Natural Skin Care Options & Recipes

homemade skin care recipe options

It seems that (especially for women) switching from regular skin care products to natural skin care versions is one of the toughest natural living steps to take.

It’s hard to break free of the age defying, wrinkle reversing, acne preventing claims of conventional products and switch to a natural option, even though the natural options are often cheaper and work better!

Below are some of my favorite natural skincare recipes to help you make the switch more easily!

Natural Face Wash

I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for a couple of years, and I’d still highly recommend it, but I’ve recently switched to a faster, easier and even cheaper option: Microfiber. My favorite company makes a natural body cloth with silver wound into the thread so it is completely antibacterial. It takes off makeup, food (kids faces, not mine!), dirt, etc. without any soap at all (which is great since soap strips the natural oils in the skin). It is also completely safe to use on babies and kids (which would be especially helpful for any kids with eczema) and the cheapest/most environmentally friendly.

You can also use pure, organic Liquid Castille soap in water to naturally cleanse the face. A few drops on a wash cloth or in a sink full of water will naturally clean your face.

Natural Make-Up Remover

Microfiber works great for this too and even removes mascara without soap or oils.

Plain olive or coconut oil will also remove mascara (even waterproof) and will remove other make-up as well but isn’t as ideal if you have oily skin.

For oily skin- Liquid Castille soap in water will remove makeup without adding oils to the skin or stripping the natural ones.

Lotions and Moisturizers

For most people, pure coconut oil is all that is needed for moisturizing the face. It is naturally full of collagen supporting lauric acid and is easily absorbed by the skin. Even for oily and acne prone skin, coconut oil’s natural anti-bacterial properties make it a great option.

For those with dry skin or who want to prevent aging naturally, a homemade lotion bar is a great (and naturally SPF 5) option. You can even add zinc oxide to make a sunscreen bar if you need the extra protection, or alter into a natural deodorant.

Natural Exfoliators

A sugar/oil scrub is great for most skin types when extra exfoliation is needed. Just mix equal parts oil (coconut, olive, etc.) and sugar (white or brown) and use as a whole body exfoliator.

For more oily skin, plain baking soda can be used to exfoliate skin and remove blackheads or dirt.

Natural Anti-Aging

There are a ton of anti-aging products available but the best options are the ones you take internally. All of the collagen products that are supposed to firm up skin don’t take into account that collagen must be produced internally and is too large to absorb through the skin.

To promote natural collagen production, I’d suggest using coconut oil as a moisturizer and taking Gelatin, Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend and Vitamin C to support natural Collagen production internally.

What is your skin care regime? Is it natural? Let me know below!

Natural skin care recipes for cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and anti-aging using coconut oil and natural soap.

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Reader Comments

  1. This is excellent, going to try them.  Thank you!

    • My son is highly allergic to coconut so we cannot have it around at all. Any contact with it cause a reaction in him, so my question is, is there any other option for me for moisturizing? I read the honey comment, but I am not sure how to do that. How much honey and lemon each times and how many times a day. I tend to get flakey skin on my chin, apples of my cheeks, nose and forehead. I also battle acne monthly. I am looking for any good options-coconut free, thanks!

      • Hi Amy,
        I use Argan oil and it’s wonderful:)

        • Me too! Argon oil is excellent.

      • I use coconut oil in mornings but in the evening use Shea butter with a drop or 2 of grape seed oil. The Shea butter is very moisturizing and I’ve cleared my troubke spots.

      • Rose hips, jojoba, argan & hemp seed are all amazing oils for your skin!

      • Sesame oil is a great substitute for coconut oil. It can be used for oil pulling, moisturizing and much more. It also has a warming effect which makes it a great moisturizer during the winter, while coconut oil has cooling properties ideal for warmer months.

      • Hi Amy,
        Try the mixture of Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Lemon, and Raw honey as a facial mask after washing your face at night for twice a week. Leave the mixture on your face for at least 15 to 20 minutes and wash with Plain warm water. After the warm water, make sure you followed it with cold water to close the pores of the skin. I am so sorry, I am not an English Native Speaker, hopefully it is understandable.

        • Your english is amazing! Better than most native english speakers 😉

  2. Oil cleansing for me, with a mixture of olive and grapeseed oils and some castor oil (1 part castor to 3 parts other oils).  In the winter, I’ll add some avocado or jojoba oil to the mixture.  If skin is still dry, a drop of this massaged in works great, but I don’t need that in summer.  I do the oil cleansing at night and wash with plain water in the morning.  For the rest of the body, I use homemade soap and lotion. 

    • So I don’t get the oil cleansing… Do you just put in on and rinse it off, use a washcloth, or what? I’m new to the “all natural” scene… 🙂

      • Basically, put it on, massage in gently and steam off with a really hot washcloth.

        • Hi, I was wondering how often you should use the wash cloth and if you have a good way of washing the was cloths to get the oil out? Thanks!

          • I wash mine every 3-4 days and I rub with dishwashing liquid and rinse in the sink before putting in the wash

  3. Luckily I have found a local woman who makes natural (organic in some cases) skin care.  I love her products.  I use them for cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face.  I use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover/eye cream all in one!  It feels great on my eyes.  I also use the coconut oil as a body moisturizer and in my deodorant.

    • Where is the best place to get coconut oil?

      • I get a lot of my coconut oil and items from Tropical Traditions. Great items and I really like them!

    • Does she have a webiste?

  4. I wash my face with honey. It sounds like it would be kind of gross… but it’s not at all! Not even a little bit sticky. And since I’ve been doing it I have eliminated the dry, flaky skin I used to get around my eyes and I never, ever have breakouts. It’s phenomenal!

    • Do you use any particular type of honey? Do use enough to lather your face?

      • I use pure filtered honey. I get mines at target. I add a little lemon to my honey. Love it

    • Very interesting tell us more

    • I have also been using honey for some time now and am amazed at how well it works. I add some cinnamon at least once a week. Brilliant, although you do have to be careful with cinnamon as it can sting if you leave it on for too long

  5. Is regular cod liver oil okay too?

    • As long as it is high quality, it is fine, just won’t have quite as many benefits

  6. I’ve always had constant acne (and I’m now in my 30s…sigh) – so I’ve tried a lot of conventional products and none of them worked. I started using witch hazel to clean my face a year or so ago and found my skin didn’t get as oily and it was so refreshing (and cheaper).  With the coconut oil as a lotion it does even better. Still have acne, but it’s not as painful, and I often get comments on how nice my skin is — of course I just think the person is being nice or blind by overlooking that large zit on my chin.

    I made the mistake of putting the coconut oil in a bottle instead of a dish and almost never use it because it’s solid.

    • Hi Cygnus, I’m 27 and I had horrible acne until earlier this year (for the last 10 years!). I tried a lot of conventional things, as well as natural things and nothing helped. Seven months ago I did a big whole-body ayurvedic cleanse (which included liver, stomach, gut, lymphatic) with a local practitioner. I didn’t go there because of the acne, because I had simply accepted it as a fact of life. But it has made ALL the difference! I think chronic acne really is a symptom of systemic toxic buildup. I still get small spots if i hit the coffee too hard, but overall my skin looks great(no more big purpley spots 🙂 ). Perhaps you should consider doing something similar?? Other things I have done are cut out gluten completely, use rosehip or jojoba oil, oil cleansing and sticking to high quality mineral makeup (i use INIKA) to introduce zinc and cover the scarring.

    • You could get some more coconut oil.

    • Melt it in hot water and it will liquefy again. Then you can transfer it to a different container you can use easier. I’ve seen others on YouTube use the microwave to melt it but hot water works just as well. Especially if you keep it in your restroom like I do. Less walking hahaha.

  7. Thanks for the recommendations! I have been using coconut oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer for about 2 months and I haven’t had one blemish since I started – which is amazing!

  8. I’ve been gradually transitioning over to a more natural routine– I oil cleanse my face, and I use coconut oil as a moisturizer…and I make my own shampoo…I’ve been playing around with making my own make-up using your recipes! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I use coconut for moisturizer.. add sea salt with coconut for facial and body scrub..coconut oil for hair…and baking soda to wash my hair…brings back natural oils…I use coconut oil for pulling ..and sea salt and peroxide and water to rinse mouth..Coconut oil in bath cures skin problems like psoriasis….and apply directly to skin..clears up acne…eat 2 tbsp coconut oil a day for thyroid and your general health…and of course its all i use to cook with,,:)

  10. I have tried oil cleansing and coconut oil as a moisturizer.  I love it for my body but I have bangs and they get so greasy looking that I sometimes wash then and blow them try mid-day.  This does not happen at all with other lotions.  Any suggestions anyone?  I would love to be able to do the oil cleansing etc. 

    • You maybe using oils that are too moisturizing for your skin type. I also have bangs and oil cleanse and oil moisturize and do not have the problem with my bangs getting greasy. You may want to try using only a little bit of coconut oil along with some other oils that work better for your skin type. What is your skin type? Is it oily, dry, combo? I have combo skin and I use mostly sweet almond oil with some jojoba oil and olive oil mixed together along with essential oils that work well for my skin, like lavender, peppermint and tea tree.

      • Keep your hair up in a towel while using coconut oil as a moisturizer.Then wash your hands and dry well before taking your hair down and touching it. You can blot with tissue if you use too much or absorb with corn starch, baby powder or powdered foundation or blush or bronzer!

    •  corn starch works great to remove oil with out washing…just rub a bit in comb it out..:)

    • I would cut back on the coconut oil. You need just a little bit

    • I found coconut oil to be too greasy for my skin but I love grapeseed oil. I have had the best luck with it. I find that it is very beneficial for my rosacea as well.

  11. I went organic in my beauty regiment over a year ago and now make most of my products myself. I do the baking soda and apple cider vinegar regiment for my hair (plus a herbal rinse every now and again), I oil cleanse and oil moisturize, I use baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil as a deodorant and sometimes use Castile soap, baking soda and a little sugar as a toothpaste when I run out of my favorite natural toothpaste. I love doing this so much I will never go back.

  12. Whenever I start to feel any build-up on my face, I make a mask with 1 part bentonite clay to two parts water. Completely natural and my skin feels great afterward. I just wash it off after 15-20 minutes and rub in some coconut oil.

  13. I’m totally interested in hearing more about the microfiber cloths you use.  I checked out the website and it seems totally interesting!  On the face cloth, do you have to wash it after each use?  I know with the OCM you have to use a new wash cloth after each use and assume you’d have to do that with the microfiber as well??  Maybe not depending on how you fold it?  For what it’s worth, I’d love to see a post about your experience with microfiber and which ones you use and how you use it.  Thanks!

  14. I tried the OCM in November of 2008. At first I loved it my face was smooth and life was good, that lasted about 2 weeks. Prior to OCM I would get maybe 1 or 2 pimples a month during my cycle. After I started the OCM I had 20+ zits on my face ALL THE TIME. It was painful and embarrasing. I never had acne that bad, not even during my teen years. I was 27 when I first tried OCM.
    Too bad I didn’t know the power of apple cider vinegar then. The only thing that totally got rid of the ance was a Mary Kay acne gel that’s supposed to be used for spot treatment. I rubbed it all over my face, especially my chin.
    Fast forward 3 years and I just stopped using it about 1 month ago when I discovered baking soda and ACV as a natural way to do it. Going natural had been on my mind but I didn’t have anywhere to start until I ran across a blog.I’m tempted to try OCM again but I’m too scared. I’m 100% Paleo/Primal now and I was not back then so I don’t know if I’d have different results.
    Now I clean w/ a rosemary olive oil bar from coastal classic creations then I use baking soda w/ water as a scrub then I rub organic ACV into my face and massage for about 1 minute. Since I’ve been doing this I’ve only had 1 pimple.

    • I and few other did notice we broke out after starting the OCM. I came across a blog saying that normal because it loosing up all you plunged pores. I noticed after a while my face was getting better and I didnt have that problem again. i hope that helps 🙂

      • I am new to this so I have to ask what is OCM?

    • do you rinse off the ACV or just leave it on?

  15. Right now I’m using the regimine over at  After I stopped taking birth control about 4 years ago, I got horrible adult acne and tried everything to get it under control.  Finally this stuff at has worked wonderfully.  However, it’s full of chemicals and I really want to find a more natural approach that works.  I’m so afraid to try OCM, but am also intrigued by it.  I work full time and do wear makeup everyday (but am trying to go lighter in hopes of not needing it as often.  Also, I’ll be trying your homemade makeup soon.)  I guess I just need to try it and see how it goes.  It’s worth a shot. 

    • This is a natural way of getting rid of acne that works (does not work for blackheads though). Take any cream-like medium. I use Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip Moisturizer from Whole Foods. You may use anything you like. Take an empty glass cream jar, add your medium, add 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric and stir thoroughly.

      Every morning, after washing your face, put on the cream for the entire day. Spread the cream on your face thinly, otherwise you may have yellow spots from turmeric on your face. Do not put any make up on your face. Wash you face again in the evening.

      Hope this will help.,

  16. Thank you for your empowering recipes.  I had run out of my facial cream, so I tried the coconut oil, and mixed in a capsule of vitamin c power.  It is awesome.

  17. I just came across your blog through pinterest, and I am sooooo thrilled that I did! I have now been on your site for over two hours, looking through everything, and also spending a lot of time on Mountain Rose Herbs, placing an order for everything needed to make the baby wipes and lotion. I am a licensed Esthetician, and I studied at the Aveda institute. I love natural products, but to be honest it’s so hard to find products that are in fact, NATURAL! I always thought making products at home would be so hard, and time consuming. I have two little ones under the age of 4, so natural products are very important to me. I am just so excited to get all the stuff in the mail and start taking better care of my family! 🙂 Also, I was so happy to learn that Mountain Rose herbs is located about 100 miles from me, so that’s an added bonus, shopping local! 🙂 Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful site!   

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  18. I have been using the oil cleansing method for a month now. I love the way my face looks and feels but have developed little white bums under my eyes. I am using 20% castor oil and 80% sunflower oil. Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of the bums? I would hate to have to stop using this method since the rest of my skin looks better than it has in a long time. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!!

    • Maybe avoid your eye area.

  19. I make my own lotions, deodorant, salves and such but can’t find a good recipe for gel body wash. The ones I’ve tried are watery it doesn’t thicken. Anyone know of a recipe for a gel body wash?

  20. I have acne and the OCM work great on me.

  21. Okay…after an hour or so of perusing your site, I am wondering– do you have this all in a book? If not, it should be! And I would be first in line to buy it. Until then, I am furiously scribbling down notes and coping recipes. =) Thanks Wellness Mama!

    • A book is on the never-ending to do list, but not yet…

  22. Katie,
    I ordered some of the microfiber cloths with silver but my husband has some worries about them. He works with chemicals a lot and is very knowledgable in that area, he is worried about the silver because colloidal silver has been linked to health issues like infertility and birth defects. I know you deal with and treat fertility issues a lot so I was wondering what your thought is on that? Is it something I should worry about or are the microfibers made in a way to make it not an issue?

    Thanks so much!

    • From my understanding, the silver is actually woven in to the fiber and non-leeching so it doesn’t transfer to surfaces but just works within the cloth…

  23. Hi, I have been using coconut oil as a facial wash/moisturizer. I went through the zit stage and my skin now looks great, but now find that my face is becoming super dry. Am I doing it wrong or do I need to use a different oil for a moisturizer?

    • Coconut oil can be drying… try adding some almond, jajoba or olive oil to the mix…

    • I had the same issue. I added Argan or Olive oil (whichever was on hand) and used small amounts of her face lotion recipe. It’s been 4 or so months, and now my skin is starting to balance– a strange and exciting sensation, and i am noticing I need less moisturizer on my face. Coconut oil now works 95% of the time. The other 5%, I use a little extra oil or her lotion recipe.Having small amounts on hand gives me options. I divided the recipes into a total of 4oz or less each. =) good luck!

  24. I tried the oil cleansing method for a month and my minor adult acne got worse. I added more castor oil even though my face was dry in spots, but it didn’t work. I was so hoping it would! I will try Dr. Bronner’s next. I am very active and I think I need a cleanser.

    • If you feel like you need something a little more invasive than the oils because of all the sweat (I do hot yoga and train for trapeze everyday so I definitely understand the sweat/dirt combo) then maybe you can try using french green clay. I get really bad breakouts from working out sometimes and smearing my face all over my mat and I use the oil cleansing method which usually works great, but sometimes I will use a french green clay mask when my skin flares up and it calms it down within a day and helps a lot with the redness. Also, combine apple cider vinegar and witch hazel and apply to your face with a cotton ball or square after you wash your face. That has helped out a lot as well, and feels nice after being really active. Hope it helps (:

  25. I don’t understand how the microfiber clothes work? How is it that they remove all this dirt without any products (like creams etc)? I imagine trying to remove makeup with this cloth and spending my time rubbing my eyes a lot. I am very curious and this is the first time that I have ever heard of this method….

    • They have tiny fibers that pull the dirt/makeup etc off… I was skeptical too but I love them!

      • I didn’t know anything about microfiber wash cloths, but just picked up one at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
        It feels like a mix of satin and velvet. So how it works I have no clue. But it does…on everything but mascara. Before I use the cloth I use a little coconut oil on eyes and wipe gently with a tissue. THEN
        I use the warm, wet micro. cloth on whole face. It cleans face makeup perfectly and takes all trace of mascara/oil off. Then the cloth rinses perfectly clean with just warm water. It says put cloth in washer and dryer every few uses. Comes out perfect. I just love it.

  26. I’ve been using the OCM for a little while now and love it! I’m trying to replace my store bought beauty products with natural options. I usually wear a facial moisturizer with a 15 SPF during the day. With the weather getting warmer, I don’t want to use just coconut oil. My skin is very fair and burns easily. I looked at the sunscreen bar recipe, should I use that? Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks!

    • I just use coconut oil… SPF 5 by itself…

      • Spf 5 wouldnt be nearly enough for me. Im a redhead in africa and dont usually leave the house without spf 50. I have serious concerns about what actually goes into sunscreens but what is the right choice?

  27. Just found your website and am really enjoying reading your posts. I’ve been using coconut oil with a little vitamin e oil as a night time moisturizer for about 5 months now and have been very pleased with the results. My skin is usually so dry, but these oils have really changed the texture of my skin. Believe me, I have spent thousands of dollars on high-end skin care products. But I’ve never been able to achieve the results I have with coconut oil + vitamin e. I’m going to try your lotion bar recipe as soon as I can figure out what to use as a mold. Thanks!

  28. The blog tells us the positive of natural cosmetic and its benefit. As i used and found it to be worth using it and sure many will be benefited by this post

  29. When starting the OCM, is it normal for skin to get worse before it gets better? If so, how long does the “worse” phase typically last?

    • Yes, and usually a week or so… a homemade sea salt spray used after cleansing can help in the short term

  30. How often do you oil cleanse? I read that you shouldn’t everyday. So I’m thinking of transitioning from Cetaphil (from ProActive) to Liquid Castille Soap as my daily face wash, oil cleansing a few times/week or every other day. What do you think?
    I came to your website in search of a face moisturizer since my face doesn’t like the Cetaphil kind, which means I haven’t been moisturizing my face at all after washing. Will give coconut oil and/or your lotion bars a shot. Thanks for all the good info.

  31. This post is super helpful, thanks so much for sharing! We’re a shaving company called Dorco and we think every girl should be able to afford high quality razors. That’s why we provide quality razor systems, disposables, and cartridges for 30-70% less than leading brands. Check out our prices for yourself by Googling us! Thanks again for this great post!

  32. I suggest the use of coconut oil and moisturizer and make gelatin, fermented cod liver oil / butter mixture and vitamin C to support the production of natural collagen internally

  33. Wow, thanks for sharing so many helpful recipes! Your makeup remover looks great. As the author of many DIY natural skin care books, I enjoy using coconut oil too. 🙂 It’s great for the skin and I’m sure it works well with your makeup remover recipe.

  34. Do you need to tone??? I have heard the grapeseed oil is a commonly used natural toner and I understand it has good healing properties. I am in my mid 30’s and have terrible combination skin and I get bad breakouts…. I dont cleanse with anything other than water and I use jojoba oil as a moisturise…. I also do use coconut oil and honey once a week for an extra burst of moisture… Any thoughts??

  35. Can anyone clarify a coconut oil question please? I have been using it when making other products (melting it with other ingredients) but when it comes to using it as a moisturizer, I am thinking “liquid” consistency – or are you to still use the solid form? Wondering if anyone has a good facial moisturizer recipe that is more of a liquid or cream as opposed to the solid? Thanks in advance!

    • I use it straight from the jar. It melts in my hands as I apply it to my skin. Great moisturizer!

    • You can whip the coconut oil using an electric beater and it helps it stay more spreadable.

  36. This microfiber cloth cleansing sounds very interesting, although I’d be worried about some of my foundation remaining in my face and clogging my pores…
    Great post, I love all the tips!

  37. I went through a time in my mid-twenties where i’d have acne on my jawline a lot– it was very stressful. I tried a lot of different cleansers you’d find at the grocery store, but looking back I sum up the problem to a few things:
    1. not enough good fats and proteins in my diet
    2. Not enough sleep
    3. I was using irritating soaps which made the problem worse.
    I learned about Weston A Price diet, got more sleep and gradually transitioned to natural skin care and have not had one problem since. I use oil method (i use almond oil) and make my own exfoliating grains(recipe from mountain rose herbs) and use african shea butter to moisturize because it doesn’t stain like coconut oil does. Hope this helps. I will never go back!!!

  38. Apply cream (preferably raw cream) on face for 3 hours, moistening it couple times with milk when it starts to dry. Rinse and don’t use soap on face. You get a dewy soft skin.

  39. I tried using coconut oil for my face but it made me breakout terribly. I’ve heard that this happens and then your skin clears but does anyone know how long that usually takes? I liked it for a week or so, my skin looked great, but then woobam! Tons of tiny pimples all over my face. :/ Did I maybe use too much? I know you’re not supposed to use much but anyone have a ballpark measurement thats worked for them?

  40. I used the ocm for a month and a half and loved it! I had a little less acne than I usually do. Suddenly, without changing the oil blend or anything…BLAM… my entire left side of my face erupted into a horrible collage of huge angry zits and tiny bumps from my forehead to my jaw. I actually had a line of angry red zits along my cheekbone. It was only on one half of my face and looked like a bad rash. I kept up with the ocm for a few weeks but the acne didn’t improve and started to spread to the other side of my face. I started using only honey to wash and witch hazel with tea tree oil as a toner with a little aloe gel if needed as a moisturizer. But it just kept getting worse. I finally went back to my regular chemical cleanser, Acne-Free. It’s been 2 months and I’m still having new eruptions. Agghhh! I really want to be all natural on my face but I am ashamed of my worse-than-teenage face. Any thoughts?

    • I don’t know why people put sugar on there faces, especially if you have acne. It can cause infections. Stop putting any sugar like honey on your face and it should get better fast.

  41. Well, I’ve been doing this for a year plus now. My skin needs coconut oil. I do 8-10% castor oil, the rest coconut oil, and 2 vitamin e capsules. I mix them and leave the jar in the bathroom. I cleanse every night and while my acne did get worse at first, now, this is the ONLY thing that keeps my skin healthy. Whenever I start to break out it’s either hormones or laziness in not removing my makeup. I use a basic microfiber cloth purchased from the dollar store and clean it twice a week. This has made a huge difference. I also use the home made lotion recipe. I honestly can’t tell you how much $$ I’ve saved in the last year on personal cleansing products, and yes– the transition time was uber slow for me personally, but this was well worth it.

  42. I am 61 yrs. old and went into panic mode after noticing (suddenly) that my skin was looking and feeling awful. I bought the Somaluxe Moisturizer and the improvement is drastic, I’m thrilled with the improvements in such short time. I don’t know how much credit goes specifically to the Somaluxe Moisturizer, but I do like the product and intend to keep using it. I’m not going to mess with this, as I finally found something that works!

  43. Nice post.
    I know that my skin is dry-type of skin.
    I am interested to try the homemade lotion bar.
    I think it will be great.

  44. Thanks for all the information, I definitely share this with my daughter, she has a dry skin with acne issue, so I think this home remedies will help her.

  45. What do you recommend for moisturizing under and around eyes?

  46. Ive been using the Somaluxe Face Wash (with organic ingredients) everyday. Works amazing, makes skin clear after the first use. It smells so fresh and makes your skin feel like it just left the spa. The ingredients are not harsh nor do they test on animals. Which is a big plus. It keeps pores perfect and makes my skin even.

  47. I have been using Coconut Oil for several years, from my head (hair) to toe and it works very well for me.
    I put it on my face in the morning and before I go to bed at night. My complexion is smooth and my pores are much smaller.
    Love it.

  48. Did you know that Lemon can be used as deodorant. Straight up Lemon no mixing with anything or whatever. Take a lemon cut it into slices, then cut the slices in half and rub in your armpit, store the lemon slices in a jar in the fridge. You’ll also have lemon handy all the time without only using half and the rest going bad if you don’t use it that often. Or you could get lemon juice and put it into a little spray bottle and use that way. Or you can use vinegar in a spray bottle too…

  49. How much dead skin is exfoliated by the oil-sugar exfoliating scrub? Is it just like when you scrub your body or does a lot of dead skin come off? I’m looking for some sort of natural cuticle softener, kind of like the ones they use when you get your nails done and they clean your feet.

    Thank you!

  50. Hi! I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for several months now and I love it! (I have very dry skin and have always been acne prone). Vitamin E, jojoba, and coconut oils have helped to clear my face. I was wondering if you’ve ever used the microfiber towel as a tool to massage oils into the skin? Or can it only be used with water? Applying oil with cotton balls works great, however, I am creating lots of waste and would like to cut back on the numerous disposable items I regularly use. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks for all that you post on your blog 🙂

  51. Do you know if the Costco brand of coconut oil would work ok? Carrington Farms Organic Coconut oil. Virgin, cold pressed. Thoughts?

  52. Hi, I have a question about the exfoliation techniques. I have really bad black heads so I would like to try the baking soda. Do I just use the baking soda by itself and not mix it with anything else?

    • That is what I do, but test a small patch of skin first to make sure it isn’t harsh for your skin…

      • Thank you!

  53. I am currently using Proactiv, and for awhile, it worked. But I’m now noticing I’m breaking out more than ever! I plan on trying the microfiber and castille soap thing. If I do that, should I stop the Proactiv completely or just taper off of it? I’ve noticed in the past, when the Proactiv was working so great, that when I’d run out it was almost like my face exploded with pimples and blackheads. That’s something else too, I have tried just about everything and I still get blackeads on my nose. Does this fix that too?

  54. Hi Katie,

    HELP! Ive been using coconut oil for 4 months now, and everything was running smoothly until about 1 month later I began to break out everywhere and now I have an awful rash all over my face. Do you think this could be because of the coconut oil or do you think the coconut oil will only help to repair it? Im so lost haha hope you can help 🙂 x

  55. Hi Katie!

    I’ve been making lots of your homemade skincare recipes. Love them! Question about facial cleansing. I have tried the oil method but I kept getting styes in my eye, which was so odd. I’ve also tried honey but it was too drying for my overly dry and sensitive skin. What would you recommend for my skin type that would actually clean my face and remove makeup?


    • If you don’t struggle with acne, have you tried just plain organic bar soap?

      • Hi Katie,

        Every bar soap I’ve ever tried has been extremely drying to my skin, especially those with high glycerin content. However, I haven’t tried many lately so I would love suggestions!

  56. My 7 yr old daughter has the driest skin I’ve ever felt. It’s not red and doesn’t crack, it’s just bumpy and flakes like crazy! I’ve been to a dermatologist, and they just recommend lotion that does nothing. It’s like she has shedding armor! I think she needs some serious exfoliation, but she’s young and her skin is fair and sensitive… what do you recommend for exfoliation and a moisturizer afterward? I’m all for trying a natural approach. Thanks in advance!

    • You could try a very gentle dry brushing before her bath or shower, with a lotion afterward. That may help.

  57. Hi Katie,

    I want to start by saying that I really enjoy your website, I have made many of your homemade beauty products, and they are all fantastic! Thank you very much.

    I am writing is to ask about the Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend as a natural anti aging. I have been reading a lot about it, but a few reviews mentioned that stopping these supplements made their skin very dry immediately. Is this a supplement that I would not be able to stop taking once I start taking?
    Also, how often do you take them?

    Again, thank you very much,


  58. thank you, wellness mama 🙂

  59. I tried to use coconut oil on my face and it was horrible – made all my skin break out 🙁

    • The breakouts happen to me too! Every time I try to switch to coconut oil I break out with tons of little pimples all over my face and neck. I’ve tried several times, months apart. I’m currently using a face moisturizer called everyday face moisturizer from whole foods, which is alright. I have normal to dry skin, and maybe a pimple or two a month but usually pretty clear. I use coconut oil on arms legs and my hair but my face really doesn’t like it.

  60. Have you ever used Tallow as a facial moisturizer? I’ve been reading more and more about it. Like mixed with essentials oil and/or olive oil. How do you think it’d compare to coconut oil? Thanks, Katie!

    • I have not, but I hear good things about it… I think it might be too much for my naturally oily skin, but some people swear by it.

  61. Hi, Monsia makes the best in my opinion.

  62. how do we use the lotion?

  63. what kind of toner should be used for a normal skin

  64. Hi, I’ve a try skin n ‘ve tried so many creams, not just working. I once had a very lite chocolate color but now it’s awful n very dark. Pls what can I use to have my lite color back n smooth.

  65. I’m trying to use as many all natural ingredients as possible, but I have a few recipes that I love, that call for cyclomethicone. Is there anything that I can use in place of it?

  66. Hi! I have dry sensitive susceptible to breakouts easily with what seems to be roseaca on my cheeks though it hasn’t been diagnosed fully yet, I am currently using a black soap bar followed by vitamin e oil, after reading the posts I think I want to switch to oil cleansing (the bar soap leaves my skin tight and I just learned that’s a bad thing) and follow with coconut oil but I would like to know what can I use for the natural dark circles on my eyes and roseaca?? Ps: this thread has been amazing! Thanks!

  67. Thank you for these recipes and posts. I find myself back at this site many times as I transition to more natural ways of caring for myself.

  68. Thanks for sharing this information. If you are using natural face wash then it is good for your skin. For dry skin, you should use olive oil face wash. This is a healthy face wash for your skin.