Probiotic Jello Snacks Recipe

Probiotic strawberry jello snacks recipe

It drives me nuts that most “breakfast” foods are actually dessert in disguise. Many cereals have more sugar than donuts, which have more sugar than many desserts.

Snack foods often aren’t much better! Ignoring the fact that we don’t need to eat every 2-3 hours and that our modern fascination with “snack foods” is more a product of a multi-billion dollar industry than our own hunger, these junks foods are most often packed with refined sugar and processed ingredients as well.

Rather than turning to a processed option for breakfast or snack, consider making a quick and simple protein and probiotic-rich treat like these Jello snacks.

Jello Probiotic Snacks: A Treat that Kids Can Make

These days, while I’m spending much of my time being the sole food source for the youngest member of our family, I’ve been so grateful that my kids have been willing and able to help in the kitchen and this is a recipe I feel great about them making! They love the taste and I love that they are getting protein, probiotics and fruit.

It’s minimal ingredient list includes:

  • Frozen Fruit– Choose berries for a boost of antioxidants and color without a lot of added sugar. Using frozen fruit that has defrosted provides better texture and more intense flavor in this recipe. We prefer strawberry.
  • Fresh or bottled organic juice– for natural sweetness and color. We prefer grape, apple or orange juices in this recipe.
  • Gelatin– One of my favorite ingredients as it helps these treats gel and also provides protein, including amino acids like proline and glycine which are beneficial for digestion and sleep. I personally use the green can of Beef Gelatin from here.
  • Yogurt or Kefir– Adds probiotics and a creaminess to the recipe. I like organic or homemade yogurt or milk kefir.

Where Do I Get the Molds?

I usually get more questions about the molds for recipes like this than the actual recipe itself, so I figured it deserved its own section this time! In honor of a certain movie that my older kids are obsessed with and that comes out soon (hint: this one), I used these themed molds, but any silicone molds will work (here’s why I feel comfortable using silicone on cold foods).

If you don’t have molds, you can easily make this in a greased glass baking dish and just cut the finished result into squares to serve.

TIP: These set most easily in the refrigerator, but popping them in the freezer for about ten minutes before serving makes them easier to cut or remove from molds without affecting the texture at all.

Probiotic strawberry jello snacks recipe

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Probiotic Jello Snacks



Quick to make probiotic and jello snacks made with gelatin, juice, yogurt or kefir and fruit. Protein packed and delicious for a quick breakfast, snack or treat.


  • 1 cup fresh or bottled organic fruit juice- I like apple, grape or orange in this recipe
  • 1.5 cups frozen berries, defrosted
  • 1.5 cups homemade yogurt or milk kefir
  • 1/3 cup grass fed gelatin (I use the gelatin with the green lid from here)
  • 1/4 cup sweetener of choice (optional) or1 tablespoon lime juice (for a more tangy version)


  1. Combine the defrosted berries and yogurt or kefir in a blender and blend until smooth. Set aside.
  2. Place half of the juice in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer. Place the other half in a 2-cup glass measuring cup. When the juice in the saucepan is heated, remove from heat. Quickly pour the gelatin into the measuring cup with the cooled juice and whisk quickly to combine. Immediately add the warmed juice and whisk until smooth.
  3. Quickly pour the juice and gelatin mixture into the blender with the fruit and blend on LOW speed until just combined. Add the sweetener or lime juice if using and blend until just combined.
  4. Pour into silicone molds (if using) or into a greased glass baking dish and place in the refrigerator until gelatin has set.
  5. Remove, take out of the molds or cut into squares (if in a glass dish) and serve. Can also store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days (they might last longer but they've always been eaten faster than that in my house so I can only vouch for 4 days).

Like this recipe? Check out my new cookbook, or get all my recipes (over 500!) in a personalized weekly meal planner here!

What recipes do you like to make with your kids?

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for another great kid (and big kid) recipe! 🙂 Do you think you could add probiotic powder to boost the content? Maybe by stirring into the finished product? I’d love to know your thoughts.

    I just want to say thanks for everything you do Katie. I love your blog and greatly appreciate the information you provide. You present credible and reliable information and are addressing issues that are often overlooked yet so impactful (like palm oil and deforestation, and fish farming). You’re empowering people with knowledge to help them make better decisions for their families and the planet. Amazing! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Chandra-Lee! And I’ve never tried to probiotic powder, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t dissolve 🙂

  2. Sounds great! What is the difference between Vital Protiens gelatin and Great Lakes gelatin

    • Both are excellent products, but I was able to verify the sourcing from Vital Proteins, which also incorporates easier into some recipes.

  3. Hi Katie! The link for the silicone molds is not working. Is there another way to see them? Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes and ideas and posts! These sound yummy! Hope you and the new baby are well!

    • I just checked and the link is working for me. What is it doing when you click it?

  4. My son has a milk allergy. Have you tried this recipe (or think it would work) with coconut yogurt? Looks like a fun treat!

    • I have never tried it with coconut yogurt. I think it would be worth experimenting with, and you may just have to tinker with the other ingredients until you get a consistency you like 🙂

  5. Would this work with Greek yogurt, or should I add liquid?

    • I use Greek yogurt with everything from Jellos to Smoothies, and it works great. Don’t add any water to it.

  6. I already have a big collection of silicon molds of varied types of designs. My kids love jellies but I was always concerned about the hygiene. Now I’m relieved. I can prepare jellies at home in their favorite colors and designs.

  7. YOU, good woman, have been mentioned in posts ALL OVER FACEBOOK for your lotions, bone broth, toothpaste and more! I know I’ve pointed people in your direction more than a dozen times just in the last 3 days… and then I started noticing in other groups I’m in, so are many others!!! We thank you for the work you’ve done, aiding in the improved health of so many families! You can’t possibly know how many lives you’ve touched through your work, blog, recipes. We are thankful God has plopped you onto our screens across America and the world, really. God bless and thank you again!

    • Thanks so much for your beautiful compliment, it made my day! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  8. Are these more similar to jello or gummies? I’m looking for something for my daughter but for some reason she can’t handle the texture of jello?! Thanks

    • Definitely more like gummies. And you can always add more gelatin or less liquid to make them firmer according to your daughter’s taste 🙂

  9. What an awesome and cute idea! I used to make probiotic jello with Kevita “mojito lime” beverage and gelatin powder. They add sugars to the mojito lime flavour now so it’s not low carb anymore. 🙁
    I still like to make treats like this with regular fruit teas sweetened with liquid stevia drops, though.
    There’s a Bigelow Probiotic lemon ginger tea that I have daily. I bet that + lemon juice + sweetener of choice would also make a delicious treat. The probiotics used in that tea are heat safe.
    I don’t have forms like this, so I just make mine in a shallow glass dish and then cut it into cubes. I now have a box of adorable 4 oz mason jars that I bet would be perfect for this as well.


  10. How many of these should each child (say a 40-pound kid) eat, either at once or in a day?

  11. Thank you so much. I bought the gelatin. All is can say is WOW on the aminos that are in it! It will be fun to see what else I can put it into as I’ve never used gelatin before. My hair has thinned a bit because I’ve been anemic several times over the last several years, but that’s another story! Looks like it might help my hair, too.

  12. Just got my first bag of protein essentials and I was so excited to try this recipe since it’s hard to find snack foods or even just breakfast foods that aren’t grain based and acidic. When I read the recipe I was wondering how long it would take to firm up, then I went and made it with just-from-the-freezer dark cherries, yoghurt, kefir and coconut water and “poof” instant jelled snack! I was able to get Jabba the Hut to lay somewhat flat in a dish for the fridge, but no silicone molds could contain him this time. Next time I’ll defrost fully if I want some semblance of form and beauty! 🙂 Thanks for all the great info. I was wondering about silicone baking mats, too, and appreciate your take on them.

  13. Yes, Katie, I agree with Kimberley: I have never said it, but really should have: you have researched and given all of us SO MANY great recipes and articles for thought!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
    Your articles are wonderfully full of recipes and great ideas.
    We think a lot alike!
    Thank you, again.

  14. I love the idea of the probiotic snacks, However my son, his wife and their little guys are all Vegan. I’d love to make these for them, but don’t know what I could use in place of animal bases gelatin?

    • You can try agar-agar, which is plant based, in place of beef gelitan and coconut yogurt instead of dairy. The ratios will likely change quite so I recommend experimenting in small batches to get a good result.

  15. Would it be possible to make this recipe using agar agar powder in place of the gelatin, as a vegetarian option? I’d like to make a healthy jelly for my son, but we can only have halaal gelatin, which is hard to come by… Not sure how much of the powder if have to use though. I guess it would have to be a trial and error thing…

  16. Hi!!!! Thanks for all of the amazing info you share…. I so appreciate your time and concern. I wanted to know how I could substitute the beef gelatin, because my family and I do not consume beef or pork. Also we have gone astray with our healthy and organic eating:( Do you have any suggestions or ideas (maybe prior posts) to jumpstart healthy eating and school lunch prep for children or families that are getting back into the swing of healthy eating?

  17. I, too, appreciate your posts and refer you to others for important, thoughtful information. Thank you so much! We have been big fans of making gummies since you posted the recipe for tangerine ones several years back.

    Is there a reason you switched from calling them gummies to using the word jello as in jello snacks? Jell-o is a brand name to me–a product that is laden with sugar and dye, something we do not eat. Just wondering.

    • It’s a term that more people are familiar with, so it’s a nice introduction to the real-food lifestyle for many 🙂

      • Ah–that makes sense. Thank you.

  18. Katie, I tried this last night and before I could get it out of the blender, it set up completely (I used my lowest speed possible); there was NO pouring into my molds :(. Yours works in the blender fine and still pours? I am still struggling to find a recipe we all like. Every batch of homemade gummies I have made, have ended up such a weird texture, that no one wants to eat them :(. Can you increase the liquid to help, or are these ratios essential?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    • You can definitely increase the liquid, that will make it easier to pour and possibly change the texture enough for your family to like them.

  19. Hi Katie. Can I use vital proteins collagen peptides ( the blue one) instead of gelatin. Would it work the same as gelatin.

    • No, it won’t work for this recipe because it won’t gel..

  20. I read that if you use sugar with your yoghurt it cancels out the probiotic effects. Do you know if that is true? There would be some sugar in the fruit and any sweetener you add.

  21. Very helpful and inspiring, thank you very much.

  22. Hi, I’m confused ! Many websites say to add the Great Lakes Gelatin to gummy recipes. Not the green container. It says beef . I have tried a few recipes and they are disgusting !!! It smells AND tastes like boys dirty FEET !!!!! What am I doing wrong ????? Help ! I am trying to follow AIP diet. Mary

  23. I tried this and my gelatin started to gel immediately and never made it to the strawberry mixer. 🙁 I followed the directions but once I added the warm juice it was a done deal. All gelled up. Not sure what happened. My husband said aren’t you supposed to add it to the hot first?

  24. Hello Katie

    I tried this with the Grate Lakes green gelatin but it didn’t gel at all and stayed a runny liquid! What might have gone wrong do you think?!! Its hard to get the Vital Proteins gelatin in the UK. Can’t wait to get this one right as it sounds lovely 🙂

    • Was it cool enough in the room in which you cooled them? Perhaps try putting them in the fridge?

    • It’s the red can you need with Great Lakes for gelling. The green can is the collagen hydrosalate, the red the gelatin.

  25. How many and how often can kids eat these?

  26. I love your blog! Thanks for the recipe. Is there a way to make it ketogenic? i.e.; high-fat and sugar free? Maybe substitute heavy cream or sour cream with the berries and stevia?

    • I haven’t tried, but test it out to see and let me know!

    • Hey there. I haven’t done this particular recipe, but I do make a keto friendly gelatin snack using:
      Fruit tea (hibiscus based usually)
      Unflavoured Gelatin
      Liquid Stevia drops

      For the fruit based ones, I top it with heavy cream.

      Another variant I did was chai jellies and coffee jellies to which I added unsweetened almond coconut milk AND heavy cream.
      I also did one with frozen pureed raspberries and just added some raspberry zinger tea for the liquid.

      If you’re interested in the probiotic aspect, I used to make one with Kevita lime mojito sparkling beverage which USED to be keto friendly, but now it has too much carbs. Instead, try one of the probiotic tea or coffee products that’s out there. My local grocery store carries Bigelow lemon ginger probiotic tea, and also I recently found a couple instant coffee packets with probiotics! I also don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use some unsweetened Greek yogurt with these and a little heavy cream.

      I also did one with a little pureed raspberry and fruity tea.

      Just some ideas. You should be able to mix this around and sub whatever you want! Just try building the recipes in something like My Fitness Pal and adjust the amount of fruit and yogurt until you get the carbs in line with what you’re comfortable with. 🙂


  27. I just got my orange liquid fermented cod liver oil from green pastures, I saw this post and want to make some gummies for my son, have you ever Incorporated this into gummies or any other recipe to make it more appealing. Thanks for all your research! Love your posts!?

  28. So I just tried this today, I made a few mistakes. I used vanilla Greek yogurt instead of plain or strawberry regular yogurt. This made it super thick. Instead of my blender I used a nutribullet so it can’t hold as much, so when I went to thin the mixture out with Apple juice I had to do it in several batches. I did a couple molds then put the rest in a glass dish. I would love for Katie to do videos on some of these, while it’s all pretty straight forward sometimes knowing details by seeing it would be helpful lol. I hope it turns out good but I’ll be trying again with all the right ingredients and I only have 1 child so I’ll be using only half recipe. Thanks for all the tips.

  29. This is awesome!!! I just read a great book called “Let them eat Dirt” (, talking about we are killing our micro biome with antibiotics and “too clean” lifestyles. In my practice, I always asses the gut and bacteria when treating depression/sleep disorders and immune health. The is such a fun way to get our kids, (my boys are 4 and 3) to repopulate their guts with a little beneficial bacteria. It will also be a fun thing to do together!! Thanks.

  30. I just made these with frozen strawberries, great Lakes gelatin, bottled clean Apple juice, maple syrup, and homemade raw goat milk kefir. They setup before I even started my blender after adding the gelatin/juice. I tried to stuff it into my molds but realized they probably wouldn’t look good so I put everything in my saucepan and reheated it on low while stirring constantly. It only took a little while and then it was pourable again. They mixture was still cool so I don’t think the probiotics were affected. Anyway, thought that could help out someone if they feel discouraged! Oh and they taste great!

  31. Hi Wellness Mama. I love your jello recipes and have your new cookbook, which I love but I am looking for your beautiful jello recipe. I am pretty sure it is yours and I can’t find it on your website or in the cookbook. Could you please help me?