771: A Real-Time Example of Shifting Energy In My Workspace With Elaine Glass of Get Quiet

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A Real-Time Example of Shifting Energy In My Workspace With Elaine Glass of Get Quiet
Wellness Mama » Episode » 771: A Real-Time Example of Shifting Energy In My Workspace With Elaine Glass of Get Quiet
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771: A Real-Time Example of Shifting Energy In My Workspace With Elaine Glass of Get Quiet

Today, I’m back with Elaine Glass for round two. Elaine is the author of Get Quiet, and she coaches people on how to shift their energy and the energy of their space to get unstuck and move forward in the world. She worked through her own journey of healing and transformation to remove her stuck, dense energy, and now she helps others do the same.

This episode is a unique one! Elaine is doing a live demonstration of clearing my podcast recording studio and talks about some of the things that can lead to stuck energy in an environment. For clarity, this is about the energy of the space that we are in (not mitochondrial energy or what we think of as body energy). There are some key takeaways you can use to clear your own space. And we even had a little bit of a tech snafu at the exact perfect time!

I hope you enjoy this process. Thanks for joining us today!

Episode Highlights With Elaine Glass

  • Tips for how to clear your own spaces
  • How she does energy clearing of places and spaces
  • Burn palo santo to remove any negative, stuck energy
  • Open a window or door to the outside to release the energy out of your space
  • Places in your space where energy can get stuck (pay attention to wall intersections)
  • Make sure to move furniture so fresh air can get behind and around it
  • Cleaning is a great way to clean energy. Not only are we cleaning dust we can see but we’re clearing the negative energy we can’t see
  • This works great to turn around negative moods in your home or space (works great with kids!)
  • If you can leave a window open often, that lets in good, light energy
  • Try clearing a home before selling it!
  • The way clearing her energy helped her find love again

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Read Transcript

Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

Hello, and welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com. And this episode is round two with Elaine Glass, who is the author of a book called Get Quiet, who helps coach people on how to shift their energy and the energy of their space to get unstuck and move forward in the world, and in this one, she actually is doing a live demonstration of doing this in my podcast recording studio and talks about some of the things that can lead to stuck energy in an environment. And for clarity, this is not mitochondrial energy or what we think of as body energy, but the energy of the space that we are in. And she explains it more in this episode. But this is a hands-on look. And we actually even had a little bit of a tech snafu at the exact perfect time for you guys to be able to actually see my podcast space, not just the background that’s often behind me. So I’ll let you enjoy this process. And there’s some key takeaways that you can use in your own space as well. So let’s join Elaine. Elaine, welcome back. I’m so excited to have another conversation with you.

Elaine: Thanks for having me back, Katie.

Katie: And for all of you listening, we had a wonderful initial conversation in our first podcast together. I’ll link to that in the show notes. But all about Elaine’s work and her way of getting quiet, which I have found very helpful in my own life. And in this one, we’re going to do something that will be entirely new to me and that I’m going to follow your lead on, but I’m really excited about, which is sort of addressing the concept of dense, stuck energy in the environment. And you explain in the book how this can be so important. So definitely encourage people to get the book. And also just for clarification here before we jump into it. I’m glad you brought this point up before we started recording the difference between we’re not talking about mitochondrial energy or physical energy in the same way that I often do in the health and wellness world, but in the energetic side of dense stuck energy and how that in our environment can actually affect us very deeply. So with that as a broad intro, Elaine, I’m going to follow your lead now and let you guide this process and learn from you as we go.

Elaine: Great, great. Well, the first thing that we do, and I’ll be teaching this along with the listeners, so you can go into your own space right now if you’re somewhere that you’d like to clean and clear. If not, then you can listen and maybe play this back. And when you do get into a space you’d like to clear, we’ll be here for you.

So the first thing is, right now, we’re going to be clearing the energy that could possibly be stuck due to various reasons, in Katie’s office space, where she actually records these interviews. So the first thing that we’ll do, that the first thing that I would like to do, Katie. I don’t know if that’s a new microphone for you. Let me just, first thing I’d like to do is open my senses. So the way you open your senses, you can, and the reason why you want to open your senses is because you’re going to then be more sensitive to where areas could be stuck in your environment. You can light your most beautiful smelling fragrant candle. You can light what I use as a palo santo stick, which is a soft balsa wood with a beautiful sense. And you’ve also heard the common thing would be lighting sage to open up your senses. So that’s the first step.

But when I’m first just looking at, now, let me give you some background. I have been cleaning and clearing spaces energetically my whole entire life. I didn’t know I was doing that at the age of six, but I was. I could sense it. I could feel it. It felt dark and dense. And I knew that I could actually feel better in my space once that energy was gone. I did that for over 40,000 patients one-on-one in my dental practice. And I’ve done that to hundreds of people in their office spaces, their homes. We have had people who have sold their homes a week later after clearing, people who have cleared out their office spaces, and all of a sudden, they’re getting twice as many patients as they did before. Homes where children were being acting up and they clear the space and now they’re calm. I mean, this really is very, very transformative. That’s my background around clearing energy.

So the very first thing I would want to ask you, Katie, that I’m tuning into is your microphone, especially at the very tip of it. I mean, I know that it’s very obvious that you talk a lot through it, but I’m wondering if that’s a new microphone.

Katie: It is actually pretty new. Yeah, I just at the beginning of the year revamped all the podcasts set up. So it’s pretty new.

Elaine: Okay. Okay, so I’m feeling what I’m sensing is right where not the backside that I can see, but the front side where you can see and I can’t, there is some stuck energy there. And I think what I’m sensing is if you could, with your whatever hand you want to, if you could just kind of push away at the very tip of that mic with your hands, just sort of push it away, there’s something stuck. There you go. Perfect. So Katie is pushing that away and you can actually come around. It’s just that very top of it. There you go.

Great. Okay. So that right there feels better for me. You’ll see how it is for you. I think because it’s new, it could be just in the packaging that was surrounding it and keeping it tight for a long time. And now it’s out of the package. But I want you to feel free flowing, you know, voice through that microphone and feel your best. So that’s the very first thing I was sensing. Okay. So when we leave this conversation, you may also want to go back to listen to this and maybe redo some of these areas too. And also, as you’re speaking into a microphone after 10 or 20 or I know you’ve done over 700 podcasts, which is amazing. You may want to just clean and clear out around that microphone. And I think that that will really help you in ways that you may not know what will come of that. Okay, so are we going to be, you’re going to be showing me the rest of your, how do you want to do this? Just show me the rest of your office.

Katie: Oh, that’s a good question.

Elaine: Is there a way to move?

Katie: It’s all on a tripod set up. So I don’t know if I can.

Elaine: Okay. That’s okay. That’s all right. Do you want to describe to me? Well, first of all, it looks like from just the back of your screen. Is that is that your wall?

Katie: It’s a digital wall behind me. They can change.

Elaine: Okay, do you…

Katie: Let’s see, are you still there?

Elaine: Yeah, I’m still here. Okay, this is great.

Katie: Perfect. The universe conspired to our benefit because the power just went out the building except for the one connected to my actual computer.

Elaine: Yay. Love it. Okay. So this is awesome. So this is what I love to see. And thank you, Katie, for sharing your office space with us, because this is your personal space. And so for me to come into this personal space, I feel very honored. It’s a sacred space for you. This is where you do your life’s work. This is where you serve moms and love moms. So I understand that this is really a space, a sacred space.

So I wanted to, let’s just let you know at the offset, this is not about negative energy in your space at all. This is about, because energy is basically neutral. So we’re not saying that you’ve got, you know, negative, you know, energy in your space. We’re just saying that there’s dense, stuck energy that can be moved. And when things are moved in our lives, then we can change in our life and find ways to change that we just could never even imagine. So I look, so we dealt with your microphone, which is beautiful, by the way, but there was some stuck energy at the tip.

So behind you is a screen. And so the padding. Okay, so right now, if you turn to your left. Over your left shoulder, okay, there’s a light, but then there’s also a corner and two walls that meet together. I see that there is also, and this is the thing where people really look at every wall and two walls in their home and their office spaces that meet at that space. There’s usually a lot of stuck energy in those areas. So I don’t know if you can get up, Katie, right now. If not, that’s fine. But you’ll just remember that any two walls that come together, you can move your hand gently like this. You can take your palo santo, you can take your saging stick, and just go up and down those walls and move that dark energy. Let me see what else is going on there.

Katie: And I don’t really have the ability to like turn, but I can explain. There’s like in front of me, there’s two computers, one that has my notes and one that has the camera. And then there’s the normal camera that’s not working right now, right in front of me. And then there’s three lights that center.

Elaine: Yeah. And it’s funny because I just noticed I can actually see your reflection in the TV. So that helps me a lot. Yeah. So if you can, yeah, when you move around, move away like that. Okay, so behind that TV, I don’t know how long that TV’s been in that place, but I don’t know if it’s on a stand or what. But I feel like if you can move that a little bit, just even away from the wall a little bit, I think there’s a lot of stuck energy behind that TV, that monitor. Are you able to move that? Even just if you were to move it and get some space behind that, you don’t have to do it right now, but just make a note of that. Actually, there’s a lot of stuck energy back there. Okay.

Katie: I’m making notes, mic, corner, and TV for all the things I can’t move while I’m tethered to earphones.

Elaine: Yes, yes. Anything that’s been sitting in your office space for a very long time or anything that’s new, because that all has energy that’s different than yours or it’s not been moved for a very long time. You know, I’ve gone into homes where they haven’t moved the furniture in literally a decade or two. And what represents or what comes of that is old thinking, same patterning, same behavior, nothing moves, nothing changes. That’s the theme here. And so you say, well, it’s just a light or it’s just a TV monitor. What are you talking about? All of everything is energy. And if things are dense and stuck, it’s heavy. Nothing’s moving. That’s not moving, and your life isn’t moving forward. And that’s why we do what we do. We want to move our life forward. That’s what brings us happiness.

Katie: So it seems like a good general rule would be not just spring cleaning for dust and baseboards and such, but actually like moving furniture around and making sure that like energy can flow around it and behind it and in places it wouldn’t normally.

Elaine: Yes, in Get Quiet, the path of the cleaning and clearing your environment is the path and the energy point of our heart. When we clean and clear out this way, Katie, we are opening up that heart energy in ways that it’s just mind-blowing, mind-blowing. That’s how I actually found love again, is when I clean and cleared and got in control of my environment. I was able to actually open my heart and let love in again when I was not even having that in my life. But I did, and this is how I did it. And this is how I fell in love again, because I opened my heart space. I opened my environment. I got in control of my environment. I decluttered, but I also shifted the energy.

Katie: I love that as a concept because, you know, we often think we create our environment, but also our environment does shape us. Even I think of like in small ways, if we’re just sitting in a chair all day, our body adjusts its shape to that chair. And also like, of course, in deeper ways as well, it would seem like our emotions adjust to our environment.

Elaine: Exactly. That’s exactly what’s happening. Thank you for that. I’m looking at the light behind you. It’s beautiful. I love the fact that it’s got those panels of four. What I’d like you to do is around each black panel, if you could turn to your left and see. There are four black panels around the bright white light. If you could actually with your stick. I’ll actually do it right now, okay, if that’s okay. I’m actually going around each panel and cleaning and clearing. And how do you do this through the Zoom? Well, you do. Everything is energy. Okay. So I do this through Zoom all the time with people. And so you’re shifting that. Now, if you don’t mind, if you could actually move a little bit, I’ll try to get under your TV and I’m going to shift that too. Yeah. Thank you. Does that stand move or no?

Katie: Not easily. It’s on rollers, but there’s like carpet underneath, but I could, when I’m not recording, I could probably safely pull it out.

Elaine: Yes. Okay. So that’s the thing I’m sensing. It’s the rollers. Okay. The rollers need to move. There’s a lot of stuck energy under the rollers. So once that moves, that is going to be really substantial to have that move. Okay. And I’m just going to be here and do your microphone. We’re repeating that. I’ll do your, your, and you’re going to do this too, but because you’re there and it’s your energy. But you’ve given me permission to be in the sacred space for you. So I’m just going to do a little bit here. Now, what do you have there that could be books that are dense? Do you have any books, bookshelf?

Katie: I have a bookshelf.

Elaine: A closet?

Katie: No closets, just a bookshelf that has like backup tech gear. And then it has one copy of each of my books, but not any other books beyond that.

Elaine: Okay, so this is the thing about books. I know this is like, it can be crazy talk. And believe me, when I learned how to do this, I thought I was going crazy. But you know what? When you show up to be your most authentic self and you trust that, you know, the universe has your path and has your back, you just go with it. So I’m being my true authentic self with you. It’s very vulnerable. I know this is very strange to people, but this is what I do. And I know it works.

So especially with nonfiction books. Those are stories from people’s personal journeys. And they tend to have a lot of heat at the top of them. So I don’t know if you’ve ever been feeling hot in your room. Or if people have books from nonfiction books in their bedrooms and they’re feeling heat at night, it’s because the heat can rise from these books because you’re actually feeling the heat of the author and their pain and suffering, but they’re also their transformation and their tips and tricks. So what I would do with you is whatever books that are there for you, first of all, do you ever feel warm in that room?

Katie: In the warmer months, yes. Right now there’s a heating issue, so it’s very cold. But in the summer, yeah.

Elaine: Okay. So, you know, and this is why I have literally clean and cleared people’s bookshelves. And someone, a woman who was so hot at night thought it was her hormones. And we clean and cleared the bookshelf. And literally, she slept like a baby that night because there was heat coming from, an energetic heat coming from the books. I know it sounds crazy, but these things happen. So when you get a moment, clear off the tops of those books of yours, and you’ll feel less heat in those months.

Katie: That’s fascinating, especially when you think, I know in feng shui, they often recommend not having a lot of books in your bedroom. And I wonder if that might be part of the reason why.

Elaine: I bet it is. I bet it is. Do you have any plants or anything artificial or anything fresh, plant-wise yet? I know this is a new space, you said.

Katie: I do have a few artificial plants. There’s not a lot of great light in here, so I didn’t want to have real ones.

Elaine: Yeah. Okay, great. Well, anything green to the eye is very pleasing. So that’s fine. But I would just say because of its artificial, it’s going to emanate artificial energy instead of natural energy from something that’s alive. So you may want to also balance that out with another plant in there that’s actually alive. It can even be a cactus, something that is really easy to take care of. So you want to balance the artificial with the natural. And I think that’s going to give you just this natural rhythm back into your life where things aren’t so technical in there, but also warm and alive, just like you are and matching your energy. So that could be plants, that could be crystals, anything that really brings joy and beauty to the space that’s alive. Okay. So let’s see what else. Let’s look one more thing. So there’s no closets and there’s no windows?

Katie: There’s one window, but it’s got like soundproofing on it.

Elaine: Okay. Is that window able to open though when you want it to, or is that permanent?

Katie: It’s permanent.

Elaine: Okay. Well, I don’t want to restructure your whole room. So that’s fine. If it’s permanent, it’s permanent. If you can actually once every six months open that, that would be good. If not, I’m sure that room opens up to another bigger space and then you can be outside somewhere. Correct?

Katie: Yeah.

Elaine: So you can take this dense energy and either take it out the main window, right now you can’t. That’s fine. Open the door when we’re done here because I have shifted some things. Open the door and let out what we’ve taken out. What would be your closest door to the outside? That’d be your front door, your back door.

Katie: So my office door is right to my right. And then outside of that is the patio balcony area.

Elaine: Perfect. Perfect. It’s all going to go out the patio.

Katie: Okay.

Elaine: Open the door, even if it’s cold. I know we’re in winter months right now, but even if it’s cold, even if it’s for a minute or two. Now, of course, leaving your windows open for a period of time throughout the day is so healthy. And a lot of times when you can leave a window open, even just a small bedroom window open, it really is so healthy for the environment and any stuck energy. It really brings in an enormous amount of healthy, free, very light energy to an area that could be dense and stuck in your home. So leaving a window open is really ideal. If you can’t, at least make sure that when you’re clearing a room, whether it’s your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room, a kid’s room, make sure that you open a window right after you’ve cleaned and cleared that room.

Katie: Okay. I’m making notes. And my key takeaway is at least what I heard was plants are good in general for our space, which is great news because I have a minor houseplant addiction at my house. I like to joke. I have a lot of living plants throughout my space, but also seems like a takeaway would be it’s good to open all of our windows and let air in and energy in and out once in a while.

Elaine: Yes, it’s that exchange that is really healthy for your environment. And the thing is, is your kids are going to feel this. They’re going to immediately feel this. I’ve seen children literally stop having tantrums. They start loving and hugging their mothers and their fathers more. They just are more loving. They’re more safe. They feel less weighed down in their environment. And when we’re cleaning our homes like we do, I’m always cleaning my house. It almost seems like once I start at one spot, I’ve got to redo and start at the other end. So it’s like this perpetual cleaning.

But, instead of just cleaning the dust or the windows or seeing things that you can, cleaning things you can actually see, know that when you’re also cleaning the dirt and things that you can see, you’re actually doing what we’re doing here as well. And so when you hold that intention of clearing out the energy while you’re cleaning your home, it will just freshen up everyone that lives there, especially you.

Katie: Awesome. I’m taking notes for the show notes.

Elaine: I’m just pausing to see what else I sense. Okay, so there’s a bookshelf. It’s white. I can kind of see a little bit of the bookshelf. That actually needs to also move forward because behind there, even though I think that’s see-through, I think that it still needs to air out even because of the pillars that are supporting it. And it might, I don’t know if it’s been there a long time or if it’s been moved, but right now bring it forward from the wall. And again, just like the monitor there, at least just for five minutes or so. It just shifts everything. And it’s like clearing out the cobwebs. We just want to, you know, things that are sticky, things that are stuck, things that have been up against the wall, furniture pieces that have been up against a wall for years and years and years. Oh my goodness, please move them forward just for a few minutes or an hour and get some air rushing through there and some new fresh energy. It will make such a big difference in the way that you feel in your space.

Katie: I’ve gotten lots of key takeaways of things, I think, like I said, we think to clean our house physically, at least spring clean, deep clean once a year. But I don’t know that many people consider cleaning the energy of their space very often.

Elaine: That’s right. That’s right. And like I said, before I sold my house about three years ago, I knew this information and there were neighbors who were trying to sell their houses and they weren’t able to. And so I knew that, you know, we, when we walk into a space, especially as women, and we’re so in tune with our intuition, we know how spaces feel. Do they feel welcoming? Do they feel safe? We have these superpowers that tell us these things.

And so I knew that, you know, they say, well, bake cookies, you know, and make your home smell a certain way to sell your house. I was like, no, I don’t need to bake cookies. I need to clean and clear my house. And the minute I did, I had my house up for sale one night. And after I cleaned and cleared my whole entire home, getting ready for the people to come through the next day, they came through. I had two, I mean, no, I had three offers within a 12-hour period. Why? Because people feel a sense of lightness. They don’t know why, though. They’re walking into a house. And, you know, have you ever been walked into a certain space and you’re like, oh, my God, this feels so good. They can’t tell you why. They just don’t know why. So it’s, this is why, this is why. And like I said, I’ve helped people sell houses. I mean, this really transforms people’s lives. I know you have to trust in the unseen. I know that. But when you do, your whole life changes.

Katie: Yeah, that makes sense. It’s a whole different level of thinking about things. And similar to how we talked about in our first episode of like when the way you’re thinking changes and when you get into those deeper layers and you can tune in more, you see things in a different way.

Elaine: That’s right. Your whole life changes for the better.

Katie: Well, that’s such a fun exercise. And like I said, I know you also walk people through some of these steps for all areas of life in the book. So for those of you guys listening on the go, that will be linked in the show notes or you can buy it anywhere, Amazon or anywhere books are sold. And Elaine, any other key takeaways you want to leave people with when considering the energy of their space?

Elaine: Your space is where, your space is sacred. Your space is where life happens. Your one precious life happens. Where all your important moments are happening with your family. All the wonderful holidays you’re spending. All of the times where you’re snuggled up with your kids on the couch watching a movie. This is your space. This is your space to walk through the front door at the end of the day and have a soft, safe place to land. And so it’s so important for you and your family to feel a space that feels light and bright, infused with your love that only a mother can infuse her space with. And so really take this seriously and take control back of your environment.

Katie: I think that’s a beautiful place to wrap up this episode for today. And I know you mentioned in your first episode, you have many resources available. People can continue to learn from you both through the book and through the website, getquiet.com. And I’ll make sure those are both linked as well. But this has been a very fun conversation, Elaine, and I’m so grateful for your time today.

Elaine: Thanks, Katie. This has been so much fun with you. Thank you.

Katie: And thanks as always to you for sharing your most valuable resources, your time, your energy, and your attention with us today. We’re both so grateful that you did. And I hope that you will join me again on the next episode with The Wellness Mama Podcast.

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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