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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins natural living and other health advice to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s health.

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Methylation Problems & Gene Mutations

Methylation Problems & Gene Mutations with Ben Lynch

Dr. Ben Lynch is a naturopathic doctor and world expert on MTHFR genes and methylation problems. In this episode, we talk about the many ways that methylation problems  can affect health, especially … [Read more...]

Can Cavities Remineralize? – A Dentist’s Perspective

Can Teeth Remineralize - A Dentist Perspective

Years ago, I wrote about how I remineralized a small cavity in one of my teeth and I never expected the response it would get.Now, there are dozens of comments from readers who have remineralized … [Read more...]

Nano Nutrients, Phytoplankton & Healing Oils

Nano nutrients- phytoplankton and unusual healing tips from Ian Clark

Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products, was diagnosed with a series of life threatening health issues in 2004 and was not expected to live more than a few months. Realizing that conventional … [Read more...]

Fasting for Women & Music as Therapy – Podcast Episode 26

Fasting for Women and Music as Therapy

Abel James of The Wild Diet book joins me in this episode to talk about female specific fasting for weight loss and mental performance, how to lose weight while eating chocolate and using music for … [Read more...]

Autoimmunity, GMOs & Food as Medicine – Podcast Episode 25

Autoimmunity GMOs and Food as Medicine with Terry Wahls

This episode is with one of my favorite people and researchers... Dr. Terry Wahls of The Wahls Protocol is not only a brilliant doctor and researcher, but she reversed her progressive MS through food … [Read more...]

Great Real Food Resource – Podcast Episode 24

Thrive Market

The objection I hear most often to a real-food organic diet is that it is cost prohibitive. This is definitely the case at first glance sometimes, since cheaper processed foods are often subsidized … [Read more...]

The Importance of Bone Broth – Podcast Episode 23

Broth is a Superfood - Podcast with Chef Lance Roll

I guess you could call me a broth snob! Our family drinks bone broth often and I make it at home all the time.I've perfected my own broth recipe and absolutely love it, so it is a big deal when I … [Read more...]

What Is Really In Your Food? Podcast Episode 22

What is Really In Your Food with Vani Hari of Food Babe

In this episode of the Wellness Mama Podcast, Vani Hari, the Food Babe, and I talk about what is really in your food that you might have no idea you are consuming.Vani has become popular for her … [Read more...]

A Sitting Solution – Podcast Episode 21

Sitting can be worse than donuts and a sitting solution

Chad and Brenda Walding of SittingSolution.com join me on today's podcast to explain how sitting can be one of the most harmful things you do each day.You've probably seen the … [Read more...]

Exercise, Movement & Pelvic Floor Health – Podcast Episode 20

Exercise-Movement-Pelvic Floor Health with Brianne Grogan

Brianne Grogan of FemFusionFitness.com joins me for a great discussion about female health, pelvic floor health, and when Kegels aren't a good idea. Some resources we … [Read more...]