Natural Remedies Articles & Tutorials

These natural remedies are effective at speeding recovery from illness and injury. They are a combination of herbs, supplements and lifestyle adjustments to help your family bounce back from ill health.

DIY Herbal Face Steam for Congestion

How to do an herbal face steam for cough and congestion 365x274

Ever had a cold or congestion and instinctively inhaled the steam from a mug of warm tea or taken a steamy shower for the benefits? Depending on what you were drinking, this could have had benefits … [Read more...]

How to Make a Glycerite

How to make an alcohol free glycerin tincture 365x274

This is the time of year when I make a variety of different tinctures to preserve herbs for long-term use. I typically make traditional alcohol based tinctures, because they concentrate and preserve … [Read more...]

Lavender Honey Burn Salve Recipe

Lavender and honey burn salve recipe 365x274

Raw Manuka Honey is a mainstay in my herbal remedies cabinet to speed healing on all types of wounds, and I've used it with great results on several occasions. Why Raw Honey? Most recently, when the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Vinegar Baths

Benefits of Vinegar Baths 365x274

There are many types of baths that can be used for detoxification and relaxation, but none that benefit the skin with a single ingredient as much as vinegar baths. I'm not a fan of the smell of … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Hormone Balance

Essential Oils for Hormone Balance 365x274

I've shared my favorite remedies for PMS and cramps before, but I've gotten a lot of questions about essential oils for hormone balance lately and wanted to share some experience with this as … [Read more...]

How to Make an Herbal Liniment

How to make an herbal liniment for muscle pain and stiffness 365x274

If you were to visit my home and glance inside my pantry, you'd find the normal food stapes, but also several baskets and bins of assorted homemade herbal remedies in jars, tinctures in dropper … [Read more...]

Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy 365x274

Ear infections are rough, especially for kids who are suffering through one. Many conventional methods aren't effective for ear infections, and while natural remedies work, some can take a … [Read more...]