Shea Butter Lotion Bar Stick

Shea Butter Lotion Bar Sticks

I’m a natural skin care product addict.

In college, my bathroom was filled with dozens of hair products, skin products and make-up that were likely filled with hundreds of chemicals.

Natural Alternatives…

Since switching to natural options, I still have dozens of personal care products in my bathroom (much to my husband’s frustration) but now they are packaged in glass jars and contain ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, honey and other edible and natural ingredients.

Lotion bars are typically some of my favorites and they are much easier to use than regular lotion, but I started making them in plastic deodorant containers, which makes them even easier to apply.

In the fall, I love using shea butter lotion, because it naturally protects skin from dry, cool weather and is said to help the skin naturally produce collagen. In many places, it is a revered remedy for keeping skin looking young and it really does make skin “softer than a baby’s bottom”

I love adding in my favorite essential oils to make this an all-over skin nourishing remedy. I don’t personally use it on my face, since my face tends to have plenty of natural oils, but I know many women who love to use shea butter on the face, and this would be an easy way to apply it.

Where to Get Ingredients…

Shea Butter Lotion Bar Stick Ingredients:

      • 2 tablespoons raw organic shea butter
      • 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil- solid at room temp (can use extra shea butter if allergic to coconut)
      • 2 teaspoons olive oil OR castor oil
      • 2 teaspoons beeswax
      • 20+ drops of essential oil of choice (optional) I used chamomile, geranium and orange

      What to Do:

      1. Slowly melt all ingredients, except essential oils, down in a double boiler or sturdy glass bowl over a small pan of boiling water. (TIP: I found an old double boiler at a thrift store that I use for skin products only).
      2. Remove from heat and add essential oils.
      3. Pour in to lotion bar tube.
      4. Let cool for several hours or overnight. I put mine in the fridge to speed the cooling process.

      Note: This recipe makes enough for one 4-ounce lotion bar tube. For a firmer lotion bar stick, use more beeswax. For a smoother lotion bar stick, use less beeswax and more coconut oil or olive oil.

      Other DIY Natural Skin Care Products:

      Here are a few of my other favorite skin care recipes made from natural ingredients…

          Ever made your own skin care products? What did you make?

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          Reader Comments

          1. I can’t wait to try this! What a great idea! I love your blog so much…I don’t know how you come up with so many amazing ideas! Thanks for posting so much inspiring content!

          2. That is awesome! I am slowly clearing out my collection of toxic products and replacing them with my own home-made. Thank you for the recipe!!!

          3. Hi Katie, I just made the lotion bars last night. I see the post today with the deordorant container. I really like the idea of having the lotion in these containers. Could I melt my lotion bars down and put them in the deodorant containers?
            I have been making quite a few of your diy beauty recipes. Love your site. 🙂

          4. Both lipid/fats and plastic are electrically polar, which means that their positive and negative poles line up in the same direction. So, they easily exchange electrons, which means that the oils absorb some plastic and vice-versa. This may be less of a problem in skin care products than in foods you eat, but I’m still wary of mixing oily products and plastic.

          5. My husband brought shea butter home from West Africa this summer. I use it straight up on body/face and ends of hair.

            • I just received my Shea butter. I would like put it in my hair. Does it make your hair greasy and do you have to wash it out?

          6. I love the stick lotion idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

          7. Is there another oil instead of olive oil that can be substituted in this recipe (or all other skincare recipes that you post)?

              • Thank you. I do not like the taste of olive oil so I do not buy it.

          8. Dear madam,
            Could you please let me know face cream recipe using rose water.
            I am happy if you email me.
            Regards, Surinder.

          9. You listed where to get some of the ingredients, but you skipped over the beeswax. Where do you obtain your beeswax from? Is it organic? I can’t help thinking all beeswax should be organic.

          10. I’ve been wanting to try to make these. But I’m much more of a visual learner. Would u ever be willing to make a video tutorial on how u make these?

          11. My wife uses coconut oil straight up as a moisturizer. She doesn’t use sunscreen and does not burn even in the hot AZ sun. It doesn’t work that well for me, but I’m not as religious about applying it as she is. I will say that her face looks younger since she has been using it. She has a cute little ceramic bowl that she keeps it in on our bathroom. She will usually apply it twice a day. I use it two to three times per week.

          12. Hi Katie! Listening to the Wellness Family Summit as I type and loving it!! 🙂 I love all your recipes and tried making this one last night in a reused Primal Pit Paste container. Well, I don’t know why I didn’t think this through….I poured it in the container and it just went straight through it and poured all over the counter. Did I miss a step somehow? Or did I just use a bad container?

          13. I’m new to making my own skin care range, I’ve just made some lotion (I don’t think I added enough essential oil though) and from the company I bought the beeswax and oils, on a whim I bought honey powder. I have no idea how to use it or in what quantities, could you help me please!! I love everything about your website and am introducing as much as I can for a better lifestyle.


          14. I recently started using cocoa butter from Sunfood. I just roll the block onto my skin after a shower. My boys say I smell like chocolate. Happy Nesting.

          15. Hello Katie,I am from Indonesia.I really love your web and your amazing natural skin care recipes.all about home made! But sometimes it difficults to find some ingredients.I try to replace it with my country’s tropical plant/ you mind someday create some recipes with tropical herb / plant for people here ? Thankyou

          16. Can you use this as a hair pomade as well?

            • Hi! yes you could, just omit wax:) I make a loc butter raw unrefined coco butter, shea butter, hemp seed oil and vitamin e. Use on scalp, hair, face, body. ..:)

          17. Hello,
            I’m wondering what the beeswax can be replaced with as I am vegan. Any ideas?

            • Candalill wax is plant derivative, and has a great texture. Also there are soy waxes 🙂 Hope that helps 🙂

              • That helps alot. Thank you Cristy!

          18. Hi Katie! I love/use a lot of your beauty recipes- thank you!! 🙂 I have a question though….when I use shea butter (twice now), my essential oils just don’t ever mask the shea butter smell, even after re-melting and adding more. From what I read, the smell is natural (and ok) but it kinda bugs me. Any tips?? I found the same with cocoa butter…..Maybe I just need to use coconut oil more, but I was trying to get away from it. Thanks!

            • You can also use mango butter, alvacado butter, kokum butter, or purchase refined shea butter, it has less scent. 🙂

          19. How can I make a body butter with this recipe?

          20. Hello, I was wondering; can the beeswax be omitted completely, with no replacement? Or does some other wax have to be used to get the finished product as you’ve made?

            • If you are putting it in a stick like this, it can, it will just be smoother and less solid that with the beeswax. It will work, but you’d want to be careful to keep it away from heat.

          21. Hi! Mine got a crack at the very top of the lotion and some melted through the container. Any tips to prevent these two things from happening?

          22. I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing it.

          23. I love these recipes!!! I have always used Aubrey Organics (somewhat pricey but not over the top) and LUSH (very pricey) I can now make my own lotions and bars for a fraction of the price! I love that I know exactly what is going into my creation. Thank you so much for the great recipes! Do you have any shampoo and conditioner recipes for fine hair?

          24. Firstly, thank you so much for such an informative place to find information to live better and healthier for all ages in just about every way imaginable!

            I am converting step by step from a fully processed, over the counter, run to the doctor person, to an organic eating, almost there vegetarian, alternative medicine (where I can at 62 with a chronic issue) do-it myselfer!

            I have gone from chemically laced shower gel to your recipe, and have been making your lotion sticks and loving them! With one hitch! Every time I add my precious (and pricy) essential oils after I have everything melted together and removed from the heat, it seems as though before I am even finished pouring the mixture into the containers, the lovely scent has evaporated! I have even tried to hurry and stir a few extra drops in at the last second as they are setting up, but once hardened, there is no hint of any scent at all. So disappointing! I am wondering if I am purchasing the wrong thing because in looking around I have noticed a few are labeled ‘absolute’ and thought maybe those are what I need? Anyone who can help would so appreciated.

          25. I find myself coming back to your blog, rather than looking up any other recipe on the interweb. I really enjoy this, I like all the info & it helps me offer new products to my customers. Thank you so much!!!

          26. I just made this today. I love that it’s a small amount to whip up quickly. I have guests coming over for dinner tonight so this is a gift for my guest!

          27. Hello. I’m planning on making the basic lotion in little silicon patty cake containers. But, my questioning is, can I use your Shea Butter lotion stick recipe in the patty cake containers?? I’m worried it might not set?
            Thank you so much for all our recipes, they look great and I’m excited to give them a try.
            Thanks in advance

          28. Thanks so much for the info on your site. Verh helpful. I’ve started making my own products and cannot imagine going back to store bought. The difference is amazing. I am a peppermint freak, so I added peppermint and a little eucalyptus. These tubes are not going to last long!

          29. Could I use jojoba oil instead of olive/castor oil??