you could add tasteless gelatin/collagen powders to foods you already eat to get those and there are supplements that can help with fat soluble vitamin levels (like Vitamin K) so I would think as long as you were getting enough minerals and healthy fats from other sources it should still be effective, but I would definitely get the specifics in the book and check with your doc if you have any health conditions that would keep you from doing any part of the protocol safely.

  39. My son is 23 months and needs dental work. I can use coconut oil and baking soda and peroxide. However, he definitely will not eat all of those necessary foods. Some perhaps, but not all. Should I rely on a vitamin therapy?